sometimes it's hard to look at him

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

I don’t miss you as much anymore. Sometimes you cross my mind but not like you use to. I remember when I thought that I couldn’t live without you and looking back on it, you were the best and worst thing that happened to me. Its been hard, its been so hard to get over you but looking back on it time passes, and the more you live your life and create new habits, you get used to not having a text message every morning saying, ‘Hello, beautiful. Good morning.’ You get used to not calling someone at night to tell him how your day was. You replace these old habits with new habits. As time goes on, you get better, but only with time. You still see them and a spark is there, your mind still races when you see them, its going to, you use to love that person with every inch of your soul, with every emotion you could possibly have. Its just not the same anymore.


Kaitlyne Smith

My Baby, My Pet

Prompt: Could you please do a hc where Neko!Dan has a heat and Phil helps him?

Author’s Note: DUH DUH DUH DUHHH Delivery from the Phan Smut Queen!!! (why am I like this sometimes) Ask for a hc, get a fic, apparently. (1.7k words)

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Recently had a patient come in to the ER for chest pain. 

Walked him back and got him onto the stretcher and started my assessment. 

He said “Hospitals always make me nervous”

I laughed and said “me too” but I noticed a bit of sadness in his voice.

I continued my assessment

How long has this pain occurred?

Pt: Awhile but worse today.

Any other symptoms?

Pt: Worsening weakness, occasionally I get spots in my vision, some dizziness, and its hard to breath. 

Him and his wife look at each other like something ominous had just been said. I continue my standing orders for chest pain but let the provider know. 

A full workup later and the patient is diagnosed with lung cancer and a new 4cm metastatic lesion to the brain. 

I always find it chilling and somber when a patient comes in already knowing.

The ER isn’t always exciting. Sometimes its an awakening. 

Why am I reading this

Household affairs updated today and I sometimes don’t know why I’m reading cause none of the characters are that likeable. The husband while handsome (who it seems the series it making out to be the ‘good’ guy) is still a contract killer who’s also abusive to and depending on how you look at it rapes his wife, so its hard for me to feel bad for him getting cheated on. I mean dude you only married her as a cover and are prepared to kill her at any moment if she finds out who you really are and the idea of her cheatings bothers you? While the wife has no idea about the contract killer part and is the regular neglected housewife role who’s getting banged by a chicken delivery boy loser who is a total douche bag I guess she’s just such a clueless person it bothers me. I mean I think she was drunk which is why she randomly screws the delivery and this whole pathetic relationship ensues which she is emotionally miserable in and only sexually satisfied, i do however give her credit for trying to tell her husband she cheated on him to which he basically lifts her up by the neck then doesn’t believe. The pink haired assistant for the husband is a straight up murderous nut case with an unhealthy obession with the husband that leads her to almost rape him while hes unconscious in a hospital bed. Lastly the fried chicken delivery guy is just this horny loser who you hope the husband might end up killing and I have nothing else to say about him. Maybe I just wanna see if this is all gonna come crashing down on all of them and I’m wondering will anyone come out of this okay? Not to mention see I want the red head chick and the delivery guy to axed already which it seems like these two will be the losers in this and the husband and wife will probably reconcilea or the husband dies.

Things I look for in a man: 

  • Short, messy brown hair 
  • no facial hair 
  • tan skin
  • charming 
  • works hard 
  • good cook 
  • is very kind hearted 
  • is almost always happy
  • can be serious when necessary and sometimes at the most unexpected times
  • likes tomatoes
  • gives cheer up charms
  • is friends with a Frenchman and a Prussian (and an Italian) 
  • It’s Aph Spain
  • I’m looking for Aph Spain 

  James shrugged as if to say ‘so, what?’ and said “Yeah, okay I did.”

 You sighed, being with a consulting criminal can be hard sometimes, okay, maybe all the time.

“Jim, you can’t just go kill people.”

 You looked at him with a glare, but you couldn’t help but to have a small smile tinted on your lips.

 He pouted in a playful way, and showed his puppy eyes, which shone with dark insanity, but somehow, laced with love reserved just for you. 

