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Simple Sigil Creation: A How-To Guide

One of the most common messages I get on Tumblr goes something like this: “What is your process for creating sigils? It can’t be as simple as scrambling up letters, so what’s the real secret?”

The truth is, there isn’t a secret. Making sigils is actually quite simple. Anyone can do it. Even for a complete newcomer, the process should take less time than a coffee break. While there are many, many ways to create sigils — magic squares, automatic drawing, grid overlays — the methods don’t really matter all that much.

In this post, I’m going to show the step-by-step method I used for creating the most recent sigil I’ve published. It came at the request of a young woman who wanted to catch the romantic attentions of another female. It said simply: “She will see me in a romantic way.”

As you can see, I’ve gone with the most basic sigil-creation method here. I’ve written out the text, and I’ve isolated the consonants from the sentence. While there is an “occult” tradition behind this method, I wouldn’t get hung up on thinking that it’s the “right” way to make a sigil. It’s no better than any other method, it’s just easier to explain.

This first step is meant to abstract the coherent words into a less-coherent jumble of letters. The words stop being as meaningful, but the symbols behind the sigil’s intent remain. To keep things simple — and to speed up my next step — I arrange these letters into a grid.

The next step is to abstract the remaining letters even further. Here, I’ve simply started combining elements of the letters together. I generally start by picking two letters from the grid of consonants, and start combining lines, curves, curls, dots, and other pieces of those letters together.

I try to keep these new symbols as simple as possible — four or five pencil strokes at most — because I’ll be further combining them in the next step.

From here, I generally play around with a few ideas, combining elements of symbols as I go. Sometimes these ideas come easily, as seen in the picture, but sometimes it can take pages and pages of sketches to find one I like. In particularly thorny situations, I’ll even start the entire process over from scratch, just to give myself a clean slate.

Once I’ve found a design I like, it’s time to start on the final design. Much like every other stage in the process, there is no one “right” way to do this. This is also the step where most people could happily stop. When the sigil looks and feels “right” to you, it’s done. The sigil is complete, if you want it to be.

In my case, however, I’m also making art for my website and social media. That means creating a version of the sigil that will (hopefully) catch other people’s eyes. There are countless ways to do this — charcoals, crayons, digital painting, markers — and I’ve experimented quite a bit over the years.

I also like to have an excuse to play with ink and brushes, so that’s how this one came together. I like that it’s a little unpredictable — with streaks and globs and splatter — and I’m always thrilled when a happy accident improves the design.

As you can see, I create tons of variations, tinkering with brush sizes, stroke direction, the amount of ink in the brush, and other stuff. While I liked some of these versions, none of them looked quite right. So, I kept going until I found one that did.

A few ink-soaked pages later, and this version was the clear winner. From here, it was just a matter of scanning the image in and doing a few technical things in Photoshop to make it look better in black and white. I add the text, the watermark, and … that’s it.

Here’s the finished version.

As you can see, there’s no great secret to making a sigil. Nor should there be. Sigils are about focusing intent, and even a few pencil scratches on notebook paper can become a perfectly wonderful sigil with the right intent behind it. Yes, some people (like me) like to do a little showing off with things they picked up from art class, but that should never be a barrier to creating your own personal sigils.

Questions? Thoughts? Leave a comment or drop me a message.

I feel like a moth in the blackberry-stained dark. I cling to whatever light I can get my hands on, bite into, crack open, swallow, throw myself into haphazardly. Except sometimes light comes in little oblong pills, separated into neat, transparent boxes labeled with the days of the week. They feel a whole lot more put-together than I do—picture little pills in crisp business suits headed off to work. Except work is trying to patch back together my head that is leaking, spilling all over the dining room floor while I spell DANGER in cereal with little marshmallows. No, I’m not better. Yes, I’m still taking them.
—  Zoë Lianne, “Medication Feels Like a Dirty Word”
An appeal

I’m exhausted. I will be as brief as possible.

For the world, compassion – the saying goes. But one of the greatest lessons is that the world is indifferent. I know that, but nonetheless: I create something, and I dare to share it. Each time it is a risk, because each time there is the chance that someone (indifferent to me and my struggles) will trample over my goodwill and abuse my trust. Editing. Reproduction. Reselling. Unauthorised use.

It happens. It’s happened a lot over the years. I deal with it. Compassion – it’s necessary. People don’t care. Okay. I understand.

I understand, but it is really, really wearing me down.

I am not asking that you behind your screen appreciate that for each drawing I claw my way up the steep blank canvas; that I try to find the best part of myself (such as I can manage); that I sometimes put my head in my hands, hating everything but most of all despising my own lack of ability, defeated. I am not asking for that. I am asking only that you show me decent human courtesy, that when you see a picture that you like, you don’t hurry to do what you want with it but instead endeavour to remember that behind the picture is a person whose back is on the verge of breaking underneath all these straws. That you might take some time to send an email or a message, and then honour the answer when it comes.

I beg: please do not abuse my trust. Please do not redistribute, edit, resell, reproduce or otherwise use my work in any way without my express authorisation. Please don’t ignore me when I say “no.”

Please don’t be the final straw.

What being autistic means to me

For me, being autistic means being extreme. There is no way to explain it differently.

