sometimes i make graphics for rps that i have with my friends

Keith and I finally hit our 200 follower milestone recently and, with our ONE YEAR RP ANNIVERSARY coming up (which coincides with KEITH’S BIRTHDAY!!), we thought we’d commemorate with our very first bias list as well as a graphics GIVEAWAY (more information to follow on a separate post).

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for following us and making our experience here nothing short of extraordinary! We’ve both learned so much, we’ve loved, we’ve lost, and we’ve made some of the most rad fucking friends ever, so here’s to you all! This blog (and Keith) wouldn’t be the same without you.

To my RIDE or DIEs, you poor saps that have to deal with me turning everything I touch into angst (and who sometimes hit me back with much more than I was expecting I’m looking at you, Seka, I fucking LOVE YOU. Here’s to all the times we’ve said “I HATE YOU” ❤:

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To these RAD AF mutuals who light up my life with their quality™ content (both IC and OOC) and who put up with all my crap on their dash. Some of you I haven’t really had the chance to interact with yet but I’m totally down to change that whenever! Y’all are THE REAL MVP:

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And a big thank you to everyone else who follows me even though we haven’t really interacted yet. Unfortunately, I can’t mention everyone so I apologize. ;3; I also know I have a lot of new followers that I haven’t had a chance to check out or interact with at all but I still hella appreciate you all! Thank you for your support! It means the worlds to us!

Stand by for giveaway info open to ALL FOLLOWERS, coming soon!

let’s just put it out there before i say anything, PAY NO HEED TO THIS SHITTY GRAPHIC OKAY. and i know i haven’t been very active this last week but that’s because life has been slapping me in the face.

so it’s been two years TO THE DAY and one blog move later, but holli is still here???? i can’t even fully comprehend that fact. that’s just…. WOW. it’s wow. i jump around from blog to blog rather regularly so i never really thought holli was going to stick like she has. but i’m rather glad she did. i’ve met so many cool people. i’ve put up with some weird ass drama on my ride here as well. but, in the great expanse of it all, i feel like i’ve grown a lot as a writer and as a person because of it. does that make sense? gosh, i hope so. anyway, prepare for the sap fest that’s coming up. because, shit. it’s super sappy.

also i may have forgotten some people, because it feels like i have. but PLEASE know. if you’re seeing this at all, know i appreciate you and love you. thank you for being here ! <3 <3

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It’s hard to believe this account’s two year anniversary is coming up in September. I’ve had such a blast playing this Blueberry Princess. I’ve met so many wonderful people through both Hive City and the Indie Community. I feel truly blessed. This is a list to all those who have touched me or that I admire in one way or another. 

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ᴍᴀᴇᴡɪɴᴇ’s ɢᴜɪᴅᴇs: ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀʀᴋᴇᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ ᴇғғᴇᴄᴛɪᴠᴇʟʏ 

So you’ve made a roleplay. You’ve dedicated time, effort, and passion into a story/world/concept you love and finally find the courage to hit publish. But where are all your auditions? Where is the interest? Perhaps you aren’t marketing your roleplay effectively but don’t worry: I’m here to help. (This is in no way the law, simply my opinion and my experience of what has worked when I have run successful vs. unsuccessful roleplays. These are merely suggestions to help you ! )

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Hey there, loves! I had this little guide idea in mind for a while though it is a topic that has been stressed time and time again, I thought to make my little addition to it. Hopefully it helps some of you or at least one of you out if you’re new to it or still a little confused by the whole thing.

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As someone who has started a lot of roleplays, I’ll try and help the best I can. First of all, and one of the more important things you need to keep in mind; don’t get discouraged! It’s normal that when you start setting up the roleplay and posting promos, not many people are going to come at first, but it gets better, keep working, keep posting things, posting promos and stuff. When you put love and effort into something, it can’t go wrong.

Which leads me to my second tip. Starting up a roleplay requires effort and hard work! You need to write bios (or skeletons), set up pages, make graphics, come up with an app form (unless it’s an appless roleplay) and not only that; but you’re going to need to be actually there to reply to questions and read applications so people see your rp is active and eager for them to join. That is going to take time. If you can’t or don’t want to do it on your own, look for another admin! And if you feel you don’t have the time or enough motivation, it’s better to take a step back and wait for a time when you can be dedicated to it. 

My other piece of advice would be to work on something original. Whether it’s the plot itself, the face claims, the graphics or everything above; do something attractive with a twist that make people out there want to join!

Be nice! I know this seems obvious and a bit silly; but as an admin you will have to deal with some stuff you won’t like. Uncomfortable questions, sometimes rude questions; and of course what all admin dreads, rejecting people. Sometimes it takes a toll on you and you just want to tell everyone to stop. When or if that happens, take a deep breath and try to be your kindest self. It works wonders!

This got long, I’m sorry! My last tip would be please don’t copy other people’s work. If you like something in particular about a roleplay you’ve seen, or you want to use someone’s work as inspiration or even a template, you can do it. But you should ask that person respectfully and I’m sure you’ll reach an agreement!

But the most important thing of all is to have fun and to create a safe and good environment for your players to develop their characters and make friends! I hope this has been helpful and maybe we will have a new roleplay in our community soon? Thank you for reading!

Being a Member of a Long Running Roleplay: Helpful Tips and Gentle Warnings.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve recently joined (or worse, created) an incredible roleplay. Everything seems wonderful. Shall we even go so far as to say too good to be true. It has nice graphics, well done bios, friendly roleplayers - a good plot… and yet, suddenly, after sometimes as short as a week or as long as a month or two, activity drops off. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes less so. You feel stagnant, bored with your character and so either you leave or the RP itself dies out.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve had this happen to me quite a lot over the years. For some people, this is a good system. It means they get to create new characters every month or so, and try out new things. Which is awesome! Unfortunately, if you’re like me, when this ends up happening instead of feeling excited about moving to the next idea you can’t help but grumble ‘all that character development wasted’ or ‘great, time to make another email and tumblr account - like I don’t already have enough trouble remembering the 25 I already have’ or, probably most irritating of all ‘where the hell am I going to find someone now who writes that well for that one character I love, everything is ruined’.

