sometimes people are going to think differently from you...get used to it

Aries: While thinking about life you crack your skull open and all your anxieties come spooling out. Even flowers grow at a different paces, you’ll get there, I promise.

Taurus: Locking yourself away in the closest won’t keep the ghosts from knocking; they’re dead, not blind.

Gemini: Oxidized metal cuts far deeper than you think, and when something rusts it’s time to throw it away. What’s the use in re opening old wounds?

Cancer: Sometimes people will want the sun instead of the moon, but baby, it doesn’t mean you’re any less bright.

Leo: Gems like you shine bright and people naturally want to own you. When they overstep their boundaries, don’t be afraid to cut them with your edges.

Virgo: You’re like an antique chandelier; everyone keeps cooing about how magnificent you are. Don’t worry, no one can see your wires are crossed.

Libra: You’ve tried masking your cracks and closing the curtains, but we all can still see that your heart is aching.

Scorpio: Choking down your feelings is like dry swallowing a pill; all it does is leave a bitter taste in your mouth. It’s okay to let people know you’re hurting.

Sagittarius: Sometimes you can’t preserve everything in your life, every once in a while things just need to rot. It’s time to walk away.

Capricorn: Fireworks are only pretty from far away, and when you get too close all they do is burn. You know better than to be hung up on someone who will just fade away.

Aquarius: You’re always smiling when putting on a show with your bare feet and ball gowns. But tell me, do your eyes turn sad when the audience looks away?

Pisces: Something eerie has been lingering around you lately. Sometimes that feeling in your gut is spiders, instead of butterflies.

—  horoscope poetry

1. Don’t feel bad for getting rid of the things that make you sad. Surrounding yourself with toxicity prevents you from following the life you dream of living. You deserve to live that life. They’re the ones that lost you. They didn’t realize how lucky they were.

2. Bad things happen. You can’t prevent things from going wrong. You can’t control everything and keep it in place. Things follow their own path. You have to let them. They help your recognize your strength. You will get past it. It’ll be over soon, I promise.

3. Goodbyes are hard. They’re not good at first glance. I never really understood why they were called “good”-byes until now. Sometimes we can’t help that we drift away from people. Push them away or they just choose to follow a different journey that doesn’t include us. We have to let them go no matter how much it hurts. Goodbyes lead to hellos after all. Let new people in. They will share a whole new world that is right at your fingertips, if you let yourself move on.

4. Not everything is a competition. There will always be people who are better than you at something. But remember, you will be better than them at something too. We all poccess different talents and abilities. We shouldn’t put others down for being good at something. Spread love and appreciation. Encourage each other.

5. Forget the suppression. Rise above it. You are better than those people purely because you choose to radiate love instead of hate. Kindness instead of ignorance. They’re already below you.

—  5 thoughts on forgetting the bad things in life ~
i know you’re going through some shit and you’re lonely as hell but seriously don’t dwell on that. be strong. be happy. be free. don’t just sulk and think about how negative it is. think about how positive things can be. it’s all just a matter of perspective, a matter of planting in a different space of land. don’t be all freaking harsh on yourself. i know you get into that mood sometimes, but help yourself get up, help yourself and move on, help yourself to get a life that’s not this freaking dark because the world has so much colors you’re disregarding right now when it can be filled with so much colors your fingers won’t be able to make them out. so yes, use all the colors to explode with your smile! use all of them to spit out from your guts filled with butterfly wings! use those dreams to punch people’s faces that make you feel unworthy! make yourself happy because you deserve it! so please. don’t just stay sad sad there. this is for you, okay? you should be happy, okay?
—  s.c

     &&. for some of you who think albus can’t kill you, let me tell you he sometimes dances on the edge. he’s made it THICKER and given himself more room to move with patience, understanding, and love. his FEAR AND DISGUST FOR HURTING OR TAKING A LIFE is like a railing, but it doesn’t prevent him from climbing over. if he went with gellert, he still has CLEAR CUT morals on what he will and won’t do, but so help you, if you don’t think he won’t tear apart an entire city if it meant protecting someone he loves. i mean it’s different when he’s older and he’s gotta get his stuff together and deal with tom, but like - mmmmm, this boy is good, but that doesn’t make him INCAPABLE of destroying things.

apollonianism said: Yay! I just wanted to let you know that I like seeing these little updates, they make me smile . Even if you find it hard to read through your writing sometimes, I’ve read GG at least 4 times, and I always enjoy it. I can’t even fathom how much work went into your writing, but I think it’s good

eeeeeeeeeee thank you that means a lot! :D

slogging through old writing can be weird/hard because A) Depending on how long ago it’s from and how much your technique/style has improved/changed it’s like looking at your past self (and sometimes trying not to headdesk), and B) I get WAY too distracted by going “oh wait I could’ve used a different word there” “actually I think THIS preposition would’ve been better” “dangit maybe I shouldn’t’ve put a comma there. except it works. except it also would’ve worked without one. hm” and then I have to constantly remind myself that NO, it’s POSTED, THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO BE DONE WITH IT AND THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION ANYWAY, JUST CONSTANT FIDDLING WITH THINGS UNTIL THEY NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY A LA J.R.R. TOLKIEN. \o/

but I’m really glad to hear you like my story (4 times?? REALLY?? omg you’re the best! :D) and that it holds up from an outsider’s pov because that’s what really matters, no matter how much my fingers twitch when I need to go through it for references. XD

