sometimes i just really miss this show

hoh holster

so a few days ago, I read this post except i did not read it very well bc this does not follow that plot at all. BUT it does have hoh holster!

(disclaimer i did do some research but i am not hoh so if any of these headcanons are offensive in any way, please let me know. OR just tell me to delete them and I shall no questions asked. tis not your job to educate me!)

  • holster, fucking loving when shows come on Netflix because Netflix generally has closed captions and shitty rigged it so their TV has closed captions but sometimes those are really shitty and he misses jokes
  • holster watches most shows twice; once so he can focus on the words, once so he can focus on the facial features of everyone
  • for some reason, holster is still always in charge of playlists. he just knows good music. and if he blares it too loudly, well, you cant say anything because he is just trying to hear. and if you notice he is has taken his hearing aids out and is smirking, well, oh well.
  • holster is very used to ducking to talk to people (even when wearing his hearing aids) so he can get as close to them as possible. he jokingly says this is why he is best friends with ransom. because ransom is tall enough that he can actually hear him. sometimes it is easier for him to talk to lardo but just picking her up and walking around with her on his hip. to date, he is the only person alive with express permission to pick lardo up whenever he wants.
  • losing his glasses is actually not funny for holster. it is a source of severe stress because he can’t really hear so he needs to be able to see and his eyes are so fucking bad and he tends to panic if it takes him more than a few moments even if it is his own fault because he’s always so careless with them but ransom always, always knows where they are
  • look, holster generally wears hearing aids and can sort of read people’s lips (but that is never 100% accurate at all) so really, he loves ASL. it’s easier for him and he kinda loves that he can gossip about people behind their back but in front of their face. 
  • holster hates signed english. he gets that sometimes the boys have to use it at first to communicate and he appreciate that they are sort of trying but he hates it. it is not correct and no, he does not want to see your direct translations of christmas songs. 
  • the boys all learning ASL. Ransom studies like he has never studied before for anything in his life. He won’t tell Holster what he’s working on because he wants it to be a surprise but he works himself into four “i am sitting on the floor rocking” stages. (Also, he got a B minus on his first ever bio test because he was too busy learning but Holster never found out about that)
  • shitty is fucking terrible at signing. not because he don’t know it, but because he talks too loud and fast and uses his hands to talk so he forgets. luckily ransom usually signs along so holster can follow.
  • lardo took to signing like a fish to water. she is faster than even ransom and can keep her signs small and contained and she and holster loooove signing behind people’s backs together
  • Jack takes the longest to learn and holster at first thinks that jack isn’t bothering to learn because holster is some kind of liability on the ice but then jack starts signing to him absolutely perfectly and then reveals that he’s also made a pretty elaborate system of signs that one can see while wearing hockey gloves. 
  • bitty is not very good at signing and at first was incredibly stressed because not only is his often wearing baking mitts and holster told him his accent did crazy things to his mouth so he was hard to lip read as well but luckily, holster got used to it and it turns out jacks ‘hockey glove friendly’ signs could also be used with baking mitts so its okay. bitty still gets very stressed about it though. he tried to learn ASL approximately 100% more seriously then he bothers with french. (still most of his attempts end up with flour everywhere because bitty does this thing where he waves his hands in the air as he struggles to remember the sign and then when he gets them, he does this in these huge exaggerated motions and ends up spilling things.)

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Maybe it's just me, but i liked that simon cheated on people in the books, that alec was sometimes really obnoxiously jealous and that clary disliked isabelle for a time. I missed that in the show. You see characters ahve t ahve flaws, they have to do bad things from time to time otherwise they wouldn't be realistic. You can't have your character never screwing up. The characters in the show are too perfect for me, how could i ever relate to them?

i really hope youre kidding bc first of all like alec has accidently murdered someone, clary tried to use black magic to bring that someone back, isabelle is on the road to becoming a drug addict, clary is reckless as hell, jace is constantly putting himself in danger, jace and alec spent the 1st season fighting trying to do what they thought was right,  theyre all racist as hell to downworlders, despite classing themselves as activists, they have all at some point gotten wrapped up in their own problems and ended up letting down their friends and family down, i could go on and on, theyre super flawed and they do some pretty fucked up things sometimes but the difference is theres complicated legitimate reasons for it and they feel remorse and apologise for it, theres a difference between writing flawed characters and writing assholes who perpetuate overused damaging, unrealistic tropes like girl hate, toxic relationships, biphobia and slutshaming and cheating and getting away with it. The thing is in the show, the character’s screw ups are actually recognised as screw ups, whereas cc normalised shitty and toxic behaviour


