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I Refuse

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 808

-Bucky’s overprotective. The reader is stubborn. But they’re so in love-

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           You couldn’t do anything except scream as you went flying through the air toward the window. You knew you were going to go through and die. That’s how this worked. You didn’t want to die, but at this point, you couldn’t stop it.

           But then you stopped moving and the glass never came. You opened your eyes and looked up at your boyfriend, “Bucky …” you sighed.

           His face was full of anger and concern, “What are you even doing here?” he practically growled.

           “Wanted to help,” you said.

           “I told you to stay home and away from here. It’s too dangerous,” he said, “You could have died.”

           “I refuse to sit missions out,” you said bitterly.

           “Guys, can you take care of your relationship issues some other time?” Steve called out, “I need a little help here.”

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Comfort - Tommy Shelby

Tommy comforting you after you’ve had a bad day. For my able anon. 

Comfort - Tommy Shelby | part of the Able series

Tommy got in later than usual, going straight into the kitchen to make himself some tea. He assumed that you had already gone to bed until he heard a noise coming from the stairs. Setting the kettle on to boil he walked around the corner into the hallway and caught sight of you, still in your clothes from the day, sitting on the bottom of the stairs. When you heard footsteps in the hallway you perked up, brushing at your cheeks to rid them of tears but it was too late. Tommy had already seen.  

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Hair Game (Peter Parker x poc!reader insert)

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Pairing: poc!reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 1039

Summary: When it comes to natural hair management, it was never easy for (Name). Her hair was coarse, tangled easily, and soaked up water like a sponge. Thankfully, (Name) had a little help to ensure that her hair game was strong.

Author Note: I LOVE writing hair-themed pieces, so I decided to create another one. Keep in mind Peter will be 18 in this one-shot. Enjoy~!

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Hey! :D Can I request an angsty scenario where Rick & fem!reader are in a relationship but get into an argument and ignore each other? Also, can it end with a happy ending? Please and thank you! :) You're my favorite RAM writer & I love your stories ;)

[Awe, thank you so much! I apologise that I’m late getting to this ;; I’ve been hella lazy- I also realised I have no idea how to make angst so I hope you like this because there were plenty of times I had to stop and ask myself “how do I do the write!?“ hah to be honest, I just listen to like knives on repeat till this was done.. ;~; ]

Those words echoed through your head as you stood frozen, eyes glued to him, your heart sunk into your stomach, your chest tightened and your mouth went completely dry. You understood that sometimes Rick was busy and didn’t have time to be with you but you never thought he thought these things about you.

You had come over to Ricks place to see if he wanted to maybe go out somewhere with you. You found him tinkering in his garage as usual but he looked a lot more concentrated than usual. You cleared your throat to make your arrival known but he didn’t bother to lift his head.

“What are you working on?” you tilted your head slightly and peeked over his shoulder.

“Nothing.” he snapped quickly and you took a step back. Alright, Rick was in a bad mood for some reason.

“You okay?” You asked, your bottom lip forming a small pout as you stared at your boyfriend.

“Do I look okay?” He huffed, rolling his eyes, his hands still fiddling with whatever it was he was making.

“Y-You wanna talk about it?” You asked softly but ended up taking several steps back when Rick suddenly stood up and glared at you.

“No I don’t want to urrp I don’t want to talk about it! God, what are we in high school!? I don’t gossip! Can you, you, you stop being so fucking annoying!?” He yelled before sighing heavily.

He realised what he had said but made no attempts to apologise or show you that he didn’t mean to say it. You wanted to speak but you couldn’t, your chest felt so tight that you felt like you were struggling with each breath you took, no matter how many times you tried to swallow your throat stayed dry.

He had gotten mad at you before but he never outburst like this before. He most certainly never called you annoying before either.

Finding the courage deep down you spoke up, your voice shaky. “Y-You think I’m annoying?”

Rick let out a sighed before returning to his work, not saying anything at all. You took that as a confirmation enough and now your eyes pricked with tears, although, you wouldn’t let them fall from your eyes.

“Don’t ignore me, Rick! It was a simple question.I just wanted to help you..that’s what girlfriends do, they try to help the one they love..” your voice cracked, your hands balled into fists.

You watched as Rick stopped tinkering and let out an annoyed sigh as he stared at his desk. “Are you finished?”

“Yeah..I-I’m finished…and apparently so are we..” You finally let your tears fall from your eyes as you stormed out of his workspace. You were fed up, you were angry and sad all at the same time. He always pushed you away whenever you wanted to talk about your feelings. You were just done.

As you closed the door to his garage you heard him let out an aggravated growl and a loud bang, it sounded like he hit his table but you weren’t about to go back and find out. You knew that once you were gone, that was it. You knew he wouldn’t chase after you or try to make things better. That just wasn’t who he was.

That thought alone is what kept you up all night, you cried so much that your eyes were puffy and red, it hurt every time you blinked your eyes. Your body was exhausted from all the stress and pain you felt in your heart but your mind wouldn’t let you rest.

Your body sat up pin straight in your bed, eyes widening as you stared out your bedroom door from your bed when you heard a loud banging coming from your front door.

Your mind immediately thought the worse. It was the middle of the night and there was banging on your door. Was it a robbery? you asked yourself if this night could possibly get worse.

You trailed to the door, gripping the doorknob tightly. Tight enough that your knuckles went white before you quickly swung the door open to see Rick staggering there. He obviously had been drinking.

“W-What are you doing here?” you tried to sound cold but the thoughts of today played fresh in your mind and you felt like crying again.

“JuUUUUGGHst… Just shut up and listen okay?” Rick interrupted you. “You’re not annoying- you were concerned about- about me.” Rick let out a sigh. “I-I was mad because I lost my portal gun and I was trying…trying to make another one but I was actually lacking parts for once. I was frustrated with it and then you showed up and decided to play 50 question and I got even more aggravated. I-I-I took it out on you when I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry. I don’t want what we got to stop.” Rick couldn’t look you in the eyes but you knew it was hard for him to talk about his feelings.

You don’t know if it was because you were crying all night or the fact that for the first time, even if he did have to get a little drunk, Rick was telling you how he felt but your legs moved on their own, walking towards Rick before your arms wrapped tightly around him, you buried your face into his chest and let out a small choked sob.

“I don’t want us to stop either..I l-love you too much…” You cried softly.

Rick wrapped his arms around you just as tightly, afraid that if he let go you would vanish in front of him. “I’m sorry..” he said lowly.

“I forgive you, Rick.” You looked up at him a small smile coming to your face as he lifted his hand to cup your cheek and wipe your tears away with his thumb. You leaned up further and your lips connected sweetly before you went back to holding onto him. You didn’t care if you were starting to get chilled by the night air, you were happy that you were back where you belonged.

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Do you ever get tired of people writing in to tell you how their families don't think you should exist? It would be different if they actually stood up to them but it has to be annoying to just hear them talk about these racists just to see black mods react to it.

I can only speak for myself and yes I do. TBH sometimes I personally just delete asks like that. “My mom hates black People and always says so what should I do”. You know what you can do. Always asking what they should do. I wasn’t put on this planet to ease anyone’s guilt. I truly wasn’t. I can’t write what you should say I can’t guide you step by step. We have so many resources on the blog SEARCH KEY WORDS! and you shall find what you want.

- Susie
Someone Like You

Warning: none
Gender: female

Imagine: you and Spencer talking about what you want in a person (romantically) and noticing that you guys are really talking about each other.

“Hey Spence.” You came in to your usual meeting place, a coffee shop in which you two would talk for a while and get in your caffeine in before going on the subway to work.

It was raining outside, evident by your wet hair and slightly damp jacket, but that didn’t stop him from hugging you.

“Oh my god,’ you saw two cups and a muffin. "Is one of those for me?” You pointed and smiled. 

“Of course.” Spencer smiled with you. You put the jacket on the back of your chair and then you both sat down and started talking.

“Spencer, what for you are the perfect qualities in a girl?” Spencer shrugged and took a sip of his coffee, a look of confusion and surprise covering his face.

“Why do you ask?" 

"I don’t know.” You shrugged. “ Just answer it you doof.” You cut in the muffin in half and gave it to Spencer who had a small on his face as he thought for a second. 

“Well, someone intelligent, so I don’t have to explain everything I’m talking about, but doesn’t mind me rambling when I have to. Not a lot of people like it.” You let out a breathy chuckle.

“I happen to find your rambling enchanting.” You patted his hand, causing him to smile again.

“What about you?” He asked and you but your lip in concentration.

“Well, along with the intelligent thing, someone I can nerd out with. Like our usual Dr. Who movie fests. Plus, the special weekends when the Harry Potter Movies come on ABC. And someone who knows me, like how when we watch the movies you bring just the right snacks and I place blankets over the windows so it feels like we’re in a movie theatre.” Spencer nodded in agreement and you smiled at the memories.

Your phone beeped, signaling that you two should start making your way to the subway to meet Emily.

After you threw away the trash, you turned around to find Spencer holding out his jacket out to you. 

“What are you doing?” You asked as he placed it on your shoulders him still holding your jacket.

“Your jacket is still wet.” He said simply, walking over to the door and opening it for you. You blushed slightly and smiled.

“Why thank you my kind sir.” You joked, both of you walking down into the subway. Your phone buzzed, Emily saying she got an earlier start that day.

“So is that just it? Intelligence?” You asked as you both stood waiting for the / to arrive.

“Well no, not just intelligent. Someone who cares about me. Like when I’m sick you always just come over instead of coffee and make sure I’m okay." 

"Well that’s what friends do.” You mumbled, both of you boarding the /. You both held on to the pole, although you still kept falling into Spencer.

“I know that I want someone I’m comfortable being myself around. Someone who will always make me feel beautiful and know that sometimes I don’t want to go to public places." 

