sometimes i take pictures before i work

Hey! So I know some of you were asking for some advice on a Chrom cosplay so at last I am here to help. Sorry it’s a bit late, but let’s get started!

Here’s the front of the shirt! The shirt and pants are made up of some dark blue spandex-ish type fabric, and I got about 4.5 yards of it. The shirt is actually two layers, the under layer being the part with the sleeve and folded collar. I used just a basic long sleeve shirt pattern for that but instead of sewing on both sleeves, I only did the one and just hemmed off the one missing the sleeve. The collar was simple too, I just used YouTube for collar tutorials since I never made one like this but it’s very basic and is easier to make than you might think. Now, the top layer is a sort of poncho that I made out of the same fabric that I lined with bias tape as seen above and connected the buttons and other collar to.

Chrom is weird and has two collars, one being the folded one (that I sewed on the bottom shirt) and the other being a sort of Sailor Moon or Anime School Girl collar which I connected to the top layer, the poncho. The flatter, school girl collar was simple to make as well and just used more tutorials on YouTube, you can make these however you want or in what way you want, but that’s how I did it! So the funky-shaped poncho went over the shirt and that’s the base of the shirt!

The bias tape is actually made by me, I bought the fabric I wanted for it which was some silvery-gold satin and used a bias tape maker to get the even strips of fabric that are free of frays on the outside. Then I literally just hot glued them onto the shirt lol.

The buttons are made of craft foam and worbla and I just hot glued those on as well. Sometimes the simplest/laziest methods work the best! 

This is the back of the shirt where you can see that school girl collar much better. To get the designs, I used some thinner cardboard/cardstock and cut out the shapes, then I took the same fabric as the bias tape I made and covered the cardboard pieces with it. (The cardboard could be like the backs of notebooks or cereal box cardboard, that’s what I used) I tucked the edges of the fabric around the back of the cardboard and glued it down so the fabric didn’t fray, then I just hot glued the pieces on, nothing fancy at all!

Here are the pants, I already talked a bit about them in a previous post but here they are again! The base of it is just leggings I sewed, then the part on the thighs are strips of that blue fabric that I put bias tape on and glued together and wrapped around my legs. So they’re like an extra layer that I just hot glued on top of the leggings. I also stuffed them with a bit of stuffing to give them that pantaloons shape that Chrom has. (So yes, these are pillow pants basically) The little buttons are buttons that I covered in that same fabric and glued on as well.

Here’s the back of the pants where you can see how the fabric is wrapped around from the butt and all the way around the front and to the inseams. It was very awkward to make, but they’re comfy!

These are the belts that go around the chest area! I got about 2-2.5 yards of this I think… The base is just some white vinyl I picked up and folded over (and glued) so it had nicer edges. The buckles are made of craft foam and worbla and the buttons are googly eyes that I painted. There’s also a decorative button that I sewed onto it as well.

It looks like a jumbled mess now, but if you take a look at a reference of Chrom, this all makes much more sense where everything should be placed! You can also see Velcro on there where I attach it to the bottom part of the belt that goes around the waist, which you’ll see in a second.

Only one of the buckles I made actually functions like a buckle in case I need to use it getting on the costume or taking it off, but usually I don’t need to unbuckle it at all.

Here is the other belt I mentioned earlier that hangs lower on Chrom’s waist and sort of loops around his thighs. You can also see the Velcro here where I keep it attached to the chest belts. Nothing fancy here either, just a strip of fabric with lines on it. The lines are black fabric paint that I very carefully painted on because for some reason, I didn’t want to sew on the black lines since it was leather-y fabric. It took a lot of patience lol.

Moving along, these are the gloves and the little wrist band thing that goes on his sleeve arm! I literally bought some gray gloves off amazon, cut them down to size, then made little cuffs and sewed them on (that are lined with the same gray fabric as the wrist band). Then the wrist band is just a strip of fabric I hemmed and sewed in a loop that I just slide onto my wrist. It also has some tiny buckles on it that I believe I bought from Etsy, I just got a little package of like 12 of them since I used them more later on.

Here are the leg things! Leg sleeves? Leg bands? Leg warmers? I have no idea. Either way, you can see that the little buckles come into action again here and I just stuck them through little hemmed strips of fabric, then (you guessed it) hot glued the strips down to the base of the leg thing. The longer leg thing is just sewed in a tube and hemmed, once again nothing fancy there, then the top is a band that I sewed in a tube shape as well and sewed black lines on for details. As you can see, I also added on the cuffs just like the gloves made of that same gray fabric (that I got about 2 yards of). So I made two identical bands with cuffs, but one has that weird leg sleeve thing, otherwise they’re exactly the same and just slide onto the legs just below the knees!

Now getting to the cape, you can see the little brooch he has that I made out of clay and then painted with acrylics and sealed with mod podge. The brooch is hot glued to some weird rope stuff I found at a craft store, however, I braided the rope so it was thicker, sturdier, and got a similar effect to Chrom’s. The other end f the rope is hot glued to the inside of the cape on the edge there, where there is also another decorative button I just sewed on.

Here’s the pauldron/shoulder armor! I could have done better on this but whatever. It’s made out of craft foam and worbla and I just shaped it to the way I wanted and added on the details. The details are little strips of worbla that I heated up and rolled into noodles, then I just attached them  and shaped them to the surface of the pauldron. No glue there since worbla sticks to itself! If it looks uneven, you can always heat it back up and move the pieces around!

I also just glued the pauldron to the cape because I was lazy and when I was looking at references, I didn’t notice any straps or anything that Chrom has so that’s what I did!

And this is the cape! You can see the black patch in the top right corner there, that’s just more Velcro that connects to the back of the brooch, which of course also has Velcro on it. You’ll see that in another picture as well. The cape is made up of some nice cotton fabric and it’s two layers of the same stuff that are just sewed together. I made sure it was cotton because that’s the easiest to dye since the bottom gray-ish part is gray Rit Dye that I dipped it in to gat the worn/burnt/dirty effect. The edges are all trimmed in random directions to give it the cool effect.

