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Find You (Part 1)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them. 

Word Count: 1,673

Warnings: Talk of a car accident. Coma.

A/N: This fic has been in my documents, outlined, for the past year and a half. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite plot-lines EVER.

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The white-washed walls are the only barriers to muffle the woman’s sobs. She folds herself over the body of a young woman, barely in her early twenties and already battling to keep herself alive. The only sign of life in her is the ventilator, pumping artificial breath into her lungs, and the stable beeping of the heart monitor. The doctors hold hope in that she’ll wake up, there seems to be no brain damage, nothing seems to be halting her from waking up. Yet she does not. And the wails continue day in and day out.

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i’ve been listening to romanian songs again, including that one B)

mr. sandman

[steve trevor x reader]

author’s note: most of the time when i write, i don’t plan for things to get that long but i always get carried away wtf. this happens with essays too i don’t understand. anyway, i think i kind of like this one, which is unusual for me to say of my stuff lol, but i do hope you enjoy

word count: 2,037

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1. I should’ve bought more flowers for you, now I buy flowers even if today isn’t Valentine’s Day or a day with a specific meaning, in a way, every petal is imbued with an apology and every time someone leans in to smell it they can feel the parts of me that you’ve forgiven far long before I could

2. I didn’t start to feel better until I started to take better care of myself, a constant whisper of you saying “i was just worried about you”

3. You can’t let someone be your only source of happiness because once they’re gone, you’re all alone again and there’s nothing worse than starting all the way back over with yourself: square one of a broken heart multiplied by the intensity of she’s not coming back, let her go

4. Music will never betray me

5. Poetry is thinking that you’ve got it figured out and a metaphor is just your way of saying I don’t

6. Art rules the world and I am a masterpiece in progress; how can I love myself like how you did if I can’t see that little bit?

7. Lust isn’t conducive for growth, it’s like an addict trying to get his fix– some day, he’s going to break and not even the drug can help him

8. I buy myself nice things, but I can’t fill this emptiness inside of my heart– I guess some nights, I just miss being next to you

9. I still can’t get used to sleeping alone

10. Sometimes I wish I would’ve picked up your phone calls during the first few months, I broke my promise and you know something? I regret it

11. I threw away our love letters and memories two months ago, I cried the whole time– yeah, still a fool for you, but baby, we’ve changed so much, I’m happy with my unhappy

12. You once told me to go on many adventures without you, did you account for my depression? You know, I don’t blame you for any of this. In reality it was always an us thing, a too young thing, a stupid, mad love thing– as always, I still love you, I just don’t know what love is anymore

13. They were right, soulmates touch you and they change you forever– the moment a colorful paint filled brush hits the water and the figments of colors flow into the cup, you left my soul with so many seasons, I’m still raking up the leaves from last fall

14. The last time I saw you we shouldn’t have had sex, I think that night really broke you– I think that night really broke me too

15. I should’ve laid my head onto your chest and counted your heartbeats more often, I’m sorry

16. Sometimes when I talk to people and tell them random facts that you’ve filled my head up, I swear I can hear your voice echo in the back of my head– “baby, check this out, you’re gonna love it”

17. I always do

18. I still remember your favorite Harry Potter line

19. After all of this time? …Always.

20. I smoke cigarettes to think about how to think less, the fucking irony

21. I take painkillers and my excuse is that my right hand still hurts, in truth, I’m just another addict that believes if I take another maybe my heart might just start to sound like it belongs to me

22. I didn’t cut myself because I wanted to die, I cut myself open because I wanted to feel how often I made your heart break, each scar on my shoulders is a time when I’ve made you cry

23. And each night that I can’t sleep, I stay up wishing that you’re doing okay

24. I don’t pray often, but when I do, I always prayed for your mom, although she hated me, I’m so glad that she put you on this earth to allow us to meet– I have changed so much since I’ve met you

25. The crazy part? You still change me everyday

26. You know the renaissance era? Falling in love with you was like that

27. My favorite photo of us were those two kids eating a banana split at the New Orleans mall, I miss those two innocent kids, oh, how we’ve changed

28. We are destined to have this eternal flame kind of distance– the brighter I burn, the more you’ll read, the only thing that keeps me writing some days is knowing that somewhere, somehow you’re always reading, no matter who you’re with or if you’re laughing or crying or smiling

29. My number one fan was always you first

30. I’ve made so many bad decisions, you were never one of them

31. I’ve written so many bad poems, you were in every single one

32. I’ve written some pretty great ones too tho…!
You were also in those

33. I miss cleaning your eyes for you

34. I have met some amazing people because of what happened to us

35. I can’t get you by Fallbrooke the acoustic version is no longer on the internet, the funny part? The very last day that it was on the web, I downloaded it right before they removed it. It’s still my favorite song of all time, our song

36. Hold your tears by Clazziquai too

37. Sometimes when I get off from work, I sit in the car and cry, some tears don’t have meaning, they just need to come out

38. I claim to write poetry, but I feel like they’re just love letters sent to no one in particular

39. It’s not that I’m not over you, I’m just trying to get used to not needed you

40. It’s not that it hurts to the point where I can’t breathe, I’m just trying to light my own path to self-love and healing

41. The fact that your favorite color is orange, it makes the fruit taste some type of way

42. Sometimes I want to call you, but I don’t

42. Sometimes I want to text you and I do

43. Sometimes I want you to answer, I’m glad you don’t

43. Sometimes I just want to say fuck it all and call, I’m glad that I don’t

44. You stopped writing when we first met, in some way, the girl that waits by the shore has left a million pens near my desk and to this day– I wait by the shore too, just in case inspiration hits, right?

45. Our little codes of love finally decoded enough for me to not be blinded by you

46. We were both messed up people, I think we knew that about each other and maybe that’s why I always know when you’re not feeling okay

47. I still don’t have love figured out, but damn I’ll open every fucking door in my heart even if I have to go down the sewer to find every key

48. Someone says that she’s falling for me, I’m legit afraid to hurt people now– like it’s a real fear, I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore

49. I should’ve given you the stars, but instead I left your heart scattered across the universe

50. It’s been almost two year and I’m still writing about you, but at least it’s less often, right?

51. You’ve always been kinda self-centered, I think you enjoy it when I write about you. Like if I write about you in some way, maybe I’m still yours

52. We were just too damn young to realize how destructive passion, love, romance, stagnation, betrayal and pain is when mixed together

53. Sometimes I go to the places that we used to go just to create new memories without you

54. Sometimes it works

55. Most of the time, it just flicks me off

56. My brain is constantly telling me that I’m a fuck up and the more I try to get it right, the more I keep getting it wrong

57. I am trying to master the art of letting go

58. And this list is a step towards better things

59. And this life is going to be alright

60. Without you, I am still me

61. Without you, I can still breathe

62. Without you, I am still alive

63. Without you, I am still poetry

64. I can barely remember your face, I guess being around a lot of different people at work helps out plenty

65. This world is filled with pain, I hope you look back and smile about us some day

66. Maybe when you’re old and grey– you’ll remember those two young kids who slow danced in the dark

67. If we were made from the same star, I want to return home some day

68. I want to shine bright enough for the two of us

69. You’re still my best friend even if we no longer talk

70. You’ll always be my best friend

71. I still care about you

72. A whole fucking lot

73. The world is full of mysteries, I’m glad that we’re in the known, I’m glad that we’ve met

74. I hope you never regret me, you wanna know why? I could never, ever, ever, ever regret you

75. I don’t know how to open up to people anymore and I’m not sure if it’s my fault or yours– maybe this one time, it’s our fault… are you like this too?

76. I’ve been told that I’m too hard on myself, I firmly believe that one of the reason as to why we split was because I wasn’t hard enough on myself– I got too fucking comfortable with your promises and I took you for granted

77. Life waits for no one

78. I let an ex of mine break my red and black ring– she said that if I was over you, I’d let her break. I let her break it, but jokes on me, it didn’t change a thing about how I still feel about you

79. I keep writing and writing and writing because one of these days– it’ll stop being about you

80. Sometimes it works, but deep down, I know in some way, you’ll always find a way to sneak back out

81. I can’t get you out of my head sometimes

82. It’s even harder because you’re still inside of my heart

83. I saw this cool picture on Tumblr with someone cutting a piece of herself off that resembled two lovers splitting up, that shit looked like it hurt

84. Love hurts because even eating cotton candy ice cream really fast will give you a brain freeze

85. You didn’t like my rat tail idea, I grew one out just to fuck with you. Jokes on me, I love it now.

86. You never really supported the idea of me being anything, tbh, it’s not your fault. None of it is. I should’ve been my own motivation. I guess by supporting you through nursing school, I wanted to hear you say that I could do it even when I was at my lowest point.