Sorry for answering like this 2mahnas and tchernobog, but I wanted to make sure the image was view-able. Anyway, RD’s wings are actually kinda small; short and narrow for speed purposes. If you wanna talk impressive wingspan, it’d be better to look to Fluttershy, who has the longest wings of the Mane 6. Twilight’s wings, when she still had them, weren’t as long but they’re the widest. She misses them dearly.

Just a really quick doodle to show off the wingspans, hence the lack of manes and very simplistic lines. Also, I’ll be doing a height chart of the Goddess!AU Mane 6 soonish, but for reference here: Twilight’s probably 5′11 in this AU, Shy’s 5′9 but she sometimes hunches to seem smaller that what she really is. And if course, Rainbow Dash’s 5′4, the short gal.

That said, to answer your immediate questions: RD’s wings are large enough to give Applejack a wing hug. They’re also very strong, so if RD were to pick AJ up and fly, she’d be able to fly without much of a problem, so instead of a glider Rainbow would actually be able to carry Applejack. Her size undermines the strength she carries in her body. o3o

14. Captive Heart, Captive Mind

(Bucky X Reader)

Summary: Reader had been imprisoned for over five years and cut off from her powers for most of that time. She is ready to give up when she is given one more mission by the mysterious group she has been captured by.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry it’s been almost 10 days since I posted part 13! My show opened this week and homework came crashing down on top of me. University is so fun sometimes. I just haven’t been myself as of late. ANYWAY I had a really hard time writing the SMUT. I rewrote it more than 10 times and I’m still not sure how much I like it, but I hope you do! Otherwise I have missed this reader so much. It’s been to long since I’ve been able to sit down and write her. She speaks to me so much. I hope you enjoy!

*Side note- in light of recent personal and public events if you ever need a safe haven to talk or rant, I’m here. I hope I can always be here for anyone who needs me.

Warnings: TW Rape/Sexual Assault history and anguish. Cursing, SMUT! HUGE CLIFFHANGER- I’M SO SORRY


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I looked up into Bucky’s eyes and I could see his pupils growing as his eyes met mine. That beautiful shade of blue that had been the bane of my existence for so long was bearing into me. I felt the warmth creep into my face and the bumps cover my body as I shuddered. The tension grew between us, waiting for one of us to do something. The eagerness we had on the drive home left us and hesitation filled the space. We were standing in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. We weren’t touching, but we were close. So painfully close.

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Silvia: I would love to. Can we do that next week sometime. I kind of… have plans…

Danny: Plans? 

Silvia: With uh..

Danny: With Zach? Is it Zach Silv? 

Silvia: He apologised. He said he was sorry and we’ve been talking everyday. He even sent flowers to my house to show how sorry he was. He’s really sweet. Danny. But we can go dancing because I really liked it and I really missed spending time with you. 

Danny:… Okay Silv. Just… take care of yourself, okay?

Silvia: Of course! I’ll see you. 

Shitty misses the nail and nearly hits Lardo's hand for the eighth time while they're hanging her paintings for a gallery show
  • Lardo: That's it, I'm out!
  • Shitty: What do you mean you're out? I'm doing this for you!
  • Lardo: Are you Shits? Are you?
  • ********cut to interview*******
  • Shitty: Lards really got me thinking with that one...I mean, who was I doing this for? Did I really want to help Lardo, or did I just want to show that I could be a good boyfriend?
  • Lardo: Sometimes I just say "Are you Shits? Are you?" because he gets real quiet and doesn't notice when I walk away.

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im in love with my bestfriend weve been through so much for the past years together& i really love him but lately ive been feeling weird around him bcz of my depression and suicidalthoughts he showed that he cared and misses me but im so scared of him going to leave me bcz of me and i sometimes wanna hug him and never let him go but im also afraid that im not what he wants i wanna tell him that i love him but im scared so much of losing him please help me i cant control my feelings anymore:(

Okay, take a few deep breaths and just try and calm down. Maybe try and hint to him that you like him? That could be possibility. And if anything just sit him down and talk your feelings through. I know it may be hard to do that but that’s one of the best ways to convey everything you want/need to get out. Everything will be fine. Also, I just want you to know that you will be missed if you go through with your suicidal thoughts. I know it’s hard but I promise that everything will get better. Even if it means you have to break and fight for it.