I can’t fathom how much work went into it, either. Most of it’s gone by in a seven-point-five-year blur of tea, daydreaming, convos with Stingrae, and a crapton of headdesking over the inability to get words on a page. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No one believes their life will turn out just kind of ok. We all think we’re going to be great and from the day we decide to be surgeons, we are filled with expectations. Expectations of the trails we will blaze, the people we will help, the difference we will make. Great expectations of who we will be, where we will go and then we get there.

We all think we are going to be great and we feel a little bit robbed when our expectations aren’t met but sometimes our expectations sell us short. Sometimes the expected simply pails to the unexpected. You gotta wonder why we cling to our expectations. Because the expected is just what keeps us steady, standing, still. The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives.
—  Meredith Grey (Season 3, Ep. 13- Great Expectations)
  • Mentally Ill Person: Guys, sometimes this disorder makes me feel isolated and different and sometimes I feel kind of dumb and stupid and people keep telling me it's going to get better, but I'm always going to be disabled so I don't think it's going to get better.
ATTN Hamilton fandom

(esp the teenagers):

I get it, you’re really invested in the show, and for some of you it’s probably the first big fandom you’ve been a part of. But for the love of God, please take a step back for a minute and simmer down.

Just because on Tumblr it’s cool to be rude and aggressive towards people whose views you see as “problematic”, this isn’t how the real world works. It isn’t even really acceptable on other social media platforms.

Your heroes are going to have different opinions from you on some things. Sometimes, they even do Bad Things. This doesn’t mean you have to pitch a fit and start yelling at them.

Learn to separate a person and their work. You can admire someone’s work and still think critically about what they do and say. You can even admire someone’s work and dislike them as a person. No-one is “unproblematic” (Lin used the n-word for goodness’ sake). This “OMG precious cinnamon roll so smol uwu” attitude you all have about the cast is a) cringe-inducing and b) just a greater height from which they fall in your eyes when they do or say something you don’t like.

At the end of the day, Hamilton’s just a show. The cast and crew are grown-ass men and women with their own lives, stories and families. They have other things to worry about and can’t be expected to provide 100% fanservice all the time. YES, hold them to account, but do it respectfully.

You all managed to chase Javier off Twitter. Don’t do the same to Chris, please.

TL;DR - Everyone is problematic, you included, so don’t be rude to your heroes.

It still hurts sometimes. In strange moments, in different ways.
Most of the hurt comes from the questions I have knowing they’ll all go unanswered. People tell me to not put you into consideration since that’s what you’re doing to me.
But I can’t help but wonder if you miss me sometimes, or at least think about me.
I know you’re happy, and I’m still conflicted on if I believe you deserve that or not. I wanted to give that to you. I wanted to give you happy.
I wonder if you threw away the dozens of love letters I wrote you, the pictures of me and us. I wonder if you felt anything when you did, if you let them go remembering the feeling of love we had and held on to so tightly. I wonder if you catch a smell of my perfume and remember how it felt to hold me, or if you found an old t-shirt of mine in your drawer and miss how you used to watch me get dressed. I wonder if you stare at books and notebooks in your room, missing me there with you with my arms wrapped around your shoulders kissing your neck. I wonder how you sleep at night. You have the bed to yourself now. I wonder if you miss my arms around you, calling you my safety, my home, dancing my fingertips on your skin until you fell asleep.
I know you aren’t right for me. And I’m not right for you, and that we are a dangerous combination that can never fall back together again.
I’m okay sometimes. But in strange moments and different ways, I still miss you, and it still really fucking hurts.
—  I hope you think of me

You know what I wonder?

With this day in age with 3D Printer technology and a whole network of amazing and talented artists, why do we even need to take artifacts away from ancient civilizations and put them in museums? I mean things like Native American ceremony masks and Mummies and treasure from Egypt and things like that.

I just wonder why they can’t just make replicas and give back the artifacts where they belong? It would be different I guess if they were on loan from the people they belong to (Like the dead sea scrolls went on ‘tour’ on the US but was then returned when it was finished) and then were returned. The point is to ask.

I want to go museum hopping this month sometime, and but it just really bothers me seeing artifacts that I have no idea where acquired properly or not. I know for sure that Egypt has been pushing to get their mummies and treasures back because they were all pretty much stolen away.

I’m sorry I just have STRONG OPINIONS and I think I would just feel more comfortable if I knew that the artifacts in these museums were either high quality replicas (and the originals are where they belong) or it was clearly marked that the artifacts were willingly donated by the people they belong to.