sometimes i think they should have kept this

my pynch headcanons

  • their friends noticing that the longer they’re together the more they both smile, though ronan still not as much as everyone else
  • adam slowly moving all of his stuff over to the barns without realising, until he goes to sleep at st agnes one night and notices he doesn’t even have a toothbrush there anymore
  • one night ronan, thinking adam was asleep, whispers ‘sometimes i wonder if i pulled you out of a dream’ and adam opening his eyes and looking ronan dead in his and telling him ‘i’m real ronan, and i love you’
  • ronan freaking the fuck out because adam loves him back
  • adam taking twice as long as it should have to drive to college because he kept turning the car around and driving back a few miles at the thought of not seeing ronan in person every day 
  • adam getting really stressed at college and the only thing that can immediately calm him down is the hondayota mixtape, much to his roommates confusion and annoyance
  • ronan sending adam care packages of random things like polaroids of opal and himself and stuff hes dreamt for adam
  • adams henietta accent really coming out when he talks about ronan to his collage friends
  • adam taking one of ronans shirts with him and wearing it whenever he misses him then he eventually starts wearing it to bed every night
  • ronan actually using his phone to facetime with adam
  • , adam had to teach him how
  • talking to each other in latin when adams roommate is around and they wanna say something sappy or sexy 
  • but his roommate can still tell they’re saying something like that from how adams voice drops and he starts blushing
  • ronan being ecstatic that adam talks about him so much to his friends
  • , and being even more happy to find adams friends in complete shock when actually meeting him
  • adam telling all his friends that opal is ronans little sister that he’s adopted since both his parents have died
  • , and them noticing how adam talks about opal like she’s his and ronans daughter
  • the gangsey having a get together at adams college as gansey, blue, and henry pass through on their trip and them noticing how much closer the two are since they left them at the end of the school year
  • ronan always making sure he sits on adams right, especially in group settings so he can still whisper comments into his ear
  • it took them a while to be open with verbal affection in front of their friends but eventually they warmed up to it and every time ronan says ‘i love you’ to adam blue loses it
  • , before they were comfortable with it ronan would say ‘you’re a dream parrish’ and adam would reply with ‘i’m as real as it gets lynch’ and they would know what they meant

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I'd love some angst with happy ending for Bellarke: "we have a kid that you don't know about, oh shit....we meet again and that's your son".

thanks for the prompt, nonny! i hope it delivers on the angst, it’s not my usual MO (the happy ending definitely is though)


“Latte for Bellamy.”

Clarke’s head snaps up embarrassingly quickly. It’s not a common name, Bellamy, and while there’s every chance in the world it isn’t him, she can’t bring herself to believe it won’t be.

And then, of course, it is him. A little bit neater than when they were in high school, a little bit less cocky swagger and more genuine self-confidence in the way he carries himself, but it’s undeniably Bellamy Blake. Her– She doesn’t even know where to begin explaining who he is to her.

She’s staring, her own coffee cup hovering halfway to her mouth, and when he turns around his gaze is drawn to hers like a magnet. Like it always used to be.

He freezes.

And then a grin overtakes his face, brighter than anything she’s ever seen, and wow he grew up well.


She’s out of her seat and wrapped up in his arms before she even registers moving, but he’s clutching her tightly, firm and warm and solid and here.

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"I stabbed my last twelve brothers. Why should you be different?" With Damian and Dick, because once in a while, Baby Brats gets a little too annoyed with his oldest brother's smothering. :)

Thank you for this! I was so excited to write this one,these two are my absolute favorite to write together.

I hope you don’t mind, but since I did this prompt with Damian and Steph already I took a little liberty with the quote, and toned it down to ‘brothers’ instead. It still holds the same feeling. 


Dick found Damian in his room, surrounded by a stack of open books. They boy’s laptop rested on the ground in front of him, Damian’s attention a frown at it. He was so focused on the screen that he didn’t seem to notice Dick’s approach, so like any proper big brother Dick decided to take advantage of the situation.

He went in for a side hug so Damian wouldn’t catch his reflection in the screen, scooping his brother up in a swoop. Damian’s surprise came out in the form of a startled yelp followed by furious pushing against his arms.

“Put me down, Grayson!”

Dick pulled him close. “But I just found you.”

“And you are ruining all my hard work. Stop stepping on my books.”

Damian managed to wiggle his way out of Dick’s grasp, landing roughly back in the same spot he’d been sitting, except one of his feet landed on the pages of an open book and slipped. He lost his balance and fell forward, his descent into his computer stopped by Dick hooking an arm around his waist and hoisting him back into place.

He stepped around Damian’s books, noting that he may have pushed some out of the way, but he had not stepped on them like someone, with a grin. Damian shot him a glare before plopping back down on the ground, his legs crossed and attention back on his computer. He fussed with it as Dick frowned down at him.

His little brother might protest his hugs, but when he hadn’t seen him for a while he usually indulged Dick. Today something seemed a little off.

“What’s so interesting that you don’t have time for me?” he asked as he leaned over to look at Damian’s screen.

Damian snapped the laptop closed. “Nothing.” He grumbled. “You’ve done your duty and said hello. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

Dick straightened and blinked at his brother, what had gotten into him? Had Dick done something wrong? Had he forgotten a promised meeting or call with Damian? Maybe he’d missed a night of patrol they were supposed to work together on?

Whatever he’d done, it was nothing a little hugging couldn’t fix. At least that’s what he hoped. He squatted next to Damian and pushed his shoulder against his brother’s. “Nothing and you have work to do? What’s up, Dami? Did I do something?”

Damian didn’t answer him and Dick nudged his brother again before pulling him into a side hug. Damian ducked under his arm, and spun on him.

“I said I was busy, Grayson. I’ve stabbed my other brothers, what makes you think you should be any different?”

“You haven’t stabbed Cass.” Dick pointed out.

Damian blinked at him. “What does that have to do with it?”

Dick grinned at him. “She’s one of your favorites, so am I. You haven’t stabbed her, and you won’t stab me.”

“Right now, you are nearing Drake’s status.” Damian said before picking up the book he’d slipped on. He smoothed out the crumpled page he’d slipped on and closed it.

“Ouch, Little D. That hurts.” Dick said attempting to sound fake hurt, it was hard when Damian’s words had actually hurt. It wasn’t that he’d been compared to Tim, that had happened before, what hurt was how Damian was brushing him off instead of sharing what was bothering him.

He glanced at the cover of Damian’s book, it was a guide on caring for Great Danes. He cast a brief glance at the other books around them as Damian busied himself with setting aside the book. All the pages around him were filled with health information for dogs. Damian knew all there was to know about taking care of Titus. Dick knew this because the boy would talk his ear off about it when asked. Why then would he have all these books? Dick was sure the computer was pulled up with the same information.

“Damian.” He said, keeping his voice gentle. This probably set his brother’s worry alarms off, but he didn’t care. “Where’s Titus?”

Damian’s whole body went ramrod straight. His jaw clenched, and Dick noted his knuckles had gone white around the edges of the book.  

The boy sat like that for a full minute, unmoving before his bottom lip started to quiver. Dick felt a jolt of panic in his chest for both the dog and his brother. He squashed it as he reasoned that if Titus had died then Damian wouldn’t have dog care books around him.

“Alfred has taken him to the vet.” Damian’s voice was quieter than it had been, not a whisper, but it no longer held the confidence it had earlier.

Dick let himself drop from his crouch to a seat beside his brother. “What did Alfred think was wrong?”

“He believes it’s a cold.” Damian answered.

The worry in Dick’s chest eased further. “Then you don’t have much to be worried about.”

Damian shook his head. “He could be wrong.” Damian lifted the still open book so Dick could see it, and stabbed at a page with his finger. “Titus symptoms could be a host of other things.”

