sometimes i just love your originality guys

I love the dwarven origins in DA:O though.

Like, just imagine. You live your entire life underground. And you know there are these giants who live on the surface, because they buy lyrium and sometimes they send people to negotiate, and some of them fight darkspawn. Some of them can reputedly do ‘magic’, which is what they buy all that lyrium for, and all of them apparently ‘dream’, which is this weird thing where they go to sleep but then they actually visit somewhere else? And they worship a woman who died ages ago (normal) and a big invisible guy who they think created everything (weird) and the people who can’t do magic are terrified of the people who can and so they buy lyrium to make more people who can do magic but, like, a different kind of magic. Anti-magic magic.

And then all of a sudden, you’re there, and you have to save all of these crazy giant people because a Blight is coming and apparently they don’t have much experience in fighting darkspawn, like it’s a rare thing for them, but apparently they have roughly the same amount of political batshittery going on because there are usurpers and werewolves and the magic-wielding ones have all flown off the deep end, and basically everyone is doing the exact opposite of what they should if they don’t want to get eaten by darkspawn, and you’re still adjusting to the fact that instead of a rock ceiling, you’ve got a giant, colour-changing void with a giant flaming ball in it sitting over your head.

The Hero of Ferelden is impressive with any origin but I mean, shout out to the Aeducans and Broscas as the ones who’ve practically stepped onto Mars at the outset.

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Theme: Jealousy

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Stefan is always the compassionate brother, he loves you very much and in return you love him just as equally. But sometimes even the infamous Stefan Salvatore can feel insecure. At parties, if he sees you talking to another guy, he tries to calmly leave you be, but right as the guy tries to make a move, (as they always do) Stefan is right up next to you, wrapping his arm around your waist and subtly pulling you close to him. 

“Hi, I’m Y/N’s boyfriend. Pleasure to meet you.” He smiles at the man who is now uneasy. 

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BTS REACTION - Where They Meet Your Parents

He wears good clothes and tries to look as a serious and responsible guy, always trying to be kind, but he is really nervous.

Jin believes in his own personality, he acts normally and is sure then your parents will like him.

Suga tries to conquer your parents showing how good boyfriend he is, so he does all that you want today.

Hope makes your parents laughs all day, he can’t stop to make jokes and say stupid things.

Jimin stays shy for a long time, he don’t loose his grip on your hands and don’t say many things, just giving a little smile sometimes.

Taehyung (V)
He tries his best to look good but he’s too nervous and abashed.

He acts like a son to your parents, just being cute and lovely to win their love.


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BTS Reaction to You Getting Lost Easily

EXO (OT12) Version by Admin Au

I don’t think I get lost a lot, but I love taking random paths when walking around, so sometimes I can get a bit turned around. LOL. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

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 Jin: He had originally thought that you were going to be able to help him out with the other boys. However, every time you went out he seemed to be unable to find you. He assumed you were just walking off a bit on your own but would be able to find your way back. But when you didn’t, he grew worried and started searching for you; realizing very quickly that you were going to be another person who he would have to look after, just like the maknae line.

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Suga: Just as he was getting comfortable in bed, he heard his phone ringing. He let out an exasperated sigh and reached over to answer his phone. He looked at the number and saw your name. He quickly answered it, “Hello?” He asked as he picked up. You sounded like you were in the middle of crying or laughing; telling him that you had no idea where you were. He normally would have worried, but seeing as how you called him for this reason at least twice a day, he started becoming more tired than scared.

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J-Hope: Unlike Yoongi, Hoseok instantly began to worry the moment he lost sight of you. All he could think about was you getting hurt or a sasaeng fan doing something to you. He ran around the streets hectically, trying to remember which path you normally took from work to the dorm, but he could not find you. He figured you had taken a wrong turn or got distracted and got lost, again. When he finally found you, he started screaming and almost crying in relief.

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Rapmon: He knew that you got lost easily. Even just going from the dorm to the convenient store down the block took you more than an hour because you would go right past it and down a few more blocks. He would give you different ways to learn how to find your way back or techniques to remember the streets and which direction to go in order to figure out where to go. He stared at his phone, knowing you had been gone a bit longer than normal. Are you okay? Did you get lost again? He texted you as he got ready to look for you.

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Jimin: He couldn’t help but laugh each time you called him asking for directions. He hated having to give you the address to the shows or events, but he had to go before you and wasn’t able to just take you with him. He found it funny that you got lost going to the simplest places, even if you had been there before. But at the same time, he worried that you would get too lost at some point and get yourself into a dangerous situation.

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V: The two of you were even when it came to getting lost. He would challenge you to a race or the two of you would get overly excited while going out; leading to one or both of you to get lost. Sometimes you would get lost together, having to rely on each other to try and find everyone else, or Taehyung would find himself having to try and find you to make sure that you weren’t hurt or scared. He searched around, ending up getting lost as well. But in the end, the two of you would always manage to find each other.

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Jungkook: He knew he had no right to judge you. He got lost a lot, usually off in his own world while he should be paying attention. He tried his hardest to keep an eye on you while the two of you were out, but sometimes he would look the other way or stare at the window of a store, and when he turned back around, he realized that you were missing. However, sometimes he wouldn’t know if you were the one who got lost or if he was.

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