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  • as much as seungkwan is a prince, who is charitable and loving to his people - he’s also a world renowned singer and entertainer
  • ever since he was young, the royal family had invested in tutors from around the world to cultivate his obvious talent 
  • and as much as some people might have thought it was “unfit” for a prince of a country to also be a celebrity,,,,,,,more people in the country supported him
  • because after winning a competition for singing, that landed him on international TV, people started to flock to the country
  • not only to be tourists, but to see seungkwan
  • who admittedly, was first sheepish about fame, but soon grew to be extremely good in front of cameras
  • like not only was he an amazing singer, with singles that climbed the charts, but he was funny and charming 
  • (and handsome beyond belief, even more so in person)
  • so it was no surprise he was gaining fans,,,,,and even if he was royalty,,,,he still signed t-shirts and posed for photos and made constant grateful gestures towards those who said they liked him
  • and ,,,,, singing has always made him the most happy
  • from singing in front of the entire country to singing in his shower in the morning
  • his parents were happy his career was bringing money to the country, but seungkwan was happy too - that he could meet other singers, people he looked up to 
  • and could share his voice with the world
  • every time he’d be traveling, he’d also be writing. ideas for lyrics and small poetry
  • when he was supposed to be taking part in meetings with other royals, they always asked for him to show off a piece of his song and he’d act blushy, but would sing it with ease if they really asked
  • one royal who had met seungkwan at a conference described him as always cheerful, but with a voice that could make you feel so many different things
  • honestly, one of his own bodyguards on the lowkey asked seungkwan for his signature so he could give it to his daughter and seungkwan not only gave it, but also told the bodyguard that his daughter could come see him perform for free if she wished
  • seungkwan had never seen a grown, ripped man jump for joy before that day hehe
  • and you’ve been friends with seungkwan since your mother was one of his singing tutors 
  • she didn’t have anyone to take care of you sometimes, so she was allowed to bring you to lessons as long as you stayed quiet 
  • of course being the same age as seungkwan,,,,he was quick to befriend you and when your mom wasn’t looking you two would make faces at each other or whisper jokes into each others ears
  • do kid stuff, that otherwise seungkwan wasn’t really allowed to do
  • and as you two got older it got more and more apparent that seungkwan,,,,,was lonely inside the palace
  • so even when you were old enough to stay at home by yourself, you insisted on coming along with your mother
  • just so you could be seungkwan’s company, that you could see he really really needed
  • at some point, you became allowed to visit seungkwan without your mother. you would walk around the giant gardens, visit the stables, play in the tennis courts, and sit with seungkwan in his huge bedroom - listening to him practice his vocals
  • you two were the definition of best friends,,,,,, until seungkwan got famous
  • he was always famous as the prince, but after winning that award he became famous as a celebrity
  • he had no time to idle around with you, and he didn’t even need lessons from your mother anymore
  • seungkwan tried, multiple times to invite you over, but last-second you’d receive word from a servant or seungkwan’s staff that he was busy - he couldn’t see you
  • which was why, when you got a note - in seungkwan’s unique handwriting - to meet him at the village bridge that night, you were ecstatic 
  • of course you had village friends, family members, and other people to hang out with but seungkwan had always been your best friend
  • he made you laugh the loudest, smile the widest, and in general he made your heart warm with his antics and welcoming personality
  • you wondered sometimes when you saw him on TV, doing interviews and singing, that sure he made people laugh and people adored him - but did anyone know him like you did
  • the afternoons in his room, listening to him fumble with lyrics, chuckle it off, then try again
  • you two would eat treats from the palace kitchen on the balcony, hidden from seungkwan’s parents and do impressions of royal guards or higher ups
  • seungkwan asking you what it was like to go to actual school, to have actual friends
  • your mother once told you that you shouldn’t fall in love with him,,,,which you had made a face at because ew,,,,we’re just best friends!!! but looking back on it,,,,maybe,,,maybe she was right
  • waiting on the bridge,,,you couldn’t deny the beating of your heart or the way the same mundane stars in the sky made you actually smile
  • and when seungkwan appeared, looking over his shoulder it took a lot out of you not to run over and hug him
  • “how have you been?”
  • he asked,,,,up close you could see his face was slimmer than before. he’d lost weight again.
  • “alright, you? i saw your performance from england on TV last night. is it tiring?”
  • seungkwan gives a small chuckle “nothing is tiring for me, you know i can handle anything.”
  • “you’ve always been the best”
  • seungkwan’s smile falters, and the usual sparkle in his eyes seems to have dulled
  • “i need to tell you something.”
  • you lean against the rail of the bridge,,,it’s fall and so you’re wrapped in a long sleeved sweater,,,,you notice that seungkwan is wearing only a button down shirt 
  • “ok, but aren’t you co-”
  • “im getting married.”
  • your breath hitches in your throat and you stare at him in silence as you try to process the last word of his sentence
  • married? aren’t you too young?
  • his eyes flick away from yours and he does a small shuffle
  • “i mean, im not getting married TOMORROW, but it’s going to happen in a year - maybe two. it’s to another famous singer, it was arranged by our parents.”
  • the explanation doesn’t stop the buzzing in your brain,,,,,married,,,,,,seungkwan,,,,,,married?? 
  • sensing your stare, seungkwan grabs the rails and goes “it’s such a nice night, you can see all the stars! that one, the little one looks like woozi, do you remember him he’s one of the sons of -”
  • “do you like them?”
  • seungkwan stops talking and looks over at you again
  • “woozi?”
  • “no, the person you’re m,,,marrying”
  • seungkwan makes a face, but doesn’t say no. instead he goes “i never thought about marriage till now. if it’s good for my country than-”
  • “i understand.”
  • seungkwan looks at you like he doesn’t know what you mean, but you only smile back
  • “i hope you guys grow to really like one and other. im glad you told me, ill be cheering for you.”
  • with that, you push off the railing and motion to the road you need to take home. seungkwan doesn’t move from his spot, but he seems to want to say something
  • you’re not sure you want to hear it so you say goodbye, that it’s late and he’ll probably get in trouble with the guards. seungkwans nods and you wave before walking away
  • you don’t hear him call out your name, softly under his breath
  • a couple of months pass and you get a package in the mail
  • half expecting it to be wedding invitations, you don’t touch it for a good week. till finally you decide it’s now or never
  • to your surprise, it’s no invited, it’s a stack of photos wrapped in pretty ribbon
  • you carefully take them out, one by one and see the photo of you and seungkwan
  • so young, happy, running through the gardens
  • another one is just you, you have seungkwan’s crown on your head that is way too big and you’re laughing
  • the other is of seungkwan, he’s wearing the same crown, lopsided from it’s size, laughing too
  • at the end of the pile is a letter;
  • thought you might want to see these, are you free to see me some time?
  • the signature is seungkwan’s and you place it back in the box. you’re not sure if you want to answer it or not
  • part of you knows that seungkwan has no choice in the matter of his marriage, when do royals ever do, but part of you is angry that he didn’t even,,,,
  • he didn’t even try to tell you that he might have feelings for you,,,
  • but the again you don’t even know if he does, you shouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t, but it still hurts
  • you sit at your desk,,,,looking at the paper and write ‘i want to see you too. tell me when.’
  • you get a reply, along with a card that tells you there will be a dinner hosted by the royals
  • your mother is even invited, along with other tutors of seungkwan and prior staff
  • on the evening of, you see seungkwan standing beside a gorgeous young girl at the top of the stairs
  • they’re laughing and her auburn curls frame her naturally pretty face
  • you make eye contact and quickly, you cast your gaze down
  • “at least there’s free caviar” you try to uplift yourself, but as soon as you manage to get to the display of delicacies at the other end of the room, someone grabs you
  • turning around you see the girl who was standing beside seungkwan
  • with an accent, she tells you to come with her and you don’t even manage to stutter out a reply till she’s pulled you out of the crowded room and into the desolate hallway
  • is she going to tell me to keep away from seungkwan? is this my last night? am i royally and utterly fuc-
  • “seungkwan loves you.”
  • you pause and go “e-excuse me?”
  • with a smile the girl lets you go and repeats herself, “seungkwan loves you.”
  • “no he do-”
  • a gloved finger comes up to hush you
  • “you have seen him on tv, yes? the smiling, the laughing, he told me he can only be like that because he thinks of the one person who makes him happy. it’s you. without you, he’s just - what is the word -”
  • “im a mess”
  • turning around you see seungkwan in the hallway
  • the girl nods, touching your arm gently again before disappearing to leave you two alone
  • “your fiance just told me you love me, so im not sure what is happening,,,,”
  • seungkwan walks closer and you can see in the dim light, the sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t there the last time you two met
  • looking refined, in a full suit with the country’s coat of arms pinned to his lapel, his crown - the same one in the photos fits perfectly, and the smile 
  • the smile that makes your heart do flips,,,,, is just for you, ,,, 
  • “she wasn’t supposed to confess for me, but i guess she took my spotlight”
  • he jokes, taking your hand
  • the music starts playing from the other room and seungkwan motions if you’d like to dance
  • “i would like to talk actually.”
  • “we can do both.”
  • with his hand on your waist, you and seungkwan turn through the empty hall
  • you look at him,,,swallowing your nervousness
  • “how can you love me if you’re going to marry her?”
  • “because my heart decided it, it was like ‘no seungkwan - you are going to be madly and forever in love with your best friend. not take backs’.”
  • you roll your eyes, but you can’t help the smile on your face
  • “but what about ,,, the marriage?”
  • “well first, tell me - do you love me too?”
  • he twirls you around and you stumble, but his hand catches you in time
  • “i,,,of course i do.”
  • seungkwan leans in, kissing your forehead and you’re sure there must be fireworks going off in your heart
  • “then we’ll make it work. watch.”
  • seungkwan takes your hand firmly in his, you follow clumsily as he walks back into the ballroom
  • without a word, he leads you up the staircase
  • in the crowd, you see the girl giving you a thumbs up, the shock on your mothers face, and the worry on the queen and kings
  • “excuse me, can i have your attention?”
  • seungkwan calls out when you two get to the top
  • the entire packed room turns, silent 
  • “a lot of the people here tonight mean the world to me. but someone means the universe, the world, space, beyond that - and it’s them,,,”
  • seungkwan steps to the side and everyones eyes focus on you
  • “i love them, and i want everyone to know now. in the future, if im going to marry anyone - it’s them.”
  • the crowd is quiet, but then breaks out into cheers. someone shouts out that young love is beautiful
  • your mother smirks to herself knowingly, and you’re pretty sure the queen has fainted
  • but seungkwan’s hand is warm on your cheek as he lean in to press his lips to yours
  • this time, the cheers of the people are the fireworks
  • and you can’t believe it, but your kissing your best fried - the prince
  • when he pulls back seungkwan whispers “that should take care of the arrange marriage, aren’t i genius?”
  • you giggle, telling him to stop being so funny but at the same time he’s right 
  • the next morning the entire country is bustling with news of seungkwan’s love confession 
  • ,,,,,,and his ex-fiance is apparently happy to be back in her own country,,,,with her own real love 
  • you almost die when you see a photo of you and him on the front page of the newspaper and your mother just points to it like
  • “i told you so”
Hello Counsellor - Im Youngmin Requested Scenario