Just started watching The Missing and loving it. BBC tv shows are so damn good. Except for Apple tree yard. Apple tree yard is shit.

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nickname(s): rob, rubyno
star sign: leo
height: 5’ 3" (listen i can and will round my height)
time right now: 8:12 am
last thing you googled: capaneus, i was trying to make sure i got an answer right on a test i just took
favorite music artist: hm, probably of monsters and men
song stuck in my head: capsized? it’s by friendship? something like that
last movie I watched: um i don’t really? do documentaries count? i watched the 13th for class
last TV show I watched: agent carter. listen sometimes you just gotta when you’re missing your vintage gays
what I’m wearing right now: i recently got this red button down and it’s soft and i love it. then just some jeans
the kind of stuff I post: supergirl and things that i think are funny when they’re probably not
do I get asks regularly: i think so. either way, they’re all nice and valued and thank you
why did I choose my URL: this story is stupid. people use to call me raging robyn in high school (yikes i know) and then my friends would giggle like idiots anytime someone said anything resembling lesbian and they died at thespian so I shoved it together
Hogwarts house: gryffindor (but i get hufflepuff just as often so i’m?? not really sure)
Pokemon team: i don’t play so i don’t really know the differences
favorite color: that blue gray. i miss living at the beach
average hours of sleep: six but i wake up every two hours, it’s fantastic
lucky number: um i fixate on a number? 24. always count to it, i don’t like my following count to get past that, just stuff like that
favorite character: ahhhhh. kara danvers. she’s so strong and smart and adorable despite everything and i just. love her. i probably relate to lucy lane more though
dream job:criminologist. not really sure it’ll happen but yknow whatever
tagging (i’m trying to think who i haven’t seen yet): @bleachitwhite , @wtfoctagon, @youngbloodbuzz, @agent-alex-danvers

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It's been yeeears since I've tried to actually draw anything but you really inspired me!! I'm very interested in learning more about digital art and want to improve. I got stuck in a cycle of needing to practice but hating everything I drew, meaning I needed more practice but still hating it until I gave up and I really don't want you to give up!!! I first saw a piece of you are that was for a fandom I wasn't even in but was hooked instantly!!! Don't give up and keep trying!!


thank you so much omg you’re gonna make me cry ❤😭 i’ll KEEP FIGHTING (ง •̀_•́)ง i’m really glad that i’ve served as a source of inspo for you!! show me your art sometime, i’d love to see it!

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002 ayamomi B)

I should’ve known

002 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when or if I started shipping it: When I saw Aya I thought she was cool. And then when I saw Momiji I thought she was cool. And then we became them and it also just followed.
  • my thoughts: I love their relationship a lot? Even if Aya can be super annoying and Momiji can get irritated with her it’s great. The idea even at the end of the day that’s just how Aya shows her affection. By not leaving her the fuck alone.
  • What makes me happy about them: I love the idea of a slowburn relationship like at first Momiji is really like “This crow is so annoying come on leave me be” but come to find out she likes Aya’s little visits and talks and when it’s not there she misses it.
  • What makes me sad about them: They have no doubt had fights in the early-mid stages of their relationship and still sometimes don’t see eye to eye on things. Also crow and wolf tengu aren’t really meant to mix romantically.
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: Loli Momiji or pervert Aya that’s it that’s all I’m saying
  • Things I look for in fanfic: That slowburn. Also the annoying that slowly turns into love. Momiji protesting but in the end it’s just become such a habit she can’t help but protest.
  • My kinks: A lot you know them fucker
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I’m fine with both Aya/Hatate or Aya/Sanae and Momiji/Reisen 
  • My happily ever after for them: They get married and harmony between the tengu is restored which will never happen but I can dream

I know a lot of people like to snicker and snark about all the weird bondage in the early Wonder Woman comics by her eccentric co-creator, William Moulton Marston. And sure, it gets really weird sometimes.