"But you are beautiful.” You both blushed slightly.

“You’re just saying that.” You dismissed, grabbing his hand and stepping back into the subway when it was your stop. “And besides, relationships aren’t based off of looks, at least for us anyway. But I swear that any girl would be blind to not give your handsome face a deeper look and get to see the Spencer Reid I know.” You saw his smile and gave him one in return. You both started heading to work.


It was later that day, the team basically working on paperwork, which was boring.

You felt something poke your head as you were sitting at your desk, but when you turned around no one was there, but there was a little paper airplane by your feet.

You smiled and opened the folds, finding one of Spencer’s terrible doodles and a fact about paper airplanes.

You chuckled under your breath and began to write back when a loud Garcia and Morgan walked by, doing their regular ‘we-flirt-but-aren’t-dating’ things.

“So is it just the intelligence and caring personality? Not any of the regular things like, good dancer or something like that?” You scribbled down, looking around to make sure Hotch wasn’t watching before throwing the airplane back to Spencer’s desk.

A few minutes later you recieved a reply.

“Well, kind yes, no one would want to date a jerk. I would prefer someone funny, to put up with my silly antics. Like who else would dare to throw paper airplane messages in an FBI office, even though Hotch could see at any moment.
And someone who likes my science-magic, but probably not as much as you.”

“That is true, your science-magic blows me away.” You wrote back.

“What about you? Anything else you’d prefer?”

“Hmm..” You mumbled.

“Someone who doesn’t take things way too fast, but that’s kind of a long-shot because it seems like every guy most days aren’t looking for a relationship.”

“Not everyone is like that.” He wrote back.

“Not everyone is a true gentlemen like you.”


“Hey Spence.” You greeted as he stepped inside your apartment. “I got take-out. I even asked for a second pair of chopsticks so you could attempt to use them again.” He laughed as you two went to your couch and sat down, you handing him a few unopened boxes. He gave you a look.

“What? I was hungry. And you were like, five minutes late. I waited for you as long as I could but Spencer, I didn’t think you wanted me to starve. What kind of friend would do that to the other?” You playfully teased, tossing a blanket over the both of you as you looked for something to watch.


“Spencer stop trying to punish the chopsticks.” You teased, watching him fail at using them. The food he had grabbed an was just about to go into his mouth when it fell back inside the box
He gave you a sheepish grin before watching you use yours perfectly. 

“I have an IQ of 187 but can’t use chopsticks?! How are you doing that?” He saw you pick up some rice and eat it smugly. 

“ I guess I’m just naturally talented.” You smiled and shrugged playfully. Spencer rolled his eyes but had a smile on his face.

“See, I want this as well. Someone who’s just content to eat takeout and watch tv, just talking, laughing, it doesn’t have to be special.” You said, taking another bite of your food, referring back to your conversation earlier.

“It’s pleasant. Plus you don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant to have a good time. I like hanging out here, with you.” Spencer’s eyes locked with yours. “I want someone like you.”

“Why not the original?” You asked quietly, your breath hitching in your throat. You set down your food and turned to him.

“I didn’t think you wanted to be anything but my friend.” He mumbled.

“For a man with 187 IQ, you’re kind of clueless.” You mumbled, the both of you leaning in closer. 

You stopped, feeling his lips ghosting over yours, eyes fluttering shut as he gently pulled you in for a long-awaited kiss.

Rumors - Fred Weasley Imagine


Can you make a imagine with Fred and the Reader and they are going out since the Yule Ball and Angelina hates the Reader ever since they started dating and she tries to break us up by spreading rumors that I am a cheating whore and stuff and Fred believes them and then we fight and break up and I am depressed and one day Fred overhears Angelina talking to her friends about me and the rumors and he comes back to em and explains and we get back together? :) ^^ <3

•A/n: I’m really sorry that Angelina has a lot of Point of view in this story! Sorry!•

•Warning: Crazy Angelina Johnson! Reader feeling depressed and a bit suicidal!•

~Angelina’s POV~

My blood boils as I watch them. Them as in my big crush and my arch enemy. There they are just kissing and laughing and smiling. It make me sick to my stomach. They started dating when Fred and (Y/n) went to the Yule Ball. It should have been me that Fred asked out. It should have been me that kissed Fred that night of the ball. Not (Y/n) (Y/l/n). They sit across me a few seats down but I still watch them from the corner of my eye. I watch as Fred feeds her a strawberry making my fists clench up into balls. I stand up and storm right out of the Great Hall. (Y/n) better watch out because she has a big thing coming for her.

~The Next Morning~

Last night I thought about what I should do to get my true love back and to get that bitch to suffer. I thought long and hard and something finally popped into my head. What spreads faster than wild fire in Hogwarts? Rumors! That’s it! That’s the plan! If I’m gonna spread rumors what am I going to say? ’(Y/n) has rabies’ No. Think, Think, Think! What am I going to say to make Fred break up with (Y/n)? She cheats on him! Because she’s a whore! Sounds like what (Y/n) would do! I yell in excitement making some of my roommates look at me funny “Sorry” I mumble before putting on a fresh robe and slipping on my shoes. I walk out the door ready for the task that I’m going to finish. “Hey guys!” I said in a little over excited tone making my group of friends look at me funny again. “Hey Ange! What’s up with the excitement?” One of my friends asked me “Oh, nothing exciting. But I did hear something interesting down at the courtyard.” I said in a causal voice “What is it?” They all said together leaning in more closely hungry for, you guessed it, Gossip. “I overheard two Slytherins talking about (Y/n)” I said smirking “And?” One of them said gesturing with their hands.“And… (Y/n) walked out of a broom closet looking like a mess and that a Ravenclaw boy also came out of the closet.” I said crossing my arms over my chest, they gasped. “(Y/n) cheated on Fred!” They said aloud making some people look in our direction. I smiled and nodded my head vigorously “Bye” I said in a cool tone leaving them in their spot. Once I get to the next corridor, I peak around the corner to see that the people who were looking at us came up to my friends to ask what was going on. I laughed to myself, before happily skipping to my true love. Fred. “Hey Fred” I said in a low but seductive voice, Fred sighs before looking up from his book. “What do you want Angelina?” He asked, He sometimes acts annoyed around me but I know he’s just acting. “I was just wondering if maybe you heard?” I bit my bottom lip and held my hands behind my back “Heard what?” He asked his tone definitely showing that he was interested “Heard the things about what (Y/n) did” I said lowly, he stood up “What did (Y/n) do?” He asked in a demanding tone “She cheated on you” I said quietly, making a sad face to show sympathy. “Your lying” he said clenching his fist “Don’t believe me? Ask anyone. They saw (Y/n) come out of a broom closet with a Ravenclaw.” I said with a shrug of my shoulders. I spin around and walk away with a smile on my face.

~Fred’s POV~

“Don’t believe me? Ask anyone. They saw (Y/n) come out of a broom closet with a Ravenclaw.” Angelina said with a shrug of her shoulders. My mouth opened as she walked away. I looked at the ground as my fists clenched tightly, my teeth gritting. I huff out before grabbing my bag, I walk as fast as I can up to Gryffindor tower to get some answers to see if the rumors are true. As I walk, I can’t help but notice that everyone is giving me strange looks making me really uncomfortable. I walk faster and avoid getting to close to anyone, I make it to Gryffindor tower and enter. I see (Y/n) in front of the fire reading a book, I look around to see that the common room is completely. I walk up to (Y/n) but stand a few feet away from her “Hi Freddie!” She says happily but frowns when I don’t reply “Is it true?” I said in a low but dangerous voice “What?” She asks confused putting her book down “Is it true?!” I said loudly making (Y/n) flinch “Is what true?” She stands up “Is it true that your cheating on me?!” I yell, she opens her mouth then closes it again a confused look on her face “Fred, what are you talking about?” She says stepping closer but I step back. “Are you cheating on me?” I say more calmly this time “No! Why - Why would you think that?” She said in a confused tone. I roll my eyes at her “I don’t believe you!” I blurt out “Fred! You know I would never do that to you! I love you!” She said loudly. I shake my head a few times before slamming my hands onto one of the wooden tables “Stop lying to me!” I yell “Tell me the truth!” I see tears rolling down her cheeks.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I feel tears roll down my cheeks, I wipe them with the back of my hand. “I am telling the truth! I never cheated on you!” I screamed, my voice cracking. He huffs out in frustration. He still doesn’t believe me. How could he do this? How could he blame me for something I didn’t do? I love Fred and I would never ever cheat on him but I guess he doesn’t believe me. “How can we have a relationship if we don’t be honest with each other?!” He yells pushing the table making it fall, I flinch. “I am being honest! Fred, please! Why don’t you believe me?!” I cried, Fred yelling and pushing things just pushed me over the edge of tears. I cried into my hands “You know what? This relationship is over! You cheat on me and now you can’t even tell me the truth! Don’t you ever talk or come near me again!” He said through gritted teeth. I sob “I didn’t cheat on you! I’m telling the truth Fred! Please!” I cried. He shook his head before storming out of the common room. Leaving me behind, leaving our relationship behind. I fall to my knees, I cry and scream and beg for Fred to come back but he never does. My friends soon finds me crying and comforts me, they ask me about the rumors and I tell them it’s not true. They believe me. I told them everything that happened and they comforted me till I fell asleep but right before I close my eyes I wished that I would die to never live another day without Fred by my side, and to never live a painful day like this. I wake up and feel horrible. I have this pain in my stomach. I look around the room and see that my roommates beds were empty, they all left for breakfast. I slump onto the floor not feeling the energy to stand up. “Why can’t I die already?!” I said aloud tears falling down my cheeks yet again. Fred. All I can think about is Fred. I miss him so much.

