sometimes i love this country too much for words

Sometimes I see a picture of David gazing at Gillian and I think that he’s like the high school jock, not one of the asshole ones, but the guy who has three letters in more offbeat sports (cross-country, swimming and tennis) but also is in all AP classes and gets into arguments with the English teacher about the meaning of the word “utopia” and sometimes his smile is dorky and shows too much teeth and you love that and at every party he wears mostly black and just chills in the corner sipping his beer but sometimes he DJs because of course he knows about those Icelandic and Scottish bands way before anyone else in your town and when you go outside for a smoke he comes up and talks to you and he’s so tall and has to bend at the neck to look you in the eyes but when he does and you make eye contact you feel like you’ve kind of been touched by the hand of god.

Also my korean is very informal and choppy because i never went to korean school and both my parents are from the country sides of korea. So like I sometimes say really weird phrases or word things weirdly cause my parents would either never correct me or they say it like that too ;; i wish i went to korean school more but also not really cause i love my saturdays too much

▏I Think They Like Me! ▏Woohyun. ▏❋

Request: Okay! woohyun request! Let’s go! When Woohyun meet your family but your family only speak english. (You can speak korean) (Also I don’t know if it was already ask)

Comments: Nope, you are the first to request this! I had fun with this one ^^ Hope you like it! 

         The day Woohyun would meet your family was a day you were partly dreading, yet also looking forward to at the same time. Without a doubt, Woohyun was the most amazing man you had ever met in your life, but there would be a slight language barrier between your family and Woohyun, and that was a problem.

         Despite this, Woohyun urged you to let him meet them. “Jagiya, I want to meet the amazing people who raised you and personally thank them for doing so,” he’d say with a greasy smile. “I think they’ll really like me. I’ll be on my best behavior, I promise.” 

         And after lots of pleading and greasiness, you finally agreed to set aside a day to let Woohyun meet your parents.

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Day 2 Who is your bias?

Really hard to choose… From the beginning, my absolutely-first-place-bias was Suzy - as I`ve already told, thanks to Suzy started my interest to miss A and I roleplayed only Suzy for nearly 2,5 years. But now (probably because I`m getting older kkk) I really fall into Fei. She may seem too serious and mature; but as I had knew her better, I found out that she`s also fragile and sensitive; she`s SO TALENTED in dancing that when I see her on the stage I just can`t stop admiring her. She dances like she breaths, and sometimes when I look at her in these moments, it seems that if she stops dancing, she`ll just suffocate. Fei is talented in cooking, too, and her ‘Master Chef’ inspired me to start cooking smth by myself (to be honest I didn`t like wandering in the kitchen so much before). She can be strict and serious, that is true; she can be also caring and loving. And finally, she has absolutely gorgeous name, it sounds so delicate and magical - magical, cause in my country, on my language 'Fei’ has the same pronouncation as word 'фея’ - 'fairy’. Isn`t it magic? So that`s why I call Wang Fei Fei as my bias.