@bornhateo (it wont let me tag you im sorry)

Summary: in which you are an idol and an interviewer starts teasing you and your idol rookie boyfriend, Youngmin.

Genre: fluff

Message?: Youngmin acc deserves the world


“With us we have charismatic Wanna One’s Youngmin and Woojin!” Chanwoo exclaimed, “and sexy idol singer Y/N!”

The audience clapped as Chanwoo introduced us.

“Our Y/N!” Youngja exclaimed, “what have you been up to these days?!”

“Our Youngja!” I exclaimed, laughing, “I’ve just released my new song! It’s called ‘My Heart’.”

“Can we hear a bit?” he asked.

“Of course! I’ll sing the killing part, Youngmin, count,” I said.

Youngmin nodded as the MC’s laughed, “is this what you have to live with Youngmin?!”

Youngmin laughed, nodding sadly before counting 3, 2, 1.

I began singing, clapping the beat as I did.

When I finished, Youngja was the first one to clap, cheering as she did.

I bowed, “thank you! Thank you!”

“Now, our Wanna One boys, winners of Produce 101,” Dongyup said, making the audience cheer, “want to perform a song from Produce?”

The boys nodded, “we’ll do Nayana.”

“Ah, the original,” Youngja said.

They nodded, standing up and performing Nayana.

We all cheered as they sat back down, bowing.

“Now,” Chanwoo continued, “our concerns for today are…”

I zoned out as Youngmin, beside me, reached for his water.

“You alright?” I whispered.

“Just nervous,” he whispered back, taking a sip.

“Our first concern comes from a 22 year old woman who has just announced to everyone about her new boyfriend,” Youngja explained.

“Your dream,” Chanwoo said cheekily making us laugh and Youngja hit him with a pillow.

“It also sounds a lot like our Y/N here,” Youngja laughed, “you and Youngmin?”

The audience cheered as Youngmin took my hand.

Youngja and Dongyup began singing the romance BGM while me and Youngmin blushed furiously.

“So do you two live together?” Chanwoo asked.

I shook my head, squeezing Youngmin’s hand as I said, “no Youngmin lives in a dorm with the other members of Wanna One while I live in a house.”

“Youngmin practically lives at Y/N’s house though,” Woojin laughed.

Youngja nodded, laughing as she continued, “yes. But she regrets announcing him to everyone now as everyone wants her boyfriend.”

I nodded, listening carefully as Youngmin let go of my hand and I smiled at him.

“Woojin, help me read this,” Youngja said, showing him the card.

Woojin nodded, looking nervously at Youngja.

“Unnie! Want to come to Han River with me?!” Youngja said.

“Is Shinwon going to be there?” Woojin said, putting on a female voice.

Youngja laughed, “ya! Unnie! It’s suppose to be a family trip!”

“Yes but maybe I have a chance with Shinwon!” Woojin exclaimed, making me and Youngmin laugh hysterically.

“And the worst thing,” Youngja continued as Woojin collapsed into Youngmin from embarrassment, “he goes along with it!”

I gasped.

“He flirts with my sister and all my cousins!” Youngja continued, “hello counsellor, please help my stressful heart.”

We all clapped as she finished and put the card to the side.

“Woman who is suffering from an unfaithful boyfriend, please come out!” Youngja exclaimed as the Hello Counsellor theme started playing and a woman around my age slid down the slide and Woojin helped her.

She took her shoes off before sitting down.

“Yes, please introduce yourself,” Chanwoo said, motioning to the camera.

She bowed, “hello, I am 22-year-old Chaeyoung.”

After meeting the boyfriend and me and Youngmin whispering a lot, Youngja finally took notice of us.

“Look!” Chanwoo exclaimed, “you two should be more like Youngmin and Y/N! They’re whispering sweet words to each other every other second!”

“No! No!” I laughed as Youngmin shook his hands, “we’re discussing!”

“Okay, so obviously you two are so attached you have the same thoughts, so what do you two think?” Youngja asked.

Me and Youngmin laughed, me responding, “well when me and Youngmin announced, it was obviously bigger but I understand in a similar way because they’re’s many girls screaming over Youngmin and obviously he has to give back fan service and sometimes I too get jealous like you, Chaeyoung.”

Everyone nodded.

“Any advice? As you two are in a similar place,” Dongyup asked.

“Well by the sound of it, although you go through all of this with the jealousy and stuff, there is still thoughts of staying with him for whatever reason, for me it’s because I believe I am a better person when I am with Youngmin.”

I stopped and looked at Youngmin who was laughing, embarrassed, while his face was in his hands.

“Well it’s true! And there’s many things he does which make me kind of think better than to leave and it must be the same with you so I think you two should work around some of the patches of your relationship that you’re lacking and really strengthen the patched that are really strong. And of course, no relationship is perfect but as long as you’re happy it’s a good relationship, isn’t it?”

Chaeyoung and the MC’s nodded as Youngmin looked at me and winked as a sign of recognition.

I smiled back at him and Youngja cooed, “aigoo! You two! Always be together you two!”

Me and Youngmin looked at each other, laughing in embarrassment as the MC’s complimented our relationship and Chaeyoung and Woojin laughed.

