sometimes i make things when im sad

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whenever im feeling sad or just when im feeling super tired, i sometimes just,,,, snuggle in at home and ill look at ur art and it's so cute,, it cheers me up!! so, thank you for drawing all of these wonderful things, no matter what fandom or what pairing!! im so thankful for ur art and for u, u amazing and kind and beautiful person!!!

anon…who ish this

my heart…your words mean so much to me because…I feel so scared about posting my art here nowadays…so your kind words really make me super happy

almost every fucking post about depression on this stupid fucking site is wrong and i hate everyone who makes them 

“hurr durr im depressed karen i know what im talking about when i say that depression is just feeling sad sometimes and that self care is a good book and some tea and doing things you enjoy” NO YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP THATS NOT DEPRESSION THATS NOT SELF CARE AND YOU ARE A MORON

“well I am a Proper Depressed™ and I know that depression is all horrible extreme symptoms and no ones ever just an emotionless void watching 20+ hours of netflix and taking 4 hour naps in the middle of the day” NO, YOU ARE ALSO WRONG GODDAMNIT I HATE YOU 


THERE! ARE! LEVELS! TO! DEPRESSION! THEY RANGE FROM “I hate myself and everyone around me and I want to die all the time” TO “I have no joy anymore and I cry a lot but I can get through the day most of the time” AND WHILE YEAH, PEOPLE WHO ARE MOSTLY HAPPY AND ONLY NEED A CUP OF TEA AND SHIT TO CHEER UP ARENT DEPRESSED, GUESS WHAT?



here’s what it is though: archie spends the whole episode trying to help his dad through his financial trouble. He literally says “I want to pull my weight around here”. he wants to take on exactly half of this burden that they’re sharing  – he wants to take on responsibility equal to what Fred, an adult, has on his plate. He wants to take on the responsibility of an adult.

Fred all episode is trying to quash this – he tells archie not to worry because they’ve both done all they can, he hangs the phone up when archie comes in the room and tells him “it’s all good”, he’s super reluctant to open up to Archie about the problems and then to accept archie’s help, his “it was never supposed to get this bad” has clear undertones of “you were never supposed to have to worry about this”. Fred recognizes that Archie’s just a kid and shouldn’t at all ever have to deal with this sort of thing.

His line when Archie shows up at the site: “isn’t there something more important you need to be doing? Like going to school? Playing football?” is super agonizing because these are kid things in episode one we saw a Fred who was pushing Archie really hard to do adult things – not to figure out their livelihood, obviously, but to look to the future, to scholarships, to colleges, to make adult choices right away. To make a choice about what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, in particular, which involved the work he did at the construction site all summer.

So when he’s reluctant to let Archie and Moose and everyone work for him he’s sending Archie away from adulthood as well as the construction site, back to football and back to his education and back to the things that make sense in a 15 year old’s world. He’s really recognizing that Archie is a KID, and that these aren’t things he should have to be dealing with.

And I think when he says “I’m trying to build a safe life for you and the jury’s still out on that” he’s definitely thinking about Grundy. Grundy and the construction site are linked – she pulls up when he’s walking home from work, remember – and they’re both things that have Archie interacting with adulthood when he’s 15 years old and shouldn’t have to at all. And it makes me wonder how much guilt Fred has about pushing adulthood on him at the start of the year and it’s interesting to see how it’s progressed. And by interesting I mean it feels like im swallowing glass sometimes. this got really long. I’m sad. 

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Do you think Kookie would date a white woman? Im sad cause all the fake photos and gifs I see are of his lookalike with an asian girl. Like, show some love to those of us with big eyeballs!

I honestly think he would, I actually think all of them would! I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t date you because of your race. If you love/like someone, it shouldn’t matter. And I understand where you’re getting at. I’m white as well and it sometimes makes me sad when I see things like fake pics or images of BTS and Asian women. I understand that BTS are Asian (so it’d make sense) and Asian women are wonderful, but I’d like to see things like fanfics, fake pics, etc with different races, not just Asian.