After that. I decided to take it up a notch! I actually rubbed that bottom part of the cape in some dirt and grass as well to get some real dirt effects. (which you can’t see as well in the picture, but it’s the thought that counts) Then I had some help with a blow torch and singed the edges of the cape to get an even more battle-worn and burnt look to it! This was the most fun part of making the cosplay tbh.

Here’s the backside/inside of the cape! It’s made of that same cotton fabric, but I dyed it blue! (Fun fact I had this fabric and it was dyed blue already before I even thought about making this costume because I was going to use it for something else but never did lol) You can also see the sloppiness of the cape bunched up where the pauldron is because that’s where I glued it, but it looks fine from the outside which is where it counts! And you can also see the patch of Velcro on the back of the brooch that I mentioned before so I can keep the cape on and take it off with ease.

Next is the shoes! These were fun to make too! I just used a cheap pair of boots I bought from Saver’s for the base and decorated them with the same dark blue and gray fabric from before. I added on some cuffs just like the leg bands and gloves, and of course I covered the front and back with some gray fabric which took a long time to get that smooth effect. With the leather-y boots, I used super glue to glue down the fabric and I only used the super glue along the edges so it didn’t bleed through in random spots in the middle.

As you can see, they also have a band that I attached to the cuff part and I used Velcro so I can put them on and take them off easily. The Velcro especially helps keep them on my feet since I had to manipulate the original boots and cut them down to get them to the shape I wanted!

Almost done! These are the fake tattoos I made that I use for his Brand of the Exalt on his shoulder. I’m going to be honest, I went into Microsoft Paint (before I got a tablet and Paint Tool Sai) and took a picture of the brand and just colored it to that light red-ish color that I wanted. Like I said, sometimes the simplest methods work the best! Afterwards, I put the picture onto a Word document and got it to the size I wanted. Before I printed it on the special tattoo paper, I monkeyed around with the shade of red I wanted and the size and printed it on normal paper first to double check everything. Once It was settled, I fit as may little pictures as I could onto the Word document and printed it with the tattoo paper. There are instructions with the package, I just looked up “temporary tattoo paper” on amazon and it was the first one I’m pretty sure. This was an easy part of the cosplay too!

Last but not least, the wig! This is a Magnum wig from Arda wigs in the color dark blue, from what I can remember. It was very easy to style and I know I can always trust Arda to have some amazing cosplay wigs!

Besides the Falchion, that’s basically it! The Falchion is made of poster board with foam and worbla details, but since there are 100 million ways to make swords, I won’t go into depth unless you guys are interested.

Just let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll try my best to answer them! Thank you so much for all of your support and great questions, I’m always happy to help!

Sourdough Bread Starter

Since a lot of people were interested in my sourdough bread shenanigans, I thought I would teach you guys how to make your own starter. It’s going to take a few days to get going, and I still need more in the works pictures before the actual post, so I’m giving you this info now.

Why do I need a starter? I have powdered yeast at home.

Because that is the difference that makes sourdough bread unique! The yeast granules you get at the store were developed more military use in WWII, for rations for the soldiers, then sometime in the 1970s is when instant yeast was discovered. These yeasts work very, very quickly in comparison to wild yeast, which is why so many people prefer them now. The downside to this is, the yeast doesn’t get a chance to break down the grains as well, which means you aren’t getting all of the nutrients, and if you’re like me you can have a hard time digesting wheat. If you think you might be gluten intolerant because bread and wheat products are tough on your digestive system, it may be the wheat itself and sourdough might work for you. Just another possibility for you to look into. :)

Wild yeast takes several hours to rise, so making bread is an all day event. That being said, it’s more like, you do something, then leave it alone for 3 hours. Flip it a few times every 30 minutes for 3 hours, then let it sit for 4 more hours. That sort of stuff. This also means no hard kneading, since the gluten has time to develop on its own during the rise. (As a spoonie I cried of joy.) The fermentation from the yeast’s waste is what gives the bread the sour taste, and lets the grain develop all sorts of deep flavors.

Now that you know why, let’s get to how!

You’ll need

-a glass jar,
-some flour (I use unbleached all purpose and whole wheat, there’s others you can use, but all purpose is the least finicky) 
-distilled water (you can use your tap, but if it’s having trouble switch, sometimes there’s minerals in water that mess with the yeast).

Do not use any metal utensils on the yeast until it’s started up. Wood or plastic only. After it’s strong the metal won’t be a problem.

Day 1

In your jar, mix together 4 ounces in weight of both water and flour. This comes out to about ¾ cup all purpose flour, and ½ cup of water. It doesn’t have to be exact. What you are going for is like a thickish pancake batter. If you’re using a whole grain you’ll need to use a closer ration of flour/water since it absorbs more. Depending on the humidity of your kitchen, you could need to adjust as well. My advice is you add a little bit of flour at a time, instead of dumping it all in at once. Cover loosely, enough to keep dust & bugs out but open enough for it to breathe. A flour sack towel is good, or you can use one of those sandwich bags over the top of the jar. Store somewhere with a consistent temp between 60-78 ish Fahrenheit. 70-75 is ideal, but my house is always colder. Don’t let it get put by the oven when it’s on, or you risk the chance of killing it 

Day 2

Pull down your jar. You might already start to see some bubbles, and this is good! That’s the yeast eating. It’s fine if you don’t see any activity yet though. I suppose now is the time is to tell you that not to be concerned about any icky bacteria - the yeast keeps the mix too acidic for anything nasty to grow. You’ll want to vigorously mix in the same amounts of flour and water as you did yesterday, then recover it, and put it back in the spot you found for it.

