sometimes i like to watch this part at half speed and cry :)


Summary: Pure porn without plot. You wake up and spend a morning with Sam and Dean.

Warnings: Smut, threesome (no Wincest), anal sex

Word Count: 2650ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Too hot. Too bright. Everything feels heavy and suffocating, like you’re trapped or tied down. Leg muscles twitch, but you can’t move them as you force your brain to swim toward the surface, try to break your mind out of its haze.

And then you wake up.

For just a moment, you focus only on your breath. You wake up like this two or three times a week, have ever since you started hunting, and it will only take your body a few seconds to calm down.

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Open to Interpretation, Part 2: Negan x Reader

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A/N: The masses asked for a sequel. So I give them… A SEQUEL!!!!!!!! Huge thanks to my best bitch @mr-musings for checking its perfect for ya’ll.

Warnings: The usual. Rough sex, breath play, voyeurism, age gap, inappropriate relationship, elements of DDLG.

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You grossly underestimated how much pain you would be in after your late night meeting with Negan, despite this, you were in your car on your way to class. You’d resisted the urge to stay in bed to give in to another, the urge to drive Negan crazy during his lecture.

Dressed in a nice little ensemble that made you look the picture of a diligent college student, you parked up and joined the hordes of students walking towards the main building. You noticed you were getting a few looks from guys you’d seen around. You smirked to yourself, reassured in what you already knew; you looked good.

Just as you entered the hallway that professor Negan’s classroom was in, you felt a nudge and something warm being put in your hands. You grasp it without thinking and glance up, only to see professor Negan striding toward his room. He’d handed you a takeaway cup of coffee with a piece of paper taped to it. You pull it from the cup and unfold it.

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I Need You

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2796

Author’s Note: So, I saw gifs of Stiles crying and decided to break everyone’s heart, whoops. It’s a cute ending tho, so yeah! I literally wrote this last night and I’m like wow. Also, thanks to one of my bbys @dumbass-stilinski for proofreading this for me!

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I laid on my bed, scrolling through my photo album, looking at the many pictures that Stiles and I had taken, smiling lovingly at my phone, my heart swelling. Mieczysław Stilinski has been my boyfriend for about a year and a half, ever since the party Lydia had where she poisoned all of us with wolfsbane to resurrect Peter, Derek’s insane uncle. Stiles is the most loving boyfriend I’ve had and I can honestly see myself marrying him, if he’d ever want to. We have been through everything together, but lately, he’s been a little distant and I have absolutely no idea why and I want to help him, but he keeps brushing me off. My phone began to ring, Lydia’s name popping up on my screen as I sighed, answering it.

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can’t get you close enough

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M (18+ only please)
Warnings: Smut, angst, harsh language, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks. (I wrote this in, like, a half hour. Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors!)
Summary: After a hunt goes wrong, you and Dean fight. Switches POV between Dean and the reader.

The car ride back to the bunker is silent. 

You’re practically vibrating with anger, your leg bouncing restlessly as you stare at the scenery flying past the windows. Sam keeps glancing at you warily, but you don’t meet his eyes. He’s too understanding, too aware of the other feelings that are playing a role in your anger. 

The hunt went bad. It happens, occasionally. No one died, and you ended up ganking the ghost that was haunting a family north of Lebanon. You have a few scrapes and scratches, but it was worth it, when you were able to save a little boy and girl and get them safely back to their parents.

Dean didn’t agree. Sure, you saw the relief in his eyes when the whole thing was over, but it wasn’t long until he tore into you. You were angry at him, and embarrassed. He didn’t even wait until you were out of earshot of the Hughes family before he started telling you you acted like an amateur. 

When you finally pull into the garage at the bunker, you’re out the door of the Impala practically before Dean puts it into park. 

He says your name as he opens the driver’s side door, and you take a deep breath, trying not to fly off the handle. “Dean, don’t.” You shake your head. “I am so fucking mad at you right now and I really don’t want to say anything I’m gonna regret later.” 

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Jughead ripped through red lights faster than even the most lenient traffic laws allowed, something was wrong. Something was very wrong, and he felt his chest getting tighter the closer Pops came into his view.

The cause of his absolute panic? That would be The text message from Archie currently open on his cellphone, thrown lazily on the passenger seat of Fred’s oldest Pick up truck.

“I’m at Pops with Veronica, she’s a mess. It’s Betty. She’s gone.”

Gone? Gone where? What did that mean? Why wasn’t she answering her phone? And why the hell didn’t he walk her home from school today?!

Betty and Jughead had gotten into an argument earlier that day, an angry, heated, vicious argument, each of their insecurities bubbling up to the surface as they spewed nasty words and said things they were sure to regret. Jughead had skipped walking her home after school, sending Veronica instead. Betty was tense and distant from the morning all the way up to their blowout, when he asked her about her behavior she brushed him off, maybe he should have kept his cool but he hated that she was keeping things from him, needless to say the fight didn’t end well and he had gone off on his own, leaving Betty standing alone, crying in the blue and gold office.

Pulling crookedly into a parking spot in front of Pop Tate’s, Jughead jumped out of the car and ran into the restaurant spotting Veronica crying as Archie had an arm around her consoling her, he practically hopped over the booth
“Where is she? What happened?” He demanded, eyeing the raven haired mess.

Veronica sniffled
“I tried to stop her. I did everything I could, she just lost it. She wouldn’t stop crying, she just kept saying “I’m crazy too, I’m just like Polly”. She was ripping her hands open.. she’s got these scars.. Jughead I did everything I could.“ She whispered through a sob as Archie wrapped her in his arms.

"Where is she?! What do you mean "gone” gone where?! You have to tell me more, I don’t understand” he shouted frustrated, his hands slamming on the table.

Archie could sense his friends mood shifting and spoke in low hushed tones

“Ronnie said she’s having herself admitted, something about the same place as Polly. Dude.. polly.. Polly tried to kill herself last night, Betty found her downing pills in the bathroom, Betty thinks she’s crazy just like Polly she doesn’t want to get worse.” Archie cleared his throat, his brown eyes rimmed with unshed tears, sometimes Jughead forgot that Archie was Betty’s true best friend, he had been there before Veronica, before Kevin, even before Jughead.