The following guide will cover:

  • How to create and maintain a successful, long running running roleplay.
  • How to contribute as a member to keep an RP healthy, fun and active.

Now I know what you’re saying. ‘Why the heck should I listen to you Mr. Tommy? Where are your credentials? Do you have a doctorate in advanced roleplaying that we don’t know about?’  Well, I can’t really give a good answer to that I’m afraid besides the fact that while I’m sure very similar lists like this have been done in the past, when I went looking I couldn’t find any, so I decided to create my own. I am currently a member of a roleplay which has been active for over two years, which in tumblr terms is almost unheard of. I’ve also experienced the golden ‘two weeks of activity’ bellcurve, and let me tell you - not a fun experience, so I feel like I can offer some insight into what works and what doesn’t.

This guide will be split into three parts, for convenience sake.

PART ONE: what can you, as a roleplayer, do to keep a RP healthy?

PART TWO: what can you, as a mod, do when starting a RP with the goal of longevity in mind?

PART THREE: what can you do, as a mod, to maintain longevity in an RP?

Under the cut I will be making a make a bullet point list and then breaking each point down separately to show you potential things that can help with keeping a roleplay alive both initially and once it’s starting plot has hit the floor running as a member.

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So you want to start a roleplay, but are worried about not knowing how to be an admin? Or maybe you’ve admined before, but you always felt like you were doing something wrong. Everyone gets worried, and no one is a perfect admin. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect admin. But here’s a few tips and guidelines that should help you figure out things.

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Truly, I appreciate y’all so much and thank you for the endless amount of love and support. ♥ It means the absolute world to me and I honestly wanted to add people whom I don’t follow into this post as well but due to me not having enough time to slowly go through my followers list, I have to cancel that idea for now. I am really sorry, cupcakes! Maybe the next FF. 。・゚(゚⊃;n;⊂゚)゚・。

Thank you for being the most amazing, sweet and genuine friends I could ever have. ♥I love you to the moon and back.

I probably will have to link this post to you in LINE considering how busy you are with work & school lately but Gaby, you’re probably one of the very few who knows me inside & out and I honestly cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a friend. You’re seriously like a sister to me and I just adore you so much!! You’re so talented, amazing, strong and just so… ♥︎♥︎ :’) Thank you for being the most sweetest & amazing best friend anyone could have! I love you tons and gambatte with whatever you’re currently doing!! I’ll be rooting for you! -uhgs-

 My best leogruel pal who can make Soryu cum just by laughing~♥︎ You’re a fantabulous friend and I truly hope you know that. I appreciate all our conversations and how we can just randomly message each other like, “OMG TOWEL BOY ETC ETC” or something like that ahaha! And let’s not forget sock Eisuke and Soryu too c; heheh I just love ya loads and thank you for putting up with my hyper & random $hizz. We needz to meet up soon again okay?! I MISS U SO MUCH!

The cup to my cake! My soulfriend 4lyfe. ♥︎ Your liveliness and positivity never cease to make me smile and I just wanna glomp you so bad ;v; I’m truly happy that you messaged me when you did because, well, if you didn’t, we honestly wouldn’t have met! And I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful being like yourself. Thank you for being one of the most wonderful bestie and for being such a cutiepie omf ;u; <3 Oh!! One more thing. I love, love, love our longass messages! XDD they always make me laugh or smile haha~ I love you tons, Vi Vi!

There’s never been a time where I wasn’t thankful or appreciative to have you as my friend & mentor. You’ve been so supportive, encouraging and patient with me and I seriously can’t thank you enough! Your words of advice has helped me a lot; be it with personal issues or other things. I truly admire how positive, humble and wise you are and I hope that one day I can be at least half as good as you are in writing. ♥︎Thank you for being such an amazing and sweet friend! It means the absolute world to me. c’: I love ya loads, Amy! #hugthugs4lyfe

 Ruee!~ My twin with the heart of gold and the mind of a pervy old man xD I know it’s only been a short while since we’ve known each other but I truly love chatting with you and making all these fantastic yet crazy ideas! you are so sweet & humble and such a lovely person. ♥︎ I’m no doubt thankful to be able to call you my good friend and we’ll 5ever be the Dirty Fangirl Duo! XD or pervy twin sisters LOL. I hope we’ll be friends for long time because, let’s be honest. Put our brains together and we can honestly create tons of epic shizzaz. ◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞♡⃛◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞ #dirtyfangirlduo5ever

Ken Senpai: Now, just because you’re the last does not mean you’re the least okay? xD Heheh even though you don’t have(Or rather, don’t use) your tumblr, I still wanna mention you here! Thank you for being such a patient, sweet and kind person~ It means a lot to me!! Thank you for also listening to me vent or ramble without getting weirded out by it lol I know I tend to talk a lil too much sometimes :’D I truly enjoy speaking to you and I seriously find it awesome how our conversations can get soo random too lolol!! But all in all, you’re amazing (and super disciplined omg) and I hope you know that!~! Big cat huggles & cuddles for Ken-samaaaaaaa!

You have been such fantabulous friends and I really hope we can get to know each other more and possibly fangirl about pixel men till we’re old ladies. ♥︎ (I honestly wanted to add all your lil notes here too but because I didn’t want to make y’all scroll too much, please check under the readmore instead <3)

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 The ones who never fail to make me smile and feel all fuzzy with happiness. You guys are my Cupcakes. I love you. ♥︎ 

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To the awesome peeps in the second section, please check under this readmore! <33

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anonymous asked:

What advice would you give to first-time admins? I know your rp has been going on for a long while so I thought you were the right person to ask this

Oh god. There is so much. i mean a bit of it is luck. Yeah, sometimes you have an amazing idea but your timing is off and the rp doesn’t get the attention it deserves. But that’s just 5 percent of it. The other 95 is dedication.
ps: i wrote this at 3 am. I may not have englished right.

