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it should really fucking be talked about that legally requiring women to wear makeup at work is ableist as fuck. a disabled or mentally ill person could do a job just fine and not be able to put makeup on their face due to either being physically unable to or having tactile issues.

let me tell you sometimes I want to fucking claw makeup off my face it feels so miserable. this can actually inhibit work productivity if that’s what’s so fucking important. it has nothing to do with shit.

the fact that it’s just women that have to wear makeup legally in the work place is really telling, because they’re basically saying men have the right to not have “flawless skin,” women are unprofessional for it. 

it should straight up be illegal to require women to wear makeup to work.

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I headcanon that sometimes in the middle of the night when she cant sleep uraraka goes onto the porch of her dorm floor and Bakugou is sometimes there. At first, bakugou yelled at her to leave him alone but now he tolerates it and they just stand there together in silence. They never talk about it to anyone but they both lowkey like the company for when they cant sleep

Kacchako and late night talks are my thing!! This is wonderful!! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED A FIC THAT IS KINDA SIMILAR TO THIS. Where they would always meet, they never really talked about it but they know when’s the time when the other is going to be in that place. 

But what if suddenly one night Bakugou stopped coming and started avoiding Uraraka altogether, as if those interactions never happened between them??

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My sister doesn't ship anything in BTS but we were watching a vid with the jikook vlive stare (the most recent one) and she just looked at me like "yo wtf that's hella gay, what was that?? What are they doing???!" and it might be because I've affected her since I talk about jikook sometimes but I think it says a lot about that moment?? it's just kinda weird, and the fact that a non-shipper like my sis said it too kinda makes me feel validated ahaha and now she kinda ships it

Okay, but that stare was hella gay. You’re sister was right with that one. And I think that does say a lot about jikook and how their real their moments can be seen as. Because even a non-shipper like your sister saw the tension and the just overall gayness of the moment. But omg I’m so happy that your sister kinda ships jikook, i love it when jikook turns non-shippers into shippers with how real they are. 

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i can see ur moon being in gemini for sure! when stuff comes up you seem inclined to talk the problem out and ask around for solutions. it's a good quality. i dont know you personally, but at least from my perspective id say its accurate! and yes it is very icky and can make life messy sometimes but the most important thing i think is just to focus on who you are and what you believe. try not to get lost in other peoples perceptions of u! no one knows you like you do <3

ahaHAHAH TRU i can’t Not talk about a problem if there is one b/c like,,,, anxiety,,,,,, what if there’s misconceptions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

gosh heck that’s kinda interesting you say that b/c i was kinda actually raised to have my entire perception of myself, my intentions, and even what exactly it is that i’m feeling depend on the perception of others’ and what They think my intentions/feelings are and who i am, so thank you for the advice i’m kinda glad to hear from someone who doesn’t really expect that of me LMAO i can’t get out of that mindset any time soon but it’s still nice to hear

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hi! Is it common for bigender people to feel differently about their sexuality on different days? For example, most of the time I feel like a lesbian, but sometimes I feel like a gay man? Should I just go by bisexual? I've never seen anyone talk about anything like this 😰

Hi there! Experiencing a sexuality change is actually called abrosexual! My partner is abrosexual so it’s definitely not unheard of :) I hope this helps.

Have a great day,

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I sometimes feel worthless BC I don't have friends and I'm not anyone's favorite. I've always been invisible to others, and I thought if I had a nice car or degree people would like me. I remember many times letting people treat me badly. What can I do? My stomach drops when others talk badly about me.

my advice.

1)ask Allah to give you righteous friends. maybe Allah is protecting you from bad people. a believer wouldn’t discriminate another believer because of them not having a degree or not having a car. 