After the filming, we got hurried backstage. Just as I was about to go into my dressing room I felt my arm being tugged at.

“Y/N,” Youngmin said, his Busan accent coming through as he spoke while pulling me into a hug, “thank you. I was at ease while you were there.”

“I was just doing my job,” I laughed, “as both idol and girlfriend.”

He laughed, coming out the hug and kissing me forehead.

“I told you!” Youngja shrieked from the bottom of the hallway, “together forever!”

Youngmin buried his face in my shoulder while I laughed, “Youngja!”

She waved at us while walking to her dressing room, leaving me and Youngmin in embarrassment.

“But let’s try not to be on the same show again,” Youngmin laughed.

I nodded, “agreed.”

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Jem and Will and Tessa, 19

  • AU: Bakery AU

Working in a bake shop was not what Will had imagined when he had imagined his twenties. Wasn’t he supposed to have a nice car and a well paying job with a path right to the top of some firm all laid out for him? Somehow, life hadn’t gotten the memo and instead of that, he had bitchy customers who ordered things that Starbucks served but they didn’t even carry the ingredients for.

“What do you mean you don’t have vanilla syrup? What is this place?”

“A bakery ma'am, we sell 19 different kinds of baguette if you wanted some bread but unfortunately we only  carry three choices for coffee.”

After she had huffed off in a rage about his terrible service and his obscene lack of low-calorie flavoured coffee syrups, one of the bakers stuck his head out from the kitchen and laughed. Will turned to roll his eyes and Jem laughed and wiped a bit of something off his face with the back of his hand. Stupid adorable baker boy. His shift would be done in another hour and Will would get to spend the rest of the day selling the things he had made.

“She’s going to write a terrible yelp review.”

“Good, she can scare off all the other soccer moms,” Will said.

“Soccer moms order birthday cakes by the truck full, they make up half our business.”

“Listen Mr. Practical,” Will started and then the bell rang and he turned back to the door. The woman standing just inside was tall and pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way and it took him a moment to realize why she looked familiar. When he did, he said, “New girl!”

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Transcript of the new Colin Morgan Interview

Colin Morgan is a man of many talents. Enigmatic performer. Charming Ulsterman. Method actor. Qualities that have underpinned his ability to reinvent himself at every turn. Since bursting onto the scene over a decade ago, Colin has transported us back to the Middle Ages, explored the meaning of life as a twenty-first century android, and broken a few hearts as a troubled Victorian shrink. Gee Wong talks to the rising star about the intensity of the roles he plays, his way with accents and why he’s giving social media the cold shoulder.

Arranging an interview with Colin Morgan is a lesson in timing. Given that his brisk schedule and unforeseen events have thwarted our previously arranged powwows, it’s a relief when the phone eventually whirrs into life. He introduces himself in his deep loquacious Ulster drawl and all is forgiven. “I’m glad we’ve finally got the chance to talk, there’s been a lot of back and forth, hope everything is alright?” he says. The raw accent, while expected, is captivating to hear for the first time—largely because he’s a master at disguising those native vowels.

From the West End stage to television to the silver screen, the vocal gymnastics have been key to defining this award-winning actor’s march toward stardom. In fact, they often go hand in hand with the intense and angst-heavy roles he clearly relishes. “I couldn’t write down any specific reasons why I go for a part because it really is instinctive. It’s more of a feeling than a reason, you know what I mean?” he explains. “It’s like when you meet someone and you just click, but you don’t really know why, but you just do. It’s a bit like that. I’m meeting a character when I read it on the page and if it does something to me, it literally calls.” His confidence in an ability to single out roles is striking and the approach clearly works for him. “It has to be the only way. The scriptwriter, director and producer—theyre all on board because they’re passionate about a project and you’ve got to come in and respect there’s been a lot of hard work gone into the stage where they’re casting—these things can go on for years!” Auditions must be pretty intense then? “Yeah, I can feel it sometimes in auditions—if you can’t come in and deliver that level of what’s come before then you shouldn’t be there. You’ve got to love it.”

For his breakout performance—as the eponymous young wizard in the BBC’s fantasy drama Merlin—Colin owned an English accent so convincingly that his burgeoning fan base couldn’t quite believe he was from County Armagh. What’s his secret to cracking an accent? The answer is, of course, a lot of talent, practice and immersing himself in the role. “When I’m working on a character the voice comes first, or initially the way they move, it all influences each other,” he says. It’s a habit that’s seen him in good stead over the years. “Just like a runner training for a marathon, you need to do your training, listen to a lot of people, the way they talk and move, and imitate a lot because you’re working in the business of mimicry,” he admits. “It’s a case of muscle memory for me. I love accents, I love doing them, as many as I can really.”

He’s recently been back on the box—fine-tuning his Received Pronunciation English—in the supernatural period drama The Living and the Dead. It’s a darkly written role about grief and holding onto the past, with no shortage of terrifying apparitions to hammer home the message. What was it like returning to the fantasy genre after a few years away? “It’s weird because fantasy implies a story is lifted from reality. I don’t feel like I get affected by the genre because the character is just living their story,” he says. “For me, it’s all about the script and reaching into the character that I can inhabit.” The actor gave his all to the role, including staying in accent throughout filming. “I didn’t plan on it at all on the first day, but after we did our first scene it just stayed with me for the whole shoot. You’re in costume and even on your lunch break you’re still dressed as the character, you’ve still got the long hair and the beard,” he explains, laughing. “You still feel it—the person and the voice are just part of it.” So, in reality, not as odd as it sounds. “It’s just so much easier especially when you have a Northern Irish accent. To try and go from that to an English accent from 1894—they’re miles apart!”

Talking of his appearance, his fans set Twitter alight after the first episode. The reason? A sit-up-in-your-chair topless scene that let slip an ‘all growed up’ physique and, inevitably, a new-found pin-up status for the actor. It’s a far cry from his fresh-faced debut in Merlin at the tender age of 22. Nevertheless, the comments went right over his head—he shuns social media. “It’s just not me really. You have to want to do it,” he states without hesitation. “It’s an amazing medium for getting the word out for shows, promotion and for staying in contact, but there are a lot of negative sides as well.” Can he point out a few of the downsides? “When the words you want to say don’t have to be said face to face people tend to say a lot of stuff—that’s not something I think is healthy for an actor to be an open party to,” he adds. I get the impression he’s been burnt from personal experience and now views his privacy as sacrosanct. When pressed further, he confesses to a distaste for so-called ‘insta-stardom’ and all the baggage that comes with it. “The good stuff can make you arrogant, the bad stuff can stay with you forever,” he declares.

That said, don’t call him a technophobe. Although he doesn’t watch much television these days, he’s all for the BBC’s decision to simultaneously broadcast and stream his latest show. “It’s brilliant. It’s absolutely in keeping with how people are watching nowadays. When I do watch television, it’s on catch-up, Netflix and Amazon.” He does also venture online to shop and email. He has googled himself once—purely out of curiosity—which was enough to put him off for life. So, how does he receive feedback on his performances? “I never hear about it unless it’s mentioned to me. Fans show their support in many different ways. A lot of them write fan letters, which I think is much more in line with how I’m likely to respond.”

A low-fi solution indeed, but totally in keeping with Colin’s old-school, yet easygoing style. Not much fazes him: was turning 30 a big deal last year? “No, not really, weirdly. I can appreciate it’s one of those milestones in your life,” he states matter-of-factly before pausing and reflecting on intriguing new possibilities. “At the minute, I think I’m still on that younger side of the age bracket, but I’m looking forward to being an ageing actor and getting to play all those great Shakespearean roles as well.”

A busy year it certainly was. Having played the lead in the mystery drama Waiting for You, he returned for the second season of the UK sci-fi drama Humans. Apparently, there was tremendous pressure to live up to the first season, which was a surprise hit for Channel 4—its biggest show in 20 years. “It definitely went up in scale, much bigger, much faster, lots of new characters and more storylines,” he says of the production. “I think fans will have loved the direction it went in.” A third season looks like a shoo-in.

