sometimes i wonder what happens to my spare time and then i realise.. this

— off limits | 06 (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings— angst, smut and fluff !! Seokjin finally grows some balls ;)
words— 14,153

:: summary— you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

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safe now || min yoongi

Min Yoongi x reader

Summary: You almost get attacked on your way home, and luckily Yoongi is there to help you through the panic, paranoia, and fear that comes afterwards. He always will be.

Genre: angst/fluff/comfort

Words: 2198

warning - panic attacks, catcalling/street harassment (?)

sorry :(((((

Originally posted by syubangel

I sat with my head in my hands on the sofa, my eyes closed and my breathing erratic, as I desperately tried to get what had just happened out of my head.

I had been pestered by some people on the way home, a group of men and a few women shouting derogatory things at me. They stopped me from walking and when I tried to walk away they wouldn’t let me. I stood in the middle of their circle, my head spinning as they threw words at me and grabbed parts of my body, and all I was trying to do was walk home. 

When I eventually broke free of them and hurriedly walked away I was shaking, but it wasn’t until I got home and put down my bags that I really thought about what had just happened. I could feel their hands on me, and every word they said echoed in my head as I shakily sat down and bit my lip. I took deep breaths to try and calm myself down, but I could feel tears building in my eyes.

I heard someone unlocking the front door and I panicked, trying to compose myself as I realised that my boyfriend, Yoongi, was home. He walked in with headphones on, and carrying several bags. He had put them down and was taking off his headphones when he finally saw me, sitting in the partially dark room.

“Ah- you scared me.” He started, before he looked at my face properly, knowing immediately that there was something wrong. He frowned quickly as I tried to smile at him, not trusting my voice to speak, but it was watery and unconvincing.

“Y/N?” His voice was suddenly very soft as he came over slowly and sat next to me on the sofa, trying to get a better look at my face. His hand came to touch my cheek as he looked at me concerned, “Y/N, what’s wrong?” I couldn’t stop the tears that fell from my eyes as I began to cry, remembering what those people had said to me.

I turned my head away from him, and he tried to touch me, but suddenly his hands were their hands and I didn’t want them anywhere near me. I jerked away from him and he held his hands up in defence, his eyebrows furrowed. “Woah, woah, it’s just me.”

I took a deep breath as I realised that it was just Yoongi, and he wasn’t going to hurt me. Tears continued to slip down my cheeks and this time I didn’t stop him when he slowly moved towards me and put an arm around me. Once he had me, he held me tight. He pushed my head into the crook of his neck, and I instinctively leant into him as he kept one arm tightly around my body and the other on the back of my head.

“Hey, shh, it’s okay. You’re fine.” He murmured, trying desperately to calm me down. I continued to cry, hating how weak I was being, but not being able to forget the hands touching me and the words hitting me from all sides. They had kept touching my hair and my arms and nauseatingly given me what were meant to be compliments, but they sounded more like insults. My breaths quickened as I remembered how trapped I had felt, surrounded by strangers that wouldn’t leave me alone. I was powerless and pathetic, and I hated it.

“Y/N, please calm down, please stop crying.” Yoongi whispered, worried and confused, and he squeezed me tighter, brushing his lips on the top of my head as he spoke. I tried to take deep breaths but the tears kept coming and I wound myself up, almost hyperventilating.

“Hey, breathe, baby, breathe.” He said a bit louder, noticing my laboured breaths. He pulled back from me and put his hands on either side of my face. I tried to turn my head away again but he held me firmly. I couldn’t breathe.

“No no no, look at me.” He stroked my cheeks as his eyes studied my face, concern and pain evident in his expression. “Breathe with me, okay?” He asked and I nodded, choking on air. He took deep breaths in and out slowly, softly rubbing my cheeks with his thumbs and keeping his eyes locked on mine. I tried to match my breathing with his and felt oxygen begin to fill my lungs a bit as I took shaky breaths. He gave me a small, worried smile.

“There you go, that’s it. Keep breathing.” He said quietly, nodding as he still took slow breaths in and out. After a minute, I felt my breathing even out and brought my hands up to cover his that were still holding my face. I closed my eyes, relishing in the feeling of being able to breathe again, and his hands moved from my cheeks to my lap, taking my hands in his larger ones.

“Y/N, what happened?” He asked quietly, and I opened my eyes to look into his concerned ones. I shook my head, realising how stupid it was. They had barely touched me, and here I was acting as if I’d nearly been killed. He would think I was pathetic.

“It was nothing.” I said, my voice still hoarse and weak, knowing it sounded ridiculous after the state I had just been in. He gave me an incredulous look, letting out a breathless and frustrated laugh.

“Yeah, like I’m going to believe that. Seriously, Y/N?” He asked disbelievingly. I sighed, he knew me too well to believe any lies I could tell him.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…” I struggled, looking away from him. “You won’t think it’s a big deal.” I tried to take back my hands from him but he held them tight. He shook his head.

“Don’t do that Y/N. Don’t do that thing where you don’t tell me things because you think you’re weak, or that they aren’t important.” He looked me firmly in the eye. “If it’s enough to make you that upset, then it is important. You are important Y/N, and it doesn’t matter how big or small of a problem it is, you tell me, okay?” I felt my throat close up again at his words. He was looking at me with such determination and strength, and I couldn’t help but feel as though I didn’t deserve this amount of care, this amount of love. I nodded.

“Okay.” I said hoarsely, and took a deep breath as he waited for me to continue. “I was walking home and these people… they…”

“Did they hurt you?” He asked immediately, suddenly alert. I shook my head but it didn’t seem to relax him at all.

“Not really, they just… shouted at me.” A few tears slipped out of my eyes as I remembered. “Stuff they wanted to do to me.” I saw his jaw clench and his grip on my hand tightened at my words. “There were loads of them Yoongi, and they wouldn’t let me leave.” I began to cry again, this time softly and quietly, and I was immediately brought into him again. He held me so tightly that I began to wonder if he was okay as I managed to calm myself down again.

“Where was this?” He asked, still gripping my body against him, his voice steady but angry. I shook my head.

“I’m not telling you.” He pulled back to look at me, and I was alarmed at the amount of fury in his eyes.

“Y/N, they harassed you.” He said, outraged. “I can’t just let them walk away.”

“Yes, you can.” I said firmly, knowing his anger got the best of him sometimes. “I’m fine now,” He gave me a look. “…and you’ll only cause more trouble going over there.” I finished, taking his hand.

“But…” He looked less angry and more desperate now. “they hurt you.” He almost whispered, and I gave him a sad smile.

“I don’t want you getting hurt.” I squeezed his hand. He looked at my face for a while, and I could see how badly he wanted to do something, but as much as he was angry, I could also tell he knew I was right. Going after them would only provoke them further. He sighed and nodded, giving in. He sat back on the sofa and opened his arms.

“Just come here then.” I gladly obliged, curling into his side and letting him wrap his arms around me once more. He pressed his lips to the top of my head.

“If I can’t go after them, I can sure as hell hug the hell out of you.” He said angrily, squeezing me tight and I laughed weakly, still feeling watery-eyed as I pressed my face into his side.

“I’m not against that.”

We sat quietly for a while as I finally calmed down, feeling safe with him next to me. He gently drew shapes on my bare arm and told me about his day, and I could tell he was trying to calm himself down, too.

When we finally stood up to head to bed, I glanced at the door nervously, wondering if they knew where I lived. It wasn’t too far from here, and they easily could have followed me.


I turned to see Yoongi standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at me worriedly. He seemed to understand my train of thought.

“No one’s getting in. I promise.” He said reassuringly, holding out his hand. I spared one glance back at the door before nodding and taking his hand, letting him lead me upstairs.

We didn’t talk anymore about it but I couldn’t shake the unsettled feeling I had. I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling and fiddling with my fingers, not able to relax. I turned my head to look at Yoongi’s sleeping form and sighed. Biting my lip, my anxiety grew as I imagined them slamming our front door down and running in. I imagined their hands on me again, still able to feel them on my skin, and I imagined what they would do to me if they got in.

Had we locked the front door?

My breath caught as the thought came to me. I remember seeing Yoongi doing it: I wouldn’t have gone to bed if I hadn’t seen him turn the key. But maybe I hadn’t. I wasn’t sure. I clenched my fists, turning to Yoongi again. I decided I had to get up and check myself, not wanting to wake him up or worry him anymore.

“Y/N?” I stopped where I was, halfway out of bed, and turned back to Yoongi. He was still lying down but his eyes were open and alert, watching me carefully.

“Where are you going?” He asked as if he knew. I shook my head desperately at him.

“I just need to check that we locked the front door.” I whispered, my voice shaky. He shook his head at me.

“I locked it, Y/N.” He said steadily. I bit my lip, not believing him.

“Are you sure?” He gave me a small smile.

“Positive.” He lifted up his arm, nodding his head towards the bed. “Get back in here.” I sighed, knowing he was right, and got back in, shuffling under his arm, revelling in the warmth he was giving off. He didn’t say anything, but he held me against him again.

“Yoongi.” I whispered shakily.

“Hm?” He murmured in response, his chin resting on the top of my head.

“I’m scared.”

He shifted slightly, moving back so he could see my face, but keeping our legs tangled and our bodies close. He looked me in the eyes genuinely.

“I know.” He said gently, touching my cheek lightly. “But you need to understand that nothing bad is going to happen to you. Not tonight, not ever, as long as I can help it.” I took a deep breath in. “Do you trust me?” He asked quietly and I immediately nodded, no doubt in my mind. He nodded back at me. “Then trust that for as long as you keep me around, I won’t let anyone near you that you don’t want near you, and I won’t let anyone hurt you. And God knows I won’t let you walk home alone again.” He let out a breathless chuckle at the end, but I could see the concern and sincerity in his eyes. 

I believed him. I stared at him for a moment before leaning forward and pressing my lips against his, feeling considerable calmer as he returned the kiss gently.

“Thank you.” I said as I pulled away, and he gave me a small smile. I moved closer to him and he obligingly wrapped me in his arms again. His warm breath fanned the back of my neck as my head curled into his chest and our bodies entangled. His hand came to rest at my hairline, and his words were so soft I barely heard them, but just managed catch them in the silence of the room.

“You’re safe.”

And I knew I was.


Alarm Bells Ringing / Jeff Atkins

Words: 1391

The moment Jeff saw you making your way down the hall towards him, he knew something was wrong. He noticed straight away that the smile you offered him just before you reached him was not genuine. Though he became more concerned with you when you greeted him with a kiss.

You had been dating for almost six months and never had you once initiated a kiss so publicly-you much preferred to keep your relationship private. You were shy and hated attention, you even tended to shift away from your boyfriend when he tried to hold your hand around others so this abrupt change in behaviour definitely took him off guard. 

He froze as your lips met his.

It only lasted a few seconds and when you pulled away you couldn’t stop the small giggle that left you as you took in his expression. 

“You okay there?” you asked, amusement filling your features. 

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BTS Reaction | You getting jealous

Each reaction is written in a different era, plus a little bit of my imagination. But not all eras are specified. Also a little bit of angst ahead! <3

You watched Jin from across the room as the young girl applied his make-up. Her soft features and long hair were outstanding and you would lie if you said that she wasn’t pretty. You watched her movements every now and then, while she switched the make-up brushes or went to apply lip balm on your boyfriend’s plump lips. You couldn’t help but notice the faint blush creeping on her face everytime she got to touch his face or lift his chin. It was the way he smiled at her after she finished that sent fire into the pit of your stomach. Jin turned to you and smiled, only to find you already staring at your phone, not even sparing him a glance. He got up and made his way to you.
“Hey baby, what’s wrong?”, he said and held himself onto the armchair you were sitting on, leaning above you. You shut down your phone and pouted.
“I think that girl was a little too close to you…”, you mumbled and let out a sigh. Jin started to smile when he realised what you meant.
“Babygirl”, he cooed and kneeled before you, holding your hand and brushing his thumb along it soothingly, “You don’t have to worry about her. I love you and only you, I promise”, he then gave you a reassuring smile and you couldn’t help but smile, feeling a lot better.

Originally posted by kawaiimoonlight


You were cuddling with your boyfriend, Yoongi, on the couch while watching a movie. His gentle touch on your hair calmed you down and made you sleepy for a while. Just as you were about to doze off, you felt movement around you. It was Yoongi texting on his phone. It happened quite often lately that he would just spend a lot of time texting and being absent and you wondered what could be going on? You knew that he and the other members were shooting a short film ‘Highlight Reel’ for their new comeback, so you thought that maybe they were discussing the upcoming plans.

“Who are you texting with?”, you asked, hiding every possible hint of jealousy in your voice and looked up at him.
“Just the girl I will shoot my scene with for the films”, Yoongi decided to be honest with you, thinking that you will just brush it off. But you widened your eyes slightly and gulped.
“You two have been talking a lot lately…”, you pouted and laid your head back on his chest, sighing. Yoongi turned off his phone and looked at you, raising one eyebrow.
“Are you jealous?”, he asked confused and ran a hand through your hair, “You mustn’t be, Y/N, you know me very well. I am not that type of guy. I thought you’d trust me..”, he seemed a little angered and you instantly raised your head again and watched his expression. You felt bad for being so jealous, but you just cared very deeply for him. After you explained your feelings, he would just hold you tight in his arms, comforting you, saying that you are the only one he loves.

