sometimes i look like a house elf

Sirius Black.

I love him.


I think we need to remember that he was, at times, a despicable asshole.

We need to remember the time he compared harry to James again, guilt-trapped him into trying to get him to meet with him (despite him being a WANTED MAN) and doesn’t try to at least realize why harry is being so unlike his father and trying to be cautious. Because, um, Sirius, you’re the closest thing to family that he has. And he doesn’t want to risk that even a little.


Remus was terrified of waking up and realizing that while in werewolf form he had attacked someone (attack being a cover-word for murder, okay?) and Sirius disregarded this entirely for a truly … evil prank on Snape. I mean …

This was just evil. Evil. It would be different if he had thought about it in a sort of passing thought, because we all have evil thoughts in passing and as long as we do not act on them they do not really mean much. But this … He betrayed Remus and almost killed Snape because he was nosy. How does that match up, Sirius? At all?

Treated Kreacher like absolute shit despite being the one to create of my favorite quotes from the series. “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” Well, I’m taking a good look at you Sirius and I’m seeing a man who treats his house-elf like shit, even though YOU could have been the one to CHANGE him for the better. YOU could have treated him with kindness and brought him away from the Pure-blood supremacy of which he had been taught and recited. Sirius must have known Kreacher had an affinity for people who treated him well, and, if someone was kind enough to him, would have come around. But NOPE.

And this is a little irrelevant, but sometimes I fear Sirius didn’t really love Harry, but was loving the parts of James that were in him. Had never grown to love Harry, just held on to remnants of James left within him as his son. This is a very personal, irrational fear I have on Sirius’s character, and is probably not true, but I worry.

Sirius was also a man of incredible will and resilience, was deeply upset he couldn’t do more to help the Order, never showed a hint of cowardice in ANYTHING (that I can remember), was an incredibly powerful wizard, loved his godson and his friends, and was very likely to be suffering from some mental illnesses and tried. Tried as hard as he could.

See? I’m a grown up. I’m trying to come to terms with being an adult, because I don’t feel like one often and I don’t think I’ll ever truly cross over. But as an ADULT and a reasonable reader of the series, I can see both sides of a character I love and even those that I do not. I could be friends with fans who love or hate Sirius and I wouldn’t much of a problem. Can we just grow up and realize that complex characters give us more to talk about and we shouldn’t try to pigeonhole characters (whoever they might be; Snape, Sirius, Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, even Percy …) and hate and love them however we want without trying to turn them COMPLETELTY evil or COMPLETELY good? Because it doesn’t work and never will.

Over and out.

kun is so in love with leo and he just likes to take advantage of it i mean kun sometimes looks like he’s his house-elf

  • he has to go to the bathroom in his tiptoes to stop the phone from vibrating so it doesn’t wake leo up
  • he has to turn off the tv because leo can’t sleep with the tv on
  • they used to get calls from the nt’s fitness coach to wake them up and they had to guess the song and leo would force kun to answer the phone and guess because he wanted to sleep
  • they had a drawing competition before the U20 World Cup in 2005 and leo couldn’t think of anything to draw and he asked kun for help AND KUN ENDED UP DRAWING THE ENTIRE THING  leo didn’t win but imagine if he did lol

Sometimes people send me things on the internet and I make faces about them, alone, in my room, to the computer. I started trying to document these faces, because I love hilarity. 

The last one is the most recent, it is the face I made in reaction to the video I just posted (sent to me by Blev, who is glorious). Two of them are reactions to weird fanart sent to me. The eyebrows might not have been an actual reaction, but an attempt to see now nefarious I could make them look. The picture with the hoodie is from when I was sick as a dog in October, so I’m totally makeup-less.

That really flattering one in the middle is also from when I was taking my makeup off, so my eyes are all freaky-oily looking from the remover. 

okay this will be my last ramble about it but

Harry is just. not a good romantic match for Hermione.

I think it needs to be acknowledged that Ron would go and put his arm around Hermione when she cried and comfort her and Harry would just stand there

and that Harry explicitly said that he liked that Ginny wasn’t a crier because he can’t deal. with crying.

A lot of people got mad at Harry for that, but honestly, I always thought that was product of Harry’s childhood. Harry could not cry when he was with the Dursleys. He knew they would exploit any vulnerability shown. Also he learned not to ask questions and not to ask for help. A LOT of Harry’s personality is shaped by the abuse, okay, and the discomfort with crying is part of it. Harry bottles up his emotions until they build and build and then they come out in a burst of anger. He is not compatible with someone who needs support and comfort when they are upset. Which Hermione does. Remember how he refused to talk about Ron when Ron left? How he would hear Hermione crying at night and just try to ignore it because he didn’t know what to do?

Hermione is someone who is open about her vulnerability and emotions, who is sensitive and appreciates emotional support.

Ginny, on the other hand, like Harry, went through some trauma and basically dealt with it all on her own, kept it under wraps. She learned, our of neccessity, to not absolutely need emotional support to the degree Hermione does. She is not sensitive because, like Harry, she couldn’t be. Whether it was dealing with a bunch of brothers, or having to recover from someone emotionally exploiting and abusing her, Ginny has made herself into a person who does not allow herself vulnerability. And anyone who crosses her gets shut down hard. Ginny could deal with Harry’s shit, at least. I wasn’t worried about her with Harry like I would be with Hermione. At all.

