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My mantra was in full force this week; ya dream girl had shit to do. Like, truck-loads of shit. Yearbook stuff is a pain in the ass sometimes and so much hard work, but I’m starting to realize that nobody is asking me to work hard. I decide to work hard because I want to. It’s my passion and what I care about, and one of the ways I put my small stamp on the world. And I’m going to make sure I do my work proudly. I still have so much to do and have to study with finals coming up next week, but I’m figuring it out. sigh. // Busy is a blessing.

Ya know what? Shoutout to supportive ass friends.

To friends who have no idea what you’re talking about but will listen to you ramble about something you love.

Friends who send you things about something they don’t even like/follow just because they know you like it.

Friends who make sure you take care of yourself.

Friends who let you know its okay to feel sad, angry, unhappy. Who let you feel safe when you’re vulnerable.

Friends who will go anywhere and do anything with you with the barest bones of a plan.

Just. I know sometimes we forget to say thank you, to say i love you, to say i appreciate the little things you do. So this is just a general thank you for being my friend.

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Does Uta look related to anyone?

Rize and Uta look alike to me sometimes (same button nose :3c), other angles make him look like a washuu, too; and so much of Uta’s body mod stuff seems to be an effort to hide his identity… but I don’t really want to make any sort of official claim lol. honestly a greater part of me says he’s just a standalone character :’)

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there aren't enough happy marvin and trina being friends hcs amiright

you’re so right!! it always makes me smile to think about how sweet they are with each other during year of the child. here are some marvin/trina friend hcs:

  • modern au trina goes back to work and then marvin goes with her to the women’s march and yells stuff like “my ex wife deserves equal pay!!!”
  • also the tkf goes to pride and trina yells stuff like “i love my ex husband and his boyfriend”
  • for the first few weeks after whizzer dies trina makes dinner for marvin almost every night (and she knows that it’s not something she has to do anymore, she just does it because she loves him)
  • sometimes marvin just. rests his head on trina’s shoulder cause he’s short and can do that
  • they always go to jason’s parent teacher conferences together and aggressively defend him if the teacher says he gets distracted too often or doesn’t participate enough or something
  • at tkf dinners trina and marvin sit at the dinner table after dinner and drink wine and chat
  • trina often remarks how much jason looks/acts like marvin and marvin often remarks how much jason looks/acts like trina
  • they ask each other’s s/o’s what they want for their bday and get thoughtful gifts for each other every year (and also write sweet cards that they got from the “friend” section of the hallmark aisle)

idk im sure i could come up with more but im tired so feel free to add on!

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I get a lot of people on here have their own opinions of the show but a lot of the stuff people are saying is just too much. And sometimes they overdue it just to make the show seem like it's the worse thing ever which is not cool. But there are so many things on su that makes it great and there is so much the show has for us in the future. I love the show to death and i'll watch it till the end no matter what.

People is even lying and fucking spreading ignorant information this discourse is way too much i need those cold hands against my neck again

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When you and Alex/Chris have a fight and how you make up. sorry for the spam sam

Don’t ever apologize Sam

- y'all fight over the weirdest shit on a regular basis
- like. Sometimes it’s normal couple stuff like don’t leave your wet towel on the floor and other times it’s over inconsequential things like which is the better Doctor
- you never raise your voices at each other, but it’s very clearly an argument
- when you guys makeup there’s a tradition of buying candy and watching cheesy horror movies as an I’m sorry
- which leads to the make up sex on the couch. It’s always the couch too.

- these are barn burners, since you’re both prone to bottling emotions
- y'all go from 0 to throwing dishes
- everything comes out
- so you’d start arguing about dishes but then some how you throw in that he was flirting with the waitress and he yells back about how you got hair dye on his favorite band shirt
- sometimes it ends in angry sex, sometimes it ends in the two of you spending a couple days apart
- but you always come back together and work it out amicably
- tho Alex sometimes has to come play mediator and he fucking hates it

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Hi! You don't have to publish this it's really random but I just wanted to say I have so much respect for how you answer asks. You get people coming to you with such strong and sometimes angry opinions and you always handle them with such optimism. It's rare in the world these days, but you are my favourite part of this fandom at the moment because you still have hope but also respect the writers and that headcanons and fanfics are just as important as the show. So thank you, it's really great.

