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Supreme Leader Snoke’s grand Star Destroyer

I got very excited yesterday as the BTS reel was released. After watching it I was MUCH more excited for the last jedi, and now I just want it here. I am going to discuss some scenes that were featured and I will do some speculation.

Here were some speeders for sometime later we see in the movie when Finn and Rose go to Canto Bight. 

Here the camera man was doused in the red soil, which is from the new planet Crait. We saw a small glimpse of it in the first trailer for The Last Jedi.

This scene is showing Chewbacca outside of the Millennium Falcon, with a campfire. It seems if he was put on charge to guard the Falcon for Rey while she is up with Luke doing training as seen in the trailer.

In this scene we saw Daisy pop up from the camera, but if you notice.. her hair looked a little wet and their is some speculation that this was sometime after the reported cliff scene, where Rey falls from the cliff which I will be showing some more proof of that. We also do possibly believe that Kylo Ren (Ben) Will save her…

In this photo we see Finn wearing what it seems a Resistance Pilot outfit, meaning he might end up flying a X-Wing in this movie.

In this scene it seems as if  Leia is stunned by something. You can tell by her facial expression. No one currently know’s what planet she is on, but some peole think it’s the planet we saw Daisy and John dancing on with their clothes in the BTS reel.

We see that Luke will have his mechanical hand and we see him take the lightsaber that once belonged to him and his father before he did. 

In this shot we see Kylo Ren and it is rumored that he is on Supreme Leader Snoke’s grand Star Destroyer.

This is apparently where Kylo Ren is looking at and some people are thinking that we will finally see Snoke not in a holgraphic form and that he will be on this throne. 

We saw the explosion from this scene, in the trailer for The Last Jedi back in April, when we saw Poe and BB-8 running to.

There was also this hot scene showing Kylo Ren. He looks hot tbh.

I couldn’t find a GIF for this one scene, but there was a scene showing someone diving into the water and they only shot a shot underwater meaning… it could of been the cliff scene. Peope think the person is Daisy especially where the outfit looks somewhat similar. 

We also got introduced to a new creature, called a Porg. It is a creature from Ach-To. 

We also saw a dramatic look from Kylo Ren and some of us are wondering who or what he was looking at.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched the fifth movie of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. As I heard the subtitle Dead Men Tell No Tales I was really exited - what a great title! And the trailer was awesome and I wanted to watch this movie so badly, I have waited ages for it to come out. So here is my review and again, this is just my opinion on the movie (before you start: I’m really sorry if there are any mistakes in this text, I’m just very tired and a mess :D).

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The story itself was a good one. I liked the story line but I think it was a little bit too much sometimes. Just finding the trident to destroy Will’s the curse and getting rid of Salazar at the same time would be enough. But there was a lot more going on with the witch and the finding-my-fathers-legacy-thing with Carina and later the wedding was just a little bit too much. What I don’t get is why they involved the figurehead of the Silent Mary in the fight scene of Jack and Salazar - I mean fighting against “just” an undead Capitán is not easy at all. What I really liked is the flashback to young Jack and how he trapped Salazar and his crew in the Devil’s Triangle. In the end of the scene you could see how Jack become the new captain and his crew gives him tributes; They gave him some jewelry which he wears in his hair which was a pretty cool idea to tell how Jack got them. Salazar told Barbossa in the end of the scene why Jack’s surname is Sparrow which was another little detail I reeeaally liked. You get to know Jack better and I liked that a lot you have much more information.

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The underwater scenes were a cool idea but it took me a bit to find out where the water is, so where the undead crew can be and where Carina, Jack and Henry could stand - that was a little bit confused. The destroying of the trident was very fast when you compare that scene to the On Stranger Tides scene with the hole chalice-thing, it was very rushed. But the underwater thing was really cool, the hole setting was awesome! I expected more magic, you could see some but not that much as in the last movie which made me a little bit sad.  I nearly cried in the end, as Barbossa jumped of the anchor and killed the human Salazar to safe his daughter and her friends, that made me really sad.

