sometimes i make things when im sad

I see a lot of you guys on here struggling with feeling worthless or like your life is a waste because you’re still 16 or 17 and you feel that you don’t have a fulfilled life or that you haven’t maximized your time. You feel like you are a waste because all you do is fangirl or enjoy movies. But the truth is, you are doing more. If you’re in highschool right now, you’re not exactly supposed to be at the epitome of a life with a stable job, a stable pay, a busy schedule. 

There’s nothing wrong with you focusing only on your school and your hobbies. Maybe you have a part time job, too. That’s amazing. Seriously. Let life go on. You’ll be amazed how many opportunities will come up out of nowhere, how much experience you gain without even realizing it. You’ll be amazed how your goals will change, your preferences will change, etc. That’s life. 

I’m scared sometimes of where I’m going to go after graduation from uni, but I also can’t do much about it. I’m trying to do whatever I enjoy––in terms of my job, my volunteer, my courses––and I’ll push through and see where it takes me. 

If I learned anything, it’s that stressing about where I’ll go hasn’t helped me go anywhere. Focusing on where I want to go and working as hard as I can and accepting the outcome––and looking for new opportunities, because failure and rejection doesn’t mean your path has ended. 

So yes. Work hard. Enjoy your hobbies. Study well. Life won’t always (actually, mostly, it won’t) work out to exactly go as you want it to. That doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it just means you’re living. Don’t give up––keep going. It’s hard to start thinking like this. It’s hard to keep thinking like this. But honestly––you are not a failure or a waste or whatever because you’re not an “accomplished” person. You don’t have to be a world-renowned author by age 18. You don’t have to be an award winning scientist by age 25. We’re young, and our goals don’t have to have a due date.

Keep that in mind, and don’t let it ruin your goals and dreams.

If your dream turns out to be a nightmare, build yourself a new dream. 

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could you do a dating ha sungwoon one please<33

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

thanks for requesting!! 

- a very bright and happy relationship

- his focus is mainly on you and your happiness, so he tries his best to make you happy whenever he can

- because he’s so focused, he sometimes forgets to take care of himself

- ‘’are you sick? you shouldn’t be training!”

- ‘’its okay! it’s just a cold that i can get over quickly!”

- even if he insists, you like to take care of him because he’s always taking care of you

- and its nice take care of him sometimes hehe

- loves to make you laugh so he tries to tell jokes often

- your smile makes his day all better so he tries to best to make you smile and be happy because he loves a lot

- when you’re sad, he tries his hardest to make you laugh again or cheer you up because he’s panicking and he’s just?? he hates seeing you upset

- ‘’hey hey, i know things can get tough. it’s okay and im here for you, okay? so don’t cry anymore okay?’’

- aka cue you crying again because?? he’s literally so sweet?? how can a human be this pure??

- and he’ll panic lol because he didn’t mean to make you cry??

- he’ll pull you close and then he would just start singing softly to you in hopes that you’ll calm down

- and it works because his voice is so soft and so soothing?? aka you ended up falling asleep because his voice was that peaceful hehe

- once you wake up, he won’t force you to tell him but he’ll leave the offer there

- he loves you too much to have something burden you like that

- and you’re always thankful to have him take care of you like that?? like how can a person be so pure and kind wtf jdkfnds

- and lets not forget that sometimes sungwoon has his own down days?

- he won’t make it obvious because he doesn’t want to worry you and he would try to keep it bottled up

- as much as you love him taking care of you, he has to think of himself too

- ‘’sungwoon are you okay?”

- ‘’yeah!! im fine, don’t worry about me!!”

- ‘’sungwoon…’’

- despite insisting that he is okay, he would ask for a hug and nothing else

- and even though you know he wasn’t quite ready to say what was wrong, you knew that he needed hug at that moment to be okay

- you guys are too pure wtf im crying rn

- okay anyways, he can be kinda clingy to you too

- constantly bugging you to pay attention to him hehe

- he would whine at you or backhug you to try to get you to pay attention to him

- very needy for your attention haha

- speaking of clingy, a backhug enthusiast!!

- loves giving you backhugs at random moments

- like when you’re cleaning, cooking, or coming home from work

- he loves smelling your perfume or shampoo that you had on that day because it calms him

- you two also do that little waddle you know hehe

- he also loves to hold hands a lot

- likes playing with your fingers because he loves comparing them to his and how small they are

- really likes when you play with his hair because he finds it so relaxing and probably would knock out if you played with his hair

- ok but he actually did one time and when he woke up he was a mESS

- ‘’i’M SO SORRY’’

- ‘’sungwoon its okay omg’’


- honestly dates with sungwoon, it’s either go big or go home

- he would take you out to fancy restaurants because he loves to spoil you

- or at home dates where you make dinner for each other and watch movies

- you also like to hang out with taehyun a lot hehe

- because dating sungwoon is like gaining a sibling. taehyun immediately approved of you and from then on, he would be constantly at your guys apartment hehe

- and wanna one basically accepted you into the family too because you make sungwoon so happy??? and lowkey thats all they wanted lol

- fights with sungwoon wouldn’t be all that harsh??