I am extremely human.

In many ways, I’m very rational. I rely a lot on my thinking and well, I think a lot. I am extremely interested in getting knew knowledge and in discussions about almost anything I can get extremely opinionated. I am very direct and honest. I speak my mind. I love solving problems which is why I often get extremely involved in them. I can spend hours studying for college – because I love everything I learn so much. Because I like to understand things. I have an extreme eye for details, patterns and logical connections. I am very analytical and I love analyzing – I can focus so perfectly on it that it almost feels like I never think anything else. I am philosophical, I like taking many and different approaches. I rather collect and connect the details myself than see the whole picture. I think extremely often about myself and analyze me and my behavior a lot. I talk to others about it and take their opinions into account. I try to learn about myself and improve through that. I am dedicated to take as many details as possible into account and connect them with each other. And it feels like I’m making progress every day, even if it’s just a little and even though it sometimes might need a few setbacks.

But I can be extremely emotional as well. I am so unbelievably passionate about the things that mean something to me. I can see beauty everywhere, in the strangest places. I can feel deeply. Sometimes, I like people so much because they approach me in the right way. Because of how I can speak to them. I enjoy their presence. But I can get extremely overwhelmed, too. I stress easily and worry a lot – about myself, others and just life in general. Sometimes I feel so strongly that I can’t describe it or even become numb. I love deeply and I love a lot of things. With all my heart. In my honesty, there is often a lot of kindness as well. I can get really involved in music, stories, art and people, even to a point of dedication.

I am extremely sensitive. I hear too many sounds and they are way too loud. Some of them even hurt – like a police siren, or the sound of chairs moving across the floor. And all these noises are tiring. Light blinds me extremely. You can easily scare me or make me jump. I am extremely ticklish. I can be sooo picky about my food, you wouldn’t believe it. And I am very aware of every aspect of my body, even though I can be extremely insensitive to pain. Sometimes it all gets overwhelming – then I often need to either sleep or cry.

For me, being autistic means being extreme. Extremely human.

Day 3 of the #Selflovingyogis July challenge ❣Self Care activity: Put on a cute outfit.

Outfit can be cute, sexy, fun, comfortable, crazy, fancy, minimal. Whatever you want!

A new cute outfit or an outfit that you have maybe only worn once but couldn’t find that time to ever wear it again can be a fun new change out of your normal routine! Also just wearing a comfortable outfit like your favorite leggings, cute shorts, and favorite top. Trying new outfits on at your favorite store can be a fun dress up as well. I like taking pictures in an outfit I can’t afford sometimes so I don’t feel like I’m obsessing over an outfit. Have fun with it today!

Both of these outfits I got from @forever21plus, and I haven’t worn them since I got them! I still really love them, just didn’t know when I would ever wear them. So I thought today should be the day!

How to join in:
- Post a photo (s) or video of what you feel like for the self care activities, and of yourself in the daily yoga pose.
- Tag myself @biggalyoga (TBA sponsors) with #selflovingyogis so I can follow you along on your journey.
- Share the flyer and tag a friend to spread the word and join in anytime!
#yoga #selfcare #selflove #yogalove #yogatherapy #yogachallenge #summerofselfcare

long post but i still sometimes remember that i came out on instagram in my hell hole high school and just take a few moments to be so proud of myself. i remember after taking the picture in front of the pride flags at 2014 boston pride and just being completely shocked that i had this concrete picture that i was 100% intending to share with everyone i knew to finally say i was gay. it felt both like i was holding a death sentence and something that would finally let me breathe again after years and years. most of my friends didn’t even know at that time which is the most unreal part to me. finally posting it the next day was so surreal i was just shaking at crying at every new person who saw it and i knew people who didn’t even follow me were going to be sent it. but it was something i always knew i had to do in high school even if it made everything so much harder. i remember walking into school that next day was the scariest thing ive ever done. it really felt like a movie where people just stop in the hallway and are staring. i remember i had a debate first period that day and had to sit in the middle of the class with everyone watching me and this kid debate about us history and just most people didn’t really know how to act towards me. a lot of people told good things to my best friend saying that it was amazing what i did and that they were so happy for me but people were mostly awkward to my face. it was a really hard month for the rest of junior year getting used to the fact that everyone knew. that summer i finally got so much closer to my friends and actually felt like i had genuine connections with these ppl bc i wasn’t lying all the time. i gradually got used to being out and it was genuinely the best decision for me even though it was really difficult. coming out isn’t always going to be completely freeing immediately and it takes a lot of work but in the end it can make you so incredibly happy. remembering stuff like this reminds me of the strength ive gained from being out and reminds me that ive really earned my happiness now.

From Amy, With Love (Epilogue)

Dear Boys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been by Ego Inc., but Mark and I decided to take some time to be alone together after everything that happened. I’m sure you guys will understand.

Mark is taking me to this awesome place in the desert for my birthday! I’m so excited, but I hate that I won’t be able to see you guys. Yes, I’ve received all your presents in the mail already, and I’m still not sure how you got the post office to ship that giant stuffed alien. But I’m not complaining.