Hermione cannot deal with Harry’s bottled up emotions, rage, tendency to shut down- Ron, on the other hand, is also very open about his emotions and very obviously vulnerable, and is comfortable with Hermione being the same. Did he lash out at her and mistreat her due to insecurity? Yes. However, his insecurity was something he confronted, dealt with and apologized for in the text, while Harry never really dealt with the issues stemming from an abusive childhood (which is okay, because those are a lot harder to deal with) Hermione would also lash out at him. Did he sometimes mock what was important to her or belittle her? Yes, but again the text showed him dealing with this- he showed his support for the house elf thing at the end (and that was when she kissed him- when she realized he supported her values) and mostly replaced the insults with lighter teasing and constant “omg Hermione you’re a genius! You look great! (Harry I read that girls like compliments and now i am using them aren’t you proud)”.  Moreover, Hermione would never take his shit and she would give as good as she got. She did not put up with him. She did not leave with him when he stormed out and it took her a long time to forgive him too. Because he was open about stuff, she was able to stand up for herself.

They do have issues and probably would have required relationship counseling, yeah (I was far more concerned about Hermiones tendency to lash out physically at Ron than anything else). But that seemed far more like shit they would be able to grow out of than Harry’s issues, and far more out in the open.

I would have been fine with Hermione not being with anyone, or not marrying Ron, with the relationship not working out. But no. I do not want her with Harry. That’s not good for her, and when it comes down to it, I would prefer her with Ron, because at least he won’t shut down on her. But it doesn’t have to be Ron or Harry or some other boy.

I am sick of the main female character ending up with the hero, of her being reduced to “the girl” the hero gets. That’s another reason I could never support Harry/Hermione. Hermione is a hero in her own right. Stop making it be about whether she should be with Harry. That means you, jkr.

anonymous asked:

What's the deal about Shitty being heteronormative, if you don't mind explaining it? As a gay person, I recognize that the vast majority of humans are straight, so it's perfectly logical to assume any given person you know is straight, especially if you have only seen them be romantically involved with the opposite sex (which I think is heaviliy implied as true for Shitty and Jack). Shitty was being an asshole for prying in this manner but I don't see how "heteronormativity" was the problem?

Alright, the way I see it its that we simply expect better from Shitty.

Shitty who the fandom has embraced as the ‘rich straight white boy aware of his privilege.’

For example, Tater also teased Jack about having a girlfriend and nobody said anything about him and his assumptions, and that’s because Tater hasn’t spend his time talking to us about gender roles, toxic masculinity and heteronormativity, etc.

Basically it kind of made an impact in the fandom because Shitty has done something against the characterisation we have seen up until now of him.

Don’t get me wrong, I get where Shitty was coming from and he is still the Shitty we love, he just made a drunk mistake in the heat of the moment.

Jack has only ever dated girls as far as the Samwell crew is concerned, and he has never hinted or said anything to contradict or imply otherwise so Shitty just made the assumption based on previous behaviour and knowledge of Jack.

And that’s the thing as a fandom we have clung onto is that that Shitty, who should know better than to assume he knows somebody’s sexuality without that person having stated it, has done it because among all the characters he is the one who has taken a very loud stance against this kind of thing.

I’m 10000000% sure that if Jack had come out or even hinted at not being straight to Shitty, he would have kept his mouth shut and never risk outing or making Jack uncomfortable.

Shitty’s assumption wasn’t completely off base. I mean he wasn’t talking to a stranger but his best friend, somebody he has personal experience about Jack’s dating habits, and this is exactly the kind of scenario Shitty would normally point out heteronormativity comes into play.

Let me put it to you this way:

You have a best friend who doesn’t date much but occasionally has short relationships with women. Then your friend moves somewhere else and clearly starts keeping a secret from you, avoiding calls, always checking their phone, looking happier and choosing to spend their few free evenings with somebody else, when you know your circle of friends is basically the same.

Then their new coworker starts talking about how they have a girlfriend, and it makes sense with the behaviour you have seen from them that the source of it is a relationship.

Next time you are at a party with all your friends, you drink a little and then loudly ask your best friend about this girlfriend they’ve been hiding and ignore how they try to sidestep or deny the question.

Eventually you will find out your friend was dating a guy, which of course puts everything into a new perspective.

Heteronormativity is what coloured your assumptions, and it’s what puts people in the position of having to come out in the first place, because unless they basically inform us that ‘I’m not straight’ we assume they are.

It puts an unfair pressure in coming out when you are not ready, because if you don’t then people will continue to assume you are straight. The issue here is not about people staying in the closet, but about society creating a system in which you are put there in the first place.

And as I said, Shitty knows this better than any of the other characters. He knows it better than I do, he studied this kind of thing, he is aware of how it affects people’s lives, and identifies it around him, but was blind to doing it himself.

From any other character we wouldn’t have made such a big deal, but it’s understandable that we react this way from the character that should know better.

I hope this clarifies things a bit, and do understand Shitty is still the same character that we’ve always love and that just because it has taken a long post to explain his actions, doesn’t mean I’m condemning him and trying to raise a mob with pitchforks to hunt him down.

Good story telling requires flawed characters. People who make good and bad choices and that sometimes contradict themselves. Just like in real life.

The best example I can give you of this is in Harry Potter; one of Sirius Black’s most quoted lines is 'if you want to know what a man’s life, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals’ and yet look at how he treats his house elf Kreacher.

N is really good at creating this balance of good and bad characteristics in her characters, and we just have to hang on and wait to see how things play out.

Now, I feel I should also say that this somewhat meta-ish analysis comes only from the impressions of a straight girl who is doing her best to explain a rather big issue that affects a community she isn’t part of.

So if I made a remark or assumption that wasn’t correct, please do drop by my ask and tell me.

Starters are hard. These days, you can’t just write “Hi” or “Hello” and expect to get some interesting replies, if any at all. It’s important to give roleplayers something to respond to! Here’s a list of 155 starters suited for Harry Potter roleplays. Don’t be afraid to edit any of these to suit your character. These are mainly just ideas to get your brain rolling. FYI, Not all of these are mine. I found about half through google or on tumblr gifsets! Please like/reblog if you use!

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