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Three bad recipes generated by neural network

I’m training a neural network to generate recipes based on a database of about 30,000 examples, and although the network has managed to produce identifiable recipes, and even sometimes sort sweet from savory, it hasn’t actually managed to produce any good ones. Only a very few of them are technically doable. Three typical examples:

Citran Barbecued Mube
game, ethnic      

1 pkg cornstarch
34 oz ginger
1  white sage
2 large red potatoes, peeled
1  magazine bread; chunks
1 cup shredded corn peas
4 cup liquid ice cream

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove the casserole from the refrigerator and heat soup for 20 min. Serve with nuts, chopped caczooled and serve with the rice and oatmeal.
From: Fial Hosselr                        Date: 24 Jul 96

Grilled Snailsed Butter
crockpot, vegetables, crockpot, rubbing holiday, meats

2 lb shrimp; cut in ½ cubes
6  cloves, minced
2 teaspoon apple juice
¼ cup mushrooms
1 lb tomatoes, nuts.  
1  Strawberries
2 each pinto beans; sliced
1  plum tomatoes, (no carri-fater)
1 pkg unknown yogurt fillets, thawed

Pour noodles and cauliflower through a wider measure just on high speed until stiff. Flavor radicchio mixture with the wine and continue simmering until mixture is desired doneness. Reserve side of bowl mixture. Chill until circle is reamy inricating. Serve on ranged removable pieces.

Smushed.I’s Bried, Heritame Sprigs
cakes, pies, pastries, extract

2  eggs
4 tablespoon water
1 cup dried butters and firmly beaten
20  eggs
4 oz fresh chopped nuts (approximately 10 minutes)
2 tablespoon grated zucchini
20 oz almonds, rough
1 cup seasoned baking powder

Sift milk in crockpot. Turn dough.

Add egg powdered sugar and whipped toppings. Serve immediately.

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I like to think Izuru and Chiaki experience a lot of indirect kisses with each other. Not on purpose, but they just enjoy sharing things with each other. I see Izuru as the type that doesn’t really care to eat or if he does eat, he’ll usually eat something small, so Chiaki always shares her food with him. He doesn’t really have a preference for anything (spicy, sweet, sour, savory). Chiaki sometimes forgets to eat (she mentioned that), so Izuru has to often step in and makes sure that she’s not skipping meals. It’s an exciting experience for Chiaki because she gets to try new things with Izuru and see if anything particularly interests him. 

Ouija Boards

I see many differing opinions and theories about these oracle boards, and figured I would add my own to this. Many see these as dangerous items that attract evil to a place or person, others acknowledge them as portals, and as such, unpredictable at best. Others see these as merely a game made to play and spook friends, and others use them as a staple of their Spirit world contacting. I personally don’t feel there is a right or wrong answer, as it is always a matter of perception, but my opinion is that it is no more dangerous than any other oracle used to contact the other side. Allow me to explain this:

People who use and view these as just a game are not entirely wrong. It is marketed as a game, and can be played as such. They are oracles, this is true, but most often people who play with a Ouija board for fun are not genuinely contacting anything. They are punking each other for laughs or to mess with someone that may believe in it. So many people play with these at parties with no ill repercussions. That is not to say as something cannot or does not happen sometimes, but I do feel that it is pointless to tel others not to do something. That doesn’t help anyone, and often only leads to frustration.

I think the only danger that comes from this is if you genuinely want to contact the spirit world, but don’t have a particular direction or knowledge of how to close the portal once it is open. Open portals are often a great unknown, and sometimes something less than savory may be what slips through, parading as a friendly. Really, all you have to do, sensitive or not, is know how to send a spirit back to the other side, and close the portal down again. The mistake people make is that they will get up and leave the board or destroy it, should something come through and spook them. 

What should be done if you are using a spirit board for spirit communication is to seal the room, and make it known that any spirits that come through are not to cause harm or bring ill intent to the session. Make sure the barriers you program will enforce your rules, and when the session gets too intense, command the spirit to leave back through the portal. Once this is done, focus your energy into the board, and close the door. Visualize a door closing and locking, or put your intention fully into making that happen. This is the same as if you were to travel or use oracle cards. If something meets you there and wants to chat, friendly or otherwise, make sure you maintain the controls over the session. Never let a spirit take your power or dictate how the sessions start and finish, and you should have no problems. You called or invited them, you have the power and right to dismiss them as well. 