Tell Wilford that I appreciate the pink “letter opener,” and I will use it to open many “letters.” I feel like a real Peebstache now. Tell Host that I’m taking the books he sent on the trip with me, and I plan on reading them to Mark while he drives. Oh, and make sure Bim knows that the little cactus he sent me is perfectly healthy and currently sitting in my bedroom window. I’ve named him Bimmy. Aren’t I creative?

Mark says hi. He’s been brainstorming new ways to integrate you guys into the channel, and I think it’s been good for him to have something to distract him. He still gets nightmares. Host, I think you might want to talk to him when we get back. (But don’t tell him I told you about it. He’s too proud to admit when he needs help sometimes.)

Me? I’m just the same. You can’t even see the stitches because of my hair, and the wound is healing up nicely. Don’t worry. Hey, I can feel you worrying right now. Quit it. I don’t often get nightmares anymore, and when they do come, I remind myself that I’ve got like a dozen big brothers making sure that I’m safe.

Wilford text me that you muzzled Dark? Whose idea was that? Because they deserve a gold star, and I want pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I’ll be sure to take plenty of them while we’re on the trip with the camera the Doctor sent me! I’m really excited to be a pile of hipster trash and take lots of pretty Polaroids to bring back to you. For the Host, I’ve brought along a notebook, and I’m going to attempt to write about everything that I see so that I can read it to you when I come back.

I love you guys. Please try to get along while I’m gone. I’d really appreciate it if you are all in one piece when I come back.

And I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me and Mark. I thought that I should let you know, Mark doesn’t know how to tell you guys how sorry he is for letting Dark control you for as long as he did. This nightmare was one hell of a wake-up call. Mark wants to make things right. That’s why he was at Ego Inc. in the first place that day, and if you’ll give him a chance, he wants to help you.

Well, I hear Mark calling me now, so this letter will have to end here. Ed, I have no idea where you got trained carrier pigeons from, but it’s awesome. I hope it works. I hope you get this. I’ll be back soon; I promise.


From Amy, with love.

(Gah, I cried writing this! So, this is it for FAWL for now. I may come back to it later because I feel like this timeline has plenty more possibilities, but as many of you have pointed out, I don’t want to ruin what FAWL is right now. Don’t worry, though. There is plenty more angst where this came from!)

sketchysketchingsketcher  asked:

Hey Galoo, have you got any tips on expressiveness in artwork? Because looking through your art I can see exactly the emotion and act you want to portray in each and you manage to make it so clear using distinctive facial expressions and poses as well as body language. And I myself have never been able to make my characters and art express so much visibly, how did you learn all of this and how would you advise me on this matter? Thanks for reading if you do!

I can try explaining it!
(This got long so I’ll put it under a cut!)

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[Femslash February]: Flowers

i feel like i’m just going to accept the fact that i’m going to be perpetually a day behind on these things. 

also this took forever to write im off my game today xD

Day 9: Flowers (Alyanette)

Words: 2200

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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One of the first things Alya learned about Marinette was that she doodled flowers when she was bored. 

They started off as small, blossoming roses in the corners of her notebooks that weren’t any larger than the tip of her pinky. If you left her to it for long enough, she’d wrap vines, leaves, ladybugs, caterpillars, bees, birds, clouds, and more flowers all around the margins of her book. Sometimes, she’d sneak her colored felt pens and highlighters to school and add in whorls of colors and outlandish patterns until her entire notebook page was covered with fields and gardens and windowsills dripping in plants. She’d always take a picture of it on her phone – to turn it into an embroidery, or a screen print for a t-shirt, or a design for a book cover – and pout pitifully for Alya to send her copies of her notes. 

It blended seamlessly into the normality that was Marinette – the color pink, pigtails, the smell of bread, pinpricks on fingertips, different nail polish everyday, humming music under her breath, and doodling flowers in class. 

One day, Alya’s hand was right next to Marinette’s notebook, and Marinette continued the doodle from the edge of the page onto the back of Alya’s hand. Alya raised a brow when she started, but shrugged when Marinette asked if it bothered her. As far as idiosyncracies went, Marinette’s were all rather harmless. Besides, it was rather nice to take notes with one hand and feel the light brush of Marinette’s pen sketching away against her other. 

It always took three washes in the shower to get all the pen out, and her mother kept worrying her with folk knowledge about skin cancer and ink poisoning, but Alya didn’t like showing up to school the next day with the sketches still on her arm. It almost felt like her duty to give Marinette a blank canvas everyday, to encourage her darling little habits that were secretly the highlight of Alya’s day. 

“Why flowers?” she asked Marinette as she added yellows and oranges to the sunflowers she was drawing along the vein inside of her wrist. 

Marinette tapped the end of her pen against Alya’s nose. “Pretty flowers for a pretty lady.”

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kcg4  asked:

Hi Charity as you are an ENFP I wanted to ask you how to do you see Si and Te in you? How was it clear for you that you were Ne dom and Fi aux and not the contrary? You said in the past that you cinsidered yourself socially introvert or shy, which I think is my case and I'm not sure about INFP or ENFP for me. Thanks a lot

My main way of recognizing my status as an extrovert, beyond my need for external stimulation all the time (NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN TEN MINUTES, MY LIFE SUCKS) is that I am not a Fi-dom. So excuse me, while I once again travel into the land of indecisive Ne to illustrate my point; then I will return to your initial question.