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The reunion of Will and Elizabeth was very heart warming and as Jack said the last sentence, I felt very happy and nearly cried again: “Now, bring me that horizon!”

The jokes were funny, I laughed a lot. “Captain Salamander” is going to be a running gag in my clique, I see it coming :D. The donkey jokes were really cool too - the hole movie was funny, the characters were just hilarious, the jokes were well placed.

What I also don’t get is why they always change the title in the countries. I watched it in Germany so the title is Salazar’s Rache (engl. Salazar’s Revenge). Don’t get me wrong the revenge-title still sounds cool (because Salazar wants revenge) but you don’t really get the Dead-Men-Tell-No-Tales-Part: Salazar only keeps one member of a ships crew alive so he can tell the tale later - and this is the connection with the title, so why change it?

The camera angles were really good! One of my faves where Salazar was about to drown in the Devil’s Triangle and slowly turned around; then he was facing the audience and opened his eyes - brilliant!

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The ship scenes were awesome, the camera went in the bird’s-eye view over the ships and later along the ships. The shots of Salazar and Jack fighting on top of the cannons were not bad either, it was really intense with and you could feel the rising action with it.

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I was really disappointed that I didn’t heard the music that much because I was focused on the screen; I bloody love Hans Zimmer’s music and the Pirates of the Caribbean themes are one of his best, I can play He’s a pirate, Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Mermaids or Blackbeard all day long. But I couldn’t experience his music that much in this movie. I’m gonna look the music up later but in the cinema I barely had a connection to it. Of course, I recognized the most used songs which were placed perfectly but I think putting the music a little bit in the foreground would have made it even better. But what I’ve heard was awesome – great job Hans!

So then to the actors! I won’t gonna fangirl that much so you are not going to read a hole essay about every actor in the movie :D:

Johnny Depp: Captain Jack Sparrow. The pirate. Well played, mate, well played. He was just excellent as Captain Jack Sparrow as usual: funny, with good and bead ideas and his love is the sea (and the Black Pearl).

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Geoffrey Rush: Captain Hector Barbossa. The legend. I could die for his “Jaaaaaaack!” it’s just the best. Barbossa is one of my fave characters/villains of all time, Geoffrey is just an amazing actor and I was really sad as Barbossa died - but he did it for his daughter. Heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die.

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Brenton Thwaites: Henry Turner. The son. He was the one I was most exited about as a new character. Henry was a great character he kept the story line running and interacted really good with the other characters. Brenton, you did a great job, I liked Henry a lot!

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Kaya Scodelario: Carina Smyth/Barbossa. The believer. Carina is always focused and believes in the book, her father gave her. In the end her faith was the solution of the problem and she also got to know who her father is. Kaya’s facial expressions were very good - her hole acting was good, I really liked the way she portrait Carina!

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Javier Bardem: Captáin Armando Salazar. The villain. Bad, cruel and very well played. He was scary and interesting at the same time Javier did a very good job! He portrait him way different than other villains and that made it good; seeing someone playing a character likely Barbossa or Davy Jones wouldn’t be that interesting, right? And every good story need an old fashion villain – Salazar was a great one.

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(Just found out that Paul McCartney was Uncle Jack - I didn’t recognize him! But the role was very funny I liked that they included another family member of Jack.)

To summarize the hole movie I just wanted to say again that I really liked the movie, I can’t wait when the DVD is out and I can do a hole Pirates of the Caribbean movie night with my girls! There were parts I didn’t like and parts I loved but I think every movie has that and everyone likes and dislikes parts of movies ;). I would highly recommend you to watch this movie (especially in 3D - it was just the best!) it is really good: You laugh, you cry, you have a good time and it’s very exciting.

