sometimes i like to look back at these panels

TianShan chapter 214 thoughts

I see people wondering why He Tian is acting so still and quiet. 

Personally, I don’t think there is anything that deep going on. We’ve seen this type of behavior from them once before. And this is just the way they are: He Tian is the calm (well, sometimes) one and Guan Shan is the one that overreacts (all the time).

 Let’s go look back a bit….

When I first saw the last panel of chapter 214 this came to mind from chapter 160:

Remember that He Tian talked about how he doesn’t want Guan Shan to like him more and more and this was Guan Shan’s overreaction. Guan Shan is just not there  yet when it comes to romance/intimacy/sexual awakening/whatever you want to call it. GuanShan is completely clueless when it comes to that stuff. He still has a childish mentality; At this point he thinks love is gross, he totally flipped when He Tian kissed him, he ends up reading freaking astrology for advice on his relationship with He Tian. Also, remember that before He Tian entered his life,his focus was getting out of school. He’s not preoccupied with the normal teenage school life like getting involved in romances or getting good grades or participating in school activities, he rather be a delinquent, get kicked out of school and work to earn money. 

So now He Tian disrupted his plans, and for once somebody is giving him attention and a change to make money. I know He Tian has unconventional methods, but his heart is in the right place, he genuinely care for Guan Shan and wants him to succeed. He’s also head over heels for him and he has learned his lesson not to push it too far with him. “it” being sexual advances. 

So now we end up here:

There is not room on either side, He Tian is backed against the wall, hands in his pockets, again to show that he has no intention of doing anything shady, and  Guan Shan is pushed forward. He overreacts like he did in chapter 160 and He Tian, again tells him that it’s not big deal and that she shouldn’t overreact lol, like it’s normal for two dudes to rubs their dicks against each other. He’s not flirting or joking around because he doesn’t want to escalate the situation to which Guan Shan behaves like the after the kiss. If a forceful kiss made Guan Shan react that way imagine a forceful, unwanted dick girding. 

During this studio arc, He Tian has behaved pretty well and calm. He has flirted with Guan Shan a bit and nothing more, he tried testing Guan Shan with the fork but he saw that Guan Shan wasn’t ready for it yet, so He Tian is keeping his cool, and acting like this is totally normal. 

Maybe if He Tian keeps his cool,and tells him that this is not a big deal, the thought will rub off on Guan Shan as well, until he’s more comfortable with being close to He Tian, that intimacy is not so scary, that  he can TRUST he tian not to do anything stupid that Guan Shan is uncomfortable with. 

He Tian is  not saying much verbally but he sure is expressing himself well with just his actions –or lack of actions in this case. He’s telling Guan Shan that he can trust him not to break the boundaries that Guan Shan holds on to. He Tian is showing that he intends to wait for Guan Shan to be comfortable enough to make the first move. 

After The Kiss, He Tian has been atoning for his mistake. He wants Guan Shan. He doesn’t want to scare him away. 

Panels | Tom Holland

Request: hey honey can I ask for tom holland x famous!reader imagine? reader is his celebrity crush and during an interview or trailer presentation he sips it out. Please? <3

Pairing: Tom Holland x Famous!Reader

A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon for sending in my first request! Hope you enjoy reading :)


Tom has always had a big mouth. His manager was still telling him off about the last time he mentioned something he was not supposed to. He prided himself on getting better at keeping his mouth shut and for a while he did.

Until he didn’t.

He had been invited to present a couple trailers at SDCC and his excitement was almost equally crowded by nerves. Not only would he be introducing a few Marvel and Sony movies, but also one starring Y/N Y/L/N. You were a new breakout actress who went from zero experience to starring in the big films. Tom admired how humble and genuine you were whenever he saw you in passing and in interviews.

Harrison would not let it go. With Haz’s constant teasing, Tom found himself denying the claims with an obvious blush on his face. “Yeah, right. So you’re blushing because you aren’t 100% in love with Y/N Y/L/N.” Harrison would say before they moved on to other topics.

Arriving at SDCC was still so mind-blowing for him. The convention area before people were let in was massive yet it would be filled in a few minutes with devoted fans. Tom was led to a green room to go over his tasks and soon he found himself walking onto the main stage with a big crowd of people screaming in excitement. “Hey guys!”

“So I’m Tom Holland, your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, and today I will be presenting you with some exciting stuff. Are you ready?” The crowd loved him, as usual his charming attitude won them over. “I don’t think you’re ready but here’s the first trailer!” The rest of the trailers followed and up next it was your movie. You had been instructed by your manager to come on stage after the trailer to say hi and answer some questions.

Tom did not know this. “So, this next trailer is something that I personally am very excited for, not that the others weren’t great but, yeah…it stars Y/N Y/L/N who you may know from her stellar performance in Reboot which is one of my favorite films of all time. Here it is!” 

Slowly you walked on stage with a hand to your mouth signalling the crowd to be quiet. You walked up to Tom mid-sentence and said, “boo!” He jumped and nearly fell off his chair. His eyes widened as he recognized you as you laughed at his reaction. The crowd was going crazy. “Hey guys! Hope you don’t mind me crashing the party.” 

Once the initial shock left Tom, you both sat and answered questions. You had moved your chair right next to him in order to see everyone unknowingly making Tom flustered. Harrison stood by the front smirking at his best friend. “So Y/N, how do you feel about Tom’s crush on you?” Tom choked on his water and you turned to him. He could not believe what was happening, of all moments to embarrass him. “I-i-i don’t, it’s not.” Once he was sorted, you turned back to the crowd and said, “well, if he does have a crush on me, I’d think it’s very cute. He’s a very charming man, this guy.” You sent him a small smile as his eyes widened at your answer. 

The panel went by quickly after that and you were both off the stage. Tom spotted you as you were about to leave and he yelled out your name before thinking. You turned around and spotted him sending him a smile. “Hey Tom!” He caught up to you. “So, um, I was wondering i-if you’d like to get some coffee sometime?” He cursed the slight stutter in his words but felt happy he finally got it off his chest. “Only if you want to of course.” He rubbed at the back of his neck looking around at the people milling about.

You leaned into him and kissed his cheek, immediately noticing the blush on them as you pulled away. You reached for the phone in his hand and dialed your number then saved it on both phones. “See you later Holland.” You winked before walking off leaving Tom with a furious blush and a wide smile.

Twin Troubles

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Grant gustins girlfriend and Dylan obriens twin sister and she plays Supergirl and at comicon when the Supergirl cast and Grant are promoting the crossover with the flash and plays a prank on the reader and Grant and they end up shouting “DYLAN!” At the same time

Notes: So, I hope this is what you’re looking for, I added a lot of Grant x reader stuff in the middle with the hotel and all that, just because I felt like it and it worked well in there, I think (hope). Plus, I just really like this gif and it looks like something that would happen before the panel started in the fic so…Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

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Another Prompt Fill

Since both came in together…  Great minds, apparently.


“Your great-aunt Eudora died,” Molly said, glancing over to Sherlock before going back to her slides.

“Oh good, when’s the funeral?”

“Day after tomorrow, reading of the will to follow. I didn’t know that was an actual thing people actually did. Like, do you lot just gather in mahogany-panelled libraries with your embroidered hankies and veils and mesh gloves and just faint dramatically when the surprise illegitimate child walks in?”

“I know they say television is a window to the world, but sometimes it would do you some good to actually go outside,” Sherlock said, shouldering her aside to see what she was looking at. “Ooh, is that brain?”

“Colon polyp, actually, though in this bloke I don’t think there was much difference. Real Darwin Award material, thought a curling iron was a vibrator with a warming feature.”

“And that killed him?”

“He tried to cool it off by running it under the tap. While it was still plugged in.”