Originally posted by frostbittensuga

You were regarding your reflection in the mirror, looking at the black dress that hugged your curves. You turned left and right, studied your chest, waist and then legs. Recently, you saw your boyfriend’s lockscreen background picture from his phone. It wasn’t like you to get jealous or compare yourself to others, especially to a model, yet you couldn’t help but think about the well detailed wallpaper of Tinashe that showed up his screen everytime he turned on his phone, wishing it could be you. Maybe he doesn’t like how I look, that’s why he doesn’t have a picture of us two, you thought to yourself. You let out a sigh, letting the gloomy thoughts take over you, until you heard the door open. You flinched slightly and looked at the door through the mirror. It was Hobi who popped his head inside and smiled. You braced yourself and mustered a crooked smile on your face.

"Are you ready to go?”, he chirped and stepped inside the room, making his way to you. You gulped and nodded hesitantly. He looked at you again and asked, “Are you okay, babe?”, he sounded a little worried, “You know you can tell me anything…”.

“Well.. It’s just..”, you looked for a way to tell him what was wrong, without it sounding dumb or selfish. Taking a deep breath you started, “You know, the girl on your lockscreen background.. I wish it could be me”, you mumbled and mindlessly arranged his shirt.

“Oh no, baby.. don’t feel down. Look, you are the most precious and gorgeous human to me, alright? I promise you that we’ll take a picture together once we’re out, and I’ll keep that as a lockscreen background, yes?”, he stroked your cheek and lifted your chin to look up at him. You nodded and couldn’t hold back the smile that crept up your face, leaning up for a sweet kiss.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts


You were Namjoon’s girlfriend. It was you. And sometimes, you wanted everyone to see it. It was a new challenge for BTS, where some of the members had to go on the street and ask diverse girls to join them in a MV shooting and Namjoon, along with Hoseok, happened to be paired up and go on the streets. Your boyfriend asked you if you would want to come with him, which you gladly did. What you didn’t plan, though, was to get jealous.

It was late in the evening. The sky was already darkening and the streets were agglomerated in the busy town. You were walking through the city, along with Namjoon, Hoseok and the cameraman. It was a great atmosphere, hand in hand with your boyfriend in a pretty town and being around great people. After a while you finally ran into some girls, who were about to be your first guests. After exchanging words, you couldn’t help but admire their beauty. On the other side you started getting mad because they started to flirt with Namjoon. Trying your best to surpress your jealousy, you gulped and slowly snuck your hand into your boyfriend’s, trying to leave a sign that he is already taken, but unfortunately, you were left unnoticed. After a few minutes, when they clarified everything, you stood frozen as you watched the pretty girls hugging your boyfriend, still not noticing your presence. You felt your heart sink a little bit, and pulled Namjoon to your side, sighing in annoyance.

“Are you for real..?”, you mumbled and glared at him.

“Babygirl, I’m sorry.. they were so clingy, I couldn’t do anything”, he answered, a hint of confusion in his voice.

“Yeah, right..”, you hung your head low and rubbed your forehead in a stressed manner. Namjoon stopped and placed his hands on your shoulders, leaving Hoseok and the cameraman walk in front.

“I promise you that the next time we see them, I’m going to make sure they know whom I belong to”, he took your face in his hands and gave you a deep kiss, making you forget your jealousy.

Originally posted by yoongimydaddy


You were backstage while Jimin and the others performed on the stage at an award show. You watched everything from a small TV, proudly admiring their practiced moves. You let out an amatory sigh as you thought about how lucky you were to call yourself Jimin’s significant other.

When all the performances came to an end and there were only random groups dancing on stage and having fun, you couldn’t help but notice a suspicious idol girl mixing herself up in the big crowd, ending near your boyfriend. You flinched when you saw her coming dangerously close to Jimin, giving him a flirty look. His response was just a friendly smile, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, you didn’t want to take it to the heart, but the way she looked at him was kind of sensual and piercing. You wondered what was going on and started feeling a little left out.

After a while, the boys finally came back, a laughing, sweaty mess. After spotting Jimin, you ran to him, being greeted by a tight hug.

“I’m so happy for you, Jiminie!~ You did great!”, you kissed him on the cheek, seeing his smiling face.

“Thank you for being here, Jagi~”, he blushed and let you go. He cleared his voice, his expression changing slightly, “Have you seen that strange woman earlier?”, he placed his hand on your lower back, walking to the other chambers where the other members were too.

“I’ve seen her, she was acting all flirty towards you”, you pouted and furrowed your eyebrows. Jimin stopped walking and grinned.

“Aww~ don’t tell me you’re jealous”, he rubbed your back and lifted your chin with his other hand. This earned another pout from you, a tint of red starting to appear on your cheeks. He laughed again in realisation and kissed your temple, “Babygirl~ you’re the only girl I love, I promise. I won’t let anyone come between us”, he held you to his chest and you hugged him tight.

Originally posted by bangdulce


Today, Tae had brought you to his dance practice and you were totally happy to see him dancing the new choreography, along with the other members, right before your eyes. Right now he had finished showing you the moves, goofing around carelessly while making you laugh. You totally loved this side of him. Suddenly a staff member called your boyfriend, interrupting your conversation. It was a girl. She smiled sweetly to Taehyung, motioning him to come over. He smiled and ran to her. You watched her suspicious actions. “Accidentally” placing her hand on his, while showing him something on the papers. You couldn’t help but cringe when you saw her biting her bottom lip while nodding off something he had said.

You let out an annoyed breath and stood up, stepping heavy towards the two. Clearing your voice, you placed your hand on the table, leaning slightly over and eyed the girl with an annoyed stare. You then switched your vision to Tae.

“Taehyung, you wanted to show me something earlier”, you referred back to your previous conversation with him, annoyance clear in your voice. You eyed the girl before you cautiously. Taehyung realised the reason behind your actions, licking his lips.

“Umm, excuse me, but we were talking about something pretty import-”, the female was cut off by Taehyung.

“I think we can talk about it later, it isn’t that important, to be honest”, he mumbled, smiling innocently at her and turning around, taking you by the hand and walking in the opposite direction. You couldn’t hold back your cheeky grin, still feeling a little bad for the woman.

“Do I smell jealousy?”, Taehyung laughed and pulled you in for a deep kiss.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


Most of the time, Kookie didn’t even realise he was making you jealous. However, lately he had noticed you being a little down. Lately, you heard him often talking about his favorite idols and dancers, making you wish you were just like them. Sometimes it was so bad, that you even started to feel a little neglected. In all honesty, you weren’t the type to get jealous over small things, but when you saw the amazed look in Jeongguk’s eyes while he eyed the skilled dancers, you just wished you could impress him just like they did.

“Jeongukkie?”, you were behind the door frame, shyly peeking towards him. He snapped his head towards you and smiled, motioning you to come in.

“What’s wrong, baby? You look upset..”, he mentioned quietly and put some strands of hair behind your ear, “Did I do something?”, Jeongguk immediately jumped to conclusions and started to feel a little guilty.

You let out a faint laugh and said, “No.. it’s just..”, you tried to find the right words, without sounding too upset, “You always talk about those skilled dancers and idols, admiring them so much. They all seem to impress you”, you played with the hem if your shirt nervously, “I am afraid that you’ll get bored of me, because I am not as entertaining or talented as them”, your voice became quieter with each word. You tried to tell him how you felt, hoping that he would understand it the right way.

Jeongguk shifted a little from the position he was in and leaned over to you, taking you into his warm embrace. “Baby no.. Oh my God, Y/N, I would never think of you like that..”, he gulped and continued, “I’m so sorry I made you feel that way. You are a very talented and entertaining person and I love you just the way you are”, he mustered a smile, hoping you would smile back. And you couldn’t help but copy his contagious smile, blushing hard. He promised to take very good care of you, from now on and not to neglect you, even in the slightest way.

Originally posted by jjks

This turned out a little sadder than I’ve originally planned, but I still hope you all can enjoy it, nonetheless ~ 💖🏹 I kindly apologise for any mistakes, misinterpretations or OOCness. Also, I will probably start with NSFW reactions soon ^-^ Love youuu all! 🐱💓 • Min-Seo

Listen To Me || myg


Summary: You can see ghosts and Yoongi just became one.

Genre: angst, ghost!au

Length: 1.4k

A/N: the daily posting has weakened because i am w e a k

Originally posted by fatherlouiswilliamssugaadams0309

The clouds were so low in the sky you felt like you were walking through smoke, you could barely see your feet as you made your way down the sidewalk towards your college. These were the worst days, damp weather was when activity was at its highest and you hated going to classes and trying to concentrate even though you could hear voices others could not.

Usually, you just wouldn’t go into school but you had a big test and assumed you could just block them out, but realistically when was the last time it had been that easy? The sound of whispers seemed to amplify as they sensed your agitation, phantom hands clawing at your jacket as they tried to grasp your attention to feel like they were something more than just ghosts.

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JUMP GIGA - Tite Kubo and Matsui Yūsei Interview

TN: Here’s Kubo’s response to a question about his creative process and mentions of his health, taken from two pages of JUMP GIGA 2017 vol. 2

Part 1

Kubo Tite X Matsui Yūsei

Creative process secrets

Q&A special.

Two mangaka are gathered here, they have created works that are great hits shining brightly through the history of JUMP. A passionate talk unfolds, extending over two hours!

—- “There is a difference between the things you want to draw and the things you can draw. The creator should draw the things they can draw. That’s what I’ve heard, but what do the two senseis think about that statement?” That is the question from pen name - “Red Pencil san”.

Matsui: First of all, I think Kubo sensei is probably the opposite. You draw the things you want to draw right?

Kubo: That’s right. Because, I think that the things I want to draw, is something I can draw…

Matsui: I thought so…!

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Kiwi || Part Four

Hello my lovelies, sorry for the delay, i’m in the final weeks of my first trimester back at uni for the year and so assessments and exams have left me little time for writing. I’m so happy to be back writing, i hope you enjoy this one too. Please don’t be too mad, it’s a bit of a bore this one.. THE NEXT ONE WILL BE GOOD I PROMISE. ALL. THE. DRAMA. 

And here, if you haven’t already you can read PART ONE || PART TWO || PART THREE||

Three weeks. It had been three weeks since that day at Anne’s and apart from him confirming your pregnancy you hadn’t heard from him. Total radio silence. Your patience was wearing thin, not that you had great patience to begin with but pregnancy hormones had managed to deplete what little patience you had left, and now Harry keeping his distance when he said he’d be in touch was pushing you over the edge. 

Gemma could sense the lack of patience in you, and so to keep you from driving yourself crazy three days ago she took it upon herself to pack a bag full of clothes and move into your very small apartment with you and camp on your couch. You would have offered her half of your bed, but with the bump growing by the day and the big ass maternity pillow that was a requirement in order for you to get any form of sleep, the couch would have to suffice. It was fun having Gemma around, she took it upon herself to enrol you both in some pregnancy classes, today had been pregnancy pilates. She insisted on joining you, donning her best lycra clothes. She looked odd with her slim frame standing in a room full of heavily pregnant woman, but her confidence didn’t fail her. To be honest, you loved having her around.. She was quite the good distraction. When the two of you finish up, you walk home making a quick pit stop to the bakery down the road on your way to grab a pretzel. The bakery down the road had a great range of pretzels handmade by a sweet little old German lady. You had tried the whole menu at least twice over during the last three weeks, but today you gave all the weird and wonderful flavourings a miss choosing to go with the plain salted one you’d grown to crave. 

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Request: ‘Can you do a Jughead x Reader request where the reader is always flirting with Jug and everyone but him notices it. And then towards the end he asks them if they were flirting with him and they say something like “well it’s about damn time you noticed.” I love you xxx’ (Thanks for the request girly, it’s probably not 100% what you had in mind but I hope you like it xx)

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: None, just some fluff to brighten your day x

Word Count: 2263

For someone so smart you’d like to think Jughead Jones would be able to pick up on the basic human interaction of flirting, for some reason it just didn’t seem to register with him.

 Y/N had been trying for months now to no avail. It all started the day she realised she had deeper feelings for the dark haired boy, rather than just a platonic friendship. She could recall the exact moment with spectacular clarity.

 It was before the Twilight drive-ins closed, he had asked her (as well as the rest of the gang) to come down and watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. She remembered him calling it a ‘cinematic masterpiece’ and how we would all be missing out on ‘one of the greatest films of our time’ if we didn’t attend. She remembered the way his eyes got excited when he talked about it, they lit up the same way when he would find a new piece of information for his novel or when she would tell him how proud she was to be friends with such a talented writer.

 It was when they were all sitting in the back of the Kevin Kellers truck; she was seated next to Jughead who was staring intently at the screen literally mouthing every word that came out of the characters mouths. She remembered looking up at his face, which was illuminated by the white light of the screen, that seeing him so happy made her feel things that she hadn’t quite registered before, it was in that moment she had first realized her true feelings of affection for Jughead Jones, and it had plagued her every since.

 Fast forward a couple of months and Y/N had tried her very best to flirt with him, to try and show her interest. She would find any excuse to talk to him, she was so interested in anything he had to say, and her subtle laser focus would find him straight away in any room.

 And despite her best efforts she always got flustered around him, especially when he would occasionally tuck the free falling pieces of hair behind her ear when she didn’t notice (this was something he had always done, but she was only just starting to overanalyze it now).

 The unfortunate thing was, however, that he never seemed to reciprocate it or even notice that she was ‘flirting’, he was always so casual with every interaction they had. While her heart rate would be going a million miles per hour his would seemingly be steady and calm. It was getting to the point where she was ready to give up, and where she was starting to accept that a friendship would be all she would get.

 That was until the day Veronica Lodge, a very good friend of Y/N’s, insisted on having a ‘girl talk’ session after school on a Friday. The two girls sat in a red cushioned booth in the warm homey atmosphere of Pop’s Choc-lit-shoppe, a popular hangout for the teens of Riverdale.