Day 3

Check you starter, it should have bubbles all along the surface by now, and it should seem bigger than what it was when you put it up yesterday. It’s going to smell sour and musty as well (Mine was almost like a weird fruity smell for awhile!). Add in the same proportions of flour to water as you have before, you’ll probably hear little bubbles popping and smacking while you vigorously stir. Cover it, put it back in it’s place.

Day 4

The starter should be very bubbly, and will have doubled in volume (or, you’ll evidence on the sides of the jar that it grew and then deflated). If you stir it, it’s going to feel loose, and it’ll smell yeasty. Add the same proportions of flour and water as before. Stir until smooth, it’ll look silky. It honestly reminds me so much of the fake slime some people use for stimming? Cover it, put it up until tomorrow.

Day 5

Check the starter - if it’s entirely webbed with bubbles, smells acidy, yeasty, and “fresh”. It’s safe to taste - which it should be sour. If it all looks good, congratulations! Your starter is ripe and ready to make a leaven with. Those instructions will come in a further post. If you see activity, but it doesn’t seem done yet, continue with the maintenance instructions that will follow daily. If there is no activity at all something is wrong and you will need to troubleshoot and start over entirely.

Maintenance Instructions:

At this point the starter is too large too effectively feed anymore, so you’ll need to use or throw away half of the batter. Save half, then feed with the proportions you established when you started it. Do this daily for as long as the starter is on the counter.

If the starter is established, but it’s going to be awhile before you bake, place in the refrigerator and feed weekly. You’ll want to remove it 2-3 days before baking and follow daily maintenance directions.

Note: If at any point your start develops a dark liquid on top, don’t freak out! This is called hooch, and it is alcohol waste leftover from the yeast feeding. It just means your starter is hungry and needs to be fed more often, or you need to reduce the batter more before feeding. Poor off the liquid if there’s a ton, then feed.


Obviously this makes a lot of starter, and with you only needing about ¼ cup for two loaves of bread, it can seem wasteful. The good thing, is that you can use the starter batter mixed into any pancake or muffin dough, you just won’t need leavener (baking soda/powder). I also plan to write posts with alternative recipe ideas. Last night I prepped cinnamon rolls with extra starter and let them rise overnight. Baked them in the morning and they’re amazzzzzing. I’m going to have plenty for other experiments. Also, if a friend or family member wants a starter, just give them your extra starter in a jar with some feeding directions. :)


As far as the magick side of it, there’s a whole lot you can do as a kitchen witch during all steps of these processes. As someone who talks to her houseplants I found myself treating the starter like a little pet and being affectionate towards it. My first loaf was picture perfect, and I’d like to think this might have been why. ;)

When we get to the bread, I’ll explain how to enchant the bread with a specific purpose when you make it. As far as the starter is concerned, I would do something generic if anything since you’ll be (theoretically) growing this one specimen your whole life. I focused on strength and health of the starter itself, to make sure that it could make wonderful bread.

Inktober, Day 4 - a skeptical mullet Stan

(Does anybody else go through like a bunch of drafts before they settle on a final piece, when doing this inktober thing?  Or is that just me?  I think that every one I’ve done so far has had at least 6 drafts, sometimes more.  Pencils that get started but i realize aren’t working; inks that get started that I screwed up and had to start over; inks that get finished and then I realize I don’t like it after all, and I have to start sketching all over again.  Is that just me?  Maybe when all this is over I’ll take a picture of pile of discards.)

(Normally when I ink, I know that some things I can fix later in PS after I’ve scanned the inks.  But for this exercise, I’m not doing that.  I’ve become so reliant on that process that trying not to is definitely part of the challenge. It’s not that I don’t go through several drafts sometimes, even when I work that way, of course.  I think I’m just feeling it here because of the time pressures.)


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I always forget to take pictures!

My Sweetie Scrub!

Sometimes I wanna feel extra soft and lovely before hopping into bed with my fiance. This is especially true after a whole week at work without a proper bath or a day of intense biking.

So when I’m caked with sweat, dirt… and… uh… actual cake, I whip this up and take a bath.

Honey and sugar for “sweetening” our relationship, coconut oil and Epsom salt for their skin-softening and extra exfoliation properties. Honey is also aaaaamazing for your skin! I can’t stop rubbing my legs and arms after using this, so soft!

- 2 tablespoons Epsom salt
- 2 tablespoons brown sugar (you can use regular sugar, but brown sugar smells SO GOOD)
- ½ tablespoon honey
- 1 teaspoon coconut oil (you can use olive oil instead, but coconut oil makes you smell so yummy! Your partner may want to gobble you up!)

Mix together until everything is well blended. Soak in your bath for at least ten minutes before gently massaging the scrub onto your legs, feet, arms, elbows, etc. Again, be very gentle! This is a pretty heavy duty scrub not for every day use! Don’t use on your face! Or if you want to, replace the Epsom salt with regular table salt.

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4, Killugon

Please someone take their phone from them.

4… sexting

Hey, Killua, can you send me a cool picture of you ?

Killua rises an eyebrow when he gets Gon’s phone, late in the afternoon. Well, that’s new.

“All my pictures are cool. Why ? Do you know how much a picture of me can be sold in the black market ? People are crazy.”

Okay, then one where you’re smiling ? You know I won’t sell it ! I’ll keep it for myself, I’ll look at it sometimes, before I go to bed.

Sometimes Killua just don’t understand how Gon’s brain works. He doesn’t understand how anyone can write this kind of thing so naturally, without wondering what he is going to think. He writes and rewrites his answers three or four times each times.

“You are going to look at my picture before you go to bed.”

Yes, did I make a typo ? Sorry, Killua. Maybe I’ll have nice dream if I look at it before sleeping you know ?

Holy shit. There is no way Gon isn’t doing it on purpose, though Killua wonders who the hell could have put this idea in Gon’s head.

“Are you sexting me, Gon ?”

