sometimes i love myself for being hilarious

BTS reaction to their S/O sleep talking

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Jin would think it’s super funny that you talk in your sleep. He would always to try to start conversations with you.


“Tell me again how handsome your boyfriend is.”

“…Hmm…My boyfriend…?… is a gigantic nerd….”

“Wow, rude.”

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Yoongi would be pretty freaked out when you suddenly start laughing in your sleep.


“Oh my god, I invited a demon into my house.”

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Namjoon would be so done after being woken up at three in the morning by your rambling.

“…Why would I want to dim the lights…?”

*looks into the camera like on the office*

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Hobi would just lie there, trying to figure out where the cackling is coming from at two in the morning. Once he figures out it’s just you he would be both relieved and confused.

“Oh my god, you scared me.”

“…Hehehe…He will never guess what we are up to…”

“What the fuck..?”

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Jimin would love your sleep talking so much. Sometimes he would purposely stay up to listen to your rambling.

“…My boyfriend is the best…”

“Is that so?”


“What babe?”

“…You can’t…have him…”

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V would be shook by something you said and stay up all night trying to understand it.

“..If I punch myself… and it hurts… does that make me weak… or strong…?”

“Well… so much for a good 8 hours of sleep.”

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Kookie would think that your sleep talking is absolutely hilarious. He would take some videos to have something to show you next time you tease him about his love for Iron Man.

“Stop being mean to the shrimp… THEY HAVE FEELINGS TOO.”

“My day has come.”

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This is absolutely crazy!!! Just the thought of 300 lovely human beings following this little guilty pleasure/hobby of mine is just mind-blowing!!! And so, I want to thank you in one of the best ways possible: through sincere recommendations of other blogs!!! These people are inspiring, kind, cool, hilarious, and have overall 1000000/10 blogs :)))

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Everything under the cut :))))

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hate to break it to you but there’s no substantial proof that zutara was ever gonna happen after they finished pre-production / early stages

this infamous photo came from a set of extras that would debut on nickolodean that was also known to joke around a lot. these extras are not canon.

these are actual words michael and bryan said:

M: Sorry to disappoint the “Zutara” fans out there, but we never intended for Zuko and Katara to get together. Maybe we’re just sentimental, but we always had a soft spot in our hearts for “Kataang”.

B: Zuko and Katara might have shared some sparks, but sometimes there are people along your “journey of love” who are there to teach you about yourself and what you really need, but don’t necessarily end up being your partner. Come on, kids! “Zutara” never would have lasted! It was just dark and intriguing.

that being said, i can see the appeal of zutara and i myself actually shipped zutara for a while but now i find it HILARIOUS when zutarians analyze the show so closely for evidence when there’s nothing to find

Okay I know I said I was done

But real quick.  You all are the best. Seriously.  

Today I had great convos with people about representation, racism, mental health, wlw supporting each other, and just being kind to each other.  And this episode was literally just our girls talking on the phone and it still was more than I even thought it would be and we’re all dead now.  And like we’re all over here cheering for Sutton and like applauding Katie for her hilarious, supportive, tweets.   It’s so clear people just love and support these three ladies so much and it’s so inspiring.

I know it’s a TV show, but you all are hilarious and great people. And I would drink wine in a bathtub with each and every one of you. And eat Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes. And watch RuPauls Drag Race.  Thanks for being great and making my Tuesday’s so freaking enjoyable.

There’s always pleasant surprises when my friends know my OTP, and when they also remember the random things that I really like. Like the movie, Aladdin. So you can imagine my reaction when my bro, aural980, gifted me these adorable chibis for my birthday.

Let’s just say that I cannot stop smiling when I see this. It’s so cute. And it’s so perfect. And now I’m craving an Ereri Aladdin!AU dammit.

Bro, thanks for always being there for me, especially when I need it most (even though you may not know it). Thanks for always showering me with gifts (both the lovely and the frickin’ hilarious). And I know I’m probably the worst at expressing myself sometimes, but just… really… Thank you. I’m extremely grateful that you are in my life somehow, keeping me insane and grounded and so very happy.


dontletmebegonelaneboy  asked:

When you get this message you have to tell 5 things you like about your self then send this to 10 of you favorite followers💙

Oh I love you MaKayla

1. My eyes, they are hazel and just make me happy. they show a lot of my emotions too which I like.

2. My laugh, it’s dorky and loud. Sometimes it’s so much I can’t breathe. It seems to be something I’ve grown to love. Also means life’s being hilarious again.

3. My hands, they create and destroy things. They help me function in everyday life. I get to wear rings on them and nail polish to give them a pop. Without them, I’d be really lost. They help me play piano and learn other instruments.

4. My sense of adventure, it gets me uncomfortable with the world. I like pushing myself to go on trips and go find things that normally I would avoid. I hope this passion never leaves me and I could continue to help others find that sense of adventure too.

5. My smile, although it’s not Hollywood smile level. I used to hate it but it makes me, well me. It’s who I am. It reminds me of the good in life and how many reasons I have to smile. Everyday I find a reason to like it just a bit more.