 “Look Y/N, I’ve been watching your attempts at flirting with Holden Caulfield for a while now and I’m just going to be straight with you” the Raven-haired girl started. “Jughead is smart yes, nobody is denying his genius with the written word, however girl, you really need to just ask the boy out, I can tell what your intentions with him are but unfortunately sometimes boys just need it given to them plain and simple”.

 Y/N knew deep down that Veronica was right, she was just way too nervous to be so bold as to ask him out. “Ronnie, how the hell do I ask him out though, I mean what if he says no and I loose him completely” Y/N replied now fiddling with the straw of her strawberry milkshake nervously.

 Veronica gave the Y/H/C haired girl a soft smile, “I’ve said this to Betty and now I’ll say the same to you” she cleared her throat “Slay your dragons Y/N Y/L/N, don’t live your life with what if’s, you’ll never be happy until you know for sure”.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I happened upon your blog last night and I looovvvee your work! You have an amazing talent - please continue this! I was wondering if you could write a piece about Sirius befriending a shy girl as Padfoot and then falling in love with her when you have the time. Super fluffy!!!

This is a bit rushed but oh well, hope you like it!


Sirius took a drag of his cigarette, his eyes fluttering closed with relief as the smoke billowed from his lips and out of the dormitory window he’d cracked open. He was filled with a tangle of turbulent emotions and the bitter taste was the only thing numbing the pain.

Merlin’s beard, he was a child.

His brother was a kid- barely fifteen, and he was already getting involved with known death eaters. Sirius had been trying to warn him, reason with him, but Reg had just shrugged him off, and soon the partaking of words had turned into the spitting of insults. Sirius had never meant for it to end like this, and his hand shook with barely concealed anger and hurt as he took another drag. If Reg refused to listen to him then fine, he could screw up his own life.

“For God’s sake, Sirius.” He hadn’t even heard Remus enter the room, but he could hear the irritation in the quieter boys voice. “I told you not to smoke in here. It stinks the place out.”

Sirius didn’t even bother to turn around; he gazed distantly at the afternoon sky, feeling emotionless and detached.

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Children of the Sea

Since there’s demand for fluff stories, here’s something super fluffy. Nothing graphic, just cute mermaid people.


As far as academic careers went, Professor Gerhardt’s had been substantial, but hardly remarkable. As an undergraduate he’d helped to classify several new creatures in the genus Chrysaora. His paper on identifying the age of a herring using bones from its pectoral spines was considered a classic. When he retired from his teaching position at a university, he was rewarded with a little gold watch and a thank you card.

But where was the accolades? The Professor Gerhardt lecture theatre, the professor Gerhardt Award for Excellence in Marine Biology, the Professor Gerhardt museum wing?

Every day, the Professor would leave his cottage by the sea and walk along the beach, staring out at the undulating waves with the sense of awe which he had felt his whole life, but now it was tinged with a slight resentment.

I gave my life to you, he thought. And what have you ever given me?

One day, the ocean replied.

As the Professor turned back towards home after his morning walk he stopped dead in his tracks to avoid stepping on something dark, green and organic. For a fraction of a second he assumed it was some seaweed, but stooping down to take a closer look made his heart seem to stop beating in his chest.

It was small. Smaller than a newborn infant, but similarly formed. Two arms, to legs, two eyes. It’s leathery green skin and strange amphibian eyes suggested that it was not human. A sea creature, but one that belonged in myth and legend rather than reality. The Professor could almost see the future: the accolades, the notes in the history books, the name Gerhardt held in equal regard with Darwin or Goodall. He snatched the being into his arms eagerly.

It looked at him with soft, yellow eyes and gently grabbed his fingers. Intelligence burning burned across its face. The Professor smiled. The visions of academic success seemed to fade.

“I think I will call you Bert. It was my brother’s name.”


Bert studied the numbers on the chalk board carefully, clasping a well worn nub of chalk between his webbed fingers. His digits were clearly not meant for dexterous work like writing, and at a little over four feet tall he had to use a stool to reach up high, but Bert managed anyway. He often liked to spend time in the Professor’s study in the early mornings. It was full of an assortment of medical devices and scanners that the professor had acquired over the past ten years, occasionally from nefarious sources. It was also full of books on every subject a keen mind could wish to learn. This morning, he was playing around with some advanced mathematics.

“You need to subtract the polynomials.”

Bert whirled around and glared at the professor, who shuffled into the room with his morning cup of tea.

“I told you not to give me hints!” he whined. The Professor just chuckled and handed Bert a thermometer. This made his young ward groan even louder.

“Do you really need to take my temperature all the time? You scan me and record just about every bodily function I have, and I don’t believe for one moment you intend to actually publish any of it. Why do you still do it?”

“Bert,” the Professor said, peering at the small creature over his teacup. “You are a being utterly unknown to science, the only one of your kind. You are also a secret known only to me. If you get sick or injured, the only way I am going to know how to treat you is if I have data to work with. Otherwise, your biology is a mystery. So pop in your thermometer.”

Bert sighed but obliged, returning to his sums with the thermometer sticking out of his mouth. When the allotted time was up, he lazily handed it over to the professor and kept working. Gerhardt took out a chart and noted down the figures with a tut.

“Your temperature is very high for this time of year. You’ve only just come out of your hibernation cycle, I don’t understand it. Are you feeling well?”

“Of course. I feel full of energy. In fact I think I will go our for a swim,” Bert said, stepping away from his work. With his spare hand he absent mindedly rubbed his midriff.

“Very well, just be careful. And be back by midday. I’ve found your favourite brand of tuna, I thought I’d make a casserole,” the Professor smiled. He wistfully watched his strange ward breeze out of his little cottage home. Bert was only ten years old, but clearly his biology ran faster than a human’s. He was mature. He needed his guardian less and less. He was all grown up.


Bert breathed in a lungful of fresh sea air as he walking along the coast, the sea caressing his ankles as the tides pulled in and out. At least he thought it was a lungful. Whether or not he had lungs was still up for debate.

He winced his eyes closed and began to unbutton his shirt as quickly as he could. What was this? Since he’d got up that morning, the area around his navel had felt like it was on fire. It was as if every feather touch or gust of wind burned. The professor was always mentioning Bert’s bellybutton, saying how surprised he was that a seemingly amphibious creature even had one.

“Well I wish I didn’t have one right now,” Bert grumbled, kicking at the sand. The waistband of his pants was starting to be just as irritating, so he stepped out of them. It was something he did often when Gerhardt wasnt around and he wanted to go swimming. It wasn’t as if he had external genetalia, and there was nobody around to see anyway.

Bert was just folding up his clothes into a neat bundle when he froze. He forgot to breathe. Every muscle in his body tensed. There, out in the sand, was a mirror image of himself. Except it wasnt’ a mirror image. This being was formed like him, but its skin was paler. Its face was rounder. And it looked terrified. Before he had time to process what he was seeing, the other creature had swivelled in the sand and broken into a wild run towards the sea.

Bert pursued. He pushed every ounce of strength into his limbs to catch up with the creature, and tackled it to the ground in the shallow waters before it could swim out to sea. Everything was foam and spray and splashes for a moment, until he had the creature pinned down in the water.

“Don’t hurt me!” it gasped. Immediately Bert loosened his grip and sat back, freeing the creature.

“I’m not going to hurt you. Please, I’ve searched my whole life for somebody else like me. I’ve only talked to one person in my whole life, a human man who raised me. So I need to talk to you.”

The creature’s golden eyes widened and it sat up, studying Bert’s face with wonder.

“You… live with human?”

“Yes. The Professor. He’s sort of my father.”

The creature’ tilted its head, clearly deep in thought. It was slightly smaller than Bert. He’d thought that he was a weakling compared to the Professor and all the humans he saw from a distance, but this creature was even more waiflike. They were clearly the same species, but it was more willowy. Perhaps it was younger than him. It spoke hesitantly, as if it was not used to speaking English and having conversations.

“I was live with human. In freak show. They not talk to me much. But I escape. Have almost wish I was back in freak show. So hungry and cold and lonely.”

“I’m sorry.” Bert tried to give a reassuring smile, but the creature just stared. Perhaps it didn’t understand what a smile meant. “Have you ever seen anyone else like us?”

“Once. Perhaps one, two months ago. He not like you. Not speak. Grab me and…” It’s voice cracked and it wrapped its arms around itself. “I fight him away, tell him no, but he was inside me for a moment. I still feel it in my sleep.”

Bert’s face slackened in realisation. She was female. Of course. Female, and… he found his gaze dropping to look at her form with interest. He couldn’t immediately see how she differed from him. He snapped his eyes away – it was probably rude to stare. That, and it was making the strange sensation in his midriff begin to pound.

“I’m so sorry that happened. You should come with me. The Professor will look after you. He can give you a safe bed and a good meal. Tuna casserole! You’ll be safe with him.”

“You are nice. What is name?”

“Oh… uh. Bert. What’s yours?”

“They call me Mermaid. At freak show. Which I think is silly, because mermaid have fish tail and not real and beautiful. I have legs and am real, and ugly.”

Bert could have burst into laughter. Ugly, her? She was the image of beauty. Bright, sparkling eyes, a soft and dainty voice, delightfully puckered gils, a coppery green complexion. Anyone who thought her ugly couldn’t see. He clutched at his navel to try to numb the almost overwhelming throbbing sensation that he felt.

“You’re not ugly,” Bert stammered. “You’re beautiful! Your eyes are beautiful, your lips are beautiful, your skin is beautiful, everything about you is…”

“You are in heat.”


Bert fell back into the water in surprise, causing an almighty splash. Mermaid laughed. Unsurprisingly, her laugh was as beautiful as the rest of her.

“Is a word I head a showman use. For a dog, but I think I feel it too sometimes. Perhaps every six months, for a few days. I think it is a need to mate. You can make it feel better like so…”

She walked over to Bert and sat behind him in the water, so that he was sat in between her legs. It was a comforting feeling having her pressing against his back, and Bert couldn’t help but relax under her touch. She rested her head on his shoulder, took his hands in hers and guided them towards his middle. There, she puppeted them into make gentle circular rubbing motions. Almost immediately, Bert felt his eyes glaze over and a wave of intense pleasure ripple through him.

“There, that feels better!” Mermaid giggled. Bert nodded, unable to think of the words to describe how good it felt. The soft lapping of the water around his middle somehow made it even better. He could have buckled in two with pleasure.

“Oh, look,” Mermaid said, sounding slightly apprehensive.

Bert frowned and looked down to Mermaid’s hands. There, coming out of his navel, was an appendage he had never seen before. It seemed to be extending from inside of him and growing by the instant, like a rubbery tube.

“You are different to me. I do not have that,” Mermaid said. “The other creature like us who hurt me… he had something like that. He put it in here.”

Mermaid pointed to her own navel. Except, Bert thought with growing realisation… they’re not navels at all, are they?

“I’m sorry… I don’t want you to have to look at me and remember that. I can put my clothes on.”

“Don’t be sorry. Is part of you,” Mermaid said with her light laugh, trying to shake off her dark thoughts. Bert noticed that her voice sounded a little muffled, as if she were trying to speak with food in her mouth. Now it was her turn to deliver a surprise. At first Bert thought she was sticking her tongue out, but this was clearly a different piece of biology altogether. It was a thin and dainty appendage which slipped from the roof of her mouth

“I… don’t have that,” he said with intense scientific curiosity. All the hours of studying marine biology with the professor made him scientifically intrigued, even in this very personal and intimate moment. What was the purpose of such an organ?

“No? It do this sometimes.” Mermaid said struggling to form her words as the organ descended from her mouth. “Normally when I am in heat. I am not right now, but looking at you makes me feel like I am?”

The aching in his midsection was starting again and Bert felt like no amount of rubbing it was going to alleviate the condition. He got to his feet and took a step backwards towards the beach.

“Perhaps you should leave. I know that my body wants me to do something to you, and I don’t want to do it against your will. Not like that other male did. We’ve only just met… I mean… I mean…”

Mermaid stood up too and studied Bert, pouting her lips a little as she weighed up the options of the situation. She took a deep breath.

“I trust you, Bert. I want you to be in me.”

In that moment, it was as if the conscious mind of Bert which enjoyed maths and walks on the beach shut down and some deep, primal urge took hold. A few minutes ago Bert hadn’t even known the nature of his own sexual organs, but now they seemed to guide him towards Mermaid’s body. He gently laid her down in the water, so engrossed that he didn’t stop to think how dainty and light she was. He climbed on top of her, belly to belly, and closed his eyes as he felt his strange new organ enter inside her. As he it  extend and grow inside of her, he smiled down at her face. She was shaking with pleasure. So was he.

“This is… so wonderful. But what is that thing in your mouth for?” he stammered, as the waves of pleasure throbbed through his body.

“Here,” Mermaid smiled, and she kissed him. It was a deep, long kiss. He felt Mermaid’s strange organ worm its way up inside of him, into his skull. With an unbearable firework burst of pleasure, the beach, the water, Mermaid and even his own body seemed to fade away. For an instant they were just two minds, connected so that they were one.

Mermaid’s mind spoke to him.

“Your babies are going to grow inside me. We will be a family.”


More coming soon, I hope!

- The Fluffster

BTS Reaction - Gf tries to carry them to bed

Anonymous said:

Can you do a bts reaction to their girlfriend trying to lift them up to carry them to bed when she sees them sleeping on the couch but she’s too weak to carry them all the way over so she accidentally drops them?

This one was super tricky, for some reason, but I hope you like it!! 