But if you just dismiss all the bondage as Marston’s personal kinky fetish or whatever, you are kind of missing the bigger picture: As often as Wonder Woman is bound, the point is just as much to show her powerfully breaking free of her bonds — which is a clear metaphor for defying societal limitations on women. This is also why Wonder Woman is frequently shown trying to teach other women how to break free.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman’s own method of binding people, the Golden Lasso — literally, binding people with the truth — is unbreakable.

These are really powerful allegories that make the character who she is. 

Sure, it got weird and a little uncomfortable sometimes. But the more people write it off as Marston’s embarrassing kink, the more they miss the point that Wonder Woman is meant to break the shackles of oppression.

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No question, just saying hello. I love your fic, that kind of goes without saying, because you are a fabulous writer and one of very few SGA writers that I've followed into other fandoms (thanks for the Teen Wolf addiction - I'm not sure if I'm being sarcastic there). I'm terrible at commenting on fics beyond 'loved it' because that usually ends up seeming more polite than what I want to say, which is you made me watch a stupid MTV show, bitch, and crush on people half my age. But also, I love

hahahaha omg, thank you so much!  every time I remember I’m older than tyler hoechlin I die a little bit on the inside :)

oh sga, sometimes I miss you. I still haven’t watched the very last episode, it’s almost like if I don’t watch it, it never really ended.

So Tumblr has a word limit… I also love your blog (Tumble?) It’s just the perfect mix of familiar hot men, interesting new things, cute animals and serious RL stuff, and I eat my lunch at work every day scrolling through it. So thank you, not just for the fic, but providing my lunchtime entertainment. Every. Day. So, I figured out how to send comments on this infernal site to tell you that.            

That’s amazing! I always think I’m so scattered here that it puts people off, I’m so happy you stick around for all the craziness I post!

Sometimes I feel like as if my enthusiasm for my corps is misinterpreted. Yes, I know I get excited about camps, I get fired up when I hear our corps song or our 2012 show, I love seeing the people and talking with them, but I don’t think anyone really understands why I’m that way.

Because those things are the reasons that everyone does drum corps.

My love for the Crossmen is so intense for a reason I think. Crossmen sort of feels like the only place in the world that is “home”.
The concept of home is such a hard one to define, but after growing more and more distant from my parents and going through a lot of stress and issues with friends in college, I honestly feel like Crossmen is my safe haven. I don’t know how to explain it to other people most of the time, so I just let them call me a bando or whatever else, but to me, my love for my corps is so much more than just that.

Crossmen is the only place where I don’t feel like a constant failure.

Real life gets pretty frustrating sometimes. Some nights I study so hard that I’m not sure how much more I can take, and then I take the test and completely bomb it. Sometimes the friendships I make result with a knife in my back. There were a few days in there where I just sort of forgot to eat. Then I go back to my hometown where my family’s at, and there’s just a lot of arguing that ensues. I don’t think anyone means for that to happen, but it’s hard to look forward to just about anything when it feels like even my family is just going to be waiting for me to slip up.

Monthly camps have kind of been getting me through this year. Being able to look forward to something, anything to keep me going, has helped me so much. When I show up to camp, or a place with Crossmen people, I immediately feel better. The people are so warm and caring and they think highly of me there. Everyone believes in each other. I don’t have to ever tell anyone that anything’s wrong, because it’s like the rest of the world completely stops existing when I’m with them.

Whenever I need anything, whether it be advice, or consoling, the first people I call are my Crossmen family. Being able to call up Tim, or go to Diego’s room, or text Caitlin or anyone else has kept me right in the pocket of “I’m okay.” When I go to rehearsal, I get to play my heart out and forget about what’s going on back home, or about how disappointed I am sometimes with myself at college. I get stronger alongside my friends, and I push myself to limits I never knew existed. I become the person I’ve lived my whole life wanting to be when I’m there.

I sit here at school, and I’m trying as hard as I can right now. Most of the time it seems like it’s just never enough. Then when I just feel like giving up and locking myself in my room and sleeping for a week, I grab the cross around my neck and remember that I’m not even doing this for me right now, that I do it for them. The mere thought of putting in maximum effort for my corps, at all times, is what pushes me most days. So I suck it up, I go to class, and count down the days until the next camp.

