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Gooooooood morning Desert Bluffs! The sun is shining, the falcons are singing, and it’s Job Swap Day! It’s the one day a year we all get to try out someone else’s job because, as you know, we each have a work assignment from birth and sometimes you need a reminder that the smiling god does not make mistakes. Today I join you from the local organic food and poisonous pet store, Earth Fare, and they tell me I’m doing something called “graphic design”. This sounds much less dangerous than last year’s air traffic controller assignment, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and an eye towards the sky for a safe and exciting Job Swap Day!

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unpopular opinion: gif makers deserve more appreciation

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as you know i’m a gif maker myself and i do agree completely. the amount of time and effort people put into making gifs or even graphics for that matter is a lot and i’ve personally spent a lot of time with making gifs and stuff like that. and the amount of effort it takes to compile videos for compilation gifsets is sometimes difficult because of the many videos that are out there and you want to try and find the clearest version possible. and the process of gif making isn’t a walk in the park either. i know it may seem easy but like you have to be aware of so many things from the timing to the colouring because one bad move and you are now whitewashing an idol and get backlash on it.



Intending to return to Neverland after his quest for revenge comes to an abrupt end, Killian Jones finds himself in Duodenary, a realm whose existence allows Neverland, and the people therein, to live forever.  After months of trying and failing to find a way to go home, a princess comes looking to him for help. (Fantasy/Adventure AU)

For my darling Liz ( @caprelloidea ) and one of my favourite stories she has ever written.

I love you so friend and cherish your friendship so much. You’re one of the most wonderful, talented, endlessly creative, generous and giving people I have ever met. Sunshine itself! I am so glad you’re my friend and I hope you have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday! <3

Update #2


I’m making this post without informing Katie first (#rebel) just to tell anyone who follows/sees this blog that

  • We are alive and well
  • We are still working on this comic
  • We’ll try to have the first issue done by May
  • I’m going to force Katie to post some art sometime soon
  • We recently wrapped up midterms and we’re back in school, so y’all are gonna have to cut us a little bit of slack on occassion 
  • I swear I’ll post some kind of bio or preview, something of that sort
  • We still don’t know what to do as far as getting copies out.
  • I’d say the first issue is about 65% done so there will be posts about that in the near future
  • I’ll also force Katie to make the color scheme more gender-neutral I swear

As of now we’re still not certain of anything regarding the comic, with the  exception of the general story. This is still a work in progress, there’s no telling when it will be done or if we’ll ever have any real following. HOWEVER, since we’re not so far along in this process we’re totally open to suggestion (insert jazz hands here) . So do us a favor and put some questions under our ‘ask’ tab OR pm/email us @

We’re still considering different ways to publish; considering web layout, printed physical copies, Amazon ebook, etc. If anyone has suggestions as far as publishing (even though it’s too early to be certain of anything), do the same and drop us a message, question, or email. I happen to be on tumblr quite frequently myself (Katie doesn’t have her own blog), so if it’s been a while and you haven’t gotten an answer feel free to send me a message on my personal blog,

Alright, thanks to everyone reading!


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Day 5: “I just want to thank you” AKA Bamon Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day.

Okay, so here I go again with another long post, but I do have to say that this day is my favorite. Not just because I write fanfiction, but because there are so many amazing writers out there and I have read some of the best bamon fanfiction, that to me, has been better than several published best sellers that I’ve read. I use to read all the time; reading every single day, not being able to put a book down, and even trying to stall so the book wouldn’t end. And then Bamon fanfiction came into my life, making me not want to put my phone down and trying to keep my face as neutral as possible when I’m around others lol.

I’m still in the process of trying to get good at making graphics, because otherwise I would have made cover art for each of my favs. Writing to me can be a struggle sometimes. You have all these thoughts in your head and then when you start to put it on paper, you’re staring at about five words for like three hours. I am known for my shitty first drafts (got the phrase from my English teacher back in my college days) But then again, writing can be therapeutic. Creating these stories, whether it be fanfiction or original pieces, it can be a stress reliever, and just coming from myself, when people read and leave these amazing reviews it makes us feel great. It makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something. So, other than writing, I read because it separates me from a bit of a depressive reality, allowing me to get lost in such great work, and hell, even find motivation at times.