~Fred’s POV~

I currently sat on a bench, invisible to everyone. Literally. I was under Harry’s invisibility cloak, he let me borrow it because he knew how it felt to have everyone look at you. I looked at my hands, Large salty tears falling into my knuckles. I miss (Y/n) so much right now. I want to hold her in my arms, I want to tell her how much I love her, how much she means to me. But how could I forgive her? She cheated on me. I stiffen as I hear voices come towards my direction, it was two girls voices that belonged to Angelina Johnson and her friend, Rosie Grey. I heard Rosie gasp, making me stand up and slowly inch my way towards the two girls. “You did what?!” Rosie exclaimed “Shh! Lower your voice!” Angelina hissed “I’m the one who made the rumors up!” Angelina said in a hushed voice. “Why?” Rosie asked confused “Because, It’s supposed to be me and Fred! Angelina and Fred! Not Fred and that Wench!” Angelina laughed. I threw the cloak off of my head and shoulders making the girls gasp and widen their eyes. “First off, there’s never ever gonna be an Angelina and Fred! And that ‘Wench’ is my girlfriend, the best thing that has ever happened to me! She’s beautiful, smart, and kind, so if you think that I’ll forget (Y/n) just like that. You’re wrong. So you better bloody back off or you’ll have me to deal with! Understood?!” I yelled. Angelina opened then closed her mouth quickly, she nodded slowly “Good” I mumbled before running off to Gryffindor tower where the love of my life is.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I look down at my hands, one holding a handful of blue pills the other a water bottle. I start to sob again. Am I really going to take my life right now? I open my mouth and close my eyes shut, I raise the hand with the pills and was about to put it in my mouth but rapid knocking on my door stopped me. I quickly tried to put the pills back into the mini tube but dropped mostly all of them on the floor due to the banging on the door. “Shit” I mumble under my breath before standing to open the door, there he stands. Fred. His hair a mess, his eyes red and puffy, tears rolling down his cheeks. I look down not wanting him to see me cry “(Y/n) I’m so sorry about everything. I was stupid enough to actually believe those rumors, that weren’t true. I should’ve believed you, I should’ve know that you were telling the truth. But if you give me a second chance, I promise to never be stupid again. I miss you so much it hurts, I can’t bear to not kiss you at least once a day or at least call you beautiful. Please, I want to be part of your life again because your my future (Y/n)” he says his voice getting lower by each word. I slowly sink to my knees sobbing into my hands, Fred embraced me into a tight hug. I hear him gasp “We’re you going to eat those?” He asked pulling back from the hug. He saw the pills. I looked at the floor before he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. “We’re you gonna eat those?” He asked in a more demanding voice, I nodded slowly making a sob escape his lips. He pulled me back into the hug, he held me against him tightly “Please, don’t ever leave me. I love you so much.” He whispered rocking me and him, back and forth slightly. “I love you too” I whisper.


Negan’s Girl - Part 1

*the gif is not mine, found it on google, can’t find the talented person who made it!*

Hi! this is my first fanfiction! be gentle! haha. English is not my first language so I’m sorry for any misspelling or grammar mistakes

Mila knows Negan since she was a teen, after 5 years they meet again in the apocalypse.


Pre apocalypse

I was 14 years old when my mother finally broke up with my abusive father. We moved out hoping to never see that man again. And after a few months I finally saw my mom happy again. I didn’t like the fact that she was moving from one guy to another, but I guess that was her way to get over her ex-husband and my abusive father.

I was coming back home from school one day, I walked in the house and the first thing I saw was black helmet on the table by the door. My mom didn’t own a motorcycle, but my father did. I immediately panicked. I ran to the living room looking for my mom but instead I saw a tall man with black hair, wearing a leather jacket and black jeans, holding a cigarette in his mouth looking straight at me with very serious eyes. After a few seconds of silence, the tall man moved the cigarette from his mouth, he raised his eyebrows, one corner of his mouth curled upwards. 

“Hi.” He said, wanted me to react. But I just stood there, confused not knowing where is my mom and how that man is. He smiled showing most of his white teethes, 

“I’m Negan. You must be Mila. I’m… a friend of your mom.” I immediately realized that he’s just another one of my mom’s boyfriends, I was kind of pissed due to the fact that my mom was just bringing a strange men into our home without even warning me. But I also felt relieved that it wasn’t my father. I sighed, 

“Where is she?” I asked him, looking him straight in the eyes, without smiling back to him. 

“Upstairs.” He muttered while sitting on the couch, putting back the cigarette between his lips. I began to walk upstairs but then I stopped and turned around to look at him. 

“I don’t think my mom will appreciate you smoking in her living room”. He smiled looking at the ground, then he took the cigarette out of his mouth and throw it into a cup of coffee.  "I think you’re right, sweetheart“he said, probably just to make me feel better about myself. I walked upstairs to see my mom looking at me in shook, like she didn’t realized I was going to come back from school, eventually. “Mila I’m so sorry, I lost track of time and-" 
"its fine, mom, really.” I said, assuring her. I just wanted her to be happy again.

After a two months, my mom and Negan was surprisingly still in a relationship. She really liked him, apparently. And I began to like him as well. I’m not a very friendly person and I defiantly do not open up to people so quickly. But despite his tough look he was pretty easy going and I liked that, I felt like he cared about me for some reason. One day he even took me to school on his motorcycle, which was pretty terrifying. “Thanks, Negan” I got of the motorcycle, and started to walk away. “I’m taking you and your mom to the movies tonight” I looked back at him and smiled “cool”. He smiled back “see you later, sweetheart” he said and drove off.

I came back from school that day and before I even got to the door I heard my mom and Negan scramming at each other. I didn’t even have the chance to understand what they were fighting about when suddenly Negan exit the door slamming it behind him. He saw me and looked annoyed. He walked pass me to his motorcycle, but I followed him. 

“What happened?” I asked concerned. He didn’t even look at me and got on his motorcycle. “Negan!” I said loudly, only irritating him more, “none of your fucking business, Mila!” he yelled at me. I never heard him talking like that, especially not to me. I was only a teen back then.  He got on his motorcycle and I naively asked “are we going to the movies tonight?” Negan chuckled, “no, we’re not going to the movies tonight.” 

I stood next to his motorcycle and asked the question whose answer I was most scared of, “will you come back?” He put on his helmet, “Not a fucking chance, sweetheart”.  I looked at him, numb, when he started the motorcycle and drove off.  I stood there, alone, and I felt lonely. I didn’t want to go into the house to see my mom cries, so I just sat on the sidewalk. I always told myself to trust nobody, hell, I didn’t trust myself sometimes. But no matter how much I tried not to trust Negan, I still felt disappointed.  All the men in my life usually disappointed me.

5 years later, after the apocalypse started.

I’m alive only because I’m lucky. I met some good people on the way.  When shit hits the fan I was at a summer camp. Some kid woke me up, trying to eat my face but I manage to push him off me and I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know where my mom was, my friends, what happened to them… I still don’t know, and I will probably never know. An old man that worked at the camp took me with him, he taught me how to survive, how to shoot a gun. We made it for two years, but one day he got bit and I was alone for a while. Until I found a group, which most of the people in it didn’t trust me at first, probably because I didn’t talk much, and because it was the fucking apocalypse and you can’t trust anyone. But eventually they took me in, we have a pretty decent camp in the woods, things are working out pretty good.

I was doing the laundry. I sat on the ground, leaned my back against a tree with a bucket full of water between my legs.

“Hi Mila”, Kyle sat next to me. Kyle is a guy from my camp. He is around 21 years old, like me. And he has a huge crush on me, it’s pretty obvious. He’s cute, but I just don’t feel the same as he does. I never even had a boyfriend. I’ve never loved, and no one ever loved me, it makes me feel empty. So I was really trying to give him a chance. And it’s not like I have tons of men waiting for me.

“Hi. Are you here to help me or just observe?” I asked playfully. He smiles at me, and before he could answer there was a loud echoing explosive-like sound, probably from a shotgun. My head hit the tree from the blast and I didn’t hear anything for a few seconds. I felt dizzy, I tried to move my head a bit, only to see Kyle lying next to me, most of his head was gone. I screamed in shock, when two man came out on nowhere, one of them pick me up “what do we have here?” one of them said with a wicked grin. “She’s one of them. Let’s get you to your group, beautiful.” The blonde man said calmly, he looked like half his face was microwaved. I screamed and tried to kick the man how picked me up but it didn’t even bother him. They brought me to the group, they were all kneeling on the ground, crying, surrounded by a lot of armed men, motorcycles and trucks. It all happened so fast, I didn’t manage to understand what’s going on. The man threw me on the ground next to my friends. I was now kneeling as well when I thought, this is the last day on earth for me. And I didn’t accept that.

A sweaty man with the mustache stood in front of us, as I kept looking on the ground, not ready to lift my head, I was too scared, too scared to die.

“Good. Y'all here. You will meet our leader now, and he’s gonna explain to you how your life will look like from now on” the man with mustache said with a vicious smile.

I heard the door of the black truck that I saw earlier opened. I could hear someone walked toward us.

“Well fuckers, I’m gonna have to take a look at you all first to see if I can even use you. Hell, if not I’m just gonna have to kill you all. So look alive!” The man said, I could feel that he’s smiling without even looking at him, his voice sounded very familiar.

They all look at him. Accept me. I have never been more scared in my life. What did he meant by ‘using us?’ we are a group of 15 people, well, now 14. We have Scoot who lost his arm. 7 of us are elders. And I’m the only skilled women out of the 4 of us, and I wasn’t even that good. I don’t think he can use us for whatever so we’re all dead. Great.

He walked pass everyone, observing them when he stopped in front of me. I saw his boots and a baseball bat coated in barb wire. I felt my heart beating so fast I felt I was about to faint.

“Hey, sweetheart, look up.”

My eyes widened. I knew that voice.

