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reasons why you should read “of fire and stars”
  • gay princesses!!!! that should say it all tbh this list doesn’t even need to continue but i will anyways because of how much i love this book
  • one of the princesses (Denna) is conventional, proper, has been betrothed to a prince since she was a child
  • the other princess (Mare) is unconventional- loves horses and spends her days in the stables instead of attending to royal duties. super sarcastic and always mouths off, especially to her brother (who is marrying Denna). i love her tbh 
  • denna falls in love with mare instead of the prince, who she is engaged to!! honestly it’s. classic
  • slow burn wlw romance that we Deserve
  • hate to love relationship (or more accurately, hate to friendship to love)
  • it’s actually written by a woman who is married to another woman!!! (not sure what her sexual orientation is but!)
  • there’s a scene where denna sees mare in a gown for the first time and it was the cutest shit ever
  • just a lot of cute fluffy stuff in general scattered through the whole thing
  • denna’s fire affinity and using fire as a metaphor for how denna feels for mare !!!
  • the whole “my dress is stuck can you help me unlace it” trope
  • the scenes where the finally kiss/sleep together are so pure and well written and i felt some type of way, bye
  • the whole forbidden romance aspect….. having said romance discovered and them being kept away from each other…… meeting in secret……. how could u not want that angsty shit
  • princesses saving each other!!!
  • they don’t die at the end
  • happily ever after. gay princesses together forever

I’m becoming more and more petty every day so I’ll just stop posting any work that took me more than 2 hours to draw and/or paint because there is literally No Point


“Let’s go on a date”

People really need to be more fucking careful of what they say. Especially online. The internet is not the place to express your “opinions”, there are so many impressionable kids out there. Your Snapchat story is not the place to share your thoughts on bi people, your instagram is not the place to comment about how there’s “only two genders!!1!” And don’t even get me started on fucking tumblr. It can be a great place to meet people who share your experiences, but no newly questioning 13 year old should have to come across “aces aren’t valid” when all they want is a label to hold onto.


important background action there

Me trying to keep myself from commenting on the fuck shit i see on this website sometimes, telling myself its not worth it and theres always gonna be a small pool of incredibly and confidently wrong people 

Sometimes I lose my appetite for days or weeks - even the foods I normally crave become as appealing as eating paper towels. It normally goes hand in hand with sensory issues with the food. These are some of the tricks I’ve learned to make sure I get enough nutrition anyway

  • The first and most important thing is you need to remember that eating anything is better than eating nothing. You may need to suspend your normal standards or rules - eating foods that are less “healthy" than normal, eating the same thing over and over gain, or just not enjoying your food as much.
  • Energy (calorie) dense foods like nuts or energy bars are really helpful, especially if the actual process of eating is unpleasant. Sometimes its really nice to be able to eat a meals worth of energy in under a minute
  • Chewing gum helps me get my appetite going - If I am trying to get myself hungry for a meal I will often start with gum 30-40 minutes before.
  • I rely a lot on eating a little of something I’m comfortable with to pique my appetite and moving to a different food group afterwards. Eating the first thing is always the hardest - I find after I start my brain realizes that food is ok and I can move onto larger portions or a different food.
  • When I eat something sweet I tend to crave more sugar later. So I use this to my advantage and have a small portion of something with some sugar in it and then wait to be hungry for more. Sometimes I will try to eat something a little more nutritious the second time, others I just have more of whatever was finally able to pique my interest
  • For the same reason consider other foods you find hard to put down. I’ve heard that things with both carbs and fat in them are the most “addictive” and I use that when I’m struggling to get enough to eat. It’s ok if this is a “junk” food - remember eating anything is better than eating nothing
  • Ginger tea or ginger chews make my stomach feel better
  • Keep track of your food. It can be really informal, like making sure you don’t skip meals, or it can be some other strategy of keeping a food journal or counting calories. You don’t need to be super precise, it just helps remind you to eat when your body isn’t sending the right signals
  • Look at “food porn.” Scrolling through a food blog you love on tumblr or watching a cooking show can be a good way to get your appetite going
  • Have a nutritional drink like an ensure can help you make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need without much thought. I find ensure is best very cold or on ice.
  • Look for foods or categories of foods that seem easier to tolerate than the others. This might be something you know is easy on your stomach, something of a certain texture, something hot/cold, or just a favorite food. 
  • If there is a food that you find less unappealing than the others, or feels “safe” to you go for it, even if you’ve eaten it many times in the last few days. I even find having eaten a food or meal in recent memory helps convince my body its not gonna be harmful
  • Steve as Cap in the last end credit scene for Spider-Man: Patience is a funny thing, sometimes it can feel like it's not worth it, and you find yourself wondering why you waited so long for something so disappointing
  • Me: Funny you should say that, I'd like to talk to you about something called Civil War
Dealing With Your Inevitable Crush On Poe Dameron