Aaah THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words!! Nice messages like this really makes me going and inspire me to continue with my gifs and stuff ♥ The values of this blog is positivity and reason and I’m staying strongly behind all of my ships despite what canon does! Because a canon can never decide how you ship your ship, yes that’s why fan work is important too! Thank you so much ♥♥

ppl have been unfollowing me bc ive been posting some serious political stuff and it makes me feel like people dont read my about before following me? it says Right There that i am a commie and that i sometimes blog about politics. it’s draining for me to do it too much but come on….

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What about Tyler? He has an adorable laugh, looks liek you can have a serious talk and he would understand (Like Being angry or sad, Anxiety getting toy u and you go to him, etc.), he would TRY cooking for you, he makes good little poems on twitter and stuff, He has a few nicknames, loves Chica, spaces out sometimes! And so on! But what made me sad is "Markiplites" Called him Fat over and over again and he finally spoke about it and it makes me so angry like omg, he's not fat he's buff & awesome

this is honestly one of the most adorable things i’ve ever read omfg tyler is such a pure bean like what did we do to deserve him 💛

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honestly all i see is 'its ok to be a soft feminine boy' and it is!! soft boys are so good! but i feel pretty sad about it too cos im very very masculine personality wise, and i feel like thats 'not ok' and i have to make up a feminine side when im so sick of being feminine because it doesn't feel right and masculinity has always been more comfortable and healthy for me ughhhhhh

nah dude if thats not for you then thats not for you and you dont have to entertain it

its cool to be masculine and manly and you dont ever have to feel pressured to be feminine if youre not. you gotta do you and i know that can be tough sometimes with all the stuff you see but youre the only one who can say what the right thing for you is.

just say nah fuck that im gonna be me!!! and then do it and dont apologize to anyone about it. youre so wonderful just the way you are.

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how do i become an snk meta blog writer or whatever i'm so worried abt making a blog for it but i really want to talk to people and i feel like i have good insights :(

The best advice I can give: just go for it! 

If you have thoughts, insights, ideas, theories or literally anything that you want to share with the fandom, go right ahead and write it down! It doesn’t matter if its about earlier chapters or recent stuff, if its anime or manga related, if you want to do it, do it! Even if it may sometimes seem like it, the fandom really doesn’t bite, and there will always be people who appreciate any kind of analysis. In fact, if memory serves me right, not too long someone started their analytical readthrough of the series, and is already being supported by the meta community. I’d say they’re actually a very welcoming bunch.

But don’t just limit yourself to your own posts. If someone is analyzing something, and you feel like adding your own thoughts on the subject, go for it. Meta is all about discussion, sharing and comparing viewpoints is often what leads to a much more profound analysis. Figuring out the secrets of the series is much harder to do all by oneself, group work is a much more efficient method. And most writers I know are very happy to discuss the subjects they’re talking about with others. Analysis and talking to others go right perfectly hand in hand. 

I myself started out similarly. Before writing my own thoughts I often worried about starting essentially from scratch, without others to talk about my ideas, followers to support me, or the fear of my writing and insights not being good enough. But eventually I started talking to my beloved tumblr mom @momtaku, started to discuss my thoughts with her, learned from her…she helped me build up my blog and included me in her discussions, and here we are now. The point is: try to forget about your worries, and go for it. We all love to hear new thoughts and insights, we all love a new point of view. And the community is very discussion-friendly too! Don’t feel insecure because you’re maybe new or inexperienced; there is no set limited of writers, you’re not competing with anyone, there’s always room for more blogs. Just try writing and posting, and both you and the fandom will benefit from it! It’s a win-win situation, a uniquely rare outcome in the world of Attack on Titan :3 

Sorry if my blog has become super girly lately in terms of content. I like lots of different stuff so I just post about what’s on my mind.

Sometimes it’s Silent Hill, Mass Effect and B-grade horror movies. And sometimes its ponies and Sailor Moon.

It’s my blog and I can do what I want, I know, but I also know some people might be like “wow… there’s a lot of pink happening here lately.”

Thanks for putting up with me when I spam post about things you guys may not be watching me for ^^;


Potter has done too much for me for me to ever want to shit all over it. I’m never going to say: ‘Don’t ask me questions about that’. I remember reading an interview with Robert Smith from The Cure. Somebody said to him: ‘Why do you still wear all that makeup, don’t you feel a bit past it?’ And he said: ‘There are still 14-year-olds coming to see The Cure for the first time, dressed like that. I’d never want to make them feel silly.’ It’s a similar thing with Potter. People are still discovering those books and films. It would be awful for them to find out the people involved had turned their backs on it. Though sometimes, people do come up and say ‘I loved you in The Woman in Black,’ which is really sweet. That’s them knowing that it matters to me that I’ve done other stuff.