Then there was the closing chapter of The Fall. Over the course of the show’s story arc critics and audiences endured the stuff of nightmares as Gillian Anderson’s detective hunted sadistic serial killer Paul Spector, played by fellow Ulsterman Jamie Dornan. Colin joined the show in season two as enigmatic detective Tom Anderson and reveals it was equal parts tension and anticipation during the filming of the endgame. “A pure page-turner! I couldn’t wait to get the next page of the script and that says a lot about the writer’s skill,” he admits. What was it like working with Gillian? “Just brilliant. Gillian’s a consummate professional, such a joy to work with and she has a really good sense of humour. She had really heavy scenes, but she was just able to let go after filming.” What about Jamie? “Absolutely brilliant, he’s had global success and he’s exactly the same as when I first started working with him. He’s a real talent.”

If last year was good, then 2017 is set to be even better. He’s in final talks on a number of projects, including another film that he hopes will start shooting in the early summer. Meanwhile, he’s attracting considerable attention from across the Atlantic. “There are a lot of exciting dramas happening, and right now a lot of American things are coming through,” he says.

Talk turns to the day of his photo shoot, which I suspect might not have been the most enjoyable experience for the publicity-shy actor. “It was brilliant! The guys were so good! It was basically a group of people in a room with a camera having a bit of a laugh,” he volunteers, somewhat enthusiastically, before pausing as if to compose himself. After a few seconds he continues: “Obviously, in any of those situations it’s not a normal thing to be photographed, it’s not really second nature to me. So, anything that makes the whole experience relaxed, enjoyable and fun that’s the key, and the guys really did that for me.”

It’s apparent he draws a clear distinction between performing for his art and self-promotion—the later of which he accepts as part and parcel of his profession. “I think it’s important to divide the line between your professional and personal self,” he says. I press him further on how he finds the right balance between championing his work and maintaining a safe distance from media intrusion. “With so many shows being on TV there is a commitment in terms of publicity that wasn’t as strong as in the past. Yes, when you work on a job, it’s important that you’re proud of it and you want to support it. The other side of it is the nastier side, which can backfire on people.” A diplomatic answer tempered with his signature frankness.

It’s nearing the end of the interview, but his last remarks remind me of something he said at the outset that neatly sums up the actor’s perspective. “Whenever I did theatre, I’d go in, do the job, go home and trust that the work we had done was enough. We didn’t need anyone’s approval, disapproval or opinions.” In our current hashtag culture, it’s refreshing to hear someone completely unfazed by fame, while somehow still managing to wear their sensibilities so lightly.

Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 10: Arcus Drift

“Let’s go over that again,” Saar said, reproachful eyes beginning to weary a little from all the questioning, but still far too full of determination to keep them sitting there till only bones remained. “What is your military strength?”

“We are not a military force,” Ryder repeated by rote. “We have the Nexus, which won’t move. We have arks. They do not have huge guns. We have the Tempest. Again, no big guns. It’s literally parked on your doorstep. There is nothing else we have that could even approach a military force strong enough to threaten the angara.”

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Celebrity Crush (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

Summary: Actress!Y/N and Luke both have a (celeb) crush on each other, and during an interview, the host makes things slightly awkward for Y/N.

Requested: Yeahh

Warnings: Swearing, but not much tbh

A/N: First of all Luke looks so frickin perfect in this gif. Second, sorry this took forever to write (I changed the request a lil bit hope that’s cool) and finally, this hasn’t been proof-read as usual :) enjoy ‘n’ gimme feedback x

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political talk show AU part two!

(Part One)

(warning, this fic is quite openly anti-Trump and somewhat pro-Hillary as well.)

Shitty “Mr. Crappy” Knight does not need a “straight man.”

That’s part of his schtick, actually. Mr. Crappy’s Political Party radio show does a lot on heteronormativity and gender roles. “Trust me, friends,” he says, grinning through his mustache as though his listeners can actually see him, “you can get those on any old channel. If I’m gonna have a straight man, I want a gay one.”

But, at least since he started in radio, another part of his shtick has been poking fun at Humorless Liberals– “and let’s face it, you know you’re out there,” he says. So when somebody wants to call in and discuss how Shitty – or “Mr. Crappy,” his FCC-friendly nom de plume – should really stop telling jokes and start Seriously Discussing the Issues, Shitty runs them over like a zamboni machine. “This is not and will never be C-SPAN,” he tells his audience. “And I’ll tell you something else. You don’t look up out of your copy of the Congressional Record and smell the roses once in a while, you’re gonna miss life.”

So that’s Shitty’s stance on serious codgers. They’re fresh meat, and he’s a bear, brah.

Except this Jack from Providence is a different animal. Jack never complains about Shitty’s jabs. Hell, he laughs at them – if a soft “Haha” can be considered a laugh at all – and plows right ahead with this point. His singlemindedness is a thing of beauty.

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Harry Styles Imagine: Movie Premiere

Foreword: You’re a popular movie star and you meet Harry at the premiere of your latest film.

Ah fuck. You thought to yourself as you see the paparazzi outside of Urban Outfitters. You were in NYC for the weekend for the premiere of your latest project. As the movie release day was soon approaching, press was paying more attention to you than usual. This was something you could never get used to. Men following you around with cameras everywhere you go. In a couple of hours you would see news outlets talking about how you were wearing leggings and a loose hoodie instead of something more glamorous. You didn’t really care because you felt like yourself wearing comfortable clothes, but the judgement sometimes did get to you.

You managed to escape from the flashing lights and drive away to your hotel to start getting ready for the red carpet. Your room quickly became a chaos of curling irons, makeup products, dresses and your lovely glam team. They always kept you up to date with the latest in fashion/makeup trends, which interested you to no end. It was amazing to get to learn from professionals in the field.

“Did you hear that he’s coming tonight?” You overheard your makeup artist, Kate, say to her assistant, Ashley.

“Yeah! I heard the news, apparently he’s a big fan of the director.” Ashley replied.

“Who are you guys talking about?” You interrupted their conversation, confused as to who they were referring to.

“Well, none other than Harry Styles! He’s coming to the premiere tonight.”

“Ohh—that’s great!” You say, trying to make it seem that you weren’t all that interested when in reality you’d had the biggest crush on him. You’d never met him before but you were a big fan of his music.

After a couple of hours of hair and makeup manipulation to make you look decent and presentable, you head into your car service that would take you to the red carpet. The gown you were wearing was a beautiful custom-made, strapless burgundy dress, that faded into light pink, purple and red towards the bottom. You were wearing your favorite Louis Vuitton, black pumps. For the hair, your hairstylist, Melissa, did a beautiful messy side braid, and Kate did a stunning job with your smokey eye and nude lip. You felt like a million dollars.

However, you were super self-conscious at events like this, especially now that you’re the star of the show. You felt weird about it all. You loved doing the film and acting and all the behind the scenes stuff. But when it came to being so out in the public, you always felt anxious. You never knew how the public would react so you tried not to think about it too much.

Soon enough, the car pulls up to the start of the carpet and as soon as you step out of the car everything goes mental.

When you finally finish the red carpet, you head into the venue, where you have one more interview and then you’re done to enjoy the movie.

The interviewer was being sexist and asking you silly questions that have nothing to do with the movie but you tried to ignore him and just get through it. When the interviewer was done and his camera guy walked away, the interviewer stayed behind.

As you were walking away, he grabbed your arm and whispered, “hey you look really good.” Which infuriated you, this just crossed the line.

“I always look good!” You half shouted to him while pulling your arm away from him.

The nerve of this guy, you couldn’t believe the disrespect! You just wanted to get away, you started walking but bumped pretty hard into someone which made you stumble back a little. You would have fallen back if it wasn’t for someone grabbing you and stabilizing your feet.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t look where I was going.” You say while looking up at the guy who still had his arms around you.

“It’s okay, love!” You hear him say in a British accent. You get a good look and notice that it’s Harry Styles! How embarrassing that when you finally meet your crush, this happens!

You were kind of speechless…You just stared at him for a while and you couldn’t believe you were starstruck to meet him.

“Hi, I’m Harry.” He said while smiling at you, totally noticing that you were a little starstruck.

“Hey—hi, I’m Y/N.” You tried to gather yourself. Keep it cool. 

“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I can’t wait to see the movie tonight.”

“Yeah, I—uh I hope you enjoy it.”

Then suddenly you hear the overhead speakers announcing that the movie was about to start.