As with any organization, the Resistance found it necessary to produce training holovids on a variety of topics, from basic demonstrations of the use of important equipment to more nuanced vids on cultural or personnel issues. They were a small force, but tended to be somewhat geographically scattered by necessity, and it saved a lot of time to have a small collection of introductory holovids to show new recruits to get them quickly up to speed.

The most entertaining holovid, however, was widely held to be this one. 


The title music swells, epic and orchestral, over a black screen. Fade in: a photo, taken outdoors, head and shoulders, of Poe Dameron, squinting slightly into the sun, jaw set in determination. His hair is tousled and he is in a flight suit and leather jacket, ruggedly attractive.

Another flourish of music, and the title pops bright white text over a black screen:


Fade to footage of Poe Dameron, in a sleeveless tight undershirt smudged with grease and worn-thin trousers that fit very flatteringly behind, bending over to demonstrate how to use a new system of tie-downs to secure equipment such as small spacecraft in inclement weather. His hair is a little too long and falls across his forehead; he habitually shakes his head a little to keep it away from his eyes, in a charming gesture, and he frequently looks to the camera for guidance, which gives him an appealing, almost supplicant aspect, especially since he frequently smiles at the cameraman.

Voiceover (male, smooth, cultured, the same one who narrates most of the rest of the instructional holovids the Resistance produces): “It’s not a question of if, but when. It’s a natural part of joining the Resistance. Everyone says, oh, it won’t happen to me, I’m immune to that sort of thing. But everyone in the Resistance eventually ends up with a crush on Poe Dameron.”

Cut to head-and-shoulders shot of a middle-aged mechanic, female, in work attire, clearly in a spacecraft hangar, holding a wrench in one hand. There’s a label at the bottom of the screen: Yana, Mechanic. Below that it says, He Remembers Her Name. “You may think you’re immune to his looks,” she says, “but then he remembers your name after only having met you once, and claps you on the shoulder, and calls you ‘buddy’ and smiles at you.” She sighed. “And it only gets worse from there.”

Quick cut to a shot, zoomed in from a distance, of Poe Dameron standing on the ladder to the cockpit of his X-Wing. It is a video; he is watching someone offscreen do something, the wind gently ruffling his tousled hair and his helmet under one arm. His mouth is slightly open; after a moment he licks his lower lip, then grins, like he’s about to speak.

Meanwhile, voiceover:

“Don’t be alarmed. These are natural feelings. Take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone. And you can console yourself in the knowledge that he has this effect on everyone.”

Cut to head and shoulders shot of a young pilot, female, dark-haired; she is attractively dressed and made-up, but wearing her flight suit. The label at the bottom of the screen says Jessika Pava, Pilot, and is subtitled, He Has Saved Her Life About 100 Times. “It’s not his fault,” she says. “That’s the thing you have to keep in mind. He’s really like that. He’s really actually nice to people. He’s completely sincere.”

A still shot fills the screen: Poe Dameron, very young, aged perhaps sixteen or seventeen. He is standing on a table, possibly dancing, shirtless, wearing New Republic Academy uniform trousers and suspenders. The suspenders are slipping down his shoulders, and he has his head tipped back and is provocatively mock-fellating a bottle clearly labeled “Corellian Death Rum” while staring seductively into the camera. He is clearly intoxicated.

