sometimes i'm still having trouble to believe

anonymous asked:

how do you get involved if you're too depressed to concentrate very long and have been indoctrinated to believe that nobody wants people like you around anyway? i know i'm fundamentally worthless under those conditions but i'd still like to be useful, you know

it’s difficult to answer this because depression/executive dysfunction are debilitating, I know personally, as I’m mentally ill and have depression as a symptom of those mental illnesses, sometimes I even have trouble blogging lmao.. which like… is not considered… difficult at all like it’s just writing stuff… but I wont have anything to say … or the motivation to say it… or I wont think it’s useful to say because I myself feel worthless/unwanted It’s easy to feel this way in our society especially with the pressure to individually do everything and individually impact everyone.

You are NOT fundamentally useless, everyone is important when it comes to lifting up your community, it’s just a matter of finding out what you can and can’t do. And to be honest I’m not you so I have no idea what you can do? or what you even want to do?

Like a lot of main things I can think of are just getting active in your community and helping out the people you can help/getting active in your communities politics/be aware whats going on there and try to actively let your community know about it. 

And I know this is a giant time sink, it’s not easy being an active member of your community when you’re depressed. You can donate if you have money to organizations you think are beneficial to communities. I personally don’t have money so I can’t do this. 

It’s hard to see yourself and your benefit individually, and I know american society always teaches you that “INDIVIDUALS MAKE A DIFFERENCE” but really becoming part of a whole is far more important than what you individually bring to the table. Every individual is important and needed when it comes to us ALL supporting the marginalized/opposing fascist/etc. 

I’m maybe suggesting you to see outside of yourself and your perceived worthlessness and realize we need all the people we can get if we’re going to successfully care for each other and oppose fascism/etc. [which I recognize it is difficult because of your depression] but I’m trying to let yall know every individual counts when we’re all working towards similar goals. Try to convince the people around you of the goals you want to accomplish, you can’t do anything alone.