“I’ve gotta stop her.” Jughead whispered “I’ve gotta stop her before it’s too late, those people at the Institution? They’ll ruin her. she’s not crazy. You know she’s not crazy.” He looked desperately to his friends who were all nodding

“She’s not crazy, she’s just hurting. She’s overwhelmed, she needs support not a nuthouse” Veronica sniffled

Jughead nodded to his friends as he rose from the booth.

“I’m not letting her drown, not without me.” He declared before running off to the truck and speeding off to Betty’s.

As he raced the streets of Riverdale, time seemed to be nothing but an illusion, he was in front of Betty’s house and slamming on her front door before he even knew he had turned on the ignition.

Alice Cooper opened the door and caught sight of Jughead, her red rimmed eyes and frazzled hair stuck out painfully as she visibly relaxed at the sight of Jughead. She knew her daughters boyfriend was the only one who could talk some sense into her broken daughter.

“Thankgod.” She mumbled “upstairs Jughead” she moved aside, watching him sprint up the stairs “our fair Romeo, off to save Princess Juliet” she whispered, the first hint of a smile she had seen in days resting on her face.

Jughead felt his muscles tighten, as he stood before her door. What was he supposed to say? I’m sorry for not being there? I’m sorry I left you like that? I sorry I couldn’t see that you were hurting, that you needed me?

His anxiety ridden thoughts were quickly cut short as Betty’s bedroom door ripped open revealing the beautiful blonde. Betty’s cheeks were covered in smudges of blood, he assumed from wiping her tears with bloody hands, her ponytail was half down, strands sticking to her damp face, the buttoned blouse she wore was missing a button and her hands were shaking, but god damnit if she still wasn’t the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Bets.” He whispered

At the sound of his voice, something shifted in Betty’s eyes as she fell against her boyfriend in a pile of chest aching sobs, her hands running all over him almost to ensure that he was real, he knew she was getting blood on his cheeks but that was okay, it was a part of her, a vulnerable, open, heartbreaking piece of his perfectly imperfect girlfriend.

After about thirty minutes of holding her as she wept, her breathing finally slowed and she looked up at him exhausted, her fingers moving to wipe at the blood she had left on his cheek, before flipping her own palm to stare ashamed at what she had done. Jughead shook his head and whispered “no” before bringing her open palm up to his lips and kissing her scars gently.

He heard Betty sigh as she leaned against his shoulder, he had to tell her, he needed her to know, there was so much he could say to her but he settled for

“We’re all crazy”

Those same words he had uttered almost four months ago, relaxing when he felt her smile into his shoulder

“I know.” She whispered

anonymous asked:

bellarke + 10

thanks for the request anon, and sorry it took so long to get around to!! (also this ended up being a little longer than intended. i kind of took the angst and ran with it, so there’s a lot of fic before the actual kiss, oops.)

bellarke + 10. ‘you nearly died’ kiss

Bellamy’s head is pounding, his mind screaming, a single phrase playing on an endless loop in his brain. Clarke is dying Clarke is dying Clarke is dying -

And Clarke is, indeed, dying.

As the death wave approached, Bellamy was stupid enough to believe that all of them would make it back to the lab safely, leaving them just enough time to launch the spaceship before a blanket of radiation destroyed them all.  “If this countdown hits zero and you’re not inside this lab,” Raven had told him before he left, “that’s it. Bad things happen.”

“Dead things, you mean,” he’d mumbled under his breath, and if Raven heard him, she didn’t acknowledge it.

Bellamy was supposed to go with Clarke to activate some kind of dish that would send a signal to launch the spaceship - he doesn’t know the exact mechanics of it, that’s Raven’s job - but then Murphy burst out of the woods, panting and out of breath. “It’s Monty,” he said. “He’s injured and he passed out from the pain a while back, and I can’t carry him here by myself.”

Clarke turned to Bellamy, looked at him with those vast blue eyes. “Go with Murphy,” she said. “Bring Monty back. I’ll activate the dish by myself.”

“And what if you can’t?”

“She can,” Raven said. “It’s a one-person job.”

Bellamy looks at Clarke again, and she confirms, “I can do it.”

So he let her. He let her go to the tower by herself. He trusted that she would return safely. Stupid.

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wait for me to come home | isaac lahey one-shot

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prompt: (nonsexual acts) slow dancing with isaac & adjusting his tie

pairing: isaac lahey x oc

rating: is angsty!isaac a rating? also fluff 

requested by anon

a/n: i was inspired to write this while listening to “photograph” by ed sheeran and it’s advisable that you do the same. :)

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Why Not? Pt.2 || [I.M smut]

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Summary: What happens after you wake up and you both figure things out.
Genre: Slight Fluff/Slight Angst/Smut
Word count:  3570 words
A/N: Here I go again, sinning. Feel free to tell me how bad it was. Otherwise, Enjoy!

 You awoke to the soft patter of rain against your rooftop followed by the soft squeak of your door as your mother quietly stepped into your room. Stretching your limbs out lazily, you sleepily nuzzle your face into your pillow as you note the absence of Changkyun’s body laid next to yours. ‘He always wakes up early anyway.’ You think to yourself before cracking an eye open to stare at your mother dressed in her work attire.
“Morning.” She smiles, carefully sitting on your bedside so she won’t wrinkle her skirt. “I got a call from work, they said it’s an emergency.” She sighs, gently patting your cheek. “I know Saturday’s are our thing. I’ll bring pizza home to compensate.” She smiles, ruffling your hair before leaning down to kiss your forehead as you nod, bidding her a raspy 'good luck’ and 'see you later’ as you watched her exit your room. Ever since you were little, your mom and dad were usually at work and you were at school during the weekdays, so the weekend would be your bonding times. Saturday was designated to your mother and Sunday to your dad. However, after he passed away, Sunday’s were more dedicated to alone time and sometimes deep emotional conversations with your best friend. 
“Oh and Changkyun’s half asleep making toast, please ensure he doesn’t burn the house down.” Your mother asks of you as her head pops back into your room before disappearing again. You groan as you pick your phone up to check the time, your face contorting in displeasure as you read that it was barely past 7 in the morning. 'Why couldn’t he be asleep? Or eating me out again?’ Your mind suddenly wondered, mischievously taunting you with vivid flashbacks and you slapped a hand to your forehead in an attempt to stop the unwanted instant replay as you recalled the early morning hours in which Changkyun had you at the mercy of his mouth.
“Nope, nope, nope.” You grumble to yourself as you shook your head and rolled over to bury your face into your pillow, wondering if suffocation could cause memory loss. However, even as it became harder to breathe, your body failed to forget the sensation of your fingers threading through his hair as his tongue and fingers worked you to a very delicious orgasm. With a whine escaping your throat, you turn onto your left side to stare blankly at the wall. Despite the coolness of the early morning weather settling in your room, your body felt rather hot. You squeezed your thighs together and closed your eyes, trying to mentally will yourself to stop and maybe go back to sleep. You were thinking that maybe Changkyun should burn the house down, you weren’t sure if you could look at him in the face again.