“Uh—I gotta go, but I’ll see you soon, eh?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you..” You said while you watch Harry walk away. That felt weird, you thought. But rubbed it off, while you headed into the movie theatre.

After the movie was over, you were greeting all your friends and family who came out to see it. They all loved it and you were pleased to share the movie with the world as it had been a work in progress for a while.

Then out of the corner of your eye, you see Harry walking towards you.

“Hey, Y/N!” He goes over to hug you. “That was amazing! You did wonderful.”

“Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for coming.” You state after the hug. His cologne lingered on you for a while. You were hypnotized.

“Of course, it was my pleasure.” He says while smiling at you. He smiled and if it wasn’t because you were in public, you would have collapsed right there and then. Why is he having this effect on you. You smile at him, and you could have sworn you saw him blush a little.

“So, listen. Uhm.. I’m free tomorrow and I was wondering if you’d like to go to dinner with me?” Oh my god…was Harry Styles asking you out on a date?!

“Uh, yeah I—I Uhm I think that would be good—awesome, I—I mean yes. Yes I’d like that.” You couldn’t even formulate a full sentence, but Harry smiled at you with an endearing look. 

“Then tomorrow it is. I’ll pick you up at 8pm, is that alright?”

“Yes, that’s perfect,” you say while smiling.

You and Harry exchange phone numbers and then head off your different directions. Now you couldn’t wait until tomorrow. You were buzzing with joy, that you had forgotten about the terrible interview with that guy! 

This would be the start of a great, new thing…Who knows what would happen next?

Preference #51 You're Both Famous


You were a model. It was something you’d always enjoyed doing but you never thought it would lead you to meeting the love of your life. You had been invited to a red carpet event for the American Music Awards where you were going to be a presenter. You arrived with a few friends who you decided to bring along and began making your way down the carpet. The three of you posed for pictures and stopped for a few interviews here and there to ask who made your dress or where you bought your shoes. You were approaching closer to the entrance of the convention center when you heard a wave of screams come over the carpet. It took you by surprise and you turned around noticing the 1D boys were slowly making their way up the carpet. You got pulled in for one last interview and just as you were going to turn and walk away to head in, you got bumped by someone. “I’m so sorry!!” you turned to see who it was with such a thick accent and it was none other than Niall Horan. You had seen pictures and what not but you had never formally met one another. He was quite cute you had to admit, his ocean blue eyes could have you lost for days. “Oh it’s alright.” you smiled and he extended a hand “Niall, Niall Horan.” you again smiled at the boys words and extended your hand in return, “Y/N, nice to meet you. I’m sorry to cut this short but I actually have to get inside, I’m one of the presenters!” “Well it was nice meeting you Y/N, maybe I’ll see you again soon.” with that you nodded and gave him one last smile before heading inside. The show had been great so far, there really hadn’t been a dull moment. You were now backstage getting ready to present your category; best vocal group. You hated to admit it but you really had no idea who the nominees were, all you were given was an envelope with the winners names’. You made your way onto the stage and the typical video clip played, showing all the nominees and what not; but you weren’t really paying attention, you just wanted to announce the winner. You pulled open the envelope and paused for a moment before reading the name; “ONE DIRECTION!”, music began playing and claps and screams erupted in the room. One by one they made their way up to the stage and that’s when you saw the blonde boy you had just run into a few hours prior. They gave their speech and soon after you guys headed backstage. “When I said I’d see you soon, I didn’t think it meant this soon!” the two of you laughed and you congratulated him and the others on the win before he took you aside; “I forgot to tell you earlier but you look amazing. Maybe we can get some drinks after and talk some more so I can properly get to know you..” you smiled and nodded “Yeah, I would really like that.”, you were just about to head your separate ways when you turned back around “Here. It’s my number. Text me later so we can meet up!”, the two of you exchanged a small hug and a smile before heading back to your seats to watch the rest of the show. You couldn’t wait for tonight, you already felt a connection for Niall and you hoped he felt the same way. 


You were an actress and were also starting to make your way into the music world, releasing a few songs here and there. You lived on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and kept mostly to yourself. You were going out for some breakfast at one of your favorite cafes and you thought that it would be just like any other day but that quickly changed. 

You decided to walk there since it was a beautiful morning and you wanted the exercise. You were about 1 to 2 blocks away when you heard the loud shrieks and screams; this was usual living in New York, as their was always celebrities being spotted around town by flocks of screaming girls. You continued walking and the screaming continued to follow; you were a bit annoyed as it was a little obnoxious but you decided to ignore it. You finally reached the cafe and let out a breathe of relief when the screaming could no longer be heard. You ordered your coffee and croissant and sat down at a table near the window. A few people came up to you as you ate asking for some autographs, usually teenagers who had seen your show. You were happy to take a few pictures and what not with them because they were the ones who gave you all the support. You had finally gotten a few moments to yourself and all of a sudden you took notice to the mass of people outside the once quiet cafe. It was the screaming fans. You weren’t sure if you were just imagining this or what but they just didn’t seem to go away. The door opened and a few buff men walked in approaching the counter, you couldn’t quite hear what the conversation was, but it was brief. Following the two buff older men were a group of 5 younger boys, probably around your age, maybe a bit younger. You knew you had recognized them from somewhere but you just couldn’t put your finger on it. They were all quite shaken up about the ambush, as it was apparent by the looks on their faces. One took notice of you sipping your coffee in the corner and began to approach you. That’s when it hit you, they were the One Direction boys! “Hi, may I sit?” you smiled politely and nodded “Yeah go ahead!” “I know there’s some empty tables but I noticed you were here alone and it’s not much fun to eat breakfast alone..” you laughed at the remark “I’m Y/N by the way” you extended your hand out to him and he took it, giving you a friendly shake. “I’m Liam. Hey, I recognize you…from TV, right?” you smiled “Guilty!“ “Well I guess you can relate to mob crowds too then..I’m in a band so it can get pretty crazy at times.” he turned and gestured to all the boys behind him. “Yeah, One Direction, isn’t it?” “Hey,  you know who I am?” “Of course! It might sound surprising but I listen to your guys’ songs sometimes” he laughed at the comment. “You know, It’s not often that I get forced into a cafe and get to meet a famous TV star..” once again the two of you laughed. You both really hit it off and you stayed at the same table for another few hours just talking before the boys were whisked away by security. Liam made sure to leave you his number so you two could meet up again and talk some more while he was still in New York. This might’ve been the best breakfast you’d had in a long time. You didn’t know where things were going from here but you hoped it would lead to something good.


You were a model as well as many other things. You had been on TV, written fashion books, and had even made your own clothing/accessories brand. You didn’t want to be called an “over-achiever”, you just wanted to try a bit of everything. A lot of the time you would get calls to do talk shows or Hollywood news fill-ins and you really enjoyed getting to work with the different people that you came across. Many saw you as just a fashion guru but that alone was an understatement. 

You got a call to fill in for Mario Lopez on Extra for a couple nights because he wouldn’t be able to make it. You of course accepted the offer but you had no idea what to expect, you were just told to show up and that you would receive further instruction about the show when you arrived. You got there early for hair and makeup when one of the producers came over and greeted you, they thanked you for coming in on a short notice but you didn’t mind at all. They took you aside to go over tonights schedule of events and just as he went to open his mouth to relay all the information; you could hear screams coming from outside. Not just a small scream, a massive wave of screams. “And there they are now I believe…the One Direction boys! You will be doing an interview with them; we do have some questions ready but feel free to ask any additional ones you have! You are also going to be doing a small piece on fashion do’s and don'ts, then to end it out we’ll have you join with Charissa Thompson for our last story!” you could tell he was a bit frazzled and you assured him that the show would be fine and you knew exactly what to do. He quickly ran off to check on the sound equipment and cameras to make sure everything was set for tonight’s show, leaving you in your dressing room to get ready. You still couldn’t believe you were going to be meeting the One Direction boys, you weren’t a crazed fan but they did have good music and they were pretty cute. 