Under the cut you will find some more practical help. Here is a few things I want to tell you (and links to a few guides I have done in the past that will help you). After you read this go here.  it’s all the admin help you will ever need. I wrote some of the things I know about, but there is a lot more!!

  • You will make mistakes. And if you do them correct them, and apologize to the person you have wronged (if that happened) and move on. Don’t hide it or whine about it. Act mature!
  • BE PROUD OF YOUR WORK! you created a freaking roleplay! Be proud of yourself and of your roleplay! Show how bloody excited you are about it!
  • Be nice. Be nice to rph’s who have taken their time to promote/review your roleplay, to the people who are applying and to anyone who has helped you along the way. Be nice and respectful!
  • Read this.
  • this for when the rp opens
  • this answer i gave a few months ago is basically this guide but shorter

last but not least for my general tips section:

Though you do have a responsibility to your game and your players don’t let admining become a chore for you. When it becomes something you force yourself to do maybe something is not right. You created a group because you wanted to, so don’t allow people order you around on how they want the group to be.
Remember you have real life responsibilities first. Do your homework, hang out with your friends, don’t let it consume you! And sadly sometimes a roleplay has run it’s course and there is nothing you can do anymore.  If you have lost muse for the roleplay, don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Close or give it to people you trust!
Sometimes some roleplays don’t take off no matter how much work you put into it. And that’s all right, failure happens. Be proud of the work you put in! You are wonderful!

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anonymous asked:

You have probably have gotten this ask before, but what mods do you use/ recommend?

i have gotten this ask before but i think it was like fifty mods ago

i use a lot of mods anon. i’m gonna just sort them into categories (all of these are for DST unless i say they are for single player)

and i’ll stick to the ones i’ve been using for a long time or have some specific reason to recommend and leave out all the ones i just installed and haven’t thoroughly tested

Never Play Without
Combined Status - has a single-player version as well

Status Announcements it just makes life and multiplayer easier, especially when you’re coordinating a large/targeted amount of crafting or building

Wormhole Marks pretty obvious. also has a single-player version

Additional Structures (only in single player) IT ADDS MORE STORAGE OPTIONS BESIDES ‘NINE-SLOT CHEST THAT’S ALREADY FULL’. without giving up and just hacking that chest to have more slots. also these look nice. 

Useful Flooring (also single player) it just drives me crazy that flooring does nothing. nice clothing has sanity radius but nice living space does nothing?

Gesture Wheel it’s handy for using emotes

Old Emotes adds more emotes and is compatible with gesture wheel

Log Storage (single-player and sadly not SW-compatible) you put logs in it and the graphic actually shows you how many logs are in there (or at least how many slots have a log) without opening it to check

Plant Stage On Map this is now a legit game feature in DST, or at least it is where trees are concerned. last i knew you still need this mod for singleplayer.

Shipwrecked Characters 

Cosmetic Mods (they do nothing or almost nothing but look fun)
Extra Animations <- adds, among others, a low health animation that does serve the function of alerting other players when you are in distress and reminding you to check your darn HP. it’s like the animations for low sanity and low hunger. tbh i always found it a bit odd that klei did not add a low health animation into the actual game when the other two meters have animations

Koalefanta Proboscidea  (single-player) the different koalefants do different things that ARE useful/interesting but i have this on almost solely because i like how they look

General Tweak Mods That I Don’t Always Need
Character Names this is primarily good for RP servers but i also turn it on when i’m playing alone so i can make my character say things :|

Restart has several functions but i usually have it enabled when i’m trying out a new character and may need to switch. it lets you switch characters.

Global Pause is something i use when i play alone. it lets you pause. when i’m hosting for others i tend to not use it because the server gets paused for everybody and not just your character so that’s annoying for them

Extra Equip i will use this when i play alone or sometimes on a challenge server (i made wayward-wendy put it on their caves-only server because caves are hard and limit what you can equip because you nearly always need a light source)

Carnassial Teeth another thing we use in the caves server since hounds don’t spawn down there

Pig Shop (single player) okay, this one is… kinda cheating. i just use it when some resource didn’t spawn adequately on my map. it’s more fun than just console spawning it in. it’s also a way to use the five million thousand doubloons i’m always carrying around in SW

Expanded Crafting i get disappointed when i make all the basic crafting recipes and there’s nothing new to prototype (without going into the ruins or using up important magical reagents on a useless item at least), so when i play alone and sometimes when i host i install a bunch of things that add craftable items. they range from being useless to being well-balanced to being slightly OP, the point is to make things just for the heck of it

<default>’s item pack this is for single-player and i have not checked for a dst version yet

More Plantables lumped in with the crafting because i also really enjoy terraforming my base and sometimes i like to move reeds around just to make my map prettier. also a single-player mod, but for DST there is Adshovel which does exactly the same thing as far as i can tell.