Min Ah


You had been working for hours on a new assignment and were starting to feel like your eyes were going to fall out from staring for so long at your computer screen. Turning to look at the clock, you were stunned to see that it was already nearly midnight. You knew you had neglected your boyfriend for the majority of the day, but you couldn’t even bring yourself to think about a movie or making love right now. All you wanted was to get to bed and fall asleep, preferably in your sweetheart’s arms. Little did you know, your work for the day wasn’t quite finished. You shuffled down the hall, yawning widely as you made your way into the living room and stopped abruptly. It seemed you weren’t the one who had tapped out early, as there lay your man, fast asleep on the couch.

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Little Sister

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Smut, Swearing… I think that’s it. 

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could please write a Bellamy Blake Imagine where Y/N is Jasper’s sister (and she is sent down to earth with them because she fought the guard that arrested Jasper and Monty) and Bellamy is in love with her and Jasper is super protective of Y/N and Bellamy kind of has to prove himself to Jasper in order to be with Y/N (Can you possibly end it in smut though please and have it all sweet) Sorry it is a long request, I love your writing!! 

AN: @jinglebellsjinglebellamy your request is done babe, hope you enjoy it. Sorry about the wait I know i said i queued it a while ago and then… well my memory struck again and I forgot. So here it is, extra long as an apology. 

@angelaiswriting @georgiagrl1990 @selldraug @coffeebooksandfandom @angryares @jinglebellsjinglebellamy

“Jasper you can’t keep me locked up with you or Monty forever” you said softly staring across the tent at your twin. His floppy hair was covering his eyes as he twitched almost consistently. “Jasper! Will you please…?”

“Stop” he snapped “Just stop talking. I need to think”

You shook your head leaning forward you pressed your hand down on his knee holding it still.

“Jasper please, you’re overreacting”

“Over reacting?” his voice had gone high and squeaky “Y/N I just saw…” he trailed off shuddering at the memory.

“You saw me kissing Bellamy”

Jasper was twitching again frantically, eyes refusing to meet your own. “Don’t, don’t mention it again”

“Jasper you realise it will happen again right?”

“What!?” he finally stayed still “No! It’s never happening again because you are never going near him again”

“Really?” you smiled “and how are you going to keep me away Jaz?”

He smiled slightly as well when you used his old childhood nickname. It seemed like you were finally making progress when Bellamy stormed into the tent. Jasper jumped to his feet positioning himself between you and Bellamy.

“You! Stay away from her”

Bellamy was glancing between you and Jasper he didn’t look overly concerned about Jaspers threat actually looking vaguely amused instead.

“Jasper come on this is ridiculous” you got back to your feet putting a hand on his arm.

“Ridiculous?” Jasper had the squeaky voice back as he narrowed his eyes at Bellamy “You are not to go near my sister”

“Why?” Bellamy asked him eventually. “Are you going to stop me?”

“Bellamy” you hissed as Jasper gasped looking back at you quickly, his eyebrows raised.

“See, this is why you have to stay away! Y/N he’s crazy”

“Jasper” you snorted pushing past him to get to Bellamy standing next to him and linking your fingers with his.

“Y/N!” Jasper was staring horrified at your linked hands. “But…he’s… he’s a man whore”

You could feel Bellamy tense beside you at those words and you suddenly had the desire to smack Jasper. He could be just as much of an ass as he thought Bellamy was sometimes.

“Jasper you don’t need to be like that. I’m old enough at this point to make my own decisions about my life”

Bellamy shook his head at you making you stop talking as he smiled gently at you. “He’s right Y/N” he went back to looking at Jasper. “I haven’t exactly been secretive about what I’ve done in camo. But Y/N she’s different Jasper. She’s special… and I’m going to spend as long as necessary proving it to you, and her”

“You don’t have to prove anything to me Bell” you whispered squeezing his hand in your own.

“Y/N he was going to kill me” Jasper’s outrage was clear to hear “and now you want to…” he shuddered “I don’t even want to think about it”

You squeezed Bellamy’s hand once more before going over to Jasper. “You’re my brother Jaz and I love you. I want you to be alright with this, I want you to accept this because it isn’t going away”

“He doesn’t deserve you” Jasper whispered gripping your arms than louder so that Bellamy could hear repeated “Me and Monty know many herbs, many that kill without a trace”

“Jasper” you were horrified but Bellamy didn’t seem to be as he shared a very male look with Jasper before linking hands with you once more and pulling you from your brother and Monty’s tent.

“Something just happened that I don’t understand” you were looking at Bellamy’s back and then around at the tent entrance. “Bell what just happened?”

“Your brother and I just came to an agreement”

“An agreement?” you knew you were simply repeating everything but your brain still hadn’t quite caught up with what just happened.

You reached Bellamy’s tent letting him pull you inside with no resistance. It wasn’t the first time you’d been in here, but it was the first time you’d been in alone.

It was messy with his few spare shirts thrown on the ground and bits of paper, leaves and varying other debris scattered everywhere.

“Jaspers right Y/N I don’t deserve you”

“Who said you had to deserve me Bellamy?” you asked “the only person whose opinion matters is mine and I want to be with you”

Bellamy framed your face in both his hands gently kissing your forehead “You are the best thing on this earth”

You laughed at that “which isn’t difficult considering what is on earth”

“Wow, why to ruin the gesture” he was joking you could tell as he let you go.

“I have to go” you didn’t want to but there were jobs around camp that you had to finish. Leaning over you kissed him softly before ducking back out of the tent.


On the Ark your main resource had been you brain, part of the triumvirate of you, Jasper and Monty. On the earth’s surface you’d changed into being the one who could identify plants and figure out their uses. Score 1 for your random botany knowledge.

You honestly hadn’t realised how late it had gotten until Bellamy put his hands down on your shoulders.

“Y/N it’s late you missed the food”

You’d jumped at his voice but relaxed when you realised it was just Bellamy. You finally realised it was getting dark around you and your head was aching from having focused for to long.

“How late is it?”

Bellamy rubbed at your shoulders thumbs digging into the knot of tension in the base of your neck. “Late, here I brought you some rations”

You took the small rations from him smiling “Thanks babe” you couldn’t help the yawn that slid out as you got up to face him.

“You need to sleep”

“I’m fine” you insisted giving him a small smile “I just need to eat”

“Then eat” he pressed the food up to your mouth and you took a large mouthful smiling at him as you wiped your mouth. “Making any progress?”

“I think so” you pointed at the plant on the far right “I’m fairly certain that is what Lincoln was using to try and stop bleeding and haemorrhaging”

“You sure?”

“No” he raised one eyebrow at your flat denial “But without a test subject I’m as sure as I’m going to get”

“You’re doing a good job Y/N” he brushed hair out of your face “How’d you get so clever?”

“I’m not” you insisted, you leant forward resting against his chest enjoying the feel of his arms going around you holding you to him.

You honestly weren’t sure when you’d realised you liked Bellamy as more than a friend. You’d known him a long time even while you’d been on the Ark. Your relationship had evolved from you helping him out to helping each other out. Had he done some stupid things? Yeah. Then again all of you had, after all you’d all been arrested for something no matter how small.



His hand was running up and down your back. “Stay with me tonight?”

He’d said this so quietly you wondered if at first you’d misheard him. “Stay with you? Tonight? All night?”

He had his arms tight around your waist “I’m not pushing Y/N. We can just sleep if you want. Just come back with me. Please?”

Finally you nodded “alright”

“What?” he actually looked stunned that you’d answered him. “Yes?”

“Yes” you leant up covering his mouth with your own when he would have continued to question. “I want to go back with you Bell”

He finally smiled lighting up his whole face as taking your hand you walked through camp together.


Bellamy’s tent was one of the bigger ones in camp, of course the leader would get more space than the rest of you. Even with that extra space though with the two of you in there it still felt fairly cramped.

With Bellamy stood behind you hands on your shoulders you leant back against his chest enjoying the feel of his body against your own.

“You were very calm with Jasper earlier” you lifted your hands up covering his own “thank you for that”

“He was just trying to protect you” he spun you around arms going around your waist “you’re his sister. I can understand the want to protect your sister”

“Do I need protecting from you Bell?”

He smirked leaning closer “definitely” his mouth moved the final distance between you both, his lips pressing against your own.

There was something about kissing Bellamy that made you want time to simply stop so that his kissed never ended.

His hands slid up under your shit to rest against the bare skin of you back, spreading out there pulling you even closer to him. You had your arms wrapped around his neck pulling him back towards the bed until your legs hit the edge of it.

You managed to disentangle yourself from him breathing hard as your eyes met his own. Very slowly your hands went to the top button of your shirt slipping the first one open and then the next. Bellamy was staring at you hard eyes unable to look away from the movement of your fingers.

“Y/N you don’t have to, we don’t have to”

“I know” you finished the buttons shrugging off your shirt hands going to the bottom of his instead. “I want to”

He didn’t resist as you lifted and tugged the shirt over his head, dragging your nails back down his chest.

“Come here Bellamy”

Your statement stirred him instantly to action as he took you back into his arms, mouth attaching to the soft skin of you neck. He sucked there whiles his hands came up to unsnap the clasp of your bra letting it drop unheeded to the floor.

Somehow the rest of both your clothes joined your bra as you were laid down gently on the bed Bellamy balancing himself on top of you.

“Bell…” you whispered softly getting his attention back up to your eyes rather than your chest. “Bell I haven’t… I mean… I’ve never”

“Shhh” he dropped another kiss to your mouth cutting off your words. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course”

He smiled “good” his mouth moved from your own to your neck once more, dropping sweet kisses to your collarbone, you breasts and down over your stomach.

His hands followed his mouth until they were settled on the insides of your thighs gently pulling them apart. He kissed down one thigh, then up the other before placing a single kiss to your core. His tongue reached out flicking across your clit and then sliding down and into your body.

“Ooh…Bell…” you moaned and felt him smirk from between my legs,

“Told you to trust me” he murmured

It wasn’t long before your body was shuddering and contracting in a way you’d only felt with your own hands before.

“Just let go baby” Bells rough voice tipped you over the edge orgasming into his mouth.

As you calmed slightly, Bellamy kissed his way back up your body, his hands following the path of his mouth.

You slowly slid your hand down the front of his boxers, to be honest you hadn’t even realized he’d still been wearing them. Encircling the thick length inside of them. He groaned as you stroked him cautiously, trying to figure out how he liked it.

He kicked off the boxers and before you had chance to think about whether it would hurt he was sliding inside of you.

You gasped in shock at the sudden stab of pain. Bellamy waiting until you had adjusted to start moving. He set a slow, teasing pace by sliding in then pulling out slowly. Then he’d slam in hard and deep adding a slight twist to his hips with every thrust causing him to hit that special spot that was driving you crazy.

“Ahh…Bell” you moaned, clinging onto Bellamy’s broad shoulders as he moved in and out of your body. His fast thrusts and deep strokes bringing you to the brink of insanity.

He knew you were close by the erratic sounds of your breathing and the way your muscles were clinging to him. He was holding on by a thread himself, sweat dripping from the tips of his hair as he held back.

“Come on baby” he urged eyes meeting your own “cum for me”

You didn’t know why hearing him order you to let go made it happen, all you knew was that you shattered, pleasure infusing every cell of your body.

Bellamy had his head buried in your neck as his own control finally snapped with the sound of your own.

When you’d finally come back down to earth Bellamy rolled you both over so you were laying on top of him. His hand settling on your back as you listened to his heart still beating hard under your ear.


“Ummm” apparently words were still not happening yet.

“I love you”

Your head jerked up looking at him, his eyes were vulnerable as he moved one hand to push hair off your face. Finger trailing down your jaw.

“You love me?”

“I do” he repeated “I knew before now that I did, I just never knew how to admit it. I can’t keep it quiet anymore though. I love you”

You couldn’t remember ever being as happy before as you reached up to kiss him enjoying the feeling of his lips under your own as his hand tangled in your hair.

“I love you too”

Old Maid | Joshua Hong || One Shot

Genre: fluff

Parings: SEVENTEEN Joshua Hong x Reader

Warnings: cringe because I cannot write fluff to save my life

I apologize to the one who requested this.

           “Granny panties,” Wonwoo snickered. Whenever he loses against you on any game—any game at all—he would drop remarks about your inexperienced self. He’d call you an old maid, a chastity belter, and sometimes consider you as one of the manliest men he knows. It didn’t help that your fashion sense basically consist of worn out sneakers, any kind of jeans you picked up in your room, and tee shirts that are probably either unisex or for males. By now, the only thing that makes you a girl is your hair that you insist on not tying up, for you’re too lazy to be keeping hair ties around and/or combing.

You rolled your eyes at the pettiness. “Fuck you, Jeon.”

           Standing up, you dusted off the loose grass on your jeans. A game of checkers turned into six consecutive rounds of you winning and Wonwoo losing. It got boring as time passed, and you’re craving pizza now.

           “I need pizza,” you said, gathering your bag. “Say hi to Minghao for me. He’s cool.”

           He nodded, looking up at you as he remained sitting on the grassy ground. “If Seungkwan comes and asks for you, what should I tell him?”

           The thought of Seungkwan and his sass makes you want to barf. “He can go to hell. You tell him that.”

           “Wow,” Wonwoo chirped. “What a beautiful friendship.”

           You flipped him off to emphasize the beautiful friendship, and went on your way to pizza.

           The Pizza House is the only place you trust. Students from your university would always crowd in various cafes and libraries, but you would cram last minute in a pizza parlour. The cheese and grease pizza offers calms both you and your stomach.

           You went to the counter and got your usual six slices, and proceeded to find a spot. It’s lunchtime already, so the people kept coming in. You spotted a table for four at the back, so you went there, aware that it is probably too big for one person.