You had a brief interaction with some of the boys’ security guards who were very friendly before the show was going to begin and they told you how much the boys were looking forward to the interview. You were glad they were excited but you were wondering if they knew you were the one giving the interview instead of Mario. Directors of the show gave Charissa the countdown and she began to open the show talking about a few current events before she tossed it over to you. “Hi everyone, now tonight we have some very special guests with us. Welcome boys!” the camera panned out to the six of you and the boys all gave you a smile and greeted you. “Now I know I’m not Mario, so I’m sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting him!” you all laughed “That’s alright” you heard Louis say quietly, but you didn’t respond to it because you didn’t know if he meant to actually say it out loud. You began reading off the questions allowing the boys to answer and everyone was having a great laugh. It was actually a lot of fun hanging out with them. 

After the show ended you were backstage with one of the stylists talking when Louis came over to you. “Hey!” “Hey, thanks for the interview. It was one of the better ones we’ve had..” you blushed at Louis’ words. “Thank you! It was so nice to finally meet all of you, you’re all so sweet.” he smiled and looked down before talking again. “Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out with us later tonight, we might grab some dinner and just hang out. I’d love to get to know you better. I’ve heard so much about you.” you could tell he was a bit nervous, his voice was a little shaky. “Yeah, that sounds great! I’ll just be a minute, let me grab my things!”, you gathered your things from your dressing room and you both walked back to the boys’ room before you all headed out. You were excited to see what tonight would bring, and hopefully you could get to know Louis a little more. You could already feel yourself falling for him, you just hoped he felt the same way.


You were one of those childhood TV stars who turned into a music icon through the years. You did many performances at awards shows and had been on a few world tours. You had performed at the MTV music awards just a few hours prior and now you were at the celebrity after party. It was an amazing atmosphere with everyone singing and dancing. You were dancing with one of your friends when you got bumped from behind. You didn’t think anything of it but you heard the apology over the loud music. “It’s fine!” you yelled back, so the man could hear you. You didn’t get a good look at him but he then looked up at you, “Hi, I’m Harry.” you smiled “Y/N” “Amazing performance tonight by the way. You looked great and sounded wonderful” you blushed at the One Direction star’s kind words. Of course you knew who he was, how could you not. For one, you were both in the music industry, everyone kind of knows everyone and second, they’re like the biggest band in the world! “Would you like to get a drink?” you nodded and followed him over to the bar. “Thank you” you smiled when he handed you the drink. “I hate to admit it, but I’m a huge fan of your music. I’ve always wanted to meet you in person, I’ve just never gotten the chance..” “That’s so sweet, thank you! You’re singing isn’t too bad either.” he laughed at the comment even though it was a bit cheesy. The two of you stayed at the bar for awhile talking and getting to know each other more. Before you knew it, it was already 2:30am and the party was still going on. “This has been amazing but I think I’m going to head back to the hotel. It was so nice to meet you thank you for everything.” you really didn’t want to go, he was so cute and sweet but you were seconds from falling asleep, you were exhausted from the days previous events. “Wait, before you go…here’s my number. I’ll be here in LA for a few weeks so maybe we can meet up again. I had a really nice time with you tonight.” you didn’t want him to stop talking, you could listen to him all day, his accent was to die for. “Definitely.” you smiled and gave him a hug and a small kiss on the cheek. He walked you out to your ride before watching you drive away. You weren’t expecting this at all but you were totally falling for the British pop star and there was no way of denying it. You wondered if he felt the same..


You were on TV a lot. You had a reality TV show that was quite popular. Along with being on TV you were often invited to various parities and red carpet events. Tonight you were attending a party for Justin Biebers birthday, you two were good friends with one another so of course you were going to attend. You knew a lot of people were going to be there as well but you didn’t know who exactly. 

You arrived in a limo with a few friends and made your way up to the LA flat. The place was packed and filled with music, laughs, and dancing. You quickly joined in on the party as you danced with friends and sang to the songs coming from the stereo. You didn’t really take notice of who was around you until you bumped into someone. “Sorry about that” you heard a british voice say quietly from behind you, you turned to face him and noticed that it was Zayn from One Direction. “Oh it’s fine, it was my fault” you let out a small laugh and he smiled “Zayn” he extended his hand out to you in the cramped space. “Y/N” “You’re on TV right?” you laughed “Yeah, and you’re in a band right?” you could tell he was a bit nervous but he laughed at your comment. “Do you want to go outside, get out of this crowd?” he nodded and led the way outside. “It’s nice to put a person to the music…I’ve always wanted to meet you guys” you didn’t want to admit that to him but it sort of just came out. “Well here’s your chance!” there was a hint of flintiness in his voice so you played along. The rest of the night the two of you kind of kept to yourselves, staying away from the raging party inside to get to know each other a bit more. By the end of the night you felt like you had known Zayn for years. The more you looked at him the better looking he became. You know you’d only met but you already had feelings for him; there was a piece of you inside that felt like he had them for you too. He made sure to get your number so you two could get together while they were still in town. You couldn’t wait until you could see him again.

#Five - How You Meet

I tried to be vague with Harry’s since you’re all from around the world, the lay over would vary and so would how long it takes. I hope it’s good without that slight detail. Hope you liked it. c:

| Harry |

You’ve been on an airplane more times than you can count. Having family in another country takes a toll when you want to travel there every now and then. The flight had a layover so once you had gotten on the second plane, you were wide awake. As everyone got settled, it seemed to take forever and ever. You had a seat on the left of the plane, the window seat as someone sat in the seat next to the one beside you. There was a sort-of-loud voice as someone came down and the man in my little section stood. A tall brunette boy, his hair tied up, sat down next to me.

“Sorry love.” he puffed, most likely from running. You nodded, not used to being confronted by people you just met. “I’m Harry, I promise I don’t bite.” his lips curved into a halfway smirk, setting his bag down between his quite lengthy legs.

“{Y/N}.” you simply stated, turning back to look straight in front of you.

During the plane ride that consisted way longer than it should have. Harry would say little things to you, asking you where you are from and what your occupation is. You asked him right back, learning that he’s not who just an everyday person. You didn’t recognize him, not listening to the kind of music he wrote or sang. The plane ride got quicker and quicker as you started to tell horrible jokes between you two. Now you know that you’re not the only one who knows tons of horrid knock knock jokes. Before the plane landed he asked you if you’d like to go for drinks since it indeed is night time. You declined, telling him that if you met again it would be a yes - but that night you wanted to get home.

Five weeks later you saw him walking down a busy street in London in which he saw you, lighting up in the cold blistering whether as he neared you.

| Liam |

London was busy around New Years. Everyone was either shopping, drunk, high, or just a little insane, or all four? You had been bumped into multiple times, only hearing a couple ‘sorrys’ yet they all carried on. You were determined to just get out of the city and go home once you had found what you were looking for. You wanted this antique candle holder for your mother and were told by multiple people where to get it. Each one sent you to another one, though you were determined to find this damn thing. You saw the time on your watch, noticing this last store would be closing in ten minutes. You gathered yourself up and tried to walk quickly through the slight crowd.

“Please excuse me!” a man said rather loudly once you had realized that your long hair had gotten caught on his jacket button. He stopped, pulling you back to where there was a little less crowd.

“Oh geez.” you squealed painfully. It pulled your hair once more as he tried to unravel your hair.

“This has never happened, so…” he laughed, a thick accent that flowed the right way in this whether.

“It happens sometimes.” you whispered, biting slightly on your nail.

“Here,” he finally got your hair from around his button without ripping your hairs out, “better?” He stood up straight, smiling. You two stood there for a minute smiling and the people on the sidewalks had lessened as the stores were closing.

“Oh shit.” you muttered. “Thank you-” you searched for a name.

“Liam.” he smiled, raising his eyebrow at you.

“Thank you Liam, but I need to go find something for my mom, if they have it.”

“Are you going in this shop?” he pointed to the one behind you two.

“Actually, yes.” you smiled, seeing the shop still open and opening the door. “Unless you want to help me once more and find an antique, I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

“I have time.” he smiled a little wider, going in behind you.


| Zayn |

Working with a small program in your college, the AV Teach and Film “club” was allowed to sign up for certain production help. You had signed up for weeks and weeks finally hoping to get something. They surprised you last minute - of course - letting you go in a set up for an interview which sort of required a little more experience. At your high school you had been trained a little in live shows and such, so you had a little experience. You had no idea who the people the interview was for, just happy you got something.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” You heard a faint voice come into the production room where you were getting things ready for some band where they were interviewing. He was an average tall, dark hair and stubble over his chin and upper lip. “I’m looking for someone named, {Y/N}.” he asked you.