Additional Equipment has a single-player version as well

Marble Combat hey marble’s renewable now may as well play with it

Endothermic Torch single-player

Scythe single-player

Waiter 101 adds more recipes. i especially like this one because it introduced more ways for me to ruin my food or make it less valuable than i intended, for a little bit of more challenge than ‘oh just get one meat and three other thing’. available in DST also! i did not know that when i linked to it

Camp Cuisine: Re-Lunched expands on cooking mechanics to make it an actual system that you can craft ingredients for and such. available in DST also i’m subscribing to this

Super Cool/Whole New Mechanics/Things I Only Use When Playing Alone, Period

Covenant of Souls single-player vanilla only, changes the game mode to turn-based RPG. it’s fun

Injuries break his legs

Thirst i would totally use this in DST to torment my friends but alas, not available. i wouldn’t even tell them it was on i’d just bring ‘em in and watch ‘em die

ϟ shut up sammie.

eight hundred and twenty nine followers. can we talk about how crazy this is? i’ve never ever expected to get this many followers. not even half. i created this blog up in a really hard time in my life and what i found was that i was apart of this amazing community. the community is just that, it’s a little home away from home and people fight and hate each other like a real family. the people i’ve met in this community just amazes me. i’ve made some of the best friends i have ever had, which is why i’m posting my second follow forever.

ϟ my angels.

pisceswrites; lex. holy shit. first off, thanks for the graphic babe, i love you. okay so we’ve been friends for years. we hit it off instantly when you ran that harry potter roleplay, and i’ve never been so happy i joined an rp in my whole life. you are truly my best friend. not my best friend online, but my best friend. we don’t live near each other but it doesn’t matter because you are so important to me. i love you so much. you’re the lydia to my allison, the santana to my quinn. thank you.
jauregayrps; diana. okay. you’re basically my little sister. seriously. you’re a tiny little baby, and i care so much about you! you’re probably my youngest friend, which makes me feel super old like 90% of the time. you’re so talented and smart and i love talking to you every day. thank you for being so prominent in my life. it means so much to me.
brittanarps; alright bitch. our relationship is the hardest to describe. you’re so important to me and i worry about you because you are my twin. you’re basically my other fucking half. when people say ‘twinsies’ they have no idea what it’s really like for us. you finish my sentences, and we can talk in code and nobody can understand us. you’re the paris to my nicole, and i love you. you ain’t getting rid of me anytime soon witch bitch.
royaltyrps; kenzie baby! i’ve known you as long as i’ve known lex, and i don’t know what i would do without you in my life. we don’t talk everyday, but honestly that doesn’t matter to me. you’ve always been on my side, no matter what and that means the most to me. i kind of feel like you’re my older sister, and i love you. thank you so much.
irwinwrites; jenn! okay so meeting you was one of the best moments of my life. you’re such an amazing roleplayer and i couldnt ask for a better ship partner. i know you will always be there for me and always willing to ship our babies together (because they’re fucking soulmates). you always listen to me when i need to vent and you’re one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met.
jessicaparkersroleplays; oh my goodness. okay. charlotte. okay. you’re so amazing. so beautiful. so sweet. you’re one of my best friends, and even if we drift apart a little bit, i know i can do something as little as reblogging a post and putting ‘cHARLOTTE’ in the tag, and know that you’ll see it. you’re the kira to my cora and i love you very very much.

ϟ my starshines.

these are the babies that light up my dash. almost all of them are my mutuals. we might talk sometimes, and we might not. but i want everyone to know that i love all 826 of you. these are in no order.

carpevinumsemierpstroutyrpsravenpuffofrpbramrps,artinarps ,barryallenrps ,lopezwriteshollandrodenrps ,corydiawrites ,allieofrphtaylorswiftsrps ,greenarrowrpsnogitsunestilesrpsshaebuttahrpsdamonsalvatoresrpsnycwrites,maewhitmnemiliaofrpsritassistsddlovatosrpspinkstarburstssthemermaidrpsaddykaneclairesrpsvictoriajusticewriteswandamaximoffwritesfabraysroleplaysstydiaawritesavarpslexaofrpsmashofrpjuicyhelpsargent1x1stragedywriteskatirpsholland1x1skoalofrpkatieroleplaysimliterallyanassjaureguiwritesmoschinorpsmeggozofrpshales1x1benzofrpsardensrpstaraknowlesroleplaysmukesafloganofrphadrirpstherpcupcakesjofrpszoeyrphshanrpreynarpssummercohenrpsqueenprattwritesdannyjonesrpsselenagronserenaofrphiattrpsakrpsjillassistssarahsrpsthemadisonmccarthyrpsisaacrpsswiftroleplaysholtsrphjohnkrasinskirpsdurmstrangwrites, lettyrps alicatofrpsophrpheverrpshaizrpsartpopwritescourt1x1anicawritestroirpsemilybluntrpsjaureguisrpsaestheticofrparianagrandewriteslydsofrpcostanzaofrppastelrpsashleybrpsjauregui1x1petalrptfitzsimmonsofrpcabeyo1x1aquariusrpcgrumpygeckosarieswritesblondierpslouisassistsrinaofrpzimbabwaheybellamy1x1sbanks1x1electrahxlpswarriorprincessrpsmakayla1x1jackirpslikesmariahsjauregrpsabbeyofrpmrsdjhansen1x1ursulasrphjellyfishofrpcuteofrpmoonofrpkamrynrpsurbanrpttherealjaureguirpsreflectiontalksstileswritesanythingindierphdinahspeakslydia1x1smikewarrenrpshollandsofrpabirps2spooky4rphmaiofrpgeminihelpsmarzofrpsugarbabyrpsstarofrptultravxoletlittlelengiesofrp,azureofrpcabellokissesmaximofframbleszetalkskairptmonsoonrphhemowritesarcticofrpphoebae1x1navyrpsduorptaliceassistsbecamitchellrpsayerpskekerpsleilaniofrpoctaviaofrphzelleofrpreirpspaulaofrp

ϟ my baes.

as i stated on my old follow forever, i’m a total space cadet (and i may or may not be baked while doing this) so there is bound to be some mistakes, but i want to make it very clear that i love every single person i follow on this blog. click the link below for my blogroll.

Kelseyrph fourth ever follow forever and ever

I want to thank everyone of my 800 followers for clicking that follow button, I have not been very helpful lately and sometimes I think why am I even in this community but then nice messages from some of you and the want for me to help you all always makes me stay. I love you all and hope you stay with me, especially now that I’m learning to use photoshop and that’s a big part of many rph blogs. Anyways I love you all and if I don’t include you please do not feel bad.