“[Y/N] are you awake?” A deeper, huskier voice riddled with sleep interrupts the inner inner machinations of your mind, your heart rate picking up speed, causing your breath to hitch in your throat and to quicken as if you’d just run a marathon both due to surprise and embarrassment. You were just thinking of the sins you’d committed he’d practically materialized in your room like some kind of genie of sexy voices and talented tongues.
“Hmm?” You reply, lowly your voice groggy and feigning sleepiness with your back faced to him. Your wide eyes shut in an instant praying that your terribly acting skills save you from talking to him somehow. 'Fuck, fuck fuck.’ You scream in your head as you felt the bed dip under his weight, his body curling around your fetal position, his arm snaking over your waistline to press you closer to him. Taking a few deep breaths, you try to not be too obvious in trying to calm your wildly beating heart but completely fail as you can feel it nearly pumping in your throat. With how close Changkyun was pressed to you, you new that he could feel it beating, however, you were thankful that he hadn’t said anything about it. Clenching your jaw, you once again try to force yourself to calm down, of all the people in the world, this was Changkyun, someone you could bare your soul too without being judged. He was a part of you, your other half, you shouldn’t be nervous.
“I was making toast and I burnt it.” He breaks the thick silence that seemed to be suffocating you, talking casually as if nothing had happened between you two. For some reason, you felt your heart drop, the rush of anxiety taking a dive into deep sadness that made your chest ache uncomfortably. A part of you wanted to talk about what happened and the other half of you wanted to just make him breakfast like he would ask soon enough. Silly him, you knew him too well, he could barely do things right without you sometimes. You wondered about how his future girlfriend would manage, how she would treat him and if she’d laugh at his lame puns and enjoy his company as much as you did. Your chest constricted with the intensity of the ache at the mere thought.
“Do you think you can-”
“Yeah, ye-yeah,” You cut him off, brushing his hand away and trying to fight the unexplainable urge to cry. Great, you’d just thought yourself into a bad mood and potentially ruined your morning or day.

“What’s wrong?” Changkyun catches onto your bad mood just as quickly as you’d dug yourself into it. His eyes were fixated onto the back of your head, appalled at your behavior. You never pushed him away before. Early morning cuddles, insults and name calling were your favorites. And as much as he wanted to call you his favorite insult, he bit his tongue and rolled off his side of the bed, walking over to your side to kneel before your gaze. He could tell this would be serious. The second he caught sight of your glassy eyes, a lone tear slipping out from the corner of your eye and rolling across the bridge of your nose. His hand instinctively reached out to wipe it away before it could reach any further, concern matting his face. Changkyun absolutely hated seeing you cry.
“Talk to me you shaved coconut. Or should I eat you out again and make you feel better?” He grins suggestively, his hand playfully squeezing your boob and making a honking noise in an attempt to lighten the mood, resulting in you placing your hand on his to stop him just incase he was serious. You couldn’t tell with how spontaneous he was being.
“Thinking about you with someone else that isn’t me really sucks.” You blubber, swiping at your watery eyes as you roll onto your back to stare at the ceiling. It was better to get it off your chest, besides, you and Changkun never hid anything from each other before. Changkyun feels his heart flutter with happiness at your words.
“Then don’t.” He shrugs in a simple reply, taking your hand to pull you back onto your side to face him, his body easing onto your side of the bed to sit.
“C'mere.” He mumbles whilst leaning forward to kiss your forehead, your eyes and nose, his lips lingering dangerously close to yours.
“Do you want me [Y/N]?” Changkun questions as a smile spreads onto his features. It’s a genuine smile, a proud one, his eyes twinkling  with excitement unlike his wicked, playful smirks and grins that he usually wears. You’re confused, but caught in the moment. There’s a new level of intimacy and your heart can’t help but flutter in a good way, your mouth breaking into a smile as he pecks your lips. One peck, two pecks, three pecks. You nearly feel your face breaking with the smile that’s placed on your lips as you give him a tiny nod despite the pleasant tingle spreading throughout your body.
“Babygirl I love you so much.” Changkyun coos, pressing chaste kisses to the corner of your mouth, moving down to your shoulder and the length of your arm. Loud giggles erupt from your throat as he rolls you onto your back, his fingers poking and tickling your sides even as his lips press kisses wildly to your body, your limbs flailing about in protest before he stops.
“So you’re mine from now on okay morning breath?” He confirms beaming down at you as you accept with a soft 'okay’ not giving it a second thought. Why not? There wasn’t much to think about. It just felt like a burden was being lifted from your shoulders. It just felt right.

“My breath doesn’t smell by the way.” You argue with a roll of your eyes, pushing yourself back onto your left side. It didn’t smell as half as bad as his did. 
“Okay, but, you’re sure that 'us' is what you want?” Changkyun asks again, getting closer as a smirk grows on his lips.
“Yeah. Is it what you want?” You counter with growing worry, hoping that he wasn’t having second thoughts.
“I’m just making sure because I really, really want to fuck you.” He groans into your ear, having gotten closer with every word spilling from his mouth. In a split second the heat that was suppressed by your temporary dam of sadness was broken and flooding your body again. fueling your sexual desire. It was rediculous how easily he turned you on.
“Shut up.” You moan in protest as he kisses the shell of your ear before his teeth gingerly nibble on your earlobe, your entire body shivering in delight. Your eyes close as you bite your lip, an involuntary moan leaving your lips as a small sting graces your behind, the sound of his palm smacking your ass twice echoing in the room.
“Fuck. I always wanted to do that.” Changkyun groans, kneeling on the ground once more and pushing your right leg up to our chest as he pulls the fabric of your underwear up, the cloth of your underwear being pressed tightly against your pussy. Changkyun’s lips came into contact with the heated spot that he smacked, your eyebrow arching in question of his actions as he kissed it gently, his lips trailing down to the back of your thighs before he pressed his face between your legs. You can’t help the blush that blazes on your face nor the squeak that squeezes past your lips as he deeply inhales before nuzzling his face against your womanhood. 
“Damn baby I could just smother myself to death in your pussy. You taste and smell so good.” He growls, littering kisses along the length of your womanhood. It’s enough to make you squirm, your tongue running over your now dry lips as you try to roll onto your back but Changkyun’s hand behind your knee keeps you in place, his index finger rubbing the slit of your puffy lips, your wetness spreading quickly.
“[Y/N] You’re so wet for me already.” You hear him chuckle as your underwear is soaked with your juices, sticking between your lips. 
“Kuukkungie~” You moan his beloved nickname as you squirm as hard as you could, wanting him to just take your panties off and fuck you within the inch of your life. Your body was begging.
“Tell me what you want [Y/N]. What do you want me to do to you?” Changkyun questions as he continues to tease your sobbing womanhood, his tongue pressing heavily against your now swollen clit. You can barely mutter a single word as he hardens his tongue to press against it with the tip, swirling it around your hardened nub and making you shake with excitement, your hand pushing the back of his head to press him more into you as a sign that you wanted more. 
“Take my panties off Changkyun.” You rasp, your body stiffening up momentarily as he kisses your pussy with enough intensity to suck on it before pulling away. Changkyun wastes no time in complying, peeling your underwear off and watching in delight as the dampened, flimsy cloth is removed, exposing your sex to his hungry eyes and dropping your underwear carelessly on the floor. 

