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Signs as things said in my band class
  • Aries: if I could be a musician I wouldn't, but that's just because it's a fantasy. I would do it in real life.
  • Taurus: every time we stop playing music an instrument dies
  • Gemini: I was thinking so hard I forgot how to count
  • Cancer: you don't know music like I know music because I am music
  • Leo: haha, you thought I could play but in reality it's just my corpse doing all the work
  • Virgo: see I know what I'm doing but I don't in anyway know how to transfer my reading into noise
  • Libra: I wish I could be a perfect musician but I'm just a high school student who can't play an instrument
  • Scorpio: do you dare me to eat a piece of the reed? No I'll do it anyway, I'm hungry.
  • Sagittarius: you wish you were cool but nothing will be cooler than me and my sax
  • Capricorn: I just want to curl up under a chair, if you need me I'll be playing sad trombone tunes under here
  • Aquarius: you just have to feel the music, like get into it *hits head on a drum*
  • Pisces: sometimes I wish I could sleep in this class and feel the music

anonymous asked:

I'm a straight trans guy and am pretty cis passing. I also have a lot of stereotypically masculine interests and hobbies. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with the term trans and just want to be cis. Is this normal? Also I go to this LGBT+ youth group that always starts meetings by saying "Who's queer?" and that's the cue to bring over a chair and start the meeting. I feel uncomfortable with this label queer because I'm straight. What does queer mean in this context? Should this not worry me?

Lee says:

Yes, we had an ask about this the other week but I can’t remember enough about it to link it here. You’re a guy, and the “trans” descriptor doesn’t cancel out being a guy, but it’s okay if you don’t always want that reminder there. You can just be a guy, and there’s nothing wrong with being stealth if that’s what you’re looking to do. 

It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable with the word queer, especially if you think it’s being used to only mean people with a non-straight sexual orientation and not gender-wise, and I think you should discuss it with the group next time you’re there! The T in LGBT doesn’t mean only gay trans people, it means all trans people, gay or straight or otherwise. 

Purgatory -- 1/???

Kaiba called it Purgatory.

When he rode up to the station the first time, Yuugi assumed the name came from the feeling that hit him when he first sat down in that chair and looked out of the glass windows all around them and saw nothing but black, twinkling sky above, and swirling blue-green-white-everything below. Sitting there in that unbelievable station, on the edge of earth and space, between everything and nothing… it really was like floating between two worlds.

But he was wrong.

He realized that only later, though.

After Kaiba told him to stop gawking and get to work.

After Yuugi handed over his first-try-codes and the hologram sphere that should have appeared between their chairs exploded across the observation deck in a scrambled mess of light, proving the translation from Yuugi’s own system to Kaiba’s tech wouldn’t so smooth after all.

After hours and days and weeks of gritting his teeth through Kaiba’s impatient snapping and ignoring him in favor of Mokuba’s advice, buzzing constantly in his ear through the game station’s speakers.

After he thought to ask in passing, three-fourths of his mind focused on finding patience, why Kaiba had created this station in the first place, since Mokuba said it had been in operation a good four years before he and Yuugi started talks about a celestial expansion of Spherium.

Kaiba had stopped typing, eyed him across the game table… and finally, after a long stretch of nothing, looked back at his screen, talking to numbers in place of his face. “It doesn’t matter what it was meant for before. Now, it’s just a compromise.”

Yuugi blinked, distraction turned to focus as he echoed, “A… compromise?”

“Yes. He found out the risks I was taking to get there, and refused to duel me anymore. To ‘encourage’ me. But he agreed to come if I could get him here.”

“It’s easier to get ‘stuck’ on his end than ours, apparently,” Mokuba supplied, but the explanation made no more sense to Yuugi’s ear, even as his heart pounded its understanding, undermining the dazed question he finally managed.

“His… he who?”

Kaiba gave a subtle sniff, told him to play the idiot, and pressed some button.

“Say hi for me!” Mokuba called, just before the line cut off and a golden light flashed before Yuugi’s eyes.

When he finally managed to open them again, recover his vision, he found… they were still right where they had started. Still in the Spherium room, Kaiba sitting before him.

But when Yuugi noticed the changing the lighting around him, and looked down… his throat closed up, and all he could do was stare. Stare at the world floating beneath the space station… the vast desert spread out in all directions, a single wide river snaking around to cut across the scene.

And there, just below them, a city… a palace…

All of it hazy, coming apart at the edges in… in broken, black pieces. Dissolving even as he looked.

Dissolving in a way Yuugi remembered well.

“Kaiba-kun…” he breathed, barely daring to even breathe enough to manage the name. “You didn’t…”

Didn’t what? Didn’t possibly? Didn’t dare? Didn’t actually…

…But even as Yuugi tried to form the questions, he heard how foolish they were. How blind to the man he was speaking to.

And Kaiba must have appreciated his circumspection, because he didn’t call or imply him a fool again. Just rose from his seat and made for the door, never looking back at him. “He’ll have seen the station. If he’s in a mood to come up, he’ll meet us in the duel room.”

Yuugi watched him go… his body frozen in his chair by the overload of questions speeding through his head. What had Kaiba done? How had he done this? How… how long had this been a thing? How often did he even do this? Had… had he been doing this since… since then? The last time that… that Yuugi saw…

…How could he have not known?

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, alone, everything silent and unmoving save for the slow disintegration of the golden world below him… but eventually, Yuugi stood.


He didn’t even have to know the way. The space station’s hallway was large, but straightforward. Simple to map out.

And he could hear them.

“–easier to show him than to waste time explaining.”

“You… you didn’t even ask him first?!”

