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Dating Fred Weasley Would Include (plus headcanons): 

  • Running around the halls of Hogwarts late at night, laughter echoing through the halls. 
  • Being totally cool with the other Weasleys, even Percy. 
  • Late nights joking around the fire with the twins. 
  • Helping come up with products for Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. 
  • Getting so full you think you’ll pass out from all the sweets on the train. 
  • Stealing all his sweaters and shirts, they usually fall to your thighs or knees. 
  • Kicking his ass in Quidditch “Got a problem Weasley?” 
  • Racing him on your cleansweeps. 
  • *Fred caring a body bag up the stairs” 
  • “Should I be concerned?” 
  • *Fred stops to look at you for a few moments* “No” 
  • “Everyone has been calling me Stanco all day. I think Fred Fred Weasley paid them to.” 
  • “Yes. Five Galleons each. it was totally worth it.” 
  • “I miss Draco. Congratulations, universe you win.” 
  • “(Y/N) and I would sometimes hum the same high-pitched note and try to get Draco to make an appointment with Madam Pomfrey.” 
  • “I just want to be friends. Plus a little extra. Also I love you.” 
  • “You know what would energize me? If you (Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N)”
  • “Don’t.” 
  • “Would you” 
  • “Don’t you dare. If you propose to me during a House meeting I will say no.” 
  • “Well it’s too late because I’m proposing that you get me a pint of butterbeer. Which would greatly energize me and make me the happiest man in the world.” 
  • Fred when pranking with you, “All her idea too. Awesome. She’s so great.” 
  • “FREEEEEEEDDDDDD” You shout from the top of the stairs at the Burrow. You’re staring down at the bottom of the stairs. You had a black eye from the Boxing Telescope. 
  • Fred whipped his head around to look at George. You came running down the stairs while Fred and George shot up to run outside. You chased them until you tackled Fred to the ground while George crippled over in laughter. 



when i look at people, i get the feeling that i am looking at them but i am not looking at all. i’m not looking at anyone at all, really. i just gaze at myself from different angles. different ages, haircuts, heights. expressions.

i never see new faces. i see myself multiplied. i cannot talk to new people without feeling a sense of repetition / of again / of boredom. i have no patience. i think that to get to know someone you must be very selfless and i am not. i am very full of myself. of my own image. when i look into a stranger’s eyes i cannot admire the width of their pupils. i just look for my reflection all the time. i don’t know why.


i want to always be undressed because i believe that clothes give people a sense of shame and they act as a barrier. i imagine walking naked on the street, talking to people without any shield. it makes me feel relaxed. i want to be fluid. like cinema. i don’t like stopping the frames and overthinking. i want to follow my very own script. i want to pronounce the lines i have written for myself correctly and i want my emotions to be minimal.

i don’t like thick books. i don’t like talking to someone for the first time. if i must talk to you for the first time or if you must talk to me for the first time, i am not interested in your presence in the first place. if we did not meet before, not in person but as ideas of each other, as archetypes, i am not interested in revealing myself or my words to you.

sometimes i get loud. i try to block the thoughts in my head but most of the time i end up quite quiet internally, analysing each movement / each blink / each inflexion. i am full of myself and i have no room to let others in. i am full of myself and i need room to let others in. i am full of myself and void of you.



i know so little about time. i only think of time when you are not around. when we are not speaking while we take care of our lives. i see this very soft sand slipping through fingers and little smiles and little gestures of affection or someone leaning in too closely and inspecting my entire face…mmm. i don’t think of time at all unless i think of all the years left unheard, unspoken. without you. i find myself at a loss of …it gets quiet sometimes in my brain. i need to vocalise and try to give myself an inner voice. stimulate myself. i ask myself ‘what do you think about the color of the sky today?’ and i answer ‘i think it’s quite gloomy’. stimulation of the self is highly important.

i hold my breath and i count to eight but sometimes i can hold it for a longer time so i can go up to nine or even twelve seconds. my cheeks grow pale and then i exhale for just as long as i held my breath and i feel relived. 

i must always hold my breath sometimes so that i can remember what it felt like to be underwater and how it feels now to be on the shore. with you.

Levi’s nostrils flared. “Why couldn’t I have been Tuxedo Mask?”

Eren adjusted his top hat and said, “Sailor Moon isn’t 6’5”.”

from this. it’s a day early, but .. happy birthday gothicdancer! ✧˖°☆


Today in the early morning (?) I end this part of the Piloto :3 Now i am animating the next part, I think this is the last Gif that i post here because, yall know dat i ma p-buzzy with dis thingy (?)

I will try to do sometimes little Comics, to post here but if i am not doing really LOOOONG and Colorfull comics is because i want to end this pilot C:

“I wanna kiss you.”

Anon Request: Sebastian is drunk and tries kissing his best friend.

Words: 819

Reaching forward, you tap the elevator button for the third time. Your impatience stems from the uncomfortable position you have been under for nearly twenty minutes. After failing to hail a cab, by no surprise in NYC on a Friday night, you were forced to escort your drunk best friend home. With your right arm secured firmly along his waist, for support, you reach up to lightly pat Sebastian’s chest to let him know you are indeed still listening to his rambling. Upon your departure from the party, Sebastian has been erratically discussing off the fly future plans for his life. Fifteen minutes worth of travel plans, possible house purchases, and desires to “live a bit more on the edge, ya know?” were beginning to add to the draining task of supporting his body weight. It’s not that Sebastian’s weight, in particular, was difficult to manage. It was the man himself. You couldn’t get him to walk straight. He got too easily distracted by the lights around him, or the sequence of your dress, the color of your hair. It made the typical ten minute walk home turn into a twenty-minute walk.

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Virgo Sun & Taurus Moon Confession, submitted by a follower

I sometimes run out of words to express my feelings. I try to cover it up with metaphors but nothing seems to translate properly what I think and feel. Maybe I think too much, maybe I talk too much, maybe I should start writing much more. Also I am very stubborn when it comes to what I want. When I find myself pursuing a potential love interest, I will most likely try to win them over somehow, going as far as to giving too much of myself. However, I get extremely conflicted when I realize they are not worth my time and effort. My stubbornness still wants me to keep going but the logical part of me is telling me to stop and walk away. [info on sun and moon signs]