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Better as Three Part 1 (M)

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Part 2   Part 3 

Characters: Mark Tuan (GOT7) x Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7) x You (OC/Reader)

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Slight Angst, AU (uhm they’re not GOT7 members ok? lmao)

Length:   3,609 words

Plot:  Because of that one rebellious, drunken night, Jaebum and Mark decided to punish you silently by ignoring you and not being affectionate towards you and you are about to burst a nut if this continues.

Warning/s:  VERY DETAILED AND GRAPHIC SMUT AS ALWAYS, Poly!Markbum, Polyamorous relationship, Boy to boy smut, Anal sex, Blowjob, Slight exhibitionism, Slightly drunk sex, Threesome in the next chapter/s, etc.

A/N:  A mini-series that my potato mind came up with in the middle of the night.  This is going to be a 4 part series and I will make sure to finish immediately (haha right).  And also, this fic is not in any way related to my first Markbum fic, (Of Dim Lights and Silent Nights) since this is in an AU setting.  That’s it and yeah so as always I don’t know how to write non-graphic smut because I am a hoe hahaah.  And I’m working on part 2 right away so you won’t need to wait long!!!


You checked the wall clock in front of you and sighed heavily.  This is the second night that your boyfriends are coming home later than usual.

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Sometimes I wish I could consult for cosmetic companies… like they need to chill the F out with their constant releases. I’ve talked to so many people that like makeup but aren’t obsessed but just feel constantly bombarded with makeup now more than ever. It’s so daunting entering the world of makeup when companies are shoving new stuff down your throat every second. Then makeup influencers use like 60 products for one look. Urban decay just came out with their 100 lipsticks and nobody’s talking about them because they then launched more stuff right after. Y'all remember when the second naked palette came out and it was like the only big launch they had for the entire year? Then tarte cosmetics and too faced come out with some tacky eyeshadow kit thing every other day. They are both so tacky now. This is why companies like glossier/milk/pat McGrath are killing it. Especially glossier and pat McGrath. They both have a very small selection of products but everything is carefully launched and super high quality. Like the products live up to the hype. Ugh! Someone pay me to consult!!!! God damn.

Alive and Kicking / Jace Wayland

I’m not too pleased with this…but I wanted to hurry and finish it before all the SACs I have coming up. So I apologise for what you’re about to read. But I do hope it’s not that bad and someone liked something about it. Preferably the kind anon who requested it. 

Words: 1584

No matter what the activity was-from training to missions to who can stand on one leg the longest-(Y/N) and Jace were always competing. It had been like that for the longest time, from the moment they met even. The pair clicked straight away and had been practically conjoined at the hip ever since. 

They were friends, the best of friends…but also something more. 

It was hard to explain to anyone who didn’t know the pair-not that those who did really understood what they were anyway. 

They confided in one another like friends, fought one another like siblings and cared for one another like lovers. 

Their behaviour was so commonly accepted and known by others in the institute, that it came as no surprise to Izzy and Alec when they went to go find (Y/N) and Jace for a mission-they had found them in training room challenging one another at full strength in hand to hand combat.

It was a sight to see. Two equally trained shadowhunters going at one another to prove whatever point they had to. While it was something the dark haired siblings saw often, they always found themselves amazed as they watched them both spar.

Amusement was a result of their mundane challenges like racing to see who can be the first to a room…or who can win the most amount of staring contests in a row…but seeing them in action, with their full abilities on show was something else. Something incredible.

(Y/N) held Jace in a lock but the blond easily flipped the girl over his shoulder. Lying on the floor gave (Y/N) easy access to his legs, knocking him to the ground in a single swipe.

They managed to drag themselves to their feet where Jace immediately went on the offensive, trying to strike his friend but (Y/N) blocked it somewhat easily before landing a blow on the side of his face. She chuckled as the impact knocked him back a few paces.

Jace was able to recover from the unexpected hit just as quickly as it had been laid. As he was about to charge at her, Alec cleared his throat loudly. “We have a mission,” he told them. “We have to go now.”

Jace straightened his back and rolled his neck before taking a few steps towards the girl and slung his arm around her neck. She playfully groaned in protest but made no effort to push off the added weight.

“Do we have time to change?” she questioned, tugging at her shirt that was drenched in sweat.