 Its Negan.

Prompt #41: Irresistable

Prompt #41: “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”

A/N: Warning: Smut!


“Alright honey, are you ready to go?” you asked as you looked through your purse to make sure you had everything you needed for tonight.

You were having a couples night with Derek, Savannah, J.J., and Will with your boyfriend, Spencer. The six of you had spent many evenings being together informally at each other’s homes, but tonight was the first night you were actually going to go out to dinner together.

Spencer stood silently with his jaw hanging open. “You… you look… wow” was all he could say.

You were wearing your favorite, tightly fitted dress that hugged you in all the right places. It had a high neck line, but the back scooped down to the small of your back. A slit ran up from the floor to the top of your thigh, making it impossible for you to wear a bra or underwear. Your hair fell in soft curls down your back with just a touch of light makeup giving you a natural look.

“You like?” you smiled when you saw the look on his face.

He nodded, still staying silent with that dumbfounded look on his face. You couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction – even after all this time of being with Spencer, he still looked at you like it was the first time.

He came over and wrapped his arms around your waist, giving you a soft kiss on the lips. As the kiss grew deeper, his hands travelled as he gripped your behind with a tight squeeze.

You giggled at the fact that Spencer couldn’t keep his hands off of you. You pulled away from his kiss, but his lips didn’t want to leave your body as he left a trail of warm, wet kisses down your neck.

“Spence, we need to get going, okay? We can… finish this when we get back” you whispered breathlessly in his ear. He groaned as he pulled away.

“We can just be a little late, right?” he smiled as he gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“Patience, my love” you cooed in his hair while you grabbed his hand drug him out the door behind you.


Dinner started off lovely as ever – you were surrounded by your favorite people with great, high-class food on the way. You were laughing at a joke Derek made when all of a sudden you felt Spencer’s hand slowly graze your thigh.

You glanced over to him – he had calmed down immensely once you were seated and surrounded by your friends, but as his hand trailed your slit and started to lift the material of your dress, your eyes grew wider.

“Spencer, what are you doing?” you whispering only loud enough for him to hear.

His hand continued to travel under your dress and up your inner thigh until he found what he was looking for.

“Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you” he whispered back into your ear as he leaned in and gave you a light kiss on your cheek.

You felt his fingers slowly spread apart your lips as he gently circled your now throbbing bud. Accepting his daring feat, you relaxed in your seat, letting him do what he did best.

You both continued to have a normal conversation with the rest of the group – luckily the tablecloth was plenty long and you were seated in a way that your dinner dates would have to be sitting either behind you or directly next to you to see what was going on under the table.

His long fingers still teasing your swollen pink lips finally gave in as he slipped a finger into you. You let out a gasp that luckily Spencer only noticed. He slid in and out of your quickly dampening slit.

He continued to tease you for the rest of dinner, only stopping when you were eating.

When it was finally time to leave, you grabbed Spencer’s hand, declining an offer to have drinks at Derek and Savannah’s, and rushed him out of the restaurant and right back to your apartment.

Bursting through the door and without skipping a beat, Spencer kicked the door behind you as his arms were immediately around you again. You lips were on his in an instant as your hands tangled in his hair, pulling him closer to you.

With no hesitation, he pushed you up against the wall, hands now pulling your dress up around your waist. You had already gotten his jacket and tie off and were now working on unbuttoning his shirt. Spencer nibbled at the sweet spot right behind your ear, making you weak in the knees.

Finally getting Spencer’s shirt off of him, you began to unbuckle his belt and unzipping his pants. Moments after, Spencer pulled the rest of your dress off, leaving you both completely unclothed.

He wrapped his arms around your thighs, picking you up to take you to the bedroom. Without breaking your kiss, he gently laid you down on the bed, his hands gripped tightly at your sides.

Spencer pulled away for just a moment right before he proceeded – he did this every time the two of you had sex. He would look you in the eyes without any words as if to read your face and make sure you were okay. You guessed that he was just looking for your consent, which you always gave.

Seeing that you were biting your lip, practically begging for him to make love to you, he slowly entered you, making you both gasp. As you both grew more comfortable, his pace picked up, hitting your sweet spot over and over again.

Spencer had studied the female body intensely, plus the two of you had been together for a while, so he knew exactly how to get you off.

He was incredibly good at multitasking – he managed to make small circles over your left breast with his tongue as he continued to bury his length into you and use his fingers to stimulate your clit.

Orgasm after orgasm washed over you as you marathoned with Spencer throughout the evening. Positions changed periodically, but Spencer preferred to be on top, feeling like he had more control over pleasuring you that way.

You and Spencer had marathons before, but nothing quite like this one.

When you could tell that Spencer was nearing his end, you wrapped your legs around his waist tightly, making his strokes harder and shorter. Your fingers dug into his back as you moaned his name softly over and over again in his ear.

In no time, you could feel Spencer’s body loosen after he finished inside of you. He rolled off of you and onto his back next to you in a hot, sweaty exhaustion.

After a few moments, you asked breathlessly, “How long was that?”

“4 hours, 23 minutes, and 17 seconds” Spencer replied immediately.

You giggled at his accuracy then rolled over on your stomach and propped yourself up on your arms so you could see him better.

“That was… absolutely incredible” you whispered as you planted a soft kiss on his lips.

His grinned as he looked up at you. “It was that damn dress” he winked. You slipped into his arms as he gave you a kiss on the forehead.

After cleaning up and picking up all the clothes you had left on the floor, you looked up to Spencer as you stood in the kitchen.

“What is it?” Spencer asked when he saw the look on his face.

“Do you think it’s too early to erm… eat our leftovers already? It’s just, after all that exercise…” you trailed off, smiling just thinking about what you had just done.

Spencer was already walking to the refrigerator to stick your leftovers in the microwave.

“I was hoping you would suggest that”

Backwards Alley

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Length: Long

The streets have always been where they are, as long as anyone alive can remember. I must have seen it a million times, walking between the bus and the subway on my way to school, weekend shopping, clubs, work and finally moving in a couple of blocks away in a stereotypical studio apartment with my girlfriend who recently became my fiancée. 

It’s not an expensive part of town, but it’s within walking distance of the city center where we both worked and usually had dinner at our favourite restaurant when we happened to get off work at the same time or close enough. Our slow walks home were a pastiche of romance against the cityscape: cinderblocks, clean lines and flashing neon turning more and more to Tim Burton-esque grit the closer to home we got.

This night, I was walking home alone.

I don’t know why I turned that corner instead of passing right by as usual. It was dark. The surrounding houses that covered three sides were tall and windowless. No street lights. In fact it was so dark that I rather quickly got confused about what I was seeing. It looked as if there was another street crossing at the end of the alleyway, instead of a brick wall. 

My first befuddled thought was that maybe the old nook was so dark and narrow that the other side wasn’t visible from the street. Either way, it piqued my interest and I headed on to have a look. It must have been some kind of illusion, because the further I walked, the more the distance to the other side seemed to grow. 

At first, I persistently plodded along. Maybe it was a wall after all, or maybe a window with some sort of reflection? I had worked up a pace that seemed ridiculous. I hesitated for a moment and stopped in my tracks. How far could I have walked down this road? I collected my thoughts (“det kommer inte närmare överhuvudtaget ju”) and turned around. The way back was even darker. Of course, the hours must be creeping towards midnight if not even more. The sky was heavily overcast so I couldn’t have guessed the time by the moon and stars even if I’d had the knowledge to. And darker it grew. 

Had I really walked this far? I began to worry, and second guess my tired brain. If only there had been corners, I thought, then it would have felt more natural. Just another corner. But there were none, just the straight, narrow piece of road between claustrophobic brick walls. There had to be a light ahead! There wasn’t. The sparse feeling of hope and sanity ran out and left me hollow. Despair was what was left when I was too weary to panic. 

I not as much leaned, as let my forehead fall, against the wall in front of me. Brick wall. Had I turned twice? It was only a strip of pathway, two dimensional almost, as simple as that. I had never before heard of anyone getting lost on a secluded two-way course. Yet there I was. I turned my back at the brickwall and started heading in the opposite direction.

I expected a long way back, so imagine my surprise when I was suddenly halted - by a firm thump on my back. At first I thought that I had fallen, and had a hard time telling up and down. It felt like I was hanging suspended in space for a dizzy moment of out-of-place vertigo. 

Then my heart sunk. My back was against the far brick wall. Time to panic. I panicked. I ran and ran and ran; screaming, pleading, praying; but only ended up at the same dreadful place - against the wall. Shaking and wet from sweat and tears, I sat down in a corner, back against the side wall, the back wall at my right shoulder. I leaned my head against the cold bricks and cried.

Slowly, my breath began to calm down and my tears to dry out. I stared at the sky far above the roof tops when something caught my eye. A sign. A small metal sign with slightly contrasting - must have been white some time in history - letters: DRAW CAB YELL. 

I chuckled. To get a cab in this damned corner of urban purgatory, you sure as hell gotta yell. I didn’t, though. My throat was sore from screaming and crying. Instead, I took out my phone. I had to know what time it was, and found it odd that my fiancée hadn’t called. What if something had happened to her? 02:11. Holy shit. I swiped to unlock. No missed calls, no messages. I had not a fraction of an idea what I was going to tell her. That I was lost two blocks from home? Hell, as long as I must have walked I could just as well be on the other side of the city. 

One signal. “Honey, I was just thinking about you! Could you stop by the Quick Stop and pick up some eggs and juice - not the cartons but the bottled kind with pink grapefruit?” She didn’t pause for me to talk, just chattered away happily as ever. “I was thinking that we should treat ourselves to a good breakfast tomorrow as we both can sleep in, so we won’t eat in a hurry all shatter-minded as we always do…” I heard her breathe. “Hello? Honey, are you there?” 

