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It's the second day of 2017 and the drama still continues in this fandom

Michael and Crystal are not PR you guys. I know a lot of you don’t want to accept Michael being in a relationship and that’s ok but don’t try to make up shit. These boys said they control their own lives, they’re management or whoever doesn’t. I doubt they would use a relationship to get recognition. Michael is happy and that’s all that matters. As for the kiss though, dude is awkward as hell and it’s cute. Being in a band that big I bet he hasn’t had a proper kiss or relationship since before it started. Michael is not the guy we read in fanfics, he’s not perfect or skilled in romance, he’s a dork and sweet enough to show his love and I think that’s enough for Crystal to love him too. Let them be happy and you guys should be glad Michael cares enough about us to be able to share his private life like that.

I can’t believe I had to read the sentence: “But Luke wasn’t a father figure in anywhere other than his head and Lorelai should have made sure he knew that.”

Lorelai literally said/wrote the words: “ Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life.” 

It’s almost like this person thinks Rory was forced to spend time with Luke where as it’s the complete opposite. He didn’t have to make her a coffee cake or blow up balloons or come to her birthday parties. He didn’t have to go to her caterpillar’s funeral. He didn’t have to give her his mother’s pearls. He didn’t have to listen to her when she told him the car accident wasn’t Jess’ fault. He didn’t have to let her in the diner when she showed up suddenly when she and Lorelai were estranged. He didn’t have to attend her high school graduation, but she wanted him there “Okay, good, I want you there.” and he wasn’t going to let her down. Her biological dad was not there for any of these events but Luke was! That speaks volumes! He was there because he loves Rory unconditionally! She may not exactly see him a father figure, but she loves him too and if you try to tell me otherwise I will fight you. 

Rory may have had high hopes for Christopher to be a good dad, but he wasn’t and Luke was a good male role model/father like figure in her life! 




I just… I feel like I’m never gonna have it… the whole package, you know? That person, that couple life, and I swear, I hate admitting it because I fancy myself Wonder Woman, but… I really want it. The whole package.
You’ll get it.
How do you know?
I know.

Muke Shit 8
  • Luke: Why do you want Soulmates to exist so badly?
  • Michael: I don't know, I just want to know someone will love me
  • Luke: Oh
  • Michael: Sometimes I don't think I'll find my soulmate but I want to
  • Luke: I...
  • Michael: I know you think it's stupid but
  • Luke: I don't think it's stupid
  • Michael: I just want someone to love me
  • Luke: I love you
  • Michael: ...
  • Luke: I might not be your soulmate but I love you,
  • Michael: I think I found them
  • Luke: Who?
  • Michael: My soulmate
  • Luke: Oh
  • Michael: It's you, you idiot, I love you.

a/n: I started this the night Love You Goodbye was released. It’s been kicking around in a Word document for the better part of a week now. It’s not terribly different from things I’ve written in the past, but it holds a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy!

“I didn’t want to do this tonight, you know. I honestly just didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.” You slammed your car door shut and held your phone closer to your ear. “Obviously I wanted to wait until he wasn’t home and just go in, get my things, and leave. But you know the old saying. ‘We can’t always get what we want.’”

You pause while your roommate rambles on about not needing to cause any more tension or stress about the situation. Like you seriously needed to be reminded about that. Her heart is in the right place; she only cares about your wellbeing. But there’s only so much you can do to prevent that.

“I’m fine. You know I’m fine. He’s the one I’m actually worried about. The boys tell me he just hasn’t been the same lately. And don’t start on me about that again. Yes, I still care about him. Yes, it still hurts like hell. But it needs to be this way. I couldn’t live like that anymore.”

You were, after all, the one who ended things. Your two year long relationship came to a close because of you. Well, not solely you. It takes two to tango, right? But you were the one that decided to walk away. The two of you just didn’t work anymore. Everything was routine. You loved each other, but it didn’t feel like you enjoyed each other, nothing felt genuine anymore. You thought it was obvious, him…not so much.

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