87. I realized a few thing about loving you.

88. When you hit rock bottom, few will be loyal enough to stick it out with you

89. Money rules the world, since I’m not wealthy in any way– one day when I am, I can laugh a little about all of this

90. I think you loved our memories more than you loved me, in truth, I did too

91. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to get close to people

92. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to let you go

93. Maybe that’s why you still read

94. We had something raw and experimental, young and dumb, mistakes on top of mistakes

95. It was a perfect compass to point us to our future selves

96. I know a great many things now– although I am depressed, with or without you

97. I am great, I am strong

98. I am my own happy before anyone else’s

99. I can love myself enough to let you go

100. I had to hurt you to really, really grow–
I think to this day, that’s the thing that hurts me the most. That I had to hurt my best friend in this whole wide world, to make you crumble, to make you cry, to make you hate me– I had to do all of that in order to love myself. And it’s sad because here I am, still trying to figure it all out.

With or without you, I will be a better person.
—  100 things I figured out when we broke up

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Can you do a pref where you and Harry are having a serious fight, but mutually decide to put up a happy front around others. And everyone buys it, but one of the other guys notices that somethings wrong between you two. And he pulls you away and is like "spill" and you confess everything and you break down crying

This was no-doubt the worst fight of your relationship.

“You can’t just leave me and Darcy here while you go shoot a six month movie in France!” You exclaim, throwing your hands in the air. Harry tightens his jaw, and he basks in his silent fury while you go on and say, “We’re in a marriage, Haz! That means you can’t just pick up and leave anytime you want to!”

“This isn’t anytime, though!” Harry yells, fist colliding with the wall. You filch visibly, but that doesn’t stop him from scaring you. “This is a once and a lifetime opportunity! My movie screen debut! I could win an oscar or–”

You sigh exasperatedly, “Do you hear yourself!” You tear your fingers through your hair and your breathing becomes laboured. “You’re saying a goddamn oscar is more important to you than me and Darcy.”

“AT LEAST AN OSCAR WON’T LEAVE ME!” Harry screams and the plaster on the wall crumbles under his fist. 

Your chest heaves up and down and a moment of silence goes by before you whisper, “That was two years ago, Styles. And I didn’t leave you. I just thought it would be better for all of us if Darcy and I lived with my parents while you were on your tour, so she wouldn’t keep asking where daddy was–”

FUCKING EXCUSES!” He screams, and you start crying. You didn’t understand why he was so furious at you. He takes a step closer to you, teeth grinding. His voice lowers to a deadly whisper, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t love you so much because I’m giving you everything you need to rip out my heart and let me bleed out.”

Your eyes crinkle at the sides, and you fold your arms over your chest. “So you’re saying you regret falling in love with me?”

Harry looks at you, right in the eye, for the first time that night. He can see how much his answer will impact your next actions, so he takes a few moments to think his answer through. But apparently he’s too blinded by rage to choose wisely because he says, “I don’t regret falling in love with you. I regret taking that love and letting it control my life.”

You furrow our eyebrows and shake your head slowly, vision blurred with tears. “You don’t mean that,” you give him another chance to change his answer.

But his eyes are still trained on yours as he says, “I do.”

And just like that, the two words that started your marriage are the same words that are ending it.


Both of you wince as you hear the door swing open and the sounds of your four-year-old daughter Darcy being carried by Louis, who is followed closely by Niall and Liam, fill the living room.

You quickly rush over to the sink, rinsing our face to make it appear as if the wetness of your cheeks came from a facial wash. Harry quickly hangs a calendar over the hole in the wall he had created, and is quick to walk out to greet the guests.

Struggling to hold back tears, you watch as Harry greets Darcy with a kiss on the cheek. How can somebody who regrets having their own daughter still smile at her? 

“Hey Y/N.” You turn around to see Liam exiting the kitchen, a glass of cold Cola in his hand. His eyebrows knit together as he sees the red outlining your eyes. “Is there anything wrong?”

At those words, Harry quickly turns to you, and you hesitate as you tell Liam, “No…I just got soap in my eye…that’s all.” Your husband turns back around and rocks Darcy back and forth in his arms as he and Niall discuss sports. Liam’s eyes are still trained on you, however, and he’s not buying your lie. 

“Come on,” Liam pulls you by the elbow, abandoning his glass on the kitchen counter as he leads you into the downstairs bathroom. He locks the door, and whispers, “Spill.”

You shrug nonchalantly, trying to pass off as cool. “Nothing’s wrong, Liam. Just soap in my eye, like I told you–”

“Bull,” he calls you out. “Y/N, do you know overtime you lie your cheeks heat up?”

You feel them heating up now. “What? No they don’t,” you try but fail miserably. Huffing out a breath, you confess, “Fine. Harry and I had a fight.”

He didn’t have to prompt you for you to break down crying, “And he said he regrets letting our relationship play such a big role in his life. That means he regrets marrying me, having Darcy, and–”

“Harry would never say that,” Liam interrupts you, baffled. “He’s not that kind of dude.”

“Well…he did.”

Liam storms out of the bathroom, and points an accusing finger at Harry. “Styles, you selfish–” about to say bastard, but sees Darcy peering up at him curiously, so he settles for “–respectful, successful, talented man.”

Harry looks more confused than ever, but when Louis steps in to take Darcy upstairs to the loo, his eyes find yours and he sighs deeply. “Liam, whatever Y/N told you–”

“Is true,” he interrupts. “How could you say those things to her? And mean them?”


“Liam, you’re not our couple therapist,” you step in and shoot a sad smile at him. “Thanks for trying, though.” You turn to your husband, and your expression immediately hardens. 

“Go shoot that fucking film, Darcy and I can survive without you.”

i’m writing a sequel but don’t rush me darling xx

I often miss you and not in the way I used to. You were my first love, my first sight of what I wanted in my future and so much more. I fell so in love with you so extremely fast and I often wish that wasn’t the case. You were only in my life for a few years, but somehow your presence still lingers here. I wish that you would just go. Take all of your lies, your false promises and your excuses and just leave my life. I’m not good enough and I never was good enough for you. I know you aren’t the man I need in my life to make me a better woman. But sometimes I wish you would’ve stayed just a little longer so I could’ve figured that out on my own. Because sitting here, missing you, wondering why you chose her has made me a person I never wanted to be. In love with someone who never loved me, and unable to let anyone break down the walls I have built to keep the memories of you out. So please, if there ever comes a day you decide you miss me, please just stay the hell away from me. I was never good enough. I was too young, too naive, too in love. Whatever you want to say, just know I would’ve done anything for you and I wake up every day trying to kill off the memory of you.
Thank you for breaking me in a way I didn’t know was possible.
But more importantly, thank you for making me who I am today.
Without you walking out and completely breaking me, I wouldn’t stand as tall as I do.
Thank you. Now get out of my head.

Day 2 of Frans week “Waterfall”

Ok so a couple things.

1. I’m like a day late with this, but my excuse is that I have a bunch of night classes and it’s in the middle of downtown while my house is like a whole hour away not including traffic, so take that for what you will.

2. I completely misread the prompt and just decided to have them play a drinking game I do with my friends sometimes.

3. Don’t drink kids, is bad for you.


May clouds lift you, and
stars guide a safe passage.
I send my love and pray
it reaches you in time.

I could not lighten the burden
this world had on your shoulders.
And I was never there when the
weight began to take its toll.
For that, I am sorry.
I am sorry for the years
it’s taken me to understand
what you’ve done for me.
What you’ve sacrificed.

I am sorry for not loving you more.
But sometimes you can’t see just how
lucky you are to have met such a person,
until you lose them. And I’m not trying
to make excuses, I am in the wrong.
But I’m just saying I didn’t know how
much I took for granted until it was gone.

