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{Social media AU where Jungkook is a famous model/youtuber and Jimin is an upcoming singer/dancer. They somehow end up living together and also become fake boyfriends}


Guess what nerds…………………………………… im officially back and ready to give u all some more quality paint

Im sorry that i was gone for longer than anticipated!! it was only supposed to be for like a week or two but then i got swamped with schoolwork and. whoops there goes all my free time

BUT ALAS i am alive and will be trying to get the blog back on schedule!! it may take me a little bit to get back to my regular posting schedule, but hey. at least im here u feel

thank you all for your patience and have a good night/day/evening/whatever

♡ 10.8.17 ♡

happ. birth. @crybabyboners

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i think posts like “you’re deserving of love even if you have xy symptoms, u dont need to change yourself for someone!” come from a good place and are even true in a Lot of senses, esp on the surface level, but like… i feel like sometimes they kind of stop short of necessary self-awareness. like, sometimes symptoms DO make us hard to be in a relationship with, and like… we genuinely do need to work on those things, if we can, you know? yeah, my being emotionally distant ain’t my fault, but i also get that if i don’t put any emotional labor into a relationship i can’t seriously expect any back, u know.

like self-love is important… its nigh impossible to get anywhere near self-improvement if we’re too overwhelmed by self-hate. i know, i’ve been there! but like… it’s important to know that some level of working on ourselves, of compromising in a relationship, is not only good, but its also very normal! relationships r give & take my friends

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

Ik theres this big cringe trend lately, but if its just kids having harmless fun and arent doing any damage ( harrassing, stealing, overbearing strangers, etc) just let them be
Nothing sucks more than having a good time, that isnt distressing anyone, and to be ridiculed for it. Remember that while it isn’t your place to babysit anyone it’s also not your place to ruin a good experience

im marinating on this little idea. Tell me if its dumb ot not. i like buying the used books on amazon because sometimes they have notes in them pointing out specific things, thats always fun and most of the time makes u realize new things i wouldnt have if i was skimming over but sometimes they dont have notes. wouldnt it be cool to do a book club esque thing where one person starts with a book chosen for that month, has a week to read, makes their own little notes, and then u sign the back page. and it goes down the line and whoever went and bought the book for that month could keep it. supr fun. And u have this book with all kinds of cool notes and all of our signatures in it!! Its exciting. we send the book to eachother. guys


rose-colored girl! 🌸

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drew my favourite kids. i also happen to headcanon the both of them as pan & trans so the pride versions are included

THIS  IS   A  MAINS    /    EXCLUSIVES   CALL !   if that’s what you call them,    but i’m pretty close to being fully situated on this blog,    &    as most of you know i’m no stranger to our fav alien goddess,    so i’m bringing this back !    if you like this,    you honestly get top priority,    but also it’s letting me know that you want to interact    &    pursue a developing relationship with my kori.    all i ask is that it’s mutual thing !