“Which end?” Sherlock continued to look at the slide.


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Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis Jason and Bruce are so friggin cute and I love them

Basically in Mike W. Barr’s Detective Comics they pretty much ignored all the DARK AND EDGY junk that was starting to seep into other Batman comics, They had “adult” elements like acknowledging that Bruce had issues and more realistic crimes and serious murderous threats and stuff, but they also had a dash of camp, were way more upbeat than most comics Jason was in and he was a LOT happier in general. Bruce was also a generally good role model.

This was all mostly roughly around the time Jason got his new origin and stopped being a Dick Grayson Clone backstorywise, so it is canon for the modern version of him, it seems (especially since there’s references to his former “life of crime” and issues with Two Face towards the end of this run), and I don’t really think it contradicts too much. Even in the more “zomggrimdarkcomics” of the day Jason had a very strong happy and cute side, his default ISN’T angry, he just happens to be very emotional. And this was all before his FAITH IN THE SYSTEM!!! was broken too. 

Anyways, basically Jason’s entire role in these comics was to Be SUPER ADORABLE all the time.

aND Bruce’s role was to be a total nerd dad.


Selina: okay you’re weird maybe I’ll date someone else.

Jason in the background: …

But anyway I love this art Jason is so tiny and cute?



And Bruce Wayne: Actual Good Dad

BRUCE TELLING JASON HE SHOULD BE RESPECTFUL OF WOMEN NO MATTER THEIR PROFESSION AND IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THEY’RE SEX WORKERS? REALLY GREAT? (also yes this was back when he said “chum” a lot, I kind of wish he still did that sometimes)

Bruce sees that Jason is upset about not being able to help so tries to make it clear it’s okay and gives him cake!!! Really cute!!!

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i committed the 8th deadly sin: humanize bots. i had an idea tho .

the premise behind these designs (…that i put way too much effort into despite likely never using them again…) was a challenge from myself to myself: “humanize them while taking themes from both their irl appearance AND the sci-fi aesthetics of their respective launch periods.” thus 60s for 9, 70s for 10, and i fudged juice’s to be late 2010′s because he hasn’t been launched yet.

9′s was pretty straightforward. there was a lot of really campy sci-fi stuff released during this time, and since the actual pioneer 9 is this simple cylinder thing, going for one of the boxy brightly pseudo astronaut outfits that were a thing in a lot of works at this time felt right. red and orange and dark gray were all from their actual probe design, plus another thing i wanted to do with these was to incorporate their text color in, which wasn’t a problem here because they’re already red. fun! their, uh…bangs? front part? whatever you call it? is a thing that you can see in a lot of both 60s and 70s works and it felt like it would be nice to give that to both 9 and 10. family resemblance!

10′s is my favorite personally. a lot of people have already run with their dish being a skirt, so i didn’t really do anything new here. making it stiff was fun though. pioneer 10′s got this interesting shape with the small dish and all these spindly bits sprouting off from it, so a huge stiff skirt with spindlier limbs felt interesting. the gold and silver is from pioneer 10′s actual colors, and the green accent is of course their text color. the shoulders and collar were really fun too honestly, sci-fi from a few decades ago had such ridiculous designs that you could do a lot with it.

juice is hm…not feeling too happy with him and if i ever decide to draw these again, he’s getting a second pass. there were two main visions of the future i came across: the dark and gritty one of a lot of hm, speculative fiction, vs the sleek and minimalist one. sometimes both at once, with the former being the underbelly of the latter. at first i was gonna go with the minimalist approach for him, because it’d mesh better with the other two than him essentially wearing normal clothing + more black. my thought process: “i could be boring and make his skin nearly #FFFFFF white or i could just. make him dark skinned.” contrast is good folks. ended up not going that route though, since minimalist nothingness leaves even less room for weird stuff than the cyberpunky style (which in and of itself was also REALLY way more restrictive than i would’ve liked, since im all about weird stuff), so i went with cyberpunk-y. he’s similar to 9 in that JUpiter ICy moons Explorer is predominantly yellow the same way his text is, but again, really limited with color palette because TOO much yellow wouldn’t mesh with the aesthetic. similarly, there wasn’t really…a place for his dish, nor his huge solar panels, despite those both being awesome. so i just made his hair fan out into what i hope can be?? kinda construed as a dish?? and the solar panels just became a pattern on his sleeves because i didn’t want to just leave them out.

man i wasn’t gonna ever draw these again because i personally like…keeping them mostly robotic for the most part, but since i did these at like 4am, i was pretty tired hjkfdghls, and looking back on it there’s a lot of flaws in both the designs and just the art in general that maybe i’ll iron out sometime?? idk

WOW THAT WAS LONG im such a nerd

Survival 101: Mercy (Part 6)

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Death, Violence, Swearing, Nightmares

AN: I love this chapter, or I love the interaction between Y/N and Bellamy. We are finally making progress in their relationship which I know has been going slowly. I just don’t feel like its realistic to make them instantly love each other. Especially as they are very different personalities. 

Hope everyone enjoys this chapter! 

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There wasn’t a whole lot to do in a wet, dark cave that you were trapped in indefinitely meaning out of boredom you had actually somehow managed to fall asleep.

You awoke suddenly, jerking upright clutching your chest with sweat beading on your forehead and breaking out over the skin of your arms and legs. Your t-shirt was sticking to your body and your jacket which you’d been using as a sheet was tangled around you. The panic from the nightmare was clinging to your mind as without thinking you ripped the jacket from your body scrambling to the side of the cave and clutching at the wall breathing hard.

“Y/N?” Bellamy’s hand came down on your shoulder and you jerked, twisting in his grip to plaster yourself against the wall fighting down the panic from his touch.

“Don’t” you warned as he reached for you once more. “Just don’t touch me for a minute”

You were well aware of how your panic induced nightmares worked and for at least the next couple of minutes touch was only going to remind you of just why you were so worked up.

Bellamy thankfully listened to you dropping his hands to his side looking at you in concern. “You alright?”

“Do I look alright” you snapped, then regretted it. He was only trying to help he actually looked truly concerned about you. “It’s just a nightmare” you said softly. “I’ll be alright again in a moment” it was the truth, you would be alright again very soon. Would have packaged the monsters of your mind back into the cell and you would function again as a human.

You slid down the wall of the cave sitting on the floor there with your forehead resting on your knees. You heard Bellamy sit beside you, close but not close enough to touch you.

“Just tell me when it’s over alright?” He put his hand palm upwards on the floor and then sat, silently waiting.

It took less time than usual for you to hide your demons once more, to squash them into silence. You didn’t want to admit to yourself though that the cause of that might be because of the man sat next to you so instead you stayed silent.

Hesitantly you reached out and put your hand on top of his own, his fingers linked with your own. Warmth flooded your system as you stared at your hands clasped together.

“The first time I ever saw Octavia properly I’d had a nightmare one night” you offered “I must have been screaming and she forced open the panel between our rooms. She sat much like you just did with her hand out and when I’d calmed down enough she silently held my hand until the sun came up once more”

Bellamy smiled. “I used to do that with her sometimes. When she couldn’t be under the floor anymore. We’d sit and watch the sun come back into view”

You finally looked back into his face “I guess I owe you more of a thank you than I thought”

“You don’t need to thank me Y/N” he insisted “I know what it’s like to have nightmares. To have demons that you can’t escape”

From the look in his eyes he was reliving the sound of a gunshot and the death of someone on the ark. What he’d had to do to make sure his sister was safe.