Shoutout to my 800th follower sidkneerps

R P H   L O V E S; these are the people I hold close to my heart

bangerzofrp (Misha)- I love you so so so much, and even though you’ve had to deal with my bad decisions sometimes you’re still the best and I absolutely adore roleplaying with you especially since we create bomb ships. I can honestly consider you one of my bestest friends out of the rp/h community and I’m so glad I met you, you’re wonderful and amazing. 

ladybugofrp (Morgan)- I have totally abandoned you and I’m so sorry, I promise after posting this I shall text you and love you forever, you were so sweet from the beginning and we have so much things in common, you’re truly the quickest person to be so nice and talk to me without getting bored.  I love you so much!

absideewrites (Absidee)- You are the sweetest and most patient person with me, I honestly love you so much in the little time we know each other, I honestly love the person you are and how you roleplay. I’m honored to roleplay with you and I hope I’m being a good friend. I love youuu.

R P H   C R U S H E S; these are the people I have been following for a long time or the ones I've talked more than once to

aaronhelps | akarshnarps | anastasiaofrp | annofrp | aprilrhodesrps | astridrps | athenaofrp | avarps | awitchrps | boofrp | beaverofrp | beckyrph | belleblakehelps | blondieofrp | brooklynofrph | buttershelps | chloeofrp | crystalhelpsxoxo | cusihelps | cuteofrp | dapperassistant | destinyhelps | eastwoodrps | edsheeranrps | ellieraeofrp |flameofrps | gabiofrp | gaysrph |georginahelps | harrysofrp | halesrph | hawkeyehelps | irmaofrps | issaofrp | katgrahamrph | kesha-helps | kittysykesofrp  | kristenrps | larryrpg | livyofrps | lydia-rph | lydsofrp | mandyrph | malikmanips | milkovichhelps | neeofrp | nellieofrp | neverlandofrph | niallrps | northrps | northhelps | nutellarps | omganotherrph | papiknows-rph | paygofrp | peace-rph | perkyrph | phoebsrph | plotsforall | poseyofrph | psychrph | psychictwinsrph | reblogsofrp | rikerhelps | ritassists | rphforyou | rpcomplaints | rpher | selenaservice | shelleyofrps | sidneyrps | sleepyrph | solashofrp | spunkransom-rph | stephanierps | supersoldierofrp | swansonrps | talksixtayorpstommoassists | vincentassists | wemmahelps | wintersoliderwrites | xandrarps | zoeyrph 

R P H   C U T I E S; the ones who make my dash lovely

aimeeofrp | alliahofrph | alexarph | allydiaservices | andromedahelps | apathy1x1 | ardnchos | ashleybrps | aussierps | baesofrph | barbararps | bella-rps | breezeofrp | candace1x1s | carolinaofrp | cass-rps | celiabowenwrites | chachihelper | char1x1 | charlieyrps | cheekyofrps | ciararph |  cillianhelps | cmoneyrps | coldwriter | cutiesrph | dancyofrp | devilrph | duchessofrph | ellesrph | emmyassists | facehelper | favepsds | gabeofrp | gemmastylesassists | gifhuntmania | gifhuntsofrp | gilbertrps | gomezservice | graphicsofrph | gustgronrph | hardingrps | harrenrps | harvestrps | heiressrps | helpfulbenzo | heroicfictions | herrierants | herrieservices | honeyrph | hrryofrps | irwins1x1 | izzyrps | jackiofrp | jadeyrph | jasperhelps | jeffreeofrp | jemmarps | jenniferrps | jlawofrps | katiehelps | kelofrp | kelseyroleplays |  kendall-helps | kenzassists | kimmyrps | kingparisofrps | kristarph | kylizzlerps | ladyhadesrps | larissahelps | lashtonrps | leighannesofrp | leighelps | lenaofrp | lilithrps | maddieassists | maggotrps | makeoversofrp | malikofrp | mapleofrph | maryhelps | mafiarps | marauderofrp | melinahunts | merrickhelps | momsenrph | moriartywrites | morristreetrps | motherfuckerofrp | nanirps | niallrph | nicirps | nymphadorahelps | otpofrps | pezofrps | problematicrp | raxleywrites | rejectofrp | rockysrp | rossum-writes | rphelper | rpingisajobmum | rpmanips | rpshoutouts | samantharoleplays | sansamanips | sazrps | scullysdanas | seanyeofrps | sexualrph | shanehelps | shayofrp | sheofrphs | staliarps | stjamesrps | susie1x1 | taby1x1s | tammyrps | tearps | tiffanyassists | tinchorps | valtalks | villainrps | washingtonofrp | winterfellwrites | whateverrps | yeahps | zaynrps | ziamrps | zlfie

Thank you again to all my lovely followers and don’t ever be afraid to talk to me or ask me questions. I wish I could become each and every one of your friends, but that is very impossible so if you every want or need to talk my inbox is open and so is my kik/aim if you ask for it. I’m terribly sorry if I missed anyone (note: these are the people that I follow. So I know I did not include all 800 users some of them are inactive)

**RPH loves category; expect something posted through out the next couple of days/weeks. Everyone else will be receiving a cute message from me, every single one listed here.

Not long before things came crashing down on me, I hit another milestone, higher than I ever thought I would get here, and it means the world to me to have all of you lovelies to interact with and talk to and even occasionally watch from afar. But I am not at all a good graphic designer so this banner will have to do. Thank you all so much! I’m sure I really couldn’t put into words how thankful I am to still be around and to still have that desire to write as much of Selphie as I can, and it’s all because of you guys.