2)and regarding being people’s favorite. even if you were people’s favorite it doesn’t mean it would last forever you know? Human beings are fickle, Allah is not. i noticed people are always around when someone is up and doing well. but when a person is down not as many people are there. so my advice is… fulfil people’s rights by being respectful and just live to please Allah. through pleasing Allah I hope He rewards you with everything you could ever want. ameen :) you aren’t worthless

3)and listen up anon. if people are mean and nasty to you. believe me Allah is watching. Remember the man who was being arrogant and nasty to the man in the garden in Surah Al-Kahf? Allah literally destroyed his life. Allah punishes the oppressive/abusive people in His own way and in His own time. Be patient and cut your interaction with nasty people short. you don’t know how many people i’ve seen who are arrogant and abusive to others who were humiliated by Allah.  May Allah protect us from becoming oppressive and nasty to others. Because we’re all capable of becoming that 😔.


About Ciel in chapter 125(aka the Kuro chapter that actually feels like a Kuro chapter again!!)

I mean

he’s taking

no shit

he’s being

sassy af

and I would tell my son to chill



like. thank you for being my friend. i know we won’t ever say this in person unless we’re too drunk to hold it in and i know if we do we won’t talk about it in the morning but every time you’re next to me i feel like you radiate invincibility. like if i make stupid mistakes you’ll find a way to save me. like i’d do anything to make you happy. like. buddy you’re weird and sort of abrupt and sometimes too honest but i look at all of these traits you hate and i just. really love them. so yeah like don’t ever talk about the fact i told you this or that i got sappy or that once i cried telling you how much you’d be missed but know it’s true. if you died i’d be, like. super pissed. i don’t know. i love you, is all. don’t make, like, a thing out of it.

therapist: so, how do u feel today about the thing we talked about last week?
my dissociative psychotic ass: what thing

sometimes, people have coping mechanisms for their own mental health issues where they make their depression/anxiety into a joke. This is something I do, this is something my friends do, and this is something I see Dan do. It is okay to make fun of yourself to feel better. It’s okay to laugh about it and be relatable and connect with others who have the same struggles through humor. That’s okay. It allows you to talk about it, it allows you to feel better about yourself, it even allows you to make friends. 

However, it’s also okay to not laugh about it. Just because certain people find joking about these things humorous doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes its okay to not find anything funny about laying in bed for 14 hours per day or forgetting to eat breakfast. It’s fine if you don’t feel like hitting the like button and laughing about that relatable depression post.

Both things are reasonable responses to that kind of content. However, just because one person doesn’t agree with your mindset doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. Respect each other and accept that there are different coping mechanisms to mental illness, and while one person makes jokes about it, someone else doesn’t want to laugh about it.

My favourite thing about this clip was Sana actually writing how she’s been feeling. Opening up like that. Wow. I really hope that isn’t the last we hear of that and at some point we actually see her talk about her feelings with her friends. I love a grand gesture as much as the next person but sometimes actually sitting down and discussing things means more. That’s how issues are really resolved and bridges are truly built. That’s where real bonds are formed imo. 

Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate these days. I was thinking about the history of this building and the Bowie history. So I started to think about that and my mind began to wander. It’s not a good…
So I haven’t really been talking about some things and I kind of… now it feels like it’s conspicuous because I lost a really close friend of mine, somebody who…(applause)

I’ll say this too, I grew up as 4 boys, 4 brothers and I lost my brother 2 years ago tragically like that in an accident and after that and losing a few other people, I’m not good at it, meaning I’m not…I have not been willing to accept the reality and that’s just how I’m dealing with it (applause starts)

No, no, no, no.

So I want to be there for the family, be there for the community, be there for my brothers in my band, certainly the brothers in his band. But these things will take time but my friend is going to be gone forever and I will just have to…

These things take time and I just want to send this out to everyone who was affected by it and they all back home and here appreciate it so deeply the support and the good thoughts of a man who was a … you know he wasn’t just a friend he was someone I looked up to like my older brother.

About two days after the news, I think it was the second night we were sleeping in this little cabin near the water, a place he would’ve loved. And all these memories started coming in about 1:30am like woke me up. Like big memories, memories I would think about all the time. Like the memories were big muscles.