It’s just so wild to people think of children as mysterious beings and there’s been and will always be a ton of debate over how to rear them. But they really are just regular people, who just happen to still be small. If you teach them to be reasonable they can be reasoned with. Just like you, they can be calmed down by addressing their actual anxieties. They lack the emotional depth and reasoning skills to make certain decisions and for this parents should guide them. But you just treat them well and develop mutual respect with them and you’re fine. They’ll do silly stuff sometimes, they’ll get mad at you for not letting them do absurd things like eat 20 cookies at a time, but you really just have to treat and teach them well and generally they don’t just want to make your life hard for no reason. I have years of experience with children and they’re not a puzzle. They’re just like you, they see all the same things as you, but they lack the emotional ability to process like adults can and need some guidance. It’s not that deep.

  • Jin: Will come and sit on your keyboard while you're trying to do stuff cos he thinks he's far more interesting to look at than whatever that boring shit on your screen is. Plus he's hungry. Always hungry.
  • Suga: Never moves. Like ever. Sometimes you have to poke him just to make sure he's still alive. And then after you've poked him he'll hiss at you. But he loves you deep down, probably because you bought him a fluffy bed.
  • J-Hope: Pounces on your head every morning to wake you up cos he loves you and wants the first thing you see in the morning to be his furry belly.
  • Rap Monster: Walks across the table to get to you and knocks off a) your coffee cup, b) your laptop, c) your entire collection of glass figurines, d) all of the above.
  • Jimin: Will be constantly rubbing against you. Like as soon as you get home he just suddenly appears and rubs against your legs. It's rare for you to get out the house without fur all over you.
  • V: Always chasing stuff. Legit, if it moves, he chases it. Butterflies, spiders, dogs, pokemon, anything. Also eats whatever he manages to catch. So hide your other pets...
  • Jungkook: That crazy ass kitten that just runs around everywhere. Will legit try to run vertically up your walls, so keep him supervised at all times. And watch out for him randomly hiding underneath your legs when he gets freaked out by another cat, especially if it's female.


i had the sad idea that like. sometimes avatars try to reconnect w/ past lives and stuff and obvs all the avatars are different, ya know, but what if theres a few of these past lives who are kinda young? (kinda stay that way forever once they’re a spirit i think?) i dont wanna step on toes with it cause i know its kinda sad/troubling but i wanted to draw the idea anyways. i hope i make sense? 

no, but you don’t understand! 

they are portraying bipolar as “sometimes they do reckless but cool stuff” which is…. exactly the right way to teach teenagers about it? bc they’re fucking teenagers after all and wikipedia makes bipolar sound like a death sentence??? 

and I know Magnus downplayed bipolar a little bit, but that’s exactly what we needed considering how much it was dramaticised in the last two episodes? 

and I can’t believe the people who wrote it actually are real and got that they have to “make light” or a thing to balance the drama before. bc that’s exactly what tv shows never do. but skam did. 


Wtnv Headcanons

Cecil makes those little Self-Care reminder type announcements you see all over tumblr on the Radio.

Sometimes they’re reminders to the town in the face of disaster. “Did you remember to tie down your garbage cans? Remember, it’s garbage CAN fly away, not garbage can’t!”

Sometimes it’s a reminder to himself for things. “Did you remember to lock the door this morning? Yes. Yes? Yes definitely yes.”

Most of the times though, they’re subtly aimed Carlos’s way, because since Cecil found out how sometimes he forgets to eat and drink water and take breaks when at work or even at home, the host was determined to help. So he slips little reminders and prompts into the show. “Have you had a break today? You work so hard. Take a ten minute break to recharge.”

Or “have you had eight cups of water today? Remember, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!”

Or even reminders like “have you considered the fact you are incredibly loved by a lot of people today? Not a person, not even just two or three persons, a lot of people. A lot of people care about you and love you immensely, even when they aren’t right there at this moment, even if they don’t say it outright. You are incredibly loved, dear listener. Even you, Steeeeeve Carlsberrrrrg.”