And I am much too late now, but
this is me, trying to find some sort
of peace of mind; perhaps for the both
of us. I hope you get this before you go.

—  “May you rest easy” remnant-thoughts

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Hi! I've been kind of stalking your blog for like an hour now and I just really wanted to request a headcanon if that's alright! Could I request like the RFA+Saeran teaching MC how to drive? Thank you!! 💝

Haha, thank you! And yes, of course. Hope you like these! 


  • He offers his car to learn on
  • He still drives stick shift
  • He takes you around his neighborhood
  • Really good at giving directions and explaining things
  • To keep things interesting, he’ll sometimes instruct you with different voices
  • He’ll act like different characters too sometimes
  • When he’s showing you how to change gears, he keeps his hand on top of yours
  • Really just an excuse to hold your hand
  • This guy is the best teacher for parking
  • He can literally park anywhere
  • When you’re learning parallel parking, he will get out of the car and be the cone himself
  • “Don’t run over this pretty face,” he would tease
  • It came close a few times though
  • Dangerously close


  • He’s really good at explaining driving in theory
  • But he tends to mix things up practically
  • “Okay, MC, turn left.”
  • “No! Wait sorry! Go back into the right hand lane! NO!”
  • He’s super protective of you while driving though
  • He’ll tell you you’re going too fast when you’re literally going 5mph
  • You guys got lost a few times because he kept spacing out
  • “Yoosung, where do I turn?”
  • Turns out it was three blocks ago
  • “You’re such a good driver, I got relaxed!”
  • He’s really bad at parking though
  • So you’ll try three times and still be crooked and he just shrugs


  • Worst. Passenger. Ever.
  • She’s freaking out before you even leave the parking lot
  • Also the type of person to slam on invisible breaks when she thinks you’re too close to something
  • Once she’s a bit calmer, she’ll be really good at giving instructions
  • Still calls out red lights from like a mile away
  • “Jaehee, it’s going to turn green by the time we get there!”
  • She really wants you to be an excellent driver
  • So, she’ll bring a ruler along to make sure you’re exactly six inches from the curb
  • Even though she’s antsy, she’s always willing to come with you to practice


  • Ha…hahaha
  • Driver Kim teaches you
  • Jumin is in the backseat for support though


  • He’ll offer one of his babies for you to practice on
  • But you notice he doesn’t offer certain cars…you don’t blame him
  • He’ll always end up taking you to an empty parking lot late at night like you driving is the most illegal thing
  • You think he would be chill, but he’s a really panicky passenger
  • He’s so used to driving himself, it’s hard to get used to
  • He builds you a driving course with various obstacles after awhile, so you can practice
  • There’s cardboard pedestrians that pop up (with his face on them)
  • Like Jaehee, he’s super OCD about parking
  • By the time you’re done, you can practically park anywhere
  • To celebrate you getting your license, he builds you a GPS with his voice
  • “Seven Zero Seven, guiding your way…to my heart.”
  • It’s sweet...but it gives crap directions


  • “So, Saeran, am I doing this right?”
  • “Huh? Oh, I don’t know. I never learned how to drive.”
  • “What?! Then why did you agree to do this?” 

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Anyway I bought a pride flag which is why I’m in such a gay mood rn
Honestly working out my sexuality has been so hard for me but getting this flag was just… It cemented it ya know?
When I was 10 I had a dream where I had a girl and a boy in front of me and I had to choose. It was so hard for me. Eventually I chose the guy because I thought I had to.
Two years ago I came out as pan to one person. Last year I was out to most people. This past year I realised a lot more about myself. Like the attraction I held towards men was more of an idealisation and something I wanted to be like rather than wanted to date (like why didn’t I realise that sooner? I always wrote straight song lyrics from the male perspective like clearly I was into chicks). Basically I’m hella gay.
Idk. I’m emotional today tho. Sometimes I worry I’m making it up or pretending to be gay for attention (then again I also worry the same for pretty much everything I do. Man I am just super paranoid don’t mind me)
But yeah. No turning back now the flag is here and has locked me into The Gay™

Okay, but hear me out:

I feel like JKRow unintentionally sprinkled a lot of drarry/wolfstar/deamus/etc evidence all over the books because she secretly or even just subconsciously ships them af, but doesn’t want to admit it, and then she panicked and forced basically all her still alive main characters into het relationships to play it cool.
The same way one unthinkingly throws a lot of clothes out of the closet while getting ready and then hastily shoves them back in when someone comes to visit, but does a really poor job of it and so then the guest can see a bra hanging from the chandelier, a lone sock peaking from under the bed, the sleeve of a sweater slipping out of the closet’s door… and we’re some really sneaky guests, e.g. some close friends who know her like the back of our hand, who just opened the closet’s doors while she was fetching us a drink and all the clothes came tumbling down and she stepped back into the room to find them all over the floor again and us with a smug face like: “I see what you did there.” And now she’s just trying to make up excuses for it. Not to mention scorbus. Scorbus is the bloody bra hanging from the chandelier which she didn’t notice was still there until she saw us staring at it. Just saying.

Edit: with this post I’m not trying to say that we should excuse her for poor representation nor that this is a fact, it’s just me speculating and trying to cope with the fact that my ships (which I believe have a lot of supporting evidence) aren’t canon.

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Tough Introductions

Juice x Reader where Juice is prospecting and the sassy reader has to partner up with him on a job, her less than pleased attitude making for a fun time.

A/N - haven’t proof read so sorry if there are any mistakes!

Originally posted by redwoodyproductions

Double checking your ammo, you shove your gun down the back of your jeans, grabbing your duffle bag and heading towards the bar, everybody else already gathered and ready. “You set?”

You nod in response, tossing the duffle on the table and zipping up your jacket till it reaches just underneath your breasts. “We ready to go?”

“Almost.” Clay says, adding a couple more shotguns to the bag. You look at him questioningly, double checking the group to see who’s missing. “Prospect is coming with.”

“Thought you said this needed to go smoothly.” you sass, not being mentally prepared enough to deal with some inexperienced kid. “Can’t we do it without him?”

“Give him a chance, lassie. He’s got potential.” Chibs argues, throwing an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his chest. “Don’t be too harsh on the poor lad.”

“As long as he keeps out of my way, I’ll behave.” You don’t miss the look that the others share, the expressions of humour and nervousness making you suspicious. “What?”

“There’s been a change of plan, sweetheart. Prospect’s taking Jax’s place.” Tig informs you, a smirk on his lips. You curse loudly, shaking your head in disbelief.

“Is he serious?” Clay nods in confirmation, shaking his shoulders carelessly. You huff, your mood going from excited to pissed off within seconds. “Don’t blame me when this all goes tits up.”

“Sorry if I’m late.” You all turn your attention to the quiet boy who’s just arrived, your eyes widening slightly as his attractiveness before you catch yourself.

“Sure you are.“ you say sarcastically, a snigger coming from the group at your cold tone. “I’ll be outside.”

You push past the timid male, your eyes catching his as you do so, his mouthwatering aftershave creeping up your nostrils and threatening to throw your concentration.

“She seems…nice.” Juice mutters once you’re out of ear shot, the others grinning at one another.

“Good luck today, prospect. You’re gonna need it.” Tig says, slapping Juice roughly on the back as everyone floods out of the clubhouse, ready to complete the task at hand.

Your steps are skillfully silent as you creep towards the back entrance of the club, Juice hot on your trail. It’s hard to focus when he’s close enough for you to feel his body warmth, his breath hot on your neck when you stop to check if the coast is clear.

“I’m Juice, by the way.” he whispers, your eyes rolling at his need for conversation. “It’s nice to meet you…”

“(Y/N).” you finish for him, your hand reaching into your pocket for your lock pick kit. Juice watches you, completely fascinated, your actions nimble and quick as you successfully crack open the door. “Stay close.”

“Right.” he mumbles as you sneak through the door, Juice taking that as his cue to stop talking. You slip through the hallways of the dimmed den, heading for the room where you know the target will be.

“Shit.” you curse as you spot one of the many henchmen heading your way, knowing everything will turn to shit if you’re caught. “Follow my lead.”

