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I love GOT7. I really do. I want everything they wished for to come true and I want them to have the best, fulfilling life ever, but this little selfish part of me wished that they weren't getting more popular. They were like this amazing little secret that was kept underground. I would never do anything to get in the way of their fame, and I know it's stupid, and maybe inexplainable, but do you ever get this feeling?

Hi dear, 

Hmmm I never have that feeling because I really want them to get well known especially for their talents because they deserved it. They worked hard for it and I think we as fans should cheer them on and support them especially their career because this is their dream and I know it’s hard sometimes to some of us but I’m sure all of us want our boys to be happy right? I’m sure it just a phase what you felt right now and I’m sure this feeling will go slowly especially when you see how happy our boys are with their achievements.  (◕‿◕)

The Easy Way (Part 10) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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a/n: this series is almost done! i’m sad to see it go, but i’m really happy with how i’m gonna end it. the final part(s?) should be posted sometime soon :-) 

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Jesus lead the way, and Rosita followed behind you. Jesus kept his stolen gun in the back of his belt, and you all tried your hardest to make your way through the Sanctuary without drawing any suspicion. You and Rosita followed Jesus, trusting that he knew where he was going. After a while, though, Jesus sighed. 

“I have no idea where it is. I swear we’ve been walking around in circles!” Jesus said quietly. That’s when you heard him. 

“I-I do not believe I can do th-that.” It was Eugene. Rosita’s face went pale, and Jesus started quietly walking in the direction of Eugene’s voice. The three of you quickly and quietly made your way through the dark halls. 

Dwight stood behind Eugene, holding his hands behind his back. Negan’s back was to you, and he was obviously trying to get Eugene to do something for him. 

“Shit,” Jesus whispered, telling you to go back so you wouldn’t be seen by Negan. 

“Damn. You guys are in deep shit.” You turned around quickly to see who it was. Arat stood with a large knife drawn. “Get on your damn knees, or I’ll kill all of you. Don’t think I won’t.”

You, Rosita, and Jesus all got on your knees. From behind you, you could hear Negan, Dwight, and Eugene. 

“Well, well, well! Look who decided to pay me a visit! It’s my favorite badass! (Y/N), I missed ya’. And the bitch who tried to kill me, but ended up scarring Lucille! I haven’t missed you one bit. Now, I don’t believe we’ve met,” Negan said, addressing Jesus. 

“Jesus,” he said boldly. Negan stuck out his hand, and Jesus shook it. 

“Aye! Rick could learn a thing or two from you. Everyone could. Such a gentleman! I’m impressed. Maybe I’ll have to hold onto you,” Negan rambled. 

You wanted so badly to try to escape, but for the safety of everyone else, you knew you would have to play his game. 

“Where’s lover boy? I miss him too,” Negan taunted, dropping so his face was level with yours. “Did he die? He’d probably be with you now if he was still alive. Was it brutal? Did you see it?”

You stared straight at him, not allowing yourself to show any signs of weakness. “He’s fine. Don’t worry about him,” you demanded. He couldn’t know there were more of you there. You would have no chance against him if he had any idea there were more people coming for him. You had to keep everyone else a secret until the time was right. 

Negan walked slowly and carefully to Arat’s side, and Dwight followed him after forcing Eugene on his knees. He was next to Rosita, and she smiled at him. It was small enough so nobody could notice, but big enough that Eugene understood. He knew she cared for him and wanted him to be safe. 

“Ain’t this familiar? This is just like that time I killed your friends! Damn, that wasn’t a fun night for anybody,” Negan teased. Eugene started to breathe louder. His face was growing more red as he shook with anger. 

“Wow! My man with the cool hair’s about to explode! Chill out, man. You’re freaking me out,” Negan said, mocking Eugene. Dwight, Negan, and Arat stood facing the four of you. It took everything in you not to squeal when you saw Daryl, Enid, Tara, and Rick slowly coming up behind the three unsuspecting Saviors. 