And then I couldn’t stop the memories. And trying to sleep it was like if the neighbours had the music playing and you couldn’t stop it. But then it was fine because then it got into little memories. It just kept going and going and going. And I realised how lucky I was to have hours worth of…you know if each of these memories was quick and I had hours of them. How fortunate was I?! And I didn’t want to be sad, wanted to be grateful not sad. I’m still thinking about those memories and I will live with those memories in my heart and I will…love him forever.

—  Eddie Vedder about Chris Cornell (June 6 2017, London, England)
My way of defining the MBTI types

I have always learned new things better when I describe them with my own words -with/without adding my own opinion, instead sticking to the exact way that I was taught. I have always questioned what we’re studying : like “ why?” or “how?”, and rejected directly memorizing the data.  There were times I had to memorize the information without completely understanding to pass an exam. Aside from that, my learning method was not appreciated by some of the instructors sometimes, -even though I didn’t share any of my opinions(if I had at the moment) regarding the subject , ultimately affected my grades negatively during my school years. Now here I am talking about how I perceive the MBTI types with no fear. :)

I vs E

I: introversion/introverted = requiring more alone time to recharge. feeling more comfortable being alone. Too much human interaction may cause serious anxiety and fatigue. The more introverted a person is, the more anxious he/she feels. Even though considered as shy individuals -which is NOT entirely true, they are more independent than extroverts. Their unique ability is self-recharge.

E: extroversion/extroverted= human interaction becomes a must most of the time. They recharge each other. Lack of it may cause serious depression. No matter how social and energetic they are, they are prone to codependency.

Example: extrovert = a car with a dead battery jumper cable= a social event other people= potential cars to charge the dead battery.

N vs S

N: ability to think out of the box. Being an original thinker. Like Einstein said “Imagination is much more important than knowledge because imagination describes everything that we can potentially know.”

The “N” enhances introversion. When it’s combined with the “I”, the individual becomes more introverted, on the other hand combination with the “E” creates ambivert tendencies.

Examples: INXX = “The actual introverts” 

ENXX= extroverts who need a certain amount of “me time”.

S: Motto: “I don’t have time to think what could possibly happen. What’s around is what we have. What we have is what’s around.” Almost no wish to search for what’s beyond the obvious. Living in the moment. So-called realism.

Enhances extroversion. Extroverts become more extroverted while introverts begin to show ambivert tendencies.

ISXX: 1. Shy extroverts.

2. Individuals who enjoy extrovert activities and spending time with their own friends and family. (Not so necessary to meet new people.) However they still need some alone time to recharge.

ESXX: “The actual extroverts”

T vs F

T: having an imaginary “no feelings” button and being able to switch it on/off. Simply, ability to control feelings.

F: the button doesn’t work properly sometimes or there is no such button at all (highly sensitive individuals)

J vs P

J: having a plan B -in fact a plan C, 90% of the time. Ability to deal with unexpected problems -considering the fact that those issues have been previously thought about. Working with strategies, calendars. Time management. Simply, being organized. Intensifies the “N”.

XSXJ: thinking about incidents that could possibly happen in the current time and location. Example: being prepared when organizing a social event.

P: figuratively and literally “panic”. Since making plans is not the big part of the concept here, the individuals may panic when a crisis occurs or the unexpected happens. However how they react to that varies depending on other functionalities they have.  Intensifies the “S”.

XNXP : most likely seeking help from others because they don’t know what to do at the moment or considering the most current - trendy, well-known, valued or used( basically what’s around), solution to handle the issue. (the “J”s usually go with what’s well-known as well, but  a “J” may choose to follow an old-school method or even something new if he/she thinks that’s the best way -since the potential problem has been reviewed before.)