You yank Juice towards you by his shirt, connecting your lips to his roughly as he freezes up in shock. Slapping him sharply on the chest, he relaxes, his hands grabbing your hips as he pushes you against the wall, a groan slipping from Juice as you suck lightly on his lower lip.

As the heavy footsteps get further and further away, your lips detaching from Juice’s once you’re sure the coast is clear, his cheeks flushed and his pupils dilated as he gazes at you. “W-what was that?”

Shrugging your shoulders at his lovestruck face, you check the hallway again, satisfied to move when you see its clear. “Distraction technique. Don’t get hung up on it, Juicey.”

“Juicey?” His words are filled with humor, though you easily detect the slightly flirtatious tone. “Careful, might make me think you actually find me tolerable.”

“Don’t get hung up, I said.” you remind him, glancing over your shoulder at him, your lips twitching as you try to contain your smile. “Let’s go.”

You clink your beer bottle against the rest of SAMCRO as you celebrate a job well done, a chorus of cheers rippling through the loud music. You grin, running your tongue over your lower lip as you head away from the group.

You climb up to the roof, perching yourself down on a box and reveling in the calm, sirens sounding far in the distance. “Wondered where you got to.”

“Congrats on finding me Sherlock.” you sass, Juice taking a seat beside you as you pull out your cigarettes, offering him one before having one for yourself.

“Thought you’d be down there celebrating.” he says, taking a long drag, the smoke getting lost within the California air. “You seem like the party type.”

You hum in response, admiring the city lights. “Guess I just enjoy the quiet sometimes.”

“Yeah.” he mumbles, the two of you silent apart from the inhailing of cigarettes, the atmosphere strangely comfortable. “Why aren’t you at home with your boyfriend or something?”

“Smooth.” you snigger, raising your eyebrows, taking a hefty swig of your beer. “I’m single, asshole.”

“Can’t blame a guy for asking.” he chuckles, you smiling despite yourself. “Lucky, really. I don’t think a boyfriend would be too happy about what happened between us today.”

You spit out your drink, coughing unattractively as you try to recompose yourself. Juice watches on, embarrassed, as you laugh. “Excuse me?”

“You know, the kiss-” You hold your hand up, Juice halting his sentence as you do so.

“It didn’t mean anything, Juice. It was just a job.” you explain, Juice opening and closing his mouth as he searches for a defense. “You get that, right?”

“Sure, totally.” he says unconvincingly, your heart strings tugging at the sadness in his voice. Getting up from your makeshift seat, you head towards the ladder, admiring the slightly naive yet completely interesting prospect in front of you.

“Prove me wrong.” you challenge, Juice whipping his head to face you, disbelief on his face. “Tomorrow night, pick me up at eight. Give it your best shot.”

You can see him smile in the moonlight, butterflies fluttering gently in your stomach. “You’re on.”

She Tastes like Candlelight 



It starts with, of all things, a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt.

Logically, he knows it doesn’t make sense. She comes to work in form-fitted jackets that go tight about her waist. She’s been foregoing the baggy slacks in favor of skirts that stop just below the knees, with nylons clinging to the defined musculature of her calves; he’s pretty sure he can count on one hand the number of times he’s seen her wear shoes other than heels, excluding the clinical, white shoes she wears with her scrubs during autopsies.

He’s seen the looks she gets. Sometimes, it’s during an interview, when a witness’s gaze will linger just a little too long on her bustline, and her hand will go up and fiddle with her necklace, her arm blocking her chest in subtle defiance. Other times, it’s men on the streets of the city, shouting out obscenities to her, having the audacity to call her “baby,” and “sweetheart,” and he fights the urge to yell right back, brandishing his badge and his gun, wanting to scare the misogyny right out of the bones of anyone who thinks they’re entitled to her body, but he knows that she would find it condescending. “Thank you, but I can handle myself, Mulder,” she’d say, and it’s not that he thinks she can’t—he just doesn’t want her to have to.

And still other times, the looks come not from strangers on the sidewalk, or from people he can reduce to photos in a casefile, but from their peers. Educated, talented men who transform themselves into slobbery, teenage boys when sitting adjacent to her in meetings, eyeing her with an inappropriate hunger while she jots down notes in the margins of her agenda sheet. More than once, Mulder has found himself in the elevator with a man who will look down at Scully, and then catch Mulder’s eye over the top of her head, just so that he can wink, including him in some inside joke he has no interest being a part of.

He supposes that he empirically knows that Scully is attractive—it’s more or less objective fact—but he’s never allowed himself to notice. He’s trained himself to observe her through a filter. He considers her appearance through what he aptly names the Sexual Harassment Video Gaze. He quickly shuts down any thought that could be used as an example in a training tape on inappropriate office behavior.

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BTS: their hugs

Jin:  he would hug you so frequently that you don’t even give it a second thought when he wraps his arms around your waist from behind and bites your ear. He refuses to let go even after a while, and hugs with him are never short. They’re so warm and he’d hold you so tight, sometimes seeming like he’s afraid to let go. He’d only pull away after placing a soft kiss on your forehead or squeezing your sides before running away.

Suga:  are rare when there’s people around, but that’s all you’ll be doing when you’re all alone. His arms always seem to find their way around your body, no matter what position you’re in. They’re what make him feel safe and loved, and his butterflies would increase when he feels your heartbeat against his chest, and he can’t help but tighten his arms around you and closing his eyes, taking you all in.

J-Hope:  are playful and clingy, esp when you’re lazily laying in bed and staring at his sleepy face lovingly. He’d wrap his arms around your neck and squeeze his eyes shut bc he just loves the feeling of being pressed against you. Sometimes he’d be sneaky and rest his hands in the pockets of your jeans, but he’d always have an excuse like “my hands are cold, would you rather I keep them pressed against my own booty?”

Rap Monster:  in the rare cases that he hugs you full on, he’d take advantage of your closeness to whisper all sorts of things in your ear, just to get a reaction out of you. He isn’t the type to be hugging all the time, he’d much rather wrap one arm around you and keep you close, or just have his whole body pressed against yours with his limbs sprawled all over you.

Jimin:  he’s so squishy so you can’t resist hugging him all the dang time. He never seems to mind though, and his heart starts pounding like crazy when you bury your face in his chest. He’d smile against your cheek and rubs your back slowly, enjoying your warmth and the feeling of you being this close to him. Would only pull away if you do first, since he can stand there and hold you forever if he could.

V:  good luck trying to get him off you, this kid will stick to you like glue. Like rapmon, he wouldn’t casually give you hugs, but you can find him all over you if he’s jealous or needs some love. He’d tickle you by blowing on your neck and laughs a lot, so you laugh even more bc his chest keeps vibrating. He’d cradle your head in his arms like a baby, and does some aegyo to finally get your attention.

Jungkook:  the feeling of his strong arms wrapping around you is like heaven, and he knows the effect he has on you, the lil pickle. He’d take you in his arms every chance he gets, and smirks when he hears your breath hitch. But he’s also hella whipped by you, so he sighs and closes his eyes when you play with his hair and press your lips against his neck. Pulls away after kissing your lips and messing your hair, smiling when you try to reach up and playfully slap him.

Originally posted by bwipsul

I really wanted to write some polyfrogs + farmer stuff bc I love my frogs! and I want them to be together and date and love each other! but I also love charmer and chowder and farmer are just the cutest together. sO

  • it starts out as kind of a weird arrangement?
  • chowder and farmer are already together
  • nursey and dex (finally) get together
    • chowder is really, really happy for them. he’s wanted this FOREVER
    • he’s honestly more invested in their relationship than they are. he loves love and he loves his friends
  • they all end up going on double dates together as a result! jerry’s, annie’s, etc.
  • nursey dex and chowder are always bringing big ass signs to farmer’s volleyball games and she lets them tag along when they go out for team win meals
  • farmer against the glass for their home games screaming her head off
  • they get along really well and they’re pretty much always together.
    • nursey has everyone’s class schedule memorized
    • he brings them coffee a lot
  • as a result of them always being together both in a physical sense and in like, a romantic context, chowder kind of naturally associates all of these people in his life with romance and dating
    • he starts feeling kind of… guilty? because he loves farmer! and she’s great and she makes him really, really happy, and they’re great together
    • but chowder also starts noticing how much he likes when dex gives one of those big, full smiles
    • and how when he falls asleep in the haus on the couch, nursey will pick him up instead of waking him up and take him to his room and instead of just laying him down, makes sure he’s under the covers
    • and he finds himself making excuses to be around them even more than he already is
  • farmer gets really confused because chowder won’t meet her eyes sometimes and he goes pink when looking at nursey and dex
  • this is getting long jesus

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chloeolivialuce  asked:

Hey! In a lot of imagines revolving the rfa and mc arguing, mc cries/runs off but could you do an imagine where mc stands her ground and says that they need to shape up and apologise because she won't take their bs? Thanks, sorry if this is a bit weird I just really wanna see a badass mc. With rfa + Saeran please!