I’m going to get super sappy here in a few paragraphs, but first and foremost, this little shout out goes to:


Yes, you, reading this! Even if I somehow managed to not give you a mention, it’s nothing personal, I promise. I love each and every one of you dearly and it isn’t my intention to leave anyone out, but there are a lot of you, and even after compiling this list over the past few days, I could have accidentally skipped over someone. And if I did, or if I managed to mention only a one or two of your blogs that I follow or didn’t group them together, I apologize! You guys are the reason I’m still here, the reason I love to write for a muse I’ve had for a long time and still haven’t managed to tire of. So, for that, I thank you so very much!

Maybe once if I hit 1k in the future, I’ll do something more special for it, like some kind of stream or a giveaway. We’ll see!

So, that said! I have three groups of you to thank, and this is a long post so I’ll save you guys the mess of seeing a ginormous list.

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So I finally reached over 400 followers. I decided to make a follow forever for all the special people in my life and for those who simply bring me entertainment. Also I would love to give a special thanks to zendayaaofrps / meofrps for my lovely graphic. 

The following people are those that I love and adore. Somehow built a friendship with these people. I honestly don't know how they did with my weird ass but they do and I love them for that.

nofaddaa: Babes I honestly don’t know where i would be or what I would be doing without you be my side. Even though you can be musty at times makes me just wanna smack you across the face but yet you’re still here for me. You mean the world to me. I love you from deep inside.

hazel-haan: My little Hazel Wazel sigh baby we have so much in common whether it’s in character or if it’s out of character. Sometimes I wish i could just hold you and show you to the world but you have to live on your own and experience life through different views. Baby i love you and you can come to me whenever you need me.

heiressrps: Ooh chrissy ooh you just so ooh. Sometimes i be wanting to hang you by the throat but I don’t do anything because I know how you can be. Even though you can be a very sensitive person I’m still here for you and don’t let anyone tell you different. You’re very lovable and kind.

thugofrps: I don’t like you at all. I love you but Ion like you lol you can be very not shit at times even when it’s time to be serious you’re very not shit. You a thot on the low too lmao. I love you brudder and never forget that I will be there for you through thick and thin.

augustofrps: Sigh. There is so much I could say about you probably would have a word limit if i did. I’ve been by your side in every rp we’ve been in. I’m basically your ride or die til’ the end we go fly. Even though you can piss me off and frustrate me a lot I still love you since day one baby. I’m just one kik message away.

jcombs1x1: Sigh. You’ve been my bae since the first day i entered the 1x1 world. You’re very goofy and a shit talker as well. I kind of miss our very first ship but i guess we can recreate that with our new one.

kae1x1: My wifey for life. Babes i love you. Even though you be playing me on the low with my big brother i still find my lil love space for you.

papi-kj: Oh my jesus child there is so many words and thoughts I could say to you right now. Especially out of character. You’re my best friend who is hella not shit. very loud, and so adorable. Your little country ass voice makes me smile and giggle whenever I’m speaking to you. You’re my fave currently and I like you a lot. Ion love you at this moment.

caidens1x1: CAIDERZ! Tehe you’re about the only person that I know that puts up with my loud ass like I don’t know how you do it. We’ve created a special bond between one another I don’t think anyone could break us apart. I know i can always come to you with open arms either for myself or for you. I can always come vent to you with you giving me an attitude and I appreciate that about you. You will always have a special place in my heart.
swaggys1x1: Swaggy you my baby okay? Don’t let nobody tell you different. You’re about the only person i can actually beat up and we’ll be laughing the next minute instead of jumping down each others throat.

The following people have amazing 1x1 plots and or pages that I find adorable and you should follow them
laila1x1 1x1equals1 aaliyah1x1 adri-1x1 akasha1x1 alleyesonshe1x1 anica1x1 argent1x1s august1x1 azs1x1 bbykira1x1 belle1x1 braelyn1x1 bunny1x1 camille1x1 chance1x1 cynthia1x1 cyns-1x1 desiray1x1 dtaylor1x1 ygdyme1x1 emu1x1 fck1x1 gabrielle1x1 gio1x1 gina1x1 hazel1x1 heather1x1 hussle1x1 india1x1s jackie1x1 joey-1x1 jhennyandheavies1x1 jasminee1x1 jaz1x1 jhenes1x1 jordy1x1 kaebae1x1 karmen1x1 kaylas-1x1s kory1x1 krystal1x1 laalaas1x1 lani1x1 lynn1x1 mensa1x1 milli1x1 mufasa1x1 nalalissa1x1 nessa1x1s noelle1x1 oohlala1x1 rebelles1x1 rueche1x1 santini1x1 sapphia1x1 shade1x1 shelley1x1s skylar1x1 stacey-1x1 stoner1x1 tariq-1x1 thequeenc-1x1 tleice1x1 urban-1x1s villuminati1x1 von1x1 wstco1x1 yoouri1x1 wsup1x1
 These are a few ofrp, rph people or just randoms I follow that makes my dash pretty entertaining if I say so myself 
thuggaofrps aliofrps aja-rps jasperxnotxcasper ashley-ofrps babeh-guuh baddieofrps barbsrps bbyofrp briyahhh c-ashh cadenrps cadillac-rp calvincandierps cassieofrps clifforps danirps-xo deerps devthagawd dex-le-sex drakeof-rps drickiofrps emiliaofrps ealy-rptalks dannyandangierph serfyofrps macclarkeofrp er0ticfantasies fatboyofrps furyofrps flameofrps gizofrp writing-inblue-ink writing-n-shit holytrinity-rph hippieofrps katgrahamrph jimmybrooks-2014 jodye-rps jojorph leighelps misshollyofrps bunny-ofrps nellienatorreloaded nyaspeaks onikaof-rps onikahelps onikagrahams paloma-rps papiknows-rph sexualfavorsrps shutupofrp simplynotshit slutrps spillyatea tayroleplays theaufactory-rps torilove-rph tyraofrps oohlalarps zoeofrphs zoeyrph allredrph antoniarps angieofrph arinofrps bai-daniella bbygalxcarter beybreezyrph breezyandtygaofrp bowsofrp buttersandvictoriahelps camindierps colehelps dayaofrps destinyhelps lovechraaliyah niknak1x1 kimmyrps taeofrps aaliyahscorner landof–gods
 I apologize if i missed anybody or if i tagged you more than once. There is too many of you and i got really lazy so I'm sorry.  