“Do you want me to play with you more?”  Changkyun challenges your eagerness as he runs his finger along your core, opting to rub circles around your clit and watching you shudder with pleasure. 
“You know what I want.” You wine, motioning him closer with your index finger.  However, your bestfriend, now boyfriend only feigns innocence as his lower lip juts out as he shakes his head. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He lies as he refuses to come closer. his head disappearing behind the curve of your backside, his exposing your clit enough for his tongue to tease.
“Do you want daddy to make you feel good?” He smirks wickedly as he hears you moan in frustration. You were beginning to regret telling him about your kinks now that he was beginning to use it against you. Your lower abdomen began burning with a delicious desire at his words.
“What should it be princess? My tongue?” He taunts, flattening his tongue out from your clit down to your entrance, his cock twitching as your deep moan fills his ears. “Or do you want my fingers?” He provokes as he pulls away his middle finger rubbing your entrance to barely dip into it. Automatically, your hips move to create more friction to please yourself, but Changkyun catches on to what you’re doing quickly and pulls away with a smirk.
“Don’t move.” He commands as he stands, making you pout at the brief loss of contact. You mindlessly obey as your eyes follow him as he makes his way onto the bed. “Or do you want daddy’s cock filling up your tight little pussy.” He smiles as he places his hand on your hip, the other lifting your right leg and placing your ankle on his shoulder to create more room for him to jam his clothed erection to your lower half. You immediately nod furiously, muttering a small please as he grinds himself into you a wet spot forming on the front of his pants from where your juices met his crotch.
“Please what baby girl?" 
"Please fuck me.” You moan, grinding your hips back to match the timing with his own, your hand reaching out to touch him but he grabs your wrist, keeping you from touching him.
“Who are you talking to [Y/N]?” Changkyun drags out, stopping to pull the string of his sweatpants and push his pants and boxers down enough to let his straining erection free.
“You, Changkyun.” You grumble, refusing to give in to what he knew he was asking for.
“Who are you talking to [Y/N]?” He repeats himself roughly, making you flinch, your stomach flipping at the new display of his more dominant side as he uses a hand to wipe the pre cum oozing from his length to press it against your lips. Your tongue darts out from between your lips to drag along his fingers, gingerly tasting the sticky substance before taking his two digits into your mouth. You maintain eye contact with him as he smirks in satisfaction at your actions. 
“Good girl.” He compliments, using his left hand to guide his length to your throbbing entrance, rubbing the head of his cock against you to annoy you further. “I’m not  fucking you until I hear you say it." 
"Please..dwaddy..” You say meekly with his fingers still in your mouth, your chest almost heaving as he pushes against your core, your opening beginning to stretch to fit him only to have him pull away. You whimper loudly in protest, your eyes pleading with him to continue.
“What was that princess?” He chuckles darkly, pulling his fingers away to allow you to speak.
“You daddy. Please fuck me.” You wail succumbing to his dominance and the pleasure that your body was aching for.

In no less than a second Changkyun’s cock was pushed into you, filling you completely. When he’s fully seated in your welcoming walls, a low, satisfied groan rumbles through his chest.  Your hands reach up to grab the pillow as he slammed himself into you without restraint. Your walls were burning with ecstasy at the stretch and speed he’s pounding into you. You’ve had sex with one other guy before in drunken stupor thinking he was the one, but having Changkyun take you like this was nothing in comparison. Within seconds your legs were shaking, your orgasm already ready to burst.
“Touch yourself for me.” The man above you commands and you don’t hesitate to do so. You reach down to vigorously stroke your clit with one hand as your other hand squeezes the pillow your knuckles turning white whilst moans began falling from your mouth like raindrops falling from rain clouds. Changkyun was experiencing extreme pleasure as he watched you touch yourself in addition to your walls beginning to pulse around him.
“Are you gonna cum princess?” He questions between his own grunts, his hands squeezing your thigh as he keeps your legs parted. You nod as you feel yourself near your end, your mind and body only focusing on reaching that euphoria that you were longing for.
“No. You’re not allowed to cum yet.” Changkyun denies you in the nick of time. He pulls out and grabs your wrists, clenching his teeth to restrain himself from resuming his position and burying himself into your warmth once more. He grabs your wrists and pulls it away, your eyes tearing up as you shake your head, lips trembling and chest heaving as the pleasure begins to fade away disbelief pulsing through your veins instead, your hips bucking in want of his return.
“You didn’t ask to cum baby.” Changkyun mocks, satisfied with your disheveled state.
“Daddy please let me cum.” You find yourself begging in an instant, your voice shaking, throat hot and thick with defeat. Your eyelashes were wet with frustrated tears as you stare up at him. Pretending to consider the idea, Changkyun arches his brow as if in thought. He wanted you to cum as much as you did, he just liked to tease.