“That would be me.” you looked at him as you set up the switcher. “What do you need?” You smiled, knowing that whatever he was told to get, he didn’t know exactly what it was.

“They need a microphone, the kind that attaches to your-” he pulled on his shirt collar.

“A lavalier?” you searched over the assortment of microphones. You picked up the lavalier mic and turned towards him, “Do you need it?” you simply stated, feeling your cheeks flush a little suddenly.

“Yeah.” he smiled warmly. You took the mic and attached it to his collar, making sure it worked and synced it with the other equipment. “Thank you.” he smiled, “{Y/N/}.”

“You’re very welc-”

“Zayn.” he winked, going back to the other room where they were getting ready.

| Louis |

The grocery store was a quiet, almost a silent place. You live in the heart of London, so the stores and shops around you are always booming with people and commotion. You looked for some spices for your apartment since you had gone off for vacation for two weeks. You had gone with your boyfriend, coming back a single and strong lady. He had been a drunk that just needed to be let go. You weren’t sad, just happy that the weight was taken off your shoulders.

You were a little short, trying to grab some bay leaves spice off the very top shelf. These shelves were a little higher and a little wider, unfortunately. You wanted to step on the bottom shelf to reach for the top but felt silly and could embarrass yourself doing it. When you jumped, a little almost into the shelf when a man stood tall wearing a turtleneck.

“Sorry to startle you babe.” he looked a little concerned. “Trying to reach something?”

“Uh.” your cheeks were flushing, the heat radiating through your body. “I need those bay leaves…” you slowly pointed to the bay leaves bottle. He was taller than yourself reaching up with no trouble, handing you the bay leaves.

“Don’t think I’ve ever seen one using bay leaves, for anything.” he chuckled grabbing some cinnamon.

“Ha!” You let out a rather loud laugh, knowing that it was true, “It’s for mashed potatoes.” you stated.

“That sounds good, cheddar mash?”

“Yeah…Lucky guess?” you asked as you two began walking down the aisle of spices and ingredients.

“My mum makes ‘em.” he smiled, “Louis.” he raised his hand to shake yours. You took it shaking his softly, letting go and grabbing something else from the opposite shelf.


| Niall |

Finally! Finally, you were promoted from intern at this magazine you worked at. You’d been working as an intern in college, now a few days from graduating. It’s by far the best graduation present ever. You would now get to work four days a week, editing some articles, revising others and making sure everyone got done with that their agendas said. You heard that there would be a meeting today for the floor you work on, for the writers. On the floor there are only about three people who aren’t writers.

You decided this would be the perfect time to keep planning your things for graduation, making sure your paperwork for your dorm was done. You didn’t hear someone walk into the small office with two desks in which the other person wasn’t here today. You were brought up to a man in a suit with dyed blonde hair. It disgusted you that people spent money on hair dye and keep on destroying their hair. You didn’t want to be rude, but his hair already bothered you.

“May I help you.” your tone rough and a little loud.

“Sure, looking for the meeting.” he kept his smile on his face, looking like a nice and genuine man.

“I’ll show you.” you stood, seeing that this man was a good height, the height of you when you wore heels. You led him to the meeting a couple doors away, it could have been seen by anyone. It does have glass windows as the walls. “Here.” you stood a little ways away not wanting to be seen by the people in the meeting.

“Niall Horan.” he took your hand which you offered to shake.

“{Y/N Y/L/N}.”

“We should get drinks some time, {Y/N}.” he nodded his head at you, opening the door to the meeting room.

“Yeah.” you whispered to yourself, thinking about what just happened. You walked back to your office, seeing a note card that had a number scribbled on it. How do people even sneak past your eyes to do that?

Reignite the Stars (Part 1)

 Summary: Reader and Steve used to have a thing, but after some twists and turns, reader and Steve are aren’t exactly what you call ‘friendly’. They spend some time together, and can their love be reignited?

Pairing: Steve x reader


Steve’s POV

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

One last explosion went off, and Steve turned around and started looking for his teammates. A reporter, along with a cameramen, came running towards Captain America, wanting to be the first to interview him. 

“Captain, Captain, did you know who was behind the attack this time? What does he or she want? Is there more to come?” asked the reporter, bombarding Steve with questions after questions. 

Steve’s mind and body were exhausted despite his super-quick recovery and super-human stamina. His mind was swarming with the questions the reporter asked him. 

“No, we still don’t know who attacked, or what he or she wants, but whoever is behind everything must be stopped and will be stopped.” As soon as Steve answered the reporter, he was joined by Thor and Wanda, who put a hand on his shoulders to calm him. They walked back towards the quinjet to get back to Stark Tower. 

Everyone was discussing about the attack and grouping up informations about the attacker on the quinjet, all except Steve. He sat by the wall on his own, his mind troubled. Bucky was found, Attack last month. Another attack two weeks ago. Now another one. Bucky, Bucky, (Y/n). (Y/n). No matter what his thoughts are, Bucky and (Y/n) are always in his mind. He closed his eyes for a moment. Even though he’s a super-soldier, there’s only so much he can handle. Sometimes he wonders what Bucky might be doing, Is he eating proper meals? Is he wearing enough clothes, but sometimes, his mind wanders off to you. It always make his heart clench.


Steve sat by the chair near the window, listening to the rain. It was raining hard tonight, he thought, how can Bucky come over? Bucky told him earlier that he had something in mind to do tonight. It would be fun, he said. So here Steve was, sitting by the window, the one where Bucky always used to climb in when he sneaks over. 

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Tappings from the window snapped Steve back to reality. It must be Bucky, thought Steve. He tip-toed over to the window, ready to open it, when suddenly he saw a pair of bright blue eyes that seemed to glint purple looking at him. He fell back onto the floor and focused on the owner of those eyes in the darkness. It was a girl no older than he was, if not, younger. 

He knew he shouldn’t talk to strangers, but he wondered what a little girl might be doing at this time of the night at his window. He walked over to the window and opened it gingerly. The girl got in quickly. She was damped, but she was smiling wide. Steve looked at her from head to toe. She wore a dress that was torn to make shorter and she didn’t have shoes. She was also holding piece of bread, soaked wet by the rain.

“Are you gonna eat that?” asked Steve.

The girl raised an eyebrow at him and said, “Of course, if not what am I gonna do with it? Make it my pet?” answered the girl in a hushed voice, but Steve could hear she had a thick accent. 

“It’s all wet, and you’re all wet, too! You’ll catch a cold.” said Steve.

“It’s quite alright, I never get sick.” answered the girl. “I’m (Y/n), by the way.”

“Steve. Steve Rogers.”

There was an awkward silence before Steve heard a thump

“Punk, you gotta close the window! It’s raining cats and dog out there and who are you?” asked Bucky as he entered the house. 

You looked at him and back to Steve. “Do you own a shelter for stray kids?” 

“No, of course not! This is Bucky, he’s my friend.”

“Yes, his friend. And we’re gonna go catch fireflies. Who are you and what do you want?” asked Bucky.

“My name is (Y/n), and are you sure you want to catch fireflies in this weather?” you asked sarcastically. 

Bucky and Steve both looked out the window, then Bucky said, “I didn’t think about that.”

You grinned. “It’s actually alright, to catch fireflies. Come on!” 

“Hold on, we barely know you and why are we coming with you?” asked Bucky. 

“Why aren’t you? You know my name, I know yours, and I don’t think you know where the fireflies are without me.” you said.

“Pffff, of course we do!” said Bucky. “Steve knows it, don’t you, Steve?” 

“I don’t, Buck. I didn’t even know we were gonna go catch fireflies.” said Steve as he stretched the back of his neck. 

“See? Come on! I promise I’ll get you back here before sun’s up!” you said as your stomach grumbled. You looked back down at the damped piece of bread you’re holding and toss it to the bin. “Forget it. Fun’s more important anyway.”

You climbed out of the window first, holding onto the window pane and took a few deep breaths. Steve asked you what you were doing, but you didn’t answer. You needed concentration. The rain kept dropping onto your face, but after a few breaths it all stopped. The air was still humid, but it wasn’t raining anymore. 