“Hey, asshole!” You turned around to see Maggie. Arat lifted her gun and pulled the trigger. Before the bullet could hit Maggie, Carl stepped out from the hall shoved her out of the way. He went down as a bullet grazed his arm. 

Everything around you seemed to be going so fast. Adrenaline was pumping in and out of your body as your senses all intensified. Daryl had Dwight in a headlock, and Enid was bleeding a lot. Eugene was holding Carl in his arms, and Sasha had Lucille. Jesus’ gun was being fired off repetitively. Or maybe it was Arat’s. You couldn’t tell. More Saviors came. You were punching, screaming, and kicking. You grabbed someone’s hair on the back of their head and smashed it into a wall too many times to count. You were crying. 

You were on the ground, and Rick was grabbing you. He picked you up and ran. That’s when everything turned dark. 

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sometimes when my mom's cooking, she pours raw egg whites into my dog's dish. im worried that my dog might get sick from this. is it an ok thing to do?

Yes, raw eggs in moderation are safe. They should just be kept refrigerated to prevent bacteria growth.

Dogs don’t really have to worry about salmonella, though, because their digestive tract is much shorter than ours, not allowing much time for bacteria growth, and they are more acidic which helps kill bacteria. But to give them a bit of an advantage, I think organic eggs, in hopes for a healthier hen, is what some people opt for.

No Holding Back pt.2

  No holding back pt.2 - riarkle

Rating- T

(Anon I hope you enjoy the other half, and so do all of you <3)

 “Yeah Farkle I really do! Lay it on me Farkley! Don’t hold back. Let it all out, and tell me just how stupid you think I’m being.” He watched Riley the whole world had melted away at this point it was only him, and her. He wasn’t backing away this time.

A whisper was said to someone in Topanga’s neither of them heard it though. “ Should we stop them?” Katy whispered to Topanga, but she just shook her head, and kept working “It was bound to happen with those two also we have let them work out their own problems sometimes.”

There came that feeling of wanting to kiss her again, but he knew it was not the right moment. So he needed to step back enough to where he could think straight again. Letting out a frustrated grunt Farkle took a few steps away from Riley ringing his hands a few times. He then turned facing Riley wondering despite how angry she seemed she was still gorgeous as hell. “It bothers me you underestimate yourself so much!”

“Well it bothers me that you have yet to figure out feelings are stronger then science!” Riley took a step towards him as they started just firing back, and forth at each other.

“I dislike how good you look in that dress!” He said while taking a step towards her this time. The whole room was watching them, but Farkle gave no care keeping his intense glare on Riley. Both of them crossed their arms while yelling at each other.

“I could say the same to you when you wear all those space shirts!”

“Then I won’t wear them anymore!”

“Good! Don't”

“Then problem solved!”

“Oh goody the genius solved another problem that had nothing to do with emotions!”

“Coming from the girl who is so focused on everyone else she has forgotten to remember what she wants.”

“You think you know what I want Farkle?!? If you are so smart then tell me I’m curious as to what you have to say.” For a second Farkle let his mind wander through all the thing him, and Riley had discussed over the years. He probably knew better then even Maya what Riley’s romantic dreams were for herself. Which is why he didn’t get why she usually did the exact opposite. Bringing  his voice down a little he walked back closer to her, but in the direction where a table was between them.

“You’re Riley. You want the fairy tale, you want the love like your mom, and dad. You aren’t them though, and that’s a good thing. You want the white horse, and the Prince charming. You want love that last forever. You want someone that sees you for all the parts of you not just the sunshine since you are so much more then that.” He was proud of his choice of making sure there was a table between them since he wanted to grab her so much right now. To show her how he thinks she deserves to be kissed, and to fix how upsets she was.

“Problem with that Farkle…Is the prince doesn’t exist. He’s not real. That guy you always tell me is coming for me one day is NEVER coming, and its better to accept that now.” The pain in her voice made Farkle bite his lip. This was it. This was the perfect moment, and it was now, or never he thought to himself. Though for the first time during this he hesitated knowing he how hard it would be to go  back to how things were if he revealed the truth. Nervously shuffling he decided just to go for it.