“Hands and knees babygirl.” He instructs as he lets you go. Instantaneously, you abide by his law, your shaking hands and knees holding you up. As Chankyun mounts you again, he observes the way your head tilts to the side before briefly looking back at him. Hovering over your body as his cock slides into you easily, he brushes your hair from your ear after kissing your shoulder and the junction of your neck.
“Cum for me okay [Y/N]? I want you to cum hard over my cock.” He murmurs in his deep voice next to your ear before beginning his thrusts and you nod, relief flooding your system with his permission. You suck in a sharp breath as you feel his teeth  sink into the flesh of your shoulder, letting out a hiss as  he pulls away, the burning sensation briefly distraction you from your orgasm. However, as Changkyun grips your hips tightly whilst his stomach begins to coil, you can’t help but lean forward, your hands giving in from under you. You begin to push your hips back to meet his thrusts feeling your orgasm beginning to build again.
“Go ahead and touch yourself baby. I know you want to.” Changkyun rasps out between his own labored breaths. With the change in position, you became a tighter fit for him and with the way your walls were beginning to lightly clench and unclench around him was making him loose his mind. With the way you were being stretched and exposed, it only took a few strokes of your fingers before your body was tensing up with your orgasm, toes curling and hands balling into fists. Your jaw hung open in a soundless scream as you pressed your face hard into the pillow. Your tightness made it extremely hard for Changkyun to ride out your orgasm, his seed spilling into you mere seconds after. You let out a groan as his body slumped over yours, both of you becoming very aware of how hot and sweaty you both were. 

“I can’t wait to do that again.” Your boyfriend laughs as he rolls next to you onto his back after pulling his shirt off and pulling his sweatpants back up over his hips.
“I can wait.” You pant, falling onto your stomach and closing your eyes to regain your strength and calm down from your high. Your arms and legs felt like soft jelly, your energy was drained. You didn’t know exactly how he was managing to keep his composure.
“C'mon we should eat breakfast.” He grins, reaching over to pull your shirt over your butt after smacking it playfully. You crack an eye open to stare at him in a silent question of whether or not he was serious. You could barely move, how was he expecting you to make breakfast?
“Cereal sound good?” Changkyun smiles, brushing the hair from your face and kissing your cheek as you close your eyes in  comfort and full confidence that he wouldn’t need your help for that.

Part 1


Alexander Nylander - Buffalo Part Five

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Word Count: 1488

Warnings: Cursing

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You couldn’t believe it was already time. It felt like yesterday you had just moved to Buffalo, and now you were standing in front of the mirror with your navy blue ‘Nylander’ jersey about to go to the first game of the season. Half of his family is attending this game, while the other half attends Will’s. You’ve become fairly close with the Nylander family. Especially his older sister Michelle, who was going to be right by your side all night.

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All it took

- This isn’t something I really wanted to keep working on since another project caught my interest, so it may be a bit poorly finished and edited. But I might return to it and maybe extend it to a more reasonable length-

All it took was a phone call and David found himself on a three hour ride to a city not so unfamiliar to him. The car protested the long distance drive by giving threatening sputters and occasionally turning the radio off an on when hitting a particularly hard bump.

All it took was a faintly muttered, “David come get me,” and he was already speeding to his destination, getting there in half the time. Speed limits didn’t matter when a life could be at stake.

All it took were those few words and David’s head was reeling with unimaginable terrors. Visions of his hurt camper swarmed his imagination, pictures of shattered bones and echoing screams haunted him the entire drive.

All it took was too follow the sounds of sobbing and David found himself trekking through the maze of hallways into the only lit room in the entire house. David had let himself in to the large home, much too large for a family of three, and found himself almost tripping over two unpacked bags in the dark, that lay haphazardly thrown in the entry hall. They were decorated with familiar patches and badges that David had on his own pack.

All it took was seeing a shell of a child playing the part of the parent too a woman who only seemed just a few years older than David, and he knew what he had to do. There on a red cushioned couch, placed in the middle of an extravagantly decorated room, laid a young woman dressed in a short white dress, with her head buried in the lap of a nine year old with a mouth much too foul for Davids taste.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Max cooed, uncertainty ghosting over his words. He looked up from her dark curls that spilled over his lap in search for tissues and spotted him.

The two stared for a long time, Max exchanging a look of fear and David returning it with one of concern.

A high pitched whine came from the small woman.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Max whispered, stealing a glance down at the dark haired woman who clutched his pant leg so tightly.

He looked back up at David, who made his way over to Max and perched himself on the very edge of the couch next to the smaller boy.

The sudden shift in weight caused the woman to look up in a panic, fear coursing through her veins. David offered her a small smile, but her eyebrows creased in worry and she gave a confused look in return. Her brilliant blue eyes were bloodshot from hours of crying, they looked exactly the same as when Max told him goodbye only a day ago.

Max took after her, that much the camp counselor could tell. They’re skin both had been sun kissed, they glowed the same way, even the same thin black eyebrows. They sported same chubby cheeks, eyes, curly hair, and the same unsure look that David had received a million times from Max.

“Mom..” Max started, she quickly turned to look up at her son, awkwardly craning her neck too look him in the eyes. Max stared hard, his eyebrows upturned and his bottom clenched between his teeth. Realization flashed across her face, her bottom lip quivered and another sob tore its way from her throat. Max bit down harder, and David could see the hesitance clouding his eyes.

A conversation of looks passed between the two, and David watched on with baited breath.

Max wiped away a stray tear from her cheek and she her head bobbed in a nod.

She sat up fully and enveloped her son in a hug. David saw the bruises coating her arms, he visibly winced at the sight of them. Max pulled away from the hug and placed a kiss on her cheek after a few minutes. She set him back next to the tall male and looked to David.

She nodded at him, and he understood.

He gently scooped up Max, who in return wrapped his arms around his neck. He waved goodbye over David’s shoulder, she offered a tearful smile. The red haired male packed Max into his car, being extremely gentle as if Max would break with the slightest of touch, stopping inside only to grab the bags Max had laid in the entry hall.

They drove at the speed limit all the way back to David’s cabin, this time the car was more forgiving at the softer speed. No conversation passed between the two, just the soft hum of the engine and the flickering tune of the fritzy radio.

Max pulled a face when they arrive, of course David would live in a cabin, but settled once David assured wifi and Tv. When Max walked in he felt as though he was floating, his eyes drifted everywhere, to the green walls, to the ceiling that was covered in hanging plants. David had a decent set up, a tv and a gaming console, and decent but old furniture.

“I’ll throw some of your clothes in the washer, I’m assuming they haven’t been washed since camp. When I get back we can have some hot chocolate and talk.” Max turned back to David and nodded.