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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non- negotiable, positivity is cool) 💛

okay I’m gonna say things I like about myself and not feel like I’m being arrogant !! okay so I love my hair bc it’s long and pretty, I’m freaking hilarious sometimes tbh, I like the muscle definition of my stomach, I’m a bomb ass cook/baker, and i like that I like to pick others up and help them love themselves :)))

Thanks for sending this bby I think it was actually really good for me!! xx

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Favorite nostalgic shows 😃😃😃

Suite life of Zack and Cody: Hilarious, BEST COMEDIC WRITING ever

I wish it stayed this way

Zack and Cody, was like my favourite thing to watch, I’d sit with my family sitting close to the screen and being told of for it. I loved everything about the show, sometimes it could be cringy but I was too young to care about that, I cared about Cody, and I found myself laughing every time Zack led him to a situation where both Mr Moseby and their mother would catch them. My favourite episode till this day is the ballroom dancing episode, it is a traditional watch with my siblings as we don’t know why but we burst into laughter at every scene. Favourite characters: London, Maddy and Esteban and Lance. I also adore Marian Moseby in case that wasn’t obvious. I just love this show, I like to remember the memories before you know Suite life on deck demolished every good memory I had of the story writing, character building and it’s still an unfortunate nightmare to me, though you would never have guessed that I cried once because I MISSED the special where all the shows joined together, Not even a lie.

Wizard of Waverly place: CLIFFHANGERS

I have an unhealthy obsession with Selena Gomez. I’m goanna finally admit it. One of the reasons was because of this show. I was little, going through my own puberty woes, boys, and school drama and Wizard of Waverly place satisfied that reliability I needed on screen, although I was the opposite of Alex in mostly everything I still related with everything at that time.  Now when I go back to rewatch to get that magic that pulled me in. I cringe so much at everything. Like I can’t even like the show anymore yet it holds so much memories for me, the stupid hat song, Alex, Harper, Justin, Mason, Dean, Max every single one of them. THE WIZARD COMPETIION OMG the stress I got from that, I was rooting for Justin all the way since season 1 and then Alex you know got the whole growth thing and everybody knew it would be her. I even remember the days I waited excitedly for the movies OMG the movies, each of them were so special, and like even though she was playing his sister, I shipped David and Selena so much, and Gregg Sulkin was a visual gift as well. I nearly died when the wizards lost their powers, and Alex revealed the wizarding world to the whole world. Ahhh so many memories, one thing about this show was the way it did the cliff hangers. The cliff hangers were mad. I’ll never forget the day my heart broke alongside the characters when Mason bit Juliette and the couples had to be separated I wept. I seriously remember breaking down. Wizards of Waverly place really did control my emotions and I’d always link it with my puberty days, when I started to want to learn more about myself and grow. One of the best, sad I can’t go back and rewatch it the same way.

Kim Possible: RON AND KIM THAT’S ALL, AND RUFUS and Wade

I wanted to be her. I wanted to be a secret spy and have a derpy best friend and accept his quirks and perfection. Ron and Kim was like the OTP and I don’t care what people say a Stitch in Time will always be my favourite Disney TV animated movie. That dance scene OMG my heart, it was so beautiful so perfect, and I loved watching it that day. I love Shego as well. Omg she was so bad ass, one of my favourite female villains on TV and still is.  I wish Disney could have something like Kim Possible for little girls of this generation, a cartoon that isn’t just aimed at guys but for girls as well. Because this show was a gift for little teens like me at that time.

True Jackson VP: Such an inspiration with relatable POC lead

I loved this show, this show made me so happy, another person who I probably wanted to be when I was younger. Honestly this show made me want to grow into a young adult so much. However even though this is nostalgic to me, especially the opening theme song, I don’t know, it seems like my memories don’t hold the storyline, perhaps it was the main romance that made me stop liking the show? I remember lots of romance plotlines that didn’t go nowhere or ended up in stupid break ups like all teen shows in Nickelodeon no offence I ended up feeling meh. But it’s still nostalgic to me when the music plays I start to feel an unknown loss in my past and goose bumps rise.


This is such a nostalgic show for me because this was the reason why I started to get into comics, and I loved Tom Wells, I loved Justin Hartley whose now in this is US. I loved everything about small Ville, Including Lex Luther who was played by Michael Rosenbaum (WHO IS BAE and one of my favourite characters on screen) I loved Clark, I loved Louise, I disliked Lana, I liked Chloe, I loved Jimmy and I loved Oliver. I even liked Zod. I just wished we had another show like small ville is, a coming of age story starting from high school for all the super heroes, it was with this disappointment I wasn’t open minded to arrow or the Flash at first. Anyways I loved Small ville I know people disliked it because of how it dragged a bit, but I can go back every time and rewatch this show and it still makes me smile. I still grin at Clark and Louise and their dynamics, and when Superman went rogue it was soo… well weirdly attractive. And I wanted my own Blur Sigh… And of course when SOMEBODY SAVE MEEEE starts singing when the theme song pops up, you can as well bet that you’d see me at the screen shouting and singing along.

3,500 Followers. Wow.

First I must start off by saying…y’all are crazy for following me! I don’t know why you do, but THANK YOU.