(feel free to delete caption if u reblog! yknow for that Aesthetic Feel)

but aaa this is so bad…i had to just crop it from a screenshot!! its 5:18 AM!! idk how wiki works but i couldnt get this idea out of my head while i was watching jacks vlog???? hes oh so sweet and Kind and He Means So Much To Me???
so i made this!! i hope people at least like it haha

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I think is a good thing that he don't notice us here because the things we talk about is totally different from instagram or twitter, like the writting, the smut and most of us share things about ourselfs too way more than on twitter. Is like our secret place here and when we want to try to make him notice us we can just go to twitter (i don't know what is wrong with me bc im brazilian too but im talking in english with u)

hahaha it’s okay! But sometimes i get so sad, because Shawn is so artistic, and he appreciate art so much, and here we have tons of good gif makers, lots of good edits, pictures, manips, and all he doesn’t even see those, do you understand? Hopefully he knows that his fans have more to show than tweets and comments 

Preferred Name: andromeda or sofia

Pronouns: she/her

Bio Age: 16

Regressed Age: 4/6 

What are you: regressor, friend

What are you looking for: sib, big sib or a friend!

How can you care for your sib/regressor: i’m a good listener and you can vent to me anytime!! you can talk to me about things you like or do fun things together!

What are your likes: i like cute/pretty things, plushies, computer games, drawing, painting, taking pictures and hanging out with friends! i also really like kpop and my favorite group is seventeen!

Dislikes: i dont like spiders, mosquitoes, food makes me uncomfortable/nauseous sometimes! 

Special Needs: i have anxiety, depression, ptsd, bpd and hpd so yeah,, i get really anxious and sad when im ignored for too long,,

What regression community/s are you in: teenietots!

A little about you: im a little shy at first but i get vry warm once im comfortable with people! i like talking about my favorite things and i like hearing people talk about things they like too!! i dont like hurting people and i love it when everyone is happy and having a good time! 

How to contact you: my url is @ggliterr and its my main blog

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You know those genuinely happy people, who even when something goes wrong or not their way they make the better out of it? I aspire to be that kind of person. I really wish we all would be happy

oh anon to think that way takes so so long but you must remember that sometimes its okay to be upset and just feel sad or feel that way. We’re all only human and if we never see the sadness in things we wont appreciate the happiness too. Hopefully we can find a peaceful humble to think “this went wrong and im sad but its okay to be sad and we will be more cautious next time” :)

sometimes i think about the fact that in late 2013 i saw chvrches, foals, lorde, arctic monkeys, alt j, vampire weekend, and phoenix all on one night and im actually kind of sad bc the best gig of my life was when i was 16 and i have no way to top that

because im tired of having people criticize me 
because apparently everyone hates me
because maybe i wasnt designed like everyone else
because maybe i give too much and really only hurt myself
because sometimes im mad more than sad
and maybe i dont know why im mad
i like covering up my emotions because when i dont im called sensitive 
but when im mean im strong
maybe i need to be told that im good for once
that im doing okay
that im not as fucked up as they all make me seem
maybe if they spent one day saying only good things instead of five days only saying bad
sometimes i too need someone who will gloat me with complements and make me feel good for once 
im tired of being rejected and called out for all my flaws
i feel like people are ashamed of me
or because maybe ill just end this poem here.
—  because maybe

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talk to me about jimin's crooked tooth ??💕

I LOVE THAT LIL TOOTH SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO CUTE!!!! but really….like….it makes me so happy and every time i see it my heart goes ’!!!!!!!!!!!!’ and ive said this before but, i really hope he loves it as much as we do!! because i know that stuff like that (especially teeth) can make people a little self conscious… but it’s honestly the cutest and most endearing thing :( i go and look at pictures of it sometimes when im sad akdjfjdkskbd I LOVE IT (in conclusion: if you ever come across pics of his tooth……tag me 🤧)

hi there

you may have noticed

i have a lazy eye

my parents noticed it when i was about two years old and i went to optometrists a lot when i was a kid, but eventually i gave up on glasses because they werent going to fix it

i can see out of this eye, but its hard. it needs glasses where as my right eye (good eye) can nearly see perfectly. i think its slightly cut off from my brain too due to ignoring it for so long? or that may be the other way around, honestly ive forgotten

i can even look around you with both eyes, i kind of see double when i do this, plus i can make pretty funny faces when i do this and make people laugh

i can actually go crosseyed though, something i didnt know i could do up until VERY recently?