I coughed and tried my hoarse voice. “Are you still up? Have you been out with Brenda? I’m so sorry that I haven’t called, but something really strange is happening.” 

“What do you mean, sweetie, I haven’t been out? You just quit work, I just thought that you -” I interrupted her and tried to explain again. She didn’t get it. Over and over again she reassured me that I’d just quit working. 

“But it’s in the middle of the night! I quit at 11!” 

“Yes, well, it’s just 11.22, are you trying to beat your personal or what?” She giggled. “So, are you already past the Quick Stop?”

I took my phone from my ear and looked at the time. 23.11. My head swam. I hit the speaker phone icon. “Hello?” I hummed as I tried to find the words, when my whirling thoughts were interrupted. Above the ticking time- tracking of the phone call, that by the way made no sense at all, it said “ACCEBER”. REBECCA. 11:24. The sign. YELL BAC WARD. I must have read out loud. 

“What do you mean ‘yell backwards’?” she asked. Backwards. It was all backwards. I stood up on shaking legs, leaning on the wall. 

“Nothing, baby, just thinking out loud. I don’t even make sense to myself sometimes. So, what else have you planned for tomorrow?” I kept making conversation, as I kept my eyes firmly on the back wall, turned around exactly 180 degrees, kept one hand against the left side wall, and started backing. 

Tears began welling up, stinging my eyes and my sore face, when I saw the dim, blue-grey light of the street in front of me - and it got closer! I got closer, I was going to escape this hellish maze! She heard me sniffling, and I asked her to come and meet me. I couldn’t wait to bask in the light of those street lamps, couldn’t wait to be part of the real world again. Whether it had been a psychosis or I really had gotten lost, the last hours had made me doubt I’d somehow see my loved ones again, and I also had a slight suspicion that I was gonna need help.

I suddenly saw her on the corner and burst out into a run. Terrified, I realized that she was getting smaller. The light was waning, the street getting further away. I collapsed into a frustrating, hyper ventilating heap. So close! It struck me what I’d done wrong, and I got up again, determined, and started backing. It worked! Holy fuck, it worked. How could even anything in this impossible situation be logic? But it was. 

I backed the last steps and came stumbling forwards onto the street. Rebecca wrapped her arms around me as I sobbed into her jacket. She took a step back, smiled encouraging and handed me a paper tissue. “What happened in there, honey?” 

I began to tell her as we slowly ambled toward the Quick Stop. Sleeping in was just the beginning of what I needed tomorrow. Maybe take the day off. Plan the rest of our lives while eating breakfast in bed the whole weekend. She turned her head and glanced at the dark corner in a mix of disbelief and wonder. 

“Backwards Alley, huh”, she squinted as she read on the obscure sign. “I guess that if you turn the right corner in Sin City, you really can find anything.”

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Negan - Babysitting (Part 2)

This is a part 2 to Babysitting. The link to part 1 is here.

Originally posted by winterswake

Imagine that Negan comes back to Alexandria to gather more your supplies and he sees you playing with Judith again and he finds the sight of you and here adorable. He comes over to see you and asks you on a date.

Requested by a few people.

Negan x Reader

Warning - Swearing


All you had thought about for the last month was Negan. You didn’t know why but you just couldn’t get him out of your head and now you would finally get to see him again. You didn’t know that he had been thinking about you all month as well.

Chapter 1

You were stood in the front room with Rick and the others. Today was the day when Negan would come back to Alexandria to gather more supplies and you were unsure why but you felt excited that you were going to see him again. Rick was pacing up and down the room with one hand on his hip and the other rubbing his mouth. You hadn’t managed to get that many supplies this month and everyone was nervous because they knew what Negan was like if he didn’t get enough supplies. “What the hell are we gonna do Rick?” Morgan spoke from one of the couches. “I have no idea. I-” Rick was interrupted by a knock on the door, you walked to it and were greeted with Spencer “Can you tell Rick Negan is here?” you nodded and invited him in the house. “Rick. He’s here” you told the man in front of you.

He nodded at you and Carl passed Judith to you as he followed his father and the others out of the house. Judith instantly gripped onto your shirt as soon as she was in your arms, you looked down at her grinning face and you smiled back at her and kissed her forehead. You grabbed one of her sun hats from the hooks near the door and clicked the door closed behind you.

Now that Judith was walking when someone held her hands you felt comfortable enough to let her walk in front of you if she had a tight grasp on your fingers. She walked for a couple of minutes until she stopped and tilted her head back to look at you and said “Up” in her sweet little voice. You scooped her up in your arms and lifted her above your head which made her giggle. She loved it when you sang to her so you started to softly singing a song to her as you sat down on a patch of grass near the lake which was quite far away from the gate but not far away enough that you couldn’t see what was happening.

Chapter 2

You had been playing with Judith for around half an hour when you looked over at the gate to see if everything was okay and you noticed that Negan looked pissed. You walked over to Aaron’s house which was close enough to the gate for you to kind of hear what was going on. You sat down on the porch steps with Judith on your knee, she was facing you and playing with the buttons on your plaid shirt with one hand and the other grasping the tank top that you wore underneath your shirt. “I don’t know why you such a fascination with the buttons on my shirts Judy but I guess you gotta keep yourself entertained with anything in this world huh?” she blew raspberries in response to your question which made you giggle.

You looked up from her face to see what was happening with Negan, everything seemed to be going well despite Negan being pissed that you hadn’t gathered a lot of supplies. Negan looked over at you and made eye contact, you gave him a small smile and waved at him which he returned.

Negan’s pov

Rick had just informed me that himself and his group hadn’t managed to gather that many supplies this month and I was fucking pissed. “The fuck do you mean you haven’t managed to gather that many fucking supplies this month? Do you want another one your fucking group to meet Lucille?”

“Negan, I’m sorry. We just, we just haven’t managed to scavenge much this month” Rick replied nervously.

“Just fucking get me what you managed to get. Dwight, make sure those fuckers are giving us half“ I watched Dwight walk to the storage area. ‘I wonder where Y/N is?’ I thought to myself, ‘Fuck, why do I think about this woman? I’ve never had this before. What the fuck is wrong with me? All I can think of is her, her body, her eyes, her smile, her voice. Fuck’. Then I spotted her with the baby grasping her fingers and toddling along the path until she stopped and Y/N scooped her up off the floor and held the baby above her head which made the little girl giggle. Then she sat down on a patch of grass where I could still see her but I couldn’t hear her. I couldn’t help but smile at how adorable the sight of her with that child was.

After about half an hour Y/N and the baby moved towards us, I thought she might come over to Rick so he could see how his daughter was but she just sat down on the porch steps of one of the houses. I could only slightly hear her talking to the baby and laughing at the noises the little girl made in response to her question. She looked up from the child at me with those beautiful Y/E/C eyes, she smiled and waved at me so I returned her gesture. I decided that I should go this mesmerizing and beautiful woman before I left so I put Lucille in my car and walked over to her.

Chapter 3

Reader’s pov

Judith started crying so I stood up and walked across the porch bouncing her on my hip as I softly sang her a song. I heard someone quietly clear their throat behind me, I turned around to see Negan stood there. “Negan. Hi, it’s nice to see you again” I said with a small smile on my face.

“Nice to see you too. How have you been?” he asked.

“Good. Looking after this little one a lot. How about you?” 

“Not bad. Does she always do that?” he pointed at Judith who was now asleep in my arms with her hand firmly gripping my tank top, she had pulled it down slightly exposing my cleavage. I felt myself go red with embarrassment as I gently moved her hand and pulled my top back up “Sometimes, just when shes sleeping” I replied shyly, my face still red.

Negan let out a small chuckle “Uh, Y/N I uh. I wanted to ask you something if that’s okay?” he was nervous, ‘fuck that’s attractive’  you thought to yourself. “Sure. Ask away” you replied, a small smile spreading across your face.

“Uh, look I know we uh only see each other once a month but I-I wanted to know if, if you would uh go on a date with me one time? Maybe? It’s okay if you don’t want to. I just though I’d ask you is all” he was rambling now, you didn’t reply at first so he took that as a no and hung his head so he was staring at the ground. You cupped one of his cheeks with your free hand and stood on your toes so you could place a soft kiss on his other cheek “I would love to go on a date with you Negan” you whispered.

He looked at you and his face lit up and a huge grin was etched across his features “Really?” you nodded at his question, he was clearly very happy that I had said yes. “How about in two weeks time I come here and we have our date then?”

“It’s a date”

As you waved Negan off you felt yourself missing him already but excited that in two weeks when you next saw each other would be your first date and you were sure that he felt the same way.

AN: How do you guys feel about a part 3 (the final part) about their date with some smut at the end? ;)

Just Hold Me - Ashley Purdy Imagine

Hi, can I have an Ashley Purdy imagine where ur mad/sad and you’re kicking and hitting while crying, and he calms u down? I LOVE UR IMAGINES!!!! :-)

A/N: Thank you so so much :) It makes me really happy when people like my imagines. Here is some Ashley Purdy fluff for you and I hope you enjoy it :) Thank you for requesting :)

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Mama Said Knock You Out

an: I will never be able to put aside a Captain Cobra plot bunny, it is official. Just a silly little look into my future hopes for this stupid, awful family.

Mama Said Knock You Out

Killian is not a fan of the education system in Storybrooke. It’s all very confusing - brightly lit hallways prone to bequeathing headaches, ugly tiles lining the corridor, closed doors on every side that remind him vaguely of prison cells, the colorful, glittery posters hanging from walls and ceilings in the script he has come to know as “Teenage Girl Handwriting” - the school is sterile and gloomy and it’s hardly a wonder to him that this whole country has children failing out of the system constantly.