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I’m not sure if I want another Pirates of the Caribbean movie or not; I can’t decide. One part of me screams “YEEEEEEES, OH MY GOD PLEASE DO ANOTHER ONE!!” and the other part is like “Nah, that’s a good ending, let it be.” As we walked out of the cinema my friend Tessa told me she was feeling the same about it; but a hole new series with Henry Turner would be awesome which I totally agree on. But as I said, I’m not sure and I’m not the one deciding if they gonna do another movie; If they make one, I’m gonna watch it, obviously :D!

I will always be a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, the movies are one of my faves. I just wanna say again, this is just my opinion on this movie so don’t be mad at me, aye?

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Every time I think about cmbyn I get so excited and just smile like an idiot for about 5 minutes

Can you believe that it has been made into a movie? A movie we will all be able to watch and appreciate with our own eyes in a few months

A movie directed by the amazing Luca Guadagnino starring the gentle giant Armie Hammer and quietly un-innocent Timothee Chamalet

A movie that we have already seen the trailer of, that has had 2 clips released, that has had 2 audio clips leeked, that is going to be so wonderfully wonderful

It honestly makes my day sometimes


Happy Kingsman meetup!

WOW can’t believe it’s a month until the sequel!

Hi guys, my name is Bristi, teenage Indian-American, gay, and self-proclaimed geek and fangirl.

Now, you know those fandoms that you see and hear a lot about, you know they exist, and sometimes get excited by posts even though maybe you’ve never watched the show/movie or read the book, but once you do, it becomes an infatuation and addiction. And oh look, a ship comes along, sometimes it can be a popular ship that 99% of the fandom ships or a rare ship that you just happened to like. Next thing you know, you’re reading 100k and 200k long fanfiction, scrolling through your tumblr dash and tags trying to find new blogs to follow, looking at fanart, AUs, fanfiction, headcanons, trailers, posters, interviews, everything in between. That was me with Kingsman.

I joined quite late, but I remember wanting to watch the movie ever since the trailer for the first movie came out couple years ago. Ever since then, I would see it on my tv, and never got to watch the full thing, until recently. I went to the movie theaters twice in July, and both times saw The Golden Circle’s trailer. I had watched scenes and parts of the first movie, but never the full thing. And then, it blew up on tumblr. I swear, it’s like I saw a few hartwin posts and I said, “I’m going to find a bloody website and watch this bloody movie and ship this bloody ship.” I had known Colin Firth for years, watching a lot of his movies and series from the 90s, 2000s, and recent works, always thinking he was a brilliant actor and his characters were made of charm. But Hartwin gave me another reason to watch The Kingsman, and I’m so happy I did.

Please don’t judge me for being a new fan, I wished to god I had joined from the beginning, but I think I have seen so much and read so much in these past 3 or 4 days that it feels as though it’s been years I’ve been in this fandom.  I swear, I’ve done nothing but read fanfiction and look at blogs on tumblr these past few days. The number of blogs I have followed and posts I have liked these past few days, especially relating to Hartwin, is crazy!!! Yesterday (or rather this morning), I stayed up until 3 am to finish a 100k+ fic- I finished this in less than 3 days- the fastest I have ever read any long fanfiction ever. I honestly think I am in love with Hartwin.

So more about myself and me watching and becoming addicted about the Kingsman and Hartwin! Oh yes, Hartwin. SO MUCH LOVE FOR IT!!! That is my main ship, and I have so much to say about it, so please don’t be afraid to message me if you want to fangirl about it or share something with someone! None of my friends irl, much of whom are fangirls like myself, have watched the Kingsman so I have found this community on tumblr with all of you fabulous people!! I’m always ready to talk about my spy husbands!! Of course, I will talk about absolutely anything else Kingsman related, any ships (I’ve even though about Hartlin, Merlee, and Reggsy!) I’ve already befriended a few people on here and bonded over Hartwin, even sharing a few of my hopes and fears over the ship with some people. It feels like I’ve been part of this fandom for years, and I love it!