YASSSSS, this request gives me life! Let’s make badass MC happen more often, people!

MC makes RFA + Saeran apologize after a fight


  • You love him and how much he cares about you
  • But sometimes he treats you like a little kid. Don’t go alone to this place, don’t do this by yourself, you’ll get hurt! Shit like that.
  • You get it, he’s worried because that guy in the apartment might still be around, but… you’re a grown ass woman, can’t you really go for a jog in the park by yourself without him calling you like there’s a fire going on?
  • You came in and found him glaring at you, arms crossed and a judgmental face, like you were a teenager doing the walk of shame after sneaking out.
  • “I was worried.” “I can see that.” You said, moving to the kitchen to get some water in the fridge.
  • “Babe, we already discussed this, you can’t go out like this by yourself, it’s dangerous, and you’re so sweet and innocent, and…” “Says who?” “What?”
  • “Who told you I’m sweet and innocent? You really think I can’t stand up by myself if I need to? Oh, and we actually didn’t discuss anything, YOU decided that I couldn’t go out by myself. You took a decision for me! “
  • “I can’t believe you’re being that ungrateful right now, MC! I dedicate my whole life to you, I’ve been trying to work less to spend more time with you, I do my best to include you in my work, and that’s how you thank me?”
  • “Well, guess what, Hyun? I never asked you to do these things, I never forced you, you do because you want to, and I let you do as you please because I want you to be happy and comfortable with me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not asking much for wanting some reciprocity here. So don’t try to make me feel guilty for something I know I’m right, I’m not a kid, I’m not a teenager, and I’m not stupid!”
  • You were calm, but your words were harsh. Zen never saw you this assertive, he honestly didn’t know he was patronizing you like this. Well, maybe he knew a little, his instinct of protection sometimes got the best of him.
  • And you called him by his real name, so he knows you’re PISSED and he’s screwed.
  • “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll take a shower. I could barely sweat since I couldn’t jog much, but… I just need a shower.” He watched as you moved without even looking at him, yep, he was screwed.
  • He wanted to fix this right now, but he would be a dead man if he even tried getting in that bathroom right now, he knew this.
  • So he waited, sitting in the bed, processing your words. You were so sure about being right, who was he to say you’re not?
  • His intentions were good, they really were, but… good intentions aren’t enough if he wants you to be happy with him, and you would never be happy if you feel trapped with him.
  • That’s exactly what he told you when you came out of the bathroom. You thanked him for understanding. He wanted at least a smile from you, but he could understand why you wouldn’t give him right now.
  • He had the whole night to try making you smile.


  • You rarely get mad at him. He doesn’t do anything wrong most of the time.
  • But it takes you to be a little friendlier to Zen and he turns into this grumpy jealousy little prick.
  • You try to be patient, he’s insecure, Zen is dreamy to most everybody, but… at this point, Zen and, most important, him, should know where you heart is. So he shouldn’t get this cold to you just because you went to watch one of Zen’s rehearsals.
  • You came in, he didn’t even say hello or greeted you at his usual cheerful manner, he looked at you head to toes and went back to his book. Oh boy…
  • “I saw the photos in the messenger, MC.” Judging by his tone, he saw the most compromising pictures ever, but he could only be talking about Zen’s selfie with you at rehearsal. “Yeah? How do I look in them?” you asked putting your coat and purse in the coffee table mindlessly.
  • “Don’t mock me! I… I don’t like when you don’t take me seriously! I’m serious right now! You going out with Zen while dating me is serious, MC!”
  • “There isn’t a single person in the world who takes you more serious than I do, Yoosung. Trust me on this. But don’t expect me to stop hanging out with my friends just because you can’t handle your jealous.”
  • “I… I’m not jealous! I’m worried for you! You keep acting this nice and Zen, no, not only Zen, any other guy can get the wrong idea about you! Or… do you want them to get the wrong idea?” he regretted these last words the minute they left his mouth, he was expecting tears and was already thinking what he would have to say to fix this…
  • “No, you’re not worried. You’re just jealous. Once again you’re taking on me all your insecurities. Honestly, Yoosung, I’m running out of ideas on how to convince you that I love you and there’s no other man who could make me feel like you do. And I get that you’re insecure, I told you a million times we can find you some help on this, but I won’t put up with you trying to make me feel bad for having friends and being nice with them.  Zen is your friend too, you should congratulate him on his new role instead of pissing me off over something I’m not wrong.”
  • Your words dropped like needles on his skin. It was harsh, but yet you looked so cold and stoic, like he was trying to be when you came in. He was terrified of even looking at you in the eye.
  • “We ran out of rice, I’ll buy some.” You said, getting ready to leave again. “I-I’ll go.” He jumped out of the couch and headed to the convenience store, it was the least he could do.
  • He went and came back all the way thinking of what to say to make things right.
  •  You were right, he was being an ass not only to you, but to his friend, this wasn’t the Yoosung he wanted to be, not when it comes to you.
  •  Yes, he wants to be always sweet and nice, always caring and respectful about you and your choices, your friends, your life. He wants you to be happy and he knows he’ll never be able to be part of this happiness if he keeps acting like this.
  • You nodded in agreement when he told you this. “So, uhm… will you cook this or what?” you asked glancing quickly at him, that was his cue.
  • “Yes, sure. Hey, uhm… do you want to invite Zen to come over?”


  • Okay, this is not about her as your girlfriend, is about her as you business partner.
  • She left C & R, but C & R didn’t leave her. She still has these habits of trying to take all responsibility for herself and ending up stressed and tired.
  • You feel left out, she decides a lot of things by herself when it comes to the café without asking you first, and gets very passive aggressive when you take over something without her noticing.
  • You understand, old habits die hard. But… what’s the point in all of this if she keeps getting stressed out and you don’t even get to share this with her?
  • So when you took over some paper work and she noticed, there were her grumpy sigh in annoyance and a long glare at you.
  • “MC, can you return this to me, please?” “No, I’m working on this. Take this time to relax a little.” You didn’t say to piss her off, you genuinely wanted her to relax and get some rest… but that’s not how she took it.
  • “Don’t be condescending on me, MC, I don’t like this! I’m already much stressed and I don’t need you clowning around with serious work like this. I would relax if I could, but I can’t, as you can see for yourself and prefer to ignore it.”
  • “I wish I could ignore it, but these dark circles under your eyes are impossible to ignore.” You weren’t being sarcastic or anything, you were really concerned, but… again, that’s not how she took it.”
  • “You think you’re really funny, don’t you? Seriously, MC, I… I can’t stand when you act this calm and carefree over anything! I hate being the one always worried, always tense, but you leave me no choice! It’s tiring enough taking care of everything, I can’t take care of you acting like a child too!” she finally looked at you, you blinked once, twice…
  • “You don’t have to, you’re the one acting like a child here, like one of those young brothers playing the victim, you know? Apparently you forgot what a partnership means, since you don’t let me handle anything but servicing customers. I’m as capable and competent as you, Jaehee, I can handle things as good as you, and since I can, you don’t have to try to embrace the world. I know you’re used to dealing everything by yourself, but I’m here to help you. So… let me.”
  • She missed the sweet bubbly girl, you were scary like this! You could yell your lungs out and it wouldn’t be that scary as you acting this cold.
  • “Oh, and I fixed this report for you, you missed a few sales there. You’re welcome.” You dropped the paper on her desk and stretched yourself like it was nothing.
  • That awkward silence was killing her, her thoughts on how she managed to get you this pissed were torturing her.
  • And you were right, she was acting like… ugh, that was awful, but she was acting like Jumin, bossing you around, getting passive aggressive if something is not done in her way, playing the martyr, yeah, she would be furious if this happened to her… again.
  • The point of the café was to finally do something she loves, doing it with the person she loves the most included on this. She didn’t want to be the Jumin to your Jaehee.
  • She told you that, and you giggled with the last part, she was relieved seeing your smile, but she knew she screwed up big time with you.
  • So you two called it a night at work and headed home. The make up sex was amazing, by the way.


