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Horse Terms for Non-Horsey People
  • Green: A horse that doesn't know shit. A kid horse. A lil punk horse.
  • Bridle: The head thing for riding.
  • Halter: The head thing for leading.
  • Lead rope: Horse leash.
  • Pony: A shorter, stockier equine. NOT a baby horse. Sometimes also used as a term of endearment towards larger horses.
  • Dressage: Fancy-ass horse dance.
  • Lunging: Making the horse go in circles around you on a long line, sometimes with another person on its back. Good way to teach Green horses the basics and a good way to start new riders.
  • Stirrup: Where your foot goes when you get on.
  • Girth: Horse belt.
  • Boots and Polo Wraps: Thingies that go on the horse's legs to protect them. NOT casts.
  • Schoolie: A horse that will teach you what's what and also possibly kill you. Usually ornery pieces of shit but also indispensable and amazing.
  • Paint: cow horse.
  • Warmblood: Large, fancy, lovable-weirdo-type horse.
  • Mare: Female horse. Probably thinking about the easiest way to make you cower in fear right now.
  • Gelding: Castrated male horse. Probably fearfully eyeing the mare.
  • Stallion: Un-castrated male horse. Probably eyeing the mare with a mixture of fear and lust.
  • Nicker: A grunting noise a horse makes when it's "happy to see you" (read: looking for treats).

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Helping Jeremy through a depressive episode at 2 am after a nightmare where everything went to shit during the Play headcanons pretty please?


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When I try to sneak leftover snacks to the kidlets I know go hungry at home:
  • Me: Psst, I got a question for you. Do you want the last box of cheerios?
  • Kid: Basically...yeah that sounds pretty good. (Extends hand) It's a deal!
  • Me (shaking his hand): Pleasure doing business with you.
  • Kid: Pleasure doing business with you, too. (Gives me a bro-hug style pat on the back)

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I'm curious I see you do a lot of traditional work and I want to do a lot more traditional but I'm never motivated to do so. My thought process is I could probably do it better digitally, I have a tabletpc so its never inconvenient to do digital when I have the time to do art and my brain just goes back to doing digital. Basically I'm asking if you have any ways to get motivated to do traditional art over digital? Thank-you in advanced!

try not to turn drawing traditionally into a big deal! it’s something that i feel is more private and intimate! personally when i draw traditionally i go into it knowing that i’m going to make a lot of mistakes, more than usual, so i try not to take it to my head too much. Traditional takes a lot of thinking but its good to sometimes eliminate the thinking and just go for it…i feel like traditional drawing is good for sudden idea drawings, just get it out of your system and if its ugly then who cares! you don’t have to show anybody. To me right now I don’t have a solid traditional style established so i’m straight up just experimenting with any material i can get my hands on until i find something I like.

my motivation for drawing traditional has only come up since last year, bc I felt like i plateaued pretty heavily in digital and i was honestly pretty bored of it LMAO so i wanted to try something i wasn’t good at!! it’s really helpful for learning different ways to draw/stylize and problem solve to not make so many mistakes since there’s the harsh reality of permanent messing up. sketch on paper for a little more than you’re used to per day! I don’t feel like its about motivation, it’s about the discipline of actually doing it. 
personally it helps me to keep the book out at all times or near me so it doesn’t take a lot of work to lug it out, and keep minimum supplies with you, or the ones you KNOW you use. unless you really feel like digging thru abunch of crap for the one pencil you actually do use. 

sometimes just keeping a piece of printer paper and a pen by your keyboard helps alot 

tl;dr just do it i guess

How I see my ships
  • <p> <b>Namjin:</b> <p/><b><b></b> The always married couple-</b> Super mature and laid back with their relationship. Good with keeping Adoration at bay, though sometimes they can't help themselves and slip up. Both being flustered easily when the other comes into play, alot of their moments consist of either a goofy smiling Namjoon or a blushed ear tipped Seokjin. And its adorable.<p/><b>Yoonseok:</b> <p/><b><b></b> The well balanced couple-</b> Known for basically completing each other and going as far as calling themselves soul partners, these two literally feed off each other. Great with being seperated for periods of time, but both love when they are together best. They are good at keeping blatant displays of affection reigned in MOST times, but subtly isn't their stong suit. Their moments consist of genuine smiles and obvious checking out.<p/><b>Jikook:</b> <p/><b><b></b> The budding puppy love couple-</b> These two live for each other. All heart eyes and cuteness. Tries so very hard to keep everything under wraps, but are gushing with so much love and eagerness, they just can't help themselves. Being young and good looking, they are full of energy and hormonal as hell, often groping each other and getting handsy at any opportunity. Their moments often consist of shy confessions, googly eyes and cute teasing or Unabashed eye fucking, cheeky comments and fondeling. There is no in-between.<p/></p>
Riker imagine - more than friends

Requested on wattpad. I feel bad because I haven’t written that much, so I tried to make this a bit longer than my usual imagines… I hope its okay

While R5 are on a break from touring, they decided to go back to Colorado to visit their family and old friends for a week. You, being Riker’s best friend, accompanied them. You’ve known the Lynch’s for years now – they’re like your second family. Although Riker’s like an older brother to you, sometimes you can’t help but wonder if the two of you would make a good couple or not. You’ve mentioned your feelings to Rydel, and all she said was, “You guys would be my OTP if you started dating.” In Rydel terms, that was basically her blessing for you to date her brother.