He coughed on his own breath, tripped on nothing as the silver of the hall around him gleamed and blurred on a dime because that voice was–

“–have to complain about? I told you the risks are minimal this way.”

“That’s not the point! If he wanted to come that is one thing, but you didn’t even–”  

…Logically, the shock should have paralyzed him. Left Yuugi standing there, frozen in the hall, drinking in that voice until… until something interrupted him, because it didn’t matter how long he had to process this, it would never make sense, and he would never be able to grasp it.

But that wasn’t how it worked.

That voice… it had stopped because Yuugi hadn’t stopped. He had moved without even knowing it, drawn in by the sound, until… until he saw the owner.

There, standing beyond Kaiba, in the middle of another minimal room of sleek silver and bright lights, utterly at odds with the reality around him, and dissolving to black even as Yuugi stared… but real.


Real, and there, and looking back. Staring right back at him… the same devastated wreck of overwhelmed emotions Yuugi felt crashing through those familiar crimson eyes as he… as he whispered to him.

Not with words, not anywhere Yuugi could hear him, but… but still Yuugi heard it. His name, that name, whispered not by a mouth or a mind, but there all the same– in his memories, and Atem’s eyes.

It didn’t matter how many years passed… Yuugi heard it because he remembered exactly how it should sound, and read that truth in that single, never broken glance.

And he didn’t know what he might be saying back with his silence, as Kaiba abruptly turned about and brushed right past him, tossing intentions over his shoulder about getting some work done if they were going to be so slow about this… but finally, Yuugi found the will to break the silence stretching out between them with a quiet, “Mokuba-kun told me to tell you he said hi.”

And Atem blinked, the film of astonishment clearing just a little from his eyes… and slowly, he smiled. A small, amused, easy thing that made Yuugi’s heart tumble over itself as he said, “Tell him I say hi, too.”

And Yuugi nodded… incapable of doing anything, save reflecting that smile right back.

When the Gloves Come Off

Part two of the prompt from loonyloopy: Cullen/Quizzie and a hard earned neck massage after a long day of work. 


Elysse scratched her quill against the paper, pressing until the tip threatened to puncture through. “Thank you for your insipid and snide comments towards house Trevelyan, but you can keep your Andraste forsaken cheeses and shove them up your—”


Josephine stared at her, wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Leliana hid her smile behind pressed lips but Cullen laughed openly at the remark.

“What? It’s not like I’m actually going to send a message like that… probably.”

“You worked hard to win the favor of the court,” the ambassador reminded her. “But send a letter like that and I’ll be sure to arrange a private tea party at the end of every month until you’ve had a personal chat with all of them.”

Elysse pursed her lips, eye twitching as she stared the woman down. Josephine simply smiled, her quill poised in promise to follow through on her threat.

And people thought Leliana was the dangerous one.

“Fine,” Elysse grumbled, setting the parchment aside. “Since you’ll probably write it anyway, Josie, can I ask that you add just the slightest hint of condescension?”

“Don’t I always?”

Josephine and Leliana bowed before departing, but not before leaving a rather intimidating stack of papers for her to look over. Elysse groaned and let her head thunk down onto her knees.

“Long day?” Cullen asked.

She let out another groan. “I thought dealing with other nobility in the Free Marches was bad enough, but the Orlesians take it to an entirely different level. I mean, fifteen forks? Why would anyone need so many utensils to eat cheese?”

“I hear King Alistair has a fairly impressive collection.” His lips pulled up in a smirk. “Perhaps you should ask him.”

“I’ll have to make it a priority.”

He smiled and her face automatically returned the gesture.

Stay with me.

The request remained stuck between her teeth. He had duties, responsibilities, matters far more important than her desire to be around him.

Cullen took a half-step forward, lips parted in a question. She slid to the edge of her seat as though it would draw the words from him. He lingered for a moment before placing a closed fist to his chest. “Inquisitor.”

Elysse watched as he marched out the door, wishing she had a stronger reason than “just because” to keep him there.

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I don’t know why but this scene breaks my heart.  We always see John eating and Sherlock watching.  Sometimes Sherlock eats and John watches.  It’s always together.  Sure, I hypothetically understand that now that Sherlock is living alone he’s going to eat alone.  But this is the first time it really hits.  He’s so alone.  He tried to get Molly to take John’s place, and it didn’t work, but he still tried to ask her to eat with him.  Because he didn’t want to eat alone.  And here he is.  Alone.  With his chips in a soggy bag.  Staring at John’s chair.  Why would they do this.

some things never sleep (blood is running deep) (3/4)

summary: The only times she had heard from Killian had been when Kristoff would bring a package with a letter from him for Henry on his birthday. Emma had never asked him how Killian managed to get them in time or how he contacted him. She was better not knowing, anyway.

He hadn’t missed one of Henry’s birthdays since the day he left.

Oh, and the divorce papers. That had been the only correspondence she and Killian had shared in the past three years.


notes: started out for cs au week because i love me some divorced!au angst and i know a lot of you do too. so why not. right.  

also on ao3 and

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I like to imagine that Anna would secretly have someone make a Kristoff doll for her (like her and Elsa’s doll counterparts as kids) so that she’d hug and cuddle it while he’s out harvesting ice because it could get a little lonely sometimes without him and Elsa busy.

and maybe he’d catch her one afternoon dozing off with the doll tucked under her chin on the chair, waiting for him all day.

Headcanon that Lily often fell asleep in the common room: by the fire, on the sofa, atop her books, in chairs, across tabletops, even sometimes on the floor. And every time she did, James always had to fight the urge to try to carry her up the stairs to her dormitory because he obviously couldn’t. So when they were dating/engaged/married and out of Hogwarts he always made a point to carry her to her/their bed, as if trying to make up for all those lost opportunities.