  • You can’t call all the times you just gave him a free pass on things he did wrong.
  • Okay, everything is very new to him when it comes to relationships, so sometimes he doesn’t even notice how insensitive he’s being.
  • And he has strong opinions about you. Even if you didn’t ask him, he’s giving you his thoughts on your clothes, your manners, everything.
  • So you two are about to leave to meet RFA on a little get together, and he’s looking at your dress, more like staring at it.
  • “Are you really going to wear this?” “Why? Would you prefer me going naked?” your eyes met his through the mirror.
  • “Don’t tease me right now, please. And go change, this dress is a tease by itself, and I don’t want Zen drooling over you.”
  • “I’m not teasing, I’m being sarcastic. You should know the difference by now.” You didn’t want to sound this bitchy, but… come on, he was asking for it.
  • “I understand sarcasm, I just don’t know why you would act like this when I’m just worried about your image and how other people look at it. Don’t take me wrong, it looks great on you, but it looks so great I feel I should be the only one to look at you like this. Am I wrong for caring this much about you?”
  • “No, you’re wrong by thinking you can boss me around on what to wear and how to behave like I’m one of your employees. I know you cherish me, I know you love me, and since you do, you should remember your promise on stopping this possessiveness. And yes, I know it looks great, I bought it with my money and I know what looks good on my body, and if you don’t like it, well… you can stay home.”
  • His eyes were widened, your voice was deep and calm, like you were discussing business with him, but you weren’t, you were giving him a little reality check.
  • “So, what are you going to do? Can I dismiss Driver Kim for today? I’ll call Seven and tell him he can pick me up.” “I’ll… I’ll go.”
  • Driver Kim noticed the tense atmosphere between you two and quickly rolled up the partition, even him was scared at your unusual coldness.
  • Jumin wasn’t sure on what to think. He just knew this silence was hurting, he didn’t want to apologize though.
  • But… considering his inexperience in relationships, he knew he probably was very wrong on this. Whad do you always tell him? Oh yes, trying to imagine if it was with him, be sympathetic…
  • Yes, he wouldn’t like having someone telling him what to wear and how to behave, his father used to do that and he hated and… oh, now he gets it.
  •  “I’m sorry.” He whispered, it was a little dark in the car, so he couldn’t see your face, but as you slipped your hand to hold his, he knew he was on the right track.


  • You got used to his odd sleeping and eating habits.
  • And as much as it is part of his… charms, you get worried for him not eating anything.
  • But you having to play his mommy and make him eat every day tires you a lot. For fuck’s sake, he’s a grown ass man, he should be able to take care of himself!
  • So you made dinner, you served yourself and didn’t call him to join you. No, he can smell, if he’s hungry, he should eat.
  •  You were washing the dishes you used when he walked in the kitchen. “Why didn’t you warn me you made dinner?” his voice was a little whiny.
  • “The smell is a natural warning. It worked, since you’re here.” “Wow, so feisty. I should be the one getting snappy after working 13 hours non-stop.”
  • “I don’t see Vanderwood pointing a taser to you anymore. You’re doing this because you want to.”
  •  “Ah, come on, MC! What’s gotten to you? Are you mad because I’m not giving you attention right now? Is that what you want? A little attention? I’m giving it to you right now, so stop acting like a spoiled kid, for God’s sake! If I knew I was gonna face you with this temper, I would have stayed locked in my office!”
  • “I’m not mad. And even if I were, it wouldn’t be because of lack of attention, it would be because I give you too much attention, right? I’m always worried if you’re sleeping enough or eating well enough, I’m alwys bringing you food, asking you how you’re doing. Pretty stupid of me, right? Acting like I care about my reckless boyfriend?”
  • This man always has a comeback ready, this time he didn’t. He didn’t have any word forming in his head right now. Not even his brother in a bad mood can get this scary.
  • “Remember to wash the dishes if you decide to eat, okay? I’m going to brush my teeth and get ready to sleep. “I…I will join you.” “No, you’re not, you’re sleeping in the couch tonight. Or in your office, since you like that much.” SHIT!
  • Of course he couldn’t do any more work after that, you sounded… like him in those days at Rika’s apartment, oh, so that’s how it feels…
  • He was scared of facing you, he knew he had this talent of managing to screw up even more.
  • So he stood up in front of the bedroom door and gave an unsure knock. You didn’t answer. Oh… you were really pissed, right?
  • You weren’t overreacting. Knowing you, he knew you were probably holding this to yourself for a long time and he getting all sarcastic and douchy was the tip of the iceberg. This was wrong, he promised he would never lock himself away like this and neglect his own health, he was a changed man, you changed him. He needed to start acting more mature in order to suit you, didn’t he?
  • He told all this through the door. Still, no answer. Oh well, he would try again in the morning.
  • You opened the door, but didn’t face him as he climbed up in the bed. Well, giving him the honor to share the bed with you was a start on what would be a long night…


  • Seriously, is there anything you two don’t fight about?
  • They are usually silly bickering and end as fast as they started, but there are other times when he really annoys you.
  • You know you should be more patient with him, but ugh… does he really have to be rude and snappy like this when you are just asking him something innocently?
  •  It’s happening again, you asked him about his contact lens, shouldn’t he get a new pair? And who knows the questionable precedence of these ones, maybe he could get ones with a prescription.
  • “And going to a doctor so my father can know everything about me and send me to jail? Good to know you want to see me behind bars, MC.” “You know very well we could get you a discreet doctor, no need for you to talk like that to me.”
  • “No need for you to ask stupid questions. Just leave my lens alone, why do you even care about this?”
  • “I ask myself the same sometimes…” “Oh, if you’re that unhappy, you know you can just leave whenever you want, don’t you?” hmmm… he didn’t mean that, yeah, he realized this as soon as he said it, he just got carried away by the adrenaline rush of your usual fights.
  • “I’m not unhappy. I would be unhappy if you went arrested, I would be unhappy if something happened to your eyes, I would be unhappy leaving you just because you’re a silly little boy picking on stupid little fights that never take us anywhere. So I’ll do you a favor and end this before I get really unhappy.”
  • Oh wow… this was… you were… really scary like this. He usually was the one acting this intimidating, but it was just to tease you, you definitely weren’t teasing him, you were pissed at him.
  • “And put down the toilet seat after you use it, please?” you said as you just remembered this, he waited for you to turn your back so he could run to the bathroom and put it down.
  •  Ugh, his therapist already told him, if something bothers him, he needs to know first: why does I bother him? Second: is there something he can do about this?
  • So why does it bother him? I don’t know, because you’ve been ignoring him for the last forty five minutes? And is there something he can do about this? Yes, apologize.
  • He ‘s not really good at this, so he hands you the phone, you look at him confused. “C-can you make an appointment for me with the doctor? I don’t like talking in the phone…” don’t smile, MC! Don’t let him know he can get away for being so adorable!
  • You call the doctor and set an appointment. “Will you go with me?”
  • “Of course I will” you say, giving him a little smile that quickly faded away. Well,you can smile,  you won this round.
The Librarians Sentence Starter
  • 1: "You people... DON'T APPRECIATE ART!"
  • 2: "That this house is the Star Trek transporter or maybe even the TARDIS!"
  • 3: "Just out of curiosity, what roles are you playing?"
  • 4: "Are there any languages you don't speak?"
  • 5: "Why in the hell should I listen to you?"
  • 6: "How about we just all hold hands, bow our heads and be grateful that we're all here safe together."
  • 7: "Love is the supreme power! It trumps everything!"
  • 8: "And you're willing to risk your life for him?"
  • 9: "I never know what I'm doing. That's my superpower."
  • 10: "You know what I'm thinking?"
  • 11: "I'm thinking that I can can run faster than you 'cause you've been stabbed."
  • 12: "Who's up for movies? I've got "Night," "Day," "Dawn," "Land," and "City" of the Living Dead!"
  • 13: "Your mother did not hug you enough, did she?"
  • 14: "You have an incredible talent for turning a bad situation into a worse-case scenario."
  • 15: "Excuse me, I'm going to take care of my desperately not wanting to be here."
  • 16: "I've gone into the field with experienced soldiers with a good plan, good Intel, and still come home with nothing but dog tags."
  • 17: "It wasn't your fault. You did good but sometimes, you just lose."
  • 18: "Again? This is the third time this place has been attacked since I started working here. We need to have a serious talk about the so-called security."
Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #30

Officially no longer a youngster. Get a job and get out of your parents’ basement, “weekly” rec list, for pete’s sake. Get it together.