“They might not be dead Bellamy”


You offered him a small smile “I’ve seen your aim. Whoever you shot up there, they might not be dead”

Leaning over he bumped his shoulder into your own. “My aim is just fine. We can’t all be dead shots”

He was ignoring the part about whoever he shot not being dead, but that was alright. At least you’d said it out loud the thought could sit in his brain and it might bring him some comfort at least. You also weren’t going to ask him who he had shot not directly anyhow. You had some ideas about who, after all he wasn’t going to have got a seat on the drop ship by shooting another janitor. There was one thing you did have to ask though.

“I’m not asking you questions you don’t want to answer Bellamy, but I just need to know one thing”

He looked at you carefully then shook his head. “I didn’t shoot Kane”

You hadn’t even realised you’d been worried about your uncle but at the words you felt a deep breath release inside of you. Kane may not have been the best uncle in history but he was still blood.

You both sat mostly silently until finally you noticed sun beams filtering into the cave, the oppressive darkness caused by the fog was lifting and you could hear people starting to shout out your names once more.

You let go of Bellamy’s hand getting back up to your feet, you looked at him once sharing something that didn’t need words to explain it. What you’d told each other in this place would stay here. However, something else had shifted between the two of you and you didn’t think you could find it inside yourself to hate him any longer.


The scream was what made you all start running once more, female and high pitched she sounded terrified.

You beat Bellamy to Charlotte by seconds pulling up to a harsh stop and intake of breath. Atom, he was laying on the ground burnt almost unrecognisable by the fog. He must have tripped or fallen and gotten caught in the acid.

“Son of a bitch” Bellamy hissed beside you.

Charlotte was still whimpering beside you both, turning away from Atom you bent down to look her in the eye.

“Hey Charlotte, Charlotte look at me” terrified eyes flicked to your own as she struggled to process what she was seeing. “Charlotte you need to get out of here ok. Get back to camp and find Clarke. She’ll be able to help. Can you do that?”

She managed to catch a few deep breaths “Find Clarke” she repeated and you nodded.

“Yeah find Clarke and send her here alright?”

She nodded quickly and took off back towards camp as you got slowly back to your feet joining Bellamy closer to Atom, kneeling down on the ground beside him.

“Kill me. Kill me. Please…” his voice was destroyed and he was obviously in a massive amount of pain.

“Y/N?” Bellamy whispered looking at you desperately. You weren’t a healer, didn’t even know where to begin helping Atom. You weren’t even sure if Clarke would be able to do anything. If Atom had inhaled that much of the acid fog it wouldn’t be just his skin that was burnt but his organs. It was a miracle that he was even still alive.

“I can’t breathe… Y/N please”

Not knowing what other choice you had at this point you pulled the small knife out of your belt looking helplessly at Bellamy.

“What choice do we have?” you asked him. He didn’t answer just staring at Atom.

“Y/N” from the woods Clarke appeared. You’d never been so happy to see the blonde haired girl as she pushed Bellamy out of the way bending down over Atom.

“Help him Griffin” you urged as she soothed the still moaning Atom. Gently running her hands over his body before turning her face back to yours.

She shook her head, there was nothing she could do for him.

“Alright” you said leaning over Atom making him focus on you. “Atom listen to me alright. I’m going to help you just listen to my voice”

Atom blinked rapidly keeping his eyes locked on yours as you began to hum the same song your mother used to hum to you when you couldn’t sleep. One of your hands gently ran through his hair as the other with the knife pressed it quickly and cleanly into his artery.

Atom barely even blinked at the knife, unable to separate one pain from another. You kept humming smiling at him until his breathing faltered completely and his face finally relaxed the pain gone as he slipped away.

Clarke reached over and squeezed your shoulder, she was silent but there was respect in her eyes.

“Get something made to carry him” you ordered standing up and pushing the knife back into your belt. “We need to get him back to camp”

The others from your earlier hunting party went off to start making an improvised stretcher. Clarke who apparently had been with Finn and Well’s looked over at you.

“I have medicine for Jasper, we need to get it back to camp”

“Go” you waved her away “go save at least one person today”

Clarke smiled but it came out lopsided as she disappeared with Finn and Wells.

“I don’t want to talk about it Bellamy” you insisted as he came over to you. “I did what I had to and that’s the end of it”

“You did what we couldn’t” he said making you look at him. “Thank you”

You left it at that not wanting to get further into a conversation from which there was probably no end. Instead you helped get Atom’s body up onto the make shift gurney and headed back for camp.


It had taken only seconds of your entrance back to camp for hell to break loose. Octavia had had a melt down over Atom and Bellamy had nearly strangled Murphy for calling Octavia crazy. Well’s had disappeared with Atom’s body and now you were sat on the top level of the drop ship waiting to see whether Clarke really had managed to heal Jasper. You hoped to god she had because you didn’t think you could manage with anymore death today.

“To Atom” Monty said raising up a make shift cup in which some sort of liquid he said was alcohol lay. Apparently apart from knowing a lot about electronics and computers Monty was also fairly good at brewing up illegal moonshine.

“To Atom” Finn agreed downing his own shot, he instantly pulled a face coughing and wiping at his mouth “smooth”

Octavia grabbed it next swallowing a large mouthful. “That’s disgusting. I love it” she smiled handing it over to you.

The liquid burnt going down but it felt right to do something for Atom. Even if that did mean poisoning yourself with Monty’s moonshine.

“Hey can I get a hit of that?”

“Jasper” Octavia nearly knocked the whole bottle flying as she jumped to reach Jasper who eyes were finally open.

The rest of you gathered around as well as Jasper finally woke up. He looked alert and although still sickly he finally had sense back in his eyes.

“Welcome back buddy” Finn clapped his shoulder squeezing.

“Was that a dream or did I get speared”

“You’ll have a very impressive scar to prove it” Clarke answered. “Finn and Y/N got you down from the tree”

“My saviours” Jasper smiled at you.

“Thank you for not dying today” you said to him. “I don’t think we could have handled anymore death today”

“Shall I try not to die tomorrow as well?” he asked.

That was when you all knew he was completely back to the old Jasper. Throwing jokes around and being his normal self. He might have a long way to go until was up and about again, but he was going to get there. You’d all managed to save one life today and hell that was better than nothing.

anonymous asked:

Hello!!!! Your writing is amazing and your characterization is so on point I love it!!! Could I maybe request some platonic!reader headcanons with the Paladins + Allura and Coran? Like as friends not necessarily lovers? If that makes sense I'm sorry if it doesn't, anyway you're fantastic and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

;;OMG thank u sooo much dude!!! I hope u have a great awesome day too, & tysm for sending!!!<3 

Lance -

  • Pun buddies? pun buddies
  • No one else on the castleship gets Lance’s sense of humor as much as they do, so they’d be doubling over laughing together over the same joke for hours
  • They’d be so attached at the hip that even Blue would grow to like them
  • When Lance and [Y/N] are in the same room with Keith, beware
  • Lance: [flexes] You: [gunshot noises]
  • They talk for hours about how much they miss Earth, Lance would really be comfortable unravelling his emotions with them when they’re alone
  • “Shiro, I let [Y/N] use my bayard and now the control panel in my lion is busted and they need to be grounded this instant.”