Sexting ?

Ugh, of course.

“Nevermind, I forgot I was talking with you.”

What’s sexting ?



I’ll be back, I’m going to ask Aunt Mito about it.

“Why would you ask your aunt about it ! Be a normal human being and look on the Internet.”

“Wait, don’t.”

Oh, you’re right ! That’s smart, I’m going to look it up.”

Of course he is going to. Killua sighs and tries a last effort to keep his friend’s innocence intact.


No response for a few minutes and then…

I looked it up ! I wasn’t sexting you, I promise.

“Yeah, I know. Just stop using that word, okay ? It’s just weird. What if Illumi looks up my phone ? He’ll tease me forever.”

Is sexting bad ?

“Did you look it up or not ?”

Kinda ? I wanted to but you said I shouldn’t so…

“So you… looked it up just a little ?”


“Okay. Can we stop talking about it now ?”

Okay. Send me a picture, please ? I could show it to Mito.”


Killua takes a quick picture, hoping that his cheeks don’t look as read as they feel, and send it to Gon.

You’re really handsome on this one Killua !

“Gon !”

Is it sexting again ?

“No !”

Semi NSFW meme

Drawing Process- Nico

Step 3- Rough base sketch

In this step, I clean up the skeletons- adding details to the bodies themselves.

I use a Dense Watercolor Brush for all of this.

First thing I do in this step is to add detail to the hands.  The hands are known in the art world as the most difficult part of the human body to draw.

there are TONS of ways to draw hands- but I prefer the box method.  The box method allows you to proportionately draw the fingers while remaining conscious of the angle you are drawing them at.

After the hands are redrawn I go over the body- adding curves and details where I feel they need to be.

once the body is done I add hair, clothes, and more detail in the face.

And with this, the Rough Base Sketch is done. Now I remove the skeleton layer.

At this point, I step away from the project for AT LEAST a few hours. 

Working long hours on a project, sometimes gives you tunnel vision (where you focus on certain aspects while losing focus on the whole picture.)

Taking a break (Ideally overnight) gives you a fresh look at the art- that is usually how I catch my big mistakes.

Looking at this now- I can tell I need to work on Sarah’s front leg- I had no idea before now.

This is probably the most important part of my drawing process ^^^.

At this point, fixing a mistake is irritating…but nowhere near as complicated as fixing it down the road.  

After adjustments are made the project is prepped for Step 4- The Final Sketch.

Step 1

Step 2

Vacation Gotta Get Away

Hey my dearly beloved!! Oh my lordy, I can’t believe I technically finished all of these challenges on time (with 2 minutes to spare in my timezone!)! Whew!! I really liked the way this one came together, all of my prompts fit together so well! Let me know what you think of it! XO

Story location was set by my prompt for Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge: Island Park, Idaho! I love your face @dancingalone21!

For  @queen-of-deans-booty Jordan’s Trope Challenge my prompt was Best Friend’s Brother

@d-s-winchester provided me with the picture in the story of the steaming mugs by the fireplace for Ash’s Fall in Love with Fall Challenge!

And last but definitely not least,  @mamaredd123 set me up with, “Wait a second… did he drunk dial you?” for my Mama’s 100 Quotes Challenge!!

Thank you all of you beautiful people for hosting challenges!! You complete me! 

Sam x Reader

Word Count: about 2400 

Warnings: Sam fluffyness, mild reference to sexual activities, but super mild (PG13), my usual foul language, grumpy/protective Dean… I think that’s about it!!

All images pulled straight from Google

Check out my masterlist for more fics!! 


As you admired the gorgeous scenery around you, you couldn’t help but think that this was perfection. The sun was low in the sky, getting ready to dip behind the mountains for the night, giving the forest around you a golden glow. The smell of the wilderness around you cleared your senses as you leaned against Beast, your beloved fire-engine red Ford Bronco Ranger. You glanced up to watch an eagle circling high above you, rocking on the balls of your feet as you anxiously waited for your secret-rendezvous companion to arrive.

When he suggested the two of you get away for a little one-on-one time, you simply couldn’t resist. Living in the bunker with the Winchesters was great, but having your best friend, Dean, constantly intimidating your dates with his protective big brother show put a bit of a damper on your love life. That’s why you’d yet to confine in him about your new guy… this one was going to be especially hard and you hadn’t quite figured out how to break it to him just yet.

This sweet end of summer escape was the perfect way for you to work through your feelings and decide how you wanted to go about telling your bestie. You were pretty sure you were going to be in this relationship for the long haul and you knew you were going to have to reveal your intentions to Dean sooner rather than later. If he were to find out from anyone other than you, he’d be pissed. But you weren’t ready to have that talk, not yet.

So you’d snuck away from Kansas, on the pretense of a solo hunt, and headed out to the cabin in Island Park, Idaho that your new boyfriend had rented. This was your favorite time of year; the days were still warm enough that it felt like summer but the nights were chilled enough to feel like fall. There was no where else you’d rather be than out in nature immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. The forest-covered peaks reflecting off the lake were breathtakingly beautiful and you inhaled deeply, the crisp evening air filling your lungs.

The sound of an approaching engine drew your attention away from the serenity surrounding you and back to the dark blue 90s sports car making it’s way up the long gravel drive.

You smiled brightly as the shiny Dodge came to a stop next to you and Beast.

“You’re early,” he said, unfolding his large frame from the driver’s seat, the door snapping shut behind him.

You shrugged, “Only 10 minutes,” you said calmly, waiting patiently by your vehicle even though you wanted more than anything to jump into the arms of the man in front of you.

He was around the car and on your lips in moments, one hand snaked around your back while the other tangled in your hair.

“This little vacation was an excellent idea,” you whispered inches from his mouth.

“I knew you’d love it up here,” he answered, sweeping a strand of hair behind your ear, hazel eyes sparkling.