I’m only going to post a few stories that are my favorite, but I have read many many fanfiction and have enjoyed many of the ones I’ve read, I just don’t want it to turn into a 500 page novel.

you know I will adore you (‘til eternity).” By Tarafina.  I know I’m not the only one who knows how amazing this story is. The writing is superb and it’s such a breath of fresh air when you’re upset with the show. This story gives me life and I may do inhuman squeals when I see it updated. It’s the way Damon and Bonnie have this beautiful slow build, it’s the way they are such good friends, and they have this beautiful life. It’s the way they love each other and you can practically feel it. To be honest, it made me question some things about what I want in my life when I’m ready for a relationship. It’s the way Damon loves Bonnie and vice versa. It was that love speech about coming home in chapter 8 “So what’s love then?” “Compromise. Not ignoring the differences or expecting everything to go one way, but figuring out a way that fits both people. And patient… even when it’s the last thing I want to be, ever. Its loud, and quiet and something in between. I’m pretty sure it’s made up of all these little moments, when you’re angry with each other, or in the morning, when you’re half asleep, or you’re not talking, you’re just together for the sake of being  round each other. I need to miss them even when I’m holding their hand. And I need to know that even on my worst day, seeing them will make it worth it. But is also individual. It’s respectful—So, it comes back to compromise, knowing that there are some things that you can ask for more of and others that you need to let go of. And it’s friendship. None of that ‘you can either be friends or in love’ bullshit. You can be best friends. You should be best friends——-it should be like coming home.”— Damon to Bonnie. To me, that was everything. So to sarcasticfina. You are an amazing writer and thanks for creating something wonderful.

The Other Side/ Dear Elena by Zesty Bod. Okay, let me add in Yellow Ledbetter and I’ll Remember  and everything else you’ve written as well, because those are phenomenal too. I want season 7 to go like Dear Elena. You are capturing Bonnie and Damon very well in that story and it’s something that I could see happening. The Other Side; that story was a gem in itself. You updated so quickly, and I had to give you props for that because I know how hard it is. I’ve at least read that fic twice since you’ve written it and I can’t get over how great it is. Zesty Bod is a fantastic writer, and I really feel like you should be writing for the show. Lol. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Secret Affairs by Allanahzhane. There aren’t really enough words to describe how incredible this story is. It takes a lot for a story to make me laugh and this one has me hollering. No lie. I really love how you have the characters in this story, especially Bamon. Shoot, as much as I can’t stand Elena and Jeremy in here, you write them so well, making me need to watch my mouth when I’m reading it in public lol. And let’s definitely give a shout out to MUTHA EFFIN LILY. Lily is Boss, she’s so blunt and she makes me shy away in embarrassment and I love it. There have been times in this fic that I get so nervous that the truth is about to come out and I’m trying to restrain myself from freaking out. So, thank you Allanahzhane, for writing such a beautiful masterpiece. Your updates are like waking up on xmas morning when I was a kid.

What lies Beneath by Asher Monroe. I will have to say that this is probably one of my favorite stories I’ve ever read with Bonnie and Damon. I have read this story numerous times, and every time I read it, it’s like it’s my first time reading (hopefully that makes sense). This author rewrote four seasons and incorporated Bamon in every aspect. It was so wonderful and so believable that when I go back to re-watch certain episodes, I have to remember that what happened in the fic didn’t happen in the show (even though I wish it did). I enjoyed all of it. Their building romance, the angst, everything was on point. The writer’s could really take some pointers in revamping the whole show and start fresh with your work. Thank you so much for gracing us with this.  