Destroying the board while it is still open is always a bad idea, as that leaves the door open indefinitely, but even this mistake is not something that cannot be fixed. If this happens, then all that has to be done is to return to the area where the door was initially opened, and seal the open door the same way. Send the spirits back through, then close the door with your energy and intention.

After any session where spirits are contacted, especially any unsavory ones, it is always advised to clear the air. Burn some herbs or herbal oils, sprinkle some salt, salt water, or rose water, or any herbal water that you find potent as a cleanser and protective source, and you should be fine. Some even find no need to clear the air after a session, because they are content with simply sending the spirits back and closing the door. 

I suppose my point is that each person has their own methods or beliefs, and that is just fine. There is no need to police others for their thoughts/feelings/beliefs. If you believe that there is no safe way to operate a Ouija board, that’s fine, but there isn’t a need to shame those that don’t agree. Same goes for those that believe them to be perfectly safe, even without any real precautions. That’s fine, and likely works just fine for you, but for some they feel more secure or in control with certain etiquettes and procedures. It, as with any other practice, will vary from practitioner to practitioner. Some cleanse before and after always, some never do. Some use visualizations to close a door and send spirits packing, others don’t find this necessary. It always varies, and just because one method or belief works for one and not another, does not make any one more correct than the other. You never know what it is that an individual is capable of with belief alone, so why not leave it as to each their own? If you believe this is dangerous and can only lead to trouble, that’s okay, but you likely will not convince anyone who doesn’t share that belief. In that case, should you feel that way, just let the person in question find out on their own. After all, personal experience is often the best teacher.

This is in no way meant to start fights or pick on anybody. This is just my viewpoints, and I accept fully that some may agree or completely disagree. That is perfectly fine, but let’s just agree to disagree. I am willing to discuss this or any other questions as always, but please leave any hate or inflammatory comments at the door.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Imagine the RFA as a cooking competition

(aka I’ve watched too much Masterchef)

  • Rika’s Food Association
  • V, Rika and Jumin are the judges
  • V having the superior palette because of his lack of sight
  • Usually when they doubt, V gets the final decision
  • Jumin is extremely critical though actually a softie
  • Rika is kind but suddenly be harsh out of nowhere
  • V is well liked among everyone
  • Yoosung, Zen, 707, Jaehee, MC, Saeran, Echo Girl and Sarah Choi are among the contestants.
  • Yoosung as the young medical student who wants to become a chef
  • Constantly trying to impress Rika
  • Usually plays it safe but sometimes conjures amazing savory dishes
  • Doesn’t like V at all, thinks his friendly act is fake
  • 707, self-proclaimed memelord, wants to run a foodtruck
  • Constantly uses molecular cooking, combining odd foods
  • Makes dishes that look like they came from the future
  • Weird yet delicious, constantly confusing everyone
  • Always rushing for time at the end yet manages to make it
  • Zen, model who wants to own a restaurant
  • The cameras love him and he loves them back
  • Lots of classic dishes that are well-executed
  • Jumin criticizes him harder than the others
  • Zen argues back constantly
  • Their bickering gives the show high ratings
  • Jaehee, high earning assistant who wants to give it all up to run a bakery
  • Always clean and on time, never had to rush to make it
  • Follows the rules sometimes a bit too much, rarely goes outside the box
  • Invention tests are her weakness
  • Saeran, the grumpy twin of 707, wants to be a pastry chef
  • Absolute god at making anything sweet
  • His toffee and candy canes are to die for
  • When paired with Jaehee, everyone gives up
  • They don’t pair him up with Jaehee after that one episode
  • MC, the mysterious latecomer that everyone likes
  • Amazing in team challenges
  • Everyone wants to know her better
  • Echo Girl and Sarah Choi annoy the crap out of everybody
  • Their dishes suck but they stay in for a while because reality tv

Headcanon: Snacking

As far as everyone knows, Mina loves to eat any kind of snack there is known to man; whether it be sweet or savory. Sometimes her snacking escapades get a little bit out of hand. She tends to either raid the fridge and pantry over something her stomach most desires at midnight or three in the morning, sometimes she actually orders delivery or asks her parents to get her the food she craves if the place doesn’t  deliver. And while being dark out Mina is still too timid and scared to walk and wait at the front campus by herself–so she bugs one of her classmates to stay up with her to wait for the food to come by, and shares her food with her classmate as a thank you. Other students just question why empty pizza boxes and McDonald’s bags and cups in the trash cans–but no one knows except Mina!