                       Your mouth is opened at its widest, hovering on the fourth slice already when a soft voice disturbed you. “Can I sit here?”

You looked up to see a graceful person holding a tray of food in one hand, the other clutching on his bag strap. Looking around, you finally realize that there’s no more tables available, your table is too big for you, this is a really shitty cliché moment, and he probably is having a hard time balancing the tray in one hand.

Nodding, you gestured at the chair across you. He smiled an eye smile that made his eyes twinkle and made your heart go badump badump. You mentally slapped yourself. You have handsome friends. Why are you reacting like this now?

You mentally shrug. It’s not a big deal to appreciate a pretty face, right?

A few moments of chewing happened. You didn’t spare him another glance. You continued munching on your fifth or maybe sixth slice as if your stomach is a bottomless pit. The boy then decided to speak up to end the silence. “I’m Joshua.”

You looked up in confusion, suddenly realising how slow your brain is working.

“Oh, uh, I’m Y/N,” you muttered awkwardly, trying to look anywhere but his face and failing miserably.

Introducing yourself got you to look at him again. His soft features are truly mesmerizing. You found yourself staring a bit too long at his twinkling eye smile.

“Do you eat here often?”

His honey voice filled your ears, keeping you from thinking straight. How can a man look this angelic? You remember when your friend Jeonghan claimed himself as an angel because of his birthday. Jeonghan can choke on a pepero stick now. You found an actual angel in flesh.

“Hey,” he chuckled, bringing you back to reality. “You’ve been staring, Y/N.”

Flustered, you managed to gather yourself. “Sorry,” you stuttered, “I do come here often.”

“I’m actually a transfer student, and I just found out about this place,” Joshua said, smiling genuinely at you.

You tried to return the smile, but you find your smile hideous, so you opted to nod just to show you’re listening. “The pizza here is good.” You popped the last part of the pizza in your mouth and ate happily. Joshua fondly stared at how you obviously love eating.

“I’ll be coming here often, too, for a completely different reason.”

Joshua meant to flirt. You’re just dumb.

“Yeah, the buffalo wings here are also good.” You wiped the pizza grease off of your mouth with a napkin, and looked at him. His sweet little eye smile is now replaced with a smirk that makes you wonder if he’s the same person.

“What?” Confused, you blinked at him. “Don’t you like buffalo wings?”

Joshua sighs, “Can I get your number?” He fished his phone out of his pocket and handed it to you. You typed in your number, wondering what’s going on in his mind.

Joshua Hong isn’t one to flirt, but if he did, then he’s definitely interested. It’s quite frustrating since every single flirting tactic he knows is just going above your head. He knew he had to work harder than that.

“Why is Mr. Cherub always hanging out with us?” Jeonghan whined loud enough for the whole group to go silent.

For a month now, Joshua has been spending his time with you, unintentionally keeping you from your friends. Apparently, he has no friends at all, being a transfer student, so he stuck to you like glue. Not that you mind it.

He’d take you to movie dates that you thought were hang out ideas and to lunch dates that you thought were just free food moments. Every time you’d spend time with Joshua, your friends would be left without your presence. Jeonghan complained about you ditching them for a stranger, so you thought it would be better for Joshua to join your group. Seungkwan, Minghao and Seokmin are completely having fun with him. Wonwoo doesn’t really care if Joshua is added to your group, but Jeonghan opposed to the idea. Ever since you told him that you found an actual angel and that he’s a fraud angel, he would always try to get rid of Joshua.

           “I’m gonna be here whether you like it or not,” Joshua sang. He likes teasing the elder.

           You rolled your eyes at Jeonghan. “Stop being a baby,” you spat.

           Jeonghan made a high-pitched noise that counts as dramatic crying. “What did I ever do to deserve this slander? Why is Y/N choosing her boyfriend over me? I’m the bestest friend she has and yet she’s leaving me for…” He gestured wildly at Joshua who laughed at his antics. The others laughed too. Seungkwan pointed out that Jeonghan is being punished by the heavens for being a whiny bitch. Wonwoo insists that bestest is not a real word.

           Your ears didn’t miss the part in which Jeonghan referred to Joshua as your “boyfriend.” You blushed at the thought, and immediately excused yourself to hide the red thing called your face. You walked towards a near tree as if breathing exercises works better near photosynthesis.

           Wonwoo saw and heard everything, and decided to tease the reactions out of you.

           “Wow, Y/N. Joshua is so gay for you.” You hit the male’s arm in response. He’s being annoying again.

           “Stop calling me a man,” you glared.

           Wonwoo just laughed at you, suddenly turning serious. “Is he your boyfriend now?”

           “What?” You said, almost immediately. “N-no! It’s not like that.” You fiddled with your fingers, eyes cast down to avoid Wonwoo’s serious ones.

           “Then what are you two?”

           You sighed. “Friends.”

           “Huh,” he said. “Okay then. Friends. But… do you like your friend?”

           “Which one? You?” You playfully punched his arm. “Nah. I hate you.”

           “Don’t play dumb now,” he urged with a playful smile.

           You can’t help spilling your thoughts now. “Well, I don’t really know yet. There’s really nothing to think about.”

           Wonwoo understood what you mean, even if you’re having a hard time understanding yourself. He ruffled your hair as if trying to further make a mess of an already messy thing. He reassured, “Don’t worry. It’s fine if you don’t know yet. You’ll know sooner or later.”

           You smiled a little, and went back to your group with Wonwoo. Both of you laughed at the scene they’re making. Jeonghan is clutching at Seungkwan’s hair, pulling as hard as he can. Seungkwan’s hand are at the elder’s arms, pinching as hard as he can. If you’re not used to this kind of scene, you’d think their fighting, but in this friendship, it’s just playing around as long as it’s not a fist fight. Minghao and Seokmin were laughing, rolling on the ground as they witness their pettiest friends fight like high school girls.

           Joshua started explaining. “I tried to stop them, Y/N, but… Jeonghan let go of him! Seungkwan, oh my golly, that must hurt!”

           “Of course it hurts, dumbo,” Jeonghan managed to say as he wrestled Seungkwan. “Ah! If your pinches bruise my arms tomorrow, I swear to Go-“

           Jeonghan yelped when he felt Seungkwan pinch a sensitive part on his arm. The pain made him let go of the younger’s hair, and Seungkwan took off and hid behind a laughing Wonwoo.

           “Okay, that’s enough. You’re scaring our new friend,” you said with a laugh. “It’s normal, Josh. Don’t stress over them.”

           Joshua looked at you as if you grew two more heads. “This is what you do for entertainment?”

           “What? You’re afraid of a tiny pinch?” Minghao went to Joshua and pinched the latter. Joshua shrieked at the pang of the supposedly harmless pain. He rubbed at his arm that will most probably be bruised later.

“Too weak. A pinch is just a hickey in its nonsexual form, you know,” Seokmin commented, as he focused on Seungkwan’s balding head.

           “How will you protect your girlfriend then? I do not approve of this relationship,” Jeonghan pointed Joshua. Your eyes grew wide, and Joshua smirked at the comment by the older.

           You opened your mouth to say something that could potentially explain your real relationship, but before you could, Joshua spoke up for you. “We’re not together…”

           Jeonghan turned to you, throwing a questioning look at your direction. “But you go on dates-“

“…yet,” Joshua continued.

At least you all got to know each other better. Joshua found out how whiny Jeonghan can get, how Seungkwan likes to talk back, how Minghao doesn’t take shit from anyone, how Wonwoo lingers quietly like a piece of wood, and how Seokmin randomly do random things. Everyone found out how Joshua can make everyone go silent with one word.

           It’s not that you’re avoiding Joshua.

           You just refused to talk to him for the past few days is all.

           He’s been constantly texting you, trying to call you, and searching for the right timing to talk to you at the university, but you refuse to show yourself to him.

           To your friends, it’s becoming annoying. The first time you told them you want to hide form Joshua, they helped you, thinking you’re cute and still shocked. But after a few days passed, you just seemed like a middle schooler avoiding a confession when in reality, you’re a college graduating student whose virginity is still intact.

           They can’t blame you, though. No matter how potty mouthed and testosterone-ish you are, you’re still a naïve woman.

           Eventually, Joshua stopped reaching out. He felt like he’s clinging onto you too much and he’s annoying you. You obviously got bothered when he just disappeared from your field of vision. Most of the time, he’d be seen with a friend who’s not you.

           You sat on the field, back resting against a tree. Nose stuck in a book of blood and gore, you tried to mute the voices of your excruciatingly annoying friends.

           “Y/N should just talk to him,” Minghao said, exasperatedly.

           Seokmin shrugged. “She’s not ready yet, though.”

           The notion earned a huge, dramatic sigh from Jeonghan who’s sprawled idly on the grass. “She’s always not ready. What’s new?”

           “This is one of the few times I’d agree with you,” Seungkwan piped up. “Y/N is too much of a coward to face feelings and romance and sex and Joshua Hongs.”

           You dropped your book, the hard cover hitting the grass with a crunch. “I’m literally right beside you.”

           Wonwoo continued his reading, though smiling at what he’s hearing.

           “Oh,” Seungkwan deadpanned. “You’re there. Hi.”

           Grunting, you stood up. They all looked at you confused.

           “Where ya going?” Seokmin inquired, his eyebrows raised in confusion.

           You shot them a glare, one that you give whenever you’re taking on a challenge. “I’m an old maid, not a coward. I’m going to talk to Joshua.”

           Jeonghan whistled. “That’s my girl.”

           Minghao rolled his eyes. “Not yours. Joshua’s.”

           You brisk walked to where Joshua would usually be found with his new friend. Minghao stared offended at the middle finger Jeonghan flashed him.

           Hansol is a cool guy.

           He isn’t too flashy, but he isn’t ugly. In fact he’s charming. His disoriented personality just makes him less of a capable guy.

           Joshua found himself a friend that actually clicked with his persona. Hansol knew about you, of course. Joshua’s obvious staring at your direction tells a lot.

           “Why did you two stop talking again?” Hansol munched on a fry. Joshua likes hanging out on the empty bleachers. He also thought Hansol would be okay wherever you take him.

           Joshua sighed, checking his phone to see if you at least read any of his messages from before. “I was getting creepy, so I stopped chasing.”

           “If you think you’re creepy then that means you’re not.”

           Joshua smiled and ruffled the hair of the younger. “Sometimes, I don’t get your thinking.”

           “Nobody really does,” Hansol grinned.

           Their conversation came to a halt when you dropped your bag beside Joshua. Joshua stared at your sweaty figure. Now, what compassionate wind blew you to his direction?

           “We… Me… You… Talk…” you panted.

           Joshua was in a daze and it took an elbowing from Hansol to get him back to his senses. “Ah! Oh, yeah, uh…” he trailed off. “Sure. Let’s got to a café.”

           You shook your head. “I hate that place. Let’s go to the Pizza House.”

           You fiddled with your fingers on your lap.

           “What do we talk about?” Joshua started.

           “Uh,” you coughed a little at the uneasiness. “I have no idea.”

           Mentally, you smacked yourself. You confidently barged to someone’s hang out place, asked to talk, and ended up with nothing to talk about. Careless and damned.

           Joshua found it cute and endearing.

           “I…” you started. “Do you hate me now?”

           Taken aback, Joshua raised his brows. “What even makes you think that?”

           “You avoided me,” you said with a small voice. His heart sank.

           “You avoided me first.”

“Yeah, but you avoided me after.” At this point, you realize that you sound stupid. Eyes closed, you threw your head back and grimaced.

Joshua chuckled, his eyes twinkling with smile. “I thought I was too much of a bother, so—“

He was cut off by you, suddenly vigorously shaking your head at what he said. “Never!”

“You were avoiding me so much, so I just assumed.”

“I was just…” eyes cast down, you thought of a better wording. “I was afraid.”

Joshua subtly tilted his head to the side. “Of what?”

“Of things,”

“Like what?”



“Like you…”


“I like you,” you managed to quietly say, praying it was heard since there’s no way you’re saying it again. It’s better if you get rejected now. It’s just your first confession ever. It’s no big deal. Not at all.

It was silent for a few moments until you can’t bear it anymore, so you raised your head to look at him, surprised that he’s just been staring at you with a warm smile on his face.


“I like you, too, dummy,” he grinned.

You looked at him confused. “Are you aware that I’m practically a man? Manlier than you, probably.”

Joshua’s brows furrowed. “I’ve only ever seen you as my princess.”

“Hey, I like you, but calm your cheese.” You gagged.

Joshua laughed. “Kitten?”

Gasping dramatically, you said, “Disgusting.”

“You said you like me!” Joshua clutched his heart in fake hurt.

“I do not remember saying such thing.”

You laughed, and he laughed. You two shared a moment of smiles and giggles, aware of how comfortable you are with each other’s company. The laughter died down, and it was just Joshua staring you straight in the eyes with his signature eye smile that never falters.


You hummed, fully captivated by his warm smile.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

           “Y/N, will you marry me?”

           Jeonghan suddenly propped himself on one knee, holding your hands in his.

           “What the hell happened when I was gone?” You asked Wonwoo who sat quietly. Seokmin, Minghao, and Seungkwan are attending their classes. That leaves an annoying Jeonghan and a patient Wonwoo.

           “They made a bet.” Wonwoo cringed. “Dorks wanted to know if you have a secret thing for Han.”

           You sighed and turned to look at Joshua. “He’s just being stupid,” you said, gesturing at Jeonghan who’s still waiting for your response. Joshua nodded, but clear displeasure washed over his face.

           “C’mon, Y/N,” the man on his knee urged. “Admit you have a crush on me, and I get paid.”

           Rolling your eyes, you snatched your hands away from him. “You really bet on me crushing on you?”