I hate the idea of being dramatic, and saying that this corps is all I have, but there’s so many days where I feel like that’s true.

I never expected to find home at the Crossmen. I originally intended to stay one year and move on to the next corps I had in mind. Then one day in Allentown I looked around and realized I had found all I had ever wanted right in front of me.

Our corps directors are the sweetest, most supportive people I’ve ever met. Our admin trio, Chelsea, Joel and Rico are so much fun to talk to and you can tell that they took on the jobs in the corps they did cause they care about the organization so much. Our staff pushes us past the breaking point, but they do it to make us great, but they maintain a good enough relationship with us that we can joke around and have fun with us. Our food truck/uniform/driving volunteers are saints, taking time out of their schedules to provide us with the very best services because they love us. The drum majors are some of the strongest leaders I’ve ever met in my life, and are determined to make the drum corps the best we can be. The leadership is so cohesive and encouraging. The membership is my family. They’re there for me to hold me up just like I’m there for them. They see me differently there. I’m valued as a performer, I’m valued as a leader, and most importantly, I’m valued as a person and a friend. The relationships I’ve built here are unlike any I think I’ll ever have for the rest of my life.

And our alumni are so involved and dedicated that I can’t wait to call myself an alumni of this organization someday, when I’ve got all this mess in my life all figured out and be able to say, “Yeah, Crossmen kept me going. And now I’m here, exactly where I was supposed to be, it just took some time.”

This corps is the most important anything has ever been to me. I cherish every single moment I have with them. I live for the energy I feel there, the electricity of performing, falling asleep with 150 of your best friends in a gym, baking in the sun in the long hours of the day. I long to go home because it’s the only place on this planet where I feel like I belong and where I’m successful at something. Crossmen makes me want to be a better human being, and wow, I hope someday I will be. I want to feel like I’m at Crossmen all the time. Then I think I can really be happy.

Summer please get here faster.

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I really really miss my ex. But I fucked up.

dayuum, im sorry bro💕
it just wasn’t meant to be, that’s ok.
there’s more than 8 billion of us, like you have a variety of choices. sometimes ppl are just there to show you what you really do and don’t like so that in the future you know what you truly want.
change your perception🙃

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daddario really cannot act to save his life, omg. there are moments with harry when he's kinda decent by association but godd, he is so wooden in general. were he not a moderately decent looking white man, he'd be dragged to hell for his awful acting.

I’m trying, y’all. In the first season I figured that he was just playing Alec REALLY well. But now that Alec is having to do things like show a wide range of emotion, and not just random emotions but intense extremes of emotion, and sometimes even be the emotional core of an episode - his limitations are showing more than ever.

I do love the guy, he’s stunning, and he does have some incredible moments. But he’s very hit or miss for me, and he’s one of the actors who hasn’t improved since last season, which actually makes him one of the weaker if not the weakest in the main cast and most of the supporting cast (see Maryse’s incredible breakdown at the end of the episode, knocked it out of the park Nicola!). Hope he improves or the show hires a competent acting coach (but that won’t happen because apparently most of the fandom believes he’s the best thing on the show so idk, perhaps he will improve in time).

Check Ups

A/N: Fluff. And I really didn’t know where I was going with this I was just writing and this happened so I hope you enjoy. Also if there are any mistakes don’t worry I sometimes miss after publishing but I will quickly fix them!

Request:  Hi :) Could you make a scenario with pietro who is in the infirmary (cheek up or injured in previous mission) and when the reader (his crush) come to see him they can all hear his heart rate accelerate (with the electrocardiogram ? Heart rate monitor ? I can’t remember the name of the machine that show heart rate >,<). Lot of fluff please ^_^

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:1,002

Dragoste- Love

Dragă- Dear

Prinţesă- Princess

When first heard Pietro was in the infirmary it took a lot of strength to not run all the way down there. You kept your hand on the wall as you moved as fast as your legs would let you while still in the motion of walking and not running. You didn’t know why the older Sokovian twin was in the infirmary and you hoped it was only minor. Infirmary wing, your eyes zeroed on the door that lead you inside the infirmary room.

“Can you sit still for a moment?” was the first thing you heard before you even reached the infirmary doors. You stopped just outside the door your concerned frown transitioning into a full on smile. Pietro was definitely in there. You bit your bottom lip to hold in the giggle that threatened to escape only imaging how fast it took before Pietro annoyed the nurse.

