sometimes i make things when im sad


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im so happy right now. I have no friends and I wanted to tell someone and you seem pretty awesome so yeah

im so happy you’re happy?? like not only is it great that you’re happy but the fact that you acknowledged it is great too bc sometimes i forget that i’m happy until i get sad and its a beautiful thing that you got realize.

please remember that moment when you thought “oh wow i’m happy right now” when you get sad okay?Β 

its 5am

im. exhauste i should have made coffee or eaten something


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Bad Beliefs i absorbed somehow(personal, do not reblog):

β€’if I don’t cover my mouth when I yawn a ghost is going to count my teeth and I am going to get sick

β€’sparrows hold the souls of unbaptised children and they’re watching me and kno I kno and are scared sometimes and when I see a dead one I get sad but maybe it has been baptised and has been prayed for and is in heaven now

β€’spoons go cup-side down so it doesn’t catch the devil

β€’if I don’t make church father s is gonna kno and im going 2 hell 4ever c ya

β€’I do bad gross things n every knows about it but me and they’re all pretending and the situation feels awkward and they kno

β€’if a fan shuts off in the middle of the night something bad had been walking around the house (why I don’t leave fans on)

β€’something sits in the chair by the piano @ night and it’s not a nice ghost like in little house in the prairie

β€’something is by the gate @ night and it’s bad and my dog barks at it

β€’a flat head is behind my bed when I’m scared and is going to bite me through the bars lol

β€’12am is the witches hour and (thnks roald dahl) things walk around the street and see where I’m sleeping through the window and I have to keep my eyes closed or else they’ll kno that I kno and im gonna die

β€’things (when I was little it was kangaroos n mice lol) walk and tamp down on my covers at night and I can’t open my eyes or they’ll kno

β€’midnight hag

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i’m so glad i don’t buy into my mom’s guilt tactics anymore hooooooooooooooly shit

she says the most fucked up things to me trying to make me feel sorry for past actions that i have already learned from, grown of, and probably already apologized for

one thing that sucks is the fact that i still sometimes reach out to her and somehow do not expect to come out of it sad and gross feeling

when will i learn? stay tuned to find out!

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)

1) i really dig my hair because fuck yeah it’s awesome now and im really happy with how it brightens up my faceΒ γƒΎ(qο½₯Ο‰ο½₯q)

2) i am surprisingly patient with people and am very sympathetic to the point where people have taken advantage of it orzΒ 

3) when im not slurring my words (overproduction of saliva sometimes woo), people have said that im good at simplifying things so they can understand it with no issue

4) even in the darkest of times for me, i seem to always see the positive out of a situation

5) since i was sad for so many years of my life, i try my very best to be as positive as possible… even if it’s hard, i try to make sure that i can bring some sort of hope/a smile to the people and friends around me Β   ρ( ̄ヘ ̄ )

when i get extremely sad, mad or upset i do some of the worse things one can do to themselves. i try to isolate myself from the world around me and i’ll pretend to be fine when im really not by saying things like “im okay, im just tired.” sometimes its even worse to the point where i isolate myself in my room and make everything dim and dark and i try to not talk to anyone. at dinner, my portions are small and i always tend to say im not hungry but then afterwards i go and find food and bring it to my room and eat it behind closed doors, trying to be secretive about it. eating is my comfort when im sad which is why i seek it when im not okay. and the worse part of this all is that no one seems to notice my change in behavior.

