sometimes my imagination just runs wild

— egan & isaac ✧ 

Egan tapped his pen on the edge of his desk, creating miscellaneous beats that came to mind as he stared ahead. His thoughts had raging all over the board that morning, it was his first day of college—and coincidentally Isaac’s too. Logically, the blond knew he was just letting his imagination run wild, always finding an excuse to keep up the light chatter with the made up boy, this summer’s being; all my friends moved away for college, so did I, and now I’m alone and need a way to vent.

They had been discussing the topic of start time’s for classes, both having chosen a mix of morning and afternoon courses, when Isaac had to abruptly bid farewell. He’d said he needed to meet up with his friend, which again, was illogical. Sometimes, Egan told himself he could become a writer, and paste the thoughts and conversations from his mind on paper.

He was startled as a bell rang in his brain at the same time the signal went off in reality, chuckling to himself as he thought of Isaac attending his ‘classes’. Students trickled in left and right, some seating themselves in the front of the room, some in the back. Personally, the blond preferred the higher tops of the lecture hall, him having seated himself in the third to last row. The professor began introducing himself when he was drawn into a conversation taking place behind him. 

“Yeah, I can’t believe Waka Flocka is running for president! I’m totally voting for him.” A familiar voice whispered, enthusiastic tone dripping from his lips. Without thinking much of it, Egan angled his head over his shoulder, commenting on their apparent stupidity, “Waka Flocka isn’t old enough to run for president, dumbass.”

 He scoffed, turning around to get a better look at the owner of the voice. “He’s only twenty-nine and you hav-” For Egan, time slowed. His blood ran thick and cold thick in his veins as he came to the realization of why the voice was familiar. “It’s you.” He whispered breathlessly, eyes blown wide.