Dick took the book from Damian and set it aside. This was about more than Titus being sick. Damian could handle sick, he’d proved as much whenever Dick himself was sick. He took his brother’s shoulders and turned him to face him. “What’s this really about, kiddo?”

The quiver in Damian’s lip seemed to intensify. “This is my fault.” He said, and Dick felt his heart break a little bit. It was just like Damian to assume the blame for something out of his control. He could follow his brother’s logic like a straight puzzle, Damian was Titus’s owner and responsible for his health, if something were wrong it made sense Damian would blame himself.

“Dami—” Dick broke off as Damian shook his head violently.

“Don’t. I don’t deserve it.” His voice cracked and he pulled away from Dick’s hold, his eyes unable to hold Dick’s.

“It is my fault. I should have cared for him better. If only I had kept a better eye on what he was eating. Where he was going. What his status was.” Damian’s shoulders were shaking now, with what Dick wasn’t sure. It might have been anger, but he was tempted to think the cause was unshed tears.

Dick reached out and tilted his brother’s chin up so he was looking back at him. “This is not your fault.” He said. “Sometimes things happen, Dames. We can’t control everything.”

Damian bit his lip to stop the quivering. “I should have been able to.”

“No. You shouldn’t have. Do you blame yourself when I get sick? Or when Alfred does?”

Damian shook his head and Dick nodded. “Exactly. So why are you blaming yourself for this?”

“He’s mine to care for. Father trusted me with him.”

“And you’ve done an excellent job taking care of him.” Dick told him. “All this worry is proof of it. Bruce would be proud to see all the work you’ve done to make sure Titus is ok when he comes home.”

His brother nodded and took in a deep breath. “You think so?”

Dick smiled at him. “I know so. Now, let me give you a proper hug and we’ll call Alfred for an update.”

He didn’t give Damian time to reconsider or start blaming himself again. He reached forward and tugged his little brother into his arms. There was no hesitation on Damian’s part as he melted into Dick’s hug.

“Thank you, Grayson.” He said into his chest.

“Your welcome, Little D.” Dick smiled. Then after a moment he added. “Does this mean I’m back above Tim on your favorites list?”

Damian snuggled closer to him. “You never dipped below him.”

Come a Little Closer - Nolan Patrick

“i see the way you look at me when you think i don’t notice.”

drabble week day 6

word count: 761

warnings: cursing as per usual

a/n: i like this one. also, drabble week is almost over! what have y’all been thinking? should i do this again sometime?

Originally posted by phillymyers

you yawned and rubbed your eyes. it was half past midnight, and you’d had a long day.

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Busy - [EXO] Dr!Chanyeol Au

[A/N] So my doctor-to-be friend came over to take me out to dinner, and he’s been so grateful that he passed his fourth year exam flawlessly, and decided to drain my money by coming over, so this was slightly inspired by him. So pray that he’ll be an orthopedist one day, he’s amazing and kind. And single.

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

You just got off the phone with your mother and apart from screaming at your little brother to come out of his room, she just complaints how she’s having indigestion, every now and then.

You didn’t have to ask why because she’s will answer that question for you, without even having a second to think about how it will hurt you. “…because you’re not married yet. Your friends are having their honeymoons, having a second baby, getting hitched, being in a relationship…” and then she proceeds to tell you the darndest thing, “What about you.”

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Today’s date

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: July 7th, 2017, It was your anniversary so Jimin pushes everything aside, just as he does every year, to make each more memorable. This one just feels a little more lonely than the others.

Originally posted by berry852

“Where’s Jimin?” Jungkook questioned as he turned the corner, coming out from his older bandmates room.

Taehyung didn’t even have to take a glance up, still staring at his phone as he laid sprawled on the couch. 

“It’s July the 7th. He went out awhile ago but I’m sure he’ll be home before midnight.”

“It’s so busy out, are you sure he’ll be okay?”

“Yeah he does this every year…He’ll be fine, Jungkook.”


The nightlife in Hongdae was especially bustling tonight as Jimin sat in a window seat at your favorite cafe. The warm air and with a glimpse of his coffee, it brought back memories of the first time the two of you stopped by in this place. It was pouring  rain especially hard that day so, initially you only went in there for shelter, but you found yourselves continuously visiting and making it a place of your own. As he pulled the small paper off of the straw he started to think about those times you’d crumble it up just to toss it in his direction, flashing him the most beautiful smile. That smile could light up his whole world no matter what kind of day he was having. Knowing that he had someone to rely on made everything so much easier and he was grateful for that. You were so much more than that though and he hoped you knew that already. 

A small sip of his coffee made him think about the taste of your lips as he leaned over the cafe table to sneak you a quick kiss. You get embarrassed when he did those things in public but he found it hard to refrain from showing you the amount of his affection for you. An actual smile started to spread on his face, thinking back, and as if he couldn’t take it any longer he reached in his back pocket to pull his phone out. 

    You (Jimin):

              “I miss you so much so hurry here, okay? ”

Looking out on all those people out the window was a bit more interesting though. All the times you came in here the streets were so much less crowded and oddly enough the more people he saw standing out in front of him the lonelier he felt deep down. Watching those couples holding hands out there caused the reminiscence of feeling the warmth of yours against his, even those times you teased him about his hand being small compared to the other members. It caused tiny little bickering from the two of you that eventually turned into laughter in the end. There was no one out there more perfect than you to him. You kept him sane with hectic scheduling, always understanding and supporting him. He was rigged was hidden guilt, thinking sometimes that you had deserved better than him, someone who could be there for you more than he could but Jimin decided this was the only selfish thing he would do. Keeping you beside him, that is. 

   You (Jimin):

          “This place is exactly the same as it was before, I should have came here last year, you probably would have liked that better.”

He let a small sigh past his lips as he sunk down into the chair, fiddling with the ring in his hands. Jimin stared that the blank space next to him as the chair across from him remained empty. His phone finally vibrated on top of the table and he flipped it over eagerly for a response.


      “Is this the same guy as last year? Seriously, you have the wrong number. Please just stop calling and texting this number.”

With a composed face Jimin locked his phone once more. He already knew that number didn’t belong to you anymore but it felt like the only way he could talk to you. It was his only chance to tell you how he was feeling since you were literally no longer by his side. All those happy memories remained memories as he didn’t have any other way to make new ones. Maybe that’s why he kept trying to relive them. 

Finally he stood up from his chair to go pay for his drink, leaving the cafe alone. The people along side of him pushed and shoved with smiling faces while he couldn’t bring himself to smile any longer. The truth was that he missed you more than anything on earth and realizing there was no way to even say something to you one more time or see your smiling face just one more time finally broke to him. He just stopped, standing in the middle of the street as he took a deep breath. Today was the anniversary of your death and it was the second year since you has passed. It seemed a bit crazy but in a sense of coping he’d go to places you had loved, hoping you were watching over him to see him missing you. It was an excuse to think about you all day, remembering every amazing moment he had spent with you. He refused to think about anything negative that might have happened in the relationship, only wanting to remember everything good as you probably only wanted him to think of that. In the same sense he promised he wouldn’t cry over you any longer.

Suddenly he felt pathetic, doing all of this for nothing. Maybe this wasn’t what wanted and maybe you wanted him just to move on and continue everything as if it had never happened but he couldn’t do it. The images of you in his head never seemed to fade. There was a small feeling of warmth in his chest, the same feeling he got when he was able to put his arms around you, inevitably causing his eyes to finally tear up. 

Once more his phone vibrated in his hand and as light illuminated his face, he read a new name.


             “Hyung, Is she with you?” 

Jimin’s lips curved into the smallest of smiles but a smile nonetheless.

     You (Jimin):

          “Yeah, I think she is.”

Tell Me When It’s Alright

Will sped as fast as he could down the road, peddling like his life depended on it.  As far as he was concerned, it did.