David patted his shoulder, and ushered for him to sit on the couch.

Max breathes a large sigh of relief, feeling more relaxed then he had in what felt like an eternity.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

There Ch. 3 (Bucky x reader)

Hello, loves! I hope your day went well, you’re all amazing people. So, here’s the next chapter of the “There”, I hope you like it! Let me know what you think. xoxo

Description:You lost your world. You lost the love of your life. All by yourself, with nobody to support you. Your daughter would have to grow up never knowing her father. But what happens when Bucky comes along? Will you let him in, or will you push him away like everyone else?

Warnings: None

Chapter 2


The next eight months went like that. Bucky would always come over to spend time with you and Victoria, no matter what time of day it was. Sometimes the three of you would take adventures out in the city, and other times the night was spent on the couch watching movies. Bucky usually would leave at the end of the night, but there were times when he would fall asleep on the couch while he was watching the movie, so you let him sleep. He had helped you get better, both mentally and physically. You looked much healthier now, thank to him, and the nights no longer frightened you. Sleep was welcoming, not torturous as it had once been. 

Of course you hadn’t forgotten about Pietro, he had been the love of your life, and the father of your child. He had loved you both tremendously, and you did too. It had almost been a year since he passed away. His death no longer haunted you every day. Instead, his memory and love you knew he had for you contributed to you getting better. He would always hold a special place in your heart, but you had to move on. The world was still spinning, and day by day you were getting better, so you had to keep going. You knew that Pietro would want you to be happy, and you knew that he wouldn’t want you moping around for the rest of your life. 

One day, you decided it was time. You visited his grave and talked to him, telling him all about Victoria, and how big she was getting. You spent hours there, and when you had told him everything, you said goodbye. It wasn’t just a goodbye though, it was your way of letting go. You said your final farewell. That was it. Because life must go on. But, as you spoke the one word, a tear rolled down your cheek, leaving a wet streak on your face. You looked down at his grave and smiled, whispering an “I’ll always love you” before walking away, forever.

“Vic, where’d you put mommy’s glasses?” You were sifting through your nightstand, looking for them. You had a light prescription, but regardless, things were still a little blurry. You didn’t hear your daughter answer, and that meant she was up to something. You looked towards the door, and saw a little figure speed past. “Victoria..” You followed her to her room, and marveled at the mess on the floor. “Baby, what have you done? Where’s my glasses?” She looked towards the bathroom and pointed at it. Her gaze shifted to the floor, looking completely guilty. You stepped into the bathroom and saw your glasses, broken in half, and in the toilet. 

“I accidentally broke them, Mommy. I got scared and tried to flush it…” Tears were starting to well up in Victoria’s eyes as she spoke meekly to you. You groaned, pinching the bridge of your nose, trying not to get upset with her. You sighed, and knelt in front of her, so that you were both at eye level. 

“Victoria, you shouldn’t have hid it from me. I wouldn’t have been upset if you told me it was an accident. But, I think you messed up the toilet and now Mommy has to pay to get it fixed. I’m not mad, but don’t do it again. Understood?” You were stern, but kind. You didn’t like to see her cry, nor did you ever yell at her. She shook her head furiously, and hugged you. 

“I’m sorry, Mommy.” Her voice was muffled against your shirt. 

“It’s okay, baby. Come on, we have to go get a new pair of glasses.” You got your bag, and the two of you headed out the door. As you were buckling her into her car seat, Bucky pulled up. 

“Hey F/N, where are you two off to?” He was leaning over the passenger seat, looking up at your through the window. 

“The optometrist, Vic kind of tried to flush my already broken glasses. I need to get a new pair, and I also have to call the plumber to make sure the toilet is messed up.” You sighed, chuckling. 

“I can take a look at it if you want. Free of charge.” He smiled, and gave you a wink.

“Could you, please? I’d really appreciate it, Bucky.” You gave him a sincere look and he nodded, turning off the engine. 

“I’ll be here when you get back, maybe we could go to dinner?” He got out, leaning against the driver’s side of the car. He paused, contemplating if he should say more. “Uhm, just the two of us?” He looked nervous, and he cleared his throat. You parted your lips, slightly startled. Did he just ask you on a date?

You thought that you would be completely shocked, and say no, but you weren’t. On the contrary, you felt butterflies in your stomach and a tight feeling in your chest. 

“Okay, yeah. I’ll see you soon.” You gave him a shy smile and got into your car before he saw the blush creeping up on your face. Little did you know, Bucky was smiling like a total fool. As you drove away, you felt something in your chest that you hadn’t left in a long time. You just couldn’t put your finger on it. 

“Mommy, are you going on a date with Uncle Bucky?” Your daughter said so innocently, smiling. 

“That’s nothing for you to worry about.” You raised your eyebrows at her through the rear view mirror. “I’ll drop you off at Uncle Steve’s tonight, okay?” She nodded, and a big grin took over Victoria’s face. She began giggling, and covered her mouth with her hands, trying to muffle her laughter. 

“Mommy’s going on a date with Uncle Bucky!”

I hoped you all enjoyed this chapter of “There”! I’m so excited to write the next chapter, hopefully I can write enough today and tomorrow, so that nobody has to go without either one of series’ this weekend. I’ll post one shots too, so if you have a request, hit up my inbox! I love you all, have a wonderful rest of the day. xoxo



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State of Westallen Reborn! Part Two

(This is a long one, guys…)

So let’s talk about all that stuff Barry kept saying. I’m fairly certain almost everything Barry said was from the pilot, which makes sense considering all the parallel scenes we saw during this episode. This tells me that (like Arrow) the season three finale was the ending of the first major arc of the show, and the beginning of season four (in a show designed to last six seasons) is a new beginning for everyone involved. I’m not super interested in analyzing the old lines; since I’m pretty sure they picked the ones that featured heavily in the pilot’s promotion and would be the ones people would remember. 

Originally posted by westallenhugs

So why would they choose old lines at all? I’m with pretty much everyone else who’s theorizing about this episode: Barry is reliving all the moments of his life at once since he existed in all moments in time while he’s in the Speed Force. What I’m interested in the two new lines he said when he was lucid:

“Nora shouldn’t be here.

Notice who he was looking at when he said that. The first time he looked between Iris and Joe, and the second time he looked behind him in Iris’ direction. So who’s Nora? Iris thought he was talking about his mom, but Barry’s never called his mom by her first name. 