Looking to  the ground for a split second he  swallowed hard before slowly lifting his head. His voice now full of nerves as he softly spoke no longer yelling.“You’re wrong Riley.”

“Oh, and now you are saying I’m wrong. How could you know I’m wrong?!?”  The way Riley yelled made the passion come back as he lurched forward bumping the table. Moving his backpack to the chair while never once taking his eyes off Riley. “The guy who does all those things is right in front of you, as always, but you’d never know it since he isn’t a face!”

He followed Riley as she was started to lean over the table a bit. “Are you talking about yourself Farkle? Because believe me, you have a face! . It’s pretty good looking one too! So Don’t assume you know everything about me!” Farkle couldn’t get himself to actually hear what Riley just said to him. There was no way she just said he had a good face. If that was true why did she notice every guy, but him when none of them even slightly lived up to what he thought Riley deserved.

“I’m not assuming anything Riley…I am going by what I see. If that is true then why  do you go on dates with guys that don’t even care when you have a guy right here! I’ve always been here through every thing. Do you know how in love with you I am?!? You are so perfect just as you are, and I have to watch you like these guys who try to make you think there is something wrong with you.  As soon as you need me I’m right there Always, but then you have the audacity to say no one cares about you the way I described! Even if you Never think of me in a romantic way I’d thought you at least knew their was one guy who loved you for being nothing more then being Riley. That isn’t how my life goes though does it Riley? My parent’s don’t really love each other, and I did learn from them so maybe I have this whole love thing wrong. I have even attempted to get over you, but honestly I don’t want to stop loving you Riley, because the best part of my life is you. So I get I don’t match up to those guy, but I need you to stop saying that the guy doesn’t exist! That is all I need you to do, But I am going home now tomorrow it will be like none of this ever happened I promise so don’t worry okay. You haven’t lost me, and you never will.”  With that Farkle leaned over kissing Riley’s cheek then he grabbed his bag slinging on his shoulder as he walked away. He made sure to not make any eye contact with her being afraid he wouldn’t be able to leave if she looked even remotely upset by his words.

He actually thought he might be in the clear until he heard a small gasp of his name “Farkle…” Playing it off as it being in his head he kept moving towards the door. “Farkle!” This time he figured it had to be real, but he kept trying to pull himself away since he was just done with tonight. “FARKLE MINKUS! You will turn around right this minute, and Talk to me! You don’t get to say something like that, and just Walk away…Also who says I want every thing to go back to how it was.” He couldn’t deny now that Riley was calling him as her yelling went through the whole cafe making Farkle stop instantly. Dropping his bag he turned around facing her seeing she was on the table making his heart quicken in pace both of them staring at each other in silence until Farkle’s fear of her getting injured took over “And I will talk to you as soon as you get down off that table before you hurt yourself!”

He watched as Riley started to rock a bit the table moving just enough to where Farkle caught it making him even more nervous. “Come over here, and make me get down from this table!” He twitched lightly as he made his way over to Riley while speaking.”come on Riley get down!” Riley still didn’t move making Farkle take larger steps towards her. The words maybe I don’t want things to go back echoing in his head.

“If you get down we can talk about whatever you want Riley. We can even talk while we have milk, and cookies.”He tried to coax her down not wanting to add anything to the already rickety table Riley was standing on. “I don’t care about cookies, and milk. I care about you, and what we have. We don’t leave Farkle. You think you can just throw around how love with me you are. That I apparently never notice how amazing you treat me. That you would probably drop everything to take care of me. No you don’t have the love thing wrong. You have loved me exactly right since the day we meant. Of course I know Farkle, but you haven’t once until right now ever stepped up an actually said something. You think you deserve to just stand there, and make it sound as if it this is all on me. You have a mouth, and you could of said something anytime you wanted too. I accepted a long time ago that you would always love Maya, and I the same so I’m sorry If I  didn’t think that had changed.” With that Farkle tried not to react to much  his main focus on Riley, and to get her down from that table.  She was staring him down as Farkle stuck his hand out to her.