His backpack hit his back repeatedly every time he pedaled, the notebooks and pencils jostling uncomfortably.  He hadn’t zipped it up all the way, and he could feel the weight shift as it opened slowly, and he prayed to whoever was listening that it wouldn’t spill.  He really couldn’t afford to lose all his homework.

Something that felt like a rock his the back of his thigh hard, making him yelp, and suddenly his homework was the last thing on his mind.

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heartbeats - jughead jones

  Request: Hey! Can I request a reader x jughead imagine where the reader has a panic attack? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! – Anon

 Words: 814, sorry it’s short!

 Warnings: panic attack, swearing (it’s me, obviously there’s swearing from your resident potty-mouth.)

 A/N: I had a panic attack yesterday so this was easy to write lol. Sorry it’s short anon, but it ended up being one of those things that didn’t need any more! I suffer from anxiety and PTSD, so if you ever want a chat, I’m here! Also, I know it’s not said anytime in the show that Jughead has had a panic attack but for the liberty of this, he has. But, looking at everything he’s been through, wouldn’t you say he most likely has suffered from anxiety/depression or another mental illness? I really hope you guys like this as I love i

    It hits you like a ton of bricks. Suddenly, and all at once.

    You’re not really sure where it all came from, or what exactly unnerved you and it sure as hell wasn’t the first time something like this had happened so you knew the correct protocol. Your chest was tight, your vision blurry, your heart pounding and breathing erractic.

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a continuation to the au where elle is a model

being lead through the studio surrounded by a security team wasn’t what elle had in mind when she was shuffled out of her cab. she thought it would be easier for her to just figure out where his dressing room was on her own, using her ability to text him to get the proper directions. but, she said nothing, and just allowed herself to be directed to wherever they were taking her. 

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out - Ian

Request in which both Max and Joji are fighting over you but you’re secretly dating Ian and, one day, Ian ‘snaps’.


“Oh,” you say, not so surprised as you make it sound like, as you enter the kitchen. “Hey, Ian.” You eye him, carefully approaching him at the table after putting your empty glass in the sink. He acknowledges you with a nod, raising an eyebrow in question at your rather secretive and wary behaviour. You glance one time at the door, making sure that no one is going to disturb you two, then finally you wrap your arms around his neck from behind, hugging him tightly.

“What’s this all about?” the bespectacled boy can’t help but chuckle at your actions, but still leans over into your embrace. He closes his eyes, sighing content as you nuzzle his hair and gently caress his jaw with the tips of your fingers.

“I just missed you. Can’t I?”

He purrs “You can, but…” he glances at the door and you know very well what he means. “Won’t they…?”

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Hyukkie's Aegyo
Han Sang Hyuk
Hyukkie's Aegyo

Hyuk’s aegyo @ Sukira

Ken: I know a secret about Hyukkie

RW: Yes?

Ken: To other members, they’ve never saw it but I’ve seen it once. He just did it like this, just that once.

Hyuk: Me?

Ken: Yes, to me.

RW: Why? Why did he do that?

Ken: Just playing around because I kept on doing aegyo at that time.

RW: Then, why don’t you show it once here. The one that you did to Ken.

Hyuk: At that time, it was like this. Ken hyung usually have a lot of aegyo.

RW: He does.

Hyuk: It was too much that my fingers were curling sometimes. So, I think I need to make it worse to make him feel what I feel so that he won’t do aegyo again. So I did it.

RW: Should we see it?

Ken: He did it too much.

RW/Hongbin: Please stand up.

N: Hyuk is doing proper aegyo, it’s the 1st for me.

RW: He’s too tall…

N: One, two, three

Hyuk: Ihing~~~ Ken hyung please buy me that~


Ken: That’s cute!!

RW: That’s cute, cute!

N: So cute~~ (umma mode)

Ken: When I saw that, I wanna be cuter than him.

N: Aww he’s cute~~

RW: He did everything that’s good.

N: If you did that to me, I’ll buy you anything (non-stop umma mode)

fl00wersss-moved-deactivated201  asked:


FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! great, now i cant stop thinking about harpy!jer

  • harpy!jer who, as a child, kept climbing on cabinets and jumping off because it just logically feels like he should soar, and not, yknow, fall face first into the floor
  • he doesnt get too hurt though. harpies are also descendants of wind spirits, and the wind is always kind to its children. it makes sure to lay jeremy down to the ground as gently as it can, when jeremy isnt being an idiot. sometimes the kid needs to fall and learn a lesson tho…no more jumping off of cabinets. 
  • jer having a collection of shiny things. it spans from coins to keyrings to bottlecaps. on jeremy’s tenth birthday, michael gives him a glitter jar. it still sits on his desk up til now and never fails at calming him down. 
  • im very attached to michael being a late bloomer, so jeremy manifests first. when the shift finally comes, there are feathers everywhere and jeremy has trouble keeping the whole talons thing under control. 
  • harpies are totally raptors, so i like to imagine jeremy with the wings of a peregrine falcon. 
  • jeremy takes for-fuckin-ever to learn how to fly though. flight jitters, and all that. the wind can help all it wants, but wind isnt the only thing that keeps something in the air. so really, theyre at the same level when michael finally manifests, and learn how to fly together. two player game through and through, even when it comes to accidentally landing in a hedge.
  • if michael has to deal with skin shedding from his wings, jeremy has to deal with molting. it’s hell on earth when both of them end up syncing once and go through this at the same time. vacuuming and sweeping for dayz

this is a great concept. liked faved and subscibed.

anonymous asked:

sometimes when my mom's cooking, she pours raw egg whites into my dog's dish. im worried that my dog might get sick from this. is it an ok thing to do?

Yes, raw eggs in moderation are safe. They should just be kept refrigerated to prevent bacteria growth.

Dogs don’t really have to worry about salmonella, though, because their digestive tract is much shorter than ours, not allowing much time for bacteria growth, and they are more acidic which helps kill bacteria. But to give them a bit of an advantage, I think organic eggs, in hopes for a healthier hen, is what some people opt for.


I am 100% pleased more people are talking about the importance of enrichment now. But I fear it is starting to become a bit of a buzzword and not everyone seems to “get” what enrichment is really about. It’s not like.. A weekly chore you do for your reptiles. It’s not bombarding them with new things all the time.. It’s the foundation of your enclosure design. It applies to the way you offer hides, heat and light too. There seems to be a bit of confusion,  shown by a few discussions yesterday, as to what enrichment really IS. And this has also raised concerns from others that new keepers or those unfamiliar with reptile behaviour will stress out their animals despite good intentions. Indeed a valid concern. But to clarify: One of the main goals of environmental enrichment is to REDUCE stress and bordem.   

Enrichment is about choice and giving an animal control over its own environment. Not about “shaking things up” all the time.

“Enrichment is a dynamic process for enhancing animal environments within the context of the animal’s behavioural biology and natural history. Environmental changes are made with the goal of increasing the animals behavioural choices and drawing out their species-appropriate behaviours, thus enhancing animal welfare.”

- 1999 AZA Behavioural Scientific Advisory Group.

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Untitled Modern!Javid AU (P.1)

If there was one thing Davey hated more than anything, it was grocery shopping. He knew it was necessary, he had to get food for him and his brother somehow, but it was just tiring. It was a fifteen minute drive to the nearest supermarket from his apartment, and Les always insisted on being in control of the radio, which led to him constantly flipping through the channels until they got there. It didn’t help that the channel Les seemed to settle on the most was the country station, which just so happened to be the station he was on at the moment.