“Not even in his sleep,” you teased making your presence known. Walking through the door two heads turned in your direction. You were right, the sight before you proving that Pietro was in here. He sat on the examination table with an older nurse by his side scolding him like a little schoolboy. Beep, beep, beep, beep. The electrocardiogram distributed more noise every second causing the nurse to frown at the machine and then Pietro. Pietro eyes were only on you.

“Your heart is accelerating extraordinarily.” She looked at him in awe while he looked away from you and down at his feet.

“Everything I do is always accelerated,” he mumbled a tint of pink appearing on his cheeks while he rolled his eyes. You giggled at the comment and you took a seat next to Pietro. Without hesitation you grabbed his hand. Beep, beep, beep, beep. The noise once again breaking the silence in the room, the sounds coming out faster and faster. The nurse looked between the two of you, a knowing shimmer behind her eyes now.

“Mm hmm,” she hummed with slight attitude. She gave Pietro a look that he tried to ignored by looking at you and pulling a face. You rolled your eyes playfully at him a small smirk on your lips.

“So what did you that it landed you in the infirmary?” You asked rubbing your thumb over his hand soothingly. His heart rate didn’t slow down. Your eyes quickly scanned his body from head to toe looking for anything noticeable injuries, you came up short-handed. Pietro looked down at his lap as his feet kicked back and forth against the air, a hue of a smile could be seen.

“The evil woman wants to poke me with needles again,” he murmured to you quietly a teasing tone in his voice. You leaned your head back laughing. The monitor showed a spike in his heartbeat as he looked over at you with a loving smile that you returned.

“A check up?” You questioned a smile appearing on your lips. You leaned closer to him and Pietro wasn’t sure if you heard his intake of breath, “I heard if you behave you get a lollipop.” Your lips brushed his ear and a giggle slipped from your lips as you sat back in your original position. You thoroughly enjoyed the view as you watched Pietro’s tip of his ear turn red.

He masked his blushing by cocked one eyebrow at you that was accompanied with a lopsided grin, his foot nudging your leg. “Is that so, Dragoste?” It was your turn to blush as you felt your cheeks flaming up at the nickname he called you. You still weren’t entirely sure why he continued to call you that name but you knew you were the only one who he called Dragoste.

You nodded your head and laughed once more, “but I don’t think she likes you.” You both watched as the nurse scribbled down something on a clipboard from across the room, she had a mean resting face. You both snorted with laughter when seeing the look on her face before quickly looking away.

“So why did you come to the infirmary Prinţesă,” you knew that one. Princess. But instead of blushing more you rose an eyebrow smirking over at him.

“What? You don’t enjoy my company?” You taunted raising an eyebrow at him and crossing your arms. His eyes widen instantly and he instantly opened his mouth to say something but you beat him to it, “I’m just joking! Wanda told me you went to the infirmary but not why and I care about you so I came as soon as possible,” you confessed looking down for a moment. This time your blush couldn’t be stopped.

“Aw Dragă, you care about me!” he teased but on the inside he was beyond excited. And this showed when his heart monitor started acting crazy again.
“You know, I’m starting to think your happy to see me,” you joked winking at him and enjoyed when you saw his face start to turn red at the cheeks and tips of his ears again.

“Well- I-” you laughed as he stumbled over his words. Standing up you shut him up with a kiss.

“Don’t worry, I’m the same way.” You whispered as your noses brushed. His eyes were wide and he was a bit speechless but come on, the electrocardiogram gave it away as soon as you walked in the room. You were just happy that he felt the same.

“I-” he stumbled over his words still in shock, his lips tingled as you now stood between his legs arms wrapped around his neck. His hands moved and rested on your hips. He was always worried you never felt the same.

“Don’t worry if she doesn’t give you a sucker when we leave I can give you some sugar of my own,” you teased with a wink before kissing him again.

He laughed in the kiss as he pulled you closer, he was definitely going to take you up on that offer later.

Looks like there aren’t a lot of tour photos on Instagram. I’ve already noticed people don’t upload them on Tumblr much, but if Instagram grows old too, where can I find photos? Are people just not posting them, or is there some new young people’s website I’m missing out on?