- because you guys are older, the two of you would find a way to resolve through it than irrationally acting

- as in like talking it out when the problem came out or confronting each other about it

- if it was over something petty, sungwoon would be the one to apologize first but lowkey admit it was something stupid lol

- and if it was pretty serious, he would talk it out with you instead

- if it was something that was his fault, he would admit it and apologize because a healthy relationship is built up on communication and taking responsibility

- but if it was yours, he would most likely talk through on how it wasn’t his fault and how irrational you were being

- and hopefully make you see the error of your ways

- after you two make up, he would just cuddle you and smother your face in kisses

- ‘’lets not fight again’’

- ‘’agreed’’

- honestly a very bright and pure relationship with great communication and priorities you two are so cute

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whenever im feeling sad or just when im feeling super tired, i sometimes just,,,, snuggle in at home and ill look at ur art and it's so cute,, it cheers me up!! so, thank you for drawing all of these wonderful things, no matter what fandom or what pairing!! im so thankful for ur art and for u, u amazing and kind and beautiful person!!!

anon…who ish this

my heart…your words mean so much to me because…I feel so scared about posting my art here nowadays…so your kind words really make me super happy

almost every fucking post about depression on this stupid fucking site is wrong and i hate everyone who makes them 

“hurr durr im depressed karen i know what im talking about when i say that depression is just feeling sad sometimes and that self care is a good book and some tea and doing things you enjoy” NO YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP THATS NOT DEPRESSION THATS NOT SELF CARE AND YOU ARE A MORON

“well I am a Proper Depressed™ and I know that depression is all horrible extreme symptoms and no ones ever just an emotionless void watching 20+ hours of netflix and taking 4 hour naps in the middle of the day” NO, YOU ARE ALSO WRONG GODDAMNIT I HATE YOU 


THERE! ARE! LEVELS! TO! DEPRESSION! THEY RANGE FROM “I hate myself and everyone around me and I want to die all the time” TO “I have no joy anymore and I cry a lot but I can get through the day most of the time” AND WHILE YEAH, PEOPLE WHO ARE MOSTLY HAPPY AND ONLY NEED A CUP OF TEA AND SHIT TO CHEER UP ARENT DEPRESSED, GUESS WHAT?



here’s what it is though: archie spends the whole episode trying to help his dad through his financial trouble. He literally says “I want to pull my weight around here”. he wants to take on exactly half of this burden that they’re sharing  – he wants to take on responsibility equal to what Fred, an adult, has on his plate. He wants to take on the responsibility of an adult.

Fred all episode is trying to quash this – he tells archie not to worry because they’ve both done all they can, he hangs the phone up when archie comes in the room and tells him “it’s all good”, he’s super reluctant to open up to Archie about the problems and then to accept archie’s help, his “it was never supposed to get this bad” has clear undertones of “you were never supposed to have to worry about this”. Fred recognizes that Archie’s just a kid and shouldn’t at all ever have to deal with this sort of thing.

His line when Archie shows up at the site: “isn’t there something more important you need to be doing? Like going to school? Playing football?” is super agonizing because these are kid things in episode one we saw a Fred who was pushing Archie really hard to do adult things – not to figure out their livelihood, obviously, but to look to the future, to scholarships, to colleges, to make adult choices right away. To make a choice about what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, in particular, which involved the work he did at the construction site all summer.

So when he’s reluctant to let Archie and Moose and everyone work for him he’s sending Archie away from adulthood as well as the construction site, back to football and back to his education and back to the things that make sense in a 15 year old’s world. He’s really recognizing that Archie is a KID, and that these aren’t things he should have to be dealing with.

And I think when he says “I’m trying to build a safe life for you and the jury’s still out on that” he’s definitely thinking about Grundy. Grundy and the construction site are linked – she pulls up when he’s walking home from work, remember – and they’re both things that have Archie interacting with adulthood when he’s 15 years old and shouldn’t have to at all. And it makes me wonder how much guilt Fred has about pushing adulthood on him at the start of the year and it’s interesting to see how it’s progressed. And by interesting I mean it feels like im swallowing glass sometimes. this got really long. I’m sad. 