Davey glared at the winding road as Les hummed the song on the radio, assumedly something by… Luke Bryan? He didn’t really know, and didn’t really care. He just wanted to get to the store already. Sighing, Davey looked over to Les for a split second. “Hey, Les, could you change the station, please?” he asked. Les scratched his chin, humming in fake concentration, before responding. “Nah.” he said, smiling at his older brother. Davey groaned and hit his head off of the steering wheel, causing his younger brother to laugh. Just then, a thought popped into his head. “If you change the channel, I’ll buy pizza for dinner.” Les grinned widely and switched the channel - to another country channel. “Are you kidding me?” Davey yelled in exasperation. Les laughed again. “I’m kidding, Davey. What station you want it on?” he asked. “Anything other than country, please.” Les nodded, changing the channel yet again. This time, he changed it to the old rock station that Davey was fond of. Davey smiled and relaxed a bit. “Thanks, buddy.”

“No problem.” said Les, reclining in his seat. After a brief period of well-welcomed silence, he continued. “Still owe me that pizza, though.” Davey chuckled. “A’ight, kiddo. I know.” Within a minute’s time, the two siblings arrived at the supermarket. Les grinned and hopped out of the car and ran over to Davey’s side of the car. He grabbed his hand as he got out of the car and tugged him towards the door. “C’mon, Davey, let’s go! Time’s a-wasting!” Davey laughed. “Is it? Last I checked, we had the whole day off.” Les pouted. “Just because we have the day off, doesn’t mean we don’t have other things to do.” Davey raised his eyebrow, grabbing a cart. “What do we have to do?” he asked. Les hopped on the front of the cart before answering. “I have the whole day planned out! First, we’re gonna go shopping, then we’re gonna go to the park, then we’re gonna go back home, and then we’re gonna watch some Disney movies.” he finished.

Davey grabbed a jar of peanut butter off of the shelf, chucking it into the cart. He scanned his list for the next item they needed to get, and started heading in the direction of the drinks. “Disney movies, huh?” Les nodded. “Why can’t we watch something I pick this time?” Davey started. “You chose last time, it’s my turn today.” Les shook his head. “Did not.” Davey glared. “Did too.” “Did not.” “Did too.” “Did too.” “Did not.” “Fine, you’re right, Davey. I did not choose last time.” Davey grinned, before realizing his mistake. “Hey, that’s not fair, you tricked me!” Les laughed. “Yeah, but you were the one dumb enough to fall for it.” Davey huffed, checking the list again. “Okay, so we have to buy you some new shoes. Your old ones are getting a bit worn out.” Les looked down at his shoes. “I don’t see anything wrong with them.” Davey peeked around the cart and started at his brother incredulously. “Les, they’re falling apart at the seams.”

Les frowned. “But I like my shoes.” Davey sighed. “Then we can find another pair that looks just like ‘em, a’ight?” Les nodded. The two of them walked over to the shoe section in a peaceful silence. Les hopped off the cart and searched the aisles, looking for some sneakers. Davey stood by the cart, humming softly. Pulling out his list, he checked it over once again. “Aw darn, I forgot to grab milk.” he said. “Hey, Les. I’m gonna go and get some milk and I’ll be right back, okay?” From around the corner, he heard a muffled okay! “Stay right there until I get back.” Davey said before heading in the direction of the dairy aisle. He grabbed a gallon of milk for himself and a gallon of chocolate milk for his brother before heading back to where he left Les. “Hey, did you find a pair you liked?” He asked, waiting for his brother to respond. After a few seconds with no response, Davey spoke up again. “Uh, Les? You there?” Silence.

And in that moment, Davey panicked. Les was known for sneaking off while he wasn’t looking, and everytime without fail it takes him at least twenty minutes to find him. I knew I shouldn’t have left him alone, he thought. Davey walked all throughout the shoe aisles, making sure Les wasn’t just hiding on him. Maybe he went to the… Toy aisle? Nope. Garden section? No. Sport section? Not there, either. For all he knew, Les could be on the other side of the store. Or he could be outside. Or with a stranger. Or being kidnapped. Or, y’know, just in the bathroom. Now Davey was really panicking. Ever since he was little, Les has been glued to Davey’s side. When he finally moved out of his parents home, Les came with him. It was up to him to make sure nothing happened to his little brother, and if he couldn’t keep an eye on him? Well, what kind of a brother was he?
Just as it was reaching the fifteen minute mark, Davey rounded a corner and saw Les - talking to a stranger. Davey glared, but his gaze softened when he saw Les laughing and smiling. He cautiously approached the pair, hoping to not draw too much attention to himself. That, however, did not work, because Les quickly spotted his brother and waved him over. “Hey, Davey! Come meet my new friend.” Les’s ‘friend’ turned and smiled, and Davey felt his stomach flutter. Davey smiled back sheepishly and went to stand next to Les. “So, who’s your friend?” he asked his brother. “His name is- wait, why can’t he introduce himself?” The stranger chuckled, and the sound made Davey’s heart swell. The man ran a hand through his messy brown locks before introducing himself.

“The name’s Jack, Jack Kelly. I take it Les here’s your little brother?” Davey swallowed, nodding. “Uh, yeah. Yeah he is. It’s nice to meet you, Jack. My name’s David Jacobs, but you can call me Davey.” Jack smiled and shook Davey’s hand. “Davey…” he said, mulling the name over. “Sounds nice.” Davey could feel his face heat up, and averted his eyes from Jack’s. “Thanks.” he said, trying to clear his thoughts. “So, how’d you and Les meet?” he asked. Jack looked towards Les and smiled. “I was just kind of walking by when he stopped me and asked what shoes he should pick. I told him he should pick the blue ones, and I asked if he could help me pick out a new bike. We just kinda kept talking after that. If I had known he was waiting for you to come back, though, I wouldn’t have brought him with me to check out bikes.”

“No no, it’s okay! I’m glad you’re the one Les found, and not someone else.” Jack smiled back. “I’m glad I’m the one who found him, too. He’s a good kid.” Les beamed at this, and looked towards me. “Hey, hey, hey Davey. Can Jack come over sometime to hang out? Pleeeease?” he begged. Davey looked between the two, and sighed. “I dunno, buddy. I don’t think we should impose-” Jack interrupted him. “It wouldn’t be imposing at all. As long as you’re okay with it, I’d love to hang out with Les.” Davey looked back to Les, who was busy giving him puppy eyes. With a small sigh, Davey nodded. “Yeah, that’d be nice. Uh, you wanna, I dunno, exchange numbers? That way I can get ahold of you, y’know?” Jack nodded. “Of course. Just let me put my number in your phone, and you can put your number in mine.”

The two handed each other their phones, saving their numbers into their contacts. Jack said his goodbyes to both Les and Davey, saying he’d text Davey later about when he should visit, and giving Les a hug. Davey payed for his groceries and headed back out to the car. Les cleared his throat, trying to get Davey’s attention. “Sooo… You and Jack, huh?” he said, smirking up at his older brother. Davey glared back down at him, before looking away, a faint blush coating his cheeks. “I dunno what you’re talkin’ about, kid.” Les raised an eyebrow. “I saw the way you were lookin’ at him, Dave. Don’t pretend.” Davey scoffed, climbing into the driver’s seat. Les hopped into the passenger’s seat and turned on the radio. 

As Davey was pulling out of the parking lot, he heard Les whisper under his voice, “You’re welcome.”

Wicked Games - Chapter Three

I had a lot of fun researching where I wanted Betty and Jughead to live at and then finding the perfect dress for the charity banquet. :) 

I hope you guys like this chapter. <3 (We finally get to start calling him Jughead in this one, yay!) 

Her new place is okay. She’s sure that any other person would consider it an amazing place to get away. To her it just feels like a prison. Cheryl had told her that she should think of it as a small getaway. Staying at The Met Loft hardly seemed like such a chore, even Forsythe had seemed a bit starstruck when he had entered the apartment. Which brought her to her next point.

She hated living with Forsythe Jones.