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Regarding the ring exchange scene, apparently some leaked storyboard showed an internal monologue of Victor's. He was sad Yuuri didn't come out and say it was an engagement ring. "So this is what he means." The Japanese fanbase picked it up. Which is why he looks a tiny bit sad. I wish they hadn't cut that part, but at least Victor understands Yuuri's real intentions. Thus the "we'll get married after winning gold," comment. :') But it would have been nice with Vic's original thought. Oh well.

yep, you’re absolutely correct! if anyone’s interested, here’s a post with the storyboard and the translation and here’s another post about the rings scene! i really wish they’d kept vitya’s inner thoughts in the finished episode, it feel that it would have cleared things up for a lot of people bc it would’ve made it clear that he absolutely understood what yuuri meant, and i’m really just dying to know more about vtya’s thoughts in any scene haha ♥ sometimes i wonder how many other little things like this one didn’t make it to the final cut bc i’d love to know them all D:

oh and if this ask was inspired by my tags for this post, i feel like i should clarify that i was talking about the whole composition of that screenshot! that yuuri pov with the ring in the front and vitya in the background? i feel that the way it’s framed absolutely makes yuuri’s inner intentions clear whether he himself says it out loud (or even fully admits it to himself bc anxiety) or not ♥


they are honestly one of the nicest people ever & i could talk to them about some stuff i don’t feel comfortable telling my other friends (as they wouldn’t understand blahblah),, it was really nice!!!

hopefully we’ll meet up sometime again !!BUt goSH I can’t belieVe I G0T TO MEET ONE OFMY INTERNET FRIENDS IRL !!!!!!!!!!!


I listened to a lot of podcasts while I was gone and ate shrimp mofongo and bought earrings from local designers. I ate a lot of pizza and one poorly seasoned fish sandwich and met a smiling dog right there in the bar who I think, no lie, was sent by the universe to make me feel better.

I stepped in horse shit a couple times and had beaches all to myself and stared out at the endless water and thought again of how small and insignificant I really am, all things considered. The biobay tour guide told us that there are only six of these bays still on earth and that the oceans are throwing up all the plastic and trash we’ve been tossing into them over the past few decades. Reminded me that the planet will definitely get rid of us before we are able to get rid of her. And then thought about the current state of humanity and decided that probably wouldn’t be so bad.

I missed him so much. Every time someone said “table for one?” or “just one today?” I felt his absence all over again. Thought about how much he’d have loved the water and taking pictures of me and being tipsy all day.

Then thought about how we almost certainly would have ended up arguing and angry. Remembered that God knows what she is doing in my life.

Fuck, I miss him though. I am so tired of crying.

I’m angry because he broke my trust in the deepest way and I’m angry because I let him that close to me. I’m angry because I let him into my life and now I miss being held. I miss being touched. I miss being actively loved. I feel lonely sometimes and I’m sad because of those things. I don’t want to talk about it.

I hate that I have to build a rind around my soft human parts. Again. I hate how much I miss him. I hate how often I think about his eyes and the tender way he always told me he loves me. I hate that night and that it happened. I hate that I ever took his number in the first place. I hate that I miss our routine and I hate that I let him spend so much time in my space. I hate that I miss game nights and date nights and “let’s just be washed” nights. I hate that I miss doing the laundry with him because he doesn’t mind folding. I hate that I miss hearing his key turn in the lock. I hate that I was vulnerable with someone who violated that. I hate that I still care and I really hate fucking crying. 

I feel so much sometimes it is overwhelming.

I learned, I think, that I need to feel wanted. High maintenance, I know!! I want touch, time and to feel wanted!!!???? Talk about being demanding!! I spent years thinking my ex didn’t want me… He didn’t give compliments, open doors, ask me on dates, take time to observe if I was satisfied sexually. I don’t intend to complain about him. I am sure 90% was just me not knowing how he showed that he wanted me. That I was important to him. I am sure this is an issue that is deeply buried inside me as it has been festering inside for a few days as I am learning others modes of communication. It feels like such a weakness to me, that I want to bury it in the sand and walk away. It is the epitome of lack of confidence. But, I can’t control the past and what thought processes led to this faulty idea that anyone wouldn’t want me whether as a friend, sister, companion, co-worker, or lover. We all have value. So, no burying for me.