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According to your heart
My place is not deliberate
Feeling of your arms
I don’t want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck

I’m having trouble with writing Cullen, despite the great resources found on tumblr about writing him that I’ve read and saved (and used). Even with life issues and personal ones getting in the way, I’m still writing Dawn Will Come, it’s just taking, oh, 3 months plus to get to chapter 2…grr

Anyway, I put together all of Cullen’s written notes and reports from the War Table Operations to help with his voice and personality. I figured I’d share it with the world. Hope it helps! 

Cullen Operation Notes and Reports

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  • mood: riley saying 'i love you' to will after being unable to say it for so long. even though of course she loved him. even though of course he KNEW she loved him. but saying it? out loud? it was a big deal for her, after everything she'd lost. and of course he knew that, too. but then she said it. not only out loud, but in front of the entire cluster, in front of a massive crowd, on the day when the sensates toasted to courage. because for riley? courage meant vulnerability and honesty. because for riley, who had lost so much, who had been running from that loss for so long... courage meant love.
Better as Three Part 1 (M)

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Part 2   Part 3  Part 4

Characters: Mark Tuan (GOT7) x Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7) x You (OC/Reader)

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Slight Angst, AU (uhm they’re not GOT7 members ok? lmao)

Length:   3,609 words

Plot:  Because of that one rebellious, drunken night, Jaebum and Mark decided to punish you silently by ignoring you and not being affectionate towards you and you are about to burst a nut if this continues.

Warning/s:  VERY DETAILED AND GRAPHIC SMUT AS ALWAYS, Poly!Markbum, Polyamorous relationship, Boy to boy smut, Anal sex, Blowjob, Slight exhibitionism, Slightly drunk sex, Threesome in the next chapter/s, etc.

A/N:  A mini-series that my potato mind came up with in the middle of the night.  This is going to be a 4 part series and I will make sure to finish immediately (haha right).  And also, this fic is not in any way related to my first Markbum fic, (Of Dim Lights and Silent Nights) since this is in an AU setting.  That’s it and yeah so as always I don’t know how to write non-graphic smut because I am a hoe hahaah.  And I’m working on part 2 right away so you won’t need to wait long!!!


You checked the wall clock in front of you and sighed heavily.  This is the second night that your boyfriends are coming home later than usual.

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Tracey Sketchit and Marill’s special appearance in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime! I’m joking, sadly

For @undinaes when the Alola kids went to Kanto for two episodes and there was major salt over Tracey not popping in. :’) Hope you enjoy your art nerd and his orb child. I feel like he would really enjoy Alola, tho, especially being in Kanto and Alola having a lot of alternate forms of certain Pokemon. Anime, c’mon. 

Alive and Kicking / Jace Wayland

I’m not too pleased with this…but I wanted to hurry and finish it before all the SACs I have coming up. So I apologise for what you’re about to read. But I do hope it’s not that bad and someone liked something about it. Preferably the kind anon who requested it. 

Words: 1584

No matter what the activity was-from training to missions to who can stand on one leg the longest-(Y/N) and Jace were always competing. It had been like that for the longest time, from the moment they met even. The pair clicked straight away and had been practically conjoined at the hip ever since. 

They were friends, the best of friends…but also something more. 

It was hard to explain to anyone who didn’t know the pair-not that those who did really understood what they were anyway. 

They confided in one another like friends, fought one another like siblings and cared for one another like lovers. 

Their behaviour was so commonly accepted and known by others in the institute, that it came as no surprise to Izzy and Alec when they went to go find (Y/N) and Jace for a mission-they had found them in training room challenging one another at full strength in hand to hand combat.

It was a sight to see. Two equally trained shadowhunters going at one another to prove whatever point they had to. While it was something the dark haired siblings saw often, they always found themselves amazed as they watched them both spar.

Amusement was a result of their mundane challenges like racing to see who can be the first to a room…or who can win the most amount of staring contests in a row…but seeing them in action, with their full abilities on show was something else. Something incredible.