There wasn’t anything really wrong with him, per se, but it was just his presence that irked her. The apartment was big enough, a two bedroom two bath living arrangement, but it felt crowded having to share it with the other man. He made sure to stay out of her way for the most part, which wasn’t so hard when she hardly left her bedroom these days. However, on the rare occasion when she would go to the living room or wander around, he was always there lurking.

Like right now for instance. She was sitting at the round table in the kitchen, eating a bagel as she stared out of the large window next to her. It was only eight in the morning, but the city was wide awake already. She liked to see the cars pass by and she would watch as people walked their dogs and went for runs. It was nice, except for the fact that her new bodyguard was doing pull-ups in the damn living room.

He had a bar placed on the doorway connecting to his room and the living room. It kind of made him look like a douchebag in Betty’s opinion, especially since they had a gym downstairs but whatever. His back was faced towards her as he grunted out while pulling himself up. The noises were enough to make her roll her eyes in annoyance as she tried to focus on the insistent honking outside instead.

She considered maybe running on the treadmill after she finished her bagel. Tonight was the charity banquet and she always liked to get a nice run in before getting ready. It made her feel a bit better about herself. She didn’t have to start getting ready until at least one, so she had a bit of time to kill. A workout could be fun.

“Seventy,” Forsythe grunted out and Betty gave him an exasperated look.

“Must you count out loud?” She asked, finally reaching her point.

“I’ll forget otherwise,” he calls back, uncaring. “Seventy-five. Seventy-six. Seventy-seven.”

“Now you’re just being a jerk,” she mumbles. As time went on, she began to miss Zack and Charles, who weren’t so damn smug all the time or who didn’t insist on walking around like they were a gift from above. Forsythe was hot, there was no denying that, but he also reminded her of the jocks back in high school; the ones who thought they were too good for the world and so she couldn’t talk to him for more than five minutes without getting annoyed.

“Your team’s coming here around one, right?” He asks as he walks over towards the fridge, opening it up and pulling out the carton of orange juice. Betty just hums in response. “How well do you know them all?

“What?” She asks, caught off guard. He just gives her a look that let’s her know he doesn’t have time to wait around for her answer. “You’re kidding, right?”

“I’m not,” he says as he sits in front of her at the table. “I don’t even think they should be coming over here to help you get ready. Cheryl, you, and I are the only ones who are aware of your current location and I think it should be kept that way.”

“They’re my hair and makeup team!” She’s had it with how ridiculously overprotective he is. She’s fully aware that this is his job, but sometimes he just takes things a bit too far. “They’re professionals, you know, kind of like you. If you want to start pointing fingers at people who have been by my side since I first started out, then let’s point them at you, too.”

He tilts his head at her in question.

“How do we know you aren’t my stalker?” She demands. “I don’t know you. I don’t know the first thing about you yet I’m just supposed to trust my life with you? How does that make any sense?”

Forsythe pauses and looks taken aback for a fraction of a second before his features harden and then he just looks a bit angry. Betty would feel bad, except she doesn’t. At all. He’s a jerk and she’s not going to apologize for stating facts.

“Do you have plans?” He asks, changing the subject completely. Betty just rolls her eyes before answering.

“I was going to go run downstairs.”

“Get dressed then,” he tells her. “We’ll go.”

“I can go by myself,” she reminds him. “It’s an apartment complex! You need a key to get in.”

“I’m sorry,” he says as he stands up. “Did you not live at an apartment complex the first time? And then it was a gated community, right? Then a hotel?” Betty doesn’t say anything, she just glares at him. “That’s what I thought. Get ready.”

She gets up and stomps all the way over to the bedroom. She doesn’t care if she’s acting like a kid. She hopes that there’s a bar at the event tonight, because she’s going to need a few drinks.

The gym is pretty empty when they finally get to it. There’s some middle-aged man on one of the many treadmills, a young girl on the stepper, and a guy who looks to be in his thirties is weightlifting.

Betty goes over to an empty treadmill and places her bottle of water in the cupholder. The treadmill has builtin fans on it and she makes she to turn both of them on full blast. Forsythe walks over to a high and low pulley system and sits down at it. Betty wasn’t sure if he was going to work out down here too or if he was just going to stand in the corner and glare at everyone, but it seems that question had been answered.

She noticed that he was the only guy in the gym still wearing a shirt. The other two guys were proudly showing their bodies off, but not Forsythe. She wondered if there was a reason behind it or if he was just that modest. She couldn’t help but watch as his arm muscles flexed as he used the machine. He wasn’t a huge guy that would be in any body building competitions anytime soon, but he had nice muscles and Betty was sure he could pack a punch.

She finally turns her attention away from him and focuses on her own workout. She made sure to bring her headphones down with her and she gets lost in a workout playlist that she made the other day that’s full of a bunch of early 2000’s songs. It’s probably not the most motivating type of music, but for some reason it works for her.

She’s been running for a while and she’s halfway through Cupid’s Chokehold when a hand clamps down on her forearm. She’s taken off guard and she gasps as she loses footing. Her speed is at an eight right now, so she immediately goes down. She’s waiting for the inevitable pain of her face getting mauled by the treadmill. It never comes.

Strong arms wrap around her and lift her up off of the treadmill and place her on the ground. She places her hands on the shoulders of whoever grabbed her as she tries to regain her balance. Once she feels steady, she takes her headphones out of her ears and looks up.

A man she’s never seen before is standing in front of her. He wasn’t in here when she first walked in, so she assumes that he’s just started to workout out if the way he isn’t sweating is anything to go by. He’s handsome with blonde hair and brown eyes and the shoulders she’s currently grabbing onto are broad and strong feeling. She might be swooning a little as she looks at him.

“I’m so sorry about that,” he says and her mouth goes dry at the obvious Australian accent that slips from his lips.

“It’s fine,” she says, shrugging, trying to play off the whole incident as if she didn’t almost just face plant into the ground.

“I just had to ask, are you Betty Cooper?” Her name sounds heavenly in his accent and she just nods in awe. “I thought so. I’m a huge fan of yours. Did you recently move in here?”

Before she can answer him, she feels someone place a hand on her shoulder and she turns to see Forsythe standing behind her, his signature serious look on his face. The guy in front of her looks over at her bodyguard and Betty almost snorts at the way he has to look up to him. Forsythe is pretty tall compared to her and this guy is hardly any taller than her, so that means her bodyguard is towering over him.

“Hey, man,” the Australian accent stranger says to him. Forsythe just stares at him. “Your boyfriend?” He asks Betty once he realizes he isn’t getting anywhere with her bodyguard.

Betty has to stop herself from cracking up.

“No,” she says with a smile, holding back her laughter, “he’s not.” She doesn’t offer up any other information and the guy just nods.

“Well, I’m Nathan,” he tells her. “It was nice to meet you. I hope I see you around.” Betty just smiles at him before he turns and walks over to one of the weight sets.

She doesn’t bother to say anything to Forsythe before grabbing her water bottle and marching out of the gym. She tries to speed walk to reach the elevator before him, but it’s no use.

“Betty!” He calls out, right behind her. “What was that?”

She smashes her finger into the UP button on the elevator before turning around on him. “Um, what was that?” She repeats back to him. “Is there any reason why you interrupted that conversation?”

He gives her a blank look. “Are you… are you serious right now?”

“Oh, my god,” she groans, thanking the gods above when the elevator opens up. She walks in and hits her floor number. “He was just introducing himself to me. He was a fan!”

Forsythe doesn’t say anything and Betty sighs.

“Look, I know you’re doing your job and I appreciate it so much, but you can’t run off everyone who just so much as glances at me. I still have friends, I have a life, and I’m probably going to continue to meet people. You just need to protect me and I don’t think I was in any immediate danger there, aside from almost tripping and busting my ass.” The corner of his lips turn up ever so slightly and Betty smiles. “My stalker, whoever it is, probably won’t come up to me and introduce himself in the middle of an occupied gym.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologizes and Betty’s taken aback. “You’re right. I might have been a little too much back there. I’ll try to work on it.”