“You’re right Riley. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make it sound like it was all on you. If you take my hand, and get down you can do whatever you want with me. I know I’m stupid. Years ago I should of told you how I felt about you. Truth be told I don’t want things to go back. I want to finally get my chance to show you how much of a princess you truly are. To remind you every day how amazing, and beautiful you are. So yes I love you Riley, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Now if you don’t feel the same that’s okay, and we can just go back to being best friends. A life without you is something I wouldn’t want to live in. So I’ll be happy with whatever you choose, but please get down before you make this robot’s heart jump out of his chest.” He brought his hand a little closer hoping that this would work then Riley started sliding down the table on the other side making Farkle feel slightly disheartened.

All of sudden she was racing towards not giving him enough warning as they both fell on to the floor. Riley then sat on his chest, and even though he couldn’t breath he wouldn’t dare move as he stared in to her eyes still a little shocked. “Did you mean all that Farkle?” Moving his head the best he could in a nodding motion. “Every word Riley, and I always will” When Riley scooted just enough Farkle was able to sit up with Riley still in his lap both of them locked in place. Both wondering who would be the person to make the next movie. Placing one hand on the floor he remembered for a moment where they were. He shot a quick glance at Topanga who was had Katy Clinging to her both of them smiling towards them. Focusing back on Riley he was a little surprised when she started to lean in.

A second before it registered Riley’s lips were on his. It started out small, but when he caught on he starting kissing her back. The small kiss grew a bit bigger, and more intense while wrapping his hands around Riley’s waist. It was the first time Farkle understood what they meant by fireworks. His lips felt like they were on fire, and he knew that nothing could ever make him happier then Riley Matthews. When Riley’s lips pulled away he had to take  in a few breathes taking note that her face was as just as flushed as his. People started to clap, but they both couldn’t move their eyes off each other. “Will you be my girlfriend?” The words flew out of Farkle’s mouth then he heard Riley let out a full heart-ed giggle. “Yes! A million times yes. What took you so long?”

A huge grin was plastered on his face that he couldn’t seem to wipe off. “You know me Riley. I’m the dumbest genius, but I do know I am so lucky to get to love someone like you.” He places his hand on her cheek his heart pounding so fast he didn’t know if it would ever stop, but now in the best way possible “I like to think we are both Lucky, and Thank you for our whole lives so far. You are the greatest guy I have, and I will ever know Farkle. I am in love with you too, and have been for awhile. No one else can compare to a Farkle, and I will make sure from this day on you never forget that.”

Running his thumb across her cheek still shocked at how all this had ended up, but more then happy that he had decided to finally not hold back. “I love you Riley. You me mars?” He Felt Riley wrap her hands around his neck . “I love you to Farkle. Let’s do this thing.” They both knew they had put on a show for the whole cafe, and they knew no one understood the last part. Neither of them paid attention to it though since they were finally exactly where they were meant to be.

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the start of a writing experiment: 


There is a story passed down through the generations, a story of two boys and two girls who came and freed a land with the help of a lion and who disappear, later, when everything had been shiny and bright.

They are a story.

It’s a lovely story, told by rabbits to their litters and horses to their foals. Even children are meant for mighty things, mothers tell their children as they drift away into sleep. And we must be faithful, like they were faithful, and wait.


The details are lost along the way.

There is just High King Peter and Queen Susan the Gentle and King Edmund and Queen Lucy.

Just distant names reminiscent of a golden time, of openness and freedom and joy, of war and struggle and victory. There are no faces to the names.

There never were those Kings and Queens, the Telmarines later say. They abandoned us, the angry later accuse (and there is such truth in the anger that the faithful cannot argue except in silence.) There are just names.


Aslan, they whisper across the white mountains and through green valleys. AslanAslanAslan.

Did you know they used to see him? Did you know he once was here? Did you know the Mighty Four won because of him?

Yes, someone responds. That’s what the legends say.


They will come again, the story goes. When they are most needed.

How could we need them more, is what the faithful refuse to utter.