If you compare the INFPs on this blog to the ENFPs, you will notice that the INFP’s Fi is often very prominent and “runs the show.” This is also true with real life INFPs, who as judging dominants, have and express very strong opinions. Since they are in contact with their inner self most of the time, they often know what they like and dislike, what they want to do or refuse to do, and how they FEEL about most things. There is rarely indecision on that point, especially when it comes to the strength of their inner moral focus.

While I have extremely strong opinions in a few areas, in the broader scope of reality, I am far more indecisive and disconnected from my feelings, to the point where half the time, I rationalize them out with Te, or question my “right” to feel this way at all, rather than just use them. Something I admire about INFPs is they tend to be more decisive than I am, especially in their likes and dislikes. As a Ne-dom, my likes and dislikes can change from day to day.

An INFP I know had a fight with her friends once and door-slammed all of them. She knew how she felt, that they were dissing her opinions and not respecting her true self, and after she had enough, she was done. And she did not waffle on that decision. She just quit. She made up with them much later on, but only after her temper cooled, and she had space and time to mature in her own way (and they matured also). She knew what she wanted: them gone. For now.

I complained the other day to my mother about Elizabeth of York in Philippa Gregory’s novel / miniseries, The White Princess. She is so indecisive. She changes her mind from one chapter to the next about who she is, what she wants, and answers “I don’t know” to half the questions posed to her. Some days she likes her husband, some days she doesn’t; she intends to give up on him, then turns around and falls for him again. It’s seriously annoying.

Once I got done with my rant, my mother smiled and said, “So she’s basically you, in literary form.”

Gee, thanks mom.

My mouth hung open for a couple of seconds, while my Fi had a little tantrum, and then my Te immediately snapped in and I went: “I guess. But I’d make a BAD heroine. Heroines need to be decisive! Books need plots! Heroines need to know what they want, or at least figure it out, and get there, not be lost in indecision! The plot must move forward!”

Unlike me. =P

Ne-dom makes me changeable. And it annoys me. One day, I might want this. The next day, I might not. One day, I might decide that this friend sucks. The next day, I might think I was wrong and they’re awesome. They did not change. My Ne flipped the situation around for a different perspective. It runs right over my Fi and what it wants, all the time. This means that I either do not KNOW what I want or cannot ADMIT to myself what I want, nor give myself permission to want it. It annoys me, it annoys my parents, it annoys my friends, and it annoys my cat. But that’s how it is.

I WISH I had some Fi to haul Ne’s ass into a chair and decide: NOPE. But no, instead Ne hauls me around with Fi going “Um… I don’t know how I feel yet?”

But anyway, rant aside: back to your question.

How do I see Si and Te in me?

I see Te a lot when I ‘temporarily loop’ in order to avoid dealing with my feelings. I do not LIKE my feelings. I consider them a major pain in the butt. When my grandpa died, I was a wreck before it happened. I didn’t even know him that well, but it took him a long time to die. His organs slowly shut down. I was so immersed in the pain of what was happening to my loved ones, that I cried way more than any of them. But after his death, my Te immediately kicked in. Mom wanted to clear out his house. Like, immediately. That’s how she copes.

So we did. I put aside my emotions, went into that house, and went through all my grandparents’ stuff. We filled a dumpster. I organized everything we decided to keep in piles for the family to choose from after the funeral. A lot of my decisions were people-motivated – my cousins loved playing these games with Grandma. Shall we keep them? I’ll make sure they have all the pieces and put them in nice piles. I did the funeral video. Everyone needs a Ne-dom for that. It wasn’t just about Grandpa, it was about his life. His dreams. His parents. The culture he grew up in. I managed the voice-over, without falling to pieces.

And then, I moved on.

My Si is very poor. I may be adverse to CHANGE when people announce it (and I have to deal with it a lot, my parents literally cannot live six months without changing their house around, the yard, etc) but I am not stuck in the past. Half the time it never comes to my mind. The past flows beyond me. A day can seem a week ago, and three years ago can seem like yesterday. I gaped when a friend showed me a picture recently with 2014 stamped on the bottom. That was that long ago!? My grasp on time sucks. My awareness of time sucks. My own carelessness with time… sucks. A Si-friend recently said, “You should take more pictures with your cat. You will want them when she’s eventually gone.”

I stared at her. “I will?”

See, I don’t think like that. When people, places, things, are gone, I miss them. I love them. I still think about them sometimes, but they are gone. I do not pour over pictures. I do not sit and endlessly talk about the past. I do not want to think about the past. I moved on.

Sometimes, people tell me I should slow down, or take more time with that, since they do not want me to “look back one day, and regret this moment.”

Thing is, that probably won’t happen. I rarely go back.

Unless I hurt someone badly, and never received their forgiveness, or am beating myself up about something I should have done to stop something bad from happening, I don’t look back and regret. You cannot drive a car staring into your rear view mirror. In that way, I am careless. But I don’t know how to NOT be careless. Things matter right now, and then they’re gone. I loved that show, but it’s canceled. There’s new stuff to watch. I take in so much of it (as a Ne-dom), only a few things stick longer than six months.