Next is:

“Your Honor, I’m innocent: I didn’t kill anyone.”

That’s kind of a call back to a flash-forward in Season One, where we saw Barry in a uniform. At the time I assumed it was another universe, but apparently not? 

Next up is:

“We’re gonna need more diapers.”

The writer’s made absolutely fucking sure we remember that bit at least, because Cisco repeated it. If a character repeats something, that’s a big red sign saying that we need to pay attention to it (same goes for the Nora line) and it is that… WE’RE GETTING THE TORNADO TWINS!! 

Originally posted by allreactions

Here’s my prediction: Barry and Iris name their daughter Nora after Barry’s mom and their son will probably be named after somebody on Iris’ side of the family. I know people have been wanting for them to be named Dawn and Don like in the comics but that would be way too confusing on a live-adaptation the way it isn’t in print. I think then Nora will be present for Barry’s sentencing and Barry will be desperately trying to keep his children from seeing him in prison the way Henry tried to keep Barry from seeing him.

Originally posted by flashy-seabass-bender

(sidenote: if you value your emotional stability DO NOT but “barry allen crying” into the gif search)

But that’s just conjecture for now. I do think The Thinker will have something to do with Barry being in jail because that seems like the perfect plan for that kind of villain: framing Barry Allen for a murder (or murders) he didn’t commit and even though Barry’s the Flash, he has to stay in prison…somehow? However, it must be linked to the West-Allen kids somehow otherwise it makes no sense to bring up both of those new plot elements in foreshadow-y ways in the first episode of the season. This episode is all about planting seeds for a season-wide arc, and I’m interested in seeing where it goes from there.

Originally posted by danks-gif

The last bit of foreshadowing is all that crazy writing. First of all, it seemed to be a self-soothing mechanism for Barry. At the beginning of the episode, Barry seems to be using it to ground himself in the current moment. Every time he gets distracted from his writing, he’s able to retreat into some kind of memory until he gets hit with some kind of pain. He keeps repeating that something’s wrong with the stars, and then goes into a rhyming frenzy before he focuses on the writing again. 

Originally posted by barrysgifs

I think Caitlin was at least somewhat right about the whole “assigning different meanings to words” because he seemed to be trying to say something, some kind of warning even if he didn’t totally understand what it was. And then he goes on to write “This house is bitchin’” over and over again? 

I was ecstatic when that happened because (in case you didn’t know) that’s a classic line from Bart Allen, the second Kid Flash and a West-Allen grandson. He’s from the 30th century and has a habit of popping into timeline’s where he isn’t born yet. I remember one memorable episode of JLA where he accidentally spoiled Iris’ pregnancy. He’s super bubbly and enthusiastic and probably exactly what Barry would have been if his parents hadn’t been killed. Again, there is no reason to bring up an iconic line like that if Bart isn’t going to be showing up sometime this season. 

Originally posted by nimraenn

But then there’s the question: will he be the West-Allen grandson? Usually in the comics Wally West isn’t so close to Barry’s age, so he gets cast as Iris’ nephew rather than her brother. I’d put my money on Bart showing up and he’s the missing West-Allen son rather than grandson. Then you could have Nora be the child who stayed behind to help her mother through Barry’s trial while the headstrong Bart used his speedster powers to go back in time and stop his dad from going to prison in the first place. But since he’s brand-new at this, he went back too far and now has to live with the consequences of his action by living with his too-young parents for a while without ripping the continuum in half.  

In fact, it’d be fun for Wally to be the first one to realize Bart’s true identity, and he has to cover for Bart in order to keep the secret away from Barry and Iris. That way, Wally gets to be in a mentor role and to be part of a main storyline.
But again, that’s all conjecture for now. Let’s get back to the episode at hand.
Papa West was amazing, as per usual, and I really liked that he seems to be introducing the major thematic arc for this season: Faith versus Logic. This is especially poignant knowing that the Big Bad this season is the Thinker. 

However, I really want the theme to be more nuanced than just have faith in love or something. Once I get some more material from this season I’ll be able to say more, but I’m a little worried the writers have played their hand way too early. 

Originally posted by motleyquinn

But as it is it did my little Westallen heart good to see how far Barry will go to save Iris, and how much she trusts him. I have never felt more exhilarated than when I watched Barry break that glass and run faster than ever to save her.

Originally posted by shawnhollenbach

Then their true reunion is at their home. No couch scene, though, and combined with the final shot of Iris’ face it’s clear that the honeymoon hasn’t started yet. It didn’t slip past me that Barry seems kind of oblivious to how much Iris missed him in those months. I mean, I’d be pretty upset too if the love of my life disappeared with no warning for six months and then waltzed back in like he was at the fucking spa. 

Originally posted by crimsonlippedbeast

I know part of that was to help Barry get back into more of the sunnier personality he had in Season One since this season is going to be lighter in tone, and I’m glad that 4x02 will presumably get into that a little more. I’m a big fan of therapy and it seems like it’ll be one of the best subplots of the series.

So the question remains: why did Barry (a very sensitive and intuitive person) not really get how deeply Iris was hurting? Because I don’t think it was callousness on his part or bad writing (at least not until I see those therapy scenes for myself). I’ve talked before about Barry’s self-destructive tendencies – we saw them in full display in the Season Two finale when he created Flashpoint.

It gets hidden a lot by his personality and need to be a mediator, but I’m not sure that he’s ever really gotten over a sense of anger and worthlessness since being basically abandoned by his parents. He knows it wasn’t their fault, and he’s very happy to have Joe and Iris and now Wally, but there’s a reason that we like having emotionally damaged people as superheroes. You have to have a “save the world” instinct in you, and a self-sacrificial one too. I really think there’s a part of Barry, even he knows intellectually Iris loves him more than anything, who is absolutely at peace with the idea of dying before Iris does. He spent the entire past year terrified that he couldn’t save her, and he left for the Speed Force knowing he had. Barry never expected to come back, and maybe that’s what he meant when he said she’d always be Iris West-Allen. There’s a part of him who thought that Iris changed her name on the 2024 byline not because she married him, but because she would remember him. Maybe Wally was the Flash in 2024 because Barry knew he would be eventually. His race was over because he’d done his part. Even if it was only for a while, because he knew by leaving everyone would be safe.

