sometimes it happens unexpectedly

all i’m gunna say is sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. when you’re not looking, not trying, just going about your life, the right person walks in and just fits perfectly into the mess.


The last couple of years for me have been exciting, crazy, heartbreaking, surreal, sad and overall so incredibly life changing. Life is weird sometimes, things happen unexpectedly which means huge changes and fresh starts that you never could have predicted. The last few months especially haven’t been easy, and I’ve learnt just how strong of a person I actually am. But even though my life has been a complete and utter mess of happiness and sadness all thrown together, one person that’s always been getting me through this crazy journey called life is Taylor. 

1989 was the album that completely changed my life by making it so much brighter. Even on days where things just seemed like they weren’t getting any better, Taylor and this album were there for me. Even now, two years on from hearing it for the very first time I can still listen to this album and feel so unbelievably happy. Getting to meet Taylor on the 1989 tour in Brisbane was such a surreal experience that I will never forget. And more recently, going to New York and getting to see and explore the incredible city that played such a huge role in the making of this album was one of the best experiences of my life. 

 So this is my thank you to Taylor for making life so much brighter. Without you, without 1989, and without every single one of your songs, I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today. You are an absolute sunshine and deserve every single piece of happiness you get, love you girly. 💖

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plz spill some tea and let us know your thoughts on heidi/christian vomathon

i love nikki to death and i think it’s fucked up the whole best friend situation because that has definitely happened to me and it’s something I would NEVER ever do to my friends or “past” friends, ever. but at the same time i don’t really care because it’s their life and who am I to judge how they feel, you know? sometimes life happens and you can’t really control feelings and things happen unexpectedly/in weird ways. 

We’ve all lost someone. Someone loved. Someone special. Someone irreplaceable. Someone worth keeping. A friend of mine once told me that some people are meant to be in your life and then suddenly leave one day. It happens unexpectedly sometimes, but sometimes, you see it happen. It starts slow. The disagreements become aggressive arguments. And the you lose yourself. The happiness, the depression, they come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they look like people. Sometimes, they look like you. Regardless if they’re still here for you or not, or if they’ve changed. The person who you have leaned on, that person, that unwavering smile, will never change. They’ll linger around your memories like a ghost and you shouldn’t be afraid. It’s a ghost of you.
—  A ghost of them.
And this is my advice to you: tell your parents you love them every time you hang up the phone, or leave the house. Never leave a fight unfinished with your best friend. Always find the pathway back to each other, you were BEST friends for a reason. Always say you’re sorry after a big blow out with your siblings. You didn’t mean what you said, you love them. I say this because you always think, it’s fine I’ll just talk to them tomorrow, and sometimes there isn’t a tomorrow. Things happen so quickly, and unexpectedly, you’re stuck wallowing in a river of your own tears wishing you could have one last second, to tell them you love them. So please if the last thing you said to someone you love was unkind, or untrue, please, please, please, tell them you love them.

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