           “Duh.” Jeonghan stood up and dusted his pants. “Of course you do. I’m beautiful.”

           Joshua can’t help pulling your waist to bring you to his side. Your reddening cheeks gave away the thought. Wonwoo had his mouth agape, and Jeonghan quirked an eyebrow.

           “Y/N is my girlfriend now,” Joshua boldly announced. “I’d appreciate if you stop touching her however you like.”

           Wonwoo stood up and walked to you. Het pat your shoulder like a proud father, flashing Joshua a polite smile before doing so. “Wow, Y/N. You finally grew balls to confess.”

           Joshua opened his mouth to object, taking full offense on what Wonwoo had just said. But before he could, you stomped on Wonwoo’s foot, causing the man to hop around in pain.

           “Aha,” Jeonghan remarked, satisfied. “That’s my girl.”

           “Not yours,” Joshua grumbled, throwing harsh glares towards your flirty friend. “Mine.

Out Of Nothing At All - Chapter Eighteen

“Oh fuuuck Spencer…… ” your breath was coming in long moans, your back arching off the bed as your hands tangled in his messy curls, pressing his head and therefore his mouth closer to you.

His tongue increased its movements between your legs, his fingers joining in slipping inside of you and thrusting in and out, slowly at first and then faster and faster as your whines got louder and more intense.

You were nearly there…. so nearly there, just a bit harder, a bit more pressure and you’d come. You needed this orgasm so badly, the tension between your thighs building to an almost painful point.

“You taste so good Y/N,” he pulled away slightly, his breath warm and tickly on your clit.

“Oh god…. Don’t stop.” Glancing down you saw him smirking at your moans, his tongue swiping over his already wet lips.

“So you want me to continue then?” his eyebrows raised suggestively at you as he curled his long fingers inside your slit. 

“YES….. Fuck…. ”

Lowering his mouth back down Spencer sucked hard, pulling your sensitive bud between his lips.

“Oh god….”

“Y/N?……. Y/N….. Wake up….. ”


That same voice that had been teasing you moments ago was stood by your bed, dragging yourself from your dream.


Forcing your eyes open you rolled over in your bed, feeling the stickiness between your thighs… Ugh.

“Sorry but your alarms been going off for the past five minutes. Can you not hear it?”

Well now you could. You reached out and hit the alarm on your bedside table off. Spencer was stood there already dressed for work, cup of coffee in hand.

“Balls…. Sorry. I’ll get up.”

“Okay. We’ve got plenty of time still. Just…… You’re normally up by now is all. Everything okay?”

Please leave…. Please get out of the bedroom.

“Yep…. Just struggled to sleep last night that’s all.”

You’d struggled to sleep because you’d been trying for two hours to find a position in which you could masturbate without getting hand or wrist cramp. This past week you’d been so ridiculously horny you were sure you were going to start staining seats at work. Everything was turning you on…. EVERYTHING. Spencer bending over, Spencer drinking coffee, driving over speed humps on the road, JJ in the tight little skirt she’d worn two days ago. Even Rossi… He’d started speaking Italian to Kate, telling her some kind of joke and just….. Fuuuck.

You’d read that some women got incredibly horny during their pregnancy and apparently you were one of them. It was ridiculous. But this stupid bump was in the way and you couldn’t do anything for more than a few seconds without getting a pain in your hand. The angle was too awkward. 

And the water pressure in your house was terrible, so the shower head was totally out of the question too. This was the second day in a row that you’d had a…..wet dream. The first one had been much worse and you’d woken up with the spare pillow between your legs, actually humping it.

Thank god Reid hadn’t walked in then.

Or… What if he did? Maybe he would have offered to take that pillows place? Hmmm.


You’d ride that sooo ha….

Stop it!

Get up. Shower. Clean yourself up and go to work. Do NOT think about Spencers mouth.

That sexy little tongue poking out between his lips. Or how he caught his bottom lip with his teeth.


Work was uneventful, you spending most of the day hiding out in Penelope’s bat cave. The team didn’t have a case so you were doing a lot of filing. Boring, boring filing.

“So…. How’s things between you and the genius?” Penelope asked as casually as she could.

“Reid? Fine, I guess, we’ve been getting on really well. I still wish I could punch him in the face sometimes, especially when he uses all the coffee and doesn’t replace it, but yeah. So far, so good.”

It had been a few weeks since the “visit” with your mom. You’d told Pen about how he’d told her off, Penny loving every second of it. She adored it when Reid got pissy with people, providing it wasn’t her of course.

You HADN’T told her about that awkward moment in the motel room. The….. kiss. You hadn’t told anyone. You and Spencer hadn’t even spoken about it, waking up the next day and just continuing about your routine as normal. You’d been waiting to see if he’d bring it up first but he hadn’t…. And you didn’t want to bring it up because… Well, what was there to say? What did it even mean?

The door to Pen’s office opened and Spencer walked in.

“Y/N….. Erm, I might not be home until quite late tonight. An old friend is in town and they messaged asking me if I wanted to meet up. Will you be okay by yourself?”

“Yeah sure…. I’ll bother this lovely lady here if I need company. Just let me know when you’re on you’re way back so I don’t have another heart attack and think someone’s breaking in like last time you went out with Morgan, okay.”

“Okay. See you later.”

He grinned, leaving the room and pulling the door shut behind him. Turning to Penny you could see she was looking at you strangely.

“What’s that look for?” you asked her.

“You realise that when he walked in, you looked him up and down and then bent forward, pushing your boobs together. Classic ‘look at what I’ve got for you’ move. Which you just did for Spencer.”

“I did not!” You hadn’t, had you?

“You totally did. And now you’re blushing. What the hell Y/N?”

Awww shit. You shifted on your chair uncomfortably.

“Oh my god! You like him!”

“I don’t… I swear I don’t. It’s just….. Ugh. Pregnancy hormones. It’s like the baby wants me to make another one…. ”

“Ahhh yes. You’ve reached the ‘I want to fuck everything and anything but can’t’ stage. I remember JJ going through that. She spent a lot of time in here hiding when that happened.“

“Yes! It’s sooo not fair. And at least JJ had Will to help her out.”

“Well….. You do kinda have someone.”

“Pen I love you to pieces but I really don’t think you’d appreciate me sitting on your face right now.”

She threw one of her tiny stuffed animals at you, laughing. “Not me silly. The person who put the baby there in the first place!”


“No freaking way.”

“If you asked him…… You know he would.”

“I’m not asking the father of my unborn child to get me off. That’s not how it normally works.”

“Oddly enough Y/N, it IS how it normally works….. ”

Oh yeah.


But no.

Work finished you made the trip home by yourself, swinging by your local take out for some Chinese food. Once home you ate by yourself before taking a long bath. You’d intended on starting your new book, but five pages in you could feel your eyes starting to droop.

You woke up an hour or so later, the bath water now cold. Checking your phone quickly you saw it was 9:30pm. No messages from Spencer which was strange. Since he’d found out about the pregnancy, he’d barely gone two hours without checking up on you. And the last time you’d spoke had been at six, just before you left HQ for the day.

“Any idea what time you’ll be back?” You shot off a quick message. Not wanting to sound like a nagging wife, just wanting an idea as to whether you should lock up now and go to bed.

You finished up in the bath pulling your pajamas on and drying your hair, before going back downstairs to see what was on the TV.

Still nothing from Reid. Okay, give it until 11pm maybe. Although it really wasn’t normal for him to go this long. Had something happened? Maybe Morgan knew where he was? You texted him quickly, you know, just wanting to make sure Spencer was safe.

A reply a few moments later. “Baby girl, he’s with Austin. That hot bartender friend of his. He said he’d told you? Everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine. I’d just forgotten that’s all. Baby brain. ”


Hot bartender?


A memory came back from nearly eight months ago.

“I prefer not to have random hook ups. I have an arrangement with someone who I see every few months when they come into town.”


So you were here carrying HIS child, and feeling helplessly turned on…. And he was with some girl, getting his end away?

No fucking way.

You picked up your phone, calling him. He answered on the third ring.

“Y/N…. Is everything okay? Is the baby okay?”

“The baby is fine Spencer. I was just wondering if you were planning on coming home tonight? You’ve not replied to any of my messages. Where are you anyway?” you tried to keep your voice as smooth and calm as possible. He hadn’t told you where he was going, let’s see if he’d be honest.

“Just at a friends….. I won’t be too much longer I don’t think. Why? W-What’s up?”

Ahhh, the nervous stutter.

“What friend Spencer…. Anyone I know?”

You could hear muffled noises, and a shuffling sound, “No one you know…”

“Spencer…. Come back to bed sexy.” A female voice rang out in the distant background.

“Come back to bed…. SEXY?!?!”

He coughed loudly… “Erm…..”

“Does she know you’ve got a baby on the way…. Sexy? I hope you’re remembering the condom with her. Or shall I expect a little half brother or sister in nine months?” Wow, you knew you were being a bitch but you couldn’t stop it.

He sighed loudly, “Look, could you please just…stop? I’m kinda in the middle of something and you’re being unreasonable. I’ll be home soon, ok?”

“Yeah, sure sounds like you’re in the middle of something. Sounds like you’re in the middle of someone actually. Dr Spencer Reid, man whore. Who knew eh?”

“I-I’m not…we’re not…I mean…oh for fuck’s sake, Y/N! I’m not even going to explain. Just…I’ll come home.”

“Don’t bother Spencer. Stay with your little slut…” Ending the call quickly, you threw your phone down. How fucking dare he!

Seething, you locked up before grabbing your phone and going to bed, throwing yourself down onto the mattress.

How dare he be out fucking some random girl when you were stuck here, pregnant with his child. Lying on the bed, you tossed and turned trying to get comfortable. Ten minutes later you heard a loud slam and an angry voice calling your name, followed by feet pounding up the stairs.

Your bedroom door flew open, Spencer stood there, his hair a messy birds nest and his clothes in dissaray.

You pulled yourself up into a sitting position, glaring at the man stood in front of you. “I thought I told you not to bother coming home”

“I know you didn’t actually mean that, you’re just angry with me for whatever reason that I hope you’re gonna explain to me right now.” He stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I’m angry that you didn’t have the decency to tell me where you were actually going or what you were actually doing…. Or perhaps I should say who you were doing.”

“I don’t know what you think that was but I’m not going into any detail I just…I just fail to see why I suddenly need to tell you where I’m going and with whom.”

“What I think that was? Oh come on Spencer…. Come back to bed sexy….don’t tell me you were just reading her a fucking bed time story. And as for why you should tell me where you’re going. Perhaps because I’ve got your child inside of my womb. Christ for someone so smart you’re a fucking dick sometimes.”

“What went on is none of your business and it has nothing to do with our child! I went out for a couple of hours for some private time like I told you I would. How does that make me a dick?!” His eyes narrowed at you.

“It has everything to do with our child when you’re out fucking some random girl… Is she gonna be our daughter’s step mommy Reid? Is that it? And don’t even try to tell me that’s not what you’ve been doing. Your fly is still down and your shirt’s buttoned up wrong.”

Watching him quickly glancing down and seeing his mistake would have been amusing if it wasn’t for the situation.

“I-I…ok fine! I had sex. Big fucking deal! She’s not some random girl, and she’s certainly not a slut like you suggested over the phone. Me and her get together every now and then to enjoy each other’s company. Come to think of it I actually told about her, ages ago.”

“Yes, you did tell me. But I kinda of presumed that, what with you having a baby on the way, you’d be able to keep your dick in your pants. It’s not like I can go around fucking any guy I want to can I?” you scoffed, rolling your eyes at him and mimicking his choice of words nastily. “Enjoying each others company, is that what we did Reid? Enjoyed each others company that one night.”

“What do you want me to say?! Would you prefer I said me and her occasionally have steaming hot sex? What are you really angry about anyways? Does it really bother you that I got laid or are you just upset that you can’t right now? Because I empathise, I do, but you don’t get to decide that I can’t have a sex life!”

Steaming hot sex……ugh. And the annoying thing; it probably was.

“Why would I be upset that you got laid Spencer? You’re right, you can go out and bang anyone you want to. And by that right, so can I. You know I bet if I look online, they’ll be a ton a men, probably within a ten mile radius of here that have a pregnancy fetish. I’ll make contact with one of them shall I? Oh wait…. I distinctly remember someone saying weeks ago that it would be ‘inappropriate for me to date someone else, when I had your child inside of me’. So if it’s inappropriate for me, then why is it okay for you? If I can’t do it, then you fucking well shouldn’t be allowed to either. You should have to suffer as much I am!!! ”

“Because I don’t have a child inside of me that’s gonna get poked if I have sex with someone! Can we please just stop arguing about this? You know I don’t have sex often…can you please just let me have this one thing and stop trying to make me feel bad and embarrassed about it?”

No, you couldn’t.

“Poked? Reid, you know better than anyone that that wouldn’t happen. Plenty of women have sex during pregnancy, hell it’s even recommended as a labour inducer. And the reason you don’t have sex very often….. Because you never ask for it! Spencer you could have it from any woman you wanted, so stop pulling the shy, awkward, nerd act. It’s fine… I’ll let you have this one thing. Go back… Fuck her again, bang her so hard, until she’s screaming your name. Maybe I’ll go and see what Aaron is up to. Or Derek. If it’s okay for you then it’s okay for me. I shouldn’t have to sit here horny as FUCK!”

“Well it sure as hell would be a bit odd to have another man’s genitals that close to our baby now wouldn’t it?! And don’t you worry I don’t need to go back to make her scream my name because frankly, she already did. Just stop trying to wind me up and tell me what you actually want to hear from me so I can go to bed! Oh and if you’re so horny then…I don’t know…help yourself maybe?”

