sometimes i still cry


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


Favorite Skating Friendships: The Three Sisters of Team Japan

Kanako: Oh yes, I’d like to have kids and a happy family if I can.
Mao: Me too.
Akiko: Then we should all get together again someday with our children.
Mao: Yes, let’s do that!
Kanako: Yes!
Mao: And we can all skate together…
Akiko: We’ve been working so hard for a long time…so let’s all become happy in the future.
Kanako: Yes, let’s.
Akiko: For sure.
Mao: Yes, for sure.

Goya was my dog.

She was a 10 year old corgi/golden retriever mix that I brought with me from Spain. I know a lot of people have their special pets and their “heart animals”; and she was mine. Truly, she was my heart, and my life. We were inseparable. To this day I can’t talk about her without getting emotional, and miss her with every bit of my still broken heart.

Goya rapidly developed a cancerous growth (mast cell tumor) on her right side that we had scheduled surgery to remove. She had gone through a previous surgical procedure to remove two burst cysts and came from that healthy and fine - she was eating and playing that very night! So I figured that even at her age she was strong enough to go through one last surgery.

I began to take pictures of her to make a chronicle of her weeks before surgery, in order to keep spirits up and invite people to meet her a little better. She has a tag all of her own that is still difficult for me to visit.

Goya went into shock after surgery. The mast cells had begun to degranulate. We took her to the ER, but she didn’t make it. I lost a very big piece of my heart that night.

Seeing Goya in-game is a way for me to have a bit of her around that I can visit and interact with, and can’t thank the people that made it happen enough because it may have been such a small thing but for me it means what Goya was to me - the world.

I Miss You
I Miss You

Aaliyah - I Miss You

“I Have trouble accepting the fact that you’re gone, so I won’t. 
It’ll be like we went for a while without seeing each other.
But I can understand why God would have wanted you close to him,
because you truly were an angel on earth.

I love you. I miss you.“

Is your heart still mine?
I wanna cry sometimes…

hello everybody! sorry for being so inactive but i’ve got some pretty cool news, that news being that in my absence i have now become an official animator! hurray!! 🎉 (one more thing off my bucket list)

as of now i work in the philippine branch of production for disney’s duck tales, and so far i’ve been messing up a lot but it’s been really fun and it’s definitely pushing me to improve in everything i do

thanks everyone for sticking around!

peace, mage outtie✌️✌️✌️


Black Sails characters  ⇀ first and last episodes pt 4


                                “There are no happy endings.
                                            Endings are the saddest part,
           So just give me a happy middle
                                             And a very happy start.

     Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon, King and Queen of England.

i don’t know how to erase hurt. sometimes i still cry about him when i didn’t cry at his funeral. nobody really cares how you cope with things as long as you cope quickly, a silent rehashing of your life in the sudden void. stuff goes missing in the wake of it. like something has to fill up all that sucking emptiness. the pit of no end. you throw in your emotions or food or showers or everything. and people ask you why you don’t just get over it. there’s always somebody better at getting over it, and sometimes it’s you. sometimes you’re at work the next day even though no one expected that from you; only to miss a solid week seven months in the future. how do you explain that. sorry i just kind of put it in a box and the box finally leaked. sorry it just got out on me. i know it’s silly. i know it’s silly.


This is my bujo spread for the week so far 💘

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google search “7 boys who ruined my life”