“Sam Winchester, are you secretly a hopeless romantic?” you teased, as he bent down to pick up your bag, tucking you under his arm as you made your way up the cabin driveway.

“You have no idea,” he retorted, dropping a sweet kiss on the top of your head.

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i’m far from being a hand-drawing expert but I tend to do this a lot:

(also a reason why I like to draw alone… to avoid weird looks from other people)

LOTS OF HAND STARING. Sometimes I use my phone to take pictures too (esp. if it’s my right hand lmao)

It also helps having the basic knowledge of the parts of the hands and how the joints work; there are lots of hand drawing tutorials in the net u can check out, but these can also be achieved by observing your hand a lot (again, lots of hand staring!)

Anyway my last tip is to keep on practicing! I have to be honest, before, I absolutely /hated/ drawing hands. I am very guilty of using the “hands hidden behind the body” technique ….

but that would get you nowhere if you wanna improve drawing hands. So yes, you have to draw them !!! Don’t be afraid !!! Doesn’t matter if they look weird initially, buT JUST DRAW THOSE HANDS !! :-)

I’ve been asked to make a tutorial on how i make my icons. Before I start this, I want you to know some things.

  • English isn’t my first language so I will make mistakes. I apologize in advance and hope you’ll understand what I’m writing
  • I will add some resources to this post (good texture examples)
  • You need to have basic photoshop skills for this. 
  • I’m sorry if I can’t explain things well. I’m trying my best
  • if you wanna see my icons, check them out here 
    (ignore emo superman and mullet superman)

Ok let’s get started, my buddies.

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“Have you ever thought of doing some filming stuff, or…?”

“Mmm, sometimes,” Papaver said, deleting a blurred picture he hadn’t noticed before. “There is some overlap in skills – or knowledge about the principles of capturing what you need to – but filming has a lot more work and thought into it. Plus you need patience to sit and wait to make sure you get all your perfect shots.”

“You’re patient,” Coffea argued.

“To an extent,” Papaver grinned. “But I like capturing the beauty I stumble across, rather than waiting hours or days to see a particular animal.” As he said this, he angled the camera towards Coffea’s face and let it take several pictures in quick succession. Coffea made a suitably dramatic pose when he noticed he was the subject of Papaver’s camera.

Originally posted by suivezlalune

Prompt:  Could you write an imagine where the reader is an Olympic Gymnast or swimmer and she’s competing in rio? You can put Seb anywhere in there but with the olympics starting I thought this would be an appropriate request. Thanks guys!

Word Count: 930

Warnings: Reader is from USA, it made sense to do that since Seb lives in NYC

Authors Note: Guys, I effing LOVE the olympics. Like, I’m a little obsessed with watching them so expect a few of these over the next 2 weeks. I’ll try to coordinate sports with what medal matches are happening too.

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One Night Mistake (Part two)

Part 1

[I didn’t wanted this to be so long! but there is going to be a part 3]

It’s been already two years since i last faced Luke Hemmings 

and a year and a half since i had my beautiful Baby girl Amelie, it’s incredible how much love you can have for such a little person. she is clearly the love of my life and that’s all the i needed to be happy. 

I’ve lived with my mother since i got pregnant, i didn’t want to keep living on LA and take the risk of having to run over Luke sometime, or even worst, over that bitch of her girlfriend. 

today was a great day, and nothing could be wrong today, because is a big day. 

today is Amelie’s second birthday, so my mother and i decided to run a little party for her. 

i was lying on my bed working on some pictures that i took the day before, while watching how my big brother playing on the floor with Amelie, that was giving little steps and collecting various toys of the floor and leaving them on his uncle’s lap. 

“Do you think she looks too dark on this picture?” i ask holding the laptop out so he could see what i was talking about. 

“I think she is fucking hot” he says watching at the picture. 

“Shut up” i softly punch his arm “Can you please not curse in front of my daughter?” i sigh “She’s already catching a lot of words, i don’t want her to go around saying the f word” 

“Okay okay” he laughs “Calm down” he jokes 

“i am calm” i softly say not taking my sigh away from the computer. 

i’ve been working for a photographer’s company for almost a year, and since i got to work on this company, everything seemed to go better for me, they pay me a good amount of money and at the same time i was doing what i love, so yeah, i ain’t mad about it. 

“Who’s her anyways?” he asks 

“A model” 

“Will you see her again? Can i come?” 

my phone starts vibrating by my side and i take it the second it starts playing the ringtone. 

“Hello?” i say 

“Heyyy” i hear the voice of best friend say on the other line “What’s up?” 

“hmm, just working” i say softly “How was watchington?” 

She giggles “It was awesome” pauses ”i meet a guy”

i frown “What? Melanie!!” i exclaim of joy “That’s awesome! how could you not tell me on skype” 

“I’m sorry!” she exclaims “but i really like him, and he agreed to come to new york with me, because he has some work to get done here anyways… whatever, i was wondering if you could meet us in an hour” 

i look at Amelie and how she was bouncing a little doll on his hand and giving it to her uncle, i sigh, looking for the best excuse i could have in this moment. don’t get me wrong, i wanted to meet Melanie’s new boyfriend, but what didn’t want is being the third wheel once again. 

“Actually, i have to pick up some stuff for Amelie’s Party…” 

“(Y/n)!!!” she fake cries already knowing that i was excusing myself “Please!!” 

“I’m not lying!” i exclaim, but i gave up “okay, maybe i am, but still i have to pick up the cake, and ballons and stuff” 

“Then we can come with you” she says, sounding proud for no reason. 

“Ugh! fine” i roll my eyes “we’ll see you at the French bakery in thirty minutes don’t be late” i hang up. 

still looking at my daughter, who started to walk to me and put her arms up so i could pick her, i took her in my arms so i could get her ready for the day. “Let’s go for a walk, honey”. 

i sit on the table in front of the bakery, with Amelie by my side waiting for Melanie to come. she was chewing on a piece of cookie, and babbling words that i couldn’t undestand. 

