sometimes i like my graphics. this is not one of those times

What is it?

The SPN Minor Character Graphic Challenge is a bi-weekly challenge that I, your moderator, have put together to help bring more awareness to One Time Wonders, Multi-Episode Minors, and those actors & actresses that keep coming back to play different people. To put it simply, it’s just a bi-weekly event to help show off your minor faves. Every other week you’ll be given a new character and a new prompt (watch out for “free choice” events where you pick the character!).

Bi-Weekly? That sounds like a lot of work.

Correct! Which is why I, your moderator, will be dealing with all the partner pairings. I will do my best to try and match you up with people that meet your level of graphic-ing, etc. Just understand that sometimes there will be overlapping in who you get partnered up with! Also, don’t worry! I’ve made it bi-weekly because there are just so many minor characters throughout the current eleven seasons of Supernatural to shine some light on!

Alright, so how do I enter?

Just reblog this post to enter! No surveys, no follows! Just REBLOG to help spread the word! Make sure you tag the post with “entered” or something like that so I know that you have entered. If you just want to signal boost, then tag it with “signal boost” so I know you are not entering, just spreading the word.

When will you put out the first round?

In one week. I will stop counting sign ups as of January 7th. Then, on January 8th, I will message you with your partners. Please make sure your ask box is open so that I may send you your partner & your prompt! Your graphic entry will be due on January 22nd.

What are the rules?

Just follow the prompt you’re given & make sure to tag “spnminorgc” as well as your partner’s url so that they may see your graphic. On the off chance I don’t see your graphic, just message this blog or my personal (because tumblr doesn’t always show me everything in the tags) and I’ll reblog it ASAP.

I hope to see a bunch of people wanting to participate!
If not, a signal boost would be 100% appreciated! Thanks a lot, guys!