sometimes i rap

Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.

j-hope’s rap is so well-written from a native korean speaker’s point of view i mean the verses are put together really nicely – he uses rhymes that are fun(ny) and quirky yet easy and original?? and they are not heavy in a sense that it’s got more chic imagery and wordplay rather than traditional poetic elements idk i aint a rap expert but i just really like his rap & word choice with korean


Happy Valentine’s Day from your favorite CEOs ♡ (these looks are unforgettable) 

It’s a NamJin thing

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boyfriends married couple (a.k.a parents)

It’s a NamJin thing 8/??

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BTS as things me and my friends have said while high

Namjoon: “Is it called a window sil or window seal?”

Jin: “I wonder how many nutter butters i could eat in a minute”

Yoongi: “The soundtrack for 50 shades of grey was way too good for sexy twilight fanfiction.”

J-Hope: “You really aren’t that funny. You should scroll through my twitter.”

Jimin: “*Watches A video of cats playing the piano* THESE CATS DESERVE A GRAMMY”

Taehyung: “But what’s actually in margarita mix if you have to buy alcohol to put in it?”

Jungkook: “Do you think your mom knows we’re smoking weed? Do you think she’ll call my mom?”