Shamymitchelps THIRD ever follow forever and ever! Last time I made one I believe I had 500 followers and now you lot have gained me 200 more. I hope I continue to make friends <3 Don't ever hesitate to talk to me, I'm a great listener and sometimes I throw in a couple of jokes. Thank you again and don't feel bad if your name isn't here, just means you should talk to me more ;)

Special thanks to my 700th follower emmieofrp and shelleyofrps for the beautiful graphic.

♚ Shaymitchelps’ Royalty ♚

♥ voidassists (Misha)- You are the bomb diggity, I love you so so much and I'm glad we always make bomb ships. Thank you for being one of the few people that truly care for me and is always there for me too. I'm blessed to know that I can consider you one of my best friends even if we live miles apart. I love you so much and keep being awesome.

♥ gabiofrp(Gabi)Met you unexpectedly when I became co-admin of peculiar and every since I always tried being the best admin just to make you happy. You're an awesome girl and despite our arguments you hold a special place in my heart.

♥ neverlandofrph (Micaela & Ariel)- You both are the sweetest girls I've met and are honestly the best! I love you both and I'm so glad I met you and develop a friendship. Thank you for everything and keep being awesome.

✉ Followers that I’d like to talk to but I’m too shy and awkward ✉

✿prattrps ✿chloeofrp ✿rozhelps

✿ princessofrph ✿ dallasofrp ✿ eastwoodrps

✿ milkovichhelps ✿ nellieofrp ✿ ritassists

✿ loveforrphs ✿ solashofrp ✿ beaverofrp

✿ beckyrph ✿ let-chachi-and-phoebe-help ✿ crissrph

♡ People who are making my dash cool♡

adeleofrp alirps alexassists alexarph alliaofrph allihunts allydiaservices aislenrph anastasiaofrp andrewgarfield-rps angelsofrp arizbethofrp athenaofrp audriarps avahelps avarps awitchrps baerph bambirps bandcrph bandrpaintbad barbararps beccablacks belindarps bellsrph bill-skrsgrd billieofrps biopsdsrph blueofrp boofrp boysofrp bridgetteofrps bryhelps bunny1x1 camiofrps carolinaofrp casparleehelps cassieofrps cateofrp charlieofwriting charstineerph chervisrph chrissyofrps cillianhelps cille-rp cocoofrps coletteofrp corymonteithrp crystalhelpsxoxo crysofrp cyrusassists cuteofrp cutiesrph danielle-rp danirps-xo debiofrp debbieofrps demiofc destinyhelps djofrp diamondrph drfaggotwrites drakehelps drickiofrps dudetalksrp 

edsheeranrps effyrph  emaleighrps emilyassists emmaarps edurneassists ellarps ellsrps emmieofrp emuofrph emzrps evansyhelp ezrarph fancyrps fcsbelike fchelpers flameofrps gabassists gaysrph georginahelps gifshq grammarrph gustgronrph halesrph hardingrps harrystylesrps hartbigrps havenassists havenhelps hazelgracerph helpfulshay hermionerpc heroicfictions herondaleofrp hoodsrph horansrps hqgifhunts

ianrph icequeenrps indielouis irmaofrps itsphotoshop jacobofrp jacobrps jadeyrps jaeofrp jaqenrps janicerps jellyofrps jenniofrps jenneticopinions jessihelps jocerps jojohelps jojoofrps joviofrp jweisthelps kaitofrp katgrahamrph katiehelps kay-helps kellyofrps kellirps kelofrp kenzassists kittysykesofrp kittycanhelp-rph kristenrps laetitiarph lanarphs larissahelps larryofrpg larryofrphs laurenrpgs ledaofrph lenaofrp lenaofrps lissaofrph litewoods livelywrites livofrphs louisassists lucyrps lukehelps luxrps lydsofrp lyssrps

macofrp macclarkeofrp macyrps magsofrp malikmanips malikofrp maliofrp marklehelps maryhelps maromirps meganofrp meghanrps memphisrph mergrps mermaidsofc miarps mikaylaofrps milakhelps minahofrps morganofroleplay moriartywrites okumarps omganotherrph otpofrps nayagraham nellienatorrps niallrph nickandcaine-helps nikkihelps nikolinarps northrps northhelps nutellarps okay-roleplay paigeofrps papiknows-rph paygofrp peace-rph perkyrph perrieofrph perriedwvrds pezofrp pinnockrph princessofrps psychrph psychictwinsrph punkrph punkrps

queenrps ravenclawrps reblogsofrp reylynnofrp rikerhelps roleplayneeds roseyposeyrph rosierph rpassists rphelper rphing rpcomplaints rpher rphforyou rphmarion rphs rpingsht royofrps ryanofrp samantha-helps sarianaofrpa scottmccaels selvato selenaservice seanofrp sexyofrps shanehelps shannarps shanrps slytherinrpch sprinkleofrp stephanierps stylesassists summerofrps sunshineandteagifhunts supersoldierofrp swagofrp taeofrps tapisserie1x1 tardisofrp taylorthecritic teenlesbiansrph thececeofrp theoofrp tiffofrph tomlinempire tommoassists tommorps tonkinplays toniofrp torileah-rph trayrps twzayn  

vanassists virginrps watsons-rph wemiofrp wemmahelps westeroswriter wintersoliderwrites whateverrps xandrarps

