sometimes i think of unfunny things

People, myself included, often say that nothing exists in a vacuum, and although that is true, sometimes the things we engage in only have their power in a vacuum. Basically, any ‘youth’ related thing is the kind of thing that cannot be powerfully engaging unless taken out of all context. If I said to you ‘hahaha, look at this meme’ it’s funny, because memes are funny. Even just saying the word meme works online. but were I to approach you IRL, and ask you to look at this funny meme, you would probably find it less funny. 

I think this extends into the way that teachers and parents who try to seem hip come across as unfunny or only distance themselves. They don’t get that in order for these things to be funny, they can’t be given a context. They can’t be explained, without losing their magic. You can’t understand them without simply experiencing them. 

This is also why businesses trying to cash in on memes that already exist aren’t funny. But businesses that make their own nonsense are. It’s because they don’t give themselves the time to understand what makes this funny. They already know, and they know that unless you are a part of it, without removing this thing from it’s quiet little home, it’s not funny. So instead you make yourself a part of it. 

anonymous asked:

Do you like How I met your mother? If so which pairing did you like the most? Did you like the ending?

I always tell this story and can never find any links to responses in which I say this lmao.

I hate How I Met Your Mother, I find it sexist and racist and generally unfunny, like I have watched all nine seasons and maybe laughed twice. I think they did a good job exploring certain themes specific to being twentysomething, like nothing good happens after 2 AM, it’s true. But I really do not like the show. I watched it because I was in the UK at the time and it was the lowest point in my life and I needed to watch something that had a lot of seasons and HIMYM had nine.

The only, the ONLY thing I liked about HIMYM was Barney and Robin. Maybe sometimes Lily and Marshall but like 99.9% of the time I only liked Barney and Robin, they had really great chemistry, they had really great buildup, they had well-written development both as a couple and as individual characters which in turn provided Ted who I fucking hated with well-written character development and then the show fucked it ALL UP for that STUPID ending. I remember when HIMYM was on the air and the finale aired and my facebook was a mess, people were extremely upset, posting articles and rants about things I did not know or care to know at the time and then when I watched the ending I understood why everyone was freaking out and like ranted for days. It wasn’t what I needed at the time. I actually harbour a deep, visceral resentment toward HIMYM because of that fucking ending.