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I see that you're looking for some Halloween Klaroline prompts, so here's one for your consideration! Caroline accidentally summons the devil, who is like a genie (who knew!?) and he grants her three wishes. Catch is, she doesn't get to choose the wishes, they are her dirtiest desires. Klaus reaps the benefits.

+  mine is a combo, if that’s ok. 24,25, & 19. (bondage/restraints, blindfolds/sensory deprivation, multiple orgasms/marathon sex for the kink list prompts)

In A Spin

Juggling an armful of candles, various bowls and a couple of bulky books through the woods proves to be too much for Caroline even with the enhanced strength and coordination she’d gained once she became a vampire. She pauses when one thing slips, trying to rearrange her grip to prevent an avalanche, and fails. Everything tumbles to the ground, her overstuffed tote slipping from her shoulder to join the heap on the ground and she stomps her foot in frustration. The area is deserted and no one’s around to observe her mini tantrum and she relishes the opportunity to vent a little. Nothing had gone her way lately.

“Just great,” Caroline mutters resentfully, crouching to begin picking things up. “A squishy cherry on top of the awful sundae that is my life.”

An attempt to follow the directions in one of the books Alaric had tracked down had been a bust. She was certain that the pages had said that one didn’t need a witch to make the summoning ritual work, only needed the correct ingredients and perfect timing, but maybe she’d translated wrong. The book had been in Turkish and while her translations had been painstaking maybe she’d missed something? She’d check again, and then maybe see if she could track down a native speaker. She’d give the ritual another go at the next new moon if none of her other research avenues turned anything up.

Slicing her finger open on the silver knife she’d brought with her (of course the book had said that blood was required) Caroline curses and brings the cut to her mouth. “Ugh,” she grumbles, “Could this night get any worse?”

As if in answer she hears the crunch of leaves and the unmistakable thudding of a set footsteps drawing closer. Caroline rises slowly, tense and wary. Sure, she hadn’t exactly been paying a whole lot of attention but there’s no way someone should have been able to sneak up on her. It wasn’t possible, not with the level of quiet the forest out near The Falls is at nearly 2 AM on a school night.

She hadn’t even told anyone where she was going. Bonnie’s gone, Elena’s wrapped up in Damon angst. Stefan’s MIA and both Matt and Tyler are currently breakable. Her mom would worry so Caroline has kept much of the details of her activities private, covering up the possibly dangerous bits with sunny smiles and smooth misdirection. Alaric could have been A+ backup but he had been annoyingly patronizing about her quest to break down the Traveller magic around Mystic Falls. And, if Caroline’s entirely honest, she’s just not that comfortable in his presence. She makes sure they meet in public places even if it would be easier to go to his office. It’s hard for her to forget that afternoon he’d spent torturing her, even if it hadn’t been entirely him.

The footsteps draw closer, no attempt at stealth, and Caroline’s kind of regretting not leaving some form of breadcrumb.

She squints, vision sharpening as her human features recede. She makes out the shape of a body first, lean hipped and slightly broader through the shoulders, unmistakably male. She prowls forward a step, rests her weight on the balls of her feet, fangs bared and the knife that had cut her clutched in one hand. The figure disappears behind a clump of trees and Caroline takes it as an opportunity, speeding in his direction.

She stays low, hitting him hard and pinning him to a tree, knife to his throat.

A familiar throat, leather cords and medallions wrapped around it, two moles that she remembers kissing visible on either side of her blade. She lets out a relieved breath but quickly shakes herself. That was not the appropriate reaction. She pushes away from him roughly, “Klaus?” she shrieks. “What are you doing here? You scared me to death!”

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I received this beautiful jubako box from my mother for Christmas! She found it at an antique show she went to this summer. Isn’t it gorgeous? Jubako are stacking bento boxes used for osechi.

Osechi is a traditional New Years dish (meal?) in Japan. It’s a collection of foods prepared before New Years to be eaten during the holiday. Originally, the boxes were put together so that the women of the house wouldn’t have to cook during the first three days of the New Year. In the Heian period, cooking was forbidden during the first three days of the New Year. The only exception to this rule was making ozoni, a New Year’s soup with mochi. That made osechi a necessity during the time. These days osechi is simply a good luck tradition. In December, a a large selection of osechi cookbooks begin to appear in stores for people planning to make their own. You can also buy pre-made osechi from restaurants and specialty shops or purchase pre-made osechi dishes to create a personalized flare without the cooking.

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I'm deciding to be Rex (Raptor) for Halloween. Does he have a special personality or character traits? So I can really get his character?

omg what that’s….. so cool…. if you still want to do it I totally want… pictures!!!!