She smiles. “Good. That’s all I ask for.”

The rest of the afternoon is spent in front of a mirror as her hair and makeup is done. This routine is always boring to her because she hates having to sit still. She engages in conversation with everyone, but her butt starts to hurt after the first hour and then after that she gets antsy. Forsythe sits in a chair in the corner of the room and reads a book. He only looks up every so often and Betty counts it as a win since she’s sure he’d usually be watching everyone like a hawk.

Christopher and Jackie, two of her hair and makeup stylists, fill her in on their lives and keep the conversation flowing steadily. It’s the only thing that keeps her from going insane. She laughs along at their stories and it makes the time pass by a little faster.

Before she knows it, it’s time to slip into her dress, which means that they’re nearly finished. She has the option to choose from a Badgley Mischka Champagne Sequined Racerback Gown and a Monique Lhuillier Embroidered Long-sleeve Illusion Gown in Antique Silver. Both look so gorgeous and she’s torn between the two of them. Christopher and Jackie insist that the Badly Mischka is perfect, but she turns towards Forsythe who’s still reading his book.

“What do you think?” She asks. He keeps his head down, not aware that she’s addressing him. “Forsythe?” She tries again. This time he immediately looks up, closing his book and giving her his full attention. “Which dress?”

He glances over to the two options and then looks back at her before pointing to the Monique Lhuillier one.

“It’ll look nice with your hair,” he tells her. She looks back towards the mirror. Her hair’s just done in a simple teased ponytail with a few of the shorter strands fanning her face. “Very classy.”

She smiles and looks over at him. “Classy? Okay.” She grabs the Monique Lhuillier dress from the hanger and goes into the restroom to put it on in privacy with Jackie.

“Asking for his opinion?” Jackie hums. “Very interesting.”

“Hush,” Betty laughs. “Don’t even start.”

“I’m just saying. He’s very handsome, isn’t he? A much better looker than that NFL star you dated.”

“Reggie was cute!” She defends. She had liked Reggie.

“Of course, but he was a pretty boy. Mr. Jones is much more than that. He seems rugged and dangerous, like he’s seen and experienced a lot. He’s sexy.”

“Oh, my God, Jackie,” she laughs, “why don’t you date him then?”

“Don’t tempt me,” she snorts as she zips up the dress.

They finish up and walk back out into the room. Christopher immediately wolf whistles.

“Yes, queen,” he cheers, grabbing her hand and twirling her around, “you look so hot!” He hands her a pair of heels to complete the look and she leans on him as she puts them on.

Christopher and Jackie continue to rave about how good she looks and she laughs at the compliments even though she can feel her cheeks start to brighten.

She turns towards Forsythe, who’s looking at her too with a smile of amusement on his face.

“Classy?” She asks him.

“You look lovely,” he tells her. It’s a simple compliment and she’s sure he’d say it even if he didn’t mean it, but either way it makes her face light up.

There’s a red carpet, of course there is. Betty sighs as the limo stops in front of it. She’s sitting in the back by herself, Forsythe is up front with the driver, and she feels nervous. It’s her first time attending an event since the threats started and she feels uneasy about it. She doesn’t think anything will happen to her here, not with all these people and not with her new bodyguard but either way, it’s a bit unnerving.

The limo door opens and Forsythe is bent over in front of her, blocking off anyone from seeing her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asks her, eyes searching hers for any kind of hesitation.

“I don’t know,” she answers truthfully.

“We can always turn back around and go to the apartment.”

“No,” she says. She will not live her life in fear. “I can do this.”

He smiles at her, like he’s proud of her, and nods. “Ready?”

“I’m ready.”

He moves out of the way and extends a hand down to her. She grasps onto it as she swings her legs out of the limo and onto the concrete. He helps her out of the limo and then closes the door.

She intertwines their arms together and puts on a smile. Forsythe walks with his body slightly in front of hers as if he’s a shield.

“Betty!” Someone calls out as what seems like a hundred flashing lights start to go off. “Is it true that you’re set to be the new face of Adidas?”

“Is it true that you’re dating Jake Gyllenhaal?”

“Betty, where’s Reggie tonight?”



As soon as they get inside she lets the smile drop from her face.

“Jake Gyllenhaal?” Forsythe asks, a smirk on his face.

Betty untangles their arms and rolls her eyes. “I talked to him one time at the Oscars and now we’re dating and the wedding is in June.”

Forsythe just snorts.

“Do you want to go sit down?” Betty asks. “These heels are killer to stand in.”

“You go sit,” he tells her. “I’m going to hang back here.”

Betty frowns in confusion. “Why? You can come sit with me, you know. I’m allowed a plus one and I didn’t invite anyone, obviously.”

Forsythe just gives her an unamused look. “I’m your bodyguard, Elizabeth, not your date. I’m just here to watch over you and make sure nothing happens.”

She’s not sure if the words should sting the way they do. She was aware that he wasn’t her date, but she didn’t understand why that meant he couldn’t sit with her. Just because he was her bodyguard that didn’t mean he couldn’t be her friend as well.

“Don’t call me Elizabeth,” she says instead. “I don’t like being called that.”

“I don’t like being called Forsythe,” he replies in a bored tone. She’s about to ask him what he prefers to be called, when a voice calls her own name. She turns around to see Veronica walking towards her with a grin and actor Kevin Keller on her arm.

“Hey, V,” she greets, pulling her best friend into a hug. “Oh, you look so beautiful!”

“Me? Look at you! God, I’d kill for your legs.”

“Hey, Kev,” Betty greats the other actor. “How have you been?”

“I’m good. I really wasn’t going to come here tonight, but I couldn’t deal with Veronica’s crying over how it would look if she showed up alone.” Kevin and Betty both roll their eyes at that.

“I came alone,” Betty informs Veronica.

“Um, unless I totally imagined that complete hottie that you walked in with then no, I’m pretty sure you didn’t.”

“He’s my new bodyguard, V.”

Veronica’s eyes widened as she looks over to Forsythe who’s now standing near the entrance doors, arms crossed over his chest as he stands up straight with a stoic look on his face.

“No fucking way,” Veronica says, breathless. “That’s the guy who’s with you at all hours of the day? You have got to be kidding me. Only you would get a crazy stalker and yet somehow end up with the hottest guy ever as your bodyguard.”

“He’s a jerk,” Betty says even though she’s not sure if she believes that anymore.

“He could be a jerk to me all he wanted,” Kevin speaks up. “God, he looks like he’d be into some kinky shit.”

“What?” Betty yelps. “How can you even tell?”

“I can always tell,” Kevin says with a smirk. Betty just looks away from him in disgust.

“Okay, well I’m going to tell him that I’m going to go sit down.”

“Yeah, go give your bodyguard a goodbye kiss,” Veronica teases. “You’re sitting next to us by the way. I totally switched around a few place cards.”

She walks away from her friends and makes her way over to Forsythe. He looks at her in confusion once she nears him.

“I’m going to go sit with Veronica and Kevin,” she tells him.


She’s taken aback by his careless tone. “Well, I just thought I’d let you know.”

“Thanks,” he tells her, but it sounds a lot more sarcastic than it does sincere. Betty frowns at him, feeling embarrassed. She should have just gone to sit down.

She turns around and makes to leave, wondering why she always seems to somehow do the wrong thing around him. She’s not even trying to impress him or anything anymore. She just wants them to be civil. It amazes her how he can go from being so kind to her, like when he complimented her earlier to dismissing her like she’s an unsophisticated child.

“Betty,” he calls out suddenly. She turns around and gives him a bored look. He bites at his lip like he’s nervous and Betty can’t try to deny how sinful the action looks. “Have fun tonight, but be careful. Come get me when you’re ready to go.”