As he strolls through the atrium and into the main office, his boots clicking along the tiles, he tries very hard to ignore the feel of eyes on his back - the whole female population of Storybrooke High seems to have developed a crush in the six months since Henry began high school, and Henry has been inundated with a rush of new friends of the feminine persuasion, all of whom are quite keen to spend time with him outside of the classroom.

In his house.

Swan finds it hilarious - tells him if she’d known earlier the kind of entertainment it would bring she would have asked him to move in sooner. Killian is not amused.

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The Last Dance

~Imagine being great friends with Bucky and Steve and the night before Bucky leaves he confesses his feelings for you~

Pairing : Bucky x Reader 

Word Count; 920 

also this is my first real one-shot soooo i do apologize if this is total shit haha. But anyway enjoy and if you have a request feel free to message it to me :) 

 You looked into the mirror one last time before heading out to meet up with your two best friends, Steve and Bucky. You wanted to make sure you looked nice considering this was going to be the last time you saw Bucky for a while. You sighed running you fingers through your hair before leaving your apartment. On the walk to meet them you couldn’t help but get a bit teary eyed at the thought of Bucky leaving you tomorrow. Sure you’d see him when he got back but not seeing him everyday was going to be hard for you, he was your rock and although you’d never tell him, you were hopelessly in love with him. You shook the thoughts away and continued walking wanting to make sure you got to spend as much time with him as you could. 

As you got closer to where you were suppose to meet you saw both Steve and Bucky looking for you, but Steve saw you first. He smiled and waved you over hitting Bucky to show him he had found you. Bucky glanced over his shoulder to see you walking toward them. He smiled wide at the sight of you and ran over to you wrapping you in a huge hug “I’m so glad you made it (y/n)” he said smiling down at you. 

You glanced at him in his uniform and smiled “I wouldn’t miss it for the world Bucky, we have to make this last night count right?” 

He frowned slightly before regaining his composure “Of course” he replied.  As the night continued Bucky teased Steve endlessly, trying to set him up with every girl they passed.

 I guess Steve got annoyed with it, because the next time you went to talk to him he was gone. “Bucky do you know where Steve went?” He looked around and laughed “I guess he got tired of my antics” he said giving you a wink. You blushed and looked down at the ground. Bucky chuckled and lifted your chin so your eyes would meet his “care for one last dance (y/n)?” You nodded has be took his hands in yours. The two of you started dancing to the soft beat of the music. “This better not be the last dance Buck, you better come back in one piece” you told him seriously looking up at him. 

He grinned at you before kissing your forehead “I’m not going anywhere (y/n) I could never leave my best girl by herself now could I?” You looked at him shocked. “I’ve loved you for a long time (y/n), I promise I am going to try my hardest to come back to you, take you on a real date you know officially make you mine” he confessed to you. Before he had a chance to say anything else you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. After the shock went away Bucky pulled you closer wrapping his arms around your waist. 

You stopped the kiss and rested your forehead on his “You better keep that promise and come back home to me soldier.” He nodded, and you two spent the rest of the night wrapped in each other’s arms dancing to the music the played in the background. As the night came to a close Bucky offered to walk you home once he made a pit stop to the bathroom. 

As you waited Steve walked up to “Steve! Where did you go? You disappeared on us.” You told him as he looked at you and smiled. “Did he tell you yet?” Steve asked you. You looked at him surprised  "You knew!?“ 

He laughed  "Of course I knew, everyone knew except you. Why do you think I left you two alone, I was giving the chicken a chance to tell you how he felt.” You give Steve a hug, thanking him for all that he had done. 

Before you could say more Bucky came back smiling at you and his best friend. “Are you ready to go home?” he asked taking your head. You smiled nodding, after telling Steve goodnight you and Bucky made your way back to your apartment. Once you got to your doorstep sadness took over as you realized this was the last you would see of Bucky for sometime. 

Bucky could sense your mood change as he stood at your doorstep “(Y/N) I promise you I will come back home to you, on way or another I will make it back to you.” he said as he took your face into his hands. You gave him a sad smile “I just couldn’t handle myself if something happened to you. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.” 

He kissed your lips softly “I’ll write to you every chance I get. But you have to promise me you’ll keep Steve in line, that boy is going to get himself in trouble one of these days.” he said laughing while wiping away the tears that were running down your face. 

You giggled “I’ll do the best I can. I’ll see you soon Buck, and we will have that perfect date you’ve planned for us.” He smiled and kissed you one last time before slowly walking away from you. Before he got out of view he turned around and gave you a mock salute “I’ll be back for you my dear (Y/N)” he shouted. 

You blew him a kiss “I’ll see you so my Soldier.” 

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Safe With Me (n.m.)

| Requested by anon: Love love love your imagines! Can you do one with Nate and like there’s a drunken fight going on at the party and you’re scared and he’s protecting you? Xoxo


We were at some kind of party Nate wanted to go to. It sounds like I don’t like parties, I do, but I didn’t really feel like it this time.

But since Nate started whining about going, I gave in and went with him.

It was a party at Kian and Jc’s house, they were especially known for their huge parties at their house. The people that came were a couple of people I knew, so that was a little better, though.

As we walked in we got greeted by people such as the very infamous Omaha squad, Nash, Jenn and Kian and Jc themselves.

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Mr. & Mrs. Styles Part Five

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“This is On the Spot with Piers Morgan and I’ll be grilling the boys of One Direction right here and right now,” Piers Morgan announced as they walked towards the other side of the studio where the couches are.

“Let’s start with Niall,” Piers walked to the middle couch where Niall was seated and sat beside him.

“Hello, Piers,” Niall replied while the rest of the boys made loud noises such as “You stink, Piers.”

“So your fans want to know why you always stink,” Piers asked, jokingly while the boys roared in laughter but also complained that it was Piers who stinks.

“Well, I can’t burp so everything comes out the other end,” Niall replied honestly before Piers moved on to the next question.

“Okay, let’s move on to Mr. Harry Styles,” Piers stood up and walked to Harry’s couch to sit beside him. “Hello,” Harry greeted as Piers sat down.

“So all of the questions asked for you were all related about your dating life,” Piers began to say and the other boys began to do catcalls while Louis said, “Oi oi.”

“I honestly don’t know why it is such a huge deal. When they boys are dating it doesn’t go crazy like this, does it? Bit unfair don’t you think?” Harry pointed out, complaining a little.

“Well, you are dating a very high profile celebrity. You couldn’t really blame anyone but yourself,” Piers replied but Harry retorted, “Well it is not my fault either that I feel that way towards her even though she is also a celebrity. I can’t control it, can I?” He shrugged a little bit with a frown before looking off behind the camera.

“Stop talking about (Y/N) like she’s not there,” Liam said, pointing behind the camera where I stood. Another camera then pointed at me and I shook my head with a disbelief look.

“Hi, (Y/N)!” Niall and Zayn shouted from their seat while Louis said, “Come join with me here, love.” I declined Louis’s offer by shaking my head and he asked, “What? Why not?”

“It’s your day, not mine!” I yelled to Louis but the boys argued back, “It’s fine, (Y/N)! Just sit with us! Don’t sit with Harry though.”

“Why don’t you come and join us for a little bit, (Y/N)?” Piers stood up walked towards me and I began to wave my hand in front of me, refusing to go.

“Oh come on, boo. Join us,” Harry called out, standing up as well.

“We’re going to run out of time but we won’t keep going unless you join us,” Piers threatened while Harry appeared in front of me. He took my hand and began to drag me towards his seat while the boys started clapping.

“Please welcome the woman of the hour, (Y/N)!” Piers introduced and the boys started catcalling.

I bowed a little and said, “Ugh. You guys, seriously. This is your day,” as I sat beside Harry on his couch.

Piers then joined us, sitting beside Harry, “So now you two are here. A lot of people have talked and asked about you guys and we’re just very interested about your relationship. First of all we want to ask first though to (Y/N) is, why Harry?” Piers joked and I laughed out loud with the rest of the boys while Harry furrowed his eyebrows, a bit offended, “What? What kind of question is that?”

“Sometimes I ask that question myself as well,” I joked along causing Harry to turn to me with a shocked and offended look, blinking at me, before I added, “I’m just kidding, babe. You know that.”

“Get back there,” Harry joked, pointing where I was standing before. I stood up and tried to walk away as a joke but Harry immediately pulled me back to his lap and said, “I was just kidding, love. Stay with me forever.”

I rolled my eyes but smiled nonetheless while Louis yelled, “Oh god. Stop flirting, Harold. It’s disgusting.” Harry immediately fired back, “You’re just jealous mate ‘cause your girlfriend isn’t here right now.”

“Okay. Calm down people,” Piers interrupted before saying, “I’ll go and move on to Zayn now.”

Piers stood up and walked over to Zayn’s couch in front of us while Harry and I remained on his couch, but this time, we are sitting side by side but without any gap between us.

Piers continued his interview with Zayn while the rest of the boys moved on from Harry and began to tease Zayn. After Zayn was done talking about his gun tattoo and who stinks the worst and cries the most in the band, Piers then moved on to Louis and began asking about rumors about him and the boys.

Throughout the interview, Harry had his arms looped around my neck while I leaned on his side.

“Are you okay, so far?” He whispered to my ear and I nodded, looking at him, “And you? Having fun?” Harry nodded as well and said, “Not too bad, yet.”

“I like this headscarf on you,” I commented as I attempted to fix it a little. “Do I look good?” He asked and I smiled at him and said, “Do you even have to ask?” Harry smiled back before we returned our attention back to Louis and Piers, who are talking about getting a lot of attention and fame.

“So who had the most girlfriends in their entire lifetime?” Piers asked. Louis thought for a little while before asking, “Define girlfriends.” Piers replied, “You define girlfriends.”

Louis turned away from Piers and looked back at Liam and the rest of the boys for help. Piers then suggested, “Let’s make this easy. Let’s ask each one of you guys.”