Meanwhile, voiceover:

“Methods of coping with this affliction vary by individual. Some people pretend they don’t feel it. Others give themselves over to it. A few daring individuals have tried to actually go for it. But it seems that despite a wild youth, Poe has settled into a reasonably responsible adulthood. It is not recommended that you pursue him aggressively.”

Cut, footage of a very attractive blonde woman in her early thirties, in a New Republican Starfleet uniform. She is labeled Garella Unaeron, and subtitled Shared Single, Memorable Wild Night Of Passion. “I just broke into his quarters and got naked and lay in his bed until he showed up,” she says, looking smug. “It went well for me, but I mean, we were also like eighteen. So. I don’t imagine that’d go as well now he’s defected to the Resistance.” She tosses her hair, clearly taking a moment to remember. “But I mean, if you go for it,” she went on, “much as I loathe his politics, I gotta say, he’s really great in the sack. I don’t imagine he’s lost the knack, it’s not the kind of thing you get worse at with practice.” Suddenly her expression changes, twisting into suspicion. “Wait, who did you say you were again?” The camera jerks and the footage ends abruptly.

The next shot is a craggily-handsome man in his late thirties, with a scar down one cheekbone that speaks of a life of action. He is labeled Naeher Adamant, and subtitled Had Actual Grown-Up Sexual Relationship. “A gentleman never kisses and tells,” he says, unsmiling, but he looks pleased nonetheless, or perhaps fond. “I can tell you, though, that Dameron is never other than entirely genuine. There’s no need to play games.”

Another cut, another interview subject, head and shoulders of a shiny-polished droid. Titled CR-31T, Mechanic, and subtitled He Is Really That Nice All The Time. “I’ve never worked with any other human who went so out of his way to make sure I understood that he considered me a person, on par with a biological organism,” the droid said, a little shyly. “It’s not— I don’t mind, you know, I know what I am, but he’s just— he’s so nice.”

Cut to footage of Poe Dameron, dressed in his flight suit, clearly training footage of some kind as he is watching someone offscreen and gesturing a little hesitantly to parts of his gear, as if in demonstration. He is apparently a little bored with making training videos, however, and is making amusing faces at the offscreen person, exaggerated expressions of wide-eyed wonder and grimacing trepidation.

Meanwhile, voiceover:

“So when you find yourself suffused with inappropriate feelings for this particular individual, just remember, you’re not alone. Speak to your counselor about what coping method is best for you. And above all, don’t make it weird: we’re relying on him, and his possibly-unholy combination of dashing charm and uncanny good luck. Try to use your misplaced erotic energy wisely.”

The music swells again, and the scene cuts to another video of Poe, zoomed in on him from quite a distance; he is outdoors, watching something at a distance with a vacant half-smile. The wind, again, ruffles his hair slightly, attractively, and he laughs silently, eyes crinkling up fetchingly. The title rolls up the screen again:


As the scene fades to black, the title is the last thing visible, then winks out as well.


This is part of a longer thing that’s not really coming together yet but I promise it will. @artgroves and I are working together on it and I am more excited than I can even express. 



Request: Hi! I love your writing so much. Can you please write a Shawn x reader where he’s tired of interviewers putting down his wife (reader) because she’s not a celebrity and he just protects her? Like he pretends to agree with the interviewer before totally destroying them.

Your name: submit What is this?


“It must be difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who isn’t in the industry.” The interviewer comments to Shawn instead of asking him a real question. You’re watching the interview streaming live from your laptop at home, and you’re breath catches in your throat when you hear the interviewer bring you up into the conversation. 

“Yeah,” Shawn immediately replies, “I mean, marriage is difficult, regardless of careers, but I think it is important to be willing to put in the effort into a relationship, and we do, even though it can be hard sometimes, its all worth it in the end because I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.”

She nods, agreeing, “A lot of celebrities tend to date and marry other people in the industry, What made you not want to do that?” She continues pushing the subject, and you have no idea why she seems so interested in you, but you wish that she wasn’t. 

