sometimes i remember this and i still don't get it

I think if we ever get to see the Sheith Backstory it would likely be done as part of a bigger arc. Remembering how JS and LM said they would sometimes like to do episodes focused on emotion but can’t really do that, I expect there wouldn’t be enough action to fill one episode. But there’s something we have yet to see that would create a perfect opportunity - Keith’s backstory. We still don’t know much about his parents, about how exactly he happens to be part Galra, about the way he grew up - all of which either definitely is or at least seems to be relevant to the plot and which is bound to be explored in more detail at some point. And here we have a natural opening to explain what happened later in Keith’s life - how he and Shiro met and what happened that resulted in a bond so strong. And I really hope we get it because this:

demands an Explanation™.

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Sorry, I have to ask. Have you ever felt like our community is... kind of small? As in, a strong, lovely minority, but still a minority? I don't want to be pessimistic, but I keep stumbling upon Voltron-related profiles with the word "anti" proudly written below their icon. Of course, I block them, but sometimes I just remember how many stubborn people shut out their minds and bully others in the names' of their ships, or how much they despise and invalidate Sheith, and I get sad.

oh man! ok! yes, it is a small community, but it’s growing really quickly, it has some of the most incredible fanworks i’ve ever seen, it’s really close knit and positive and welcoming, and i honestly couldn’t be happier. 

some encouragement:

  • this community honestly has some of the most incredible art and fic and music and videos and animations that i’ve ever seen. the sheer amount of variety, and the skill and love that goes into it all is breathtaking. there’s not a day that goes by that i don’t get like five or six people sending me the same art in utter awe.
  • it’s so, so positive. i have a lot of friends that multiship klance and shance and kallura and there’s a lot of harmony there. we may get salty at times, but we’re never out there sending hate or telling people what they can and can’t ship. almost everyone i know multiships along with sheith. some don’t ship anything at all and just want to watch the show without shenanigans. everyone is cool. 
  • everyone is overwhelmingly positive toward the people that work on the show, too. i’ve literally not seen one person from this community be rude to or about any of the writers, staff, voice actors–anything. no one is out here making threats or saying like “i’m not going to watch if _____ doesn’t happen.” we’re all pretty damn chill and adult about it.
  • i’ve made so many great friends and met so many cool people since i got into voltron. like. wow. and i know a lot of people that are getting together to do real life s4 parties that met on tumblr. every discord community i’m in is doing one.
  • it’s growing really fast, in tandem with other stuff. prior to july, the voltron fandom was pretty exclusively klance fans and related content. that’s not the case anymore. there’s a wider variety of ships and content getting play. like just to give you some perspective… prior to july, sheith was never on the fandometrics list. it hit 13th and we all lost our minds–this week, it’s at 7th just in anticipation of s4. and again, regardless of ships, the sheith community seems to be pretty positive about voltron in general and i love it. it’s been really cool to watch it grow in real time. 

and i’ll be honest with you: i don’t have anyone blocked because they’re an anti. even people that send me mean stuff. it’s not worth my time to bother. i also don’t have anything blacklisted. i can handle seeing stuff i don’t want to see, and if i really, really don’t like it, i just unfollow. it doesn’t have to be a big deal. don’t let negativity get to you. i think it’s on its way out anyway. the voltron fandom in general is getting a lot more positive and interesting. i’m really excited!

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wait you actually like the mary-sue that is heather?? and you ship her with queen astrid!? are you nuts?!

I’ve been stewing over how to answer this ask for a couple of hours now…mostly because it (and the other 4 Heather-bashing ‘asks’ I got) make me facepalm. Also, I’ve rewritten this twice, trying to make it not sound mean, but if there are parts that do sound mean, I apologize. I’m frustrated.

1) Yes, I like Heather. In fact, I adore Heather and wish we saw more of her with the riders. 

2) Let’s list the reasons why people think Heather is a mary-sue, shall we?

  • She’s got a somewhat tragic backstory
  • She’s got a dysfunctional family
  • She’s smart
  • She starts out as a loner
  • She has a unique dragon
  • She’s ‘too pretty’ for living in the wild on her own
  • She makes bad choices at times
  • She cares about her friends and tries to protect them
  • The writers focus more on her than on Astrid at times
  • Thanks to DoB, people are convinced there’s a triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid.
  • She can cook
  • She’s got a badass weapon 

Hm. You know what I’m noticing? She actually shares a lot of similarities with Hiccup. I’ll bold the ones she shares with him to make it a bit easier to notice.

Sound familiar? 

Remember the trick of describing Batman as a female instead of a male and people get pissed? 

You’re doing the same fucking thing with Heather.

As to her being ‘too pretty’ and ‘clean’ for living in the wild on her own?