It’s hardly an apology, but she’ll take it. She just nods before turning back around to find Veronica and Kevin.

Two hours later she finds herself sitting at the bar with her friends. She knows that she shouldn’t be drinking and she thought back to the terrible hangover she had just the other day, but the martini that Veronica had ordered looked way too tempting and so she found herself ordering one. Of course one turned into two which turned into three and well, who was keeping count honestly?

“Oh my god,” Kevin gasped as he looked beyond Betty and Veronica, “guess who just walked in here alone.”

“Who?” Veronica giggled, feeling the weight of the alcohol herself.

“Reggie Mantle.”

Betty turns around in her chair and sure enough, Reggie is walking over to the bar and he appears to be stag. She hasn’t talked to him lately, not since the whole article, but there wasn’t any bad blood between them.

“I’m going to go say hi,” she tells her friends.

“First the hot bodyguard then Reggie? You’re on a roll.”

Betty just ignores Veronica’s teasing as she gets up and walks over to Reggie. At least she hopes she’s walking. The alcohol is starting to hit her hard and things may or may not be spinning.

“Hey, Reg,” she greets once she gets close to him.

He turns and looks at her in surprise. “Betty! Hey.” He pulls her in for a hug. Betty inhales his cologne. Reggie always smelled heavenly. It was one of her favorite things about him.

“How are you?” She asks, leaning against the bar for support.

“Good, good. On offseason right now so I’ve been spending time with my family. Sorry I haven’t been in touch.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she tells him. He doesn’t know about her stalker and she’d like to keep it that way. “I’ve just been enjoying some time off too. Although I’m sure that won’t last long.”

“It never does with you,” he smiles. “You’re one sought after girl, Betty Cooper. The world loves you.”

“Shut up,” she snorts. “You’re here alone?”

“Yeah. I actually kind of went on a date recently with a girl from my hometown. She was kind of my high school crush.” Reggie blushes and Betty coos at him. This was the best part about being friends with him, Reggie wasn’t interested in Betty like most guys tended to be. It was nice to be able to talk to a guy as a friend. Besides Archie and Kevin, she didn’t really have anyone else like that in her life.

“That’s so cute! Why didn’t you invite her?”

“It’s new,” he shrugs. “And I don’t think she’d like the spotlight too much, you know?”

Betty nods in understanding because she does know. The spotlight takes some time to get used to. Sometimes she thinks she might not even be used to it yet. She misses the days when she could get a burger without it making the tabloids.

“We’re taking it slow,” he continues.

“Well, I’m happy for you.” She says with a smile. “But don’t forget about me! Call me sometime and we can have lunch. I think I’m going to head out of here pretty soon.”

“One two many drinks?” He asks with a smirk. “You’re a bit wobbly. Do you want me to escort you to a cab?”

Betty snorts at his words but shakes her head. “Could you take me to my bodyguard actually? I’m scared I might fall over in these shoes. He’s by the entrance.”

Reggie nods and extends his arm out to her, which she grabs onto gratefully. He leads her to the entrance and Betty immediately spots Forsythe.

Apparently he had been on the lookout because he spots her at once and makes his way over to her and Reggie. He must notice her intoxicated state because he frowns at her.

“You ready to go?”

“Mhm,” she hums. “I’ll see you later, Reggie.”

Reggie passes her over to Forsythe gently, who then wraps his arm around her shoulders as he tries to keep her upright.

“Thank you,” he tells Reggie.

Reggie nods. “Have a good night. I’ll let Veronica know you left, Betty.”

He walks away from them and Forsythe leads them outside. The cold air feels good and in any other case, she’s sure she’d be shivering but right now Betty likes the way it feels on her face.

“You’re drunk,” Forsythe states.

“I’m not drunk,” she giggles. “I’m just a bit tipsy.”

He doesn’t answer her, he just tries to get a taxi instead. It doesn’t take long before one stops for them and Forsythe puts her into it gently. She’s expecting him to sit up front, but she’s surprised when he slides in next to her as he rattles off their address to the driver.

“Did you have fun?” He asks her.

“I did. You should have sat with us.” He doesn’t answer her and she’s about to forget the conversation when a thought comes to mind. “Earlier you said you didn’t like to be called Forsythe. What do you liked to be called?”

He looks over at her in shock, like maybe he wasn’t expecting her to remember that. He pauses for a moment before answering.

“Promise you won’t laugh?”

“I promise.”


“Huh?” She asks, not understanding.

“That’s what my friends and family call me.”

She looks at him and studies him. There’s a small smile on his face like he’s remembering something, but he’s also looking at her like he’s nervous about how she’ll react. In the end she just smiles at him lazily before leaning her head onto his shoulder.

“Hi, Jughead,” she yawns out. “It’s nice to meet you.”

And then she closes her eyes.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know there's an account on Twitter run by sasaengs that is making fans pay money to get the information about their faves? They spread information about GOT7 too

Hi~ Unfortunately I heard about it. I won’t mention its name but if you know about it I recommend reporting it. I’ve got another message just now asking if we should believe in what that account says.

This is what I think:

Even though we’re curious to know stuff about our favorite idols we should never go as far as supporting sasaeng accounts by paying them, if we pay them we support them. Sasaengs spend their free time on stalking idols, sometimes even spying on them, and we know GOT7 don’t like this. Spreading rumors those accounts spread is wrong too.

Information about future releases, company’s plans should be kept secret. Revealing secret information is harmful to the company and your favorite idol so think twice before you do it~

There have been many rumors spreading this year, fans were worried but most of them turned out to be fake. Accounts like the one you mentioned might spread false information or secret information that is true but revealing it is bad for the company so either way - we shouldn’t do it.

Let’s not worry about every single rumor and wait for official announcements from JYPE.

With these words of wisdom, since I am crazy I might as well continue my rant.

I say Sam and Cait went home for the weekend to check on the wee one. Been gone to long and needed to touch home base again. Children need attention. To bad they can’t be see traveling together.

MM is to busy with Billy to get her shit together on her IG. Sometimes she posts shit that she forgets doesn’t fit the fake story. Sometimes she removes it to late and nosy bitches like me come along and see it. Move a little faster MM.

I think Billy should be kept up to date on all that happens with MM because it’s hard to be a bf and be kept out of the loop regarding her fake bf. It’s to hard on him to figure out where to be and when so they won’t be seen together. He has to work and pretend to have fake gf’s too. The stress of this is just to much, poor guy.

I say whoever made this crap up should loose his corner office with the view. He is an idiot.

I think if any of this insanity of Sam with MM is true, he needs to rethink his taste in women. Love is blind is one thing, but this says love is fucked up. Most grown men almost 40 don’t date immature girls. They like women. But I’m crazy what do I know.

Don’t bother telling me not to bad mouth MM. There is so much wrong in this area I could go on and on. Besides it’s to hard to resist. I don’t have to be nasty, but you know it’s sometimes funny as hell.

I think because of the stupidity of the men running this shitshow, I can say anything I want because they have created the crazy women here. Me especially.

Ok guys stop being stupid. We are really not crazy.

Daughter of (Athena) Tony Stark Part 1

Let’s start with I’m going to move around the timeline of the PJO books because I just needed to do it so the story works,  complain to me if it really bugs you so much.

Also this was originally suppose to be a reader insert, but as i was writing and going over how the story should head it slowly turned into an oc story.  I’m still going to tag it as a reader insert but also as an oc.  

Finally can somebody please tell me how to link previous and future parts of the story in the posts.

Okay now I just need to do the disclaimer and we can get on with Part one of the story.  I do not own anything in this story besides maybe Sofi Stark, and that is very hesitant

Summary: Sofi Stark thought she had enough trouble just being the daughter of Tony Stark, but now she also has the pressure of being the daughter of an actual goddess.  Not only that but now she has this weird boy who has the same power and name sake of her worst fear following her around.  Now she has to balance both her mortal life and her demigod life. How can her life get any weirder?


