sometimes i stop watching before you know what happens

Canon or Fanon?Both.

I can’t believe that some people of Gotham fandom were so obsessed accusing the show of queerbaiting (not true, please stop)that they have not even noticed Oswald has realized being in love with Ed. This just make me sad.

Why people can’t see good things?

It was so well written and God, you really wanted a simple kiss???? After a storyline like that? Are you kidding me?

Then in ep 16 they will be together again just wait and keep watching, always judging before to know what is going in next episodes (still 8). Always prejudices…I’m so sick of this.
Then if Ed is straight it would be like real life, these things happens sometime. I don’t know what do you expect from this realtionship.

 There is canon and fanon you can stay in both as I do, and live in peace or just stop to spread hate. It would be nice, because first of all accusation is not an opinion.


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Yearning to learn masterlist

Yearning to learn ~ Mini writes ~ Part nine

Seung hyun barely even looked at you but you were ok with it, you knew it was only because you were in public, he was restricted in what he could do but you were free to watch him. Every movement, every mannerism, every facial expression, you took note of. The way his face would light up every time he spoke about an author he liked, the twinkle in his eye every time he quoted one of his favourite passages of a book made your heart flutter and hurt at the same time. You were so deep in watching him that you barely even noticed the note that Hoseok placed on your desk, you looked over at him to see him staring straight ahead like nothing was going on. You picked up the folded piece of paper and opened it.

I’m glad we are friends now

A small smile crept on your lips, you couldn’t deny it, you were too. Underneath everything he was a nice guy with a good soul, he just got carried away when he drank and allowed himself to be influenced by his band of brothers.

I am too

You passed the note back quickly as not to get Seung hyun’s attention, you didn’t want him to know you weren’t paying attention, not with state your grades were in anyway. You watched Hoseok out of the corner of your eye, a smile tugging at his lips before he scribbled something lengthy on the paper and handed it back to you.

I know this sounds weird because of what happened between us and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but I was hoping I could get your number, so we could get to know each other better and maybe hang out sometime, purely as friends of course.

A small giggle escaped before you could stop it, the entire room looking back a you, included Professor Choi. You bit down on your bottom lip as you looked back at him, he looked at you over the top of his glasses, one eyebrow raised before continuing on with the class. You could hear Hoseok snickering beside you, you kicked his foot and gave him a quick glare before returning your attention back to the front of the class, you looked in time to see Seung hyun glancing at you. You waited a few minutes, making sure his attention was off you before writing a quick sure and your number beside it. You handed it back to Hoseok, he opened it and read your answer.

“How about you Mr Jung, what do you think it means?” professor Choi’s voice startled both you and Hoseok, he quickly scrunched the note in his hand.

“Ah….” he stalled as he tried to remember what they were talking about.

“Were you not listening?” the professor asked as he lent back on his desk and folded his arms.

“I was” he replied with a smile.

“Then you won’t mind reciting the passage for us all”

Hoseok didn’t reply, he just closed his eyes and gave his head a small shake, he was caught out.

“That is what happens when you are to busy passing notes in class Mr Jung” he said as he held his hand out and beckoned him with his forefinger, Hoseok sighed before getting up and heading to the front of the class with the note, he handed it to the professor and headed back to his seat. “You are in college not high school” he added as he placed the note in his pocket.

“Kill joy” Hoseok muttered as he lent back in his chair, the bell rang a moment later.

“I hope you all come prepared for your next class” the professor said loudly as everyone scurried for the door, you were the last of the group. You took a look back at him before leaving, he was already reading the note. He looked up at you and raised his eyebrows just as you left the room. You internally scolded yourself, you should have just ignored the note and left the conversation for after the lecture.

Shiemi, Izumo, Ryuji and Rin would meet their s/o when they’re in their mid twenties. By this time a lot of stuff has chilled down, and their s/o is probably a normal human with no idea about the world of demons and exorcists. It’s probably by chance – or fate, if you will – and it changes their lives. 

Izumo knows her s/o is the one when a demon is attacking and their s/o can’t really see what’s going on; everything is blurry, but they can tell that there’s something attacking, and they go out of their way to defend Izumo. She’s very startled by the fact that they would do this– especially for something that they can’t even see. After the battle is over, Izumo expresses her worries via yelling about her s/o being stupid for doing that, but she’s shaking from worry and can feel tears prickling at the back of her eyelids. She’s only had friends do stuff like this for her, but this felt different. 

Rin knows in a very subtle way; it’s three am and his s/o is knocked out in his arms, but he’s still wide awake. He’s tracing things on their skin while they sleep, watching their chest rise and fall with the pattern of their breathing. It’s just something that dawns on him, ya know? Like a feeling of damn, I’m never going to get over this feeling, am I? It’s a feeling of pure adoration and he doesn’t want it to ever end.

Shiemi knows at a very random time. She’s not good with this and still has some issues about herself; do you really like her? Why are you with someone who is so clumsy? Thoughts like this keep her true feelings away, because her paranoia about it is a very strong and familiar emotion. Love is as well, but that’s for friends– with her s/o, it’s different. She can feel her chest ache, feel her fingers go a bit numb– is she having a panic attack? No, no. This feels lighter, like her heart is in the clouds instead of in the pit of her stomach, and when her s/o looks at her and asks what’s wrong, she just smiles and shakes her head, and there’s this knowing feeling inside of her that this– this person right here– is the one.