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

A Lonely Mind by Bandity
Words:  11,292 (WIP ½)
Author’s Summary:  Lance struggles with depression, choosing to hide his problems, he starts down a dangerous road alone.
My Comments: I think I kinda freaked the author by leaving a RIDICULOUSLY long comment on this one. Go read that for my expanded thoughts. But yeah, fave of the list. You remember that post going around not long ago about how healing pods are scary? This fic takes that concept in a FABULOUS direction, and I love it to death.

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul by Agapostemon
Words: 1,595
Author’s Summary:
“So you want me to spy for you,” Keith observes blandly. “Exactly!” Hunk nods, “Oh, and keep an eye out for food stashes. I wanna know where all my ingredients are going. ”Keith sighs, “Fine, whatever. I’ll spy for you. But only because he’s my brother and I care about him.”
My Comments: Really sweet and heart-achey exploration of Keith and Shiro’s relationship, through the scenario of Shiro hoarding food in his room.

Pizza, Pasta and some comfort by SerenePhenix
Words: 4,405
Author’s Summary: I love taylor_tut’s sickfics to death but the one that really stuck with me was the one about the college AU where Lance appeared on the gang’s doorstep and they all were like “let’s take care of this sick stranger”.I really couldn’t help myself…
Getting Lance to stop before he can collapse Shiro wonders what can be done to help the poor guy.
Besides making sure that his temperature doesn’t go through the roof…
My Comments: Not long ago, I recced “The Pizza One” as my favorite taylor_tut fic, and here’s a nice long sequel! I love it almost as much as everyone in the fic loves Lance.

Food for Thought by WildWolf25
Words: 9,094
Author’s Summary: After a very uncomfortable breakfast his first morning in the Castle of Lions, Ulaz learns that Galra and Earthlings (and Alteans) have some very prominent cultural differences, specifically relating to food. Once they get some misunderstandings cleared up, though, Lance gets a certain idea…
My Comments: Crack alert! This is delightful. Gen, but technically NSFW for…reasons. Just read it, if you’re of age.

Stretch the Day by Stratagem
Words: 886
Author’s Summary: Lance and Hunk hang out with their siblings at a lake and have a nice day where nothing bad happens. Really!
My Comments: I’m actually reccing every fic in this series, Voltron Space Family, this one just happened to come up first in my AO3 history because I read it the most recently. But yeah, you should consume everything. This author is SUPER good at child mannerisms, as well character interaction and feels. There’s a story where Shiro is rescued after the end of Season 2 by a misfit band of space pirates including one Matt Holt, and another where the Galra kidnap Lance and Hunk’s siblings, which is heart-rending. Very, very good stuff. I’ll be following this author with eager anticipation.

Distance by nawsies
Words: 1,381
Author’s Summary: Pidge misses her Mum so much and most of the time she refuses to think about it, Lance is in the right place at the right time and wants to help his friend (he helps).
My Comments: Sweet, achey, homesick Lance and Pidge. Beautiful little fic.

Mermaid Rescue and Rehab Inc. by isabeau25
Words: 1,064
Author’s Summary: Sadly, this isn’t the strangest phone call Pidge has ever gotten from Lance. The mermaid is new though.
My Comments: MERBABY SHIRO RESCUED BY THE GARRISON TRIO. If that doesn’t make you want to read it I don’t know what will. Just go. It’s great.

Voltron Hug Collection by hufflepirate
Words: 12,761
Author’s Summary: 15 microfics, minifics, or oneshots featuring Voltron hugs. These were written based on tumblr prompts (plus 2) and to get me through finals week. Every chapter involves at least one hug, all hugs are platonic, and chapter titles will tell you the people involved and some idea of the plot or prompt, so keep an eye out for those.
My Comments: I’ve been reblogging these fics in their tumblr post form, because they are all amazing, but if you missed any, here they are all handily collected for your convenience! I intend to comment on every single chapter, just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Lionhearted by Pidgeon_Online
Words: 9,539
Author’s Summary: It’s a struggle for everyone. They’re struggling to stay afloat in the sea of stress and anxiety.And Pidge accidentally tipped the boat.or
Pidge gets sick and everyone helps while trying to juggle their own problems.
My Comments: Sick Pidge with bonus angsty Lance and supportive everyone else. A pleasure to read.

One Day at a Time by dem_hips
Words: 2,818
Author’s Summary: Being away from home at school is a little different from being away from home defending the universe, as it turns out.
My Comments: Kind, supportive Garrison Trio. They’re all so very far away from home. Another fic where Pidge and Lance level up their friendship. I love it.

Caught in the Rain by WildWolf25
Words: 3,611
Author’s Summary: “Hi, um, do you need help with your… robot car?”Pidge looked up to find a man looking down in bemusement at them. His black hair was cropped close to his head, shorter at the undercut and only slightly longer on top, save for a white-dyed tuft that fell over his forehead.
“It’s a rendition of the Mars Rover, but ‘robot car’ works too.” Pidge said. “And I’m okay, I just need to dry it off. My teammates are delayed, so I just need somewhere out of the rain to wait for them. Sorry about using your awning.” (While waiting for their robotics club members, Pidge gets caught in the rain and takes refuge in the lobby of an onsen, where they meet Shiro)
My Comments: This is such a warm, gentle, relaxing fic, much like I imagine an onsen visit to be. Love this modern version of Pidge and Shiro, with Lance being a disaster and Hunk being a suspicious mechanic, as it should be.

Heathens by TheCookieMonster77
Words: 8,785
Author’s Summary: “You…"Keith looked completely bewildered and lost at Lance’s outburst and Lance thought that that was probably the worst part of all of this. The heathen didn’t even realize his error.Keith’s face looked startlingly close to a kicked puppy. "What did I do?”“I- You-” Lance let out a muffled shriek shout of irritation. “You,” he growled, jaw clenched and teeth grinding, “just asked for pineapple. On pizza."What. An. Out. Rage.Keith blinked. ”…Yes?“Hunk is an amazing angel (like always) who figured out how to make space pizza. Lance was ready to sing his praises to the universe, but then his teammates have to go ruin everything by insisting on pineapple pizza.Heathens.
My Comments: Very fun and funny fic! I loved everyone’s different reactions.

A (Space) Mother’s Work is Never Done by BajillionKittens
Words: 2,851 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: A Mother’s Day celebration for the team mom. Six times Coran took care of his kids and one time they returned the favor.
My Comments: SO CUTE. I love the way Coran takes care of all of these children he’s suddenly stuck with. The different scenarios are all very good and fitting, and I’m looking forward to more.

Little Drops of Poison by Saereneth for BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 2,607
Author’s Summary: Shiro had been trying to catch up to them, clawing his way through years of separation just to feel like he was part of them once more, but sometimes it was just too much, and he had to excuse himself for a while so he could come to grips with everything he’d missed.
My Comments: @bosstoaster‘s Ten Years On AU bothers me on a very visceral level that I have trouble articulating, but this little exploration in the sandbox is lovely. I love Pidge unable to stick with her original concept and expanding into thing she finds interesting or just pretty, and the way Lance notices Shiro spiraling and subtly grounds him without being flashy is really lovely characterization. Very believable development of both of them, and Shiro is heartbreaking as always, but everyone’s going to take care of him.