Shiro -

  • [Y/N] would be his favorite kid
  • Out of everyone, he lets [Y/N] touch his robotic arm the most because he’s that comfortable with them
  • Always notices when they’re sulking and is there to put the dad hand on their shoulder before asking what’s wrong
  • “No, you can’t make my galra arm into a cheese dispenser… Pidge already tried.”
  • He’d let them tease him a lot
  • When Shiro can’t sleep, they stay up together either reading or taking leisurely walks around the castle whilst talking about anything irrelevant

Hunk -

  • They’re always bragging and supporting each other, their friendship is the most iconic one on the ship
  • “Sorry, I’m busy that day. Me and [Y/N] are having our scheduled 10 hour nap.”
  • Hunk would make them the cutest best friend charms that everyone else is jealous of
  • *[Y/N] walks in* Hunk: This is amazing
  • Don’t tell me Hunk totally wouldn’t want to bake all kinds of sweets with them 
  • One time the mice ate their left-over cheesecake and they cried for 2 hours straight
  • Hunk teaches them how to fix things like car engines and panels, because who knows? It might come in handy someday
  • Piggy back rides

Keith -

  • Team mullets are the future
  • They’d watch movies together all the time, if Keith ever fell asleep during one he’d wake up to popcorn in his nose and a unibrow. Keith has had enough
  • They’re so jokingly mean to each other all the time even Lance can’t tell what’s a real roast and what’s not
  • “We had a bonding moment.” “Keith, I literally could’ve died.”
  • [Y/N] does Keith’s hair for him sometimes (puts it up) and Keith can’t even complain because they. actually made it look decent?
  • If Keith has been training nonstop, [Y/N] would have to physically stop him and help him to a nice cold cup of space juice and a towel 
  • Actually so caring towards each other behind closed doors

Pidge -

  • If there’s anyone Pidge can ramble to about mechanics, it’s [Y/N]
  • They tease each other lots, if [Y/N] does something remotely embarrassing, they won’t hear the end of it
  • Usually they accompany each other in the control room just to look out at the galaxies passing by, talking about Earth and their families
  • “Prank together, die together”
  • Cut the bristles off of Keith’s AND Lance’s toothbrushes 
  • Whenever something mysteriously malfunctions in the castle, all fingers point towards them
  • When one of them is sick, the other takes care of them and stays by their side all day just to keep them company

Allura -

  • [Y/N]’s the only one Allura’s gonna cut slack for when they’re sulking during training
  • Allura would let [Y/N] do her hair when she’s too tired to untangle it in the mornings
  • Together, they’d convince Lance to teach them how to knit so that they can make the mice little sweaters
  • “We should knit some for the paladins too, but make them all pink and oversized.” “[Y/N], this is why we’re friends.”
  • Allura likes hearing about Earth from them, and over time she grows to love the planet solely because of the way they described it
  • Whenever Lance starts one of his pickup lines, they say ‘no’ simultaneously 
  • When Allura learns more about human customs from them, she can’t stop giving the paladins high fives
  • “Allura, WHO ARE YOU FLIPPING OFF?” “[Y/N] told me this finger means I love you?”

Coran -

  • He, Keith, and [Y/N] ALL make up team mullets are the future
  • Coran would teach them all kinds of Altean recipes, most of which don’t even look edible
  • “This is either space juice or a poisonous drug and I guess I’m about to find out.” 
  • Someone has to keep Coran’s stache looking as clean as it is
  • The mice always try to eavesdrop on their conversations to pile receipts for Allura but they’re always talking about orbs? 
  • They educate Coran on cryptids and now he goes around calling everyone (specifically Keith) a cryptid
  • Finally Coran doesn’t have to be alone in the control room during the night because his friend won’t stop talking about Earth, and he doesn’t mind
The Big Dipper

This one is for @goodtohaveyouback based on their beautiful edits. (Links below)

x & x

Trigger warnings: non-descriptive violence and choking 

There are nights when sleeping isn’t even a thought that crosses my mind. Ever since I’ve been on this ship, sleeping has been a nightmare. Literally. So, I train, explore the castle, or sometimes just lay in bed, scrolling through my pictures on my old cell phone since nothing else works in space. I try to avoid doing that, though. Everyone else here talks about their family, but I’ve never really had a place that was more home than this besides my shack. And there I’m alone.

So tonight, after regretfully looking at a picture of Shiro in the shack back when we were in the Garrison, I find myself wandering again.

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anonymous asked:

Your comic is rad! when you're thumbnailing it out (if you even do) does it take a few tries to get the panels n angles right? Or do you just know how you want it as soon as you start?

OH BOY!! It’s actually a mix of both! LONG POST ;D

I thumbnail on paper, and it’s very rough. I struggled a lot with the next chapter so there was a lot of going back and redoing panels cause some didnt sit well or it seemed too boring to me (I’m still learning panels OTL). 

Sorry it’s so bright, but my typical thumbs look like this. This thumb was edited tho ;w;’’ But YEAH it’s very ugly and sketchy.

But the second time I go over the thumbs with Sai, I refine them and possibly change things again so that it’s ready for lining. It’s still pretty messy sometimes, and I don’t always include the bg but it looks like this somewhat! I don’t always know what I want, it mostly comes to me as I go and that’s not always best cause i get stumped VERY often since I’m trying to go for more poses and dynamics, which I’m currently struggling with a lot, bUT IM LEARNING! 

But here’s a more drastic difference from thumbs to lines:

This page didn’t have much to it, just three big ass panels and I was starting to add more to my pages by now. 

I completely forgot I wanted Noel to scream profanity LOL but went with him yelling ‘IM COOL’ instead >w>;; He does this often so having him scream ‘PISSING DICKS’ would be kind of odd. Sorry for the blotch of white in the middle, I must’ve erased that for some…weird reason.

AND TADA! This came out longer than I anticipated but I hope that helps put things into perspective ;w; <3

Turn Down the Heat - 8 (Leonard Snart Reader)

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You dropped a the tool in your hand again. You cursed as you felt your insides shaking before your outsides if that were possible.

“Stop for second…” You heard Len behind you.

“I can’t…I know…” You were so cold you were having trouble speaking. Your fingers screamed as you picked up the tool, “if I fix this…it’ll work.”

He moved next to you taking your hands in his, “Of course we’re in the coldest part of the ship.”

“Not my fault.” You told him your breath rolling on the air, “If the captain and his new assistant hand messed…”

“I don’t disagree.” He smirked rubbing your hands in his, “But freezing to death is not going to help at all.”

The way he held your hands was special. Sensual and almost like he’d done it before. It certainly made you move closer to him, “How…are you…still warm?”

“Like I said, I like the cold. Though I have to say that this is getting a bit much.” He told you as you moved closer to him. His arms moved around you inside the coat as he pulled you onto his lap, “You should really have this zipped up.”

“It’s too poofy.” You shook against him as he rubbed your back trying to warm you up, “It’s hard to work in…”

“I can take it back.” He said in your ear.

“No.” You shook your head burying your face in his neck.

He chuckled at little, “You know there are certain activities we could be doing to keep warm.”

“Snart…”You said in a low warning tones.

“I was thinking jumping jacks if you must know.” He smirked pulling away enough to look at you, “But judging by your face…tch tch…you’re dirty.”

You shook your head pulling away to go back to work. You picked up the tool again touching it to the circuits, “So…tell me something…”

“Anything.” He wished he could be helping more, but handing out tools and keeping you warm was about all he was worth at the moment.

“Exactly…” You glanced at him, “Why anything?”

He stared at you for a moment, “I can’t say…”

“Why not?” You focused on the circuit connecting it slowly.

“It’s complicated.” He sighed looking away, “Believe me I wish it wasn’t…it would make many things much easier.”

“Easier for…what exactly?” You paused glancing at him again.

He looked back seeing you stare. He smiled almost immediately, “Getting closer to you…though it seems with the temperature issues I’m not having a problem with that.”

“Again with the jokes.” You looked back at your work, “I find it very hard to follow you sometimes.”

“As long as I’m leading, you don’t have to worry.” He told you. His tone made you look at him. Sincere and safe.

You looked away finishing the circuit. There was a low hum as you put the panel back on, “Gideon…could you please run a start up on heat?”

“Of course…completed We are operational on 90% of the ship, would you like me to adjust to a comfortable temperature now?”