 “He was impolite and an arse. Besides, he also did hurt you, so, I thought you wouldn’t mind.” His beautiful accent flowed gracefully through your ears, but showed no sign of sympathy for his victim.

 “God dammit, Jim, you know I wouldn’t mind, but, please, next time, tell me if you’re going to kill anyone I know, okay, Love?”

 “Of course, darling” His pouted lips turned up to the grin that you adored. He suddenly attacked you with a passionate kiss, making you gasp in surprise, but you, of course, kissed right back


Some other shirts that Austin would wear!  I never want to draw the Aloha Shirt ever again… but I know I probably will. Sorry for the lazy backgrounds; I wasn’t planning on having any, but then I realized that the poses depended on them.

As shown here, Austin spends time strategizing for different maps, and is always looking for ways his team can improve. His squad started off with mostly novices, so he tended to push them and himself a lot in the beginning. Even though he’s technically the best and most experienced player among them, he still finds things he needs to change. Being a leader is hard work!

Also, Austin is a bit farsighted, so he needs glasses when reading and writing sometimes. However, he doesn’t like to wear them around others, because he thinks that they make him look like a dork. (…he kind of is though. After all, his is the leader of a team named after its love for video games! He’s just in denial.)


But she was just fabulous in all of those. Again, she just brings this great emotional truth to what is actually a fantasy. And that’s sometimes, I think, a little harder than it is to bring- you know, if you’re doing a show that’s a cop show or you find that a relative of yours that’s OD or something like that and it’s a drama and you’re very upset, I’m not saying it’s easier but the elements are more believable. So there are sometimes more solid steps to help you get to an emotional place. But with Doctor Who you’re in a fantasy world where anything can happen. And so for Jenna to be able to inhabit that fantasy world and to give it such emotional truth I think is a great measure of her as an actress. (x)

Man you know what? The hard part about being Batman isn’t getting punched or having your bones broken. You can learn to take that. The hard part about being Batman is having to look a scared kid in the eye with a gun in his hand knowing he could be so much more than what the city has made of him, and that he might never see that about himself. Its seeing a a young woman thrown out windows, left behind and beaten black and blue for love. For Love, her man loves her so. Its standing in the wreckage of bullets and glass letting someone cry because sometimes the most dangerous people are just scared and broken. Its the ghastly smile of a man who’s sick and is never going to be well.

Because that’s the hardest part about being Batman. The ropes you can’t stop from breaking, the bullets you can’t stop from firing, the bomb that goes off a second before you reach it. 

thatsuitsmejustfine  asked:

Eyyy kicking in ur door to say what's up and good job???? Honestly, though I gotta say I love your Atem! Watching him react to new situations and personalities he's never dealt with before is really fun to watch! You write him fantastically and realistically! So much so that I look forward to 99% of your threads, no matter who it's with! So just wanted to say great job, you're great, and thanks for doing this nerd justice!


Hey there! This was a nice surprise! Thank you so much xD Atem’s such a royal dork. And a dick when he wants to be. Sometimes its so hard with him but I think by now, he’s getting use to the strange shenanigans that occur with him. rofl But gosh thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoy him! I do try! It’s always so nice to know people still love the anime/its characters despite the show being so old <3 <3

1. you start to ache for the feel of their hands in yours. 

2. their smile has begun to outshine the sun. apollo is sour, but when is he not? not everything revolves around him, anyway. 

  3. sometimes, you forget to listen. you don’t mean to do it, but it does happen, and suddenly you’re watching the curve of their mouth as it moves, or the way their fingers tap a rhythm into the glass and it’s hard to keep up.

4. you start clearing space for two, unintentionally. your toothbrush looks happier with its new partner.

5. their things have become yours now, too.

6. it doesn’t matter where you go, only that they’re by your side with you.

7. joy is no longer a foreign feeling in your chest. you have begun to expect it, now. it’s a nice thing to have, you think, and you don’t ever plan on losing it anytime soon.