but it makes me VERY dizzy and i get headaches

now obviously, i look funny. i know this. ive been made fun of for this ever since i can remember.

sometimes i get sad when people complain that things look walleyed, because you know, i am walleyed. i also have a low self esteem, due to this and other things, but thats besides the point.

my lazy eye causes headaches, means i have literally NO depth perception (3D movies are WASTED on me, paying an extra 2 dollars at the theatre to just get some dumb glasses and see none of what im supposed to is pretty annoying), makes it hard when im out doing my daily life as no one can tell when im speaking to them (i got in trouble many times at work for ‘not calling people over to my till’ because they didnt know i was talking to them) and obviously doesnt make me look appealing

now, just cuz i can make fun of myself sometimes doesnt make it ok when you make fun of me for it. i cant help it, and i can get insecure due to it. if you can see straight and make fun of someone like me’s appearance, you know its a very low blow. its downright bullying.

youre basically calling me ugly for having a disability. do you do that to blind people or people in wheelchairs? no? why? because thats not fair, they have a disability, and you dont

this is what ableism is about

im not saying having this lazy eye is bad as losing my ability to see or walk, im just saying it falls into the same context, so its not exactly fair to poke fun at a disability i have, is it? its downright offensive.

so im just asking if you could take the fact that it is a disability into context and stop being rude to people about things they cant help that are actually hard to deal with in daily life

thank you

I can’t belive this omg thank you thank you thank you

Hey ok im to lazy to make a picture for this but 
My parents actually allowed me to post another selfie

Thank you all so so so so so much for following me and dealing with my complaints and whatever else has happened.
So in return im gonna do a Follow Forever (which ive been wanting to do for a while!!)

Favorite Blogs (and people):
captain-study for being an amazing friend whos given me advice lots of times idk what I would do without her ♡
internet-homo-howell okay ive said this many many times but ilysm your so nice and beautiful and your just a 10/10 person
pizzarobbery for being a great person and introducing me to this great thing called tumblr
tired-internet-addict bc hes so nice and always makes me laugh even when im sad. He also lets me fangirl about things he sometimes has no idea about!!
whoistroyeanyway for being so nice and letting me anonymously vent in her inbox when I was sad and confused.

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I am so genuinely happy how this turned out

I am actually truly Sorry if I forgot you there were some problems and yeah

 I love you all so much <3


people probably think that im weird for obsessing over two guys with british accents and fringes who play video games and talk random things (sometimes. Most of the time they talk about interesting stuff and are very intelligent and give good advice. Like not to trust chairs because they will hurt you). People think that it is stupid and that I am wasting my time. but these two british guys with fringes who play video games and talk about random things (sometimes. Not all the time) make me happy when I feel sad and like the world is against me. I know that if I search up their names on YouTube, I will be laughing and smiling for the rest of the day and that is why I obsess over them. they put me in be best moods and I will never forget that.

P.s. I sometimes wrote in lower case when I was supposed to capitalize because it felt like if I wrote in lower case I sounded calmer. I do know how to capitalize though so don’t worry!