 If I’m right, then it’s up to Iris to expect better of Barry. She’ll demand more of him than ever before, to be the Flash, to be her husband, to be the father of her children – and she’ll be right to do so. Iris will fight like hell to keep her family together, no matter what threatens to tear them apart. She’s watched Barry leave her so many times; the coma, Flashpoint, the Speed Force. If Iris being a leader means anything, it’ll be making sure Barry doesn’t walk away from her ever again.

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Request: “Imagine having a 2 year old son with Kylo and Snoke wanting to see him at dinner and your son gets sly and does not want to get out of your lap. Fuffly and angst”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k


A/n: Kas = “Chaos” in Olys Corellesi AKA the language spoken on Han’s birth planet idk why I just wanted it to mean something lmao so here’s a fun fact (also I made the kid like 5ish so that he would vaguely understand what’s going on haha)

Kas’ father was a busy man. He stood with strength and a fierceness that none could compare to. His father was blatant with him, for he knew his son could handle the truth, that in a Galaxy like this there was no room for babying. Kylo Ren had seen a lot of bad things in his life, had endured so much pain and heartache. But he told his son that in each scar there was a lesson to learn, that each ache could be manipulated to serve your will. Kas was much like his father; in tune with the Force, the thing that binds every living creature.

Kas’ father was a busy man. He oversaw a big army. But Kylo Ren was not the type to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors. The man had a lot on his plate, from orchestrating missions to participating in military drills. Though through all this, he never failed to make time for his family. If there was a part of the light side that he let flourish inside of his soul, it was the part that adored his beautiful wife and the need to witness his son grow into a capable man. He was understanding, he told his son that he did not expect him to become a Force wielder, although he taught Kas when he asked. He knew what it was like for his wishes to be ignored, the discomfort that came with being pushed into a life you didn’t belong in. So he made sure his son did what he pleased, that he had a whole and loving family to support him, even if that meant he was a little bit spoiled.

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You Know Better - Part 18 - Control

-gif source unknown

Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: Your training session ends in an injury.

Warnings/Labels: Full Moon Peter? Is that a warning? Sexual thoughts but nothing explicit. Sorry @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales!!

Approx. Word Count: 2,400

A/N: Holding on alright? Things will start to pay off in the next part, I promise.

Story Masterpost

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whole, an apollo and artemis fic

So! This is what I’ve been working on for the last week, I would love it if y'all would read and give me your thoughts c: It’s still…technically greek myth fanfiction, but it’s a lot more original than the fic i usually write, and i also tried messing aroud with some shit stylistically.

ANYWAY, let me know!


The first hands to ever touch him are his sister’s.

Humans, Apollo learns later, don’t remember their own birth. Why would they? The birth of another mortal is nothing special, except in the rarest of cases. In his time, he comes to love many of them – but many mortals is still a drop in the ocean of humanity. And there is always another.

There is no one in the world like Artemis.

The ache of losing her is his first concrete memory. Everything before that is a haze of warmth and contentment, even with the brief episode of their mother turning into a quail. Apollo, ever drawn to heat, is happy to stay exactly where they were, wrapped up in each other.

Artemis, though, has other plans. He holds tight, but their mother’s body moves, and his sister’s tiny fist pushes itself into his face until he’s forced to let her go, their bodies tearing in two where before there had always been one.

(So violent, he teases later, and he has half a second to catch her smirk before her fist smashes into the exact same spot.)

After that, everything occurrs in an explosion of speed and sensation. Loss, pain, determination, constriction—

And then light, crashing down over him as his sister’s hands cradle his head, and guide him into being.

Sometimes, if he’s feeling particularly despondent, he’ll bury his hands in his hair, palms brushing against the places her chubby little fingers had been. And then he goes to find her, because a simple reminder is never enough. Not for Apollo.


The sun is the centre of the universe, but Artemis is a stubborn soul. They could have ruled the sky together, but she’s always run on ahead of him. More than one of their relations has suggested that she runs away, but the arrow talk like that encourages is hers.

Artemis doesn’t run from him. She trusts him to catch up.

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Heartlines - Part 7

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Reader moves into Avengers Tower to finish her PhD in safety, the last thing she expects is to have something in common with the shy insomniac Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: psychological and physical abuse, torture, panic attacks, mental illness

A/N: so some good news, some cute bucky moments, but a bit of a twist at the end… what do we think’s going on with bucky?? what do you think will happen next part?? i love to know what you guys think :) thanks so much for all the feedback so far!!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 5A, Part 6, and Part 8

Part 7

“Oh my god.”

Your hands are shaking, and your brain has come to a screeching halt as you take in the screens before you. You blink over and over again, but the results don’t change. You squeeze your eyes shut so tightly you see spots (and irrationally worry over burst blood vessels) but when you open them, it’s still there. All you can see is a whole lot of green.

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In one of those tag games, @helianthus21 asked if I think that Dean has special mood music. And shortly before that @dixseptdixhuit told me about her new fic (which y'all should really check out) and I thought yes, he has.

Dean/Cas, 1.6k, teen up, coda


in the sycamore trees.

Dad’s box with tapes is stuffed under the passenger seat. Dean rides shotgun like most of the time, and it is his duty to find the right tape when the current one has ended.

“Zep I”, John grumbles and Dean bends forward to retrieve the box.

He punches the button to eject the old tape, puts it into its case with the cardboard inlay covered in John’s neat handwriting and plucks the one his father ordered out of the meticulously organized collection to stick it into the old cassette deck. You have to do it with just the right pressure and swiftly; otherwise the player catches the tape and tangles it up. It has happened before and one of the tapes still bears the scars. John had hit him on the head and barked at him to treat his belongings with respect – how can I ever trust you to use a weapon if you can’t even manage the damn tape deck  – and tears had welled in the corners of Dean’s eyes but he had held them back and got the tape out of the player to carefully turn the spools with his finger until the shiny brown plastic was smooth again.

So he makes sure now to push the tape into the slot just right and only releases his breath when guitar and drums align to open Good Times Bad Times and Robert Plant states that In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man. John’s fingers twitch on the steering wheel. Dean leans back against the leather seat and turns his head to watch the land fly by.


John gave Dean his car, his leather jacket, his gun and his taste in music.

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My Father, My Monster

by reddit user Elias_Witherow

This story literally made me cry. Trigger warning: child abuse

I had a hard childhood. I had a really hard childhood. Each day felt like survival. Thinking back, I’m surprised I’m alive. There are some things no one should have to go through. There are some things that are better left in the past.

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