It’s fairly canon that the twins and Gobber are meant to be the dirtiest, smelliest, most disgusting of the Hooligans. Guess what? They look pretty damned clean to me.Yes, Gobber has some dirt and grime, but it’s part of his design. The twins? It’s not. The animators have limited time and budgets to constantly make everyone individually dirty.

  • Also, why aren’t you complaining that Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Hiccup aren’t filthy? 
  • Astrid’s constantly doing gymnastics on the ground and practicing her fighting (dirt and sweat). 
  • Fishlegs has a boulder class dragon and is constantly feeding her rocks (lemme tell you, finding good, gronckle-snack sized rocks is NOT a clean job) while also spending many days translating the Dragon Eye without caring for himself (sweat+varying dragon breath smells+ink+the process of making paper/vellum/parchment)
  • Snotlout? Not only is constantly getting burned (soot+ash), but he rides a dragon coated in flammable gel (that gel+surely a sulfuric smell). 
  • And Hiccup? He is constantly messing around in the forge. Forges are hot. Soot+Sweat+Metal+Sawdust. He’s also constantly finding himself in trouble out in the wild. Dirt+sweat. 

Also, that triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid? Yeah, Astrid’s at the center of that triangle. It’s more than a little obvious that Heather has the hots for Astrid. Look at the way they interact: Heather is more playful and caring around Astrid and she gets a bit sad when she teases Astrid about her and Hiccup. She doesn’t act the same way at all around any of the other riders. 

And, uh, she trusted Astrid with the information that she was spying on the Dragon Hunters. Not Hiccup. Astrid

And, the cooking? Guess what? It was the woman’s job to cook back then and, before Alvin and Dagur happened, she was living a normal life. Guess what that means? She’s going to know how to cook. Now that I think about it, it’s actually strange that Astrid and Ruffnut are canonically bad cooks -but then again, the HttYD franchise basically throws history out the window :/

And, finally, her weapon. Yes, I admit it’s a bit excessive, but it looks cool. And, uh, do you not remember Hiccup’s compact-and-portable-bola-throwing-catapult from HttYD1? What about Toothless as a whole?

Sometimes, you just gotta give a character something badass to work with. 

Okay. Okay, I’ve spent too long writing this when that time could have been spent on my fanfiction. I’m still frustrated, but I know if I continue this, it’s going to get more sarcastic and more angry. 

So yeah. I like Heather. She’s bae <3


I don’t know where I am. It’s like I’m breaking into a million pieces and there is only one thing I remember: I have to save the Doctor. He always looks different. I always know it’s him. Sometimes I think I’m everywhere at once, running every second just to find him. Just to save him. But he never hears me. Almost never. I blew into this world on a leaf. I’m still blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever land. I’m Clara Oswald. I’m the impossible girl.


this one’s sorta based on my personal experience playing pyro. sometimes you get called useless, other times you get thanked by the engineer for helping them defend the last point.

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Even beyond the need for constant reassurance that they're still together I think it's really important to remember/ acknowledge that they as individuals are queer. I feel like sometimes the fandom gets wrapped up in things and we forget that even if they aren't together (which i don't think is true... from what i have observed I think they definitely are still going strong) they are still both in a closet, and that's regardless of whether or not they're a couple. This isn't @ you btw haha

YES YES YES like to me….their relationship is secondary to the fact they’re LGBTQ and closeted. If they’re not together anymore, for whatever reason, I will still be invested in supporting them!!!! I care about supporting queer artists and although I love and respect and relate to their relationship, if they broke up two years ago, if they break up tomorrow….they’re still closeted, they’re still amazing artists and good people, and they’re still creating art I relate to as a fellow queer person. I think people tend to get wrapped up in the relationship aspect too much…it actually really bothers me because people will erase the important queer signaling they engage in as “larry proof” or “Larry signaling” or reduce their signal to “stunt shade” and like…yeah that’s going on, but at the same time, this isn’t JUST a ship, it isn’t JUST a relationship. Closeting goes FAR beyond that and my support for them as artists in the closet IS NOT limited to their relationship? 

SuA: Siyeon, I’m so happy I could kiss you
Siyeon: *nervous gay laughter* Umm… Neat!
Siyeon: *lying face down on her bed* I can’t believe I said “Neat”, Yoohyeon. “Neat.” Nobody says neat anymore! It’s the goddamn 21st century! It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m a huge loser!
Yoohyeon: *idly turns magazine page* Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Handong confessed to me?
Siyeon: Didn’t you like, thank her?
Yoohyeon: *closes magazine to stare into the distance* I thanked her.