And sometimes, I desperately want them to stick. I sit with someone or something loving it, immersed in its beauty, and think, “How can I hold onto it? I already feel it slipping away! WHY CAN’T I APPRECIATE THIS MORE?”

Inferior Si.

This is going to sound weird, because it is weird. But, under stress… I start obsessively tinkering with sensory elements. I’ve been editing and rewriting a book for what seems like forever (forever to me is four months, but I don’t want to talk about how this is the eighth draft of the fourth version of this book in two years) which is very tedious, Si-driven work. My Te is happy to help out with deadlines, and charts, and word counts, and I have a nice little sheet of paper with things marked on it, where I enter my progress each day to keep myself motivated. But I swear on my soul, yesterday when I opened the file, my Si went nuts and said: I don’t like this font. It curls funny. Change it.

So I did.

And then I sat there for at least ten minutes, changing the font, again and again, then the sizing several times. I printed out a page to see how it will look in book form, then promptly forgot which configuration I used (poor Si!) and had to print several more sheets in different sizes. I never did figure out which was the font and what size I used for that first sheet. (Shame, I like it the best.) Then I resized the file across my screen, to try and get the font to ‘curl’ how I like it, so I could read it. I cannot read it, unless it’s the right size. And font. And I must edit so there are no paragraphs that end with one word on the next line.

(Are you laughing yet? Is that not pathetic? Welcome to my life.)

Screw inferior Si. It’s bullshit.

I never know how to say this without hurting feelings but… Fi-doms are sensitive and since INFPs have higher Si, they do not forgive you fast.

Think about two terrific insults against NFPs (from future husbands) in literature and compare them to how you process things.

Gilbert Blythe pulls Anne Shirley’s braid and calls her carrots. The little INFP smashes her slate against his head and screams at him in class. She then tells Diana “the iron has entered my soul: I shall never forgive him,” and proceeds to ignore him, compete with him, and refuse to speak to him. For years. Gibert has to grovel to get on her good side, many times. She is super sensitive and her emotions flare up immediately. “You hurt me EXCRUCIATINGLY,” she says. She means it. He DID.

Mr. Darcy insults Lizzie’s appearance (she is not handsome enough to tempt me into a dance – ie, she’s not that pretty) in Pride & Prejudice. ENFP Lizzie gapes at him, then promptly turns it into a joke. She never brings it up again. She’s mad, but more mad about what he does to Jane than his insult. She finally confronts him when he proposes, but not about that. No, it was not the insult that hit her; it was the impression she formed of his character, based on it. And when he writes her a letter that basically calls out her family for being loud, obnoxious, inappropriate trash, she is pissed but has enough high Te to realize: he has every right to feel that way about us, based on what he saw. Once she realizes WHY he thinks how he does, her anger cools. And her mind changes about him. The anger dissipates.

Did he hurt her? Sure. Deeply? Not so much.

Someone walked up to my INFP the other day and insulted her appearance. It hurt. A lot. She will probably never speak to him again.

A person insulted me to my face at dinner a few years ago. He basically implied the people I work with and the caliber of their work is poor, and I should do a better job selecting the material we work on together. (IE: Wow, you suck.) I bitch-slapped him good with a Te-snarl comeback and … promptly moved on. I was mildly annoyed by it, and it certainly colored our interactions from that point on, but I wasn’t hurt by it so much as annoyed. We stayed “friends.”

I can count the number of times people have actually hurt my feelings on one hand. My Te is strong.

How do I know this?

I’m one of the first people to come up with a rational, non-emotional “fix it” to problems. I often discount my own feelings or put them aside entirely, to get a job done. I remember one time, a friend PM’d me after I wrote a movie review and said, “But did you LIKE it?? You wrote an excellent review, but it was so non-emotional I don’t even know what YOU thought of it.” I criticized the poor elements and talked about the good ones, but there was none of “me” there.

I admit, I was a little more emotionally reactive as a child / young teeanger, but Fi still wasn’t running the show. Most Fi-dom children are very sensitive. When asked what I was like, various family members (without consulting one another) have laughed and said, “Your focus was on being a comedian. You wanted to make people laugh. But you were not especially emotional.”

I’m not. It’s true. Sometimes to my own determent.

- ENFP Mod

PS: If you get to the end of this certain you are an NFP, but you don’t know what you do in a situation in order to compare it to Lizzie or Anne’s emotional reactions, congrats: that’s shitastic inferior Si. You are an indecisive Ne-dom.

BTS Writers 2 year anniversary

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of our network. We’d like to take this time to appreciate and thank the members who’re a part of it, without you we would have never come this far. 

We decided to create a voluntary anniversary project to further promote our wonderful members and their writing. Here’s a list of everyone who decided to participate with a small description of how they view themselves as a writer and a link to their favourite work. 

We hope you’ll check them out and read their own personal favourites. And don’t forget to reblog, comment, kudos etc. if you liked it!

@chimdeer - “A Literal Smol™ sunflower who can’t fucking finish an AU to save a life. Imagery and fluff is my style.”