Ryuji knows– when he knows? It’s a very odd way, because he’s practically living and in a very serious relationship with his s/o when he just knows that they’re the one. He’s probably studying at his desk with his s/o leaning over his shoulder and placing a cup of coffee beside his work, kissing his cheek before they walk away again. It could be the night that he finally made love to his s/o, or the night that he thought that he could lose them forever due to his work– all of these feelings just sort of build up over time, and there’s really no definite point as to when he knows that his s/o is the one, and he’s not one to really ponder on it, but it’s there, and he’d give anything to ensure that they’re happy, healthy, and safe.

With the others, they met their s/o in their teens. Stuff is hectic and there isn’t a lot of time to think about romance, but it’s something that settles until they get out of the hellish situation that they’re in. 

Yukio’s “one” is someone he considered a best friend until he just knew. It’s not love at first sight– it’s an attraction that he feels, because he’s still young and romance isn’t on his mind. It’s foolish, he thinks, to get involved with someone when there’s a world of demons to fight. But this is a bit different. His s/o is someone that knows about the demonic world and is probably an exorcist as well, and after fighting side by side for a while, they become friends. After that, it’s meeting when there isn’t a demon to exorcise or a ghost to pass over; it’s meeting in cafes, libraries, in Yukio’s room for a good time to wind down. He never thought he’d get close to anyone like this, and he honestly considered them his best friend for the longest time. Until things go a bit too far one night. They’re both training and the moment Yukio is pinned down to the mat with his laughing friend on top of him, he feels a pulling feeling in the pit of his stomach, and his urges surpass his human and demonic desires; he wants to do more than kiss or something intimate with them– he wants to be with them, and an emotion like that is scary. He knows that he’s fallen, and hard at that, and maybe it’s many years to pass from this moment, but he knows that this is the one he’s gonna spend his life with.

Kone knows because he can just tell that his s/o is really in love with him. He’s an observant guy who sometimes pushes his emotions to the side to get things done and see stuff from a more logical point of view, but after intimate nights together and even more intimate nights together, and after years of being together, he catches the way his s/o looks at him. He’s never had that before; he was a plain looking guy– short, bald, and wears glasses. To be honest, he never thought he could get a catch like his s/o, but here they are in arms reach, waiting for him to touch them. They get Kone to open up in ways he never though the could with a person before, and he can sometimes see them open their mouth to say something, but hesitation always stops them. It’s always after something intimate happens, and he knows what they want to say, but he doesn’t know what holds them back. The moment he truly knows, though, is the moment he says “I love you” and watches the way their face lights up brighter than the sun itself.

Shima knows when he almost loses his s/o. Being a spy is a dangerous thing, especially if you have loved ones. He’s probably still in the Illuminati when he knows that he loves his s/o, but he knows a bit too late. Like the others, he didn’t tell his s/o that he was a spy – double or not, a spy doesn’t tell anyone about the work that they do – and it’s something that tugged at his chest. He was okay with keeping it from Bon and Kone, but he always had this slight urge to tell his s/o that one day, he might have to do something and that something would result in him never coming back. It wasn’t exactly a huge might with his job, and he just didn’t want to think about never seeing them again. But the look on their face the moment they learned that he was working for the enemy was heartbreaking, and keeping up the facade was something that settled a wrong way in his gut. It settles there for a while, but he doesn’t exactly know why it’s there until a few of the Illuminati’s monsters attack his s/o, leaving them unconscious. He can’t act upon his wishes, but he knows that the reason that he feels this way is because he loves them, and as much as he tries to shove that down to deal with later, it’s a feeling that never leaves him.

     Her first thought for a wish seems a little selfish so she amends it before hanging it on one of the designated walls. So many people with so many different wishes. She’s read about Tanabata but never celebrated it before.

                            “Do you believe in wishes coming true, Shadow?
                            I know people say you have to work for what you want,
                            but sometimes miracles happen. What would you wish for?”

     She’s already here on Earth. There are only two things left that she wants and she’s given those hopes to the shrine. For a while she just stands there, watching the people share their dreams. When someone stops and stands next to her she speaks up, echoing a question from long before her life changed so drastically. 

     ❝Do you think they’ll come true?

Art Museum (TOP Scenario) - Part 9

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Part nine!

The drama continues~ ^^ Enjoy!

Summary: Meeting him in an art museum was all it took for you to fall for him. What could a future with him in it possibly hold?

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According to the spoilers, Rick & Jessie will share a kiss, so what?

So many people in here are already talking about stop watching, get mad at Gimple because Michonne don’t deserve to be Rick’s second choice or because they do think Richonne won’t happen at all… sometimes they are even talking about throwing away Richonne, etc.

May I remind you that we all know what happened to Jessie in the GN?

May I remind you that Rick is actually with someone from the TF in the GN?

That this storyline is also in the GN and that no one does think Andrea is a second choice and that she doesn’t deserve Rick’s love because he slept with Jessie before? (or I have missed something)

And…. most importantly, may I remind you that we do not know a shit about this kiss: how did it happen? when? why? where?

So why are you all already running in circle?

From my point of view, it’s not over until it’s over.

I may be foolish, but I’m steel optimistic

I can and I will deal with this shit