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CN Blue members also mentioned this before. Jungshin who used to be MC on m countdown said "young idols don't even say hello. I don't understand it. At our times, it was unthinkable". Its really sad, if those rookies are ignorant at least their companies should teach them. I remember a senior group from big3 said before that greeting was the first thing they teach them.

as for suju I know that they mentioned that sometimes younger groups that get very popular stop greeting their seniors/start being disrespectful. success and popularity really get to their heads I guess… :/

that’s so ugly lmao… specially when you saw how respectful these groups were in their rookie years to their sunbaes (and still remain to be respectful to other groups too tbh).

but like what’s upsetting is how these girl groups say that they look up to snsd? yet they don’t even make the time to go greet them, like really? it makes you wonder if they’re not just saying that type of thing out of logic and to gain attention idek this is sad tbh

the lightning thief part 2
  • " I keep my head down, I keep my chin up, but it ends up all the same. "
  • " I never mean to hurt anyone. "
  • " But no one ever will take my side, all I ever do is take the fall. "
  • " And all I need is one last chance to prove I'm good enough for someone. "
  • " I'm leaving now, I better pack. "
  • " So what if no one's come back from the Underworld? I'll be the first. "
  • " We're gonna march straight down to the gates of hell. "
  • " If you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to keep you from messing up. "
  • " I'm needed here, but how about something for the road? "
  • " Guys, we just exploded a bus! "
  • " Is the whole trip going to be like this? "
  • " It's right here in my pocket- "
  • " So what are we supposed to do? "
  • " How do they know where we are when we don't even know? "
  • " I don't wanna die in the garden state! "
  • " Tell the squirrel you're sorry. "
  • " I think the gods are trying to tell me they hate me. "
  • " We're lost in the world and the world is freaking awful! "
  • " There! I have a good feeling about there. "
  • " I'm gonna make you hear day. "
  • " I've always been a smart girl. "
  • " I won't be dissed, I won't be dismissed until everyone knows my name. "
  • " So wise up 'cause I'll rise up, bring on any challenge! "
  • " Look how far we’ve come, we can't give in. "
  • " ‘Cause people are counting on us and I'm counting on you. "
  • " So pedal to the metal and drive! "
  • " Whoa. Look! A lady with a puppy! "
  • " The weather may be stormy but the road is still before me . "
  • " Do we have enough drachmas for an Uber? "
  • " By the time we found the hill... something else found us. "
  • " But "maybe" doesn't let me go back and save her. "
  • " She paid for her sacrifice with her life. "
  • " Um, do you have any Josh Groban? "
  • " You ain't ever gonna be remembered. "
  • " Seems my good intentions always crash and burn. "
  • " But hey, that's life, and life ain't fair. "
  • " Guys, I know how to get out of here! "
  • " So this could be the end, but I ain't sad. "
  • " You're the two best friends this screw-up ever had. "
  • " What do you do when the battle's won? "
  • " So many questions left unanswered, so many things still left undone. "
  • " But what about peace of mind? "
  • " Sometimes family is worth the trouble. "
  • " I guess we both have a choice to make. "
  • " I've barely seen you since I got back. You avoiding me? "
  • " I don't care if I hurt anyone. "
  • " It doesn't pay to be a good kid. "
  • " For the moment we've got danger on the run. "
  • " Don't feel bad 'cause we're usually about to die. "
  • " They'll put us in a box but we won't be contained. "
  • " The sea doesn't like to be restrained. "

Okay… But has anyone considered this: firefighter Keith suffering a muscular injury on duty and has to go see a chiropractor. Lance is a student majoring in OT who happens to intern in the same office Keith has to go to as one of the physical therapists and he has to show Keith how to do the exercises. It’s a very touchey-feely job and at first Keith is very uncomfortable and snappy at having to be manhandled but then starts to loosen up after weeks of Lance correcting his form and posture, moving his thighs in position and touching his back. He starts to not mind Lance touching him so much. Cue them having contest to see who can plank the longest (Lance) and who gets the higher scores in the Wii (Keith). It’s not a requirement to teach the patients how to do the exercises anymore after the first week but Lance still does it and Keith sometimes pretends to not remember how to do some things and Lance pretends to not notice Keith lying. It comes to the point that hunk teases Lance mercilessly and Dr. Shirogane smiles knowingly at Keith and schedules his sessions for whenever Lance is at the office.

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I don't know I don't think Kiedge is a crack ship just yet given how many seasons we are going to get on top of the two plus the fandom (while sometimes Toxic) is strong.

Exactly. If i remember correctly, Voltron crew said that they have in plans to do 6 seasons but i’m not 100% sure if this is true.
The potential in development for kidge plot (platonic or romantic) is there and we can see it, i like the theory for s3 plot - where Shiro is alive, he is fighting together with Matt, while team i still searching for him, bonding.

After all Keith and Pidge were closest to him so that might be good base for their friendship to grow stronger.

Somehow, when i imagine Matt calling her “Katie”, (because this situation is most likely to be shown sooner or later), in front of the team, this could mean that she can grow closer to everyone, just like with Shiro, who knew she was a girl from the start.