Favourite work: 
Patronage (Part 1)

@wanna-be-korean-unicorn - “I’d consider myself as a writer, who loves hurt/comfort type of fanfics and so are most of my fics ^v^”

Favourite work:
No need

@heonseoks - “I write too much angst and appreciate minjoon more than anything. Long paragraphs are my muse”

Favourite work:
The Look He Gave

@cookiecrumblesuniverse - “I view myself as a writer with purpose and a writer who loves expressing the emotions of their characters. Although I do tend to indulge in slice-of-life, domestic romantic and platonic relationships, I always find myself inserting a secret message within the story that I am very passionate about”

Favourite work:
Capturing Passion

@namjoonsarms - “As an author, I’m still lacking in a lot of areas. However, I’m trying my best and I’m putting a lot of effort forward, so I’d like to think one day I will be a writer I can be proud of”

Favourite work:
L.o.v.e you (made to be with you)

@fragrantae - “My name’s Az. I normally describe myself as a descriptive writer, mostly for smut and fluff. Sometimes I like to think outside the box for new scenarios or to not follow a ‘typical concept’”

Favourite work:

@passionfruitpjm - “I’d describe myself as a writer who makes their readers cry. The most important aspect of writing are dialogues and characterization”

Favourite work:
The Letter Thief

@j00nie - ”As a writer, I see myself as someone who does best when working with aus and I love to lose myself in details and symbolism”

Favourite work:
With faery, hand in hand

@mini-jimin - “I’m a writer who tends to write a lot of kink fics, I’m always learning and always searching for new things to write. Researching is definitely my favourite aspect of writing and it helps me grow, not only as a writer but also as a person”

Favourite work:

@saltyauntsuga - “I’m known as a life-ruiner in the best way possible? I write ot7 all ships with angst/fluff/romance/smut/violence in different aus”

Favourite work:
Blood work

@justanotherbangtanblog - “I’d describe myself as a writer who enjoys writing and tries her best to make each story interesting. Although I do write smut once in a while, I prefer sticking to fluffier concepts”

Favourite work:
아들 바보

@kimtrain - “A marshmallow human, just trying to get better each and every time, and to write longer fics in different genres.”

Favourite work:
Tell me your secrets (I’m all ears)

@singingkook - “As a writer I love to delve into new au’s and really try new genres, just got into writing smut which was new!”

Favourite work:

@bubblegumochi - “I’ve only started writing a couple months ago and I would say that I’m still a growing writer, likes to experiment with different styles. I Hope to become a better writer in the future!”

Favourite work:

@taehyung-the-baehyung - ”I’m someone who really loves to play around with the voice and flow of my fics; they’re always different, even if I have a personal favorite mood.”

Favourite work:
Something new

@the-third-guy-from-the-left - “I would describe myself as a writer who likes to take real life experience and put it on paper. I like to write to spread awareness on important issues that sometimes get ignored.”

Favourite work:
We Bring The Boys Out! (Special chapter 4.5)

@fromthe-seoul -  ”I like to think of myself as a writer who writes feel-good stuff, fluff is my favorite. It’s a form of relaxation for me, and I try to do that for people who read my stuff too.”

Favourite work:
Hidden pictures

@minyoongittaemune - “As a writer, I see myself as someone who starts projects but can never finish and has a lot of ideas floating around in my head.”

Favourite work:

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anonymous asked:

Do you like showering or bathing with your little? My Daddy is not a fan.

Well what in the world is wrong with him?

Washing and bathing your little is one of the most intimate experiences that you can have, and also one of the most fun. I myself enjoy showers… Sometimes I’ll take two showers a day. I often wish that I had someone in there with me to the point that I even take a shower pictures for my blog just because of that fact.

It seriously befuddles me that a daddy would not want to take a shower with his little and be with her properly.

anonymous asked:

shiela i read your post from a while ago about skin bleaching and how you dont do it anymore but sometimes still feel insecurities about your tone and i was wondering what you do to feel better about it if you dont go back to bleaching

Heya nonnie. 

Okay so, first off, guessing that your asking cause it’s what your going through right now, no worries. It’s perfectly normal to have insecurities!! People don’t say this enough and I think they should. It is okay to be insecure. Its okay to doubt. Its NORMAL. Don’t feel bad about yourself and then feel bad for FEEELING BAD about yourself. Lots of times I would get super insecurity and then hate myself for even being insecure. 

It’s a stupid, awful, vicious cycle. We as human are going to have insecurities. And they don’t always go way. Mine still haven’t and I’m not sure they ever will. 


Some things I do when I feel super insecure, specifically about the tone and color of my skin, is focus on things I do like– and honestly if theres nothing there – I focus on the things I can control.

Because my nsecurity of my skin color isn’t something I can control. I used to think I could with bleach. But its obvious after now that was a lie. And for others that might be their weight, or their nose, or their height or whatever it is they cant ACTUALLY control. Not right away. Or ever. 

So I focus on things I can control. I CAN contol my hair. So back when I was really depressed about my skin I bleached all my hair, I cut it, I dyed it, etc. It was preoccupying and I didnt mind my hair goiing through all that cause it was at least some FORM of change. It helped me feel in control. It helped me feel good to see something change. It was almost liek I was tricking my brain into thinking I had made a change even when the thing I wanted to change didnt. 

I still do this, when I feel insecure. But I do it buy maybe going shopping for new lipstick or makeup. Or I go clothes shopping. Buy myself things that do flatter me. 

