sometimes i make things and forget to post them

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op of post/157261316003 doesnt want kink blogs interacting with them lmfao can u start checking sources

They could ask me to take the post down and I will. I mostly reblog from other stim blogs and sometimes I forget to check with the OP. It’s a simple mistake, no need to be rude. You essentially laughed at me for having disabilities. They make me forget things very easily, even common everyday things, like brushing teeth. However I do remember to check BYF well before I follow someone. Also I’m not a k/ink blog I’m a stim blog.

I think sometimes we don’t appreciate things until we lose them but sometimes g0d gives us a second chance and so I will be replying “tru” and “me” on every post yall make until I forget what it was like without replies and go back to being a rude hermit