I was a late bloomer when I came into following WoSo, some might call me a bandwagon-er because yes, I was one of those people who joined in on the fun during the Women’s World Cup last summer. Prior to May 2015, I knew just about nothing about the sport but when I fell into it, I fell hard. I was hungry to learn all that I could about the USWNT, and soon after, the NWSL, other Int’l teams and even NCAA woso. I made this account the day after the USWNT became three-time WWC champions and I haven’t looked back since. 

For the longest time, I was super intimidated by everyone in the fandom, fearful of reaching out and trying to make friends but lately it’s felt like I’ve finally found a place here.

I just want to give a shout out to a bunch of people. Whether we’re good friends, mutuals or not, I think you all rock and I’m so happy to be here amongst such awesome individuals.

@blessedwithpress and @tristekismet - Y'all are like my ride or dies! I probably talk to you guys more than I talk to most people which says a lot. Hope we meet in person soon *coughHoustonIn2017cough*

@kriegerfeverlife - I love following you fellow Dash fan! We share a lot of opinions and I feel like sometimes I can just reblog you instead of post myself because SAME! :) Thanks for being a cool, level-headed fan.

@allielong - Thanks for giving my posts notes when you reblog them. That’s all I have to say. (JK! I think you’re awesome and funny and I really do enjoy following you).

@masarforthewin @nardleylloyd @ellamasarisgoals @carlieffinglloyd - You guys are all awesome and hilarious and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you at varying levels. Hope we can get to know each other more!

@just-passionately-curious - Your photography is amazing and I really love all the great work you do with player data. It’s super fascinating!

@ashlynmichelles - All of your edits are so aesthetically pleasing!!! Teach me your ways!

@janine-beckie - I’ve been following you for some time (RIP houstoncreamsicles) and I just love your passion for/knowledge of woso. That time you ripped the Washington Spirit (RIP Spirit) to shreds? Yeah, same. 

@livin-in-harmony - I’ve been following you a long time and I think you have awesome taste (coughToriKellycough) so I’d love if we talked more!

@tobsernal @sonnettt-ko @andisullys @crystal-press @kriegs-liebe - You guys are new-ish followers of mine but I think you all have great blogs and I hope we can get to know each other more!

Shoutout to more awesome people: @huffy-and-abs @captain-kriegy @hollaashyou @rightbackriegs @pressquad @122ndminute@inlovewiththeuswnt @sweet-and-sauerbrunn @mal-pughs @diriedits

Gemini's opinion on the other signs (impe)
  • Aries: you are funny and we get along well but you're a damn fool
  • Taurus: You are a mystery.. Why are we best friends and then you suddenly ignore me wth?
  • Gemini: we can joke around for a while, sure.. But in the longer run you suck. I hate myself too btw.
  • Cancer: You are so funny when angry, it's hilarious to watch. Hate that you are such an attentionwhore though? (my moon and mercury is cancer so jokes on me)
  • Leo: I really like you but sometimes a little too much drama, but that equals gossip so go on..
  • Virgo: this is a hit or miss but mostly miss, please STOP living in the past, move on, stop being so negative about everything!! Fucking hell
  • Libra: Love/hate relationship but mostly love.. Very funny and so on but you think that you're always right but I shut up because arguing with you is so annoying.
  • Scorpio: I secretly love you, you are gorg and just perfect.
  • Saggitarius: My perfect match this is a win/win no matter what.
  • Capricorn: I annoy the shit out of you but I know you love me anyways, bless you baes.
  • Aquarius: I enjoy your company but idk man it's something that bothers me about you..
  • Pisces: I fall for you too easy and always end up hating you in the end so when will I fucking learn. (This only applies to guys, girls you are always cute)

Today was one of those days.. we all have them, because motherhood, despite all of it’s beauty and wonder is very, very hard sometimes. 

I woke up early as I do every morning to spend a small amount of time with Mylo before he heads off to work. We’ll normally catch up on insignificant small things and share a coffee (tea for me) before Étienne wakes. Unfortunately morning sickness took over today, Étienne didn’t want to sleep in and Mylo had to leave for work despite my head hanging over the toilet.

I’ll admit I was so close to ordering in breakfast (you can do that now it’s awesome) and spending the day in bed. The only problem is, my energetic almost 1 year old does not share my love for duvet days and will scream the house down to let me know it. So I did what mama’s do, pulled myself together and made his breakfast - which he decided to wear instead of eat. Then I dropped the spoon numerous amounts of times which Étienne found hilarious. That sweet, infectious sound of baby belly laughing was enough to wipe out the grey cloud hanging over my head.. because no matter how hard it is sometimes, being a mama is the best. 

msamberpriley #WCW Goes out to my beautiful, gracious, classy, hilarious, tough-love giving, amazing MOTHER! Everything I know about being a smart business woman and carrying myself like a QUEEN I have learned from her! She gives me an insurmountable amount of support and never holds back the truth no matter how ugly it may be sometimes! I am so lucky to call her MOM and my best friend. Not very many women or girls have that relationship with their mothers but I’m a lucky one! I LOVE YOU MOMMY