“Mommy look” she show me the her piece of chocolate chip cookie half way eaten and starts giggling. 

“That looks yummy” i say taking a napking and wiping the crumbles out of her face. “Can i have some?” i ask already taking a little piece of her cookie and putting it in my mouth “Mmmm” i say 

“mmm” she mocked me making me laugh for the fourth time today. 

She is the most beautiful baby i’ve ever seen, and ever since she started talking, she became officially the cutest girl in my life. her eyes were deep blue and she had a curly hazelnut hair,and little dimples, just like her father, she seemed to be a clear photocopy of him, and that’s what broke me the most, even when she was the most beautiful girl in your life, it was so sad for her to not grow up with a father and still look like him. 

“(Y/n)!!” you heard Melanie exclaim while feeling her throws herself at you and giving you a big hug “i missed you” 

“I missed you too” i say hugging her back. 

she directs her look to Amelie and gives her a big kiss on the cheek wishing her a happy birthday, making her giggle like crazy. 

“Oh my god, she’s so big” she exclaim still staring at her. 

i look at the boy by her side and i froze. standing in front of me was the one and only Calum hood, giving us a small wave with his hand and with his other hand, lacing Melanie’s fingers with his. 

“Hi (Y/n)” He greats. 

“Hi Calum” i say wanting to just walk out.

Melanie looked confused “Wait do you know each other?”  

“Y-Yes, mm, something like that” i stutter

“Awesome!” She exclaims “and if you guys don’t mind, i’m going to the restroom” 

she takes her purse with her and walks into the restroom. we share a long and uncomfortable silence while i drink from my coffee, waiting for something to make this end right now. 

“i’m glad to see you again” he says, finally breaking the ice. 

“Same” i nod caressing Amelie’s hair with one hand. 

“Is she your… sister?” he asks slowly. 

“My daughter” i nervously say. 

“Oh” he sighs “So it’s true”

i frown, obviously knowing what was he talking about. “may i ask what are you talking about?” 

“Well, Management said you were pregnant and that’s why you quit” he explained

“i didn’t quit!” i exclaim “They fired me” 

he eyes wide and his cheeks turned red “Oh god, that’s terrible, i’m sorry” 

“you don’t have to apologize” i sigh “However, i know you didn’t have anything to do with this” 

“Yeah, but i feel bad” he shrugs “You were a nice photographer, i mean, your last pictures were awesome, why would fired you for something like pregnancy?” 

“Ask Luke” i say, with an angry tone and starting to get real mad “I’m sure he has a good answer for you” i sigh “Sorry i have to go” 

i take my purse, pick Amelie setting her on my hip and take the box with the cake. 

“But we just got here” he frowns

“I have tons of things to do, i’m sorry” i say already walking out “See you guys tonight” 

Amelie’s Party was going just fine. 

she was running around the out back garden and giggling like crazy playing with her friends, so that meant she was having lots of fun. i was holding my camera in front of my face trying to get a good picture of her on her 2nd birthday, but it was impossible for me, since she was being so hyper. 

“Hey” Melanie sits beside me holding a cup of wine while i kept focusing my camera. 

“Hey” i say distractedly. 

“We need to talk” she sigh “Why did you left?”

i froze for a second before going back to my camera “sorry” i shrug “I had a lot to do, i couldn’t waste to much time in there, anyways” 

“Bullshit” she whispers so no one else but me could hear that. “(Y/n) i haven’t seen you in almost two months, and you act like you’re not interested on me at all” 

“Hey! That’s not true”i frown and finally snapping a picture of Amelie, walking on her way to me and smiling. “Yes!” i say for myself. before turning to Melanie that seemed to be mad at me “I’m so so sorry, okay?” i sigh “But i got nervous, Calum was there, and you perfectly know my reasons to be nervous” 

“Yeah, i guess you’re right” she sighs. 

Amelie finally walks to me and puts her little hands on my lap, trying to climb by herself on my lap before i pick her up and sit her. 

“Hi princess” i kiss her head and she started babbling random words once again. 

“So” Melanie says caressing Amelie’s hair “What do you think of Calum? Isn’t he cute?” 

i Chuckle “you picked a good one” i gently push on her shoulder “He’s a nice guy”. 

“I’m Glad you like him” she smiles. 

my brother comes running to me, excusing himself for interrupting our conversation. he seemed to be a little upset and that was confusing for me, since was rarely upset. 

“Brendon, What’s up?” i ask. 

“There’s someone here to see you” he says pointing to the door with his thumb. “Listen, (Y/n), i can just..) 

“no” i immediately answer “I’ll get it” i say setting Amelie  on his arm, before walking inside. 

the first thing that came to my mind was running to the door and you close it. the second thing was just letting him in and let him give me an explination. becuase by door of my house, there was Luke Hemmings, holding three big boxes and with a big smile on his face. 

“Hey (Y/n)” he smiles at me “I missed you..” 

To be continued…

AAAAA I guess I’ll give this a chance?

First of all sorry for the late reply! This question got me thinking because the truth is, I… don’t have any specific, uh, tip in regards to drawing or colouring? I’m still learning, and stubbornly sticking to my intuition to solve certain issues, so I really don’t consider myself the right person to give advices.

One thing I tend to do, once I’m done with the lineart, is to choose a vibrant colour I particuarly like and then build the rest of my palette on that one colour. Thus the rest of the palette will include at least one lighter shade of said colour, a colour (or more) that is/are complementary to said colour and one or more neutral tones. Here’s a quick scheme:

I only use these palettes for flats, or rather the main elements in the compositions – that is skin tones, hair colours, the overall tone of the background and so on – and sometimes I don’t use my palettes at all as I only make them to get an idea of what I want my final piece to look like (which is probably a mistake. Please don’t be like me).