High King Peter was brave and bold, kindhearted and jovial. He was sun’s golden radiance and the favored, chosen king.

Queen Susan was beautiful and dedicated, gentle and tender. She was the peaceful, flowing breeze and the forever adored.

King Edmund was wise and witty, forgiving and fierce. He was the steady Narnian earth and Aslan’s redeemed.

Queen Lucy was bright and kind, unafraid and dedicated. She was the crashing waves and the human lioness.

(they repeat this until it is what every child knows. these were your kings and queens, parents say. remember them. remember them. do not forget them.)


later, when the kings and queens have come back again, not to restore the past but to establish the future, a badger says, I’m a beast, I am. We don’t change. And we beasts remember.

He doesn’t bother saying what came before, the steady repetition, the faithful recollection. It is not just that they remembered; it is that they refused to forget.

The kings arrive in a moment of desperation and reckoning, almost too late, and two sentinels (two badgers) greet them with two words: at last, they say, at last.

(we beasts remember, the badger says, and his kin answers: at last. we knew you would come.)


They remembered, Edmund thinks later, but what did they remember? That we were saviors, that our age was golden, that we were great.

We were just kids, he tells Susan, and she nods her head once, quickly, before turning away.

We didn’t know what we were doing, he reminds Peter, and he taps his left index finger on the table, once, twice, before saying, but we tried our best.

They didn’t understand how hard it was, he whispers to Lucy, and she brushes her hand through his hair, once, twice, three times, and whispers back but Aslan always came.

eta: finished producta tale of the faithful 

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dude a few days ago we got lumber to build a garden bed and you should have seen how excited my husband was in putting it together he kept working even after it got dark and then halfway through dinner he stuck his head out the back door to look at it AND THEN getting ready for bed he put his face on the window even though he couldn't see anything lol sometimes being an adult is fun

They say I have a
problem. I think
they may, just may
mean you.

They do not laugh
when I mention you.
But they do not smile
when you are
I sometimes wonder
what they would
think. If I said
you kept me sane.

They say maybe I should
slow it down. I think
they may, just may
mean you.

They say my love
for you is unhealthy.
But they have never
understood the
Get a job they say.
That will stop it. Like
you’re a fly, hovering
too close for them. A

They say maybe doctor’s
will help more. I think
they may, just may
mean you.

They say it’ll just pass
that I will wake up
one day and just
have the strength to
Don’t they realize
without you I
would have no
future, present,

They say it’s time to put
the Cita away.
For good this time.

I think
they may, just may
mean you.

we were taking a healthy break from our classes because our brains weren’t working for the moment. we lounged against your car and i said: okay, so young love.

you laughed and stared at the sky and said “well aren’t teens just emotionless robots who whine all day”

and i said; well, i try to whine all day but when would i do my homework

you got real quiet just then and cracked your knuckles and kept watching the clouds and you said “one time i was in an elevator that dropped two stories and while we were all fine that was the moment i realized i would never get her out of me because for all of those seconds where i thought i was dying all i could think was that i’d never have another chance to see her smile and truth be told i think young love is crashing through to the basement and sometimes thinking that maybe you should apply the brakes but knowing - i mean knowing - you’d rather feel this alive than keep being safe.”

Pokemon X/Y Game Sentence Starters (Part I)

