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I’m about to cry oh my god why am I so unlucky I mean what did I actually do to deserve this?

So, I had this whole thing written out. Entirely written out, all the terrible jokes, all the explanations no one wants to hear, all of it. It was long, and mostly interesting, and even had a gif at the end, like I never do that, that’s how into it I was. Then, I left it for three seconds to quickly check if I spelled ‘repression’ correctly, and I had, and then I went back and for some reason it was just gone! Gone! GONE! Why are even the simplest tasks so difficult for me to do?

Anyway, ehm, even though this story isn’t told through Rarity’s perspective, it’s narrative is still mostly driven by her scrapbook, which at first mostly contains almost stalkerish pictures of Applejack but eventually leads into the school year, which is the duration of time this story tells or whatever.

The basic storyline is this: Twilight Sparkle, a junior reporter attending Ponyville High begins her school year by delving into Ponyville’s unassuming history in order to figure out the cause of all the magical mishaps happening in Ponyville and how new girl Sunset Shimmer ties in with it all. Her photographer, Rarity Belle, struggles to cope when her mother’s old process camera begins to capture shadows, strange figures and feints of light that aren’t there, while also very awkwardly wooing her romantically oblivious crush, Applejack. Pinkie Pie, resident class clown and conspiracy theorist, attempts to get the attention of Twilight through numerous acts of love, but they ultimately end in misfortune and mess up her investigation. Fluttershy Breeze, an amateur voodoo practicer, keeps getting prophetic nightmares about her classmates, and, more specifically, her best friend Rainbow Dash, whom she had begun developing feelings for. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash really begins to feel the burn of popularity when her boyfriend, Soarin, and the football team start getting in the way of her friendship with Fluttershy, and with her younger adoptive sister Scootaloo suddenly hospitalised and her parents divorcing, begins to emotionally distance herself from her friends and family. Applejack Smith begins suffering with paranoia and anxiety when touching people leads to them acting on their more sadistic and honest desires, which only gets worse when she begins to do the same with the people she cares about. Eventually it all leads them to the same place; the Everfree forest, where they discover they are connected to both each other and the forest in more ways than one…

Real quick apology to @feellikeaplat because I accidentally gave my Twilight your Twilight’s hair. I swear it was an accident I didn’t even notice until the drawing was finished and I was casually stalking your page and it was too late to change it.

And now also a huge shoutout to my boy @slendyanswers who has been endlessly patient with me and has helped me with many parts of this storyline, which he will be credited for more specifically when they show up! Also, public apology to him too, I know I suck at keeping up conversations and I know I can get weirdly distant and stuff but it’s just I get really nervous when I text people sometimes and I’ve been really busy lately. When I get the time I will absolutely send you a hello or whatever, thanks for being so cool about my terrible social skills.

In other news, I went to see Wonder Woman today and it was AMAZING and everyone should watch it. At the end she does this like care bear stare thing and it’s really cool. Yup yup yup.

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It’s that time of year again guys! (The one where I make shitty christmas manips. Look at those antlers.) And well, I told myself I wasn’t going to make one of these - mostly because, where the hell do you find the time during such a frantic holiday? But dammit – I couldn’t resist.



Let me just start out by saying this: I wouldn’t have gotten through a lot of things without Dylan. He’s honestly my greatest guy friend - I don’t care that we’ve never met in person. He makes me laugh so fucking hard all the time, and on the slight chance we disagree on something, we’re able to respect each other’s opinions. We can talk for hours and hours and never run out of things to say, and sometimes just chill on skype while doing our own things. (Also I kick his ass as cah nbd nbd) He’s so fucking talented, not only at video editing but writing and also photoshop?? *shakes fist* damn you. But really - I love this dude, to the moon and back and all that sappy stuff. *kisses you* follow him now


What do I say about Claire other than the fact that I love her to /pieces/. She’s always so so so levelheaded and kind and considerate of other people’s feelings, and even when she disagrees she’ll respect your opinions and probably make you some fudge as a bonus because she’s just that sweet. She’s my person, my sterek buddy, and one of the best friends I’ve made on tumblr. She’s an amazing writer, photoshop user (does this have a name??? like – official gay werewolf image editor?? you know what, who cares, she’s grand and that’s all there is to it.) You’re probably already following her if you have any sense at all (is that mean??) but if you aren’t - go do it now! You won’t regret it :)


*sighs happily over this girl* Oh Sarah, you’re such a science and math nerd, AND I WOULDN’T HAVE YOU ANY OTHER WAY. Sarah is, if I may, the greatest fucking person on this planet. Guaranteed. I just love her a lot??? We don’t talk nearly as much as we should, and hardly at all compared to the beginning of this year, but I still adore you so much. You’re so so so selfless (the fact that she single-handedly tutored me in science and math and helped me pass those classes I still can’t thank you enough is proof of that!) She’s hilarious and wonderful and an all around great person. It’s horrible when we skype call though, (in the way that it’s not horrible at all) because neither of us have attention spans longer than about 5 seconds. You can imagine how excited and hyper we get. BUT YEAH?? She’s so so talented at drawing and being beautiful inside at out and making me smile. You should probably follow her as soon as you can.


Oh Juily, can I just start this out by saying that any time I see something even remotely ridiculous and or partially inappropriate I think of you? (and I mean this with all the respect and love and fondness I can muster. no, seriously) You are so fucking hilarious and blunt but you’re also passionate and /com/passionate about the people and things that you love. She’s SUCH a good writer, and reblogs the greatest porn tmi madi And have I mentioned that she also beta’s for me? I swear she is so patient sometimes I’m like ‘here have this 10k story finish it by tomorrow’ AND SHE DOES BECAUSE SHE’S A GODDESS. So, follow her, and all that good stuff~


And now a list of people that I either adore, admire from afar, and who generally make my dash a wonderful, beautiful place.

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