Aside from this I’d suggest to limit the palette (my palettes before I put any detail apart from flats only have 5/6 colours and they’re already too many) and to play with colours: take pictures and play with the hues, freely take inspiration from things that inspire you. (Wes Anderson movies are so inspiring to me, and so are Isao Takahata’s works and, well, Steven Universe.) Art is all about experimentation and instinct. Also, please, don’t listen to me. This vid is way more useful, and her suggestions work fine with digital art as well.


How I keep a progress Journal

I have wanted to share my progress journal with all of you,for a while now. But it was just about now that I actually bothered to take pictures of it. 

I don’t even know if this is a progress journal, it is just some kind of everything journal. This journal contains four things: To-do lists, reading lists, schedules and updates.

Schedules. I don’t always have schedules, but i mainly make them a day before an exam, or an day when I know I have a lot to do. Sometimes I make them in the middle of the day when I know that I have been slacking off and then need to kill it for the rest of the day. 

Entries. This works like diary entries, where I write down my thoughts and feelings and such, however this is just academic thoughts. Maybe if I had a great day at school, and really feel like that I had proven myself, then I come home and try to describe the feeling, and how it affected me. 

To Do’s. This is the same concept as the post I made about post-its which you can read here  I just keep everything in here, so that once  I get rid of the post-its I can still look back and have some kind of overview. 

Reading list. I usually make these lists, when I have to read up for a test or an exam, just to have an overview over what I have read and what I still have to come. 

This has really helped me get an overview of my exams, and really made me stress less. I hope that if you decide to make use of this system that it will benefit you as much as it has to me. 




Commissions are very much OPEN! 

Check some more examples of commissions in the tag . I will happily draw your OC or your MMO character (Wildstar, WoW, SWTOR and LOTRO especially).

If you are interested in a commission, send me a message . After I reply, email me at dumbestarts[at]gmail[dot]com with following information :

  • What kind of commission you want, its description
  • Character description
  • References

Additional information:

  • Plus one figure: +50% for bust and half body, +70% for full body.
  • If you so desire, sketch commissions can be done in pencils on paper, but you will only get the scan, not the drawing itself.
  • No porn (but I can do erotica, nudes and mild NSFW). I also reserve the right to refuse any commission without explaining the reasons.
  • You will get a preliminary sketch to choose the pose from. I reserve the right to later use the sketches you discarded.
  • Please, remember, after we agree on a stage (preliminary sketch, lines etc.), I won’t be able to do drastic changes, only minor ones (i.e. details, not the pose, anatomy and such).
  • By default commissions are in RGB. Warn me in advance if you need CMYK.
  • In the end you will get a .PSD, a .JPEG and may get a .TIFF if you are interested. You can use the image as you please for personal use. I reserve the rights to the image. I can use it as an example of my work, for portfolio and such (if you don’t want me to, warn me in advance).
  • Commissions take me different time to finish: from one week (sketches) to a month (paintings), sometimes a little longer. You will get constant updates on your commission’s status (around once per week).


  • Paypal or VISA
  • After we agree on preliminary pose sketch you pay the fee. If it’s hard to pay all at once, tell me, we can figure something out. But… 
  • The full payment must be done to get a finished picture (before that you only get a small-ish preview or a watermarked version)
  • I will not offer refunds. I am sorry.

If you have more questions – message me here or email me : dumbestarts[at]gmail[dot]com

zombiecas  asked:

1, 8 and 49 for the writing fanfic asks :)

1. things that inspire you
I think I’ve talked about this before, but pictures. Pictures, gifs, but of course also music, showering and taking a walk (cliche but works), watching supernatural -especially the older episodes- as well. 

8. what time are you most productive?
for me it’s more a day and context than a specific time. I’m most productive on weekends and free days obviously, and then the productive-ness changes. Sometimes it’s 10 am, sometimes it’s 3 pm, sometimes its 11 pm, I honestly couldn’t tell you a specific moment. I’ve always found this disturbing because a lot of people seem to have a time they’re most productive. For me it just changes all the time :\

49. writing advice
This is by far the best tip I ever heard and it’s about writer’s block, though it sounds dumb and problematic. ‘Allow yourself to write garbage’. That’s it. Just, whenever you feel stuck, allow yourself to write garbage. Do some stream of conscious writing (just write whatever comes into your brain, doesn’t matter what at all), write, write, write. I know you’re like ‘well but I want to write good things’. I know, but now you got your mindset from ‘no writing’ to ‘writing’. and for some reason it has helped me. I had a page filled with ‘Cas is a cutie’ with all kinds of random words and things that I associated with Cas (simply bc i was thinking about that on that moment in time) and suddenly I felt like I could write that next scene on my fic. It’s not magic, and it’s not always the solution, but it helped me a great deal.

writing questions!

anonymous asked:

What is your typical process when you're working traditionally? I know you use some water colors but that's the end of my knowledge.

If you’re talking about a completed traditional painting, then in general the process goes like this. I’ll be using an older piece I’ve done as an example, called Eclipse- Reunited With You:

1. Planning: This is typically the phase that I do before I even begin drawing anything. This is the point where I think about what, exactly, I’m gonna be drawing, in what medium (watercolor, acrylics, both, digital) I’m going to be working in, the size of canvas I want to work with for the piece, and compile some references in case I need it, especially for the BG, colors, and lighting. Character refs are important to, especially if this is a commission.