  • ”Hey! Listen! I’m gonna win this battle!”
  • “You really love ____!”
  • “It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful lady.”
  • “I’m a pro when it comes to gardens.”
  • “I have a good feeling about you!”
  • “Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
  • “Just so you know, I’m not that tough!”
  • “You’re really something, aren’t you?”
  • “I think being different from others is part of what makes me special.”
  • “I want to live and change like that, too.”
  • “Everything beautiful should stay that way forever.”
  • “So which do you like best: long or short?”
  • “It’s bonding time!”
  • “Sometimes it’s nice to take the long way!”
  • “Did you get drawn in by this girl’s aura or something?”
  • “I was born to dance!”
  • “I haven’t been able to sleep very well for days!”
  • “You look like a seasoned traveler!”
  • “Take this, thief!”
  • “Have you ever had something happen that really scared or surprised you?”
  • “It’s sleeping so soundly, the end of the world wouldn’t wake it.”
  • “Are old buildings more important than people who are alive now?”
  • “I feel like I’m in a dream.”
  • “Wow! Get a look at these chairs! They’re absolutely ‘chairrific’! Get it?”
  • “If you ask me, a good bed is a bed in which you can get a good night’s sleep.”
    “Don’t try to sleep in the king’s bed. It’s ‘ir-regal’!”
  • “Please! Don’t run away!”
  • “A situation like this demands fireworks!”
  • “I really hope we get to be great friends, ____.”
  • “I’ll keep this memory in an album in my heart!”
  • “Give it to them.”
  • “Think you can defeat a man at the peak of his happiness?”
  • “Was THAT supposed to be an attempt to patch things up?”
  • “With my shorts on, I can run like the wind!”
  • “You may have defeated me, but that’s not going to stop me from running!”

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I see a lot of people confused as to why Octavia is on the list etc etc. but it makes perfect sense to me. Octavia is the love of clarkes lifes sister and she is young and can have children. I know clarke kept emotion out of it for the most part (not putting Monty on) but cmon... bellamy is the heart and there is no way in hell he would let his baby sister not be on the list.

Maybe that’s it. 

I think sometimes fandom let’s their personal feelings about characters interfere with the way they take in the story and there are a lot of people who think Octavia is irredeemable. I don’t think they’d see ANY way she should be on that list. 

the signs as birdy lyrics;


you use your words as a weapon dear,
but your blades don’t hurt when you have no fear.


from where i began,
i still carry your love.
i feel your love.


purity lost in vain,
and you think i should be the same?
don’t assume i will follow
and drop all my morals.


sometimes i wish we could be strangers
so i didn’t have to know your pain.
but if I kept myself from danger
this emptiness would feel the same.  


words with no meaning
have kept me dreaming
but they don’t tell me anything.


all this time you chose never to care,
but now you won’t leave me alone,
like we’ve always been close.
i’m telling you nothing has changed.


i’m finding my heart
using my hands.
you’re my feet on the ground,
my footprints.


here i am still holding on
you’re finding ways to break the bonds, 
they’re stronger than you realize.
and you could say that i’ve not tried, 
i’ve let you down, 
left you behind 
but you’re the one who’s saying goodbye. 


round we go in circles,
does it have to be this hard?
we can stop the fighting
if you let down your guard.


are you uncertain?
or just scared to drop your guard?
have you been broken?
are you afraid to show your heart?


you’ve always loved the strange birds,
now i want to fly into your world,
i want to be heard.
my wounded wings still beating,
you’ve always loved the stranger inside.


i can be strong when i want to be,
you think i’m weak ‘cause you can tear me apart,
with the words that you speak.
you think you’re in control but you don’t understand
how much you are wrong.

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Best Friends Forever? ( Part 2)

Plot: You, Liam and Mason have been best friends for a couple of months, but suddenly one of them start to avoiding you. Being worried with you friends as always, you start to look for answers and sometimes some secrets should be kept in secret.