Izzy nodded and reached an arm forward to pull (Y/N) out of Jace’s grip and away from the training room towards the girl’s bedroom. 

Walking down the hallway, Izzy clutched at (Y/N)’s arm tightly. “How much longer do I have to wait?”

“I’m sorry?” (Y/N) asked, completely confused with what her friend was talking about. 

She rolled her eyes, letting out a sigh, “You and Jace,” she says as if the girl was not able to comprehend her words at a normal pace. 

“What about Jace and I?”

“I swear to-” Izzy released a sound that was indescribable…but it was clear she was frustrated. “(Y/N). I love you more than anyone, even Jace…but if you try and deny what is between the two of you-I’m going to hit you.”

(Y/N) shook her head, “I’m not denying anything though. Jace and I…we’re just not ready for a relationship.” Pushing the door to her room open, (Y/N) shut it after Izzy had followed her in. 

“Whatever,” she mumbled, giving up on her friend. “Hurry up and get changed, Alec will have a hernia if you take too long. I love my brother, I really do, but he needs to chill sometimes.”

(Y/N) headed straight for her wardrobe as Izzy continued to ramble, stripping off her training clothes. When she had dressed, in record time that she hoped Alec would appreciate, she led Isabelle back through the institute to collect their weapons. 

After the four were reunited and had gathered everything they needed, they left and made their way to the warehouse that they were told sheltered the downworlders they were looking for who had broken the Accords. 

The mission was supposed to be simple. They were supposed to go the the warehouse and collect the individuals they had been assigned and take them immediately to the Clave to await their trial. 

But (Y/N) and Jace had to make it interesting. They had to make it into more than what it was.

They were competing, as usual, over who could be first. First to make it in the building, first to fight a downworlder and first to capture them. 

It seemed easy enough…it usually went down so well, making their dreary missions into something more exciting.  

Despite the fact they have always been trained to be prepared…the ambush was completely unexpected. It seemed to be going well and normal…nothing was out of the ordinary. Everyone they had to take before the Clave was there and they had put up a fight as anticipated…but then there were more.

Downworlders were jumping down from what seemed to be only darkness and attacking with everything they had in them. 

“Keep up (Y/N),” Jace grunted, “you’re lagging behind,” he teased, plunging his stele through whatever had just leaped out at him. 

Arrows were shooting by all their heads, Alec was shouting something (Y/N) couldn’t hear. 

“As if,” (Y/N) replied, as playfully as possible-but the effort it took was evident. 

It seemed that the number of attackers were ever-growing, the four shadowhunters were becoming overwhelmed. They were all good at what they did, and they knew it, but the odds were completely against them. 

“Now who’s falling behind?” (Y/N) laughed, thrusting each of her daggers in the attackers in front of her. “What-”

The attack came out of nowhere and (Y/N) couldn’t even begin to describe what had been plunged into her side. The pain she was experiencing was worse than anything she had felt before in her life. 

(Y/N) felt her legs collapse and she fell the the floor, her grip on her daggers completely loosening. 

“(Y/N)!” Jace screamed. 

It was fading; her sight…her hearing…(Y/N) felt as though she was floating away from everyone and everything around her. The screams of her friends were all muffled and soon she saw nothing but darkness.

(Y/N) couldn’t guess how long she had been out. But when she awoke she was back in the institute, with Jace and Izzy hovering over her.

“She’s awake,” Izzy squealed, launching herself on (Y/N). The girl couldn’t help but groan at the impact. 

“Careful,” Jace instructed with a frown.

“Right, sorry,” Isabelle muttered, moving back so she was sitting on the edge of (Y/N)’s bed. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” she asked, concerned.

“Don’t worry about it.” Her voice came out more croaky and pained than (Y/N) would have liked.

“You should rest,” Alec said, moving closer to the end of the bed. “Come on Izzy,” he sighed. 

Izzy’s lips shifted downwards, deepening her frown and (Y/N) tried to smile to reassure her that she was fine. 

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Alec told her quietly, before he left the room.

Silence engulfed the pair who remained the only two in the room. “I’m sorry,” Jace eventually said.

“What for?” the girl questioned, her face screwing up in complete confusion.

“It’s all my fault that you got hurt. If I wasn’t taunting you…you would have paid more attention. You would have seen him coming up behind you.”