Teddy was one of the last orphans of the war. Born in chaos and raised in peace, they often felt alone in their pain. 

Despite having their godfather, Teddy often needed the comfort of some who couldn’t provide it. 

Sometimes, when things got too hard to bare alone, they would lock themself into their bedroom and sit before the bureau mirror. 

I don’t always tell Grandma about this because I know it would make her sad, but…

And though they could change their hair and their face, there was one thing Teddy could never get quite right.

Her voice.

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but aaa this is so bad…i had to just crop it from a screenshot!! its 5:18 AM!! idk how wiki works but i couldnt get this idea out of my head while i was watching jacks vlog???? hes oh so sweet and Kind and He Means So Much To Me???
so i made this!! i hope people at least like it haha

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Kel WHat do I do??!¡¿ I get tHOUSANDS of likes and reblogs on fandom stuff but zero on my original stuff even when it's honestly really pretty (im super critical of my shit but sometimes it really turns out gOOD and even I like it). it's so freakin discouraging 😣 I use tags and try to post during busy hours and have almost 1k followers but still everything non fandom goes unnoticed 😫😭

omg anon I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN IT SUCKS and I’ve seen a few tweets from friends just this week about being afraid/ discouraged to share original stuff WHICH MAKES ME RLY SAD. It’s unfortunate but people do care more about things they already know as compared to things they are unfamiliar with THAT’S NORMAL and not rly something you can change.

For me personally, I think it helps a lot when you create a story or talk about your OCs! It’s easier for people to be interested when they can get to know the characters or world rather than just having a picture with no context/ backstory. I’VE ALWAYS DRAWN MY OCS ALOT but I do feel that people only started wanting to know more after I drew short comics/ doodles with them interacting. I KNOW IT CAN FEEL DIFFICULT AT THE START, especially when it seems noone is interested/listening BUT JUST GO FOR IT!! BE ENTHUSIASTIC!! BE PROUD OF YOUR ORIGINAL WORK BC IT IS A STORY WORTH TELLING!! I really hope you don’t give up and that you find your audience!! IN THE MEANTIME i am always open to talking about your OCs/ worldbuilding stuff if you want to, just drop me a msg on tumblr chat!!!! 

You dont have to read anything under this, it’s just me wondering stuff and want to get it out of my system since these thoughts have come over more than once. Also i dont seek any sympathy with this, like i said i just want to get it out of me. 

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To the person who sent me a link to an anti-Soriel post:


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Im sorry

Hey guys.. I just have to say something..
I may have been lying to you guys…. im…almost Never happy anymore really…..
In getting Bullied in real life and on social media..
Because of A LOT of reasons..
Im in a bad shape.
Im ugly
I never use make-up
I don’t care what I wear
I have almost no friends
Im bisexual
I use social media a lot
I don’t have a life
My “life” is on social media
Im drawing All the time in class
Im quiet
Im shy
Im a nerd
Most of my friends are younger than me
Im childish
Im doing self harm
And im sick

I sometimes say, im so excited, or im glad we’re friends. Or other things that make it se like im happy.. but… sometimes happiness is not an emotion for me, im often so lonely, sad and angry.. And Empty
Sometimes I feel dead..
And now im just a shadow of my younger self..
When I were younger, I were happy.. I had lots of friends, and social media was not important.. when I were younger I were so happy, I didn’t care about the future, I smilied a lot.. with a real smile..
But now. I hate everyone, im inside all the time, im emotionless… im dead inside..
I don’t know what went wrong.

Im sorry. For babbling about my horrible life..
Its just that.. I got to hear that My Bff is moving away.. and that im loosing all my friends…
I feel like im dying…
Also.. im thinking of Leaving Tumblr….

hi there

you may have noticed

i have a lazy eye

my parents noticed it when i was about two years old and i went to optometrists a lot when i was a kid, but eventually i gave up on glasses because they werent going to fix it

i can see out of this eye, but its hard. it needs glasses where as my right eye (good eye) can nearly see perfectly. i think its slightly cut off from my brain too due to ignoring it for so long? or that may be the other way around, honestly ive forgotten

i can even look around you with both eyes, i kind of see double when i do this, plus i can make pretty funny faces when i do this and make people laugh

i can actually go crosseyed though, something i didnt know i could do up until VERY recently?

but it makes me VERY dizzy and i get headaches

now obviously, i look funny. i know this. ive been made fun of for this ever since i can remember.

sometimes i get sad when people complain that things look walleyed, because you know, i am walleyed. i also have a low self esteem, due to this and other things, but thats besides the point.

