sometimes i mess with pictures

like now I’m thinking though about in a universe where Thor and Loki interact with the Avengers on a regular basis, or even just with Thor, after the first few times he throws out something like “trolls” or “dragons” casually and people get a little weird about it Thor sometimes just makes shit up the way that post was talking about Steve making up forties slang

he’ll be like “ah yes, this reminds me of the time with the hopping lions. they have only two feet and hop everywhere” just to fuck with his teammates because they have so many weird ideas about Asgard and the other seven realms

and like if it was him and Loki it would get really out of hand and turn into full blown detailed stories featuring things that have never existed ever like Loki would be like “remember the time with the fanged persimmon tree?” and Thor would nod sagely like “ah yes the fanged persimmon tree, it poisoned all it touched” and everyone else would be not quite sure if they were being had or not

I mean Natasha knows but most of the time she just sits there trying not to laugh and watches Tony (especially) struggle to deal with this because fanged persimmon tree you can’t be serious

sometimes i get this overwhelming feeling that i really want to raise a child. like, i want to hold it and read to it and teach it manners and show it the world and kiss it goodnight and help form this great new person. but i know that i’ll probably never have the resources – financially, mentally, emotionally – to do that. so i say i don’t want children.