“Yes and as quick as possible.” You told her before turning back to him, “Now…”

“Yes?” His eyes lingered on your lips before popping back up to your eyes.

You swallowed down your fears and leaned forward letting your lips meet his. Cold, but not the type that chilled you. It burned.

His hands found the sides of your face keeping you there as he deepened the kiss. He pulled away after a moment looking at your face, “Y/N…”

“Shh…” You smiled kissing him again before just leaning into him for warmth, “No jokes. These last couple weeks have been crazy and you have been…a breath of fresh air.”

He rested his chin on your head, “I glad you think so. Everyone usually finds me condescending and overbearing.”

“Oh there’s no doubt about that.” You laughed a little, “All of the above…but it’s charming in a weird way.”

“Glad to be of service.” He smirked lifting your chin up. He had wanted to be this close to you since he saw you walk onto the bridge that first day. The sensation was one he didn’t experience often.

Dry mouth, sweaty palms, high heart rate. He didn’t know if he’d ever see you again, but there you were.

“Y/N, come in…” Len groaned hearing Rip over the intercom.

You smiled putting a finger on his lips before he said anything, “I’m here.”

“It feels like you got things going.” He spoke quickly, “That being done can I see you in my office please.”

“Yes, I’ll head up soon.” You smiled watching Len roll his eyes in annoyance.

“Quick as you can.” 

After a moment you moved your finger and he let out a large sigh, “That man is intolerable, insatiable…and just out right irritating.”

“He’s a boss.” You smiled kissing his cheek before standing up, “You should come find me later.”

His eyes lit up mischievously, “Perhaps I will.”

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Prompt:  Hey it’s me again lol, I was looking at the masterlist and noticed a lack of Scotty love…That seems like a sin. So what if the Reader and Scotty work together, they’ve been dancing around the subject, shameless flirting, teasing, every so often a meaningful touch but never actually going in for the kill, until a fed up ensign trying to get work done is just like “Just kiss already.”
Word Count: 777

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Honeymustard Collection 7

Gotta have an actual fight in order for there to be make-up sex. Ha!

Papyrus looked everywhere for Red before he thought to check the workshop. New snow crunched under his sneakers as he circled around to the back of the house, hands jammed into the front pocket of his orange hoodie. The damn snowstorm that had practically stranded everyone over the past two weeks was looking like it might finally die out, the clouds thinner today and the snow falling lazily.

Shivering slightly in the cold, Papyrus shouldered the workshop door open and stepped inside, stomping his feet to rid his shoes of clinging snow. Sure enough the workshop lights were on and a quiet clicking noise gave away Red’s position behind the broken machine.

“Jeez, Red,” Papyrus scolded, circling around to where the other skeleton was crouched beside an open panel, wires tangled in his phalanges. “Tell me when you’re coming out here next time, I was looking everywhere for you.”

Red had shed his jacket and tossed it onto the workbench, the wire-framed glasses Papyrus sometimes wore when reading small print sliding down the bridge of his nasal bone. Red barely acknowledged Papyrus, only offering a small grunt with his full attention focused on the gutted wires in his hands.

Papyrus cocked his head and hovered over Red’s shoulder. He blinked in surprise, giving the machine a once over with a furrowed brow. Red had been busy. Really busy. Shit – the machine actually looked great. Even that one panel Papyrus had been struggling with for ages was fixed up in a way he’d never even considered.

“Huh,” Papyrus said, running his thumb across the panel, “this is…really smart, Red. How’d you come up with this?”

Red’s pupils flicked indifferently to the panel in question before returning to the problem at hand. The smaller skeleton shrugged, scratching at the dark circles under his eye socket. “Eh…I dunno. Just seemed like it would work better that way.”

“I thought you didn’t mess around with this stuff anymore?” Papyrus said wryly, remembering Red’s excuse for not helping with the machine the first few days they’d worked on it together. It’d actually been a while since they’d been out here. After the initial panic of trying to get Red back into his own timeline had died down the two skeletons had become rather lazy about their efforts to correct the timeline mix-up. That and they’d been – well…occupied.

Red shrugged again, “Like riding a bike, I guess.”

Papyrus rubbed the back of his neck, slow realization of the implication of Red’s actions making him really uncomfortable all of the sudden. Red had never worked on the machine alone before. Was he finally starting to get anxious to go back? To his own timeline, his own house, and his own…Papyrus?

“Heh,” Papyrus chuckled, trying to sound nonchalant, “in a hurry to get home now, Red? What happened to that lazy skeleton who was more interested in giving me a hard time, huh?”

Red refitted the wires and stuffed them back into their respective holes, clicking their cover panel into place like it was second nature. Papyrus reminded himself that it probably was – he and Red shared a lot of personal interests in science after all. Papyrus stepped back as Red stood, stretching the kinks out of his bones and brushing the dust from his shorts.

“I dunno,” Red shrugged, “The longer I’m gone the more pissed Boss is gonna be when I get back. Gotta bite the bullet sometime, right?”

Papyrus drummed his phalanges, watching Red shrug on his jacket.

“…do you?” Papyrus blurted after a moment.

Red gave him a weird look, his brow cocking behind the glasses. He actually looked pretty good in them – they suited him for some reason. “What’re you going on about, Stretch?”

“I mean,” Papyrus said carefully, “do you have to…go back?”

“Heh,” Red snorted, a grin plucking at his mouth, “Good one, Stretch. Of course I have to go back. Boss needs me.”

Papyrus’s gaze wandered to the large crack that ran from the crown of Red’s skull to the rim of his right eye socket. He thought of all the times Red had slipped up information about this “Boss” character, and how uneasy it all made Papyrus feel. And Red’s breakdown the other day. And the state of his soul…


“He’s got a funny way of showing it,” Papyrus muttered.

The look on Red’s face immediately became defensive. Angry. Red took the glasses off and tossed them onto the table. They skittered across the metal and clicked against the wall.

“Fine,” Red said shortly, “I need him, then. Boss is my brother, Stretch. I can’t just…” he trailed off, searching for the right words before giving up with an agitated wave of his hand. “I can’t just not go back. That’s stupid. Besides, what else would I do? Stay here?” He laughed, short and guttural and…painful.

Papyrus flinched.

“Would that be so bad?” he said tersely.

Red stared at him.

“I mean,” Papyrus started talking very quickly, his hands wheeling in front of him, “it wouldn’t be so terrible, would it? You could stay here with me and Sans. Sans would love you, I know it. We could say you’re just another skeleton from out of town, get you a job bussing tables at Grillby’s maybe – we could even turn this old workshop into another bedroom or something! It’s not like this stupid machine is ever going to work anyway…”

“It’s going to work,” Red cut Papyrus off firmly, “It has to.”

“Why?” Papyrus said, jaw tightening.

“Because I can’t stay here,” Red growled.

“Why NOT?” Papyrus clenched harder.

“Boss…” Red started, but Papyrus’s frustration got the better of him and he slammed a palm on the workbench, making the smaller skeleton jump.

“Fuck your ‘Boss’ Red! He’s an abusive asshole who doesn’t give you half of the care or respect that you deserve!”

The minute the words left Papyrus’s mouth he knew he’d made a mistake. Angry magic began to boil in Red’s eye sockets, his sharp teeth clenched and bared. The smaller skeleton’s shoulders were shaking with…anger? Uncertainty? It was impossible for Papyrus to read Red’s expression. The kid was usually so easy to see through, but in that moment Papyrus was struck with how little he actually knew about Red or his timeline or his past, his motivations, his understanding of the world – hell even his favorite color! Red was…a stranger.

“Boss gives me exactly what I deserve, you prick!” Red snarled, aiming a pointed finger at Papyrus’s chest. “Don’t pretend like you know what I deserve!”