There he was , next to his locker. Scott Mccall. Liam have been talking to him for months but I never really met Scott or his friends.
“Okay, you can do this. ” I think with myself.“ It’s for Liam.”
I took a deep breath and walked to his direction , stopping right behind him.
“Uhm, excuse me , Scott?” I said , a little shy.
“Yes?” He says , turning his head to me. “ Hey , I know you!”
“Do you?” I said , surprised. No senior year had ever talked with me.
“I mean , not that we have met before , but I know who you are.”
“ You are Liam’s best friend. (Y/N) right?”
“Yep, that’s right.
“So.. there’s anything wrong ?” He asked , like he could smell it somehow.
“Actually yes. It’s about Liam.” And as soon as I said , he started to look very worried.
“What happened with him?” He asked, slowly.
“That’s the point! I have no idea. He’s been avoiding me the whole morning. ” He didn’t said anything so I kept talking. “ So I thought you might knew something since he’s been talking to you for the whole summer and stuff , you know?”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.”
“Can you tell me ? Please?” I beg him.
“I’m sorry , but I can’t. ” He could see the disappointment on my face and he added “ But I’m going to tell him to talk with you , okay?”
“Yes. Oh thank you so much. ”
“Thank you for letting me know about it. ” The bell rang” I’ve got to go , see ya later.“
“See you.”
I watched him going to on the corridor and enter in the class when something catches my attention.
In the end of the corridor I saw a blonde girl, with her hair covering her face. She looked tall and was wearing black sneakers and a black jeans. I could feel the place getting colder and colder. And suddenly..
“(Y/ N )!” I turn around and I see Kylie, one of the girls from my next class. “C'mon or we are going to miss the class!”
“Yeah alright.” I said. But before going to class I turn around but she’s not there anymore. That misterious girl disappeared somehow.
“You are okay?” Asked Kylie.
“Yes , fine. Let’s go to class.” I finally said.

Note: whatdup?! So I saw that you liked the first part and im so happy :-D really guys , thank you for reading it. Feel free to send requests as well okay??? Love ya a lot. Hope you liked this new part.

Going out on dates give me such anxiety.

Can I just not? I don’t like this. I am supposed to go on a second date tomorrow night and am feeling extremely uncomfortable because we are from completely different backgrounds. But he’s so nice and our first date was good and that was at the end of February so at least he’s kept in touch/understands I’m crazy busy? Everyone around me is getting engaged/married/pregnant and a few people keep asking me about being single and I’m like like stahp. I already have five weddings this year and am a bridesmaid in two next year. 

I watched Just Like Heaven and Safe Haven today while working. 10/10 should not have done that because they’re both love stories and I didn’t think about that at the time. Stupid heart. 

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know how great being in love is. Then at least I also wouldn’t know what having my heart broken feels like either. 

Sometimes i begin to think about this band, it has helped trough so many things, so many sunday evenings where the main question that my mind kept repeating was “Why should I keep going?” And then these guys appeared and made me brighter, they walked with me in every single step I took and I’m sure they did the same with everyone in the clique, i just love how we all feel the same, we all have issues, we all have felt pain and these guys made that voice, that pressure, that person, that monster, that reflection shut up and gave us hope. I’m thankful for every single person in this clique who’ve made me smile and this two young men who help me get my life together.
Stay alive, frens. |-/

we were taking a healthy break from our classes because our brains weren’t working for the moment. we lounged against your car and i said: okay, so young love.

you laughed and stared at the sky and said “well aren’t teens just emotionless robots who whine all day”

and i said; well, i try to whine all day but when would i do my homework

you got real quiet just then and cracked your knuckles and kept watching the clouds and you said “one time i was in an elevator that dropped two stories and while we were all fine that was the moment i realized i would never get her out of me because for all of those seconds where i thought i was dying all i could think was that i’d never have another chance to see her smile and truth be told i think young love is crashing through to the basement and sometimes thinking that maybe you should apply the brakes but knowing - i mean knowing - you’d rather feel this alive than keep being safe.

—  inkskinned

Centaur AU?

Idk, man, I just felt like drawing some centaurs and I accidentally wound up turning them into Inuyasha characters, whoops.

I figure most centaurs don’t wear much in the way of clothes; Inuyasha only kept his fire rat cloth because it’s like his armor. He has one of those blanket cape things horses sometimes wear instead of pants. Though I’m thinking about retconning the idea of him keeping the outfit; it’s just such a shame to be covering up that gorgeous chestnut coat of his. XD We’ll see. He should still have his necklace, though, I just forgot to draw it.

Also, no one lost any limbs or hands; I just didn’t sketch them all out. And Shippo’s back half is still that of a fox.

“Do you think you did the right thing?” my friend asks me.

“Sometimes I feel as if I should’ve tried to stay around for a bit longer,” I reply, “to see if things would’ve worked out.”