my lazy eye causes headaches, means i have literally NO depth perception (3D movies are WASTED on me, paying an extra 2 dollars at the theatre to just get some dumb glasses and see none of what im supposed to is pretty annoying), makes it hard when im out doing my daily life as no one can tell when im speaking to them (i got in trouble many times at work for ‘not calling people over to my till’ because they didnt know i was talking to them) and obviously doesnt make me look appealing

now, just cuz i can make fun of myself sometimes doesnt make it ok when you make fun of me for it. i cant help it, and i can get insecure due to it. if you can see straight and make fun of someone like me’s appearance, you know its a very low blow. its downright bullying.

youre basically calling me ugly for having a disability. do you do that to blind people or people in wheelchairs? no? why? because thats not fair, they have a disability, and you dont

this is what ableism is about

im not saying having this lazy eye is bad as losing my ability to see or walk, im just saying it falls into the same context, so its not exactly fair to poke fun at a disability i have, is it? its downright offensive.

so im just asking if you could take the fact that it is a disability into context and stop being rude to people about things they cant help that are actually hard to deal with in daily life

thank you

i hate it when people are like “cats are so evil they dont care about anyone”

i dont know what you did wrong but normally cats do care about you and love you and can be the sweetest companion in your life

findus sees when im sad and he always tries to make me feel better. sometimes its just that he comes to cuddle with me and lets me bury my whole face in his fur, something he usually doesnt like, and sometimes he literally licks my tears away (which is both gross and really cute) but over all he just cares and it makes me happier

because im tired of having people criticize me 
because apparently everyone hates me
because maybe i wasnt designed like everyone else
because maybe i give too much and really only hurt myself
because sometimes im mad more than sad
and maybe i dont know why im mad
i like covering up my emotions because when i dont im called sensitive 
but when im mean im strong
maybe i need to be told that im good for once
that im doing okay
that im not as fucked up as they all make me seem
maybe if they spent one day saying only good things instead of five days only saying bad
sometimes i too need someone who will gloat me with complements and make me feel good for once 
im tired of being rejected and called out for all my flaws
i feel like people are ashamed of me
or because maybe ill just end this poem here.
—  because maybe

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jikook is more popular than taekook though. its always trending on tumblr. im so sad because i feel like taehyung is getting overshadowed by jimin and jungkook :( i love them all but i love when they are all equally popular.

The thing about shipping is that you gotta do it cuz it makes you happy not cuz everybody doing it. Jikook is really popular and I know most of them shipped vkook before but I aint got hard feelings about it. It is what it is. Whatever makes you happy better roll with it. Sometimes I feel like people only liked Tae when he was really quirky and I get really salty about it but then I’m like ‘hold up gal it aint that deep’. It really dont matter if I’m the last remaining Taehyung-biased fan. He makes my life brighter and thats all I care about. I liked  him when he was all sunshine smiles and dorky faces. And I like him now when he is quieter, more subdued and really mature. He’s grown up, he’s faced some really difficult times and I just feel so proud to see him get thru it all. He’s someone I’d like to know better but he’s so mysterious lmao. And its really not a competition among the maknaes. Each has his own charm. Anyway I dont know what you getting worried for. Taehyung is Taehyung! The ONLY person who can overshadow Taehyung is Taehyung himself!

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my crush lives far away and when he tells about all the other pretty girls he see's i get so sad and i cry sometimes. but i love him so much i just endure it. im hopeless. we already dated but long distance isnt the best thing for me anymore.

That’s so frustrating, I’m so sorry. I definitely would advise trying to take care of yourself and move on. I ABSOLUTELY 100% know how hard that is though, but just focus on you and what makes you happy like dogs or baths or your friends and you will move past this. It’s hard, but I think it’s for the best.

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Hi just wanna drop by & say that i luv ur acct; well actually u're 1st tumblr that i follow. Just wanna clear up my chest a bit here. I love all bts members & ships. I think all are cute & each ship has special moment if u know what i mean. Lately (well since BST era) yoons**k & jik**k shipper rlly ruined it for me. Im just sad that I cant see yg & hs beautiful friendship when they're together. Also jm & jk touchy can make me cringe. Now i stay away from ys & jk tumblr/ig/twt accts. Im sorry:'(

Honest to god that’s so sad…you can’t even enjoy their friendship anymore. :(

but I know how you feel… sometimes the ship tags get so nasty 🤢

I don’t know why people can’t ship their own thing and let others do the same???
Like feel free to do whatever the fuck you want but if you’re going to bash a ship or the shippers dONT TAG THEM unless you want to get hate / attention 🙄

The way I cope is by blocking the tumblrs that do this in the yoonmin tag 🙂 that way I can enjoy my yoonmin and my sideships and brotps without negativity and ship war bullshit