sometimes i need to chill

I think one of the biggest things an artist must learn is the art of self forgiveness. Forgive yourself for not being “as good as other artists”. And forgive yourself for all the times your art did not go as planned, for all the bad drawings and for the times you should have drawn but didn’t. The path to becoming an artist is not linear. Sometimes it’s good to critique yourself and other times you need to stop just let it go.

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Confession: I don't even know what Warrior Cats are? I mean I could take a decent guess but I don't actually know. That said I'm 100% down for this AU if for nothing else then for kitten Keith

i got good news for u then bc i drew So Much kitten keith that im gonna post later

honestly … i can handle a couple negative posts or complaints abt a show but …i swear this fandom,, y’all gotta go Out of Ur Way to find shit 2 complain abt sometimes nd im like,, just tryna enjoy smth like ….. u act like u hate the show so much ,, then dont?? watch it ??? wtf stop ruining it for other ppl bc its like ? not fun to see tht shit ?? it just makes ppl feel bad honestly for tryin to enjoy smth but feeling like they cant esp when ur a self-proclaimed Fan of t//wd like … just ?? stop being so bitter for 2 seconds oh my god and its usually over the dumbest shit too ..

if its smth like, a genuine issue regarding a show portraying smth sensitive wrong i get wanting to be verbal abt it or if ur analyzing smth/character flaws for hc or portrayal purposes go 4 it but if ur gonna like .. sit there nd complain n nitpick every little thing ???? i mea n i swear 2 god ,, like + when it comes to character-bashing sometimes like … fact … realistic characters have Flaws just like everyone in the real world ……. get ovr it .. .. ……. nobodys perfect u live n u learn it ..

unpopular opinion

u don’t… have to be in a rage about literally every bad thing going on in the world rn…

I think one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed between Blarkers and Clexa fans is that we can really have fun with our ship. We have Lexa Swift, Clexacoon, Confused Lexa, Fish The Dog, Clarke The Husband, and dozens of other really funny, lighthearted memes. We can literally turn anything that happens into thirty funny posts while they’re over there doing terrible math about ship names and hating everything. Lighten up fam and stop reaching. It’s not that serious.

So…..I have been too busy to go in the woy tag lately,but I have noticed a few people talk about how Dom is being, “oversexualized???’

…I’m just gonna post my opinion below a ‘read more,’ sorry if it’s a bit rude, you can have your own opinion, but please hear me out when I say this.

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Cry has done so much for so many people. Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I had never stumbled upon him. I’m not very good with words. But I really, really admire the guy okay?

pls be gentle im still trying to grasp this whole digital art thing

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there's nothing wrong with knowing you're equally or better looking a bunch of smelly looking white girls. tons of your anons prob are too. like honestly i've seen tumblr and insta users on a daily basis who are hotter than his exes. it doesn't make someone egotistical to recognize that. ezra is hot and has the jawline of a god but there's a reason we roast him. y'all need to chill out sometimes--i love this blog and you guys for keeping it real but sometimes you're so hostile. ):

The fact you need to put down other women to make yourself feel better shows you’re equally as “unattractive”

also literally we don’t give a shit, no one likes a pissy whiny annoying loser in their ask box putting down other people just because they dated a celeb they obsess over. Fuck off.

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Scenario: You're bored siting in your room, got a bunch of shit on your mind, feeling sick, feeling lonely, unprepared for the future, you're tired, unhappy, trying to fix your life but it still feels like you're missing something. How do you even cope with all that at once? What would you do?

omg you literally describe me, this is how lately i’m feeling but I’m trying to live the present and no focus about future too much, I know everything’s gonna be okay, sometimes i’m too nervous, that i need to chill a little. What helps me is spend time with my friends and family, this year i’m gonna do two course and the next year i’m gonna study to be a beautician, we don’t have to force ourselfs, we shouldn’t be afraid of future, just live the present and of course we have to do something for the future but not get frustrated :) x

FFS sometimes I need to take a step back and chill. I always get so offended when my friends act all surprised when I swear or say a sexual joke or do anything that isn’t considered “innocent” , which I constantly get labeled with 🙃 but yo I have a Virgo rising of course I’m gonna come off as innocent. But once you get to know me you see the 5th house stellium side and I guess it’s pretty shocking. It’s just really hard to get to know me so I just come off as innocent for a looooong time. Thanks Capricorn moon
Sorry just need to vent ignore this

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5'1" bi writing trash who loves her some Suffering ™

I couldn’t choose between Keith or Pidge so here’s both!

Keith would suffer with you. He’d vent to you because you’d take it as just that, venting, and you’d know when to respond and when to just let him go. Because the only thing Keith hates more than being Keith is pity. Also you two would pick on Lance together how romantic. 😚

Pidge and you would be cutie shorties, but beyond that also would chill out and just complain about things. Sometimes it’d just be stuff like “ow I stubbed my toe” but then sometimes it’s “Allura needs to chill the fridge out it’s not like Keith killed her dad” and in any case it’s always the same level of complaining. Plus you’d have some really sweet moments of just sitting under the stars and talking.