“Not this!” Papyrus shouted desperately, motioning to the crack on Red’s skull. “Not fear! Not punishment! Not pain! I know you think you’re right, Red – but you’re not. You just don’t know any better.”

“Don’t fucking tell me what I know!” Red yelled. “Just because you think you’re happier in this stupid, sugary timeline doesn’t mean that I’m not happy in mine!” A wild look eked into the magic swirling in Red’s eye socket, his mouth trembling as his speech slurred into a nearly incoherent stream of babble.

“I like the pain. I like being hurt. I deserve to be hit and kicked and fucked until I bleed. I’m a piece of shit and Boss shouldn’t even put up with me. He should have killed me ages ago. I’m weak and dumb and pathetic and a piece of shit – and fuck you with your stupid ‘little bro’ and your stupid fucking hot chocolate. It’s all gone to shit anyway and you know that, and I know you know that because you’re always fucking begging in your sleep! ‘Don’t hurt my little bro, please!’ ‘Don’t kill him!’ ‘Don’t leave me alone again!’ Fuck you both! You deserve to watch your stupid brother die over and over and over again…”

Papyrus hit him.

He hadn’t meant to…he thought. But at the mention of Sans’s deaths in the resets something in Papyrus’s skull snapped. Red fell against the wall of the workshop, palm clapping to the side of his jaw where the back of Papyrus’s hand had made sharp contact. That wild magic in his eye socket had become a single tranquil pupil and the way he held his mouth seemed almost triumphant. Like he’d confirmed some suspicion he’d been fostering from the very first day. Papyrus stood frozen with his hand still raised post-strike, every joint of his bones tense and every vertebrae of his spine stiff.

“Heh,” Red sounded strange, his voice lower and less uncertain. “Guess you and Boss aren’t so different after all…right, ‘Pap’?”

Papyrus didn’t respond. What the hell could he say?

Red pushed himself off the wall, wavering slightly on unsteady knees before regaining his balance. He sniffed, wiping the back of his hand over the spot Papyrus had hit him. The taller skeleton didn’t miss the tiny smear of blood on the other’s phalanges. A cold screw began twisting in his gut. Oh, God…oh God…what had he done?

Papyrus made no motion to stop Red from leaving the workshop, still held rigid and numb as he was. Some part of him knew the other wouldn’t try to run away again anyway. But despite this small reassurance that Red was confined to the same walls as him, Papyrus felt that this strange…other skeleton…was somehow very, very far away.

Taking a Stand

It happened thirty minutes into their 45-minute panel.  The fan who stepped up to the microphone wore a t-shirt with a picture of Donald Trump dressed as Captain America.  No one but Tom and Danielle, who were sitting on either side of him, heard Carlos murmur, “Dude …” but the whole cast exhaled with the same resignation when the man began to speak.

“This question is for Greg and Andrew.  I’ve been reading the comic books since I was a kid and …”

Jesse didn’t bother to hide his disgust at what he already knew was coming.  He grimaced, folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair. 

“ … and I just wondered why you felt like you had to change Iris?”

The showrunners exchanged a look of undisguised impatience. “We don’t think - -” Greg began.

“I’ll answer that.”  

Grant’s interruption took everyone on the panel by surprise, including himself.   The question had been thrown at the show by disgruntled fans since the first announcement of the casting for Iris West.  Over and over again, Candice handled the attacks with grace and civility and while the rest of the cast had been supportive behind the scenes, for the most part, they remained publicly mute, and hoped that a lack of engagement would eventually silence the complainers.   It hadn’t worked out that way.  The non-response only made that small sub-set of fans louder and Candice, seemingly alone and unsupported, an easy target.  

Now, faced with the thinly-veiled racism yet again, and watching Candice’s fingers tighten around the water bottle on the table in front of her, Grant was suddenly ashamed of his own rectitude.  Determined - finally - to take a stand, once he began to speak, the words poured out.  

“I’ve read the comic books, too, and you know what?  I don’t look anything like Barry Allen, but no one ever complains about that.  Why does it only matter that Iris doesn’t look like the comics?  Never mind. I think we all know why.”

He waved off the ripple of applause that ran through the audience and glared at the man still standing at the microphone.

“Candice embodies all of the qualities that make Iris West who she is.  She’s beautiful.”  He turned to the woman sitting beside him and found her dark eyes, shimmering and damp, fixed on him.  “And brilliant and courageous and strong and loyal.  She’s also kind and funny, and more gracious than a lot of you deserve.”  

His furious, hard glance raked the packed auditorium.  They stared back, spellbound and absolutely silent.

“The minute Candice auditioned, Iris West jumped off the page and became a real person.  Every time I look at her, I understand why Barry has traveled through time for Iris, over and over again. Every time I look at Candice, I understand why in every universe … in every world … Barry Allen loves Iris West.  How could he not?”

Grant caught Candice’s eye again and for a few seconds, everyone else disappeared.  He found one of the hands she’d dropped into her lap and squeezed.   The fan who’d asked the question was still standing at the mic when he looked back up.  

“If you can’t see that Candice is everything that’s good and decent and beautiful about Iris, then maybe you should actually read the comics instead of just looking at the pictures.”

The applause that broke out was deafening.  When the rest of the panel jumped to their feet in a standing ovation, the audience followed suit.  Focused on each other, Grant and Candice ignored them.

“I’m sorry.  I should have done that a long time ago,” he whispered, as she blinked away tears.  He leaned in, his voice dropping to an even huskier baritone.  “I should have done this a long time ago, too …”   

When he pressed his lips against hers, a shocked gasp hissed through the crowd, followed immediately by squeals and screams and the explosion of what looked like a thousand flashing lights as everyone scrambled to take photos. Even their fellow actors stared at the two of them in stunned surprise.

When they finally broke apart, laughing shyly, flushed and embarrassed, Candice hid her burning cheeks against Grant’s shoulder.

“Maybe next time, you should kiss me in private.”

“Good idea,” he murmured back.  

They held hands for the rest of the panel.



ETA:  I used this prompt as a little bit of wish fulfillment on my part.  Yea, a girl’s gotta be her own hero sometimes but I’m tired of no one else coming to Candice’s defense and leaving her to face this kind of shit by herself all the time.  Step up, people.  And by people, I mean GG.  

Broken Home - Kylo Ren x fem!Reader (part 4)

A/N: I had such a stressful and emotional day at college yesterday and I came home and I just plunged onto my laptop like “Fudge it, I’m going to take my anger out on Broken Home and write the next two parts.” I was so pleased and not pleased with my outcome.


Warnings: Hux teasing Kylo (v mild unfortunately), (anything else you can think of then message me and I’ll add it)

Words: 1134

Broken Home; Part One - here
Broken Home; Part Two - here
Broken Home; Part Three - here

Kylo had walked into your shared quarters back on the Starkiller Base, plonking his helmet down on the side table by the door. He stretched and walked towards your shared bedroom to change into something more comfortable but that’s when he realised that something was off, majorly;

The bed was still unmade from when you and Kylo had awoken this morning, your uniform was hanging over one of the chairs in the bedroom, you wardrobe door was open a tiny crack and most of all… he couldn’t feel your presence; anywhere close by.

It hit Kylo Ren like a ton of bricks, you had left him. There was too much of the dark side in Kylo for you to love him anymore.

But as the years went by, you had given birth to the son that he didn’t know about and the Resistance gave you another chance in proving yourself from the antics you and the most powerful knight of Ren had caused since the deaths of the Padawans’ at the Jedi Temple.

All in the meanwhile, Kylo had vowed to himself that he would find you again and bring you back to your home at the Starkiller Base, back to him.