“Do you not think I’ve haven’t already tried!! I’m a freaking expert at taking care of myself normally, but I have this HUGE unattractive baby bump in the way. I can’t get myself off and you’re out getting yourself and someone else off. If I’m not allowed to get another man to help me do it, then what exactly am I meant to do? I feel like I could fucking explode. That’s why I’m angry Spencer.”

A huge smirk played over his mouth as something clicked in his head.

“Oh so THAT’s what this is about. You know I recall someone telling me to just ask for it…in other words, I don’t understand why you’ve been beating around to bush for the past 20 mins when the solution to your problem seems very simple…”

“Yeah it is…. I’ll call Derek. That’s what you mean right?”

You knew exactly what he was getting at but that was NOT going to happen.

“Sure, in fact let me call him for you so you don’t need to worry about explaining the situation. I’m sure he’ll be VERY comfortable with this.”

“I’m sure he will. In fact, screw Derek. Let’s go straight for the big boss man. You know, you seemed so sure there was something going on between us in the first place. Might as well make that a reality right.” You reached for your phone, clicking over to your phonebook.

“Ok, stop STOP! If anyone’s fucking you it should be me, and it’s going to be me if you’re serious about needing to get off.”

“Not when you’re still shagging someone else it’s not. And who says I’d want to fuck you again anyway!”

“Oh please, by now it’s crystal clear that the only reason you’re mad at me is because you wish I was fucking you instead of her. You wish you could feel my tongue right between your thighs, slowly teasing your clit, my fingers inside of you….if I’m wrong then look into my eyes and tell me.”

Oh fuck…….Hearing him say those things just took you straight back to that night. For someone so sweet and innocent acting most of the time, the boy sure had a filthy mouth in the bed room.

You couldn’t look him in the eyes. Because it was true.

“Get out of my room Spencer. This conversation is over.”

“You can’t do it, can you? You can’t tell me you don’t want to feel me inside of you, don’t want me to make you come…”


“Tell me you don’t want me then and I will, because I don’t think you can.” He stood there his arms folded across his chest. When did he get this confident? And how did he know? 

“Fine… You’re right.”

 What was even the point anymore?

 “I’m horny as fuck and haven’t been able to stop thinking about having your mouth on me, your hands on me. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you making me come. The past two nights, I’ve dreamt about having your mouth between my legs. In fact this morning, that’s what I was dreaming off when you woke me up. Happy now?” You glared at him, annoyed that you’d had to confess. 

“So what’s the problem then Y/N. You’re horny, I’m more than willing. It’s not like we haven’t before. And it was great then, you know it will be great now.”

It would. 

“I’m not fucking you when you’ve got someone else on the side.”

“And if I end my little arrangement?”

Why would he even do that? 

You shrugged, trying not to think of the possibilities if he did. 

“I’ll go back to her hotel room right now. I’ll be back in a few.”

“Wait…. What?” You watched as he turned and left your room.

Calling after him. “Spencer… Why are you going back there. SPENCER…Come back….. REID!”

In Another Life

Summary: “So, I’d risk tetanus just to see you. Apparently, it’s not just reflexes I’d be lacking in, but common sense.” In which Sakura imagines a different life, and Sasuke somehow manages to be sweet and an ass at the same time. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 6 – Prompt: “Civilian & Shinobi Love”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. You will be scalded by boiling hot coffee should you be found plagiarizing.

Warning: Spoilersfor pretty much everything up to Naruto Gaiden.

Canon-Compliance: As close to canon as fanfiction can possibly be. With a few personal additions :P Takes place during the Blank Period.

Fanon-Compliance: Takes place several years before An Inch of Gold and Unplanned.

Beta Reader: Sakura’s Unicorn


 “Do you ever think about it?”

“Think about what?”

“If we weren’t shinobi. Or if only one of us was. Would that’ve changed anything?”


“Really? You think so?”

“You would’ve still found your way to a profession that helps people. That’s who you are.”

“I find it funny that you assume I’d be the one who ended up a civilian in this scenario.”

“Balance of probability. I can’t see myself as anything else.”

“Really? Because I have no problem picturing you as working in a restaurant or a café or something. It’s your all-encompassing love of people, you know?”

“Your sense of humour leaves much to be desired.”

“But, darling, you’d look so good in a uniform!”

Tch. I’m going back to sleep now.”

“No, no – listen! I could come by to see you after my latest mission from ANBU, order a coffee –”

“You have an overactive imagination.”

“– and I’d be the only one whose order you always knew perfectly, because you looove me –”


“– and I’d always choose that shop because your coffee is amazing.”

“This would never happen, Sakura.”

“But it would! You make excellent coffee – you know, for a tea-drinker.”

“Why would I own a café if I don’t drink coffee?”

“I didn’t say you’d own it, just that you’d work there.”

“So, not only am I not a shinobi, but I’m not even an entrepreneur.”

“I don’t think you have the patience to start your own business.”

“And yet, apparently, I have the patience for public service?”

“Of course! You’d just have to look at people a certain way and they’d shut up and buy whatever you told them to. And no one would ever complain because they’d be too afraid.”


“And, of course, you’d work with Naruto because he wouldn’t be a shinobi either.”


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Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year?

 A/N: I needed to write some cliché Valentine’s stuff, don’t mind me.

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It was that day again, where every couple in the world would be more clingy than ever. You didn’t really hate Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it could be very irritating. You had a boyfriend about two years ago, but he had been a total jerk and had dumped you a few days before the day of love. Since then, you were a bit afraid of a relationship. You didn’t want to get hurt again. However, there was one boy who had won your heart. That happened to be one of your best friends, Peter Parker.

You clearly remember the moment when  you realised you’d fallen for him. A few weeks ago you were walking down the streets and you were threatened by a robber. Before he could harm you, spider-man came to save the day. You remember him dropping you off at your house and being gone as soon as he appeared. After that,  you couldn’t stop thinking about your saviour. How did he know where you lived? Did he happen to be around when you were in danger?

A few days later you went to Peters to work on a school project. You knew where the spare key was and went inside his apartment. Then you walked in on Peter in his spider-man suit. You couldn’t believe it at first, but when you thought about it, it actually made sense. You had pulled him into the biggest hug and that’s when you realised.

It was now a couple of months later and your feelings for Peter kept getting stronger. You obviously tried to hide it, but sometimes that was getting a little difficult. Especially when it seemed like Peter liked you too. Sometimes, Peter would do or say things that made you wonder if he felt the same way. It were just little things, like compliments or he randomly grabbed your hand when you were watching a movie. You didn’t know if it was just friendly or something more. You wouldn’t dare to ask, because things could get very awkward and you absolutely didn’t want that to happen. So you just ignored it. Well, you tried at least.

So, the day of love. It was driving you crazy, because you felt like you were gonna explode. You really wanted to tell Peter how you felt, but the thought that it would ruin your friendship was holding you back. Speaking of Peter, where was he? It was a school day, but he was nowhere to be seen. You asked Ned if he’d seen Peter.

‘No, haven’t seen him, why?’ Ned asked.

‘Oh, um, nothing,’ you replied.

Ned look at you for a second, ‘Hmm,’ he smirked.

You rolled your eyes and went to your locker to grab your books for the next period. In the meantime you sent Peter a text.

To: Peter

Hey, where are you? Missin’ you at school :(

You sent the message and opened you locker. You were very surprised at what you found. A rose. You took it out of your locker and looked if there was a card attached. There was no name to be found, from who could it be? And how did it get there? It wasn’t there when you came to school that morning. You swiftly looked around, but there was no one paying attention to you. You carefully put the rose back, grabbed your books and went to class.

When you got home, Peter still hadn’t replied to your text.

To: Peter

Pete do I need to get worried? Is there some spiderstuff happening?

You started to worry. Peter normally replied almost immediately, but you hadn’t heard anything from him all day. You sat down on your bed and took the rose out of your bag. You couldn’t help but smile. You’ve never got anything on Valentine’s Day before, not like this. You thought about previous Valentine’s Days where you would spend the day with Peter or with some other friends. You’d like to call it ‘Single Awareness Day’.

You sighed and put the rose beside you on your bed. Then, something caught your eye. It was another rose, on your desk. You were very confused. Who was doing this? Was it a coincidence and did your mother gave you one, or maybe…

No, that wasn’t an option, or was it? He did know where the spare key to your house was and he easily could have opened your locker with his spider senses. You were staring at the rose on your desk when your phone buzzed.

From: Peter

Look outside.

Your back was facing your window and you slowly turned around. Your eyes widened when you saw Peter standing there, with a beautiful bouquet of roses in his hands and a nervous, but adorable smile on his face. You didn’t know what to do, you just stood there and looked at him.

‘Y/N?’ Peters voice woke you up from your trance.

You made your way to the window and let Peter inside without saying a word.

Peter took a deep breath and looked into your eyes.

‘Y/N,’ he started. ‘You are probably gonna hate me for this, but I really need to tell you. I know it’s so cliché to do it this day and I know you hate it, but I felt like it had to be now. Look, I just, I like you, Y/N. I like you a lot and maybe it’s even more than that. You literally light up my day, you’re always there for me when I need you, you can always make me smile. I don’t know what I would do without you, Y/N. You mean the world to me. I love our friendship and this will probably ruin everything, but I wish it was more than just friends.’

You couldn’t believe it. The boy you had fallen for, felt the same way. You blinked a few times as you tried to process what was happening.

Peter was silent for a second, waiting for you to say something.

‘I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way, and-’

He couldn’t finish his sentence, because you had cut him off by pressing your lips to his. He didn’t think twice and immediately kissed you back. With his free hand he pulled you closer and your hands found his hair. You smiled against his lips, you’ve never felt happier in your entire life. You pulled away for air and looked into Peters beautiful brows eyes.

‘Wow,’ he whispered, making you giggle. His cheeks were flushed and he looked cuter than ever.

‘Y/N, I don’t want to be cheesy, but will you be my valentine?’ he slowly asked.

‘Yes, you dork,’ you smiled.

Peters smile grew and he leaned in to kiss you again. You sighed into the kiss. His lips felt so soft against yours, it was perfect. This was a Valentine’s Day to remember.

The Masks We Wear (8/?)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7


Thanks, as always to @coffeewithcaptainswan​ for beta’ing - and in record time. She’s the real superhero here, folks!

Sorry for making you all wait forever for this. Real life is hard.

Also, in case you couldn’t guess from the last chapter there’s some whump and anxiety attacks ahead - so proceed with caution if that upsets you.

Previously on The Masks We Wear…

Emma Swan AKA The Saviour and Killian Jones AKA Hook AKA The Survivor are in love. They just don’t know it yet. Killian has rejected Emma as both her superhero ally and her best friend leaving her lost and confused. But she won’t have long to dwell on that. Regina has been unknowingly under The Dark One’s control and she has just led The Survivor into a trap …

“Emma wondered if somehow she had actually pricked him with her magic, so extreme was his reaction. But then it sunk in: he just didn’t want her.”

“First he had to defeat The Dark One, then he could find a way to fix his broken heart.”

“You and I are going to have so much fun. Well, I will at least.”

Killian was startled from sleep by soft lips against his own. After Gods knows how long of being experimented on by Gold, he was constantly on edge. Even this sweet gesture felt like a wicked game. His eyes flew open and he looked up into the eyes of The Saviour.

He gasped in shock, overcome by the emotion of the moment. She waved a hand to release the bonds pinning him to the table and pulled him into a tight hug. “You saved me.” He managed to choke out.

She pulled back to look straight at him. “Aye, that’s why they call me The Saviour.” She grinned.

“And you’re bloody marvellous.” He leaned forward and kissed her gently, overjoyed that she accepted his lips happily after the last time he tried to kiss her. “Might I - might I take off your mask, love? You’re getting to see my devilishly handsome face properly for the first time, shouldn’t I get to do the same with you?”

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anonymous asked:

Jonsa pink please!

Anonny, you won the lottery! Well, no, but you get a super long ass one-shot because I have 0 chill. Congratulations! Lol. I hope you enjoy it though, joking aside <3 

Ever since Sansa learned about soulmates, she’d been fantasising about the day she would meet hers and see the matching soul mark. She used to stay up, duvet pulled over her head, and draw images of herself with some unknown figure. Sometimes he’d be tall, sometimes he’d be short, but no matter who she imagined in the place of her soulmate, he would always be a knight and herself a princess in a tower. As she got older, her fantasies involved more daring feats with dragons he’d have to slay or evil witches he’d have to outsmart. It never mattered what stood in his way because he always overcame it. He was her soulmate after all. There was no doubt in her mind that he would be valiant, charming and honourable.

Like a prince, a young Sansa would muse to her mother, or anyone who would listen.

“He’ll have blonde hair,” Sansa decided when she was seven. She followed Robb out to the back garden. “All princes have blonde hair, right?” Her brother shrugged. “I bet he’ll be so handsome.”

“How do you know he’ll be handsome?” Robb finally asked after trying for some time to ignore her.

Sansa scoffed. “Of course he’s going to be handsome. He’s my soulmate.”

Her brother rolled his eyes, but it didn’t stop Sansa from believing it.

At twelve, Sansa was forced to reconsider everything she had ever thought about soulmates the moment she actually met her soulmate. She didn’t know it was him at first. There was no blinding flash of light as he stepped into the room; no singing angels in the background when he first said hello to her; and definitely no spark between them.

In fact, Jon Snow had become her least favourite friend of Robb’s within ten minutes of meeting him. He didn’t smile when he greeted her, he barely even looked at her, and then to make matters worse, he had the audacity to snort when she brought up the topic of soulmates.