“Zayn, how many girlfriends have you had?” Piers asked, looking at Zayn. The boys were quiet and were quite serious about the topic. Zayn replied that Perrie, his current girlfriend, was his only “proper” girlfriend.

Harry then asked, “Do we talk about the one from primary school?” which caused Liam to comment, “If that’s the case, then they’ll be a lot.”

“What about you Harry? You must have a lot of girlfriends,” Piers then directed the question to Harry and I looked at him, waiting for the answer.

“No, no, I mean like in primary school and you hold hands with someone and people ask if that’s your girlfriend or not,” Harry replied but Piers didn’t back down and continued to grill Harry, “How many girls have you kissed in your life?”

I smirked at the question, as the rest of the boys and I waited for his answer. “Just a reminder, mate, your girlfriend is sitting beside you,” Niall teased before laughing. Harry then turned to me and I raised one of my eyebrows. “I…” Harry began to say but paused a little, “Uhm… around eight?” He replied, unsure and nervous.

“Okay, now we have a new winner. Eight, can you believe that (Y/N)? What about you, Niall?” Piers swiftly moved on as soon as Harry finished answering, pointing at Niall.

Once the attention was away from him, Harry looked back at me again and smiled at me while I scrunched my nose at him, which caused him to pout.

After Liam and Louis answered, Piers said in disbelief, “So you’re all telling me that out of all the five of you, you’ve only kissed about 20 girls?”

“We’re a bit busy,” Niall immediately countered while Liam added, “We had a lot of things going on.” Harry then said, “We have girlfriends. We don’t go around kissing people,” while looking at me.

“Okay, okay. We’ll leave it at that then but seriously only 20?” Piers exclaimed before continuing, “So next question is what is the most embarrassing thing you caught a band member do?”


@(Y/I/N): Excited for #1DDayLive *A selfie of Harry and I doing a thumbs up*

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@GenieTwo2: I love how they find time to spend time with each other. #Mr&MrsStyles

@MrsStyles94: They have way too much publicity. I seriously think they’re just a publicity stunt. #Mr&MrsStylesFake


E!: Is Harry Styles cheating on (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?

Sugarscape: Harry Styles is spotted with Kendall Jenner!

TMZ: Harry Styles is already replacing (Y/N) (Y/L/N) with Kendall Jenner

DailyMail: Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are seen out in a club together

Is Harry Styles already cheating with his recent girlfriend (Y/N) (Y/L/N)? The One Direction member was recently seen out in a club with Kendall Jenner. The two left the club together before entering Harry’s car and drove away from the club.

It was only few days ago when (Y/N) and Harry were seen together for 1D Day and it was even said that the two are currently staying at (Y/N)’s house in Beverly Hills. However, why is Harry Styles already seen out with another girl few months after being together with (Y/N) and a couple of weeks after admitting he is in a relationship with (Y/N)?

Many fans are asking what is truly going on between the three and if Harry Styles is cheating on (Y/N) (Y/L/N) with Kendall Jenner. Stay tune for more updates on this new drama.


“Harry, where are we going?” I asked for the nth time, holding tightly on to Harry’s arms for my dear life. My eyes were blindfolded and my only guidance was Harry. “Sweetheart, just trust me on this, please?” Harry replied, still refusing to answer my question and I just remained quiet.

Harry and I walked for a few more minutes in silence while my patience was wearing thin.

“We’re here, hun,” Harry whispered in my ear and stopped, causing me to stop as well.

I could hear soft waves crashing so I was definitely sure we were near the sea.

“What’s with you and water?” I suddenly asked as Harry moved behind me to remove the blindfold. Harry chuckled and replied, “Nothing but I think this is the only place we’ll get a lot of privacy outside the house.”

Once Harry removed the blindfold, I was greeted with a sigh of a yacht. I was shocked and surprised and I immediately turned around, “No. Way.”

“Yes way,” Harry countered before grabbing my hand and pulling me inside the yacht.

“Do you know how to pilot a yacht?” I asked Harry before abruptly stopping, causing him to stop as well. Harry looked back and explained, “We have someone else piloting it for us so no worries. Let’s just enjoy it, okay?”

I nodded and followed him inside the yacht.


@(Y/I/N): What a beautiful day. *A picture of me wearing a bikini and Harry only wearing shorts, cuddling while out in the yacht, surrounded by nothing but water*

@harrystyles: A day out with her. *A picture of me tiptoeing while giving Harry a kiss on the cheek on the yacht with our bathing suits*

@FreyaKim: I highly doubt that @Harry_Styles is cheating on @(Y/T/N) #Mr&MrsStyles

@AllyHoran239: It looks like they’re still together #Mr&MrsStyles

@justind31: @(Y/T/N) should leave that cheater. I don’t know why she’s still staying with him.

@MrsHoran23: People are so easy to jump into conclusions that @Harry_Styles is cheating. I believe in #Mr&MrsStyles

@ZainMalik1993: If @(Y/T/N) thinks @Harry_Styles isn’t cheating, then he isn’t. She’s smart and can think for herself.


“It is so good to have you back on the show,” Graham began to say as I sat beside Jack Whitehall.

“Yeah, I haven’t been here for over a year and I definitely missed this show,” I replied while I took a sip of my drink.

“Careful of the drink now, (Y/N). You don’t want to end up with Jack,” Miranda Hart joked, referring to my incident in Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.

I laughed in response and said, “I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine, Miranda. Thanks though.”

“Of course, she’ll be fine. You would think she’ll go from Harry Styles to Jack Whitehall? She has to drink way too much for that to happen,” Graham added jokingly which caused everyone to burst into laughs.

“You seem happy. As a matter of fact, you’re beaming, isn’t she?” Graham asked the audience and they replied with “Yes” while I gave them a sly grin.

“But there are rumors though,” Graham began to say, “that things has been a little bit shaky between you and Harry. Is that any true?”

“I honestly don’t know where it’s all coming from, really.” I replied, frowning a little while shrugging my shoulders.

“None at all?” He asked and I nodded. “Well, there were rumors that Harry was out in a club with Kendall Jenner,” Graham explained and I asked, “The one from the Kardashians?”

“Yes, the one from the Kardashians, (Y/N), who else would it, hmm?” Graham replied cheekily which caused me to laugh.

“But as I was saying they were out in a club and she and Harry left together,” Graham finished, making it sound like it was suspicious.

“Oh yeah, Harry told me that he was going to drop a friend off when he went to a club one time,” I began to say, “It wasn’t that important, really. I don’t know why everyone’s flipping about it.”

“But people are saying that they were getting really cozy to each other and Harry was flirting with her,” Graham added, trying to make it suspicious, and I immediately countered, “The thing about Harry is that he is friendly and could be flirty. However, there is a difference between Harry being friendly and nice, and actually flirting and being interested. I think people often mix the two and misunderstand Harry.”

“So there’s nothing there?” Graham asked, a bit disappointed. I shook my head and said, chuckling, “If there was, I’ll be the first one in line to know what’s happening, that’s for sure.”

“And everyone thought it is something more scandalous than that,” Jack commented, “but too bad. He’s just dropping someone off and being friendly.”

“Harry Styles, the driver,” Miranda said, “he could add that in his resume.”

I laughed at their comments and said, “I feel like I’ve disappointed everyone when I said there’s no truth in the rumors. Should I have fed fuel to it, then?”

“Maybe and we could’ve talked longer but now we’re going to move on to Miranda,” Graham joked before changing the topic.


@Harry_Styles: “Real eyes, realise, real lies.” TuPac Shakur.


Sugarscape: (Y/N) (Y/L/N) denies Harry Styles cheating on her.

Harry Styles was recently accused of cheating on (Y/N) (Y/L/N) after being papped together with Kendall Jenner outside a club. The two were seen going inside Harry’s car before Harry drove away from the club. Others have accused as well that inside the club, Harry and Kendall were pretty close and cozy together, which caused more to believe that there is something more between the two.

The popstar singer briefly talked about the said allegations last night with Graham Norton, Miranda Hart and Jack Whitehall in The Graham Norton Show. (Y/N) said that she was not sure why everyone was saying that Harry and her are breaking up and immediately countered that there was nothing going on between her boyfriend Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner. (Y/N) explained that Harry did mention driving with someone but, however, she did not mention if she knew it was Kendall Jenner.

Graham tried to ask (Y/N) more about Harry and Kendall’s closeness but (Y/N) immediately countered and dismissed that issue as well, saying that Harry is just naturally a friendly person and should not be mistaken as him flirting and cheating on her with someone else.

Harry Styles recently tweeted this tweet: “’Real eyes, realise, real lies.’ TuPac Shakur” which many took as his response to the cheating rumors going around. The tweet implies that only those who actually take time to look will realize the lies in the issue, which in this case, the lie is him cheating on (Y/N) with Kendall.

The two have always been open with their relationship and issues about couples breaking up or having some drama is not new to a publicly open couple. All we hope is that they stay strong together and continue to be together.


A/N: I realized that we (the readers and the writer), like the fans/media in this imagine, have mostly seen what’s happening between You/(Y/N) and Harry on the outside and never truly in the inside. Like we know they’re together through tweets and interviews but I’ve barely written much about them just spending time alone and not tweeting about it or something. I feel like I should focus more on that next time. What do you guys think?

You just got home from your part time job and walked over to your kitchen to get a bottle of water. You noticed it was unusually quiet, Mino was no where in sight. He would usually be some where in the living room laying around watching tv and resting or in the kitchen looking for something to snack on by now. You sipped on your water and walked over to the living room seeing if he had fallen asleep on the sofa.

“Mino? Baby?”, you called out to him. He wasn’t any where in the living room. You thought maybe he was just running a bit late coming home from practice. So you decided to go to your room to change. When you opened the door to your bedroom, you noticed your bed wasn’t neatly done, how you had left it this morning. Your blankets were all wrapped around somebody.

