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existential-dread-crisis  asked:

Hi there :) I just found your blog and I really love your pen art, but I gotta ask: how do you work out where the light hits each pokemon in whatever pose they're in? I can never get my head around it when I'm drawing the pose from no reference, and you look like you've nailed it pretty well. Thanks :D


I find it hard to explain these things sometimes, but I’ll try to give an example using the Gloom I drew today:

Since the Pokemon pictures I’ve done (typically) have no background, it’s sufficient to just get a general idea of where the light is coming from. From there, it’s usually intuitive figuring out where shadows go, keeping in mind the 3D form of the subject matter.
Gloom is a good example of 3D form because the flower bud on its head is basically 4 big spheres. Shadows tend to fall between them no matter where the light source is, and it’s easy to see where the main light is coming from, judging from the brightest spot of light on each sphere.

Here are examples of the same pose under different lighting:

If you can see from the above (pardon the mess), I put deliberate light sources in each image (behind, below, and close to/in front of Gloom). If the light source you’re using isn’t in the final image, it’s OK to draw it in and erase it later, if that helps you get your bearings.

In the finished picture, the light source is implied to be above Gloom (in the upper left). 

Hope this helps, even if only a little bit.