Be Water, My Friend by xLoLix
Words: 8,531
Author’s Summary: So there are the quieter moments between missions, between exciting events, between the moments that matter. (The real secret are that those are the moments that matter the most.)Here are some moments between the paladins, starring Lance.Or; I air out some of my general grievances and de-stress from school by writing a fic about my favourite character.
My Comments: Really lovely exploration of Lance and his relationships. I enjoyed it.

Finding Family by squirenonny
Words: 17,214
Author’s Summary: A collection of drabbles that don’t fit neatly into the main Duality plotline. Most can be read independently of the main story, though each entry contains a note on where it fits in the timeline.Written based on prompts from readers.
My Comments: Some mild Klance and Shatt. Every single of one of these is delightful. You should just read everything this author writes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

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Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
Shifting Sands by Cardigan_Quincy

I think that it’s important to direct your anger at your abusers and the core of abuse and your pain, because mostly people are too scared to be angry at directly what’s hurting them, and then simply redirect that anger at someone more vulnerable, someone more easy to be angry at, someone they can easily hurt and get away with. It’s something I’m scared that I myself might do, because I get massively furious at minor offenses and I have to keep myself in isolation until I calm down because I don’t want to be taking out my anger at someone who didn’t deserve it (or maybe they deserved just a little bit and I want to pull their guts out).

Abusers often manage to seem invincible, terrifying and generally like someone you can’t afford to be angry at, or like it’s unreasonable and hopeless to be angry at them. Most often you can’t really express your anger directly at them, it’s too risky and they would take it as an excuse to torture/kill you, so it can be very tempting to just take out your anger at someone who isn’t nearly as scary or dangerous to be angry at, and sometimes this can happen even without you realizing because your anger gets re-directed automatically, but listen, you need to be aware of where you’re directing your anger and why, and I know it’s hard to handle anger, especially if it’s pent up and you can’t really process it properly or control what it does. You’ll get better at it the more you keep processing it.

 All of the anger you have inside you is there for a reason, and the only way to actually get rid of it is to direct it straight at your abusers. You don’t have to express it directly at them if it’s too dangerous or impossible, but when you’re too angry, be angry at them, rant about them, write revenge stories with them inside, stab their picture, stab anything pretending it’s them, punch shit pretending it’s them, but have them in your mind and rage until your anger is set free. That is how you hold an abuser responsible. And that is the way your guilt is going to melt and you’ll be left with clarity over what was done to you, and who is responsible for it.

Not So Rude Awakening- Jack Maynard Imagine

Word Count: 1,164

Request:  Hey🌸 I was wondering if you could write one where jack and y/n accidentally set their alarm earlier than they had to so they just cuddle and talk until they actually have to get up? 


*Alarm obnoxiously beeping*

You lift your head groggily in haze, unsure where you were. Only to realize it was Monday morning and you had to get ready for work. You went to roll out of bed, but you felt yourself being tugged back down onto the mattress. You looked back to see you blonde, bed headed boyfriend pulling on your arm.

“Jack come on! I have to get up. I can’t be late!” you said, trying to escape his embrace. It was no use, he was stronger than you. He tightly brought your body over to his.

“No sorry. You’re not allowed to leave. Call in sick. We need to have cuddles.” he groaned, wrapping his arms around you.

“Jack seriously? I promise we can cuddle when I get home, but I really have to go.” you whined, trying to roll over off the bed.

Jack just pulled you back, “No.” he pouted, giving you puppy dog eyes.

His face met yours, playfully attacking you with kisses. He started from your neck, then moved up to your cheeks until he reached your lips.

You giggled as you felt his morning stubble against your face. “You’re cute babe. As much as I would love to stay in bed with you all day, I can’t. And if I don’t get up and get going, I’m going to have to go to work in my nighty.”

He looked you up and down, giving you a cheeky smirk. “Oooh kinky.” he laughed, tickling your sides, making you jump.

“I’m seriously going to kick you, if you don’t let me go! No cuddles later for you either.”

“Fine.” he moped, releasing you from his arms.

You finally stood up and glanced at your phone,seeing how much time you had left to get ready. This can’t be right. You slumped back onto your side of the bed.

Jack looked over at you confused. “(Y/N) what are you doing? Don’t you have to get ready for work?”

You slowly put your phone down beside you and covered your face with the duvet.

“Jack do you know what time it is right now?” letting out a muffled laugh.

“Isn’t it 8:30?”

You reached for your phone and tossed it over to Jack’s side, making him jump. He fumbled around, looking for where it went with his hand. When he finally found it, he looked at the screen.

The time read 6:30 am

“You set the alarm last night for 6 instead of 8, you idiot! I could have slept longer!” hitting him in the face with a pillow.

“Oi!” he shouted as you gave him a good whack on the head. “Alright! Two can play at this game!” he charged, hitting you a couple times with a pillow before pulling you back in his strong arms. He squeezed you and pressed a kiss to your cheek. You felt his stubble again, making you shrug your shoulders up and giving you goosebumps all over.

Things had calmed down a little bit, you just laid there, gazing into your boyfriend’s baby blue eyes. You ran your fingers softly through his disheveled hair, sweeping it back in place.

You loved moments like this. Of course pillow fights and silly times were fun, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit and take in the moment. You appreciated the time you got to chill and spend time with Jack. You both were pretty busy most of the time with work. So anytime you could just sit or snuggle up, was absolute heaven.

“Be honest, did you set the alarm early on purpose?”

He shot you a sarcastic surprised look. Trying to hide the smile growing on his face. “You did! I knew it!” giving him a playful punch in the shoulder.

“Ow!” he rubbed his arm where you hit him. “Excuse me for wanting some time with you!” he gave a fake cry, pouting his lip.

“Aw poor baby. Let me kiss it better!” you teased, puckering your lips.

Jack pulled away from you still holding his arm, “No, no I don’t need your pity kisses!”

“You are such a drama queen! Do you know that?” finally being able to sneakily kiss his arm.

“Feel better?” giving him a smile.

“I mean, I guess I feel a little bit better” he huffed while rolling his eyes.

You leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, “How about now?”

He just sat with his arms crossed in front of him.

You kissed his jawline, “How about now?”

You notice him start to squirm, knowing that tickled him and he was just trying to keep his composure.

Finally, you kissed his neck, “Now?”

That broke him. He shrugged his shoulders up in response. You knew that was one of his weak spots. Jack couldn’t resist neck kisses. Neither could you.

“You play dirty. Do you know that?” he smiled at you.

“Yeah I know.” you said sassily winking back at him.


Since you had another hour to kill before work, you and Jack didn’t leave your room. You just stayed in bed together.

You cuddled.

Your bodies entangled and snug in the duvet.

You chatted shit. Like, would you let each other turn into a walker in a zombie apocalypse? Or if you were on a desert island what would you do?

You also talked about some serious things,like your relationship and where you saw things going in the future.

It was an amazing morning. Just you and Jack with no interruptions or distractions.

*Actual alarm went off*

“Ughh no! Now I don’t want to go to work!” you groaned, stretching out your arms and nuzzling back into Jack’s chest. He held you close, resting his head against yours.

“I know gorgeous, but I’ll tell you what. When you get home, how about we go out to dinner? And then after that we can have a nice bubble bath.” he whispered sweetly in your ear.

You smiled into his kiss,“That sounds amazing.” you slowly rolled out of bed, walking toward your wardrobe.

You could feel Jack’s eyes staring at you as you walked away from the bed. Quickly glancing back, you caught him red handed. “Maybe you should take a picture. It’ll last longer.” you laughed, shimmying your body back and forth.

“Maybe I will.” sporting a cheeky grin.

You made your way back to his bedside, “Well, right now I really have to get dressed and get to work. But I promise you’ll see me in this later, okay?”

He nodded with delight at what you just said. You shared a kiss and then continued to get dressed.

You were in the bathroom doing your makeup when you heard Jack yell, “Did you know that I love you crazy girl?”

Standing in front of the mirror, you laughed to yourself. Thinking about how lucky you were. You loved this boy so much.

“Good! Because you’re not getting rid of me Maynard! You’re mine forever.”