sometimes i shouldn't

If you have a kid and refuse to take it to the doctor when its broken a leg because it’s “too expensive”, that’s child abuse.

If you have a pet and refuse to take it to the vet when its broken a leg because it’s “too expensive”, that’s animal abuse.


The park had a piano and a rose covered gazebo! 🎹🌷

Can I just say that I love my mutuals?

Literally everyone I follow who is commenting on this whole Jinmin thing is defending Jin. And damnit, I appreciate that.

Oh and for the record, if you think Jin is in the wrong for this, you’re wrong. It was a bit cringy, I agree, but I hope you all realize that Jin has been on the receiving end of that (and countless other) rude jokes since the beginning of time.

I agree with the belief that Jimin is Not a delicate flower that can’t handle shit, and how Rude of anyone to even imply that. He’s a strong and grownass MAN that has come so freaking far in his self confidence and for anyone to say that one of his best friends making a joke about this (DURING A GAME OF INSULTS AND PURPOSEFUL NEEDLING) would crush his soul or something is just beyond ridiculous.

Jin apologized, Jimin was Very clearly not upset, and their best friendship is intact.

(And if you’re really still pissed at Jin, go count all the times Jin has been called a pig, or fat, or ugly (bonus points for never getting any sort of apology), and then come back to me and we can talk.)

“Where are we going?”
”The future.”

Ok, people, it will take a while before I post anything new, so, please, consider this quick celebratory salad of colors a “sorry”.

I’m currently working on a thing for @coinelot , a Merlin/Arthur convention that will be held in Berlin in October.  Do I need to say how excited I am to be able to contribute to all the fun?
Meanwhile, as October’s still a couple of months away, the team has something special to offer to all Merthur fans out there - wall and desk calendars that contain pieces of art created by awesome artists exclusively for the project. If you want a delicious treat for yourself or need a special gift for a friend, take a peek [here], guys.

My stucky fellas, hope to see you in a month or so. ♥

do you ever like sit there thinking about an old movie or show that has ended? like.. are the characters ok? are they still alive doing their thing? I mean, yeah they’re fictional, but are the okay??


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our terrfying-and-totally-not-tryng-to-bolt-it antagonist Kira Yoshikage

unpopular opinion that u guys should know i have: leia, luke and lando are all better characters than han and half the original ha//nleia scenes make me feel icky i (after briefly pretending to ship them bc of my followers/friends which wasn’t a fun period) now only tolerate them as a ship bc despite all this i still think rey is an organa solo. if i ship leia with anyone its evvan.

Like, if I had a dollar for every time my parents said “you’re just feeling sorry for yourself.” Or “you’re just not trying/don’t want to do [thing/project/task]” When I was trying to reach out for help because my mental illness/state/undiagnosed disorders were halting me, I’d be so fucking rich.


David Singh + his boyfriend fiancé