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i just want seven to bee happy

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Eddie was already signed on to do it so that was very exciting to me. I was already such a fan of his work and had a feeling even before I met him that it would be really fun to work with him. I was so wrong about that; he’s a nightmare. No, I’m kidding. He’s wonderful. - Katherine Waterston


I wanted to draw something angsty but my body decided to purge all the fluff instead, so this is random but meh. More Creek, what a surprise, amirite?

 For me Craig is boyfriend material, he can be grumpy, non caring for other things but I imagine him taking good care of Tweek, fight me!

so there is this girl .. who I met recently,
and she’s beautiful, funny, cool, nice, friendly, outgoing, goofy, cute, .. the list goes on, anyway. I know she doesn’t think all of these things about herself, but i swear if it was possible for me to make her see herself through my eyes, damn would she be amazed. Amazed because she’s so amazing and she has no fucking idea. Dude this girl fucks me up I swear, and i mean in a good way. She gives me this weird but addicting feeling in my stomach, whenever I hear her name my heart starts to race, her smile is contagious, her eyes… her eyes, fuck I could get lost in them for hours, hearing her laugh is sometimes even better than listening to music. dude she’s killing me slowly and she has no fucking idea. she’s breathtaking she’s real and I have plans to make her mine one day. I want to call her mine. I want her to be mine. I’m going to make her mine.
—  I-viii-mmxiv
I’m sorry I could never be the daughter you wanted
Pros and Cons

Draco Malfoy was definitely the type of person who made pros and cons lists so he probably made one when he realized he was in love with Harry. Here is how I think it would have gone:




-Stupid does not pay attention in class

-Hangs around with Weasel and Granger (cannot stand)

-Hair?? Lack of knowledge as to how to use a comb and/or hair products, even though god knows he has the fortune to afford it

-Eyes Stupid useless glasses (most likely nothing but a fashion statement)

-Clearly entitled and unworthy of fame


-That thing he does when he’s talking to you and his eyes get really wide for no reason other than to rub it in your face that he has beautiful eyes creep people out

-Smells obnoxiously of honey and tobacco


-Dating the girl Weasel even though her freckles are ugly

-Has freckles

-Seeker too obsessed with Quidditch and won’t shut up about the Cannons

-Literally almost killed me one time

-Hurts my feelings sometimes



-Killed Voldemort


-Saved me from burning in a fire that one time


-cute glasses eyes are okay to look at in certain lightings (no I don’t stare at Potter’s eyes in certain lightings)

-See “cons”