(Y/N) held Jace in a lock but the blond easily flipped the girl over his shoulder. Lying on the floor gave (Y/N) easy access to his legs, knocking him to the ground in a single swipe.

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Sometimes I wish I could consult for cosmetic companies… like they need to chill the F out with their constant releases. I’ve talked to so many people that like makeup but aren’t obsessed but just feel constantly bombarded with makeup now more than ever. It’s so daunting entering the world of makeup when companies are shoving new stuff down your throat every second. Then makeup influencers use like 60 products for one look. Urban decay just came out with their 100 lipsticks and nobody’s talking about them because they then launched more stuff right after. Y'all remember when the second naked palette came out and it was like the only big launch they had for the entire year? Then tarte cosmetics and too faced come out with some tacky eyeshadow kit thing every other day. They are both so tacky now. This is why companies like glossier/milk/pat McGrath are killing it. Especially glossier and pat McGrath. They both have a very small selection of products but everything is carefully launched and super high quality. Like the products live up to the hype. Ugh! Someone pay me to consult!!!! God damn.

Dating Baekhyun Would Include

yo i am surprised i haven’t done one for the talented, tease <3 i am kinda tired and i don’t feel like writing tons - SO i shall do one of these after so long.

sooo, here it is (i shall try my best lads) ~

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Hearing the door open again, Kote was deeply confused. how many damn keys did he hand out to people?! He knew for a fact he locked the doors of the inn, so whoever was coming in now either broke in or stole a key from someones pocket. He just wanted to sleep. He was tired, annoyed, and in a horrid mood now. Being pressed for anything always made him frustrated, like anyone else.

Storming down the stairs, pushing his sleeves up to his elbows to get ready to shout at some drunk to leave his inn due to the time, he stopped short at the last step. Instead of coming across what he had expected, he saw Bast and the woman. Bast was locking the door again and seeming to try to be sneaky. 

Looking over the situation, he put his hands on his hips and glared. “Why is she back here? I told her to leave.” He said bitterly, watching as Bast smiled sheepishly and was prepping to give an explanation and back himself up.

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You're completely right, I mean, look! Your last update was of the Hyung line (Yoongi) and sometimes looking for a certain member and not caring about the sorry is the worse thing you can do. I mean, I once read a reader insert with a member from a group I don't even know to this day but the characterisation and the pacing was so good it didn't matter!! To me, it was as good as a published book. And honestly, I usually get that feeling from your writing too, be it a Hyung or Maknae line fanfic.

Awwww thank you for your support anonnie :’) honestly, I totally agree, as many other and more experienced writers already said, with fics it’s hardly about the real person but more about the whole story itself!! 

It’s just about what we are inspired to write and the members simply are what can trigger said inspiration for the widest pletora of reasons!!! It could be their personality, their look, something they said, something they did or even just a feeling we get from them, but that is only the starting point, then the story takes over and the creative process can honestly lead authors everywhere. A good writer imo cares about the quality of what they are writing, not about the amount of notes - which ofc transcends the love we have for the member we are writing about. That’s totally unrelated.

Anyway, I’m glad there are some people out there that have a mature pov on this matter, it just proves my point that there are readers who are amazing and supportive and simply adorable :’) 

(a blessing for this fandom honestly)

Once again, thank you for your ask, it really helped bettering my mood lol

Darling, I hope you are having a lovely time <3 


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can I rant?? It's kind of exhausting watching people combust over cas and the funeral pyre when we know misha is in vancouver filming and they wouldn't have him there just to film as a dead body that simply doesn't make sense for their budget... not to mention he's confirmed in the scooby doo ep later in the season and misha said cas has a future... idk man this fandom is just so negative sometimes and I think we all need to chill out

U can rant !

I’m confused tho everything I’ve seen is happy but then WE all know Cas is gonna be back lol, the GA must be losing it …. meh we know he will be ok and it’s actually a really positive thing for his story, it has to happen; he needs the transformation and that’s how death works in this show, they’ve done it for Sam and Dean in s5 and 10…

It’ll all be ok and eventually I’m sure it’ll be AWESOME! :)