sometimes i photoshop


Badd: This your sister, buddy?
Young Edgeworth: …Problem?
Badd: She cost $46 worth of property damage.
Young Edgeworth: What did she do?
Badd: She beat the stuffing out of this “Tickel Me Elmo” doll.
Young Edgeworth: You got into a fight with a toy?!
Young Franziska: It was LAUGHING at me!

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“Where are we going?”
”The future.”

Ok, people, it will take a while before I post anything new, so, please, consider this quick celebratory salad of colors a “sorry”.

I’m currently working on a thing for @coinelot , a Merlin/Arthur convention that will be held in Berlin in October.  Do I need to say how excited I am to be able to contribute to all the fun?
Meanwhile, as October’s still a couple of months away, the team has something special to offer to all Merthur fans out there - wall and desk calendars that contain pieces of art created by awesome artists exclusively for the project. If you want a delicious treat for yourself or need a special gift for a friend, take a peek [here], guys.

My stucky fellas, hope to see you in a month or so. ♥


There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.

So yeah, still a heavy WIP but what can I say?

I tried and I failed @jedtheguy ….
But here you go again. The “My Tea” version of Ricks little… outburst.

PS: I know I am really late to the Party.
PPS: Hope you still want this to be a reali-tea, I know somebody else already drew one for you.

PPPS: And don’t you worry about the blank background, like I said, a WIP.
But I’ve got the whole Scene sketched out. Cave Johnson looks a little weird tbh and I don’t know if I will ever be able to finish the whole thing so … =/

Just take Rick.

When I was 17, I met a young man named Erik Lehnsherr. 

what if that throwaway line in X1 was actually canon though and in 1949 seventeen year old charles met erik the baby nazi hunter at oxford (maybe erik was tracking down some nazi party benefactor in the british aristocracy) and they had a whirlwind secret romance which ended so badly charles had to wipe erik’s memories of the whole event

and then 13 years later charles is on a boat in miami in the middle of the night and hears a familiar mind screaming out in pain?????????