My skin tone might bug me but I look fly as hell in this new dress. Etc etc. 

And if money’s tight, sometimes I do shopping dates. I go and try on expensive clothes at the mall, shit i seriously cannot afford, take pictures, look awesome, and then go “okay im done.” Cause I prove to myself that I might not feel like it, but I deserve to wear an 800 dollar dress if only for a few minutes to prove I can. 

And when aesthetics fails and your sick of yourself, thats when you put your focus outward. If I get depressed so much with my face and body I turn to skills. I taught myself how to lockpick. I looked up tutorials for photoshop. I learned the differences between wide angle lenses and telephoto lenses in cinema. On one terrible bout of depression I ended up learning everything I could about the different types of engines cars have and how they work and how to change you car oil yourself to save 60 bucks. 

I know that all sounds dumb or firovilous. But its honestly distracting. 

And there’s something nice about waking up and thinking to yourself. 

“I hate this stupid fucking face and body, but ain’t nobody out there who can swindle me into paying for an oil change when I can do it myself.” 

If you can’t change the aspect you hate, empower yourself to understand that the value of that aspect doesn’t matter. Because in the end that insecurity isn’t stronger then your own self dependece and worth and knowledge and all the ther things that make up you! 

We are about to relive that one time that Niall was prince charming. 

So there was that one time that Niall went to Rochelle’s birthday party dressed up as prince charming and we all pretty much lost our shit.

x  I mean who gave you permission to leave the house looking like this. Gah!

x And then to take pictures like this and make us all fucking melt forever?

x I mean. ugh. look at him! I want to kiss his stupid face.

x his freaking adorable face!

x I just can’t with him dressed like this.

x I’m just getting angry now. gah.

x *sigh*

Let’s look at the fucking dip once more…

yes…..okay…I’m done now. *sighs for eternity*

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I love your work! The way you use colors is so unique! I also have a question about references but about posing. How do you use references for posing without fully referencing your reference? Haha, I said reference so many times, but I have a problem with that. I sometimes try to use elements from different pictures or I use myself as a reference. But sometimes doing the former is difficult and it comes wonky and then I just reference one picture way too closely. Thank you!

First of all, I won’t say I’m an expert on this stuff, I definitely make mistakes, so take my advice with a grain of salt. If there is an area with a problem, like an arm angle or something, then I search for as similar a pose I can, just for that arm. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.. The most important thing is that you know anatomy, from proportions, to the important skeletal features, to the origin/insertion of muscles, the location of muscles and how they look in different gestures like stretching, contracting of certain limbs, when a muscle is activated vs. when it’s complementary is activated (i.e. flexed bicep vs inactive tricep, and vice versa) etc. Once you know the structure, it becomes a whole lot easier to draw a new pose and you don’t have to rely so heavily on reference, and you can be more flexible with the human form. that’s always fun :D If you reference from a photo or image without knowing exactly what lies under the skin, or the proportions of each body part, you’re probably gonna have a higher chance of messing up. Copying what you only see instead of reaffirming a previous notion through a photo reference will be less informing, in my experience. 

So how exactly could you learn anatomy, I would recommend this way, as this is how I learned it (reminder, not an expert)

1. size of (adult male, it’s most common to start with) head

2. proportions (body measured in heads)

3. skeleton, bone structure, and the important landmarks

4. muscle location, origin and insertion

5. muscle behavior in different movements

6. biological gender differences

7. other body type heads, and then proportions, because now that you know muscles and bones, you can resize them to create a baby or a small child, etc. It’s endless, and super fun. And the more you know, the more freedom you get to do stuff, and you won’t be tied down by not knowing :D

The reason for this way is that it’s accumulative. If you skip a step, important info might be missed or used incorrectly.

And yes, even if you know this stuff completely, you’re still going to rely on references since this anatomy is just a framework. Maybe not so heavily like before, but it’s great to confirm rather than to see from scratch, if that makes sense. 

Hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

how do you figure out what colors/themes to do with your art? also i LOVE that last one, so much detail!

themes are… random. very shallow. mostly they’re things i like (flowers, metal, wings) or things i personally fear (deep water, creepy animals). Sometimes its just a thing i saw/was reminded of, like, a random picture of an eumorpha pandorus moth that made me remember that i love them and now i want a picture with an eumorpha pandorus. the imagination finds a way. 

and colors! i’ve talked about a lot but. 

i have a guilty thing I’ve used forever and have to force myself not to use it by default occasionally, but it does work: aka, yellow highlight, red mid, blue shadow. 

these all use this to different degrees! tbh im pretty sure this is my ‘thing’ people associate with me. very easy to do in photoshop with the ‘levels’ adjustment, although I mostly do it by hand now. it’s just… pleasing to me visually. 

now if I don’t do this and forcibly go away from it: complimentary, analogous, or combo of both!  