2. Thumbnailing and practice sketches; I do small very rough sketches to get the perspective, placement of the characters, and posing own before I start on the painting itself. This allows me to make as many mistakes as I can before getting to work on the full one, that way I won’t have to start over or put effort in the larger painting then start to dislike it half-way through. I highly recommend doing this sketch for your artwork. This page of an old sketchbook shows both the planning and thumbnailing processes in one:

3.Color study: I don’t do this every time, but it’s good to do something quick to get a feel of what the colors you want to use will be, not only for general coloring purposes but it also gives you a feel of the lighting and atmosphere you’re trying to go for in the image. It’s basically a thumbnail but with colors. Here’s an example:

4. Full sketch and Lineart: This is where I basically draw the whole thing out on my canvas of choice and, if I’m inclined to do so, lineart it. Often times, especially with acrylic, I don’t lineart my work with ink and just leave it as a partially messy sketch, which I let sit for a few hours to a day after I draw it. This is especially true for Watercolor because while Acrylic is a very forgiving medium in that you can just paint over your mistakes without much hassle, watercolor isn’t as forgiving and is hard to clean up if you make a mistake. If the pencil smears into the paint, often times it makes the image look dirty, and you can’t erase or paint it away unless you’re using gouache or acrylics (hence why I often do combinations of watercolor and acrylic).

5. Painting: Exactly what it sounds like; coloring time. This is the point where I don’t have to think as much if I’ve already done the planning before, so it’s possibly the easiest step for me personally. This is the part where a lot of folks struggle with though, because some expect the image to look good throughout the entire coloring process. Spoiler alert: more often than not, it won’t look exactly the way you want it until you’re closer to finished. Here’s the painting I did of Celly and Lulu about half-way through:

6. Completing the painting: again, exactly what it sounds like. I’m doing the finishing touches and finishing up the painting to its completion. After that I usually let it sit for about an hour (watercolor and acrylic dry very fast) before I try to scan it and do all the stuff I need to post it online. If it’s very big of a canvas, bigger than my now-broken scanner, then I either wait until daylight (I tend to work at night) to take as good of a picture as I can, or I take it to my local office store to get it scanned by their larger scanners. 

7. Post-painting: Yes, there’s a step for me after I’ve completed my painting. Given how scanners sometimes devalues your colors and overall sharpness of the image since you’re trying to digitize it, I have to go into a photo-editing program (photoshop, windows photo gallery) to play with the saturation, sharpness, contrast, brightness, and so on until it looks as close to the real deal as possible. This is the final version of my painting:

Aaaand I think that’s it? Now that you mention it though, with all of this digital work I’m doing I really miss traditional art, so I’ma be doing some more in the near future. C:

anonymous asked:

Hey PM, First i wanted to say that i LOVE your art SO MUCH :D. But my question is: Do you make colour pallets for your digital art?

Hi anon! ^^

i LOVE your art SO MUCH :D.

It’s very kind of you! ^o^ Thank you so much anon! I’m gonna post something new on Tuesday then, I’ll take a break until January 2016. Maybe a couple of Spn stuff on Instagram but I think I need to stop drawing so much.

Do you make colour pallets for your digital art?

Yes, that’s the first step when I start drawing. Well, the first step when I start COLORING to be more precise (because before you have sketches/doodles -not all the time, the hunt for reference pictures - aka: AAAAAAAAaaaAaAAahhh!!, construction lines, sometimes a “pre-line art sketch” that goes with the construction lines, then the line art).

I’m working on an Anthony Mackie fan art and as you can see, I use a color palette for his skin.

For the moment, the art is far from being done, I just blocked the colors, particularly the lighter tones. His skin is a bit too light, I think that only the left part of the art (particularly his cheek) is complete at the moment. The mouth is not done too, I can’t wait to draw his super cute smile. So, anyway, what you can see on the right of the pic is the skin palette (I’m gonna add some dark green too soon, particularly on his forehead and cheeks). I’m gonna use a similar process for his T-shirt and his jeans. I just hope that PS will give me a break when it comes to Anthony’s skin: every time I use the “Auto contrast” command, the poor guy becomes one or two shades lighter. Ha! Ha! So I have to be careful all the time that he doesn’t become as light as Beyonce in a L’Oréal add.

Voilà! I hope I answered your question. Thanks again anon, enjoy your weekend. ♥

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Sorry, definitely before Stiles's (is that how you do apostrophes? ugh) walk away. It would be interesting if that were true, though at that point I'm not sure Liam trusts anyone anymore, so he'd probably try to strike out on his own first. That being said, I have to ask, what is your opinion on Scott? Because you have written and reblogged a lot of stuff where Scott fucks things up, and Stiles goes out on his own. Some stories make it work, others... it almost seems to veer into bash territory.

No ‘s’ after apostrophe if there’s an s before it I think. That’s my general rule.

Well I think Scott is just too judgmental about certain things, and sometimes, he just doesn’t see the whole picture and focuses too much on one aspect without taking into account others. The thing with Stiles in S5a really bugged me because he never even let Stiles tell his version of what happened. He just believed Theo, who might as well be this complete stranger even if they did know each other back in 4th grade or whatever. Like, what did Scott expect Stiles to do? Let Donovan kill him? Because that was about the only option left for Stiles if Stiles hadn’t killed him first.

And even before that, things like hanging up on Stiles when Stiles was literally drowning with Derek and trying to call for help and only showing up two hours later after he’d finished eating dinner with his girlfriend’s family jfc. And not even asking about the injuries he received from Gerard, he just completely overlooks them. Just instances stacked together where it all seems like Scott overlooks Stiles a lot. Like, they care about each other, but the level of care doesn’t seem equal going both ways? I mean Stiles would literally walk through fire for him and save him when Scott thought he got Derek killed. But Scott won’t even trust him enough to hear him out when Stiles got Donovan killed. And if Stiles does something Scott thinks is wrong, he doesn’t even consider that maybe Stiles might need someone to lean on after killing someone, or that he honestly had no choice other than be killed himself, and Scott just instantly condemns him for it.

I don’t hate Scott or anything but I don’t really like him most of the time either, it’s just his personality that rubs me the wrong way. He tries to be a good person, which is good, and he’s got morals, but they’re too black-and-white for my tastes, and sometimes all of that makes him irritatingly self-righteous.