The point is, i agree with you, i don’t think Kidge is a crack ship and i don’t see it as such. I see something like “from friends to crush” thing, or at least brotp.

Still, i’m well aware of the fact that Pidge and Keith did not have many scenes together in canon right now and i will be satisfied with anything new, but hey, this always can change in the future.

Positive thing about it is, while waiting for new episodes we as fandom can be very creative with fanon stuff ; fanarts, headcanons, fanfictions and AUs, especially - i have a weak spot for fanfictions.

God, some people are so good at writing. I wish i was a good writer, because i could do longer comics with more detailed plot :)

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Ten minute prompt: Rose and Ten go to a parallel universe where DW is a tv show, they read fanfiction about them

This basically developed into a one-shot instead of a ten minute prompt… Hope you enjoy!

“This can’t be right,” the Doctor said, his voice muffled from the screwdriver that was currently being held between his teeth.

One of his hands was toying with something on the top of the console and the other was furiously typing on a keyboard of some sort while he stared at a monitor.

Rose frowned and stepped up behind him to stare at the screen. The writing was in some sort of circular language that she’d seen before but couldn’t read so she just licked her lips in concern. “What’s wrong?”

He ran a hand through his hair and spoke again, this time causing the screwdriver to clatter to the grating, but he didn’t even seem to notice. “She’s saying we’re in a parallel universe. But that’s not remotely possible.”

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John and Sherlock being dicks to each other and having a domestic, leaving Mary to be the only one level headed enough to get things back on track

John throwing Mary’s past in her face in a fit of anger and Sherlock reminding him that he’s no saint, he’s a killer too and if he wants to get technical, they’re all killers so the holier than thou game can just stop

Sherlock and Mary giving each other the silent treatment and John in the kitchen trying not to burn dinner while he talks to Greg on the phone in the hopes of getting advice because dealing with one angry wife is hard enough but how exactly does he go about dealing with two??

Baby girl Watson waking in the middle of the night and all three draging themselves out of bed–Sherlock on milk duty, John on diaper duty, Mary reminding John which way the diaper goes and making sure Sherlock remembers not to make the milk too hot and being to only one who knows how to burp her little girl properly

The three of them promising to never go to bed angry

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Hi! I don't know if you remember me but I was the one person who asked you to draw some Naehiro forever ago and I just wanted to thank you!!!! I need so much Naehiro in my life rn because I am going through some tough times and while I show happiness to others I still get sad sometimes and it really helps me. So thanks again!

Hello!! I do remember you actually, and I’m so glad you revisited, hello!! I’m always happy to provide, especially for precious souls such as yourself! I hope you have a spectacular day!! I did another little doodle just for you!

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1) is there a story you're holding off from writing for some reason?

Hi Nonnie! Thanks so much for sending a question! <3 

1) is there a story you’re holding off from writing for some reason?

For this fandom? Yes. Definitely. Sometimes I want to sit and just write pretty prose - completely aimless and pretty, kind of like fairy tales for adults? But I have to admit I still remember how much love and hope I had for Pop Stars and how much crap I ended up getting for it and how few people seemed to read it anyway, and then I think that maybe my idea would end up having the same issue, so I’ll just write the story someday when I have time and keep it to myself. 

The Chungs in a Nutshell:
  • Iron Paladin: Once I get angry enough, I can scream louder than ten thousand bats with megaphones. Because that's manly. Sometimes I question why I still have my Destroyer, then I remember that I can't just use my lungs as a substitute.
  • Deadly Chaser: I feel like a hybrid mix of Assassin's Creed and Sanic the Hedgehog, because I care more about getting headshots than actually protecting Hamel, and I can practcically shooting spam faster than BM can play Fruit Ninja.
  • Tactical Trooper: I may be slower and weaker than the other two, but I basically have the best Destroyer. Sometimes I don't even fight, I'd just spam Commander's Mark and Dread Chase, then watch the fireworks. Stop calling me a turret!

Star Trek: Voyager Season 1

Sometimes you just have to punch your way through.

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hi newt, i was wondering how you keep your head high and stay optimistic when as you've said "people find you annoying"? fellow annoyance here, and it's just hard to stay happy sometimes? i'd love to find something that makes me as happy as your creatures make you.

Hello.  This might sound a little odd, but I’m not particularly concerned with what other people think of me, these days.  Their opinion is really none of my business.  But, it did take me a long time to decide that.  At school, I know, it wasn’t nearly so simple.

It can be very hard to stay positive, when you might feel unwanted sometimes.  Just, remember that absolutely no one knows your true value.  There’s so much you can offer, and others will begin to realize that when you find something that really makes you happy.  Your habits and hobbies may not be what you end up doing for a living, but they will certainly be the mark you leave on this world. 

If you can, try not to think too much on anyone who makes you feel anything less than positive about yourself.  You’re not an annoyance, you’re something very special, and the people in your life should recognize that.