sometimes shelby writes

anonymous asked:

daaaaavekaaaaaat. davekat.

Daveeeekat it is thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 

“Fuck off Strider” he hisses as you drape your arms over him and rest your chin ontop of his head, inbetween his candy corn horns. 
“Nah” you muse as he growls up at you, trying to shake you off.
He ends up walking out from under your grip, and you stand straight, crossing your arms for a moment to think of ways to annoy him, and end up mumbling random things quite loudly to yourself.

After a few minutes, he randomly comes over to you, grabs your collar and yanks you down, pressing a light kiss to your lips and letting you go.
This stuns you, and your mouth is open slightly, eyebrows cocked in a questioning look. He huffs.

“Because you’re a dumbdumb, Strider, and you needed to shut up”

You just laugh. 

blueberrytier  asked:

DirkRoxy at like....a rave or someting XD


 You’ve watched her across the club for a while, as she sips her martini glass, pink eyes scanning everything. Finally, you’ve worked up the courage to ask her to dance, and before you know it both of you are dancing around this rave party like its nobodies business 

The two of you dance to each song accordingly, the songs about sex and money, is well, of course grinding. and damn isnt she attractive, by the end of the night you leave the rave with black lipstick on your cheek and a number on your arm.

It was a good night.