You sat on the side lines watching Phasma train her Stormtroopers as she gleamed with pride, occasionally scolding some of them once in a while for not being able to remember the different type of ‘simple blaster and rifle blaster’ models and how some of the troopers would occasionally completely miss their target or forget to take the security latch off.

Once she finished training she walked over to where you were sitting on the bench with her shoulders slumped, “I forgot how of a handful they can be at times,” you chuckled, making Phasma snort and from under her helmet and she shook her head.

“Still as hectic as ever since you left, Y/N, Especially since Ren had the whole First Order looking for you,” She took her helmet off and shook her helmet hair, then placing the chrome head gear on the bench in front of her. Passing her canteen of water to her, she muttered a “thank you” and swigged her water down before placing the helmet back on head.

“Was he angry when I left? What was he like…?” You and Phasma started striding down the hallways towards the bridge, “Well, he… Started doing this thing, it would involve either control panels, furniture or sometimes walls,” Phasma started, “he would get into a tantrum if someone said the wrong thing or did something that he didn’t like; slicing up everything with what the General quotes ‘that bloody dysfunctional lightsaber of his’.”

You swallowed a lump in your throat and ran a hand through your H/C strands.

This wasn’t the person who was sitting and eating dinner with your son last week, it couldn’t be… Unstable and a risk to his family. If Agustin, Leia or yourself had said anything out of the ordinary all three of you would have been sliced and diced…

Breaking out of your thoughts as you finally reached the bridge, you felt a familiar force flush over your body. You and Phasma continued through the door and up to Hux whose patience was wearing thin with a young commander, you almost felt sorry for the commander but you brushed it off.

Quickly glancing around, you couldn’t see Kylo on the bridge assuming that his aircraft has landed in the hangar. Phasma coughed and got Hux’s attention to which the commander scurried away back to his work station, leaving you and the two high ranks alone.

“I’ve finished training for tonight, General; if it’s all the same I’m going to retire for the night” Phasma asked from beside you, Hux gave her a tired smile and a curt nod as a go ahead and you shook hands with the Chrome-Cladded-Captain who turned and retreated.

“I’m going to retire early too, thanks Hux” You smiled and kissed his cheek before leaving the bridge.

“Where is she?” Kylo stormed onto the bridge yelling out at everyone, but mostly the red headed General. Hux rolled his eyes at Kylo and turned away from monitor he was currently looking at, “Who? Phasma? I believe she retired to her quarters half an hour ago.” Hux teased.

Kylo clenched his fists and took a deep breath, “You know who I’m talking about, General.” He growled through the helmet. Hux gave himself the opportunity to wind the Knight of Ren up more, smirking he placed his datapad on his work station and looked up at the ‘bucket brain’, “You’re going to have to be more specific, Ren.”

“Y/N, Where is she I know she’s here and she’s not in the interrogation room” Kylo whisper shouted, Hux just shrugged and walked past him, “Try on the 304th floor, that really fancy room, try there.”

You jolted awake by the sound of your quarters’ doors opening, shivers ran down your spine as you reached for the DL-44 under your pillow slowly, Your eyes squinted in the dark as you got up out of the bed and held the blaster in defence position in case of attack.

You heard the heavy clad of footsteps and breathing getting closer to the bedroom area, quickly hiding around the side of the closet and straightening your back against it and the wall, clutching the blaster to your chest you checked the safety was on.

The footsteps seemed to get louder and then stopped, your heart was beating rapidly as you peered around the closet to see someone dressed all in black. Of course they’re in black, it’s the pfassking First Order, forty seven percent on average wear black around here.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” you heard the voice of Kylo sighing, coming from around the closet you avoided his eyes. “Well I was hiding behind because I thought you were someone coming in to kill me…” you murmured, still clutching the DL-44 that Hux had given you when he had shown you to your quarters.

“I mean what are you doing here? What about Agustin, you need to be escorted back,” He rambled taking your hands and leading you to sit on the bed beside him. “Your mother is looking after him, calm down… I wanted to talk to you about something else, it’s complicated and I can’t say it without it sounding like a child in this place,”

“Well let’s talk”

You woke up with the feel of hot breath on your neck and strong arms wrapped around your torso, you smiled to yourself and sunk into Kylo’s body waiting for him to wake up so you could convince him to come home, even just for a while.

A dad and a partner has his duties.

Here just let me just fan girl  and over-analyze ShikaTema for a moment

They are literally my fucking favorites. I mean come on. First, you’ve got Shikamaru who

  • beat a man who not only killed his SENSEI but was IMMORTAL and if you don’t think that’s the coolest shit then get out of my face.
  • is a fucking genius without even trying.
  • Is the most unpredictable and arguably most dangerous of his comrades to go up against in battle
  • Is a strategist who makes you feel comfortable in battle, makes you think you know his moves, like you’ve got him. All the while he’s contemplated like the next 45 moves in his head and is already several ahead of you. You don’t even realize what’s up until he’s already got you right where he wants you and you’re done for

Then you’ve got Temari who

  • Is literally known as the “cruelest kunoichi” okay.
  • Is arguably the most badass female in Naruto, hands down. (but I’m also biased lol)
  • Takes no bullshit from anyone. 
  • Is the 4th Kazekage’s daughter and the 5th kazekage’s sister she’s basically royalty guys. Lady Temari. Temari of the Sand.
  • Is of course not only the 5th kazekage’s sister, but she’s his fricken bodyguard, too. You gotta be hella skilled to have that position. She is, no fricken doubt, hella skilled.
  • Her hobby is plant appreciation. She’s not only a badass, but she’s a freaking cutie pie too wow. plants. The cruelest kunoichi’s hobby is plant appreciation do you even understand.
  • Is sexy as hell. But that’s a given.

And what’s more? Their development as a pair

  • Shikamaru asked his dad once why he would marry a woman like his mom. To which his dad responded “I guess because she smiles gently sometimes/even the toughest woman is soft on the man she loves.“ Little Shikamaru doesn’t get it at all, but grows up to marry the toughest woman he knows.
  • When Shikamaru fought Temari in the chuunin exams he said “and what’s worse, she’s a spunky one. I hate spunky ones.” lol @ u 13 yr old Shikamaru. That’s your future wife you’re talking about.
  • When she saves his ass against Tayuya in the Sasuke retrieval arc, she looks back and smiles at him all big and is like “how was that? Pretty cool, huh?” He smiles this dumb soft smile right back at her and thinks about how she’s almost scarier than his mom. And literally in the manga, the words “beautiful but deadly smile” are right next to those panels.
  • Shikamaru also never calls women troublesome in the manga ever again after that
  • And remember that one time Shikamaru said that whole thing about how he was gonna marry an average woman, not too pretty, not too ugly, have two children, a girl and then a boy. Retire when his son is a full fledged ninja and his daughter marries, and then die calmly in his sleep before his wife.
  • Literally no.
  • I don’t think he could stand being with someone who didn't challenge him. Someone average. Maybe that’s what littler 13 yr old Shika thought, but subconsciously he would not be able to handle it. He probably realizes this as he gets older and his affections for Temari grow.
  • So much of this was Shikamaru thinking he wanted a woman totally opposite of his mom, probably out of stubbornness and a little teenage rebellion towards his parents, which he probably grows out of and realizes with Temari.
  • Also, Temari respects Shikamaru’s dad a shit ton for being a hella intelligent and effective strategist in war.
  • She even told Shikamaru he would make a great Hokage. That’s literally how fucking high she regards his abilities, skills, and intelligence. She respects the shit out of him, too.
  • Also, can you imagine how important their marriage is? She is the Kazekage’s sister, Shikamaru is the head of Konoha’s Nara clan. A couple of important titles from two different countries who used to be rivals. Tensions already began to fade with Gaara’s friendship to Naruto, especially after Gaara becomes the Kazekage, but a marriage uniting the two countries? Definitely a symbol of the new peace and alliance between them.
  • And Temari leaves her country for Shikamaru. Temari, who takes ninja loyalties, values, and disciplines super fucking seriously. That is super fucking huge and really shows how much she loves him. 
  • last but not least, Shikamaru is seen in chapter 700 wearing what looks to be his wedding ring on a chain around his neck. He’s literally wearing his wedding ring like a fucking medal. what a fucking sap omg he’s so precious. of course he’d wear it like a medal he got Temari of the fucking sand to marry him.

