sometimes i make things


I made a thing! Birthday gift for @anxieties-alleviated. Designed the pattern, pulling colors only from DMC I already had (which is not a lot, thus doggo is brown instead of orange), and stitched this up in less than 48 hours. A good chunk of that was during microscope time last week. Because when I craft, I really craft, but when I set a nonessential deadline for myself I become scary hyperfocused.

Popped it into a magnet frame and voila~~~hardcore denial doggo shall be preserved.

Meme is of course not mine.



AUBeacon Hills library has a less than decent selection, so Kira takes to haunting the massive bookstore around the corner, curling up on the floor and reading novels she fully intends to buy – until she finishes them. She’s not exactly subtle, as Allison discovers when she’s scheduled to work over Christmas, tripping over her every time she goes to restock The Hunger Games. Still, Allison has to admit, the girl is pretty cute.

The fourth time Allison finds her, Kira asks her to a party, and it’s all over from there.