Rex is an incredibly hard worker, which can be his demise, since he often doesn’t think twice about accepting odd jobs that give him a quick buck or two. His main center of employment is his uncle’s pawn shop, but he’s always checking the newspaper and sometimes less savory listings for employment….

Truthfully, he’s not very bright. He’s the type that doesn’t think about small details much less the consequences of his actions, often causing his friends to come save him; if they aren’t already there helping him with whatever he was doing. 

…AH, I’m not great with really in depth commentary about my OC’s, but that’s a real general of what he’s like! 

Thanks again!! If you do do the cosplay I’;d live to see !

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Being from the UK, American "pie" intrigues me. In Men in Black Will Smith is always, "You need pie." Not "some" pie or "a pie"? I eat Pukka Pies; they come in steak, chicken and mushroom and steak and kidney etc. But American pies seems to be a savoury tart as far as I can tell. With pumpkin, although I only see those around thanksgiving posts. And beans. And what in the heck is cream cheese FROSTING? Is it sweet? You have meat pies, yes? What do you eat with pie? Is pie eaten hot or cold? PIE.

LOL, Anon, I cannot present to you an entire survey of American pies, but I can take a swing at it I guess. 

We do have meat pies although they are far less common than sweet pies, and we do not really have the “pork pie” where it’s a solid chunk of meat in a pastry wrapper. Our meat pies are more of a stew in a crust, and by far the most common is chicken pot pie (chicken and vegetables in a gravy in a crust). Essentially we have:

  • Meal-type pies (meat pies and savory pies)
  • Dessert-type pies (fruit pies, custard pies) 

I suppose you could consider the mini pie (tart) as a distinct form of food but since mini pies are almost always sweet, they’re just smallish single-serve dessert pies. Also sometimes there are savory dessert pies, like apple-cheddar pie, but those are pretty rare. 

Dessert-type pies are far more common, and can be “some pie” or “pie” but “a” pie would, in the US, be considered an entire 9″-in-diameter pie, and you’d only need “a” pie for a meal you were sharing with friends. As an individual you’d get pie, some pie, or a slice of pie. :D In the same way you would have wine, some wine, or a glass of wine with dinner, they all refer to essentially the same thing. 

Most sweet pies can be eaten hot or cold, but pies that have a custard base or a “cream” layer, such as chocolate mousse, pumpkin, lemon meringue, or key lime pie, are usually eaten cold because heat would mess up the cream. Generally if you order a slice of pie in a restaurant, the default is cold but they’ll ask if you want it heated up. Meat pies are almost invariably eaten hot. 

You don’t generally eat a sweet pie with substantial other food; you might put whipped cream on it or get it “a la mode” which includes a scoop of ice cream. I suppose you might get a meat pie for a meal with a side of something, but usually they’re considered pretty self-contained – they already have meat, veg, and carb. 

Cream cheese frosting is sweet; it’s basically just regular frosting made with cream cheese as the dairy base instead of the more standard butter used in buttercream frosting. It has a stronger flavor and a hint of tang to it, and is generally used for more “savory” sweet desserts like carrot cake or pumpkin pie, desserts that use spices like nutmeg and clove which pair well with the tang of the cream cheese. (Actually it’s fairly rare to put frosting on a pie, usually you’d use a whipped and possibly flavored cream, but I quite like cream cheese frosting on pie.) 

I hope this has helped extend your understanding of pie, Anon! 


Connie’s Karaage (Fried Chicken) Lunch (⊙ε⊙ )

Watching Kyojin Chu made me hungry! In particular, for karaage (唐揚げ) after Connie mentioned his bento. Karaage is Japanese style fried chicken. A savory, sometimes spicy, deep fried deliciousness that is very common in bento.

They’re actually not that difficult to make and recipes across the internet really vary, but here’s what what I did. Please note that I improvised with what ingredients I had (⊙ε⊙ )

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Entenbrust (duck breast) mit Schupfnudeln. Schupfnudeln are rolled dumplings or thick noodles of South German tradition. They take various forms and have a variety of names in different regions. They are usually made from rye or wheat flour and egg. Since the introduction of the potato in the 17th century, they’ve also been made with potatoes. They’re hand-shaped and served with savory and sometimes sweet dishes. Schupfnudeln have been known as a trooper dish since the Thirty Years’ War: out of their daily flour ration and water, soldiers formed long noodles and cooked them. Schupfnudeln pan-fried with bacon bits and Sauerkraut are commonly served at wine festivals throughout Baden and Schwaben.