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A Softer Family
  • “I’m raising my baby to be vegetarian. That way I don’t have to do it for very long.”
  • “I’m worried my baby will come out stupid and telling me I will love her anyway just makes it worse.”
  • “Dear my baby’s momma, regret is waking up to realize some nobody takes those quiet walks with you now.”
  • “You and me and baby makes life into a string of compromises.”
  • “When our adopted child misbehaves, we have a nickname for him. Buyer’s Remorse.”
  • “I wish Cthulhu would come out of the closet. Gay children need to know they can do anything.”
  • “Please don’t leave me alone with our stupid children.”
  • “I weep for our stupid, stupid children.”
  • “Of course the divorce wasn’t your fault, son. If anything, it was my fault for buying expired condoms.”
  • “Sometimes, son, when a man loves a woman he gets sort of creepy.”
  • “They light a candle every night hoping the son I couldn’t be comes home.”
  • “After the accident, it was just the family dog and me. I started letting him sit at the table, dressing him in my daughter’s clothes.”
  • “Hey, it’s me. I meant to take the kids and the cat to the park. But I guess we just kept driving. Anyway, you should change that message.”
  • “Thinking about the infinity of space makes me insane. I never want my kids to feel this small. So yeah, I let them eat whatever.”
  • “On my mom’s birthday, I put on my best suit. I get a haircut. I pretend she’s coming home.”
  • “Your mom came by the store to buy a statue. I honestly meant to say "I like your hair” but it came out “I’m pregnant.”“
  • "Maybe I’m not really trapped. It might even be kind of glamourous being a deadbeat mom. Maybe I’ll go back to school!”
  • “It’s my mom’s birthday and I am her wingman. I miss dad.”
  • “Everyone wants someone they can bring home to mom. I need someone to distract my mom while I raid the medicine cabinet.”
  • “Live every day like your mom said it was alright.”
  • “Dad says that Gramma is always with us even though I am sure he can’t hear her when she sings me my lullaby.”
  • “It’s not you, it’s me. It’s both of us. Actually, it’s your dad. It feels good to admit that.”
  • “My mother took off when I was just little. I want to hunt her down and tell her how proud I am.”
  • “We got drunk and had sex. How did you think your mother and I met? The tooth fairy?”
  • “My father says racist shit all the time. He hates these ones and those ones and he takes care of me and my mother.”
  • “I am a pacifist and I will be a pacifist until I die or someone threatens my mother.”
  • “Sometimes I wish I could take back all my mistakes but then I think what if my mother could take back hers?”
  • “It broke my heart when I realized my father had a whole secret second family and that they got to have a dog.”
  • “Every year on the anniversary of his death I visit my father’s grave to make sure it took.”
  • “Your father is not "a MILF-hungry DILF” and I think maybe you just lost your computer privileges.“
  • "My grandfather died in a war. My father died in a war. Me? I’m holding out hope for a zombie attack.”
  • “My parents made sure I had a good work ethic. I still hate working, but when I’m not working I hate myself.”
  • “When I see a couple where one is very tall and one is very short all I do is wonder about them having sex. Thank god my parents split up.”
  • “I’m going to dress up like a sexy orphan for halloween! I have the outfit, now I just need to kill my parents.”
  • “Sometimes I look across the table at my family, and I think, Boy, I really shat the bed on this one.”
  • “I have this dream where my sister is taking my picture, and I keep saying don’t get on the plane and she says say cheese.”
  • “My sister and I both hate antique shopping. But we love hating things together.”
  • “You were the best mistake I ever made. Or, anyway, you weren’t the worst.”
  • “Everyone should have a contingency plan for when the dead rise. Mine is to see my brother again.”

03.03.17 // Hello March and new Ed Sheeran album 💙 couple of days age I was asked by @preciouspossessions to take a picture of my precious things and then write about them. And here we go 👆 here is a sneak peek of my story: “I am not good at writing stories about me. I always feel like I would be all for me, myself and I. However, you see, sometimes it is important to talk about things that we love. And so I start…
The first thing that came to my mind was…”.

Have fun!

Not a Bad Thing ~ Part 0

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index 

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Word Count: 2.5K

This is a Sehun Wolf AU. It dabbles in CEOSehun also, but the CEO part is not the main focus. Please enjoy this and let me know what you think! My sort of theme song for this series is ‘Not a Bad Thing’ By Justin Timberlake.

Please ignores & excuse any errors


“A business banquet?” I said as I stared at Jang Mi. She looked back the down at the file in her hands before nodding. I stared at her from my desk, which wasn’t too far from hers. We sat in the office of MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY. Moments Photography is the name on my Photography company.

I started this company about 2 years ago, and the success is something I didn’t expect. I found interest in photography during my 2nd year of middle school. By the time I was in high school, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I went to school to improve my photography skills, and here I am.

When I started this company, I got jobs like Senior pictures and portraits. Now I take shots for major events and major companies. I also do celebrity weddings  and fashion shows. When I started gaining bigger jobs, it became hard for me to manage all by myself. I didn’t want to my company too large, so I hired an assistant. That’s how I hired Jang Mi. I’ve lived in Korea for sometime now due to the fact that my family moved here due to my mother’s work. We moved here when I was in 6th grade, so you can imagine how hard that was.

I went to school in the US and returned to Korea.

I watched as Jangmi read over the file again before looking up at me.

“Yes, it’s a weird sort of convention banquet among different companies and their CEOs.” She explained, “It’s held by Oh Enterprises and the pay is pretty good. I think we should take it.”

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