You quietly walked over and took a peek at who was in your bed, there was Mino rolled up in your blankets. You thought he was sound a sleep until you saw him shiver.

“Mino, are you ok?” you asked him as you sat down next to him on the bed. He slightly opened his eyes and looked at you, “Hi.” he said and smiled bit with out answering your question.

“Are you sick?” you asked as you touched his forehead. “You’re burning up Mino!, I told you last night that if you weren’t feeling well you should just stay home and rest. Why didn’t you listen to me? Hold on Mino let me get the thermometer.” You started blabing on going full-on mother-mode on him. You left the room for a bit and came back with a thermometer and some medicine for him. His temperature was a bit higher than what you had expected.

“Omo, you really are burning up! Here take some of this medicine.” you told him as you handed him a bottle of medicine. “I don’t want to.” he replied and his voice sounded lower and huskier than usual. “You have to, Babe.” you insisted. “No.” he was being childish and pulled up the blanket over half his face, only his eyes were peeking out at you.

“Why not?” you asked. “Because it tastes gross.” he said bluntly.

“Well you don’t take it because it’s suppose to taste good, you take it so you can get better.”

“No thanks.” he still refused.

“Song Mino… don’t you make me force feed you it.” you gave him a glare. He knew you meant it and brought down the blanket from his face. You poured some of the medicine into a spoon for him, “Now say ‘aaah'” you told him gently as if he were a child. Mino opened his mouth a little and gave you puppy eyes, because he really didn’t want to take that nasty tasting medicine.

“Open up a little more~, say 'aaah'” you told him again. He complied halfheartedly, “aaah”

then you were finally able to spoon feed him his medicine. You gave him some water right after so he could wash away the awful taste.

“Seems like we’re all out of medicine now. I’m gonna go to the pharmacy and get you some more. Oh and I’m gonna stop by the grocery store to buy some stuff to make you some soup. Do you want any thing?” you asked him.

He shook his head 'no’.

“Okay then I’ll be going now.” you said and walked over to the door.

“Wait.” you heard him calling after you. You turned around, “Do you need anything?” He nodded his head 'yes’. “What is it?” you asked as you walked over to him.

“Kiss.” You smiled at him and bended over a bit and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“No, not there.” he whined. “Where?”

He pointed at his lips. You shook your head at him, “uh-uh not today, I don’t want to get sick.”

“Just one?” he said as he gave you puppy eyes. You quickly looked away knowing that if you looked for any longer you would cave and just have to kiss him.

“I’ll be gone for about an hour, so take a nap.” you said and ran out.

You got back about a bit over an hour later, you put some of the groceries away.

You quietly entered your bed room to check up on your boyfriend, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully. You quietly made your way over to him to fix the blankets around him. Just when you were going to tuck the blanket around his shoulders his arms quickly came up from under the blankets and in a blink of an eye he had pulled you down and kissed your lips.

You were shocked, and your eyes were big and round just starring back into his eyes, he let out a laugh, “I win~”.

“Y-yah what did you just do?”

“I got my kiss.” he simply said.

“yah! Mino~ I told you I don’t want to get sick.” you whined.

“Oh really? Doesn’t look like it.” he said.


He looked down at you, then you looked down at yourself; you were sitting on Mino’s lap and he had his back against the bed headboard giving you a smirk.

For some reason you blushed, when he looked at you that way.

“If you want another one, you can just ask for one. Instead of just starring at me like that.”Mino teased you. You tried to get up but Mino pulled you by your arms bringing your face even closer to his. He stared starred at you for a bit and then broke out a big smile and kissed your lips again.

“Since you’re so pretty I’ll give you that one with out having to ask.”

The blush of your cheeks would not leave, your boyfriend could really be a tease sometime.

“Seems like your all better now. I guess I’ll just make myself soup.” You said trying to get back at him and stood up.

“Uh- no-no, I don’t feel so well~ come back.” Mino faked being sick again.

“You’re such a liar Mino.”

He stood up from the bed and looked down at you, “I just want some cuddles.”

“I’d hug you but your really being tricky today.”

He took hold of your chin gently and looked you in the eyes, “I wouldn’t have to be tricky if you just gave me a kiss.” You just kept looking back into his eyes and before you knew it, you were the one pulling him closer to you by his shirt and kissed him… and it was a bit more than just a peck on the lips this time… ;)

When you pulled away you gave him a playful glare, “If I get sick, it’s your fault. You better take responsibility.”

He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, “Of course I’ll take responsibility for it.”


I think is actually too long to be a scenario… ooopps…

hope you guys liked it lol hopefully it wasn’t too fluffy.

It gave me feels and then I cringed smh.

To the anon who requested I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to request again :)

19. Rusty

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“I’m going to do it,” Sasuke told his brother. “I’m going to ask Sakura out.” His fists were clenched, and he bit his lip so hard he could already taste the copper seeping into his mouth. Itachi looked up with a bemused glance before looking back down at his magazine.

“Took you long enough,” he smirked. “Good luck.”

“See, this is kind of the problem. I haven’t asked a girl out before.”

Itachi chuckled. “Haven’t you had girlfriends?”

“Yeah, but they asked me out. It’s completely different.”

Itachi noticed the strong stare in Sasuke’s eyes; the hope and the passion were both there. However, he had no clue what to do with either of those feelings.

“You’re saying that your dating skills are rusty?”


Itachi patted the empty seat on the couch next to him. He smiled and asked Sasuke to take a seat.

“Let’s practice. Pretend I’m Sakura. Now, Sasuke, I’m going to be watering my plants—“

“Sakura doesn’t have plants.”

“Fine. I’m going to be doing whatever Sakura does. Now, I just want you to play along. Pretend I’m her. Okay?”

Itachi began to move his hands in all different directions to simulate different kinds of motions. He pretended to be eating, then drinking, then putting on makeup and painting his nails…

“Sakura?” Sasuke began. The whole thing was stupid, and he could barely take his brother seriously. Especially when Itachi donned the stupid falsetto.

“Yes, Sasuke-kun?” Itachi responded, his voice unbearably high. Sasuke was beginning to suspect that this wasn’t a façade anymore, and that Itachi really thought he was Sakura.

Sasuke growled. “Forget it. I’ll do this myself. You’re absolutely no help at all, you know that?”

“Are you sure you don’t want my help? I got some good tips that are sure to make her say yes, and—hey, Sasuke, don’t you walk away from me! Don’t you dare walk away from your older brother. I’m talking to you! Are you deaf? I’m—“

But Sasuke was already out the door and in his car by the time Itachi finished.

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Yesterday was day 2 of being productive.

We moved into this new house in April and since then, no one’s touched my baby sis’ room except to get her clothes. It’s been a real hassle to even find some freakin’ shorts lately so I decided to organize.

Spent 6 hours putting aside too small and too large clothes, folding, and organizing. 

A glimpse into sexism.

A few days ago, in a hotel in Miami, I had an experience I thought I’d share. This kind of thing certainly doesn’t happen to me every day, and it is not representative of all men, of Miami, or anything else, but it’s just a little tiny glimpse into what it’s like to be a woman sometimes. 

I walked to the front desk at our hotel to ask about printing out a boarding pass. I got in line behind one man, and one woman. As I waited, another guy walked up behind me and also stood in line.

After the first man in line was helped and sent away, the front desk clerk had to move some things around in the office and wasn’t helping any of us for about 30 seconds. In that time, the guy behind me moved up and in front of both myself and the other woman in line. He did it slowly, casually, and deliberately. I raised an eyebrow at him. He then leaned his elbows on the front desk, passing both of us in line. The clerk was still rearranging stuff. 

I said “There’s a line here”, and he rolled his eyes, sighed heavily, and got back behind me. 

Who knows what this guy’s day was like- maybe it was really shitty. You could say that perhaps that woman and I are ghosts. You could say he was in a hurry, but he waited patiently enough while the first person in line was being helped. You could say he had some sort of selective blindness. You could say he decided to take the bull by the horns and didn’t want to wait for the clerk to finish arranging things at the desk, and maybe that is true, but that still makes him an asshole. 

So he’s an asshole regardless, but something about our interaction told me that he’s a person whose entire modus operandi is “let’s see what I can get away with around these broads”. I got a vague sense from him, like I have in other men and women, that women aren’t people, no matter what the media says, but rather things that function on a lower level than men. You see it in guys being overly touchy-feely with women they don’t know. You see it in women who bash each other at work because, Highlander-like, there can be only one! You see it in guys speaking over women in conversations and in meetings. You see it in guys rolling their eyes when women ask questions at stores…. I don’t look at everything with sexism-colored glasses, but it’s hard not to notice patterns. Even if they’re few and far between. 

In this case, it is absolutely my belief that this guy would have just skipped both of us in line if I hadn’t said anything to him. A tiny offense, to be sure, but it’s on a spectrum of behaviors that are pretty gross.

To be a woman, to me, is to constantly be prepared to defend your personhood. It doesn’t mean that everything bad that happens to you is because you’re a woman, and it doesn’t mean that your life isn’t pretty fucking awesome, because it is. I love being a woman. But there are groups of people whose personhood is assumed, and I don’t know if they realize that other people’s personhoods are not. 

Which brings us to an unfortunate part of being a woman: having to tell a motherfucker to get back in line when he assumes he can cut in front of you, when I’d prefer that he just not assume he can cut in front of me. 

Everything else is great though.

Quick note: Please don’t comment and tell me that I’m making assumptions about someone without knowing them. I am aware of this. I understand assumptions, like the assumption that dude made in thinking that he could cut in front of me in line. Nitpicking an example of a known phenomena doesn’t make it any less of a thing. Thanks and good day.