He opened one eye and grinned. “Yes! Let’s go!” you jumped down the window and landed almost soundlessly. 

Bucky and Steve followed, climbing down clumsily and slowly. “You’re freaking me out. What’d you do?” asked Bucky as soon as he landed. Your eyes widened and immediately said, “Nothing! Other than getting down. Now come on, if you still want to have fun!” you said as you ran away trying to change the subject.

Bucky and Steve followed, and you heard a clash and a clang. It was a dark night, after all, and Steve tripped over a bin. “Why don’t you bump into anything?” asked Steve, who just got up and brushed dusk away from his knees. 

“Look closely and be careful!” you said as you started to walk again, this time much slower. You led them to an alley where a big tree stood there. “Here.” 

“Here? I’ll have better luck finding fireflies myself.” said Bucky unbelievingly as he started to turn around. Steve stood a while longer, but followed his best friend. You tapped on the tree and shook the highest branch you can reach. Bucky and Steve were almost out of the alley when a sparkle of light flew in front of Steve and Bucky. They blinked hard, and reopened their eyes, but there were only more sparkles. Moving sparkles, to be exact. They whipped around and saw you sitting on a low branch, waving your hands willingly in the sea of sparkles. You giggles rang through the alley, but it sounded fit for a magical moment like this. 

Bucky and Steve cracked a large smile as the ran towards the swarm of fireflies. 

“This. Is. Seriously. Cool! Where’d you learn how t’find fireflies?” asked Bucky, his eyes never leaving the fireflies for a split second. “I don’t know, I just know where they are!”  you said as you let out another laugh. Steve was looking and playing with the fireflies too. But once in a while, he would sneak you a glance. Your eyes seemed to reflect the lights of fireflies, and you looked like you have fire for eyes.


The Avengers knew who attacked. Especially Steve. The Avengers also knew how much Steve hated the attacker, so they let him calm down a little before letting him join in the discussion.They haven’t let the world know about the attacker, because one, they actually don’t have any solid evidence to prove that it really was who they think it is, and two, they have almost no information about her.

“36 injured, damaged infrastructures. Nothing too serious, though. Funny the fire you-know-who set off didn’t burn anything.” said Tony as he scanned through the scattered papers on the table.

“What kind of people do that? Looking like you’re burning the know country then it doesn’t really burn?” asked Clint, “First, Mongolia. Second, France. Now Cambodia. What does she want?”

“Seriously? Is that a question? She doesn’t need a reason. She simply want people to be scared. She’s evil.” said Steve as he joined in the discussion, fuming off his anger.

“Chill, Cap, we aren’t sure is it actually her. We stil-”

“Mass destruction. Terror. There’s only one person who’s capable, and will produce so many bad news. There’s no one other than her.” said Steve as he cut off Natasha. The quinjet landed just as Steve’s sentence finished, and he stormed off the quinjet at once. He needed some fresh air, or perhaps a cup of water, just anything to clear his mind. 

“Good afternoon, Captain.” greeted Alexander Pierce.


(PART 2)
Ellie Goulding: ‘I understood that my only way out was through education’
By Jessica Salter / 20 JANUARY 2016 • 7:00AM - Ellie Goulding speaks about finding an escape through education and facing her anxieties

If you are one of the 8.7 million people who follow the singer Ellie Goulding on Instagram, you’ll know that she is just back from a trip to northern Norway, sledging with huskies. It was, apparently, a last-minute break, taken with two friends.

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anonymous asked:

I never understood why people didn`t like Key. He has always being funny, he has a amazing personality and is super honest. I never perceived him as a cold person lol I always thought people were just used to the cuteness and overly sweet personality types that Korea liked so much. But Key is just so clever and funny, I love his personality

I actually thought the same. I’ve liked Kibum from day one, so I agree with you, but it was kind of a pattern in the fandom? Sometimes it still is. 

I’ve started liking SHINee on my own and I wasn’t in the kpop fandom before that, so for a month or so everything I thought of any SHINee member was only my own opinion, I had no contact with the rest of the fandom. When I got into it, though, I’ve realized that people did think of Kibum as a cold/rude person (and that there were all kind of stereotypes about him, even if those I had partially gathered from comments under YouTube videos and such). It was never true to me, but I never said anything about it at the time because I didn’t know SHINee well enough yet. After that I’ve learned more about SHINee (and about our fandom too) and realized that people who called Kibum cold or rude were mostly misunderstanding him, especially because, as you said yourself, personalities like Kibum’s were (and are) less common in the kpop industry. 

Not being used to it, it never really crossed my mind, to be honest. He was so cleverly witty from day one, I’ve completely fell for him because of how he speaks. I could listen to him blabbing about petty things all day and still be completely enchanted (and it doesn’t have anything to do with his appearance, I didn’t like him look-wise at the beginning). I mean, do you hear him when he explain things? Please listen to him here, from 2:47. I know it’s Korean and most people can’t even get the difference when he speaks compared to the others, but Kibum has a way of explaining things perfectly in only a few words, going straight to the point without messing up that makes him feel like you’re attending a very well delivered lesson of your favorite subject. 

Out of all SHINee’s members he has a way with words that the other lack (after him the best one would be Jinki, but Jinki is the genius type, the one that it’s probably so good that normal people can’t get him lmao). Kibum is easy to understand and it’s witty with any comment he makes. He isn’t one to speak much during interviews and such (especially in the past, he would barely say anything), but when he does say something, it’s always on point. He doesn’t stumble on words, is always sure of what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. He also knows what kind of impact he wants to have (and it reflects in his performances too. He isn’t casually the one that expresses the most when he dances. His expressions, his movements, everything he does tell a story and that’s why a lot of people find themselves concentrating on him instead of Taemin when they dance together despite Taemin being technically the best one) and is really careful at choosing his words. 

Obviously, he isn’t perfect. Sometimes he slips too, especially when he gets agitated/excited/embarrassed but those times are fascinating too, because, firstly he becomes the most adorable little potato on earth (dork) and expresses his lack of words with the best expressions ever (lmao) but also because sometimes his Daegu accent comes out and it’s freaking endearing guys, it’s one of the best things in the world. Nowadays it happens less than in the past, but it happened a lot during Hello Baby XD I couldn’t hear it the first time I’ve watched it, but after getting accustomed to Seoul’s accent, recognizing the difference made me so excited lmao

He’s funny with words. While watching variety shows he is always the one that says that something that makes me laugh until I cry, because it’s so unexpected and so freaking clever, he comes out of nowhere with his remarks and makes me think “where have you been all my life??”. I’m probably so attracted to this trait of his because I’m personally not a really funny person. As you can see from this answer I’m the type that can engage in deep analyzing but can’t cut anything short. He’s refreshing. He’s straightforward and worth listening to. 

Also, can we please stop for a moment to listen to how shooting his voice is when he reads (from 1:16)? His natural voice tonality makes me shiver (I’ll give you babies so you can read them stories at night and I can listen with them omg read forever).

And okay, I’ll stop here because I’m starting to fangirl and that’s never a good thing *dies* I think I went off topic lmao

alegani  asked:

FrUK 33 ! :)

((Okay so this ended up being mostly about Arthur and Matthew sorry about that ORZ I would make it longer but I really do need to get back to studying; I hope this entertains anyway! It’s based slightly off the show Reign because you look at this man [Francis de Valois] and tell me he couldn’t be APH France:


FrUK + 33 - Fan/celebrity AU

Arthur wouldn’t have even started watching the dumb show if it hadn’t been for Matthew. Matthew, who spoke French and had been born in Quebec but studied in Paris for a year and was in love with all things French history and culture.

Honestly, rooming with his cousin had seemed like a good idea until he was reminded of how much Matthew loved France.

Normally Arthur watched proper historical shows, like Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife or The Tudors. Certainly nothing about French royalty or history!

But Matthew watched it all the time and he’d finally managed to wear Arthur down with his quiet, neatly dispersed begging. So they sat down on a three-day weekend to watch some, though Arthur was adamant that he was quitting if he didn’t like it after the third episode. Halfway through the first season he didn’t even notice Matthew sitting on the couch anymore, or the fact that it had gotten dark out and someone really needed to make dinner.

Arthur was in love.

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