sometimes i pretend to art

i saw @officialrapunzelfitzherbert do this and I wanted to hop on that train, so here’s some of my favorite things from October!

1. Christmas shopping! Look-I know that October is early to do shopping, but I work retail and I don’t have time to do it during actual holiday. And it’s actually been kind of fun to do when I’m not stressed out and on a time crunch.

2. Hot coffee! We’re finally getting into weather chilly enough to enjoy hot drinks without dying from heat. And it’s nearing the end of the semester, so my drink of choice has been coffee more often than not lately.

3. Sweater weather! Guys, I love sweaters so much.

4. Cat naps! My cat has finally decided that he likes me and enjoys taking naps with me (yknow, 2 years after adoption but whatever)

5. Mountains! If you don’t live in Colorado, I’m sorry. Bc the mountains have been A++++ recently

6. Yuri!!! On Ice –It’s. So. Very. Gay. Also the animation is beautiful.

Sometimes you just have to sit down and cut out teeny pieces of paper.

And then glue them together into the shape of Jake English being concerned over his inevitable transformation into a time traveling demon. And broken spectacles.

Thought about cutting out the letters ‘oh bollocks,’ but then I realized I was doing that thing where I was crazy again, so I stopped.

Yeah no I’m basically beyond help now, you should all just

let me