You don’t have courage to ask Riker out, let alone tell him your feelings for him. You’ve been crushing on him for over a year now. At first, you thought it was just a phase, and hoped it’d pass. But it didn’t. He’s on your mind all day, and all night. Even when you saw him two seconds before, your mind would be stuck on him.

While Rydel helps her mom and grandmother cook and set up a lovely dinner, you and Riker decide to take a walk around their old neighborhood. The two of you have been chatting about anything and everything that comes to mind. This is your first time to Colorado, so Riker’s pointing out some houses and streets that have some sort of story to go with them.

“Hey Y/N,” he says as the two of you turn a corner.

You smile softly. “Yeah?”

“Can I ask you something?”

You nod and kick a small pebble with the toe of your sneaker. “Anything.”

You see him bite down on his lower lip and look straight ahead. “Have you ever had a crush on someone that you knew you couldn’t ever date?”

With a frown, you nod. “Yeah. Why?”

He shrugs. “Just wondering.”

“Have you?” you ask after a moment’s hesitation.

Riker glances to you, a small smile forming on his face. “I just have this huge crush on a girl, but I know she doesn’t like me that way.”

“Why do you say that?” You raise your eyebrows, trying not to show any emotion. You don’t want to make yourself excited in case he’s talking about someone else – which you think he probably is.

“She’s a really good friend,” he replies. “I know she only likes me as a friend.”

“Oh.” You struggle to find the words to say. Who is he talking about? Should you ask? What if he says someone else? That would absolutely crush you.

“But I just feel so awkward around her now,” Riker continues to say. “Like, I feel like every word I say is going to sound stupid and make her think I’m an idiot. I feel like I’ll just do something really stupid.”

You smile softly. “If she’s really such a good friend, she wouldn’t think you’re an idiot.” You shove his shoulder playfully. “Even though you can sometimes be a bit dimwitted.”

“Hey!” he scoffs with a smirk and rolls his eyes. “I’m smart.”

“Mhm.” You grin teasingly and look towards the field next to the sidewalk.

Riker narrows his eyes. “I’m warning you, Y/N …”

“Oh yeah? Can’t warn me if you can’t catch me.” You bolt to the field before Riker has the chance to respond. You hear him laugh, then run after you. You know he’s a faster runner than you, so you try to zig zag around rocks and twigs to make it harder for him. Unfortunately, you end up tripping over a root and tumble onto the grass. You let out an oomf when you hit the ground, and hear Riker’s running slow to a jog.

“You okay?” he asks with a laugh.

“Fine,” you grumble, moving so you’re sitting on your bum instead of leaning on your hands and knees.

Riker smiles down at you. “I think this counts as me catching you.”

You shrug. “I suppose so.”

He takes a seat beside you and sighs. “Y’know what Rydel said to me this morning?”


“She said we’d be a cute couple,” he murmurs. “I asked why, and she just said because we practically already act like a couple, and that she ships us.”

You try to hide the smile on your face. “Really? What um … what do you think?”

Riker bites his lip momentarily as he locks eye contact with you. “I think she’s right about us already acting like a couple. I mean, have you seen us?”

You laugh lightly as he chuckles. “Yeah … we are pretty close, huh?”

He looks to his lap and nods. “Would you … I mean, if you want … maybe we could um … make Rydel happy … and like … be like a couple … yeah …”

Your eyebrows shoot up and your cheeks turn pink. “Are you asking me out?”

He nods sheepishly and looks up to you through his eyelashes. “Like you said, we already act like a couple. I know you probably only like me as a friend …”

You smile and shake your head. “I’m the girl, aren’t I?”

He nods again, and says nothing. You lean in closer and look down to his lips. “You realize that if we start dating, Rydel will never leave us alone, right?”

Riker laughs softly. “I’m willing to endure that.”

“Good.” You smile and move your lips so they’re less than a centimetre from his. “Because I’d love to be your girlfriend.”

Glad we at least waited until the end of the day to start making this a Harry against Niall thing.

Not sure if I’m completely off base, but I’m pretty sure Niall was implying that the person interviewing HIM misquoted HARRY (saying, basically, Harry said a 1d reunion might not happen), NOT that Harry said some shit and was misquoted in his mag. Because Niall agreed with Harry.? He said yes he’s going down the right lane, we are all doing our own thing for the foreseeable future. AKA what Harry said in different words.

Harry went on to say that he’s not ruling out a reunion once everyone is on the same page. Niall said it’s definitely going to happen once everyone is on the same page. Niall added a Definitely happening because maybe he definitely wants it to happen?

Again, pretty sure Niall wasn’t shitting on Harry. He was telling the interviewer basically to read Harry’s words again.