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listen,, you can be a badass cool kid without being rude. wow, right?? you know what is cool? when you cheer people up. you know what is badass?? standing up for someone who is too anxious to do so. you know what will make people go ‘damn thats a cool person you cant fuck with them!!’?? not letting others bring someone down. but wont that make me soft like a lamb you may ask?? no, you dumbass, being nice and kind is punk rock these days. you can be an asshole and be the kindest person on this cursed planet. don’t be mean when you can be nice. but what if,, someone is rude to me even tho i am nice and kind to them?? what if someone laughs at my kindness?? you may ask again. then, child… then you shall demolish them.

anonymous asked:

What if Fushimi gets a polaroid photographer from scepter4 and he is not sure if he wants to take pictures w it, but when he gets home he finds yata sleeping on the couch and he cuddles w him and decides he is gonna take a photo of them cuddling, and as he juggles w how to take it yata wakes up and first thing he looks is saru who just at that moment takes the photo. Saru keeps the photo in his pocket and treasures it

Aw, Fushimi being romantic for once. Maybe Munakata’s put everyone on spring cleaning detail and even Fushimi can’t get out of it, he gets stuck cleaning out some of the old closets that haven’t been sorted through since Habari’s days. While he’s digging around and complaining about the dust and how pointless all of this is he ends up finding this old polaroid camera that got tossed in there some time ages ago. There’s still some film left in it too, just enough for a handful of pictures, but even so Fushimi initially plans on just tossing it because what do they even need a camera for. Munakata stops him though, noting that sometimes even old finds like this can have a hidden treasure inside and he suggests that Fushimi keep the camera and try to use up the rest of the film.

So Fushimi takes the camera home with him, muttering to himself because what does he need a stupid old camera like this for anyway, he barely ever even takes pictures with his phone as it is. He steps inside the apartment that he and Yata share and immediately he can smell the dinner that Yata left out for him. He mutters an ‘I’m home’ and starts looking around for Yata, he finds Yata asleep on the couch. Fushimi almost wakes him but then changes his mind, Yata looks all peaceful and maybe a bit tired out and Fushimi figures he may as well at least eat before he bugs Yata. Plus maybe Yata’s been working extra long hours at all his part time jobs lately and even though he won’t admit it Fushimi wants to make sure Yata gets some proper rest. He looks down at the food Yata left for him on the table and just on a whim Fushimi takes a picture. The camera is one of those old ones that spat out a picture right away so within a couple minutes Fushimi’s got this little photo of the dinner Yata made.

He kinda smiles a bit and then just idly takes another picture, like imagine him wandering around the apartment taking random pictures of things that remind him of Yata – food Yata cooked, Yata’s skateboard by the door, Yata’s towel thrown on the floor, Yata’s hat hanging from one of the bed posts. Finally he ends up back at the couch where Yata’s still asleep and Fushimi gives an almost gentle smile as he carefully takes a picture. He sits there for a while just staring at the picture of Yata’s sleeping face, smiling a bit to himself and feeling calmer without knowing why, sliding the picture into his pocket without even realizing it (later he puts that by his desk at work, in a spot where only he can see it). Fushimi has one more picture left on the camera and he’s looking at Yata wondering what to do with it when he finds himself lying down on the couch next to Yata, feeling Yata’s breath warm on his cheeks, and he starts juggling with the camera as he tries to get a good picture of the two of them together. Yata suddenly stirs next to him and the movement makes Fushimi accidentally take the picture. Yata’s all groggy like hey what’s going on, Fushimi quickly stuffs the photo in his pocket and claims that it was nothing, the captain gave him this stupid camera but it doesn’t have any film in it. Yata just accepts that like huh, bummer it would be cool to take pictures the old fashioned way. Later Fushimi’s sitting in bed staring at the photo with a small smile on his face – a picture of him and Yata, Yata’s eyes just opening with this little sleepy smile on his face like he’s just realized Fushimi’s there and for that moment Fushimi is the only thing in the world, and Fushimi staring back at him completely transfixed by Yata’s expression. They both look almost content too, so happy to be with each other, and Fushimi finds himself putting the picture back into his pocket, making a note to get a frame for it later.