8. absent-minded touching. not because you want them, in the carnal way, but because you want a reminder that they’re still there. 

9. fingers knotted, hands over full hearts, warmth in your belly.

10. you are content, you are whole.
—  AND IN THIS MOMENT, YOU ARE IN LOVE, k.t. [ for @mohawk-yeshua ] // want a poem?
iKON x andGirl

When do you think noonas are cute?

BOBBY: I think it’s cute when they look perfect but they still make mistakes sometimes. For example, when their left & right socks are different.
B.I: When showing that they are shy. That is cute.

If you are a girl, which member do you want to date?

BOBBY: Oh! Hmm… who should I pick? It’s hard to pick… but Chanwoo! Because he’s the youngest and his personality and face are cute. In a sisterly kind of way, I want to baby him.
B.I: Bobby. There isn’t any reason why.

What type of fashion do you like on a girl?

BOBBY: Of course, sneakers with blue skinny jeans & a big cardigan is “My Type.”
B.I: Girls who wear knitted top & tight jeans.

What is your ideal type?

BOBBY: Someone who knows what they like and knows what suits them. Also, I like girls who have a strong personality, for example, someone who also suits a two block cut.  YES. It’s a man’s hairstyle. YES, it looks like Hanbin’s *cough*

B.I: I prefer girls who are cute than pretty, look like someone who is mixed with features that are sharp. Even though we are lovers we can be like friends playing together. That is my ideal type.

Words to describe your personality?

BOBBY: I’m a free spirit.
B.I: No matter where I am, I can be crazy

What is your weakness?

BOBBY: I’m too free that I can’t keep up sometimes.
B.I: When facing girls, whatever they say, I will do it.

What is your favorite sentence?

BOBBY: I like to be told to “do what I like.” Yeah, Being free is what makes me the happiest.
B.I: If I can do it, I will do it.

Trans by @kya_mii (Bobby), @ikon_21 (B.I)

Don’t Ever Deny (Pt.1)

Wow so um, a lot of you liked the idea of this…. So I’m gonna take it as a good sign and upload hehe….

I’m doing this in parts, so this is part 1. If people like it I’ll upload more tomorrow hopefully :)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

(Part 4)

Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Genre: Angst, Romance

Word Count: 1309

Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun was exhausted. Training for their upcoming show was taking its toll on him; he was usually up at 6 to workout for an hour, then showering and heading out for rehearsal at 7:30 sharp. Their newest choreography was hard and took up most of his time, not to mention the choreographers kept changing the steps. What little time he had left went into practicing his rapping or learning Chinese. At that rate, he usually wasn’t home before 10, sometimes even 11.

You sighed heavily as you slumped on to the couch. He was going to be home later than usual today, he had told you last night. Looking back, that’s probably what started the fight the two of you had after that.

It had started off extremely quiet and stiff, but within minutes had escalated into an all-out screaming match. You accused him of overworking (well it was the truth) and asking him if it was really work, or did he have someone he visited after his rehearsal? You said he never gave you time anymore.

He yelled right back, called you an overly clingy bitch and at the same time trying to get you to understand that he had to work his ass off. With three of them gone… well, he had to make sure that the band didn’t fall apart.

Your fight became more heated, and at one point you were grabbing hold of his collar harshly, and he had your upper arms in a vice-like grip that was hard enough to bruise as he shook you.It took both of you a minute to realize what you were doing and you sprang apart. No apologies were passed out at that moment, and both of you left the argument hanging as you returned to your routines.

You’d found yourself awake at 6, ready to make him breakfast as per custom, but his side of the bed was empty. The apartment was silent; he had left early.You hadn’t seen him since, and it was midnight now. You remained curled up on the couch despite the late hour. You didn’t want to move, instead you wanted to wallow in your own depressing and frightening thoughts.

It was becoming too much. You were becoming too much for him. He had work, he had commitments, and you were someone who came second. Despite knowing that you always ended up getting down, becoming frustrated, and venting at him about it. He was right; you were being a clingy little bitch. The two of you weren’t being able to work this out.