It’s hard to decide where this story should start, I guess that’s true about any life story.  Most choose to start at their actual birth, or even a little bit after that, but I think it would be for the best to start at the conception of me…

What? Don’t give me that look!  I’m not going to tell you about THAT, partly because I wasn’t made like that, but mostly because that’s just plain gross and wrong.  I for one do not want to think of my parents doing the do.  Do you?  

No no no.  I was made a much different way, but to get to that part we have to go to the day my parents met.  The day in 2002 when my father, Tony Stark, was receiving yet another award for his genius weapon designs and his help given to the military.  My dad was doing what he does best, flirting with anything wearing a dress, when he first saw my mom (I won’t tell you who she is yet, (though you might already know) mainly because i inherited my father’s love for the dramatic) she was one of the most beautiful woman my father had ever seen, she had curly black hair done in a half up half down hair do,, she had these stunning grey eyes that seem to be scanning the whole room and focusing exclusively on him at the same time.  She wore a silvery grey greek style dress that went to the floor with gold jewelry along her wrists and around her neck.  My dad felt drawn to her like she was admitting some kind of magnetic field.  He slowly made his way to her fluttering through the crowd, ignoring all of the people trying to get his attention.  Finally he made it to her.  Hey introduced himself giving her one of his most charming smiles.  She chuckled at his attempt and told him her name in return.  They hit it off right away.  They spent the rest of the night together, dancing, talking, drinking.  They discovered they had many thing in common, and many more that they didn’t dare mention to the other.  At the end of the evening my father invited her to continue what they started at his home, but she turned him down telling him they shouldn’t ruin such a beautiful conversation with such acts.  Normally my dad would take offense to this and feel rejected, but this time he couldn’t agree more with her.  He felt a connection with her and didn’t want this wonderful connection to turn into some meaningless one night stand.  He gave her his number and told her to call him and that they should do this again sometime.  She agreed with him, thinking in the back of her head how she probably never see this man again, but atleast he will have a tiny part of herself with him for, hopefully, the rest of his life. As my dad watch from the back of his limo, he whispered one last farewell to the woman, “Goodbye Athena, I hope we meet again soon.

A couple of months passed and dad never heard from that mysterious woman again, but he always kept her in the back of his mind.  During those months Dad got a new personal assistant name Virginia Potts, nicknamed Pepper because when my dad first talk to her, she forced her way through his bodyguards by pepper spraying them.  All so that she could tell him about a mistake in the numbers that could have been a disaster if not fixed right away.  He always laughs when he tells people that story.  Sadly her job is as much about getting rid of dad’s many one night stands, as it has to do with being his actual assistant.


That brings us to the day Tony Stark met his daughter.  It was a unusually chilly morning at Tony’s Miami home.  He was outside enjoying the nice weather when suddenly a short, squatty man walked up to him.  The strange man had a weird walk that reminded Tony of how a goat walks more than how a man walks.  As the man walked closer dad notice that he held what looked like a bundle of blankets and a manila envelope.  He was honestly speechless at the sight of this strange man.  Tony finally found his voice and voiced one of the many questions that was running in his mind. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“My name’s Gleeson Hedge.  I was sent here by Athena.”  The short man grunted out.

“And why did she send you?  Why not come here herself?”  Tony asked.

“Because she’s busy,” Hedge huffed, “You can’t expect a goddess to drop everything to drop off your daughter,” Hedge said adjusting the blankets in his arms that started to make a cooing sound.

“I’m sorry what?” Tony asked shocked.  “What do you mean daughter? Me and Athena never did anything to make a baby.”

“It works differently with her.  Here take this it will explain everything,” Hege said thrusting the envelope to the shocked man.  

He took the envelope in shaky hands. He shooked his head to clear his mind. “Can you please just give me the cliff notes version real quick I’m still really confuse.”

“Listen bub all I have time to tell you is that all those greek myths aren’t myths.  They’re all real, and you just made a baby with the goddess of wisdom.  Good luck, there’s a dvd in there that will explain it all in detail.” Hedge gestured to the envelope or gestured as well as he could with a baby in his arms.  “Now here’s your daughter.  Make sure to support her head.  I’m off i have more demigods to take care of.” Hedge said handing off the baby to the new father and walking away without another word.  

Tony still in shocked just watch as the strange man walked away.  He was only broken out of his shocked when he heard giggling from the little girl in his arms.  He looked down not believing that this was happening, but he had to admit looking down at the baby in his arms he could see the family resemblance, she had his nose and lips, but she also had her mother’s shocking, intelligent gray eyes.  “Hey there squirt, we’re going to go inside and figure this all out.” Tony told the baby.  He had no idea why he talking to the baby like she can understand him, but looking into her eyes he felt like she could.

Tony walked into his house and called out to Jarvis, “Jarvis can you please get Pepper on the phone and tell her to get her ASAP.”

“Right away sir but I feel I should tell you that there appears to be another human life in your arms, and also that Ms. Potts is suppose to come in later today.” Jarvis told his master.

“I know both of those things, but i need her here right now so tell her it’s an emergency.” Tony said bouncing the baby slitty.

“Right away sir.”


“Okay what’s the emergency?” Pepper asked as she walked into the house 10 minutes later.  She didn’t see Tony right away, but as she scanned the room she spotted him on the couch.  From her angle she could see he was holding something but she couldn’t see what.

“You won’t believe what I got delivered this morning,” Tony said from the couch.

Pepper groaned, “Tony seeing your new, shiny toy isn’t an emergency. “  Pepper continued to rant about how rude he is to call her over when she had the morning off until she saw exactly what was in his arms. “Is that a baby?”  She asked not believing what she was seeing.

“Yeah, you remember that woman I told you about? Athena.  Apparently she was the greek goddess of wisdom.  I don’t believe that I’m running a paternity test on her know it should just be another ten minutes.”  Tony said shifting the now sleeping baby in his arms.

“Okay and what’s in that envelope on the coffee table?” Pepper asked reaching out to pick it up.

“The strange man that dropped her off, something Bush I think, said that all the answers I need to know are in that folder.  I haven’t open it yet, I want to make sure this is my daughter before I open it and possibly change my life forever.”  Tony explained looking back down at the sleeping child, thinking that the paternity test wasn’t really necessary you could tell that the two was father-daughter just by looking at them.

“Do you really need to do that?  I mean just look at her.” Pepper let out basically reading the man’s mind.

“I just need to be positive,” Tony whispered.

A couple of minutes of silence went between the two youngish adults.  It was only broken when they heard Jarvis speak, “Sir the test is done would you like me to tell you the results or would you like to them yourself?”

“Tell me the results Jarvis,” Tony answered.

“She is most definitely your daughter sir, but the strangest thing happened when I tried to see who her mother is.” Jarvis stated.

“What do you mean Jarvis?” Tony asked getting a little impatient with this whole situation.

“I mean sir, according to her dna she doesn’t have a mother, you’re her only parent.” Jarvis continued, “Sir might i suggest looking into the envelope that was delivered with the child, the answer you seek might be in there.”

“Your right Jarvis.  Pepper opened that envelope,” Tony order, but still made sure to keep his voice down, the last thing he needed was for his daughter to start crying.

Pepper open the envelope to find a couple of things, the first was a dvd that had writing on it that simple spelled out answers, the next was a couple of important documents, the baby’s birth certificate and social security number.  Pepper looked at the name on the sheets. Sofi.  “Apparently her name is Sofi,” Pepper said showing him the documents.

“Well that answer the question of what we’re going to call her. Now put in the dvd.”

Pepper popped the dvd into the dvd player, and gently sat on the couch beside Tony.

“Let’s get some answers Sofi,” Tony whispered to the little girl in his arms.

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