“I don’t have eyes at the back of my head,” she muttered to tease him, moving to her side so she was facing him. The blond gave her a pointed look and she rolled her eyes in response. “It’s not your fault Jace. Things like this happen.”

“Not to you. You’re too good.”

“So you finally admit it?” she asked with a smirk. “Would you dare say…better than a certain someone?”

“Be serious,” he scolded, but his growing grin defied his words. “Honestly though…” he trailed off. “Are you okay?”

“I will be,” she shrugged, wincing at the scratching feeling in her throat. She looked over at the side table and reached for the glass of water. After a moment of silence, the only sound coming from the room when (Y/N) placed the glass back where she found it. 

The concern was written all over his face and she sighed at the sight, hating to see him so obviously annoyed at himself-and for no reason, in her mind.

“Look. I’m breathing. I’m alive. I’m relatively unharmed. You know that I’ll be good to go soon.” He still remained unsure but his posture had began to relax. “Jace,” she said, tilting her head.


“I totally won,” she declared smugly. 

Her eyes had closed once more, but she could sense him rolling his eyes. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

“I’ll take that as a sign of agreement then,” she continued, her smile never faltering.

A soft kiss was placed against her temple and she almost giggled at the sensation of his lips moving against her skin, “You won this round,” he conceded. “Alec’s right,” he whispered after a moment, moving away slightly, though his breath still tickled her. “You need more rest.”

(Y/N) nodded the best she could, already drifting asleep. She blindly reached her hand out and found his, gripping it tightly so he couldn’t leave. “Stay,” she whispered as she fell deeper into slumber. 

Dating Baekhyun Would Include

yo i am surprised i haven’t done one for the talented, tease <3 i am kinda tired and i don’t feel like writing tons - SO i shall do one of these after so long.

sooo, here it is (i shall try my best lads) ~

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I’d like to take a moment to say my girlfriend is amazing and I love her in every way possible

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I wonder if this is actually a test to see how the fandom, and its different sections react to just a simple follow. If evryone still goes wild about it or not, and all that. Considering her ig is flooded with comments about him, and telling her to stay away from him, and asking if they are dating and all that, I say people still go wild on this. But I do wonder if the follow was a test to gauge everyone's reactions

I would love to say I’m surprised that the random girl has already started being harassed by people (and I include hets in this) telling her to stay away from Harry. This fandom’s tendency to dial from 0 to 100,000,000,000 in 0.2 seconds is unbearable sometimes and I need everyone to chill the fuck out, both generally and specifically. 

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Sami eating me out is all I need. Before,after,or heck even during a match would be great.

Live ya life

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I actually lowkey agree with Zaun. Sometimes I feel like Marcus needs to chill. Remember your record is 5-13 not 13-5. #StayClassy.

I get this is your opinion, but I obviously disagree. 

Stay classy? Really? What exactly did Stro do that wasn’t classy? As I wrote in the other anon message he was screaming directly to Russ. He wasn’t turned to Angels dugout. He wasn’t egging them on. He was excited for the double play that was just turned behind him.  He was excited for a win. He was excited for his second complete game. 

And Stro probably really knows the teams record and that probably adds to excitement of the win. I’m sorry, but after every Blue Jays win, especially this season, I feel like screaming and hollering. Losing this much really makes you appreciate those wins even more. 

I am interested in hearing though how Stro is supposed to celebrated after that win? Just walk off the field? Cause man, that would be a really boring GIF. 

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hey hi hello that flint/thomas art you posted a few days ago. i am just dropping by to say Yes. like holy shit. oh my god. it is all very very wonderful but god DAMN what really sells me is their expressions. also i love that you added those hickeys, i laughed out loud at your tags. OH ALSO I love the color one, it's amazing how you consistently do versions for long/short hair. AND THAT ONE WHERE THOMAS KISSES THE BACK OF JAMES'S NECK KILLED ME. basically I love all you do, filth and fluff <3333

Ah geez you have no idea how happy this makes me :”). Yay for hickeys tho :D I’d add them to everything I draw but I need to chill (and James needs a break sometimes lmao)

(also shoutout to you for reading my tags I’m always worried that nobody cares about them lol)

Anyway thank you SO MUCH!!!! I’m glad I can contribute some stuff to this wonderful fandom. And spoiler alert: I just finished something very sweet yet very sad that I’ll post tomorrow ;)))