yasrph yeahcrackships zainrps zarahelps zaynrps zaynsrps zelleofrp zendayaaofrps zoeyrph zoeyerph 


hi! this is my first follow forever. yaaayy! i’ve been working on this since the beginning of time. okay, not really. anyway, i’m posting this to thank my 400+ followers, that i didn’t even think i’ll get because why would you follow me anyway. this is a late Christmas and post new year gift slash celebration too. i have so many things to thank God for and YOU (yes, you, the one who is reading this) are one of those things. i don’t know why you’re even following me when i’m not really that helpful rp wise and i post too many one direction or funny (at least i think they are) stuff, but you are anyway and for that i’m grateful. thank you to everyone who likes and reblogs my selfies as well. you are so kind to me. please don’t be shy to approach me and message me cause i’d like to hear from you. may God grant you the desires of your heart this 2014. you deserve it, beautiful (or handsome if you’re a dude)!


  • emilyassists → emilyyyyy! you and me are forever ok. we ship practically the same people and have the same exact feels on boy bands and fanfiction, especially harry ones. basically, we are one and the same. i love you for comforting me when i was depressed over zerrie. you even shared harry with me just so i don’t get more down. let’s not even start talking bout previous rp stuff. haha. you are just amazing in and out so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, babydoll. i consider you as one of my real life friends now though we are from different continents. you even downloaded fb messenger for me and im just so touched i could cry tbh. i look forward to being in the same rp as you again. sathan, filo, and nisha are my favorite things in the world and i’m more than glad we have them cause they legit make me cry at night. you are the ky to my kenya ok. hemily and zoelle is otp bye.
  • cuteofrps → urjaaaaaa! my fellow bollywood lover! you are cool ok. i never thought we’d bond over something i wasn’t even aware that other people liked too so… thank you for being a supportive friend and for always reminding me you love me. all the freaking awards go to you girl.
  • danisup → daniiiiiiii! MY CARARRY BUDDY! we may possibly just be the biggest cararry shippers out there and i am happy that i share this honor with you. i can’t ever ever get over the fact that we are friends cause i still get starstruck sometimes and i just love you plain and simple. you can come to me anytime ok? stay fabulous! you are the hazza to my zboy.
  • shazofrps → shazzzzzz! i love you so so so much for being so kind to me. you even named a character in your rp after me and that is like the greatest honor i’ve received in my rp life here on tumblr. though my rp that you joined didn’t last (sobs), i’m glad we remained friends. AND I AM MORE THAN GLAD THAT YOU ARE HELPING ME WITH MY RP. thank you for updating me on 1d news constantly. i really need that since i’m busy with work. you are the boo bear to my zboy.
  • ganjabieber → you are just amazing in everything you do. i don’t even know how you do it. thank you for being the other half of my otp— geth. everyone knows how i feel for our otp that we need to continue cause come on they are like epic, freffy epic, ya feel. i miss talking to you bout stuff so hmu with your aim or s/t.
  • jacksminehelpsi am still in shock over the fact that you also love kathryn bernardo and you’re not even in the philippines which makes you a gazillion times cooler. i look forward to all our kik convos about real life stuff. it makes me glad we can talk about things like that. and you are such a cutie ok. noelle loves you bby.
  • stahpthepayne → kels! you understand my love for queen kenya and you don’t judge me. i’m still starstruck cause you talk to me and you’re kinda famous and before i even had this blog i use your gif hunt for kenya a lot so yeah. i think you’re cool and thank you so so so much for being so kind to me.
  • princessofrps → homegirl! i love you and i truly adore the fact that we can fangirl over 5sos. you are one of the kindest people i’ve talked to on here. i hope we can plot sometime. i look forward to joining a rp you made or work on a rp together with you. you’re just the cutest thing!
  • beyoncer → anaaaaa! you will always be one of my favorite people in the world. thank you for being such a great friend to me. we’ve been through so much & i’m glad that i still have you in my life today. thank you for being so kind to me. wimmer will always be in my heart cause taylena bye. i love you mucho!
  • maximoffsrps → cassie! i’d like to take this time to appreciate you cause you are probably one of the best writers (and people) i know. you are cool, kind, sweet, honest, and all in all an amazingly beautiful person. thank you for having my back through thick and thin. you and ray will forever be my original homegirls. i love youuuuu! you’ll always be the naie to my sunako-chan.
  • francoofrp → you and i are forever and ever and even the space after that, you and i are still sisters ok? you are the second longest rp friend i have and you’re also the first rp friend i have that i actually met in real life. i treasure our friendship a lot. you are my best friend. we go beyond the rp world because we’ve dealt with a ton load of rl issues together and i’m grateful we got through all that together. you know me better than most people, and though we don’t rp and have ships anymore, the ships we had will always be in my heart. especially shilou, but you know that already. kinter was epic too and you know my feels for them. anyway, you are one of the most interesting people i know. one of the most talented graphics maker and writers too. words aren’t enough to describe just how awesome you are really. so stay beautiful! ily ton!
  • eli → this is reserved for the day you make an official RPH blog. i love you for all eternity cause you are always there for me. i can’t remember when we became friends exactly but i can remember how. i was going through stuff and you were the only one who responded to my ooc post and i was so touched cause we haven’t talked properly ooc before that. you listen to my rants every freaking time and we are always in the same page. thank you so so so much for staying by my side, always. you are absolutely amazing and i have no words to express how much i love you. thank you for being my bestie and i am sorry for not being able to respond to our 1x1 all the time. i promise to be better ok. CALENDALL is otp.


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i’m positive i added everyone but if we’re mutually following each other and i didn’t get to include you in the last section, please do message me so i can add you or just add yourself there. it’s perfectly fine. again, thank you so so so much for following me! you have no idea how much this means to me. i hope to be more helpful this year and have my own rp again. have a blessed 2014, everyone! :-*