“I should just call it off,” you mumble to yourself. “It’ll make things easier.”

Despite this logical thinking tears sprung to your eyes. You desperately blinked them back and let your head drop against your knees. You couldn’t make him happy, he couldn’t make you happy. It was definitely going to become worse, and you wanted to cut the ties before it became too painful for you.

“Y/N!” You whipped around to see Sehun running towards you. You shivered and waved at him before wrapping your arms around your body again. The snow was just starting to fall when he came to a stop in front of you, his lips pursed.

“I’m sorry for making you wait so long.” He mumbled, taking one of your hands and blowing on your fingers. “I kind of overslept.”

You laughed a little and ruffled his hair with your free hand. He immediately ducked out of the way, whining that you’d spoilt his ‘magnificent locks’.

“Stop being such a baby, Oh Sehun.” You said, rolling your eyes at him. He rolled them right back at you, and you laughed. The corners of his mouth picked up into a small smile.

“He’s the sweetest boyfriend ever!” You gushed into your phone as you painted your nails. Your female friend squealed from the other end of the line and demanded details about your date, if he kissed you or not, where did he take you for lunch…

“God Y/N, give people a break already.” Sehun pouted at you as he continued to do pushups in front of the television. You gave him the middle finger with a sarcastic smile before returning to your friend. He pulled a muppet face and focused on his exercise.

“Like I was saying, Jae Yul is the squishiest and cutest boyfriend I have ever seen…”

You missed the hurt look that passed over Sehun’s face.

“If you touch her again, I swear to whatever God you believe in, I will break every damn finger of yours.” He roared and pushed Jae Yul back.

You cowered in the corner with your hands over your ears, but it barely blocked out the sound. You had never seen Sehun so angry, ever, in the year or so you had known him. You dared to look up and found Sehun with his fist raised, about to punch the lights out of your ex-boyfriend, his face livid. A small sob erupted in the back of your throat, and you saw Sehun stop. He looked over at you, and he immediately deflated and let his fist drop. He made his way over to you and bent down, kissed your forehead and picked you up bridal style.

“What makes you think you have a chance with her?” Your ex called out just as the two of you were about to leave.

Sehun didn’t stop walking as he called out over his shoulder, “Of course I have a chance, I’m Oh Sehun.”

Your phone buzzed, bringing you back to reality. You picked it up quietly and glanced at the screen, flinching away from the number; your boss had given you ten missed calls throughout the day. You had been skipping work to spend some extra time with Sehun, but now it seemed like you were overdoing it by taking time off; it wasn’t making a dent in your relationship. And now your boss was probably going to fire you.

Suddenly, your back spasmed painfully and you gasped sitting upright. For a second the pain vanished, but then it came back with more force, and you yelped and jumped to your feet. You hobbled around while mouthing ‘ow’ repeatedly, as the pain slowly dissipated. When it was finally gone you frowned and wondered as to what could have brought it  around. In the end, you shrugged and dragged yourself to the shower. The pain had been a minor distraction, but you were now back in your own made hell.

By the time you were dragging the covers back to snuggle under them, it was one in the morning. A part of you worried that Sehun wasn’t back yet, but another part of you screamed at him to stay the fuck out for the night. You weren’t ready to talk to him just yet, you just didn’t want to have to say goodbye.

Bending over, you felt along the back of the wall, trying to switch your charger on. Your back tenses and spasms for the third time. You jerk upright with a hiss and press down hard on your spine with your hand. Stupid body aches. You grabbed two painkillers from your bedside and swallowed them dry without thinking about it.

Finally, you got into bed and turned the night light off, pulling the covers right up to your chin. You curled up on your side, but your back and legs seized up, so you moved to lie flat on your back, letting yourself face the emptiness next to you. Your heart panged; you missed your love already.

A muscle twitched painfully in your thighs and you frowned; the painkillers would be kicking in soon, but apparently not soon enough. Ignoring the few more twinges, you rolled onto your side - facing Sehun’s side- and shut your eyes.