What?” Sansa snapped, begrudgingly meeting Jon’s dull, boring grey eyes. “You don’t believe in soulmates or something?”

“No, they’re stupid,” he said, meeting her speculative gaze head on. Even though he was the quietest one of Robb’s friends, he had defiance in his stance, in the way his shoulders pulled back to make him appear taller than he was. She likened it to a cat bristling its tail.

Robb and Arya laughed loudly, which only angered her more, because they’ve both mocked her for her steadfast obsession with soulmates. Sansa placed her hands on her hips. “How can you say that? Soulmates are romantic!”

“It’s forcing two people to be together,” Jon said, not matching her anger with his own. He was practically impassive as he spoke to her. God, she wanted to hit him.

“It’s not forcing, it’s destiny!”

Jon chuckled, shrugging. “Same thing, isn’t it?”

When she finally realised he was her soulmate, it was some weeks later at the Starks’ annual summer barbecue. She was feeling particularly confident in her new pink and white striped bikini, proudly showing off the intricate lines of her soul mark at the base of her neck. The sun was high in the cloudless sky, a rarity for Scottish weather, and all of her friends were here. It was a perfect day.

But her good mood abruptly came to a halt when she walked past Robb and his group of friends and overheard their conversation.

“Dude, why do you have a tattoo of a snowflake on your chest?”

“That’s not a tattoo, you pillock, that’s a soul mark.”

“Oh. Wait, your soul mark is a snowflake? That’s a bit lame, isn’t it?”

“Fuck off, Theon.”

“What?” her brother shouted. “Your soul mark is a snowflake?”

At this point, Sansa’s heart was ramming painfully in her chest. She couldn’t believe it. After everything she had imagined about her soulmate, it had to be with someone who didn’t even believe in it? Jon wasn’t even blonde. He was lanky with muddy brown hair and boring grey eyes. That was the opposite of what princes looked like.

Before she could think about what she was doing, Sansa ran over to her brother and punched him hard in the shoulder to shut him up. “Robb,” she said breathily, feeling her panic rise and rise up her throat. “Mum needs you!”

He glared at her, groaning and rubbing his shoulder, but he knew. Out out of all of her siblings, Robb could read her the best and she didn’t need to say any more. He would even cut Jon out of his circle of friends if it was what she wanted, but what kind of person would she be if she let him do that? Sansa grabbed his forearm and nodded infinitesimally. Her brother sighed and walked off, despite probably knowing their mum hadn’t called for him at all.

Now alone with Robb’s friends, Sansa turned and found Jon staring at her with wide eyes. She flushed under his gaze. That was great; now he knew too. She pulled her bun loose and let her hair cover the soul mark as subtly as she could. Thankfully, Theon, Edd and Sam had already moved onto a new topic, but Jon was still staring resolutely at her, like he was trying to figure something out. Well, she didn’t need him to figure her out.

What?” she snapped, hoping the familiarity of being annoyed with him will ground her from the realisation that this stupid, gangly boy before her was her soulmate.

“I, uh… Nothing,” Jon mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.

It surprised her to feel her neck tingle as if he was running his fingers along her soul mark there. She swallowed tightly and leveled a glare at him, one that she hoped he would be able to interpret as ‘do not tell anyone about this’, before stalking off.

On her fifteenth birthday, Sansa was completely over soulmates. She didn’t need some stupid mark to dictate who she’d end up with, not when there were boys like Joffrey Baratheon, who were blonde, charming and valiant. He made her feel special and loved; he was everything that Jon wasn’t and she had to admit that was kind of the appeal of him. Where Joffrey was talkative and outgoing, Jon only seemed to get broodier with age and more solemn. Didn’t he know that girls didn’t want to date someone like that? Least of all Sansa?

Well, at least the feeling was mutual. By the way that Jon actively avoided her, he was as determined as her to forget that they were soulmates. And maybe sometimes it stung a bit because he was such good friends with all of her family, but Sansa wasn’t going to let that get to her., She was not going to care or even spare a thought for him. Jon may share the same soul mark as her, but he was not her soulmate.

Maybe Joffrey could be.

“Have you seen my boyfriend?” Sansa asked Jeyne, still feeling a little thrill at being able to call him that.

“No, but check the kitchen. I heard him asking Margaery where the drinks were.”

“Okay, thanks,” she said, squeezing her best friend’s shoulder as she passed her by on the way to the kitchen.

The Starks’ kitchen was a beautiful work of art. Granite countertops, mahogany wood, and state-of-the-art appliances occupied the room. Her mum had slaved away for months and months designing it herself, and since she helped a little, Sansa was quite proud of it too. It had been fun to imagine cooking wonderful, mouth-watering dishes in a room she was helping create. Only in all of her imaginations, Sansa had never expected to see her boyfriend and her friend snogging up against the stainless steel refrigerator she picked out.

They were unaware of her presence and she wanted so desperately to scream and shout, but Sansa stood frozen in the doorway, one hand braced against the wooden frame, while the other fisted in her pale pink dress. In that moment, she wished she could borrow Arya’s ferocity for one second and punch Joffrey in the face, but Sansa wasn’t that girl. She had never been that girl. Instead, she was the type to stand dumbly by as she continued to watch her boyfriend kiss another girl.

The backdoor to the kitchen abruptly slammed open. Jon stood there with his fingers running through his rain-soaked hair, but he froze as soon as he caught sight of Joffrey and Margaery, and then Sansa. For a long second, no one did anything. Tense silence expanded to every nook and cranny, until without warning, everything was in motion. Jon slammed his fist into Joffrey’s nose, while Margaery screamed, jumping away. Joffrey tried to push back, but the lanky blonde had nothing on Jon’s superior strength. The boy wasn’t captain of the football team for nothing.

“Sansa, do something! He’s gonna kill him!” Margaery pleaded, tugging on Sansa’s dress.

She shrugged, finding her voice to be calm and steady when she felt so far from it. “Why should I care? He’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

When her ex-friend whimpered and pleaded some more, Sansa sighed and walked over to Jon to place a hand on his shoulder. He immediately stilled. He searched her face, watching her carefully – maybe to make sure she was okay or maybe to silently ask if she didn’t want to punch the tosser herself. Eventually, Jon stepped away, but he only moved so he could circle an arm around Sansa’s waist. She tried to ignore the shot of electricity that raced up her spine from the contact. Now was not the time to think on stupid things like that.

“C’mon, Sans, let’s get out of here,” he murmured to her. “Leave him.”

Sansa nodded, but before she allowed Jon to steer her away, she bent over so she was face to face with Joffrey. “Clean this up and then get out of my house. Take your new girlfriend with you, and if you ever try to talk to me again, I’ll tell my brother what happened tonight.”

The blonde paled. Jon may have stood up in her defence tonight, but Robb was the one all of the boys at school were frightened of. It wasn’t that her brother was stronger than Jon, he was simply far more reckless and far less inhibited in how he dealt with anyone who hurt his family. For once, she was glad for that reputation.

At seventeen, Sansa still didn’t believe in soulmates. After Joffrey, she met Harry, and when that ended in disaster too, she decided to stop believing in relationships altogether. They were messy and painful and not worth her time. The knights and princes of her past had been shattered by the reality that chivalrous and honourable boys did not exist.

Besides, her actual soulmate had gone off to university, and last she heard, Jon had a girlfriend, so clearly he was over it as well. Not that she cared but she couldn’t help wondering about his new girlfriend. In all the years Sansa had known Jon, he’s never really been with anyone, at least never seriously enough to call them his girlfriend. Sansa sincerely hoped she never had to meet her. It was an awful thing to think, and Jon could have as many girlfriends as he wanted, but she didn’t want to meet any of them.

The night before Christmas, Sansa was in the den by herself reading Wuthering Heights for her English A Levels. If she wasn’t going to have a real soulmate, then she was going to have a real job with real influence. She was going to be a teacher.

At a quarter to one in the morning, she heard the creak of a door open and someone attempting to walk silently through the house to the kitchen, which was just past the den. Sansa smiled to herself. “I didn’t realise Santa was a nineteen-year-old boy.”

Jesus, shit!” he exclaimed. There was a clatter of some kind of object falling to the ground, before he then appeared at the threshold, his dark curls all mussed up from sleep. “You scared the crap out of me, Sansa. What are you doing up?”

She raised her book towards him. “Reading.”

Jon nodded and then smirked. “Aren’t you a little old to be waiting up for Santa?”

“Aren’t you a little old to be dressed like one?” she asked, arching her brow and gesturing towards his Santa-printed pyjamas and full beard.

He flushed, pink colouring his cheeks and neck. It was sweet. “It was a gag gift from Theon, but it’s surprisingly soft.”

“And the beard?”

“Left over from Movember,” Jon said, shrugging. He walked over to sit on the opposite end of the sofa from her and grabbed her book despite her protests. “Please tell me you’re reading Wuthering Heights for school.”

She was, but she scoffed anyways. “What’s wrong with Wuthering Heights?”

“Everything’s wrong with it,” Jon said, bewildered. “It gives the complete wrong idea about soulmates; you know that, right? They were so bad for each other.”

Sansa giggled, and she nudged him with her fuzzy sock-clad foot. “I didn’t realise you were so passionate about Heathcliffe and Catherine’s relationship, Jon. What are your opinions on Elizabeth and Mr Darcy? How about Jane and Mr Rochester?”

“Oh, shut up,” he said, but he was smiling, so that was a win in her books. “I had to read it for school too, and all the girls in my class were mooning over Heathcliffe. It was scary. If that’s what people think soulmates should be like then…” He glanced at her and flushed again. “It’s just dumb.”

“Well, for once, I agree with you,” Sansa said, grabbing her book back. “But I think people like the idea of being passionately in love with someone. That’s why people want a soulmate. Being in love and being loved? That’s not a bad thing to want.”

“Is that what you want?” he asked gently, but Sansa was staring resolutely at the glass coffee table in front of her instead of at him.

She shrugged. “Maybe once, but not anymore. It’s not worth all the other stuff.”

“Hey,” Jon said, taking her hand in his. “Is it because of what Joffrey did? Because he’s a prick, you know? Not all guys cheat on their –”

“It’s not just him,” she interrupted, finally meeting his eyes. “It’s us too. We’re supposed to be soulmates, Jon, but it’s not exactly like we’re compatible…” She sighed, trying to feign nonchalance, even though this was the first time either of them had brought up their soul marks. “So I don’t know. I guess you were right. It’s all just pointless.”

He pulled his hand back, and for some reason, that hurt more than if he had just agreed with her and said she was the last person he’d ever want to date. He might as well have, she thought. It wasn’t as if she was clambering to date him or anything, but was she not even an option?

As the silence drew on, Sansa started to become more and more irritable. “If you’re not going to say anything then you should just go. I have a lot of reading left to do and –”

This time, it was Jon who interrupted her, and as his lips pressed insistently against hers, Sansa wound her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and closer, until he was lying flushed on top of her. It was everything and nothing like how she imagined her first kiss with her soulmate to be. There were no exploding fireworks; no instantaneous magical connection, but there was heat and lust and desperation. It was as if the longer they kissed, the more she needed him near. Her hand roamed through his hair, feeling the softness of his curls and tugging just to hear him moan against her lips. The sound sent a pool of desire to the pit of her stomach and Sansa shifted so she could tangle her legs in between his.

“Sansa,” he breathed against her neck. “We should stop.”

She murmured her acquiescence by nipping at his lower lip, to which he groaned and swiped his tongue along the hollow of her neck in retaliation. Sansa didn’t even try to hide the mewl of pleasure that that elicited out of her.

But just as Jon was beginning to kiss a trail across her collarbone, nosing away the loose jumper, something horrible occurred to Sansa and she shove him away with a hard push.

“Ow, what the hell?”

“You have a girlfriend!” she seethed. “How could you do that to her! How could you do that to me! I can’t –”

“We broke up in October, Sansa,” Jon interrupted, as he furrowed his brows.

Oh,” and just like that all of the indignation and anger whittled away, and soon she was pulling nim back to her, kissing him as desperately and heatedly as she was before.

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Enough | Wonho

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Warnings: Self-dislike (not severe)

Requested by: Nobody, I’m just passionate about Hoseok

Pairing: Wonho x Reader


Hoseok was a ball of energy most of the time. It was hard not to smile when he was around and you fell for him more every day because of it. But this also made it much easier to tell when he wasn’t feeling his best.

He’d called you late at night, which wasn’t unusual in itself because he and the rest of the members were almost always up most of the night working on various projects. His “hello” wasn’t as bright as usual, which was the first clue. The second clue was his laugh when you told a joke–on a normal day it was loud and obnoxious (a lot like him) no matter how bad the joke, but tonight it was quiet and sounded strained.

After a few minutes you decided enough was enough. “Hoseok,” you began carefully, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing at all, don’t worry about me!”

This wasn’t the response you wanted but it was certainly the one you had been expecting. “Baby, don’t lie to me. I’m here to help, remember?”

There was a few seconds of silence on the other end of the phone before he seemed to make up his mind. “Can I come over for a bit?”

“Of course you can.

“Okay. See you in half an hour.”

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I Miss(ed) You - ChanYeol - prt1

Fluff and I guess angst
Word count: 987 + texts

This was getting a bit long while I was writing it and I’m not even done yet so I decided to make it into parts. I hope you enjoy 

little warning!: there is often text in between some of the text pictures so try not to skip trough the pictures too much :)

Synopsis: Y/N and Chanyeol were best friend in the past until he moved. He didn’t go far, but it was for enough for them to drift apart. They missed each other, but did they even remember?

part1, part2, part3, part4part5 ,  part6

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