Like I said earlier, I am a huge geek, I could list all the book, show, and movie fandoms I am part of but that would make quite a long list. Some of my all time favorites are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orphan Black, and NOW THE KINGSMAN! Wow, I really love Brits I guess. I post a little bit of everything I like as well as reblogs on my blog.

I can’t wait for meeting more of you and The Golden Circle!!

I’ve been thinking, and it’s so funny how white people will always be like “oh whoever is the best actor for the role” whenever a white person is cast to play a POC but whenever a POC is cast to play a traditionally white character all of the sudden racial accuracy is the number one concern.

Send help

Sooooo, I just listened to Sebastian Stan’s playlist for CACW, and I AM NOT OK I WAS NOT PREPARED. I dont’ know what I was expecting but I am completely overwhelmed by all those beautiful but extremely emotional and tragic songs, and knowing that this is Seb’s context for Bucky ? I was nearly in tears (at work, stupid me). HOW AM I GONNA DEAL WITH THE MOVIE ITSELF ??????? I have never been so scared to go watch a movie before….

(BTW I’m still avoiding my dash, I just get sucked back into the fandom sometimes, like with yesterday’s tumblr QA with the CACW cast. I’m weak. But I still haven’t watched the second and third trailers so no spoilers about them please)

EDIT: you’ve got to agree with Seb Stan, this amazing piece truly feels like it’s been written for post WS Bucky…

What to know before reading:

  • I will be updating this post every couple chapters as I make my way through the book with both summaries of what’s going on and cool, new facts UPDATE // I’VE FINISHED
  • Everything that might be considered a spoiler (some big, some small) will be hidden behind the “Keep reading” bar, so as not to ruin anything for others
  • I have not seen the movie, and although junior novels tend to stick very close to the film it’s adapting, know that some things MAY differ from the actual movie
  • Have any questions? Message me

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The new Annie

I just cried watching the trailer for the new Annie movie with Quvenzhané Wallis and Jamie Foxx. Tears, real tears, welled up in my eyes. And if you don’t understand why, let me tell you.

I loved Annie when I was growing up. There was a summer where I watched it nearly every day. I sang the songs at the top of my lungs, rewound the tape, and played it all again. And it was great. But as a Black girl, seeing it depicted in this new way only makes it better.

Sometimes I get misty-eyed when I think about the fact that my 4-year-old niece will never live in a world where there had never been a black president. That for her, there are things that will never seem like impossibilities the way they felt for me. Telling the story of Annie with a little Black girl and a black Daddy Warbucks (or the aptly renamed Daddy Stacks) gives me that same feeling. 

It’s saying, in a big way, that black men can be successful on merit, not just athletic prowess. It’s saying that Black girls can be interesting and smart and talented even if they are born poor. It’s giving Black people a chance to be complex in a way we aren’t always allowed to be.

I don’t know if I’m explaining this right, but I do know that this movie would have been impossible in the 80s when the first one came out. IN THE 80s. I’m not even 30, but I know that less than 30 years ago Black leads would not have been cast in these roles. 

And for people who say it’s just a movie, and that none of this matters because at least it’s happening now, I say look at Lupita Nyung'o who hated her dark skin until she saw The Color Purple, and Alek Wek on the runway. She just won an Oscar for ‘just a movie’ and that’s another 'impossibility’, a very dark-skinned woman winning an Academy Award (for her debut performance!), that my niece will never think is impossible. 

So I’m happy to the point of tears because I know that my little niece and every other little black girl in the world will from this day forward, never live in a world where Annie is only a redhead. They can look at Quvenzhané as Annie, as an actress, as a full-bodied, complicated beautiful little Black girl and know that they can be complicated and beautiful too.


sometimes I just miss the Hobbit? Like waiting for a new movie every year and then the extended editions. Being excited about the trailers, speed giffing, watching promo’s, going to premieres. We don’t get that anymore. The last thing we will get is HobbitCon and I’m both excited and sad because it’ll be the last one.