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emma im not proud of who i am right now and im not sure of what i should do when it comes to anything in my life and i feel so so sad

aw sweet pea you will be okay sometimes it makes sense to just do impulse things, but maybe writing down things about your day will help you come to terms on things and make sense of life! it can help you plan out things out. you need to figure out what you want.


i am so, so bad at saying no. so bad. it makes me so sad when i see these things like ‘i messaged you a bunch but never heard back’ and lets be real here im shitty at saying no, and sometimes, i just dont see a connection. im allowed to do that. im allowed to play with who i want to. im allowed to roleplay with people who i feel a connection with. im allowed to have fun, and know that coming on here, i wont have a breakdown or a panic attack like im having right now. im sorry, okay? im so fucking sorry. but there are some people who i just cant see writing with ri, whether it be based on writing styles or character compatibility. there are some verses i dont see working out with him. there are some flat out canon characters i cant see writing with riley. and thats not my fault, okay? dont make me feel bad about my character and my muse. im done. thats it. rping is for fun, not for panic attacks, and dont you fucking dare shame me into writing with you if i dont want to. thats it. im done. goodbye.

tbh 1 person saying just 1 thing can really help my mood or at least make me feel like im not completely screwed up and idk man i just wish stuff like this happened more often so that I wouldnt be sad for hours and then cry and feel worthless. like tbh a lot of times when people say nice things to me to comfort me i almost cry bc i just idk its nice sometimes

i don’t know who im supposed to call when i just need to say everything even if it doesn’t make sense and i just need help and i need like a life coach?? to tell me what to do?? bc sometimes i wanna do things even tho i know they’re probably gonna make me sad/stressed/angry or s/thing and i can’t find the line between getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things and just genuinely hurting myself for no reason

and try not to think about how someone used to play my favorite songs on guitar while I would curl up next to them and take a nap.Β 

and yeah a lot of incredibly shitty stuff happened after those little nice things

but sometimes I’d like those little moments to happen again and I don’t know when or who or how and its not happening any time soon. So I get to have my cry and comfort myself, and thats okay too.

Im proud of myself for being sad, like Im allowed and this is an otherwise pretty happy and content period in my life that I’ve worked real damn hard to get to…so yeah I deserve a little nostalgia and a bon iver/landslide on repeat soundtrack and a cookie and a cry.

these are some things I give to myself, and the more I can do this, the less I need a song and a guitar and a curl-up-next-to-you in my life and in my thoughts

its been about a week & a half since my brother left and its so hard. watching my mom cry every night and not seeing him everyday. when i come home from school im so used to seeing his adorable yet sometimes annoying little self, its so damn hard. I miss you so much Mo and i love you more than anything, i hope theyre treating you alright, thats my biggest fear, your probably so scared and thats what makes me so sad..I hope soon you can come back home, we all miss you so much & wish things could be differentβ€οΈπŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Sometimes Jamie things are Mun things....

When someoneΒ makes you sad but you don’t want to burden them with how fragile you are so you sit there dying inside- but you’re just like “I’m fine- everything is fine”Β on the outside-Β but the room is spinning.

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i feel like its kinda pathetic but i miss zach like a lot i feel like i became really reliant on him when he was so active on SM & was doing a ZRL/ZrnotL every week and now im like...having withdrawals. :( do u think this break is a more permanent thing like him trying to take a step back from all the fan stuff or do u think its more of a temporary break? im kind of leaning toward the first one and its making me sad.

No, it’s temporary. He just takes breaks sometimes when he has people to spend time with. It’s not a big deal.

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what did you do when you're feeling sad?

hm…. this is a great question friend!

when im sad, the first thing i’ll do is usually talk to someone who i really trust about it, and sometimes just that can make me feel better and sort out my feelings.Β 

if that doesnt work, i like to take a nap because something about sleeping really brings clarity and peace of mind

also i have Β a playlist of really happy, soothing songs that i associate w/ good memories, and ill listen to that. i also like watching choreo videos.Β 

sometimes ill take a walk in the park bc my uni is like this massive circle with all the buildings on the outer ring and inside is this massive park, so it’s nice to walk around and get some fresh air.Β 

often times, i need to unplug for a little while— like, not go on tumblr/facebook/and form of social media bc it can really contribute to depressive feelings and just getting away from that for a certain time period can be cleansing.Β 

i also go to my temple a lot. im a theravada buddhist and going to pray and talk to a monk really soothes me, and i leave feeling really at peace.Β 

these are most of the things i do to cheer myself up!!!! hopefully something helps you as well :D