Okay, I’m done for now haha. I just fucking love them guys.

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Don't blame NH for your "perfect relationship"sasusaku has. Sasuke subtly reciprocated her feelings somehow, but he loves being out of the village, she kept waiting, waiting, and wishing for him. After everyone in the village got married, Sakura got jealous and chased after Sasuke, is not our fault. Like seriously someone spends so much time editing out Hinata on family edits must be jealous, NH never takes out Sakura out of any T7 edits, unlike you amateurs, keep your iPhone edits LMAO.

You know, I might be rude sometimes, but I’m no bully. If you’re so keen on getting fisted, why didn’t you just ask? Instead you sent me this clusterfuck of pent-up emotions and insecurity, mixed with some kindergarten-leveled insults, trying to make yourself look like all grown up, smart and pretty much everything you’re /not/.
But, ah well, as I said, I’m no bully. Give me your hand sweetie, and we will go through this mess together. But don’t come back to me crying, I warned ya.

Now, where do we start. 

-Don’t blame NH for your “perfect relationship"sasusaku has-

Now, why would I do that? Why would I blame your off-paneled canonized, forever second in row-ed ship for the relationship SS has, that entails mutual understanding, on panel interaction and canonization, several interviews that confirm it decided both NS and NH, and most importantly, is also Kishi’s most talked about ship? I mean, last time I checked, NH wasn’t responsible for any of those. Besides, I’m pretty content with that. I ain’t blaming anyone, in fact, I’m praising Kishi to all heaven while you’re busy pooping out more of your salty - hold on, I think my bacon is ready, k, moving on - cringeworthy opinion that nobody cares about?

-Sasuke subtly reciprocated her feelings somehow-

Ah, the sheer satisfaction of imagining you sitting there like a crying toddler because ‘UWU SOMEHOW HE DID BAAAH BUT ONLY SUBTLY BAAAH DONT TELL ME OTHERWISE OR ELSE I WILL NEVER STOP CRYING BAHH’
Poor you. Even Sasuke’s VA thinks otherwise
Speaking of feelings, how did it feel like to have Naruto and Hinata hold hands, only for him to call Sakura his girlfriend few seconds later, and, which I find worse, how did it feel like when you realized their only interaction in 699 would be them standing in front of Neji’s grave - who had to die and was called a cupid by Kishi himself - right after your folk claimed it NH would get an on panel kiss while SS would become canon behind the scenes?

- After everyone in the village got married, Sakura got jealous and chased after Sasuke, is not our fault.-

Boruto and Sarada are the same, so you actually managed to falsely believe this is anti SS when it’s in fact very pro. It just showcases once again how far ahead their relationship was. Oops. She was never jealous. It’s not our fault you have to cling to filler material either, yet we’re still here. Crazy, no?

- Like seriously someone spends so much time editing out Hinata on family edits must be jealous -

Jealous of what? Filler material? Knowing NS had more interaction than your ship? Off panel canonization? No relevant on panel interaction as a married couple? The pity comment? Passive aggressive comments by Kishi? So jealous~

- NH never takes out Sakura out of any T7 edits-

Cute how you mention this as if anyone cares. There will always be someone, somewhere, who does this or that. But guess what, nobody cares. Except you.

- unlike you amateurs, keep your iPhone edits LMAO.-

Why would we not keep them? I know you guys have a massive problem within the fandom that forces you to beg SS artists and writers to do shit for you, but please, don’t bother /me/ with that.

Next time, just ask me directly and stop hiding behind asks that make me think you’ve been used as a football one too many times as a baby.

KS Theory

My theory on where Killing Stalking will go is an extensive long wish. From what I’ve gathered from what people are talking about in the tags, Yoobum’s uncle was sexually abusive to him. (I probably missed this when I was reading it since I read it when it becomes available on a third party site and sometimes miss panels). 

That being said. Chapter 14 looks like its leading to be: Sungwoo is grooming Bum to become a partner in his messed up world. We’ve already seen him help Bum “kill” a guy. Until Bum kills on his own without help from Sungwoo, they’re in two completely different worlds. Yea, stalking is fucked up and a crime but there is ways to come back from that. Not completely but you didn’t go and take a life. 

Now. What I want. Is Sungwoo to find out that Bum’s uncle was abusive and make the connection to his own parents and see it as a fucked up opportunity to bring Bum closer into the world he’s in. There are many ways that Sungwoo could go about it but my favorite theory is that he kidnaps the uncle and brings him back to the house for Bum to kill himself. 

Now of course Bum would be against it for a little bit but Sungwoo would stand there and constantly remind him of the abuse and how the uncle hasn’t searched for him since Bum had gone missing. In the heat of the moment, Bum kills his uncle. The feeling that he’s finally ending an abusive relationship brings relief and possibly happiness. It could be at that moment that Bum starts relating killing to the feeling he got when he killed his uncle. 

I am all for Bum finding a happy ending and what not but that’s not what I am here for. I am here for the horror and the repercussions of what sungwoo is doing to bum. I don’t want either of them to die. They’re good characters (in their own fucked up way) and I find myself not being able to look away. 

I know its an unpopular opinion but I had to put my opinion out there in search for people who feel the same.


Black Bat Chronicle: Ancient Babylonian Death Lasers
from Red Robin 25 2011-09 >> part 2 of 2

Did Cassandra really kill Tim?!?

Is Cass evil, again!?!

Of course, no and no. As Cass is sneaking around the underground complex, the completely not-dead Tim tackles Cassie to save from a laser blast. Some nice Tim wit and classic Cass laconic honesty:
Tim: What, no contingency plans in all your training to handle ancient Babylonian death lasers?
Cass: No.

There’s another great bit, this time it’s old school, no-dialog Cass at the bottom of image 3 and the top 3 panels of image 4.

While Tim is talking to the facility, Cass scrutinizes a panel on the wall behind Tim. She looks closer and it crackles with electricity which elicits a panel-smashing elbow from Cass.

I like how this highlights Cassandra being an extraordinary martial artist and acrobat with great ninja skills but not so much of an electronics specialist or even a great general detective. Sometimes Cass will goof with something like this and respond with what she knows best: smashy smashy!

The final Cass bit in this Red Robin shows Tim coming back to Hong Kong to help Cass with Cricket, who was referenced back in Red Robin #17. He’s “the most lethal assassin in China,” is only 10 years old and he’s so fast Tim thinks he has the Speed Force super power. Cricket breaks Tim’s arm, dislocates his shoulder, cracks 3 ribs and dislocates his jaw. And Cricket promised to fight Cass next time “for real!”

Sounds very interesting and a great basis for a Black Bat series with Cricket as the lead local villain and frequent Gotham hero/villain visits to this Batman Inc region. Cassandra would have been great as the most intense, skilled martial artist and reformed (twice now) killer Gotham has ever known, now on the straight and narrow. But no, just one more run for Cassie in Gates of Gotham and then to live on only in the hearts of fans. At least she’s safe there from the whims of petulant executives and crummy writers. :)

Tune in last post for part 1 of 2 — same Cass-tag, same Tumblr-blog!

Happy Cassandra Cain Appreciation Month!