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Based on @otpprompts’ lovely idea.
Anime: Naruto
Pairing: nejiten, Neji Hyuuga, Tenten


Neji checked his watch, for what would be the nth time, and frowned when the tiny contraption told him that Tenten was exactly 30 minutes and 42 seconds late for their date.

He sighed softly, running a hand through his long, brown locks.

He knew that girls could be fashionably late at times, due to makeup or outfit mishaps. Sometimes it could also be due to traffic. And sometimes, they did it intentionally, because they’re either playing hard to get or are just not interested. At all.

But Neji knew that Tenten would never do that. Dump him, that is.

Not to blow his own horn or anything, but he knew that Tenten was just as interested in him as he was in her – the bright blush on her cheeks when he asked her out was proof enough. She didn’t fake it; she was definitely coming and she was going to look so lovely, being flustered and all, while explaining why she was so late.

Him being a gentleman would brush it off, assuring her that everything was fine, and she’d give him a sheepish smile. Together, they’d enter the moviehouse, watch whatever movie Tenten decided on, and then have dinner.

After, he’d escort her back to her home and they would have good conversation along the way. She’d tell him then that she had a great time, and she would love to do it again.

Neji would wholeheartedly agree. And their relationship will start from there, where it will blossom and give them a lifetime of happiness and love.

It will be like a fairytale then.

A fairytale that, unfortunately, had to end when Neji was snapped out of his daydreaming to find that Tenten was now 35 minutes late. The movie had already begun, and he was left standing outside like an idiot.

Neji resisted the urge to groan like a wounded animal. He did, however, inwardly wish for a damn hole to sprout out of nnowhere so he could hide his shame from the world.

He took a long, deep breath, as he turned to leave.

Tenten truly stood him up… The heartache was unbelievable. Was he really that unattractive? Unworthy? Was he boring? Did Tenten, while on her way to their date, have a sudden realization that he was not the right one for her?

What happens next? Things are bound to get awkward between them… Should he confront her? Or should he avoid her like the plague? Should he–

His phone vibrated in his pocket.


“I’m so, so, so, so, SO sorry!” Tenten exclaimed, hands clapped together like in a prayer, as she apologized over and over to an astounded Neji.

“Stupid heels…” Tenten muttered, glaring at her swollen ankle. “I told Ino that I couldn’t walk in those, but noooo! She had to force me. And I was so stupid!”

She heaved a long sigh and gave him a sheepish smile.

“Sorry, I’m a klutz,” she whispered. “If you’re not interested anymore, I totally understand and–”

“We’ll reschedule,” Neji offered with a smile. “Actually, this feels like a date already, don’t you think?”

He gestured at the food – Chinese takeout and some coffee – he brought for her. Tenten blinked, before a laugh escaped her. She covered it up with a palm on her lips.

“Date night at a hospital,” she snorted gleefully. “Oh yeah, talk about lame!”

Neji chuckled with her and placed a hand on the small of her back.

“I think it’s unique,” he said. “But next time, no more injuries and hospitals, alright?”

Tenten grinned. “And no more high heels?”

Neji shook his head in amusement. “Definitely no more high heels.”

Just Be Real.

Christianity is a walk with Jesus. It can be a very long and hard walk sometimes, especially in this world, with so many things distracting us and needing our attention, its so easy for your heart to fall out of love with Christ. We start doing ‘Christian things’ cause its now the norm for us, and well cause, you just gotta do it, but, when you look deep inside of your heart, you realise all that zeal, all that love for Him is gone and filled with something you hardly recognise. 

It’s still not too late.

It’s never too late.

Jesus will always welcome you with open arms, no matter what. His love is unconditional, believe it or not, your behaviour will never change his love for you, you don’t need to be perfect. Just be you. With all your brokenness, with all your cracks and insecurities, go to Him, bare it all, tell Him you’re not interested, that you love the world more than Him, ask Him for help, just try to be real.

I believe with all my heart, God loves realness. He loves honesty, and He can work with honesty, so give it a try, don’t be ashamed, its all part of the story, and He will use it for His glory.

- M x