And last but definitely not least, Lapis Love. I have so many words for this girl. It’s no secret that her stories are amazing. She even had a hand in opening me up to different ships when it came to Bonnie. I could say her stories are beautiful, amazing, downright smoldering, but that would be putting it lightly.  I practically fangirl over this author lol. To name a few fics that I’m in love with. I’ll start with 30 Shades of Red. Of course in this fic, I’m a thousand percent bamon, but hell, she even made me swoon a little with Bonnie and Christian. But of course I never left the bamon train. The way she writes them in here, is so well written and so beautifully done, I can’t help but get completely lost in it when I read it. Like, there have been times when I see an update that I stop everything I’m doing just to read. I love how you captured Bonnie and Damon’s strength as well as their vulnerability. The whole story is amazing and just well worth the read.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, was one of those great stories that in a certain scene, I had to do a double take and stop for a moment to process what just happened (in a good way). Think Twice, I may have been late to the game in reading that fic, but that story was so good, I had to take a moment to calm myself down when it was all over. Almost every story I’ve practically gushed over and I especially love her newest ones, Gift, Cards Left to Play, and Stolen.  But, it’s not just the stories, she’s constantly there with words of encouragement when I hit up her tumblr inbox, giving me advice and pointers on my fics that I so desperately need. The way she writes Bonnie and Damon in all of her stories never cease to amaze me. Whether they’re finished or unfinished or she writes a brand new one, I’m always on board. So, thank you lapisloveisdone for writing and being so talented.

So, as you can tell this was extra long. I know I wrote down only a few, but I honestly adore so many. There’s Swamy (Preludio, Aspetto Te, Something Else, Dormiente, and practically every bamon fic you’ve written has been lovely).  BelleAllen(Please read Everything Changes if you haven’t), Venusnv8o (your fics were some of the first I read, Just a dream, Turning Tables, and then there’s Kalediscope, and the Art of It All, and a lot of of other Bamon Fanfiction you’ve written. Just amazing) , Jacqui Kennedy, gb1076, chromeknickers, Lana Archer (who has wrote so many stories in such a short period of time and I admire the hell out of you. I wish I could do that and it still be good like yours), Pari, and Sunny D Wrietz.

There are a lot more writers whose stories are just downright amazing. So, thank you all for sharing and being a much needed outlet at times. You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. <3

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1. How old? dancing queen.
2. Current job? crying. i’m constantly crying. but also i babysit for 4 girls and i’m a student.
3. Dream job? mother fuckin’ historian !!! who writes about nothing but her husband robert oppenheimer !!
4. What are you talented at? procrastinating, sometimes writing, sometimes making graphics, piano, sometimes cello, playing sims, watching full length weather documentaries without getting bored, softball, math sometimes, history, research.
5. What is a big goal you are working towards / have achieved already? currently, i’m trying to find the mental strength to go back to school and finish this semester lmao.
6. What’s your aesthetic? dean.
7. Do you collect anything? snow globes !!! snow globes like whoa.
8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversations? history. 
9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? not cutting your posts !!! it makes me so uncomfy !!
10. Good advice to give? don’t fall and slip on the ice and hit your head and start crying so hard your mom gives in and lets you go back home. don’t do that. 
11. Recommend three songs or more:

  • work work - clipping.
  • adagio for strings - samuel barber
  • honey - moby

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This is my heartbeat
                               Like yours, it is a hatchet
It can build a house, or tear one down

                               –Andrea Gibson, I Sing The Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out

you heard the one about the brothers, right?

jesse williams as richie gecko; charles michael davis as seth gecko


14 / Canada / Colombia / lesbian huehue

uehg im sort of a loser… but here goes!

I’m a tiny teeny bopper who’s obsessed with superheroes/comics!
I also cosplay n stuff but im usually like a soft, soft butch….
im something of an art freak and nice art makes me yell a lot ! painting, illustration, animation + graphic design are my passions 🐸

I like anime (yuri/shoujo ai? yes) and video games (3DS, ps vita, xbox 360, PC) too *o*

I love meeting new people, especially ones with the same interests!! but generally anyone nice and funny is cool!! ;u: im single but I just really like making friends so :^)

o im also colombian (south American/latina), but go between there and Canada, so I speak Spanish and French better than English sometimes :.^)

ahh I try and be friendly so feel free to message me!

kik: biuebeetie
tumblr: biuebeetie


My last project was designing a little app about animals of the ice age! Here are some of the icons and art I made for it. I think this turned out ok, considering I normally make more scientific illustrations and this looks more like graphic design. But it was fun to make and I even made a little artbook to go with the app.

It also shows that as an illustrator, you sometimes have to leave your comfort zone and try something else.


“I’m ten minutes into the game, and the game is already trying to make me sad!”

I think everyone who’s played Ori and The Blind Forest can relate to what @therealjacksepticeye​ is going through here
     THE FEELS ARE REAL! (and sometimes they hurt…)