sometimes i s2g :)))))))))))

A conversation I had one too many times:

Person: Why do you ship them?? what the fuck??!

Me: why do u ask

person: it just bothers me so much!

me: why does it bother you

person: because it makes no sense!

me: why do you care if it makes sense or not

person: i don’t know! i just can’t understand it!

me: is that a bad thing

person: what?

me: is not understanding it a bad thing? does it affect you in any way?

person: no but-

me: if it doesn’t affect you then why are you asking me about something that won’t make a difference?


me: what? of course it’s not canon

person: see!

me: see what?

person: it’s fanon, it’s not real

me: your point?

person: it’s not real! why do you ship it??

me: does it need to be real for me to ship it?

person: yes!

me: hah no

person: why?

me: what do you mean “why”?

person: how could you even- i don’t understand you-

me: you’re complicating this way too much. i see two people that are cute, and i ship them. that’s all.

person: BUT THEY’RE NOT–

me: babe calm down

person: i just… can’t understand…

me: **exhausted sigh** i’m not gonna try to convince you to like something that you don’t like. what the hell do you want out of this conversation?

person: just prove to me they’re in love in the game

me: i don’t believe they’re in love in the game though

person: what? you must have seen some emotional cues to ship them though!

me: not really


me: because i can?

person: wow.

me: are we done here?

person: guess i won

me: what– pfff, eh, nvm bye.

Yeah, @ripplestitchskein? Still fucked up by all that Hookriel talk NGL.

And because, because I’m a trashbag, I went looking for fic…

👀 👀 👀

and omg this is adorable???

“It’s rather telling, is it not?“ Killian goes on, leaning his forearms against the wooden railing. "That your beloved spends his days gutting your family.”

Ariel clicks her tongue in frustration, finally tearing her gaze away from her prince and turning to Killian. “It’s not his fault; Belle told me that Regina was responsible for the curse, and that she was the one to turn him into…”

She trails off, eyes back on Eric. He digs his knife into the stomach of a fish, slicing upwards in one smooth motion. The innards tumble out onto the workbench as Ariel lets out a small groan.

“Yes, our dear Regina has a wonderful sense of humor,” Killian says dryly.

“This is all Belle’s doing, isn’t it?” Ariel sighs angrily. “I mentioned it to her once and she thinks I need help.”

“Ah,” he grins in triumph, shaking his finger towards her. “So it does bother you!”

She ignores that. “And I don’t know why she asked for your assistance.”

“I’m doing you a favour, Ariel, so you can stop glaring at me whenever you like.”

“A favour?” Ariel chuckles. “What’s in it for you? You never do anything unless there’s something in it for you.”

Killian clutches at his heart quite melodramatically. “You wound me. Though,” he smirks, “not as much as Eric is wounding your cousin over there. Or is it a brother?”

Ariel hits him in the arm again, and Killian just laughs.

@ripplestitchskein I swear, I’m doing the dumb thing with it where I’ve fallen behind because I love it so fucking much that I want to read it when I can just bask fully and not have to worry about someone coming in to interrupt me at work or home? I’m currently having the same problem with catching up on @qqueenofhades’s The Dark Horizon.

Like I want to create an atmosphere around reading it in the same way you create an atmosphere through it?

I cannot believe I take the perfectionist/procrastination dynamic this fucking far, but ~*WeLcOmE 2 mY tWiStEd MiNd*~

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made you something to show my appreciation ;) :) punsformaddie./tumblr./com

are you actually kidding me i’m gonna block this blog i s2g anon,,,,, i swear,,,, i swear it

:( sometimes i wonder what i did to deserve this

honestly leave ppl be sometimes like.. like if someone is conceptualising their being in a certain way n that makes sense for them n their life n helps them understand themself and if it’s like, not hurting u or any1 else like. just leave it alone sometimes surely i s2g ?

college students are so stupid sometimes i s2g

i had to tell two people today, both like a foot away from the “no smoking” sign plastered plain as day on the front door of the building, that they weren’t allowed to smoke on campus property

are yall blind

do you not know how to read

why you gotta interrupt my work day with this shit