“Yet,” I continue. “I believe there was a part of me back then that knew we couldn’t go on. And no matter how much I tried to deny it, I kept witnessing the end of us in the gleam of his eyes, and tasting its bittersweetness on his lips. The fire we used to have dwindled into just a flame that was barely enough to keep either of us warm.”

“So yes,” I finally say, “I think I did do the right thing.”

“But it doesn’t mean it feels like I did,” I whisper.


A Story A Day #56 (k.m.)

Best Friend Forever ? (Part 5 )

Plot: You, Liam and Mason have been best friends for a couple of months, but suddenly one of them start to avoiding you. Being worried with you friends as always, you start to look for answers and sometimes some secrets should be kept in secret.

There he was, next to his locker, talking with Lydia. I have nothing against her, it’s just that every boy that she wants, she can get.  I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe, just maybe, she also wanted something with Liam. Yeah, he was 2 years younger than her, but I don’t think she would care about his age. He is, well, very hot.

“(Y/N)” I jump.

“Geez, Theo. You almost killed me.” I said, closing my locker.

Theo  Raeken. He was a new student in the school, a senior. But, since the day I met him, I felt that he was different from the rest. He was the only senior that really talked with me because he wanted too and he always payed attention in what I said, even if it was stupid thing like me talking about a book or a movie, something that annoys most of people. Also, he was very cute.

“Yeah, I could see you were paying too much attention to another thing, right?” he moves his head, looking to Liam on the other side of the corridor.

“Of course no. Why would I?” I said, moving towards the exit.

“Because you like him.” He said, surprising me.

“I what?” I stopped on the stairs, looking to him. No way, how he knew that?

“Just an stupid wouldn’t notice that, (Y/N).” he said, putting his arms on my shoulder and walking with me to his car.

“I thought that I was hiding this very well.” I whispered.

“Not that well.” He laugh. “C’mon, let me drive you home today.” He said, opening the door for me.

“Look Theo..” I started, but he cut me.

“It’s okay. Your secret is safe with me. I’m not going to tell to anyone. Especially him.” He said, looking back to the stairs, where Liam was talking with Scott. I could see his gaze directed to us. He never really liked Theo since the first day, and when I started to be friend of him, he started to hate the guy even more.

Maybe I wasn’t thinking, or maybe I thought I would make him jealous. And I said:

“Yes, thank you btw. I would love a drive home.” I said. I entered in the car and Theo did the same. But before, I swear I saw him smirking to Liam. Or maybe it was just my imagination.

Why I was doing that?

Theo drove the car out of the school, and I saw that Liam’s gaze was still on us. And then we turned and he disappeared.


“Uh… Theo?” I asked.

“Yeah?” he said, still looking on the road.

“My house was two blocks ago.  Three now.” I said, calmly.

“Oh yeah, about that…” he said, smiling. But it was a different smile. Not a happy one, not one from someone who just made a mistake. Was the same one we saw bad guys doing in movies, when they are up to no good. And that scared me like hell.


“You are not going home… too soon.” He said, looking to my eyes.

“What? What are you doing? “

“Oh sweet (Y/N). So innocent. You should have listened to your friend when he warned you about me. “

I didn’t said a thing. I was too shocked to say something.

“Oh yeah. Poor Liam was right about me. I’m really not a good person to be with. Actually, I’m not good at all.

“Theo, stop this joke. It’s not funny at all.” This couldn’t be happening.

“This is not a joke. “ He said, turning his car in the middle of the woods. I thought we would crash, but actually it was another road, a very hided one. It started to scare me even more.

“Where are you taking me?”

“I really can’t tell you? Can I? But I can tell you that they are not as pacient as I am. Oh no. And they are going to do horrible things, thing that you can even imagine.

This was the end. I had nothing to lose anymore. So I started to scream and punch him, and suddenly something hard hitted me face and everything came black.

Note: okay, I wasn’t excpecting this plot twist hahaha but anyway, I hope you are liking it. You can send me requests okay? Im really glad you are liking it. Lova yall <3

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