my hc on nb john is basically i think after a while johns sense of gender in the way he was taught to think of it erodes and he thinks about it one day and realizes gender isnt at all how he thought it was and thinks about all those times he wanted to wear a certain something or do something less masculine but thought he shouldnt, he wondered why he thought this? why he was acting more masculine than he felt was natural? and took a hard look at himself and that maybe he wasnt a man in the way that he had been taught a man should be- maybe he didnt really want to be anything? so he does some googling as he does often and finds out that agender people exist, and that feels nice to him. but he also wants to keep using he/him pronouns, and dressing fairly masculine, so hes worried if he’s just sort of mentally jumping ahead of himself and is hesitant to bring it up to sherlock, which is silly in hindsight, because sherlock is SO happy for his husband that even after all these years he wants to explore gender because sherlock knows firsthand how liberating it feels! and so john allows himself to do more non masculine things and stretches his legs in feeling agender and he feels so much lighter on his feet when only a few weeks ago he didnt realize he was being weighed down. he spent a long time in the closet and didnt figure his gender out until his 40′s, and sometimes that makes him sad, but he knows its better late than never and he’s so happy with his life, he forgets how long it felt before, it’s never too late to be yourself 

I’m going to start loaning snakes to people with anxiety because they are seriously so relaxing. King and corn snakes don’t take much to keep healthy, just change the water every few days, throw em a mouse once a week, and change the bedding once a month and they’re all set. And holding them is so peaceful. They’re just so chill. They don’t get happy or sad, just calm. And they do this muscle thing when moving that just makes me breathe easier. 

It’s like, this is a living being that does’t expect you to do anything. Sometimes I don’t hold them for a week and they don’t give one fuck. They’re just as happy to go about their snake business, making little trails in their bedding or soaking in their water dish. 

anonymous asked:

If you had to describe Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton girls separately how would you describe them?

disclaimer - y’all would be perfect for your fav, this is just one persons opinion x


i feel like michael could go either way, like a super tomboy chill girl who would love playing videogames with him but also is jokey and flirty with him and they would be double trouble like playing pranks on everyone they come across. OR i feel like he might go for the complete opposite girl; girly and feminine. and even though they may not share every interest, they would still get along super super well, and this girl could bring out the best in him and have hella deep chats at 2am. oh gosh he would miss his girl when he was on tour like i swear he would be close to tears on skype ANWAY MOVING ON


so at a first glance calum seems kinda shy but it would take his girl to look behind that and see him for who he really is. he would sometimes feel lonely, but his girl would make sure that whenever she was around he was smiling or content. and he would be. his girl would be super into music, but also i feel like she could be some sort of mix of music/art/book hoe ya know. and they would go on amazing dates, not necessarily expensive but maybe just to a small art gallery where they hold hands the whole time and theorize about abstract pieces and they would try to find time to get to some remote location on a lake and spend a weekend writing poetry and songs (about each other) and exploring caves lord im making myself sad i want this


so i think lukes girl would be really outgoing/confident. because sometimes luke isnt and i feel like he would fall for someone who would make him feel 100% comfortable in his own skin, like he could tell them his darkest secrets n stuff. and even though his girl would be really independent i feel like their relationship would be kinda needy, like they’d be all over each other when theyre together (but not pda, just kind of holding hands and sitting on laps) and they would just be the cutest thing together, like no one could deny that they are frickin adorable


so ashton would fall for someone whos sweet as anything, and kinda girly, because i feel like hes a traditional guy, and hes the oldest out of 5sos so i feel like he would want to set a good example for the other boys.

anonymous asked:

do you ever think like whats the point of this pretty lipstick or cool shirt when theres kids starving to death?? i love those things but sometimes im like wtf is the point of anything???

i feel u. it’s all about being aware of the pain and the suffering on earth and still trying 2 enjoy the beautiful and the happy in life. we don’t know why we r here, but to ignore small joyful moments because sadness also exists is pointless. it’s good u feel the depth of the suffering of some people man, we all gotta make this a better place while we r here. I mean u can dig yourself deeper into a philosophical hole of meaning or u can try to feel the immense emotion that humans have the capacity for :-)

man it makes me really sad when people diss the hetalia fandom

i literally never see that many bad things happen here. yeah there are bad eggs like any fandom and weebs like any other anime fandom but

what’s the worst we do?? enjoy ourselves?? woah, so terrible!!! sometimes have shipping wars?? no other fandom does that!! fucking hetalians!

im overly defensive about this fandom i will defend it until i die